Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e26 Episode Script

A x Fated x Awakening

I have a bad feeling.
I feel like I'm missing something.
There's a gnawing anxiety that won't go away.
A x Fated x Awakening Kite, Gon, and Killua have taken care of Hagya's soldiers.
As they head deeper into NGL in search of the Chimera Ants' nest, within the Queen's castle, one of the soon-to-be-born King's three Royal Guards is about to awaken.
What kind of magic did they use? Wow, all of them were split cleanly in half.
This one almost looks like he was smashed by a rock, or some other hard object.
And Baro's the one with an iron shell.
So this is the rare humans' power.
Are you worried now? The king of the jungle's blood runs through my veins.
A few humans can't scare me.
Of course Whew, that's a relief.
I thought I was gonna miss out on tonight's feast.
These must be extremely rare humans.
We'll tear them to shreds and gobble them down! We're being followed.
Not from there.
There's quite a number of them.
Listen up Your job is to distract the enemy, while attacking from a distance.
Do not get too close.
The 2nd Platoon will take the right, as the 3rd Platoon pincers them from the left.
My 1st Platoon will trap them, preventing a rear retreat.
Go! Gon and I didn't notice them.
They're coming from the left and the right.
Keep up your guard.
Damn The trees are getting in the way.
Shouldn't we get out of the forest? This is a trap.
Okay, keep up the chase.
Hagya-sama, all goes according to plan.
Good work, Flutter.
Once we drive our prey into range, one strike with my fangs will finish them.
This doesn't feel right Eh? You ordered Flutter to chase the prey, while you hid in the grass to ambush them.
That's pretty lame.
Huh? Aren't you the king of the jungle? A king should face his prey, rather than hiding.
Just jump out and go, "Roar! Chomp! Ga ha ha ha!" That's so much cooler.
But you know This is how the king of the jungle hunts.
Shut up and watch! Yeah, yeah.
Well, I don't care, so long as I get to eat the rare humans.
Rare human? What's that? I'll explain the details later.
Its number is 4-933.
It was captured and brought in by Zazan's squadron.
Number 4-933 Doesn't mean a thing to me.
It was probably given to the Queen.
Her appetite is even more insatiable these days.
She'll give birth to an incredible king.
Don't see 'em.
It must already be inside the Queen's belly.
Are you certain? It isn't here Where else would it be? Could it have escaped? Any creature poisoned by our nerve toxin will be paralyzed for at least a month.
After a mere three days, it couldn't move around.
You can't be sure when it concerns the rare ones.
They aren't like normal humans.
You should know that very well.
I'm not the same creature I was before.
The next time I see them, I'll crush them, rip them apart, and eat them.
The antidote I hid in my back tooth came in handy.
But I could barely drag myself across the ground.
For the time being, I'll have to hide here But what's going on? How can a Chimera Ant use Nen? Could you check once more? Come on, give me a break I'm busy enough as it is.
Didn't you hear me say the Queen has a huge appetite now? I am well aware of that.
I don't know anything about this "rare" stuff, but why are you so obsessed with this human? I'd like to ask it a few questions.
Can't you see the light surrounding his body? Light? No, I don't see a thing.
I see.
Then it's true that only some can identify this power.
Meaning it's a talent.
This talent is my destiny, bestowed upon me by the heavens.
The power of a chosen few If I master this power, I can become the king! I will be king! Retreat! Retreat! Hmm? What's wrong, Flutter? Wh-What's that? He's gorgeous! We're leaving.
Huh? What about the feast? He was able to understand that he was outclassed, and he calmly backed down at once.
Most likely, he was a Squadron Leader.
I always believed that the world revolved around my claws and fangs.
That if I brandished them, I could take the life of any other creature, could always satisfy my own hunger And that I was truly blessed.
However, that wasn't the case.
Others were stronger, so I never could have ruled.
Death taught me that lesson.
But I am stronger now.
At the moment, we may not be strong enough to defeat them.
But now we are armed with the ability to learn.
We're following them.
Their nest must be nearby.
If we follow them, we will find the Queen.
What is that? Something is coming! That was a fascinating conversation You mentioned something about talent.
Allow me to take part.
O-One of the Queen's Royal Guards! If I master this power, I can become the king! I will be the king! A short and foolish dream I am totally outclassed.
I can never escape the position I've been born into You can relax.
Let's talk over there.
Y-Yes! This power is not for me But for this Royal Guard And for the King it serves! This power is for serving them! Impossible What is that evil aura? By the way Yes? Why is a live human underneath those bones? Hmm Nyow I understand.
What are you researching? I'm learning about those rare humans you mentioned.
I've attempted to study them many times, but it wasn't written in any books.
Asking one of them is faster than flipping through books.
Wasn't that why you were looking for him? Th-That's exactly right.
There we go.
Ah! "New memories are stored in the hippocampus, while old memories are kept in the cerebral cortex.
To invoke those memories" Nyow I understand.
Ah, you Come over here.
Hatsu is a technique for manipulating aura at will.
To summarize the categories of Nen users They are: Enhancers, Transmuters, Conjurers, Emitters, Manipulators, and Specialists, for a total of six categories.
C-Categories Every Nen user belongs to one of these.
You want to increase the amount of your aura, as well as the speed of its flow.
Most of your basic training will be spent on these two tasks.
In a battle between Nen users, those are the factors that That Th-that are pivotal in determining the victor.
Nyow I understand In addition to the basic Nen abilities Zetsu and Ren, there are also unique techniques that reflect the Nen user's individuality.
If you develop a technique that synchronizes with your style and Nen category, the manifestation of your ability has a better chance of being stronger.
And how do you identify which Nen category you belong to? Water divination is the simplest and most commonly used method.
Water divination? Give it a try, Rammot.
Since the water's overflowing, that makes you an Enhancer.
An Enhancer? Which confirms that Rammot is a Nen user? Seems so.
Oh, yeah Didn't you say you fought a rare human? Y-Yes.
The impact from its attack opened your pores And released your aura.
Pores? Apparently, they're small holes all over your body.
If they're sealed, aura can't be released.
I see Colt also thought that Rammot's change was triggered by his fight with the rare humans.
It seems he was correct.
So if Rammot is a Nen user now, can we use him to open everyone's pores? Sure, sounds good.
I think I'll give this a try.
The leaf wilted Unbelievable.
One of us was born possessing Nen ability, without having to fight a rare human! Then, Commander, that makes you a Specialist, not belonging to another category? Neferpitou.
Huh? That is the name the Queen gave me.
From now on, call me Neferpitou.
Right! I don't need him anymore.
Feed him to the Queen now.
Right! From birth, Neferpitou already possessed incredible power.
This presence casts a dark shadow over the fates of Gon and his friends.
Next time: Light x And x Darkness.
Wake up! C'mon, it's morning.
It's 10:50.
I'll kill-you-a!