Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e44 Episode Script

Power x And x Games

But you know After you told me, an octopus, that I was a cool guy After you said we could be friends I couldn't let you die! I'm gonna save you! Don't die on me! Power x And x Games While Killua was being rescued by the Chimera Ant Ikalgo, his supposed enemy, Gon, too, was forming a bond with a Chimera Ant called Meleoron.
You should stop smoking.
If the smoke sticks to you, people can smell you coming, and it'll waste your ability to become invisible.
I appreciate the warning.
But honestly, that doesn't matter.
While my invisibility is a sort of calling card, my real power is on an entirely different level.
Just watch.
Huh?! He vanished in an instant I can't sense him at all.
Only the smell of cigarettes.
He's gone This isn't mere invisibility.
Does he also have the ability to change locations instantly, without making any sound? That isn't possible! How did he do it?! Where'd you come from? I've been here the entire time.
Huh? My second ability is Perfect Plan.
God's Alibi Perfect Plan When I hold my breath, no one can sense my existence.
You were even touching me But your mind didn't realize it.
Eh? I touched you? You know how some people are easily overlooked? When you go to a restaurant in a group, there's always one person that the waitress forgets to bring water.
This is an extreme version.
I'm right here, but no one notices me.
Oh I use my other ability to turn invisible to cover this one so no one can learn about it.
For the record, you and I are the only ones in the world who know this.
Why tell me something so important? Well, it's to build trust.
Since I'm the one who has to take a risk If I can't convince you to trust me, we can't start anything.
You mean, what you said about me being a valuable partner? Yeah, but that's for later.
Like I said, we have to trust each other first.
Once you've agreed to be my partner, I'll tell you more.
Okay, I'll be your partner.
That was fast! You don't know how to bargain, kid.
Don't me so trusting of me! Suspect everyone! Until you've done due diligence, don't trust anyone! Huh? I said it's okay, so why are you being so difficult? Can you even make this decision on your own?! What about your buddy? He'll have a fit when he hears you teamed up with a suspicious-looking monster And why am I insulting myself? I didn't choose to be this way! He talks a lot Whatever.
Even a friend of twenty years could stab you in the back.
Time is no measure of trust! Say, "Ho"! You're no fun We can never be friends.
I feel the same way Then, are you sure about this? About what? About teaming up with me.
Won't your buddy object? Most likely.
Because he tends to be cautious and to question everything.
This won't work, then.
The deal's dead in the water.
But if I insist on having my way, it'll be fine.
Killua won't like it, but he'll give in.
Really He must have a hard time.
Well, whatever.
If you say it's okay, I'll trust you.
So let's get to business.
I want to defeat the King.
Want to know why? Yeah, of course.
That's what I've been waiting for Revenge.
Right now, I can't tell you why I want revenge Okay.
I'd like to know, but I'll wait.
That's probably what he wants to hear If you're that curious, I'll tell you.
You'll tell me now?! Just kidding! Beg all you want, but I won't tell you now.
I didn't beg you for anything.
The King killed someone I owed my life to.
His name was Peggy.
I saw the King behead him right before my eyes.
But at the time, I didn't realize what had happened.
Huh? Why not? You saw it happen, didn't you? Because I'd forgotten that Peggy was the one who raised me.
A little while ago, I began to recover my memories from when I was human.
I haven't remembered everything.
No, I should rephrase that I've only remembered a few things.
The names of my parents, my name, episodes from my childhood.
Peggy was the name of the Chimera Ant the King killed.
That was also my foster father's human name.
He was into education, and always carried thick books around.
In both life and death, he never parted with his books about NGL.
Then you all have memories from when you were human? I don't know if we're all the same.
Some Chimera Ants are clearly feral in nature.
With others, there's no telling what they're thinking.
But I think I understand now.
This is why, when we first met, I was willing to trust you.
You're very human.
More human than any other Chimera Ant I've met.
In fact, I'd say you're still human.
Really? When I met you, I had the opposite reaction.
Huh? I could sense a vicious beast inside you.
That's why I wanted to team up.
There's no limit to what you'll do.
All right Now, let's get down to business.
But first, could you tell me your name? I'm Gon Gon Freecss.
I actually have one more ability.
And the condition for its activation has been met.
Time to show you my third power! Activate! It isn't flying away Does that mean I was using Perfect Plan, too? Exactly.
This is my third power, God's Accomplice.
While Perfect Plan is active, it allows anyone I touch to use it, as well.
Do you understand how powerful this technique is now? This power will let us approach and attack the enemy without their knowledge.
The King's strength doesn't matter If we can sneak up and use a powerful attack when his guard is lowered, we'll win.
Hey, Gon You're the partner I've been looking for.
The perfect guy to smack the King with the strongest attack this world's ever seen! I was watching when you used that rock-paper-scissors thing.
