Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e42 Episode Script

Tracking x And x Pursuit

Someone's running around and disabling my puppets.
Can you kill them? You can count on me.
Hmm No problem.
You can bring out tanks and fighter jets.
I will stop them all.
Tracking x And x Pursuit Knuckle and Shoot are on the move to capture Cheetu as he attempts to return to the King.
He's close.
He's following the road.
If he continues on it, he'll pass by in ten minutes.
Do you think he'll stick to the road? No, he'll notice my presence just before he gets here.
Because APR will start adding interest again.
But given his speed We may be able to attack him just before APR adds interest.
I Alone Lose When It Reaches the Heavens Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Knuckle's ability, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, attaches APR to an enemy.
Every ten seconds, APR informs the enemy that interest will be added.
But if the enemy is over a hundred meters away from Knuckle, the interest stops.
When this happens, the time until the next interest payment is remembered by APR.
Once the enemy is back within Knuckle's hundred-meter range, APR picks up where it stopped.
He's approaching at a speed between If there are still three seconds or more before APR adds interest again, there's a good chance we can attack before he notices us.
Here he comes! What's wrong? Damn, what happened? At the last second, he suddenly changed direction! He's down below! Knuckle Don't bother.
We can't catch up.
Our opponent has a cheetah's speed.
He isn't supposed to know how to deal with Zetsu.
How did he discover our ambush? Could it be We're slightly downwind.
The breeze is blowing this way with no change in direction.
So he didn't smell us.
Look up! What's that? I've discovered two suspicious figures.
What should I do? Ignore them.
They aren't the target.
No point in doing more work than necessary.
Yes, sir.
It appears they were trying to ambush Cheetu-sama.
Oh, he's in the area? I warned Cheetu-sama before he ran into their trap.
Was that unnecessary? What did Cheetu do? He took a detour toward the capital.
He told me to thank you for the help.
I see, good work.
He owes me now.
This is Leol.
The target just engaged a squad of soldiers in the city of Longtong.
Longtong? Head north and try to cut it off.
Just a hunch.
Looks like even the army can't handle this.
No Well, they're only there to buy time.
They've had to stay in one area for a longer period of time.
After all, it's been moving constantly for over thirty hours.
Diego has fallen into enemy hands! If you stay in your homes, you'll be killed! Liar! Rebel scum! Damn Diego just appeared on TV, looking alive and well.
The odds are against me now.
I'll have to give up my instigation.
My only option is to take out as many puppets and soldiers as I can! Should I go north next? I knew it.
Someone's still following me! Who's there?! If you want something, show yourself! The presence has completely vanished.
It might be following me until more Chimera Ants show up.
I'm gonna shake it! It can't outlast me! Yo Yo.
Sorry for stopping you.
Nah, I was headed this way.
The King's in this direction, right, Hagya? Yeah, I know.
It's Leol now.
Then you did that on purpose? You're still a bastard.
Flutter's warning was a big help.
Right now, I'm trying to avoid fights I'm glad to hear that.
By the way, what's that thing? No idea.
A Hunter hit me with it.
It follows me wherever I run.
Not sure what to do.
But so far, it doesn't seem to have any effect.
Want me to get rid of it? Do you want me to get rid of it? You can do that? Probably.
But not for free, right? I'm glad you're so understanding.
The Royal Guard has assigned me a mission.
I'd like your help.
Leol-sama I've spotted the target.
He's headed north on the road through the forest northeast of Longtong.
Neferpitou-dono's hunch was right Don't let him get away.
Use all your forces to slow him down.
Yes, sir.
We're chasing down a human.
He's probably a Hunter.
And you want me to help hunt him? You said he's a Hunter? They can be tough to deal with Of course, so I've planned ahead.
Shaiapouf-dono has prepared a power tailored for you.
He will teach you to use it.
With luck, you can master it in a day.
I'm a slow learner, so mine took me three days to get the hang of.
Sounds like a sweet deal In return, I swear loyalty to the King? Exactly Easy enough, right? Sure, I just wanted an explanation.
You're a sharp fellow.
If you accept, return to the castle, master your new power, and then contact me.
In the meantime, I'll have my underlings determine the target's abilities.
Well, I guess I owe you one.
Might as well.
Anyway, you're still all about stealing glory.
I was once king of the jungle.
Obviously, you're looking to retake the throne.
Damn, I'm being followed.
And he's way out of yo-yo range.
If I don't lose him or defeat him, I'll be in trouble.
There's a jungle over there! The leaves are dense enough, he shouldn't be able to see me from the air.
If he descends to follow, he'll be in range of my yo-yo! He isn't coming? Did I lose him? But in that case, he should come looking for me.
Damn I don't have time to wait around! Hurry up, already! You can't hide from me.
Go forth, soldiers of Leol.
