Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e22 Episode Script

Evil x And x Terrible

What do we do, Zaikahal? Evil x and x Terrible His name is Gyro.
And he is the NGL's don in the shadows.
Gyro spent his first twelve years in a construction camp.
By the time he said his first word, he'd learned to lay bricks and mix concrete.
His father forced him to slave away until Gyro finally killed him and fled.
His father, who raised Gyro alone, was a silent man.
When his father returned from work, he drank cheap liquor by himself until he went to bed.
He very rarely talked to Gyro, who was on the upper bunk.
Thus, Gyro barely knew how to speak before the age of seven.
When Gyro returned from work, he was not permitted to leave his bed, except when visiting the restroom.
He was allowed to relieve himself twice a day, and only before 9 PM.
The bed's rotting wood creaked loudly whenever he turned in his sleep.
His father hated that sound.
After his father once severely beat him because of that noise, Gyro learned to sleep without any motion.
He also learned to control his bladder at night, keeping an empty liquor bottle for when he couldn't hold it.
"Don't make trouble for others.
" That was the one lesson his silent father taught him.
From a young age, Gyro did his best to adhere to it, learning from his mistakes.
Since his father had never bought him even one toy, this lesson was his one and only gift from his father.
Within his small world, his father was essentially God.
And no matter how cruel his father could be, Gyro continued to idolize him, believing that his father needed him.
This belief stemmed from two facts When Gyro was five, a terrible fever nearly killed him.
All night, his father stayed up, replacing his towels with fresh ones.
And the other reason was that his father had never once ordered him to leave.
Gyro was proud of these two facts.
"Idiot He hasn't kicked you out because you bring in money!" Though he had previously kept that possibility locked away deep in his mind, Gyro snapped when the older youth insensitively brought it to light.
Regretting that he'd revealed his secret, Gyro was furious with himself.
His pride wounded, rage overcame him, and he attacked the youth.
The youth had always mocked the timid boy, so when the boy fought back, he went mad with anger, to the point where not even knocking him out would satisfy him.
He stomped on the boy's face, spat on him, and uttered the finishing blow: "When you were sick, a neighbor took care of you! Your old man was drinking by himself as always.
You were delirious, so you wouldn't know this.
But that night, the neighbor had a fight with your old man.
He asked your dad what he'd do if his kid died.
Let me tell you what your old man said.
It wouldn't matter.
I don't care if he dies.
You hear that?" As Gyro listened to the youth, he witnessed something inconceivable.
His father looked him in the eye, paid him no attention, and then left.
That was when Gyro finally understood.
The universe doesn't give a damn about me.
My father doesn't care if I live or die.
In other words, my life has no meaning.
If I live, I'll bring in money.
If I die, I'll just free up a little space.
That's all.
My father told me not to make trouble for others so as to avoid any inconvenience for himself.
It was never a lesson to help his son.
It was fully for his own benefit.
In that lesson, "others" meant my father.
No It meant "humans.
" Don't make trouble for humans.
I must not be human Eventually, the boy stood up, grabbing a nearby hammer.
Nine years later, Gyro founded the NGL.
Nine years after that, NGL became a nation, with him as its king.
Gyro desired to ruin life for the entire world.
The drug D² was merely the first step.
Yunju! You handed those humans over to Colt so easily.
I didn't feel like fighting.
Either way, the food will reach the Queen.
I just want to enjoy the hunt.
Gyro Damn, I should have just eaten him! Listen up! I'm taking over this factory! From today on, this is my fortress! This is awesome! This is bad.
These creatures are too dangerous! Look! What What is happening in this place? What? More dead soldiers found? Yeah, three of Zazan's were discovered.
Plus, one of mine is missing Its communication has been cut off, and it hasn't returned.
Yunju's team dealt with the humans holding guns.
Does this mean there are other humans who are resisting us? Sounds that way But the dead soldiers were killed by something that wasn't a gun.
Something? What could it have been? How would I know? Probably some new weapon we haven't seen.
