Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e58 Episode Script

Revenge x And x Recovery

The Hunters have entered the palace in order to defeat the Chimera Ant King.
My attacks don't work? What is this thing? Don't you run! Answer me! What is this thing?! I ain't gonna tell you, fool! If you wanna know, catch me first! To save the injured Shoot, Knuckle taunted Youpi to draw his attention.
Knuckle's planning to fight Youpi alone I can't weave through those blades of death to get to him! In that case I must not lose consciousness If I pass out, Hotel Rafflesia will stop Every little bit of damage counts I can still fight I can still Right now, my job isn't to help Shoot! It's to use my power to help the others, so they can complete their missions as fast as possible! Though it broke his heart, Meleoron had to leave the two Hunters and follow Gon and Killua instead, in order to fulfill his mission.
Meanwhile, Ikalgo proceeded further into the depths of the palace to rescue Palm.
Satellite Dragonflies! I'm gonna rescue her.
Palm is a friend of a friend.
That makes her a friend My friend! As Morel, the first Hunter to reach the throne room, waited to continue his battle with Pouf, who remained in his cocoon, Netero and the King were leaving the palace, and Gon and Killua had finally located Neferpitou, their target for avenging Kite.
Revenge x And x Recovery Do you remember me? I'm Gon Freecss! I came here to get Kite back from you! Pitou didn't hear a single word Gon said.
The only thing on Pitou's mind was surviving the current threat while carrying out the King's order.
Every cell in Pitou's body was focused on that task.
I must protect Komugi At any cost! Something's not right.
Watching from a short distance, Killua noticed that something was strange.
Why isn't the enemy preparing for battle when we're right here? I can't sense any aura at all Pitou might as well be completely naked Utterly defenseless.
Does Pitou think it can win without aura? No, that isn't possible.
The aura coming from Gon now doesn't even compare to his usual.
Even Pitou can't fight that without using Nen.
Is it because of where we are? Does Pitou believe that, at this distance, there'll be time to activate Nen if we do attack? That's possible.
However, for some reason That doesn't seem to be it.
It almost looks like That's it.
It looks like a mother using its own body to guard something weaker.
That's ridiculous.
Pitou isn't someone who's capable of that! But then, why did Grandpa I'll let you draw your own conclusions about what's happening inside.
say something that cryptic? While Killua was fighting his natural instincts, the girl lying before them brought back images of a broken Kite to Gon's mind.
Get away from her.
I'm telling you to take that monster and get away from her.
And then, fight me! Fight me, so I can get Kite back! The act of placing both palms face-up to display one's lack of malice was a gesture Killua recognized Please wait.
What the hell?! What am I supposed to wait for? Get up! We're going outside! Pitou's unexpected lack of resistance left Gon without a target for his rage.
Meanwhile, Killua was close to fully understanding the current situation.
It was I know nothing beyond the mission I received.
He was saying something unexpected happened! Grandpa knew nothing when he brought the dragon down.
Grandpa's mission was probably to use Dragon Dive and Dragon Head to separate the King and Royal Guard.
But he didn't know that she was here, too.
Wait, this woman must be the third party that none of us knew about! And she's most likely the reason the King hurt himself.
Why would the King do something so out of character? Because she is someone who's special to the King.
Pitou isn't taking her apart.
Pitou is healing her at the King's command! Pitou isn't only prevented from using En when healing someone.
All aura must be focused on healing ability when using it.
However, Killua knew that this information would only have a negative effect on Gon.
What do I do? What do I tell him? Go— I'll do anything! I'll do anything you say! So please wait.
I must save this person! Save Save what? "Anything"? When you say "anything" Killua I'm asking the questions.
What is it that you must save? Amidst the extreme tension, the answer Pitou chose to give was This person is someone Someone who's important to someone important to me.
the truth.
She is the reason the King is who he is.
If she dies, the King will cease to be who he is.
She's that important.
So All I care about is saving her! Once she's healed, I'll do anything you want.
So please wait! You want to save her? You must save her? Save her? How dare you say that How dare you?! Damn it! The hell if The hell if I'll listen to you! Gon, hold on! It's likely that we were the ones that injured her.
It was probably Grandpa's Dragon Dive.
And? Pitou is probably telling the truth about healing her.
So? Let's wait until it's done.
"Likely"? "Probably"? You want me to wait because of "likely" and "probably"? And after we wait, it's likely that this thing will do what I want? Likely? Probably? Seriously?! That's crap! That's just crap! Is something wrong with you?! You want You want me to trust this thing?! I can't do that! If you want, you may also have my right arm If that isn't enough, you can take both legs If you're worried I'll change my mind after the healing finishes, you can break any part of my body that isn't required to heal her.
Please let me save her! That isn't fair That isn't fair, damn it! Why are you helping her, after everything you did to Kite?! Gon! Why?! Why?! To hell with that.
First comes— Gon, if you kill Pitou, we'll never get Kite back.
You have it easy, Killua.
You're perfectly calm.
Since it means nothing to you I'm only saying this because you're out of control.
Did you forget the first thing you said when we came here? We're here to get Kite back! Pull it together! Yeah.
I'm okay now.
How long? How long do I have to wait? To completely heal her will take three to four hours.
No, I can't wait that long.
If I have an hour, I can heal her most critical injuries.
Please give me that.
In one hour, you're coming with me to Peijing, to heal Kite.
Can you promise me that? I swear to keep that promise! I'll wait right here for one hour.
Next time: Insult x And x Payback.
I can't think of anything right now Killua, insult me back! I feel better now.