Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e27 Episode Script

Light x And x Darkness

Huh? That is the name the Queen gave me.
From now on, call me Neferpitou.
Light x And x Darkness Attention all Squadron Leaders and Captains Attention all Squadron Leaders and Captains.
Commander Neferpitou will hold an award ceremony in auditorium one.
If you are able to endure considerable pain, you will receive tremendous power in return.
That power is to be used for our Queen! They're continuing to go straight.
The Chimera Ant nest must be up ahead.
Amazing He's been picking them up this entire time, never losing them for an instant.
Kite said he could use En within a radius of forty-five meters.
I've heard that those called Nen masters can handle around fifty meters.
Kite is nearly there.
Actually, given that he's kept it up for an entire night, he's probably stronger.
Stronger than a master Then Kite's the real deal.
Yeah, he's the first real pro Hunter we've met.
Tsezgerra was a pro Hunter, but we really only knew him as another player in a game.
Bisky was an incredible Hunter.
But to us Yeah, she was our Nen mentor.
And the first to teach us about Nen Wing-san was our Nen master and savior.
Looking back, we always meet the right people just when we need them most.
And those people have all made us stronger.
Razor, too, huh? Yeah.
It's clear that Ging really did create Greed Island to train you.
And once you beat the game, he deliberately led you to Kite.
Ging! I'm not sure if Ging predicted what would happen when we met Kite.
But he certainly knew that you would like the man who had earned Ging's respect.
And he knew without doubt that you would go with Kite.
He wants us to get stronger by traveling with Kite.
This is a pretty brutal place for training, though.
That's why I keep asking if your resolve is firm.
As you mentioned, Ging-san probably had certain expectations when he sent you to me.
But I do not intend to train you during this journey.
We don't have that kind of time.
I brought you along because I thought you might be of use.
From here, it all comes down to your resolve.
If it's strong, you'll develop your Nen and grow strong via combat.
If it's weak, the Ants will eat you.
But we can't die We are pro Hunters.
Those who call themselves Hunters always get their prey.
For Hunters, that is the first commandment.
Those who call themselves Hunters should always be on the hunt.
A hunt involves both hunter and prey.
It is a battle of resolve.
Emerging victorious from a battle of resolve is what makes a successful hunt.
The loser has to follow the winner's rules and customs.
Usually, this means the loser's death.
Rules If you don't want that result, then win.
Improving your Nen is important, of course.
But to be a successful Hunter, you must understand your enemy and yourself.
Th-That's why That's why you hit me back then! Fool! Why would you try to enter Snake Beech Forest in this season?! Look! That's a territorial marker made by Foxbears with cubs.
Any animal seeing it knows to get far away! That was the forest's rule and custom.
You taught me the rules in Ging's place.
Oh That's right I just remembered.
A Hunter License? What's this? This is Ging-san's.
Huh? It's Ging's? Do you remember what my final test was? Yeah, to find Ging.
Before the test began, Ging-san gave this to me.
He said I should use it to find him I planned to return it to him once I did.
Huh? He wouldn't take it back? No I completely forgot I had it.
Gon, you said that you're going to find Ging-san on your own, right? Huh? Yeah.
Then you have to do it.
And would you return this for me? Sure! But first, I have to finish this job with you and get a lot stronger.
After that, I'll find Ging and give this back.
I promise! I'm counting on you.
Well, let's get a move on before we lose the trail.
Take that! Next! Being average is terrible You have to go to all this trouble just to unleash your power.
Peggy, I'll leave this to you.
Where are you going? I want to find out how strong I really am.
That's a monster.
What is this? I don't believe it! What's wrong, Kite? Gon, Killua Run! Huh? Hurry up! Get out of here! Found you Get away from me! Malice Idio— Good decision, Killua.
Take Gon and run! This time, you're in big trouble Let's see if you get a good roll! Ah, so you can do stuff like that? We were overconfident The two of us were still weaker than Kite who'd lost an arm.
That thing knew.
This is reality.
If Kite had been alone, this probably wouldn't have happened.
We were fools! Hey Look.
Huh? You left Kite behind? Why?! What happened? Explain what's going on! H-Hey, what are you doing?! Yes, I understand.
Can you wait there a little longer? We're headed your way right now.
We have reinforcements.
Chairman Netero.
What's this? They're just kids.
If you're here to play, you'll get burned.
Go back home.
Stop it, Morel-san.
That isn't nice They're only children.
You look pretty defeated.
Was the enemy that strong? One of them could use Nen.
That was the worst aura I've ever encountered.
Worse than my brother's Worse than Hisoka's Now that I've learned Nen myself, I can tell.
You guys are unbelievably strong.
But I still can't see you defeating that thing Whenever humans encounter the unknown, they tend to lose perspective.
Currently, you're experiencing a state of panic.
We'll take it from here, so go lie in bed.
You're no better than I am, Knov.
Kid The minute you start talking about who can win in a Nen fight, you're wrong.
In most cases, you won't know your opponent's abilities.
One instant of carelessness is all it takes to turn the tables and cost a life.
You can't make assumptions based on the amount of aura displayed.
The battle can turn at any point.
That's what fighting with Nen means.
But regardless, you must always fight certain of victory.
That is a Nen user's spirit.
The moment you were overwhelmed by the opponent's aura and fled, you were disqualified.
You're lower than a loser! Morel, that's enough.
Is Gon asleep? He was going to attack the enemy, so I used force to stop him.
I didn't have time to control my strength, so I don't know when he'll wake up.
That kid shows some promise, then.
Morel! It's difficult to believe that giant Chimera Ants are eating humans, but since it appears to be true, we must keep casualties to a minimum.
If we send fighters who aren't strong enough, they'll only strengthen the enemy.
Do you understand? Yeah.
That's why there are only three.
A select few We're not strong enough.
We sent two assassins to the nearest village.
It's your decision whether you want to fight.
But you must defeat them before you come.
If you wish to live as a Hunter We are not desperate for help.
We only seek the strong.
Will you fight!? Or not!? The moment you were overwhelmed by the opponent's aura and fled, you were disqualified.
You're lower than a loser! I am no longer qualified Killua Thanks.
Why would you thank me? Weren't you the one who stopped me? Had I lost control back there, I would've gotten in Kite's way.
Then, all three of us could have died.
But I I let Kite die Kite is alive! He wouldn't ever let that thing beat him! But considering his injury, he'd have a hard time moving around.
So he's probably hiding.
Waiting for us to return! So we should hurry back Once we're stronger.
To save Kite! Gon You are light.
Yeah, you're right.
Sometimes, you shine so brightly, I must look away.
But even so, is it still okay if I stay at your side? Let's go.
To become stronger! We welcome you anytime!! Prepare a freezer in the castle.
We need one that can store over a hundred humans.
To ensure that our collection doesn't rot.
I think I'm pretty strong.
Next time: Promise x and x Reunion.
It has to be Killua Stay asleep in the chair, man.