Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e53 Episode Script

Charge x And x Invade

The King's self-injury The third party We still haven't correctly deduced what happened.
I have a feeling At worst, the answer we find could potentially ruin all of our plans.
It's time! One minute to go.
Gather around.
Damn! We're out of time Charge x And x Invade Two minutes before Morel issued the call to attack Two men leaped from a giant bird flying high over the Republic of East Gorteau.
Pitou was the first one to notice.
The only reason Pitou decided to look up was "just because.
" Pitou's hunch was just that faint.
Something is coming.
However, a few seconds later, that hunch turned to certainty.
The enemy.
But at that point, the enemy was still very high up.
Too high for even Pitou's exceptional senses to ascertain.
Pitou's decision to prepare for battle was based solely on primal instinct.
Pitou's En has vanished.
Two of the Royal Guard almost simultaneously spotted the approaching form.
A dragon! At the Same Time Ten seconds to go.
Nine! Eight! Seven.
As Morel counted down to the attack, Killua alone noticed that Gon's eyes sank to a deep, dark, silent coldness beside him.
Six Five.
This was when Pitou ceased using En, in order to prepare for the coming fight.
However One.
Go! Your Majesty! Dragon Meteor Shower Dragon Dive Dragon Dive.
The sighting of the enemy and the decision to stop using En in preparation for battle had backfired.
Where are they? Faced with a serious threat to the King, Pitou's six senses, sharpened to their limits, immediately focused on the intruders.
The countless dragons that rained down were less significant threats than the humans in the sky.
Terpsichora! Puppet Master's Serenity Terpsichora Pitou uses this Nen ability when full power is required to fight.
It takes less than a tenth of a second after activation to launch the attack.
However, during that fraction of a second, Pitou could hear Netero speaking.
I prepared for a variety of responses.
But you've made a bad move, little Ant.
Bad Move It really happens.
You don't think it's possible.
But it is.
It's like when your life flashes before your eyes.
When you know you're about to die, you feel as though time slows, and you review your life.
It's just like that.
In fact, I'd consider this phenomenon even more credible.
Because you can hear what the other person is thinking.
You can even obtain information known only to the other person.
There is proof that it worked.
Martial artists call this "listening with the spirit.
" Listening with the Spirit It's a time perception paradox that occurs commonly when two skilled warriors clash.
The secret behind the old man's strength? I can think of a few possibilities.
First, his Nen is very quiet.
No one can predict his next attack by reading his aura.
He's lived a long time for a reason.
He has a plant's mental toughness.
Hell, he was an old man when I was still breast feeding.
He's the only man to fight my grandpa and survive.
I'd consider him an acquaintance.
We are like yin and yang.
Fool, we aren't evenly matched.
He always has the upper hand.
What? The secret behind his strength? I guess there's also that When it comes to battle, he has the Hundred-type Guanyin Bodhisattva.
That is his most dangerous ability.
Netero's sequential movements appeared exceedingly gradual and fluid to Pitou.
No No There was no doubt that Netero's motions had ended in the moment between Pitou's Nen activation and subsequent attack.
Essentially, this required the constriction of time perception, almost to the point of stopping time entirely for Pitou alone, in order to perceive Netero's actions.
In other words, the result was an attack that could not be dodged.
Netero, forty-six years old, in the dead of winter.
Sensing that he had reached his limits of both body and technique, he spent much time in contemplation before he reached an answer.
Gratitude That answer was gratitude.
Amen He owed a debt to the martial arts that had helped him to mature.
The method he came up with to repay that debt as best he could was to throw 10,000 punches of gratitude every day.
He would calm himself, worship, pray, ready himself, then punch.
At first, completing the sequence took five or six seconds.
On the first day, he required over 18 hours to complete 10,000 punches.
Upon completion, he'd fall asleep on the spot.
When he awoke, he resumed punching, day after day.
After two years, he noticed a difference.
After he'd completed 10,000 punches, the sun was still up.
At age fifty, he had made a perfect metamorphosis.
He managed to complete 10,000 punches of gratitude in under an hour.
This left him more time for prayer.
When Netero came down from the mountains, his fists were faster than sound.
Was that my imagination? For a moment, he seemed to disappear I didn't hear anything until after Master? La— Lady Guanyin So Are you willing to defend your school? I offer you my school.
Please accept me as a student! A monster was born.
Sure, if you give me something to eat.
This happened over six decades ago.
Considering where his hands stopped, the attack shouldn't come from there How?! I hope that you will not return.
This will force me a long distance away! Your Majesty! Pouf! He can't hear me He's too worried about the King.
Doctor Blythe! By its nature, this ability could only be used for healing.
Doctor Blythe cannot move from its initial summoned position.
Since the puppet is connected to Pitou's tail, Pitou must stay within twenty meters.
That restriction kept Pitou in the fight.
I've stopped? Quickly Quickly! Midnight There, they encountered someone they hadn't counted on seeing at this point.
It was Youpi.
Next time: Outsider x And x Monster.
Roar! I'm gonna eat you! Go ahead and try! Chomp.
Ow! Payback time! Chomp chomp! Chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp! Chomp chomp!