Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e21 Episode Script

No x Good x NGL

Would you allow us to have names? What is a name? It's like a code that can be used to identify each of us.
Names Quite amusing.
The King's three Royal Guards.
I shall name you myself.
No x Good x NGL Yorknew City Mitene Union Seeking the giant Chimera Ant, Mitene Union: NGL Autonomous Region Republic of Rokario Hass Republic Republic of West Gorteau Republic of East Gorteau Kite's group has arrived in the Mitene Union.
NGL Autonomous Region Republic of Rokario Now, they travel from the Republic of Rokario to the neighboring NGL Autonomous Region.
NGL, huh? They believe living naturally is always better.
They may be weird for living there, but you guys are weird for coming to visit, too.
No idea what's going on, but I've already driven in about ten similar groups today alone.
Ten groups?! Yeah.
Then it sounds like we're among the last to arrive.
They're probably other pro Hunter teams.
All looking for the giant insects? Yeah, those veterans are good.
Somehow, they've managed to obtain this information.
But are there really bugs large enough to attack humans? It defies common sense, but that voice they heard over the transmitter M-Monsters Giant bugs! It could be some other kind of organism.
NGL is one big nature reserve, so it's said to be inhabited by many organisms that haven't been reported in academic circles.
It wouldn't be strange if there are insects that attack humans.
Even if there aren't any giant bugs, this trip will be worth it if we can confirm the existence of any unidentified organisms.
As a new Magical Beast Hunter, I need to produce results.
Now that I'm here, I have to accomplish something.
According to the scouts that went out first thing this morning, a new human village has been discovered in sector MA18, in the southwest.
There are twelve houses, with anywhere from twenty to sixty residents.
Hey, that's pretty big.
Guess there are still a few large villages left.
I thought we'd already cleaned out that area.
Then I will add this village to our list of targets for the day.
Colt, could you make the trip? Roger.
What's this, Peggy? You aren't sending me? Cheetu, I need you to go northwest, as originally planned.
Zazan, you accompany him.
There aren't any large villages left in the northwest.
Even if there were, there probably aren't any strong, young humans.
It's more fun when I get to chase them around.
Cheetu! We do not hunt for amusement.
We serve the Queen.
We need only capture the requested number of humans.
I know that, Colt.
We'll get the job done.
Right, Zazan? I'll fulfill the quota.
But I don't need you telling me how to hunt my prey.
I'll do things my own way.
It's fun to hunt humans when they're running around.
What did you say? Well, there you go.
Let's go, Zazan.
Colt, don't get too worked up.
You'll have an easier time if you learn to relax.
They dare do things their own way? At this rate, their squadrons will fall apart! While the use of names is convenient for leading the troops, we don't want to encourage too much individuality.
Their behavior could lead to a breakdown in command.
We must take steps.
I agree that something must be done.
Meleoron and Yunju have yet to show themselves at a war council.
Meleoron! Stop hiding, and show yourself! Just to be clear, it isn't my fault Yunju is absent.
You were hiding because you thought you'd be blamed? You're supposed to be a squadron leader.
Where is Yunju? Why is he not here? See? I'm the one getting yelled at.
That's why I didn't want to come out.
It's always my fault.
You're just as guilty for hiding the truth.
And further I'll talk! It isn't like I wanted to cover for him or anything.
He's the one who ran off on his own to hunt humans.
What? Toward which sector? Was a new village discovered? That's not it! You remember the humans who fought back? The ones who were armed with guns.
Yunju was all worked up about making them his pets.
Come on! What are you doing? I accidentally stepped on you.
You're supposed to entertain us more! That's right! Run for your lives! Until you're dead.
This is the border with NGL.
Those two huge trees serve as the checkpoint and embassy.
What's out here, in the middle of nowhere? These people are all so weird.
Stay alert.
The Ants are a concern, but the NGL is more than a nature-loving organization.
Got it.
What brings you here? We're on a hunt.
A quarantined organism may have invaded this country.
If you are pro Hunters, then we cannot deny you entry.
Follow me.
You're using computers and machines.
This place isn't within NGL's borders.
This area is used for foreign relations and information exchange.
Are there any facilities similar to this within the country? No, not a single one.
No machines of any kind are allowed inside NGL.
Naturally, visitors are also not allowed to bring any inside.
