Hunters (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

While Visions of Safta Danced in His Head

1 - Spare some change? - I know, man, I know.
I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and Earth.
And in Jesus Christ, His only son, our Lord.
Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, s-suffered under P Was crucified, died and was buried.
He descended into hell.
The third day He rose again from the dead.
He ascended into heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty.
From thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead If you keep on this path, you will hear it, too, forever, a ringing in your ears.
Elie Wiesel wrote, "Never shall I forget that night the first night in the camp, which has turned my life into one long night.
" Everybody off! I didn't know what that meant then.
I didn't know the lengths to which we'd be robbed of our belongings, of our dignity.
Of our families.
Never considered the uniform they gave us would be a trade for the lives we'd lost.
Or that the shears the woman used to cut our hair were meant to erase any trace of who we were.
Come on! Move it! Or that the man who saved my life, Meyer, the man who I was now in love with would inscribe the tattoo that signified my life was gone.
You know it? My father used to take me there when I was a kid.
Not the prettiest city.
Beaten town, weathered architecture.
But for ten minutes a day when the sun is setting, it's the most beautiful sight you've ever seen.
I'm going to take you there someday.
And you'll forget this.
It won't look the same.
Meyer wanted me to fight.
For that sunset.
For another day.
But I didn't know if I had that kind of fight inside of me.
I had never seen such darkness before.
There are 74 Nazis on that wall.
We only tracked down 23 to the United States.
But a coded broadcast suggests there are many more.
Not to mention bloody plotting and coordination on a scale we have yet to fathom.
What are you doing? No, come on, Mindy.
Not now.
- Not now.
- "Not now, Mindy," he says.
He's all Barney Badass till Dr.
Finkelstein has his elbow up in his tuchus.
All right.
So we have to find out what instructions this record producer was sending out, and if there's, if there's something hidden in a song, you can be damn sure that Mindy and I are gonna find out what it is.
Never underestimate what a man's rubbish will tell you.
Sister, reach out to your contacts at MI6, do a deep dive on Holstedder.
- Contacts, finances.
- Okay, you happy now? - Yes.
- Nice work.
Thank you.
Men are like floor tiles.
You lay them right the first time, you can walk all over them for the rest of your life.
Please, just go.
Don't even think we're going to the child to crack that message.
Look, I'm not going to say I told you so, but I bloody told you so.
The kid wasn't ready.
He's part of the reason why half this fucking squad are still at Holstedder's house cleaning up his bloody mess.
He's got no one else in this world.
Well, then hire him a fucking nanny.
You care about him like you cared for her, and that is a liability, Meyer.
He cannot replace her.
I know that.
No one can.
L O N.
Yeah, N This is boring.
I'm so bored! Did you eat paint chips as a kid? Oh, yeah, 'cause you're a real fucking clean bill of mental health.
Remind me to talk to Meyer about a more limited role in the surveillance.
Oh, so that it feels more like your acting career? They don't just give out Tony Awards to anyone, Joseph.
Meyer told us to watch the house till morning.
You bitching about it ain't gonna change that.
Um guys.
Those curtains just moved.
There's someone inside that house.
You sure you saw something, or is that just the Quaaludes talking? I've been clean for months, and it wasn't Quaaludes.
It was blow, and blow doesn't make you see things.
It makes you stay up all night and occasionally shit your pants if it's laced with laxatives, but I know what I fucking saw.
Where the hell is the body? Doesn't look like anyone's in the house.
Well, somebody had to clean all this up.
Where the fuck are they now? And how'd they get past us? We were out there all night.
Even the fucking bullet hole is gone.
Hey! - It's all right.
- No! - It's steel, you dumb fuck! - I'm sorry! Told you I saw someone.
Our love And I need you to reach out to local precincts about any suspicious deaths involving victims over the age of 50, particularly anyone flagged as a war refugee.
And-and, Ron, Grimsby's on a "need to know" basis and he don't need to know yet.
Grimsby is on a "need to know" basis? You quit working for the FBI when I wasn't looking? Well, just can't take it to him on a hunch.
Guy second-guesses my every move as it is.
It would be a whole lot easier at work if I had a penis and a white man's combover.
Well, it's a whole lot easier at home that you don't.
By the way, your mom called while you were in Florida.
Don't worry, I let the machine pick it up.
She's doing fine.
Her labs came back great yesterday.
You know, actually, I was just thinking about Sommers.
That brother still hasn't returned my calls.
I called him at home and at work, and now his captain's saying he's suddenly taking "personal time" for his wife's pregnancy.
- So? There it is.
- No, the thing is, he never told me anything about personal time.
You know? And now he's dodging my calls.
It just seems like he could've told me.
Well, do you tell everyone at work exactly who you are? They tried to eradicate our beliefs, to strip us of our dignity, of our legacy.
But make no mistake, the persecution we suffered is a thing of the past.
They underestimated us once, but it won't happen again.
For we will strike them in their slumber, in their homes, in their places of worship.
Because you are the legacy of our forefathers.
You are Darwin's offspring.
And your seed will live on.
You've reached Ruth and Jonah.
We're not in right now, but please leave a message after the beep.
Hello, Jonah dear.
It's Mindy and Murray.
Give us a call if you want.
We're here for you.
Hey, Jonah.
It's Carol.
Look, I'm worried about you.
You okay? Call me.
Reminds me of my son.
You could sound the shofar in his bedroom, he wouldn't, uh, wake up.
Uh, yeah, who are you? I'm Levi Liebstein.
I am I was, uh a-a good friend of your safta's.
Also, from time to time, I advised her on legal matters.
I tried talking to you at shiva, but I I'm sorry, what legal matters? Ah.
Her last will and testament.
Could we talk inside? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Come on in.
It's just - Thank you.