Capture your prey! Something's coming, but from the opposite side, and it's on the ground! He removed his foe's head and arms with one swing! I can't beat him in a one-on-one, close-quarters fight Where is he?! Captain! Above you! I'm gonna die— I missed two of them! We're attacking him en masse, in the treetops, and we can't even touch him! Retreat! Time to regroup! I won't let you escape You must be the leader.
I'll eliminate you first! How'd you like that blast? That bastard He blew a fart at me! No, there's a bigger problem I completely concealed my presence, and attacked from his blind spot.
But he countered at the perfect time.
Someone must be instructing him from a distance.
It must be him! He's probably watching right now.
I'd guess he has a power that lets him track my location.
In that case I can't show him the cards in my hand, no matter what.
I don't want them to learn of my lightning or yo-yo! The ideal scenario would be to lose them and go back into hiding.
But that's looking impossible.
I'll have to defeat them all without using— A gun? No There's something stuck to my face A flea? A flea? Damn! Where did it come from?! Area TH-88, X-15, Y-12, Z-2.
Point X-9, Y-3, Z-1.
There's no escaping from my Fleadom, oh yeah.
Damn! The bleeding won't stop.
These fleas are more than just big bugs Area P-9, Y-7, X-8, Z-4.
Point Y-5, X-3, Z-1.
The sniper isn't trying to deal serious damage.
The real goal is to exhaust my strength through blood loss! My fleas are very special They have a 200-meter vertical leap.
And when you factor in my air gun's power, they become unstoppable, oh yeah.
Oh? He's already able to dodge them? No wonder those apes couldn't do anything.
If I keep running around, it'll be harder for them to snipe me! But I have to conserve stamina.
Ah, he's going to try something.
He may try to use his power.
Let's see what he can do.
My Super Eye allows me to observe a target from multiple angles via my Satellite Dragonflies.
No ability you use can escape my sight.
Now, let's see what you do.
Killua cannot use En.
Expanding his aura around him and maintaining it for a long time is by no means his forte.
Killua knows this shortcoming.
And so, he keeps his aura within the range he can best manage.
A mere fifty-seven centimeters from his body.
Not much room to work with.
In other words, the moment a projectile is within fifty-seven centimeters of his body, Killua must rely on his incredible reflexes and physical strength to react with desperate speed, and dodge at point-blank range.
But this time, he didn't dodge! All to determine the angle of the projectile's approach.
Damn It came from this way! He let himself be hit, so he could locate the sniper.
The target is quickly heading your way.
I somewhat expected this.
The bleeding's stopped anywhere that the fleas only scratched me.
They must secrete some chemical that stops blood from clotting naturally.
If I start bleeding in too many places, I'll be in trouble.
I can't let him escape! This is perfect.
I can see clearly in every direction.
How do you like this? There's nowhere for you to hide! Bring it on! Wait! This desert is massive.
If you don't have any water, you'll die of thirst in a day.
Too bad I wanted to observe you a little longer, but I guess that won't work.
I was running low on stamina, anyway.
I suppose this gives us more time to talk things over Let's begin with introductions.
My name is Jail Scratch that, it's Meleoron.
When the Queen was still alive, I was a Squadron Leader.
Nice to meet you.
What's your name? Why were you following me? Because I didn't want to let you get away.
And I certainly couldn't let you die Because you'll be a valuable partner.
You have business with the King, right? I do not! Huh? That was dangerous He must have a reason for approaching me.
I can't tell him anything.
Really? Aren't you guys here to defeat the King? "You guys"? Yep I've been watching you since that other kid was with you.
I understand.
And you felt that I would put up less of a fight than Killua! Huh? Eh?! You've got it all wrong! That's how you interpret it? I guess it makes sense To you, I'd look like an enemy.
I guess I should clear up the misunderstanding first.
Listen up.
I swear that I'm not lying.
I'm not looking to trick or defeat you! Okay, I believe you.
Of course It's hard to believe! I can sympathize.
If I were in your shoes Eh? Is that him? This is a trap.
You still wanna come? Couldn't care less.
He instantly acted to kill me No hesitation at all.
I'm impressed! An underground lake? Lookin' for a taste of hell? Here you go! Blood! Food! It's food! Wait, this is Captain Ikalgo's host! Crap, stop eating it.
I want to stop, but I can't The blood is calling to us! Bastard! How dare you chop off my precious legs?! I couldn't let you drag me into the water.
These suction cups saved me.
Anyway, aren't you an octopus? Don't call me an octopus! Killua's opponent turns out to be Ikalgo, a parasitic Chimera Ant, resembling an octopus, that uses human hosts.
Don't call me an octopus! Next time: Ikalgo x And x Lightning.
What has eight legs and lives in the ocean? An octopus.
Don't call me an octopus!