Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e48 Episode Script

Knov x And x Morel

If you lose, I shall take your left arm.
Well Instead of my left arm Is it all right if I bet the thing I usually bet? What? What do you bet? My life.
Your life, was it? It appears I was the one lacking in resolve! Accept this apology.
So this is it? Our golden opportunity? Yes Our chance to infiltrate the palace.
Knov x And x Morel Neferpitou has stopped using En, in order to heal the King's injury.
Knov takes this opportunity to infiltrate the palace.
Finally, I've gotten this close.
Still more than one hundred meters to the central stairway.
These strange trees bear very large fruit.
Around five hundred per tree And there are ten trees.
A total of five thousand.
Five hundred thousand people were to undergo the selection process each day, with a one-percent survival rate.
But thanks to Killua's distractions, that schedule was only fulfilled on one day, so the numbers add up These are cocoons holding the humans who were selected.
Which means they will become Nen-wielding human weapons at the King's disposal, turning against the rest of humanity.
Neferpitou is probably a Manipulator and intends to manipulate these soldiers per the King's will, expanding his conquest throughout the world.
I will not let that happen! First, the far exit is set.
Next I must get closer.
The palace entrance looks dark So far, so good Middle exit set.
Now for the near exit.
There aren't any guards I'd imagine only a select few are inside.
This will work.
If I've come this far, I can reach the inner palace.
The throne room is on the third floor, at the rear and center.
King We must delay any reinforcements, even if by only a second.
Central Stairway The first floor is too far for that.
The central stairway, second floor.
That's the best location! The central stairway is beyond this courtyard To be safe, I'll leave an exit here No, that would be no different from the one outside It should at least be next to the first floor's central stairway.
Then, if I can, I'll go up from there to the second floor Window Opener Scream Scream Close! Are any others around? If I'm seen, it's over.
I'll have to retreat Nothing's coming? Then it was alone? This is it.
I can't move beyond this point If I do, I'll be killed.
What is that aura? It appears to be full of all kinds of misfortune At this point, I don't fear death.
What I fear is that, before killing me, the monsters up there will squeeze every drop of information from me that I have on the King Using any brutal means necessary.
If I'm caught, I won't be able to resist The aura's strength just confirms it This is as far as I go Oh, aren't you that lion guy from TV? My name is Leol, and don't forget it.
I heard that I should expect a crayfish and wolf.
They're dealing with the grunts you created.
So I can fight you one-on-one.
I appreciate that.
This guy's just as strong as Cheetu.
No, he's a little stronger.
Let's get started.
Right now, allowing Knov to get into the palace is the priority.
Until that happens, I need to divert the enemy's attention.
That won't help.
This is Marcos.
Do you have the meat? Yes, as requested.
Refrigerated trucks are entering the underground warehouse They're shipping in food.
If the information Marcos provided was accurate, living women are also inside.
Not for the King, but for the lecherous Secretary Bizeff.
If everything is going as planned, Palm should be inside.
Leave the fourth truck as it is.
Yes, sir.
Then we'll be leaving.
Area D, of the underground warehouse.
My very own paradise, where no one can interfere.
Now, please step out.
There's nothing to worry about.
From now on, you will work here.
I've prepared rooms for each of you.
You will be provided with all necessities.
In your spare time, you may do as you want.
As long as you don't attempt to escape.
Your only job is to follow my orders.
When summoned, you must drop everything, and come to see me at once.
Yes, Mr.
You Come with me.
The rest of you can wait in your rooms.
Yes The Secretary was interested in us! I must find a way out of here, so I can see the King and his Royal Guard.
Using her crystal ball, Palm can observe the current whereabouts of anyone she has seen previously.
This power will allow her to keep tabs on the King and Royal Guard.
The Hunters will then be able to determine the optimal route for the operation.
Only one exit.
I'll have to manipulate Bizeff.
My mission is crucial for increasing our chances of defeating the King! What matters most isn't that I succeed But that, should I fail and be captured, I kill myself immediately.
I should be safe here Palm Don't do anything foolish! I managed to place the exits, so even if your mission doesn't succeed, we can still execute the operation.
If you get caught, it's over That That That vicious aura One look was all it took to break my will Gon Killua You must have seen that aura You were probably even closer, actually touching it Yet How are you still able to face them? How can you bring yourself to fight? Is it to save your friends? To protect humanity? Why Why are you still fighting? Palm! Please Don't do anything foolish.
I beg you If you're caught, it's all over Palm! I won't be able to go back there I brought you something cold to drink.
You're dismissed.
Wait in your room.
Your lack of familiarity with the area has sealed your defeat.
Though it's almost too perfect that, after all that running, you ended up in an underground church.
In case of emergency, this place is used as an air shelter.
An ideal place to die in a vain struggle.
Well, you'll have to say your own prayers.
I'm an atheist.
You're a cocky guy.
Let's see who's trapped whom.
Cheetu told me everything.
I hear you can mold that smoke into various objects.
Knowing that, he still chased me in here? Even better.
If he believes things are going his way, he won't hesitate to display his abilities.
However, I've yet to meet anyone whose power allows them to react more flexibly than Deep Purple.
I can feel the tension in the air I love it.
Both of us waiting to reveal our abilities I really dig it.
It's common sense to defeat an opponent before they can use their power.
But that isn't how men should fight.
Hey, what are you up to? Voluntarily removing one of your senses? Have you heard of the band Black Planet? Their second album is super cool.
It's a twelve-song medley.
Listening to the whole thing's like reading a good book.
When you finish it, you feel great.
I know.
And best part of all, the medley's exactly sixty minutes long.
It's a masterpiece! I hate to admit it, but I agree.
Rental, start! This could be bad I have a hard time fighting others who share my tastes.
Next time: Return x And x Retire.
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