Those were my soldiers.
I sent them to attack, so I could measure your strength, but they Ah, no need to feel bad They were killing for sport when I wasn't paying attention.
They're no longer my soldiers, or even my allies.
Well, from their perspective, I'm the one who's changed.
What you said about being your partner There's someone who'd be better than me.
You know someone? Yep.
I'll contact him.
Hold on.
I trust you.
And even if you end up turning on me, I won't blame you or regret my decision.
Because I watched you, spoke to you, and decided to trust you.
But I'm not about to trust others just because you trust them.
Do you understand? I get your point, but My life is on the line here.
Listen to me.
Perfect Plan is not invincible.
In fact, it's highly vulnerable.
I can make people ignore my existence, but I'm still right there in the same place.
They just don't notice me.
So their attacks can still hit me.
Knowing there's a person around with my ability, what would someone do? They'd launch attacks in every direction.
Oh, you're right If one of those attacks hits me, even by dumb luck, I'm done for.
I hate to admit it, but when it comes to combat, I'm the weakest Chimera Ant around.
I'm on the same level as foot soldiers.
Forget the King I couldn't even survive a punch from a Squadron Leader.
If I just turn invisible, others can locate me with En.
It's been tested, so the other Squadron Leaders know this, too.
I need my enemies to believe my power to be weak.
They need to think En is enough to beat it.
This ability is only invincible if no one knows about it.
Enough explaining My point is that I don't want to reveal my power to any others! Not even if it's someone you trust.
You can see for yourself, then.
I'll call him out here without mentioning you.
W-Wait You can watch from a distance.
Hello— Yo! I've been waiting, fool! You pulled a fast one! Where are you? I've got lots of questions for you.
Because of you kids, the boss had to make a move The plan's been derailed, but I support what you're doing.
Letting five million die isn't right.
The boss used his power to surround the capital.
Really? That should make it harder for Neferpitou to control puppets remotely.
In other words, they can't perform the selection from a distance.
But the boss and Knov-san will be expending all their energy to delay Neferpitou.
Which means, when the operation starts, they won't be in any condition to take on any of the Royal Guard.
We expect more citizens to gather in the capital for the celebration.
There may be a massacre yet.
The situation's still grim We can longer contact the Chairman.
He's holed up somewhere until the last possible minute, preparing for the final battle.
We four need to make a decision.
Do we summon reinforcements, or do we face the three Royal Guards by ourselves? I'd like to know Killua's opinion.
He isn't here.
What? You split up? I get it He's been disrupting things alone.
Can you call him real quick? No luck.
He isn't picking up I think his is off.
Really? Well, keep trying.
We should meet up, the sooner the better.
Let's find a halfway point to meet.
Here Mandai City.
Okay, got it.
You're done.
Why didn't you resign? Don't make me repeat myself.
The match ended twenty-two moves ago.
Why did you not resign then? Did you believe I would make a mistake? Idiot.
Next, we have the national Go champion.
Give me the rulebook.
It may look simple at first, but it is a complex game.
It may take more time to learn than shogi.
Please let me leave! What do you want? Someone! Help me! My glasses Silence.
You are in the King's presence.
The choice is yours.
Sit across from me now.
Or die.
The King wins.
I-It only took him ten games? I'm t-tired! It's the only explanation for that loss! And I think I have a fever.
I'm short on sleep.
And I feel dizzy I'll give you eight hours.
And any medicine you need.
I expect you to be in top condition.
Should you lose again, I won't be interested in excuses.
Rest as if your life depends on it.
I'm impressed by how quickly you learn these games.
I didn't expect that this would take half the time as shogi.
It's all about learning the feel.
Chess, Go, shogi They have different rules, but all three have a certain rhythm to their moves.
That means disrupting your opponent's rhythm is crucial.
Once you've learned the openings, you can deduce your opponent's rhythm.
Once you know their rhythm, you need only disrupt it.
That principle would apply to any contest.
If you've already reached that conclusion, I don't see the benefit of playing more games.
They will only bore you.
How many remain? This country has one more professional game.
It's a board game called Gungi.
The game originated in East Gorteau, and nearly all citizens know how to play.
Give me the rulebook.
As in chess and shogi, its goal is to trap the king.
But you can stack up to three pieces.
At the start, you may also freely place your pieces within a restricted area.
The game has a different feel due to the addition of a third dimension.
For the past fifteen years, there have been world tournaments, and East Gorteau has yet to lose.
Currently, they're on their third representative, a five-time reigning champion.
Then, if I win, I'll be the best in the world? A fitting way to end this recreation.
Let us begin.
There are six days until the selection.
The King has no idea how this girl is about to influence his fate.
Next time: Check x And x Mate.
I'm Gon.
I'm Gillua.
Did you change your name? No way.
Say it again.
I'm Gillua! GG!