Where are the corpses? Peggy's examining them above.
This one was killed by a gun.
I'm sure since bullets are still inside the body.
But I'm not sure about the others.
The skull was punctured.
Yes, but not by a gun.
And I had difficulty understanding the soldiers' explanation of the events As it is, the foot soldiers' communications are simplistic and just to the point.
They said one human mimicked firing a gun, and no projectile emerged, but something pierced the soldier's skulls and they fell, dead.
Can't some soldiers both see and feel what's happening? You're correct.
Those soldiers said that they felt a projectile being fired.
So they possess abilities that we do not These humans could prove tougher opponents than anticipated.
If humans have this power, once we inherit their genes, we also will.
We only lack the trait.
You don't understand The humans' strength lies in their ability to learn.
If they learn that the Queen is where we're vulnerable, they'll do whatever it takes to kill her.
Hmm? You're the one who doesn't understand! That just means we need to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.
Am I wrong? No, you're correct That's right.
I will protect her I will protect Reina! Reina? Who's Reina? Uh, you're the one who said that name! I did? I didn't say anything.
You must be hearing things.
Anyway, the problem is that humans possess multiple weapons capable of defeating our foot soldiers.
What should we do? Use their weapons against them.
Give them a taste of their own medicine.
Only soldiers of our rank have the capacity to manipulate complex weaponry.
But the humans don't know that.
They must be very frightened.
I understand You're a better strategist than I am.
Reina? It didn't work No one received the message.
That means all the other Hunters I was in contact with have been taken out.
Oh We should leave.
Those creatures are too much for us to handle.
We need to leave NGL and tell the world what's happening So that an extermination force can be formed.
Whatever Let's just run for it! Or we'll all be— I-It's here! Run! More will be coming! Hold on, now I said to capture the humans alive.
We're supposed to deliver them to the Queen fresh.
A-A human face What is that thing?! Fire Open fire! Orange Arrow He grabbed my Orange Arrow, fastest of my Rainbow Arrows, with ease.
Huh? This is clearly visible.
The grunts couldn't see this? So the life energy that surrounds your body is what fuels this weapon? You will make a magnificent meal for the Queen Balda! O-Oh, no! I took a bite without thinking Zazan-sama will be angry again! You bastard! O-One moment My hands are full.
Take this! As always, you're a disgrace in battle.
Zazan-sama Why don't you just drop what's in your hands? Oh! You're right.
We're going back.
Hmm? Since we've obtained some excellent food.
He probably has the nutritional value of a thousand normal humans.
Well done, Pike.
Zazan-sama! I am most grateful for your praise You honor me! Don't forget the food.
Oh, yes I can't save him myself I have to call for help! There's still There's still time! Even if they take him, they won't eat him immediately Please Find a Hunter with a strong aura! I must hurry back to the border! Other Hunters should be there— So much fun Hunting is so much fun! Help!! Help!! Chimera Ant Nest Rocky Area Notify the Hunter Association!! It'll be dangerous.
But could you accompany me? Of course.
We're pros.
Miss interpreter Sorry, but we're in a hurry.
The horses can move a bit faster.
They won't be fast enough.
I want you two to return to the border, find the others, and get word to the Association.
These creatures are dangerous.
Got it.
Be careful, Kite.
If you can't keep up, I'll leave you behind.
Right back at you.
All ready to go! Let's go.
This is a bullet casing.
Nothing mechanical is allowed here, right? So the underground rulers of NGL were manufacturing guns in addition to drugs.
But judging by this It wasn't done by a human.
Most likely, it was a Chimera Ant.
If the Chimera Ants are using guns I hate to consider the possibility, but it's possible that NGL's underground rulers have already been fed to the queen What will happen if Chimera Ants are born with their genes? NGL and Chimera Ants The worst combination imaginable.
This could create an unprecedented biohazard.
The situation has taken a sudden turn for the absolute worst.
Next time: The x Fight x Begins.
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