Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e24 Episode Script

Kite x And x Slots

You didn't know? I'm saying that some unique humans are overflowing with life energy.
They're hard to find, which is why they're rare.
Rare? What trick is this? Suddenly, they feel far stronger.
Thunderbolt! Thunderbolt First comes rock Rock Paper Rock! If you wish to become stronger, this is a perfect opportunity.
But if you aren't prepared, you won't be able to endure the ordeal.
Whether we win or lose, hell lies ahead of us.
Kite x And x Slots Kite, Gon, and Killua have advanced deep within NGL, in search of the Chimera Ant nest, and have arrived at a cliff with peculiar openings.
This is the Chimera Ant nest? No.
They don't make their nests in holes.
They use mud and feces to build them.
Let's go.
You'll understand once we're inside.
There's no telling when or from where they will attack.
Be on your guard.
Yeah, got it.
That other Chimera Ant completely concealed his presence.
Let's go.
Is this place Yes, it is NGL's hidden side.
A drug factory.
This factory produces the ingestible drug D², which is spreading throughout the mainland.
There are probably nearby bila trees, which produce its main ingredient.
Ironic given their claims as preservationists.
They're making more than drugs.
It's the same as the others.
I assume that only the NGL leaders know the truth of this place.
The other members joined because they honestly loved nature.
So this facility is the center of NGL's underground.
If it's empty Then Chimera Ants have wiped out the NGL underground.
And a bunch of amateurs with guns won't suffice to deal with them.
What about their boss? He either escaped or was eaten.
Either way, it's bad news.
Huh? What do you mean? Shh! A few are around.
They're slowly approaching through the middle tunnel.
There are more in the left and right tunnels.
En How far away can you search? Everything within a forty-five meter radius.
F-Forty-five meters? Depending on physical and mental condition, I can increase that by a few meters.
Here they come.
Keep it down, you two.
Who are you guys? How dare you intrude on my turf? Help Please help us! Stop talking, Spot! You're just a damned dog! Oops, didn't mean to do that.
Oh, well.
I'm getting bored with these guys.
Guess I'll get rid of Rover, too.
When you beg like that, I just want to kill you more.
Stop! Kite Don't move carelessly.
There's more than one enemy.
They want you to rush over.
H-Hel— Don't look away.
If they shoot a projectile your way, you won't be able to see it.
I've got it.
You three will be my new dogs.
Chimera Ants have always been aggressive, but it seems consuming malicious humans has made them even more evil.
Huh? What do you mean? Phagogenesis.
If we don't deal with them here, many more will die! Capture them! I'll take the one in back.
You boys will have to deal with the two rushing us.
Right! Got it.
Do not hesitate.
You must fight to kill.
Bring it! Ha, take this.
My unblockable Thousand Punches! That was close.
You have more power than I expected.
These guys are really tough.
They have the hard shells of insects, combined with human agility What's on your mind now? He's right.
I can't hesitate! First comes rock What? Little boy, do you want your new name to be Spot or Rover? Don't hesitate to kill.
You'll be roving around the land of the dead in no time, so I'll call you Rover! Been a while since I flipped my switch on.
Snake Awakens Damn you! Curse you! Take this! Fool! This is the poisonous one! Well? How does it feel as the poison spreads through your body? Does it feel good? Very effective.
Once I drug him enough, we'll have a human dog.
Are you done over there? Oh, not yet? How My body is immune to poison.
Ah, I see.
If you behave, I'll kill you fast.
Oh, well It just means that I was weaker.
She let that cheap act fool her.
What is this power flowing from his body? Any closer, and I'll suffer considerable damage.
But What's wrong? Are you getting scared? If I don't attack, Yunju will kill me! The source of his power is his fist! He's preparing to launch an attack many No, dozens of times stronger than the last.
Or will he fake the punch and use a kick? No, he's definitely going to use his fist.
Then I have no choice.
I'll sacrifice my eight left legs to block his punch, while using the right eight to grab him.
Then I can bite him and inject my venom! Let's run a simulation This will work! It's just a punch.
No matter how strong it is, if I'm prepared, I can take it! Hey, we should get started soon.
Wait a little longer.
Screw that! You don't have a choice in the matter.
Now, entertain me.
Very well What Why are you here? This is my castle.
A king needs no reason to be in his castle.
There are many drugs here that emit strong odors.
I would expect you to avoid this place.
Shut up I like this place! What happened to the head of NGL? He would have been here.
Beats me! He's probably inside the Queen's belly.
I'm going to build my own kingdom starting here.
Then I'll take control of the whole world.
That will be impossible for a boor who amuses himself by making dogs of humans.
Really now? I can't wait to strip you down and put a collar around your neck! Damn! Huh? Hey! Get down here! You only summon me when you're in trouble.
You'd better watch it.
I don't have time for small talk.
Hurry it up.
Oh, really? You're so impatient.
Are you insulting me? Forget about turning you into a dog! I'm gonna kill you! Four, huh? Damn, bad spin.
What was that? I have no bad spins, bastard! Die! I'll pretend to attack, while I block his punch.
Then I grab him and bite.
Here I go! Rock Paper Just as I thought! Block! Scissors! What? A-A sword? Impossible Where was he hiding that? But this could be perfect.
I can pretend I've been defeated, then wait for an opening to bite him! You can't relax after dismembering them.
The head and body can survive an entire day after they've been separated.
You must crush the head.
And preferably, you'll kill them quickly and quietly.
Oh, it's him! The thing that shot us.
I got a slot machine in my mouth! It goes from 1 to 9.
Each number summons a different weapon.
This is my Crazy Slot! Don't forget the name! Just go away.
That's a strange power It talks by itself? Apparently.
If it uses a slot machine, doesn't that mean you can't choose your weapon? Yes, and I cannot change or get rid of the weapon I receive until I use it.
It's very aggravating.
In that case Why did you come up with this power? We've lost the signal from Yunju's team.
Were they killed? The signal indicated three enemies, and that they looked tastier than the others.
They must be rare humans.
And we have cause to fight.
Isn't Yunju using that factory as a base? So the rare humans should still be near the factory.
Let's go! Tonight, we feast! Feast! Both of your powers are much easier to use than mine.
Compared to that thing of yours? No kidding.
Gon, you appear to have incorporated Enhancer, Transmuter, and Emitter abilities into your Rock-Paper-Scissors.
Yep, but my natural affinity lies with Enhancer abilities.
Killua used lightning.
Are you a Transmuter? Yeah, but it's not that strong, and I lose energy fast.
You'll have the chance to improve.
Let's hurry.
The nest is close.
I don't get it I can feel power rushing into me.
My body is overflowing with energy! What is this?! What's wrong? A signal from one of my soldiers.
Rammot is acting strangely.
Rammot? Well? Look at this! I feel reborn! Can you see that light, Peggy? What tremendous life energy A Chimera Ant has finally discovered the power of Nen.
Next time: Inspiration x To x Evolve.
I want inspiration to evolve! When will you evolve? Now!