Which means that you'll need to remove all metallic, petroleum, glass, or other such goods on your person.
D-Does that include my glasses? Yes.
If your clothes, belts, shoes, or underwear contain any plastic, chemicals, or metal, you must remove them.
That isn't funny.
You're telling us to strip naked? Don't worry.
There is natural clothing for sale upstairs.
Also, if there are any bolts inside your body, dental implants, gold, silver, or silicon enhancements that cannot be removed, you will not be allowed to enter.
Shop Only the five of us are left? I want you to stand by in the closest town.
We'll return here within two weeks and contact you.
Got it.
The checkpoint is over there.
There will be a physical exam and interview, as well as metal, x-ray, and ultrasound scanning.
The security is rather strict.
Some people have smuggled in guns by hiding the parts inside their bodies.
It's common for people to hide cameras or cell phones in their rectums.
Some people even trained animals to bring them laptops once they were inside.
All of you are clean.
Thank you for your patience.
Please pass through.
Welcome to NGL.
Okay, let's begin the hunt.
Horse Rental Any sightings of giant insects? I haven't heard anything.
Even if there were any such creatures, the citizens in this country wouldn't make much of a fuss.
If we are attacked and killed by animals, that is simply nature taking its course.
Anyway, we should follow the coast and check the villages.
If we go through all of them and nothing turns up, it probably isn't in this country.
That's assuming those guys were telling the truth.
They're still following us, aren't they? Yeah They claim to be here in case we encounter unknown tribes and require interpreters or intermediaries.
But they're obviously here to watch us.
Well, I never expected the people here to be of any help.
My gut tells me that it's here.
Don't move.
If you die, it won't be my fault.
A-A mere animal shouldn't order a superior human around! Mere animal? Superior human? I don't understand How are you and I different? Shut up! Good grief Didn't your parents ever teach you to answer a question when you're asked? There's no hope for you, old-timer.
Try harder in your next life.
Now you've done it.
If you kill him, we aren't able to store him.
I can make meatballs to serve to the Queen within the day.
People like him irritate me.
They don't know their place.
I prefer to see them running around in fear.
Yesterday, you shot one in the back when they ran.
If you'd let me handle this, I could secure our prey in a smarter fashion.
When you said, "Don't move," that was meant for me, right? Giving your squadron leader an order, huh? Don't get too cocky.
I'm forgiving, so I'll let it slide.
If you enjoy killing so much, you should volunteer for the feeding squad.
No hope Damn that Yunju.
Shut up! If you don't shut up, I'll eat you right here! Rammot! What are you doing? What am I doing? I'm transporting the food.
Isn't that obvious? Be more selective with your prey! How often do I have to repeat myself? That human won't serve any purpose.
And we've already met our quota for the day.
You're wasting your time.
Then I'll eat it! What? It'll be eaten sooner or later, anyway.
This is an order, Rammot.
Too many soldiers trying to do things their way.
Huh? I don't see any problem.
I enjoy what I do.
You want to take this one? I guess it's dead, so you can't.
Which squadron are you from? Oh, Zazan That nasty woman.
You have my sympathy.
You could join Yunju's team.
I hear that they're allowed to kill any humans they want.
If you take this as a gift, they'll probably let you join on the spot.
What is this? It's terrible Who did this? A gun? People are fighting with guns! Who could it be? Guns aren't allowed in NGL! They're members of the NGL underground that manufactures D².
Huh? I don't think these wounds were inflicted by humans.
Does that mean I can't be certain yet But if the monster we seek was responsible for this, we won't be able to handle it with our current members.
Th-There they are! Monsters! Ponzu! Balda! Pekuba! Run on my signal.
Got it? Rainbow! Seven Spectrum Array Red Arrow Red Arrow! Now! No hope.
Over here! Are you okay? Yes Anyway, we should contact the other pro Hunters.
Can you handle that, Ponzu? Got it.
What? That's it? No, there are more.
There sure are! I can smell living humans! What do we do, Zaikahal? As the Chimera Ants continue their rampage, they have cornered the country's shadowy ruler.
A storm brews in NGL.
And Gon's group is heading straight for it.
Next time: Evil x and x Terrible.
Gon, what's wrong? Do you have a fever? What? A crick in your back? Terrible