Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e49 Episode Script

Return x And x Retire

Leol has chased Morel into an underground church, where they will now fight one another.
This ability only activates when it rains.
Inamura! Return x And x Retire My Inamura summons waves! Well? Aren't my big waves rad? I can easily wash away your wimpy smoke! You're having trouble moving in the water, right? You like how easily my board can maneuver? If you stand still, I'll give you a quick death.
That's not your ability.
It belongs to my buddy! Oh, making a boat of smoke? So he can stand on that smoke? You think that's enough to defeat my waves? I told you, that's not your ability! This one is my own original Tornave! Maelstrom!! Tornave The current's so strong I can't tell up from down.
This is bad.
I can't control my body at all I stop my opponent's movements with a whirlpool.
Here I go! Then, I finish him with a harpoon from above! My harpoon can match the speed of sound, and pierce a whale at the very bottom of the ocean, even from the sky! Take this! He disappeared? Impossible! The whirlpool should have incapacitated him.
He had no way to escape.
Bastard How did you do it? I simply exhaled.
When it comes to lung capacity, no one in the world beats me.
He used his breath as jet propulsion to break out of the whirlpool? Okay, it's my turn now! It's your turn? In this battle, you don't get a turn! All you get to do is drown in my waves! During this exchange, I've learned three things.
First, I now know your power.
Somehow, you're able to use other people's abilities.
And those earphones have nothing to do with your power.
They're either for show or for luck.
Or it means someone is sending you orders.
If he meant to impair his hearing to strengthen his power, he shouldn't be able to hear me talk.
What's the third thing? Your lifespan.
That Inamura ability belongs to a Hunter named Grachan.
You probably encountered and defeated him when he was sent to fight the Chimera Ants.
I'll punish you for stealing my buddy's ability! Your life ends today! Hold on That's a totally one-sided misinterpretation.
I was protecting myself from humans who were hunting me down.
It was self-defense.
And I didn't steal his ability.
I'm just borrowing it for a bit.
Just borrowing it for a bit? That's an excuse thieves use.
Well, arguing with you is pointless.
I'd like to get my hands on his ability, but defeating him is more important.
Right now, our top priority is to defeat one another.
I'll repeat myself I'm sorry, but you don't get a turn! Big Wall! Giant Wave Big Wall I'm flooding this underground church.
My wall of water's gonna suck you in! Just try and find your way to the surface! Now, will he make it up? Will I smash his skull with my board? Launch my harpoon through his gut? Which do I choose? Either way, if he shows his face above water, he's done.
He isn't coming back up Has he drowned? No, he was confident about his lung capacity.
That means he can survive for ten or twenty minutes.
No, wait.
It's just possible that he's able to remain underwater like a whale! There you are! Don't move! I'll impale you with my harpoon.
Bubbles on the opposite side, too? And over here! And over there! There are air bubbles everywhere I see It's possible, if he formed his smoke into a hose with multiple branches.
That way, he wouldn't give away his position.
Hey! How long are you gonna stay under? Do you expect me to give up and drain the water? No, that isn't it! The bubbles are camouflage! Is he running? If his lung capacity is that great, it's possible he could swim out through the maze of underground corridors leading down here.
I can't let him escape! I told Welfin and Brovada to stay out of this, so I could take all the credit My head's spinning? And my chest hurts Have I been poisoned? My board disappeared? Is it because my physical and mental stability are compromised? Can't move Can't breathe My power stopped working, but the water hasn't gone away? Because we're underground? Crap I let him think he had the advantage so I could turn the tables on him.
But it looks as though the one who was backed into a corner was me Am I gonna die? Am I Am I gonna die here? So he was using smoke hoses to send air bubbles everywhere.
But what kind of poison did he use? That was faster than I expected.
The poison you've inhaled is lethal.
But it's something naturally found in air.
Carbon dioxide.
Carbon Dioxide Morel used his immense lung capacity to suck in the stagnant air trapped in the church, and exhaled it with an increased concentration of carbon dioxide.
