Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e45 Episode Script

Check x And x Mate

Gungi? For the past fifteen years, there have been world tournaments, and East Gorteau has yet to lose.
Currently, they're on their third representative, a five-time reigning champion.
Then, if I defeat this champion, I'll be the best in the world? A fitting way to end this recreation.
Bring them in.
Check x And x Mate Six days remain before Neferpitou begins the selection.
The King has spent this time in his palace, defeating the masters of shogi, Go, and other board games.
The last remaining one, the reigning Gungi world champion, has just been summoned to his side.
U-Um Th-Thank you for infighting me— For inciting me No need for small talk.
You and I will play Gungi.
Right now, I am learning the rules, so you must wait.
Huh? You don't sound like the Supreme Leader.
He's dead.
Now I am the King.
I'm s-so sorry! Please forgive me! I'm only a fool, one who knows nothing of the outside world! I can't even talk normally You are distracting me.
Be silent.
Or I'll kill you.
Okay, I basically understand.
Let us begin.
What's wrong? It appears she's passed out.
After you told her to be quiet, she shut her mouth Then, since her nose was stuffed up, it seems she was unable to breathe.
This is an uncommonly stupid girl.
Yeah, that was embarrassing! I can't even do things a baby can.
My parents are always yelling at me Just play the game.
Yes! I'm honored to play against you.
You can see with your eyes? No, I can't see a thing.
So would you please tell me your moves? I only open them when I play.
If it bothers you, I can try to close them I don't care.
The atmosphere has changed.
You can't reach him at all? No, I guess his phone is off.
We agreed that he would initiate all contact, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
Damn, then we have to wait for him to call? Why does that guy look like he was born in the wrong decade? And the look on his face says he's always looking for a fight The other has no eyebrows, and that expression makes it clear that he trusts no one.
It's not even a question of whether he and I can get along.
I can already see he won't believe a word I say.
Gon, I'm sorry to say that my first impression is very bad! Unless I get some really good news soon, there's no way I'll be able to trust them.
I guarantee it.
Hey, what's all this? Beats me.
Just a pack of strays, I guess.
They have collars He's been feeding all the animals left behind due to the selection.
He's even sacrificed sleep I'm not feeding all of them! I know we don't have time to waste on that! So I abandoned those that stood no chance.
That's efficient, yeah? Some were just skin and bones, but still wouldn't take my food.
Some were so loyal, they wouldn't leave their homes after I untied them What's so bad about saving the ones that want the help?! You don't have to cry about it.
I'm n-not crying, fool! Want me to smack you? That won't be enough to raise my opinion.
Well, he certainly is different, though.
She's using an orthodox approach, stacking archers on her pawns.
A standard strategy.
Textbook execution.
And her initial placement is one used with beginners.
Meaning that I am not good enough for her to show her true skill.
Another game.
Yes, absolutely! I guess that's checkmate.
You're such a fast learner, Supreme Leader.
I'll have to step up my game, or you'll get the jump on me! That's enough Go get some rest.
That isn't necessary I'm just fine.
I can play Gungi for three days and nights without sleep! I have another guest.
Once I've finished with him, it'll be your turn.
Then I'll get a little rest.
What do you think? It's but a matter of time.
There are more options to choose from, but essentially, this game is no different than the rest.
In four or five more games, she will have to use her real ability.
Once that happens, I shall be able to observe her rhythm.
Nothing has changed.
Your Majesty, the Go player hanged himself.
Bring that idiot back.
While the King continues to play against the Gungi master, a short distance away, Morel has been using his power to surround the capital city of Peijing.
Purple Haze Soldiers Deep Purple Deep Purple.
First, he releases the aura that serves as a core.
He then envelops it in an aura haze, creating a smoke puppet that he can control at will via the Nen within the core.
His ability can sustain two hundred and sixteen puppets at once.
On the chance that the enemy retaliates, I've made my soldiers more responsive, so I can only maintain fifty now.
But they're much stronger.
One advantage is that En can't differentiate between one of these and a human.
But at heart, Chimera Ants are still ants.
So Neferpitou won't leave the King's side.
As expected, Neferpitou has recalled the controlled humans to the capital to take up defensive positions.
That implies the King's safety is top priority.
Which means that restricting the movement of the Royal Guard is very easy.
However, the question is how the King will respond.
