Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e23 Episode Script

The x Fight x Begins

This is a bullet casing.
Nothing mechanical is allowed here, right? So the underground rulers of NGL were manufacturing guns in addition to drugs.
But judging by this It wasn't done by a human.
Most likely, it was a Chimera Ant.
The x Fight x Begins The Chimera Ants continue their rampage throughout NGL.
And they've finally struck against the don who ruled this country from the shadows.
It's safe to assume that the Chimera Ants have assumed control of NGL's interior.
The question is if we can reach their nest before the Queen births the King.
More! More! I need much more.
I need more food of high nutritional value for my child.
Over a hundred a day? Yes, the Queen has requested more food, to aid the King's growth.
We've been providing fifty a day.
Just when we'd managed to assemble enough soldiers to ease the job If the Queen commands, we will double or triple our quota.
We should increase our ranks No.
Increasing them would be simple, but it would disturb the chain of command.
We must start by instilling more discipline.
We'll increase our ranks afterwards.
First, we must eliminate sedition in all— Don't make me laugh! That isn't going to be necessary.
The rare human I captured has the nutritional value of a thousand normal ones.
One with the value of a thousand? What are you talking about? You didn't know? I'm saying that some unique humans are overflowing with life energy.
They're hard to find, which is why they're rare.
Rare? These special humans each have the nutritional value of a thousand normal ones? That's right.
Impossible! No such human could— They do exist I saw and fought one.
And then, I accidentally took a bite! Pike! The one you took a bite out of wasn't rare.
Oh, yeah.
You're right.
Don't spout nonsense! Your words were also nonsense, Zazan-sama.
I spoke nonsense? When? You weren't the one who captured the rare human.
I did.
Remember how you praised me for the wonderful job I did? I'm the one who disabled him! But I'm the one who held him in place— Enough.
Make yourself scarce.
F-For Forgive me! Was that story true? Wh-Why, if it isn't Bihorn-sama Yes, there really was a rare human.
Not that! Did you really take a bite? No, I took a bite of the normal human, not of the rare— It doesn't matter if it was rare or not.
Consuming the Queen's food is not permitted.
I'll never do it again, so please spare me just this once, Bihorn-sama! Hold it! Come back here! Bihorn.
Have you ever seen a rare human? No, I've only heard about them from Zazan.
Zazan, could you provide more detail about this rare human? Sure.
Arrows of light I understand.
That explains the hole in the skull of that grunt.
Yes, that must be it.
One mystery has been solved.
While the arrows are invisible to foot soldiers, an officer like Pike can see them.
See them and stop them.
In other words, officers can capture them.
Yes, like I did.
That one was clearly different from the other humans we've captured.
Its whole body appeared to be shining with life energy.
That's how I knew that it would have the nutritional value of over a thousand humans.
More than ten days' worth in one human? If that's true, we're saved.
It'd be far easier than carrying a hundred humans around each day.
If we find one on the first day, we can rest the next nine.
Fool! They're rare because they're hard to find! What? Again? Understood.
Is something wrong? Rammot is acting without my permission again.
Damn! Why am I stuck eating horses? Damn This is all Colt's fault.
I want to eat humans! First, I have to deal with Rammot.
Otherwise, it sets a bad example.
What is this presence? Could it be? No one's here.
Say Something smells.
Coming from over there.
It's like a morning sacrifice.
A ritual practiced by birds called bull-headed shrikes.
They impale their prey on sharp objects, such as branches.
Hey! Wha? Wh-What is that? They're capable of concealing their presence? Trash.
Those are mine! Ow! This guy is strong.
Fighting him won't be easy.
Gon Killua You two must deal with him yourselves.
That is a Chimera Ant soldier.
We will encounter many more like him.
I won't be able to help you during combat.
If you can't defeat it, you'll have to leave.
You'll just be in my way.
Weren't you listening, Kite? We are also pros! Don't treat us like kids! What trick is this? Suddenly, they feel far stronger.
Time to test it! Thunderbolt Thunderbolt! First comes rock Rock Paper Rock! Yes! Just enough! Bastards! I'm gonna eat you! I will! Remember this! Our attacks They didn't work.
That guy's smart.
He let his soldier do the fighting, so he could learn our abilities.
Are you coming? There's no need to feel down.
Your attacks weren't that bad.
You just need experience now.
If you wish to become stronger, this is a perfect opportunity.
But if you aren't prepared, you won't be able to endure the ordeal.
Whether we win or lose, hell lies ahead of us.
We're coming.
That hurts Damn Don't lay a finger on them.
I'm gonna get my revenge.
I'll kill them I'll eat them all! I'm willing to let you kill them.
But you may not eat them.
Bodies brimming with so much life energy provide the finest nutrition.
They must be fed to the Queen.
No way! Killing them won't be enough! I have to tear them to shreds, fill my belly with them Crap on their skulls, and crush them! And even still That still may not be enough to quell my fury! I won't be satisfied with just killing them! Don't get above yourself.
This is an order.
You would defy your leader's command? It isn't just Yunju's team.
The other teams do it all the time.
Cheetu and Hagya's teams do whatever they want.
Their leaders enjoy the hunt! Is that true? Yeah! They chase humans, kill them, then leave the dead bodies there.
None of the other squadrons just haul bodies back like industrious little drones, my dear leader Colt.
I'll transfer to a different squad if that's what it takes to kill them.
Damn, it hurts! A reason? Because it's fun, of course.
It's good that humans know how to speak.
That way, we know what they think as they die.
I enjoy seeing the fear on their faces.
Yep, it's great! Once you've tried it, you can never go back.
Do you feel the same way, Cheetu? You're wrong about one thing Hagya's and my teams are meeting our quota.
We use our free time to enjoy the hunt.
However You shouldn't waste the Queen's precious food for sport.
Precious food? Don't make me laugh.
There are more of them than she'll ever need.
They're trash! I'm just taking out the trash.
Got a problem with that? Not at all! Do you know about the rare humans? Rare humans? Oh The ones that are overflowing with life energy? I haven't seen one yet.
If you do, capture it alive and bring it back.
I'll give the rare ones to the Queen.
Let that Rammot guy know, so he calms down.
I'll take that as a promise.
You think I'd keep that promise? Let's find a rare one and eat it.
Let's eat! How's Rammot doing? Tonight will be critical.
But his anger and stamina should see him through it.
Still, our army seems to have too much personality.
Having multiple perspectives helps, but too many are self-centered.
We're meeting our quota, so there's nothing to worry about.
You're one to talk.
Are you counting the humans you capture? Hmm Kind of.
That doesn't count.
Perhaps we should have everyone assemble to discuss this.
No, we operate at different times now.
Assembling everyone is impossible.
I'll talk to each leader and devise a solution.
What about the Queen? She's busy nourishing the King.
We can't distract her.
I'll handle this.
Sounds tough.
Don't ruin your health.
If you're honestly concerned, try to control yourself.
This is ugly The stench alone would guide us to the corpses.
Look at this.
So this is the hidden side of NGL.
I suppose so.
Killua Kite The silence of the drug factory overtaken by the Chimera Ants further intensifies the chill in the air.
What awaits Gon and his friends there? Next time: Kite x And x Slots.
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