Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e43 Episode Script

Ikalgo x And x Lightning

These suction cups saved me.
Anyway, aren't you an octopus? Don— Ikalgo x And x Lightning A mob of assassins attacks Killua after he and Gon split up to stop the selection.
One of them is Ikalgo, an octopus Chimera Ant.
Aren't you an octopus? Don't call me an octopus! See ya! I need to find a new host, or I can't charge up my next shot.
I'll let the Ortho siblings take it from here.
Yo, we meet again.
So we do Long time, no see! Ya know? Can I ask you something? Sure, go ahead! Why didn't you dive underwater to escape? You should have an advantage in the water.
Don't tell me you can't swim.
Uh, well It's the blood, right? When they smell blood, your buddies in the water go berserk and attack the injured, no matter who it is.
With those wounds, if you went in there, you'd be torn to shreds.
Am I wrong? Uh, w-well I suppose that's one way to Ikalgo, did you finish off the kid? No, we're still fighting! Who are you talking to? I screwed up! Right, you all can communicate via telepathy.
Talking to your boss? It's that guy who was flying over me, right? Wait, now look here Uh, so Hey, Ikalgo! Answer me! You could say that's what I might be doing Yes! We're still fighting! Oh, sorry to interrupt you.
Let me know if you learn anything.
If he sees dozens of dragonflies flying around inside a cave, the enemy would get suspicious I won't be able to send my Satellite Dragonflies inside.
Let's make a deal, then.
If you tell me about his power, I'll spare your life.
You have ten seconds to answer.
Eight seconds left.
Six seconds.
I wanted to be reborn a squid I would've given anything to have been a Chiroteuthis imperator.
Do you think octopi and squid are similar? If so, you're mistaken Octopi are ugly.
Squid are squidderific.
I think they look divine! Two seconds.
I won't betray a buddy! Yeah, I could see that in your eyes.
I can only hope that in my next life, I'll be born a squid Wh— Why? Because you're a cool guy.
In different circumstances, we could've been friends.
You lowered your guard! Didn't think fish could jump, eh? I'll crush you and the rock behind you! Come in, Ikalgo.
Y-Yes, the fight isn't over yet! Has he used any weapons or special abilities? Ikalgo! No, he's been fighting with only his bare hands.
Come on Beg for your life.
Otherwise, it's no fun! Or are you in too much pain to talk? Yeah, this is a relief.
Huh? Fighting scumbags like you is a lot easier.
Huh? I have no qualms about killing you.
Yep! He was just a scumbag! That's why he was the decoy! I did it, Ortho-sama! I've attached the badge! Coburn pulled it off! Time to start the game.
Let's enjoy ourselves.
Damn, the bleeding won't stop I need to find an exit.
A digital sound inside my head? Wha— What? A fish? But I'm not in the water! What's going on? I didn't sense anything! Again I didn't see anything or sense any aura until the fish hit me! What's going on? This is bad.
I can't tell where the attacks are coming from.
You have no idea what's going on? I should say that you're hearing my voice in your head.
Well, if you survive long enough, you'll figure out what's happening.
These are fish made from Nen.
So why can't I sense them? Something must be triggering them from somewhere else.
That's the only possible explanation! How else could I be attacked by something I can't see or sense? This is going well Well, have you determined anything about these attacks? Three He can only materialize three fish at once.
After that, the fish will disappear.
And the vivid colors of the target he put on me It can only mean one thing! Your power involves darts! Bingo.
That's correct.
But the great thing about our power is that figuring it out won't help you.
Because my Nen fish darts have no physical form until the instant they pierce your flesh.
That makes it impossible to block them.
Incidentally, your left shoulder is 54 points.
I have a dart board that's linked to various parts of your body.
For instance Your right elbow is 27 points.
Your right hand is 18 points.
Hey, what's wrong? I can't hear your screams.
Are you already dead? The game's only just begun.
Triple 6! Bravo! Brother, that was magnificent.
You're on a roll.
Naturally Our lives are on the line This is how the Ortho siblings' power works.
The sister creates a Nen badge, which activates after it's affixed to the target.
That links the target to the dart board created by the brother.
Until the game ends, no one can deactivate the badge, not even the Ortho Siblings.
When the brother's darts hit the board, the target is attacked by needlefish.
There is no way to avoid this attack.
That is because, until they've hit the target's body, the needlefish do not exist.
Thus, it is impossible to sense them coming or dodge them.
This is our unbeatable power Needlefish De Darts! Death Games Death Games Needlefish De Darts Of course, the siblings incur some risk.
Once the badge activates, they are invincible.
But if the brother misses the board with the final dart that decides the game's outcome, all of the damage the target has taken will transfer to the siblings.