If we're dealing with a King who does as he likes, it'll be harder to anticipate him.
And the risk of miscalculation increases.
But as long as they keep these coming, we're fine.
Long time, no see.
I've been looking for you.
Bah, he's gotten stronger.
The air about him feels totally different.
Knuckle's APR is gone? It doesn't appear to have become IRS, either.
If something had happened, Knuckle's group would have contacted me.
If APR is gone, they have someone who can dispel Nen.
Or did he do it himself? Let's see what they can do.
Whichever wins In the end, I will triumph.
Time to return the favor.
First, I'll beat you down.
Then it's the pompadour's turn.
His confidence is far from baseless.
He must have gained a new ability.
I wouldn't be so certain! If that ability is to exorcise Nen, we're in trouble.
Knuckle and Shoot both use hit-and-fade fighting styles.
Shoot does what he can to support Knuckle's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
But we can't nullify their Nen with ours if they have someone who can dispel it.
A strategy that might have worked against the King is useless now.
However if he has the ability to exorcise Nen, this is a good opportunity.
If I neutralize him here, Knuckle and Shoot can use their powers.
I must fight I can't drop Deep Purple, so I'll have to get by on my remaining aura.
What? He's still relying on speed? There are plenty of ways to deal with someone who only uses speed.
Now you're "It.
" Huh? What was that? Wh-Where am I? A savannah? Did he teleport me? If this is his new ability, a different Chimera Ant is the Nen exorcist.
That's bad.
Sure you should just be standing around? It's time to start this game of tag.
Tag? We're in a field that I created.
Unless you touch me, you can't leave.
Your time limit is eight hours.
Let's start! Hey! Didn't you hear what I said? You can't leave without touching me! If I chase you, I'll never catch you.
So I'm going to take my time.
Morel disappeared with the enemy! Cheetu has activated his power I don't know what it does, but they won't be back for eight hours.
The scenery is just a wall.
Looks like I'm in some kind of space separated from the real world, like he said.
Seems to be about the size of a baseball field.
If I stopped Deep Purple, I could break out of here with ease.
However First, is it even possible for me to stop Deep Purple from within this space? Second, if I'm able to stop it, will that aura return to me here, in this space? The worst scenario would be one in which I stop Deep Purple, but the aura can't reach me in this space.
Once Deep Purple is halted, it can't be reactivated until I've recovered the aura.
It's too risky to try.
I can't stop Deep Purple.
At least, not yet.
Are you finally ready to start? This way! Follow my lead! Hold on, you aren't gonna You bet I am! It's a waste of time.
You can't destroy the walls or the hourglass.
There's only one way out.
And that's to catch me.
I can tell that Knuckle's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy has weakened his power So then Hey, what happens if I don't touch you within the time limit? Who knows? I have no obligation to answer that question.
Naturally, of course not.
It appears there's more to this ability.
I'm in for the long haul, then.
Wake me up in five hours.
Are you mocking me? Go ahead, lose your temper.
It seems you don't understand your own power.
This isn't a battle of speed.
It's a battle of mental fortitude.
Deep Purple is still active So the operation continues.
Leol-sama, I've discovered another enemy.
It's a man in a suit, with black hair and glasses.
Anyone else around? No, just the figures in white.
Those white figures are probably ordinary soldiers.
But it's possible that the true leader is concealed among them.
And I can't let anyone see my power.
And Hirin is occupied with exorcising the Nen on Cheetu Damn I need at least two more pawns! Okay, but in return, you have to defeat him.
The King is nearly finished playing games.
After that, the King will insist on defeating his enemies himself.
We will be there to guard him, but you never know what might happen We would rather the King remain inside until the selection is over.
Do you need something? Give Leol a hand.
Yes, as you wish.
Well? I am becoming worried.
They've played many times, but the King is nowhere near victory.
This player is a true master I should have been able to break her defenses from the left side.
But she used a peculiar move sequence to turn the tables.
What? The spy has done nothing this entire match But suddenly, it controls the board! My right side's been destroyed.
I'm done.
That's checkmate.
From start to checkmate, there were one hundred, forty-four moves.
This outcome could have only happened if she foresaw each of my moves.
On to the next game.
Yes! This is utterly impossible! A storm is brewing.
The girl's strength upsets the King.
And a storm draws near the palace.
Next time: Doubt x And x Hesitation.
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