Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e57 Episode Script

Duty x and x Question

Hey, Youpi! I'm over here, fool! I'm telling him that there's one more enemy to worry about? That's fine.
That will serve to distract Youpi, and it will save Shoot.
Duty x And x Question "Hagya-sama.
" Ikalgo didn't realize that the name he had spoken with full confidence had aroused Welfin and Brovada's suspicions, as he headed beneath the palace to search for Palm.
Satellite Dragonflies! Ikalgo knew Palm only through the information he had been given.
However, he was already firm in his resolve that he wouldn't leave the palace without finding her.
I'm gonna rescue her.
Palm is a friend of a friend.
That makes her a friend My friend! Palm was risking her life.
That fact alone had earned Ikalgo's respect.
I'm not doing this out of duty or obligation.
I want to help her Because I decided I would help her! The elevator leading underground was equipped with a security camera and a scale.
After arriving underground, it would confirm that there was nothing inside before automatically returning to the surface.
Any number of people could descend at once, but only one could ascend at a time.
And a pass code had to be entered.
The eight-digit code varied per person, and could be used to identify who had used the elevator.
If the user's height and weight do not match the data on record from the time the code was assigned, a warning sounded, and the elevator became a prison.
On the first entry of an incorrect code, a warning sounded, and the doors locked.
Should an incorrect code be entered three times, security was alerted, the elevator filled with sleeping gas, and the violator was captured and tortured.
In other words, a third error meant death.
Both the violator and the code's original owner would be killed, making one's code as valuable as one's own life.
And the only code holders able to use the elevator without any such restriction were Bizeff and Marcos.
That was because the elevator was a more convenient means of smuggling in various things, including humans, than the cargo entrance, which was watched by soldiers.
What is this smell?! Has Flutter been living in the morgue? I can also smell Bro, since he was the last one in here before me.
Damn, there's something else, very faint The stench of Flutter's decomposing body served to dull Welfin's sense of smell.
Since Bro followed Flutter underground, he must have also noticed that Flutter used the name "Hagya-sama.
" Or is Brovada conspiring with him? When I was watching the intruder, was Bro watching me from behind? If he was, and if he's working with the intruder, then he must have seen that I noticed Flutter's odd behavior So, he went down first In order to ambush me! Damn, this is my chance! Flutter was clearly acting suspiciously.
If I can pass him off him as the bomb threat's perpetrator, Bizeff will be indebted to me! Bizeff! Where's Bizeff? This is bad If he dies during the attack, my plans will be ruined! Forget Flutter First, I need to find Bizeff! Yo.
Grandpa He's changed.
My job here is done.
I know nothing beyond the mission I received.
I'll let you draw your own conclusions about what's happening inside.
Inside? Swallowing the words he wanted to say, Zeno disappeared into the darkness.
Meanwhile, near the wrecked central stairway, Knuckle has revealed himself, a move that was not part of the original plan.
Meleoron and Shoot could only hold their breaths.
Bring it! Bring it! I see Then this is yours.
It's time.
Adding interest.
The number increased? My attacks won't work? What is this thing? Don't you run! Answer me! What is this thing?! I ain't gonna tell you, fool! If you wanna know, catch me first! Knuckle's planning to fight Youpi alone I can't weave through those blades of death to get to him! In that case, I'll walk at a pace that's neither fast nor slow, to conserve as much oxygen as possible! I must not lose consciousness If I pass out, Hotel Rafflesia will stop Every little bit of damage counts I can still fight I can still I can't I just can't say it! I can't tell Shoot to keep fighting! Right now, my job isn't to help Shoot! It's to use my power to help the others, so they can complete their missions as fast as possible! You have to survive, Shoot! Don't die! No one's here.
Stay calm Look around carefully.
If I'm caught, I can still pretend to be on their side.
However That might not work, depending on who I run into.
Perfect Plan Undo! Okay! Activate! That's Morel's Smoky Jail.
Which means Morel and Pouf are dueling it out in the throne room, with no possibility of interruption! That only leaves Gon and Killua! Where are they? Where are Gon and Killua? Which way did they go? Welfin?! Crap! He's tough to deal with He's the most skeptical of the Squadron Leaders! Once he suspects you, he won't trust you again until you're dead! I'm already running out of breath Do I run? Which way do I go? What if he goes the same way? Do I wait for him to leave? Can I hold my breath that much longer? No I can't hold it! I'm at my limit! I'll have to exhale and inhale in one swift act! Perfect Plan, undo! Now inhale Activate! For a second, I sensed something.
The enemy? Welfin's power reflected his very nature, channeling his suspicion into an effective weapon.
Egg Man Missile Man Missile Man! If anyone's hiding behind the building, surrender and show yourself by the time I count down from three! If you don't, I'll attack! Three! Two! One! Fire! No one's there Did I imagine it? To use Missile Man, Welfin identifies his target and loads ammo in the form of questions or commands.
If someone answers falsely or disobeys, the attack is launched.
By the time Welfin noticed a presence, Meleoron had already moved.
Had Meleoron stayed in the same place, his attack would have succeeded, despite his inability to detect his target.
Finding nothing fitting the target's description, the attack failed.
Once fired, Missile Man will pursue its target until it hits.
No one can survive the impact.
However, Welfin understood that his ability wasn't omnipotent.
His power was nothing more than a tool.
Welfin was even skeptical of his own power.
He sought to become the king behind the scenes, because being the real king would mean he'd have too much to be suspicious of.
It was my imagination? No, wait I smell odorless deodorant You can't fool my nose.
Someone was here! I know it! Since I could only sense them for a moment, they must be very skilled.
The use of deodorant confirms that they're aware of my nose.
This confirms that there are traitors among us! There are others besides Flutter? The answer is probably yes! And it's someone I know That's why they're hiding their scent.
Who is it? They don't want to fight me? Because they can take me out at any time? Do I Do I Do I really want to stay on the Chimera Ants' side? Should I really be searching for Bizeff now? As Welfin began to doubt his own objectives Gon and Killua had finally found Neferpitou, their target for avenging Kite.
Next time: Revenge x And x Recovery.
Meleoron! Ikalgo.
Knuckle! Shoot.
Morel-san! Knov.
Palm! Gon.
Killua No matter what happens, always have faith.