We are invincible.
That is because We are bound by the strongest trust in the world.
It isn't over yet Well, it seems the game's almost over.
Why don't you tell him that? No need to be that nice.
If he were pleading for his life, it'd be easier for me to focus.
Or if he were to give up and beg me to kill him, or if he wanted to be a nihilistic hero and said, "Not a bad way to die.
" Those would help motivate me, as I toss my darts.
But he'll just have to dread his impending death, never knowing when it will end Until he dies.
It's not It's not over yet! Damn This looks pretty bad I've lost way too much blood.
I could die here, so no point in saving what's left.
Now, then.
It's my final turn.
Left ear.
That sure gave him a big earring.
Right calf! Okay, time for the last throw.
My brother, I trust you.
I've got this.
See? Bravo! Yay! Yay! Yay! You're the best in the world! I'll go check his corpse.
I'll come with you.
We should share some of the meat with Coburn as a reward.
Aren't you gonna eat? Can I ask you something? What? What made you decide to trust me? It wasn't that I didn't trust you.
I just didn't know why you were following me.
And you swore that you weren't lying.
Huh?! That's it? Isn't that enough? Hell, no! Liars make promises all the time! A promise is the one thing you should never trust! Then you were lying? I'm different I don't lie! I only tell the truth! Then it's okay.
I think I'm starting to lose it.
He's strong, but he's just a kid.
I'm putting my fate in the hands of this clueless boy? Besides, if you're lying, that'll actually make things easier for me.
Easier? I won't have to show you any mercy.
I'll be free to destroy you.
The look The look in the kid's eyes Yes, this is why I had a hunch There's something special about this kid.
I can't even tell how much power he really has You hit him right in the forehead.
Flutter-sama, we've taken out the target.
Really? That's excellent.
I will tell Leol-sama that a promotion is in order.
Thank you very much.
Great! We can be assistant squadron leaders now! Yay! Yay! Yay! H-How? How can you be alive with a dart sticking out of your brain?! What? It's a suction cup from an octopus.
No way.
How did you manage that trick? No, wait My My darts were perfect! It's absolutely impossible to stop them! Yeah, I didn't stop it.
I just grabbed it, the moment it materialized at my head.
From what you were saying, I could tell you could hear my voice, but you couldn't see me.
I had plenty of time to switch out the needle for a suction cup.
H-Hold on No human has reflexes fast enough to catch a dart! Well, it wouldn't have been possible had I not known where it would appear.
But I knew exactly where and when the last dart would hit.
The final dart must hit the board's outer ring per double out rules.
And you were playing an 01—501 game.
You start with 501 points, and the goal is to reach 0.
These rules are used in professional competition.
I n-never told you what rules I was using! As soon as I knew you were playing darts, my suspicions were confirmed.
Remember how your first dart hit double 4? The game starts by hitting the board's outer ring.
A double in A sign that you were confident in your skill.
A skilled player would play by official rules.
Players with talent and confidence tend to seek public recognition.
After that, I just had to do the math and endure the pain.
I subtracted your points from 501, and waited until your score was under 40.
At that point, I placed my hand in the 40-point area, my forehead.
That's all it took.
To improve his reflexes, Killua changed his aura into electricity.
When the dart touched his skin, the sensation did not travel from his skin to his brain using the nervous system.
He used Nen to ensure that, as soon as the aura registered the dart, it sent a message directly to his left hand, to grab the dart.
Do you have some history with darts? At age six, I mastered the game.
I've counted down from 1,440 points.
It was part of my early training.
It's your fault for getting cocky and talking too much! Or was I seven? You're so stupid! Guess it doesn't matter Pipe down! You just stood around and clapped! I talked too long.
I need to hurry! Huh? What? My body won't do what I tell it to Wait, is this really happening? Wow All this is my blood? It feels like I'm taking a warm bath.
Wait, this isn't the time to think about that I should get going.
Crap Now I feel cold Damn And after that last fight gave me a hint for improving my power.
Am I going to die here? Gon Sorry I wasn't any help Octopus Don't call me an octopus! What are you doing? Isn't that obvious? I'm turning traitor.
Lame, huh? Now stop talking.
I know a secret doctor.
It won't take long by underground waterway.
Don't die before we get there! Are you an idiot? I spared your life Now they'll be hunting you I know that! Don't ask me why I'm doing this.
But you know After you told me, an octopus, that I was a cool guy After you said we could be friends I couldn't let you die! I'm gonna save you! Don't die on me! Next time: Power x And x Games.
If you smoke, your teeth will turn black.
I'm a chameleon, so I don't have teeth!