I started my attack before you ever began.
If he was telling the truth, Grachan should be getting his ability back.
I have a few hours in which to move around.
During that time, I must see them with my own eyes! I've observed Bizeff's movements with my crystal ball.
I know how to leave this area.
Even if Bizeff learns I've escaped, he can't tell anyone because he's kept this area a secret.
They are up above.
I can't go any farther.
But Oh? How are you feeling? Octopus! Where am I? How long was I out? Don't call me an octopus! This is an underground clinic for folks with roots in the underworld.
You were out for two whole days.
Two days?! I need to get going! Hey! You shouldn't move around! Your wounds will reopen.
I have to follow through with the plan Fool! You were just on the verge of death! You need a few days before— Oh, you're awake? That's great.
Thanks for everything you've done.
I'm checking out now.
Not until you pay me.
Your total bill comes to 1.
8 million Jenny.
If you can't pay, I'll take body parts instead.
I don't have my wallet on me.
I'll wire it to you when I get back.
I'm not stupid enough to trust that you'll keep that promise.
Until you find someone to bring the money, you're staying here.
I don't have time for that! Give me a phone! It costs 10,000 Jenny per minute.
Would you just shut up and go away? Hello? Hey, it's me.
Killua! Where are you? Are you okay? What happened? I'll explain when I see you.
A strong enemy gave me some trouble.
I've been in the hospital.
Oh Well, I'm glad you called.
This means you're okay now, right? Yeah, I'll be back soon.
Anything happen on your side? We've found a strong ally.
He's bonding with Knuckle.
We have a plan that could defeat the King if it goes well.
Oh We should meet, so I can hear what you think.
Then, I need you to send money to a certain bank account.
If you do that, we can rendezvous today.
That just leaves Palm.
You haven't been able to reach her? No.
She's probably still in the palace But wouldn't that mean Neferpitou's Nen has already exposed her? I imagine she's in the warehouse, beneath the palace.
There are about five kilometers of corridors surrounding it.
Pitou's En can't reach that far.
But since the exit is in the palace, she can't get out.
How's Knov-san doing? Well he's probably out of this fight.
But he did manage to place the exits.
There's no change to our plan.
Three days to go His wounds are already healed! No problem.
Okay, I confirmed receipt of the money.
You can leave.
Right now.
What are you doing? Let's go.
Huh? We're gonna join my buddies.
I'll introduce you.
But Well, I won't force you.
I'll just tell you this.
Thank you.
Uh, wait Actually It's okay if I come? I mean, I'm just a What? Was I the only one who thought we were already friends? It's really okay? It isn't about what's okay.
It's whether you're coming or not.
I'm going! I'm going with you! I want to make something clear.
The next time something like this happens, I won't bother thanking you.
So if something happens, and I end up helping you, you don't need to thank me.
Friends are supposed to help friends.
From now on, we'll be working together.
So we'll be helping each other.
Supporting each other isn't a big deal.
It'd be lame to thank each other for every little thing.
Yeah, this is it.
This is the world I wanted.
The world I longed for and sought But deep down, I thought it was beyond my reach That it wasn't meant for me And wouldn't happen I'd given up on this world.
I thought it wasn't meant to be Killua, I'm I'm so happy, I could die! Huh? Why are you crying? Because Because you're doing this for me! Come on I want to make one more thing clear.
The world you're stepping into is far more brutal than the world of the Chimera Ants.
They may seem similar, but there's a huge difference between risking a life and throwing it away.
People staring death in the face every day don't want to hear that someone's ready to die.
Only people who maintain a daily regimen to stay in tip-top shape, and can swallow just enough poison to fall short of a lethal dose, get to survive.
That's how it goes.
Are you ready to join us? How could you know the words I most wanted to hear? A foolish question.
I see paradise before me.
I'm going, no matter what it costs me.
I've seen the other side I've made contact.
I've learned it really exists And I can reach it! Next time: Gungi x Of x Komugi.
lieutenant general! My phone number!