Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e56 Episode Script

Divide x And x Conquer

That's Morel's Smoky Jail The ability he's using to separate Pouf from the King.
If the third floor of the tower is surrounded by smoke, the King and Pitou aren't there.
Where are they? Divide x And x Conquer Each has begun his own battle in his own respective location.
Gon Grandpa! Which means that that's the King! Proceed.
I am fully aware that you seek to accomplish your objective with minimal human casualties.
You took advantage of the chaos in the palace in order to separate my Royal Guard from me.
It makes no difference.
Dragon Head! He is frightening The technique he unleashed was not intended to hurt the King.
And both of them could tell that the King realized this at once.
Zeno made certain that his Nen was completely neutral.
Was it a gesture of respect? Or was it Killua Pitou is over there.
Let's go! Let's go In what sense did you mean that? Killua barely managed to stop himself from asking the question.
If I ask that question, I won't be able to stop anymore I won't be able to go back.
If Killua would just ask, he would have his answer.
Anyone with enough experience would easily arrive at that next step.
But the fear of losing someone he cared for prevented him from taking that step.
A few moments before the dragon took flight, Cheetu and Brovada appeared before Ikalgo.
Hey, it's Flutter.
What's with all the noise? Pitou-dono's En disappeared again.
I just returned It seems the enemy is attacking.
Seriously? Well, I couldn't imagine anything else causing this.
What happened to your wings? Oh, uh I lost them earlier, during the attack.
Are you going underground? Y-Yeah, I have orders from Hagya-sama.
What should we do? Well, we weren't told to defend this place But I'm just itching to try my new technique.
It's huge That looks fun! I'm gonna check it out! Be careful! I'm gonna see what's going on! Then, I'll be going.
"Hagya-sama"? Meanwhile, in the throne room, in the central tower Is it truly possible to trap me in one place? Why don't we find out? Wing scales Knov said that they can hypnotize people.
I don't want to inhale any You seem to be finished talking.
I would expect that of anyone with considerable power.
However Caution, resolve, and confidence in a 2:3:5 ratio.
His caution isn't as strong because he's confident.
It's safe to say he has a strong personality.
Pouf's Spiritual Message surrounds his opponent with wing scales, making their aura more opaque, letting him sense their state of mind.
I suppose I should introduce myself.
I am Shaiapouf, one of the King's Royal Guard.
His caution has increased slightly.
You won't tell me your name? If you believe that I'm trying to trick you into inhaling my wing scales, you're sadly mistaken.
And to be honest, I'm a little shocked.
After a rebirth, all will be forgotten.
I'll need you to wait a moment.
If he wants to waste time, that's fine by me.
No matter what sort of beast he emerges as Shoot was fighting recklessly, without concern for his life, which turned out to be the reason he was still alive.
Hotel Rafflesia While barely dodging multiple attacks that would have been otherwise lethal, Shoot had only managed to take the eye on Youpi's shoulder.
He had essentially done no damage.
However Youpi was unable to finish off his opponent.
The strange sensation that his momentum was being stolen, rather than stopped, influenced Youpi's mental state tremendously.
After taking multiple hits from attacks he didn't understand, Youpi was backing up.
I can't let this guy near the King.
Every second I keep him away from the King counts.
Youpi and Shoot shared the same objective.
However, this expected turn of events was difficult on Knuckle Hold it in I can't attack now! If I attack now, I'll be broadcasting that there's one more enemy he needs to worry about! Hold it in! Shoot was now covered in blood, as he endured Youpi's ferocious barrage of attacks.
Forced to watch from the sidelines, just remaining hidden was a battle.
No matter how he told himself to keep still Hold it in Please hold it in! Knuckle was unable to hold back the tears streaming down his face.
You can do it! It's time.
Adding interest.
Only ten seconds have passed? You're kidding! How much longer do I have to endure this suffocating, excruciating wait that makes me want to do nothing but run away? This must be some kind of joke And it isn't funny! I can't hold it in any longer! Knuckle's rampage was halted by the first tap from Meleoron.
Seriously?! It's only been ten seconds! But that just might have saved me.
Meleoron wasn't trying to help Knuckle.
He, too, had reached his limit.
Crap! Uh-oh.
He barely scratched me, but it was enough damage to offset the interest and my full-strength attack.
Shoot is risking his life out there, while I'm standing here unhurt, and making stupid mistakes! Youpi felt no sensation of scratching anything, nor did he notice APR's declaration of returned interest.
Damn! He couldn't hear Knuckle's scream, either.
Calm down, you fool You're gonna ruin everything.
Here's the distance where we want to stay Not close enough for him to find us, but close enough to get in fast.
He'll notice APR for a second, but that's no problem.
Shoot's fighting hard, so go ahead and catch your breath, Meleoron.
God's Accomplice Undo.
What is this thing? When did it show up? No, it can't be that I didn't notice it.
It just suddenly appeared.
Was I hit by an attack? No, I wasn't.
A delayed effect? So it must have been then! Does that mean the condition was met during the fight? What is this number? Is it a countdown? A bomb? No, the number isn't going up or down.
This is too much of a pain! I only need to destroy the source! Something's coming.
Despite his overwhelming power, one reason Youpi was unable to defeat Shoot was the evident difference in skill level between them.
It's fast I can't get away! One skewered chuck of meat coming up! He hit himself to accelerate.
Very well That was close.
The reaction to the attack told Youpi that he could win at any moment.
Youpi wasn't the kind of fighter to rely on strategy, so this spurred him on.
Youpi's analysis was on the mark.
It was true that Youpi was increasingly likely to win this fight.
If he made any mistake, it was not realizing that Shoot was fine with this fact.
I can keep going I can still fly.
I'm not done However, quietly and surely Shoot was reaching his limit.
Hey, Youpi! Over here, fool! Knuckle! I'm telling him that there's one more enemy to worry about? That's fine.
That will serve to distract Youpi, and it will save Shoot.
Bring it! After calming down and regaining composure, Knuckle decided to show himself.
Next time: Duty x And x Question.
Huh? Where are you, Gon? Over here.
Gon! Wait, you disappeared again! Perfect Plan Undo! I'm always by your side.