Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e25 Episode Script

Inspiration x To x Evolve

Been a while since I flipped my switch on.
Scissors! Well? Look at this! I feel reborn! Inspiration x To x Evolve The Hunters Association has learned of the Chimera Ants from the biological survey team, and now awaits the world leaders' decision on how to handle them.
We're counting on you.
You have a single mission.
The immediate extermination of these dangerous creatures.
There have already been many casualties.
We will use any means necessary.
Will that be acceptable? Naturally, we have no intention of telling the experts how to proceed.
We simply desire those dangerous creatures eradicated as swiftly as possible.
So their goal is to eradicate the Ants, leaving the Hunters Association to take the blame.
Th-The Chimera Ants have five ranks, w-with the Queen at the top.
Queen There's the Queen.
Royal Guard Under her is the Royal Guard, Squadron Leaders and then, the Squadron Leaders.
Under the Squadron Leaders are Captains, and they oversee many foot soldiers and other grunts.
A-And once the King is born, the hierarchy shifts like so.
The Royal Guard that followed the Queen switches into the King's service.
A-Afterwards, Squadron Leaders report directly to the Queen, and she focuses on directing the soldiers.
The Queen remains in the castle, periodically giving birth to Kings.
The Kings travel and mate with different organisms, so as to breed new Queens.
That explains their fast reproduction rate.
To prevent a Chimera Ant population explosion, you must defeat the Queen before she can give birth to a King.
But first, you need to defeat all the soldiers guarding her.
That's a tall order.
Got it.
We'll be waiting.
The punitive force's first wave is on its way.
Punitive force? I wonder who they'll send.
They'll be facing those vicious Chimera Ants.
They'll be strong.
They'd better be! I'm worried about Kite and the kids.
They'll arrive in three days.
How? Look at this! Isn't it incredible? Why does Rammot have so much life energy? There must have been some catalyst.
A catalyst Rock Paper Rock! That hurts Damn What if their attacks were the catalyst? I can feel the power filling me! Peggy I told you that we are capable of anything that humans are.
Including the use of this strange power? But this is Rammot, while you have that power, hit me.
Wh-What are you saying? You've been ticking me off, so I won't go easy on you.
I'm assuming that's what it takes.
Then I won't hold back.
Colt! This is a message from Hagya.
This is a message from Hagya.
The ultimate prey is either within the factory or nearby.
Capture it.
Capture it Dead or alive.
Capture it! Hagya-sama What is it? Do you believe they will succeed? There are enough Captains for a decent fight.
For a decent fight, huh? But I doubt they'll be much help.
I'm fine with that.
Why is that? They're just buying time for us to arrive.
Oh, I see.
Then the rare humans will be ours to take.
We're surrounded.
Their numbers are great.
Now, then Let's decide order and methodology.
As for our targets, you have three choices.
One Decide the order in which you will fight.
Two, attempt to escape.
Three, give up and let us capture you.
If you choose option one, you will fight one-on-one battles with us for a chance to survive.
I don't recommend the second option.
You'll anger us, resulting in a brutal capture and prolonged suffering for all of you.
Option three is out of the question.
That would anger us even more than option two.
So, what will you do? Kite We couldn't have asked for a better deal.
One-on-one fights with their Captains.
We'll start with whoever is prepared to fight.
I'll go.
No, I will.
First comes rock! Rock, paper, scissors! Okay, I'm first! While the Ants have inherited individualism from humans, they've lost the unity that's characteristic of ants.
I hope we'll be able to take advantage of that change.
Well, we need to decide who to send from our side.
#6 #6! Who's #6? Lucky me! Baro? How will the victor be decided? Eh? That should be obvious.
Whoever dies first loses.
We can't just surrender? What?! Are you crazy? If you lose, we'll feed you to the Queen.
If you don't defeat me, you're guaranteed to die! Yeah, I'm okay with that.
But there's no need for you to die.
If I beat you, I won't want to eat you.
If you surrender, you'll live.
But if you lose, you must promise never to eat another human.
This guy isn't taking us seriously! He has more pep than any human I've seen! Lucky you, Baro-chan! I'll kill you! You managed to dodge that one.
Then how about this? The same attack? Gon! He altered course.
I'm fine.
Why are you so tough? By this point, the rest were vomiting organs.
Whatever Just need a few more times.
There's no way to dodge my homing roll! Indeed He only has to alter his course to match the direction Gon dodges.
What will you do, Gon? Kid, I have something to tell you before I kill you.
The main reason we kill humans isn't to eat them or to feed them to the Queen.
Then why? Because it's fun! I love the sound as humans vomit their own organs with a plop! It's hilarious because it looks like barf.
That isn't funny.
I'll make you vomit your own organs with a plop, too! He didn't dodge But stopped him.
Compared to Razor's spikes, this is nothing! Well, we're in a hurry.
Who's my opponent? Hey! #3.
#3's up! You won't be smiling for long.
I'm about to show you hell.
Got it? I'm nothing like the trash over there.
Trash? Huh? I said trash because he's trash.
I'm ten times stronger than that guy.
Oh, that's nothing to brag about.
What was that?! When they enter battle, their aura becomes much stronger.
They're at their best in battle.
Gon tends to have an agitatingly slow start, but we should have time.
We'll reach the Queen before she gives birth to the King.
But why do I have such a bad feeling? I feel like I'm missing something.
There's a gnawing anxiety that won't go away.
Look, Peggy! I can freely control this energy! This is incredible! We should do more research.
Eh? If we learn the proper way to wield this power, we can synchronize it with our natural abilities to make it an even stronger weapon.
You're too retentive Zazan She said she captured a rare human a few days ago If we're lucky, he's still in the storeroom.
Find and secure him.
My entire body is covered by hardened skin.
I can take as many of those attacks as you can throw! Oh, yeah? Is there anyone ten times stronger than this guy? This is a pleasant surprise.
Their Captains can be dispatched easily enough.
Am I worried over nothing? That's enough It's my turn! What? Two, huh? Damn, bad spin.
Killua That scythe is nasty.
Gon, Killua In three seconds, jump up.
Wh-What is this overwhelming pressure? Right! I've experienced this sensation before! Silent Waltz: Grim Reaper's Dance I remember now.
This is death! Murder via overwhelming force.
Get lost.
This scythe can be used only with this technique.
And it won't disappear until I've used it.
It's such a drag So why did you choose that power? Be cautious as we advance.
As I mentioned, that won't be enough to kill them immediately.
Are you okay? It's only getting worse from here.
If you start to sympathize with the enemy, you won't be able to handle what's coming.
I'm fine.
I have no sympathy for bugs that call each other trash.
That's a dangerous view.
What would you do if one of those bugs cared for its comrades? Kite, Gon, and Killua head toward the Chimera Ant Queen's castle to prevent the King's birth.
Next time: A x Fated x Awakening.
I'll go.
No, I will! No, me! Then I'll go.
Go right ahead.