- Yeah, of course.
What the fuck you doing here, man? Well, I mean, I was trying to sleep here all night, until Emphysema Eddie showed up.
All night? You could've gotten killed.
You didn't answer the door.
I was worried, all right? Bite me for caring.
I suppose that we should get down to business.
Uh, your grandmother's estate.
Estate? I thought Jonah was balls poor.
Yeah, sadly, your friend's assessment is correct.
But she did leave you this.
The German government was forced to pay some of the survivors for war crimes.
A whole $600.
Check that out.
How generous of 'em.
How come she didn't cash it? Oh.
Oh, my.
She wanted you to have it.
There is a-a story about her that is, uh, rather legendary from the camps.
It preceded her everywhere she went.
It was a night like any other, I suppose.
Your safta had waited until nightfall to use the bathroom, but it was dangerous.
As she walked outside, she saw three women whispering in the yard, when she heard No talking! A young girl was walking ahead of her, not paying attention.
What are you looking at? The young girl froze.
What are you doing out here? As the guard approached her, gun raised, Ruth stepped in between them, allowing the young girl to escape.
Ruth knew that she would meet her fate for this.
So she pushed her head into the gun.
A small act of defiance.
But he didn't shoot her.
Uh, Ruth never learned why.
But she saved that girl's life.
You were in the camps with her.
My wife was.
My wife was the girl she saved.
Mm, talk about balls.
We call it chutzpah, but yes.
Your grandmother spoke of you a lot, Jonah.
She said that you were a lot like her but you just didn't know it yet.
So, how did the shiksa get inside? No clue.
We were watching the house all night.
Much to my dismay.
What I don't get is, why go through the trouble of cleaning up the guy's body when they could've just called the cops on us? It's simple.
The Nazis had a bigger stake in protecting their secret than in exposing ours.
The question is, what secret are they protecting? The answer is, we get back to work.
Track down these Jerry motherfuckers - and then kill 'em.
- Back to work? Meyer, this is Bananagrams.
They could be onto us.
I mean, i-if this woman is proof of anything Then we find them before they find us.
Hey there, America.
Lonny Flash here alongside Yolanda, presenting you with a little knowledge on this beautiful afternoon.
Who's ready for some knowledge? Our segment is entitled How to Find a Nazi, useful tips on identifying Hitler's finest in everyday life.
Ready, Lonny? Ready, Yolanda.
Number one now, this is an easy one if your neighbor waves hello with his arm in a perfect 45-degree angle and invites you over to see his new walk-in oven he's been building in his garage, you might want to take a rain check.
That could mean you've got a Nazi next door.
Yolanda? Number two.
White people.
Good tip, Yolanda.
Three, if your classmate is drawing a swastika on a notebook or a friend, chances are this classmate may be a fan of Hitler.
Yolanda, four? White people.
Um, Yolanda, not all white people are Nazis.
But, um, Lonny, all Nazis are white people.
Okay, that about sums it up.
Now, it's not always easy.
But who knows? These helpful tips could help save your life one day.
Right, Yolanda? Right, Lonny Flash! Oi, guys, load it up.
How do you like the new space? It's perfect.
Let me give you some change.
One second.
Hey, Booty.
Uh, can you give me a minute? Maybe, uh, grab some sodas? Yeah.
Ask and ye shall receive, buddy.
What are you doing here? Well, I came to check on you.
You took off last night like a bat out of hell.
Yeah, I can't stomach torture like the rest of you guys.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
"Hold no man responsible for what he says in his grief.
" That's from the Talmud.
If only it said, "Hold no man responsible for what he does in his grief.
" Mm.
You regret what happened to Heinz Richter? - No.
- No? No, I don't.
I don't.
I regret that I wasn't the one who gutted the fucker.
But But Holstedder was different, right? Hmm? It was different when it was about her.
You think Holstedder's got nothing to do with her? With you? So that you shouldn't have been a part of what happened to him.
Is that what you're thinking? I understand why you'd think that.
The only thing you know about the Holocaust is what you read in your history books.
But we lived it.
We survived it.
We all knew a Holstedder.
What we're trying to ensure is that we don't know a Holstedder again.
I owe my life to your grandmother.
My single biggest regret was that I couldn't protect her.
Well, I owe it to her to protect you.
If you want to protect me, I think you should just let me go.
- Who was that guy? - That's just a friend of my grandma's.
- Yeah.
- Uh, hey, can you do me a favor? If anybody else comes in here asking for me, can you, uh just tell them that I don't work here anymore? It I'm all stocked up on visits from the Jewish geriatric parade.
Yeah, I gotcha, man.
You know what? Call Cheeks.
Yeah, and tell him to meet us at Coney Island.
And-and bring weed.
A fuck ton - of weed.
- All right.
You've been around before Spent time in life's lost and found before Ah Paid dues in a dozen towns before And still no one recalls Got a message on the service.
Is there a problem? Uh, y-you tell me.
The Colonel told me to sit tight, and it's been crickets ever since.
What do you want me to do about it? If she thinks I spent the last year suckling the president's teat to ride the pine when we're on the goal line When you start out in this game, she makes you feel like you're indispensable, right? Until you're not.
Like Klaus Reinhart.
I thought Klaus killed himself.
Now you know why.
Better death by his own hand than hers.
Look I'm thinking we can help each other out here.
Quid pro quo.
That's not what I do.
Bum, bum, bum What the hell is that? "What the hell is that?" It's a sewing machine.
It's a joint, motherfucker.
Smoke it.
Man, that's some homemade, grade A apology shit.
Apology? For what? For leaving you hanging with the Hell Devils.
Your crazy ass could've gotten smoked, man.
We should have gone with you.
- We're sorry.
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
Forget about it.
Just want to put that in the rearview, okay? Say no more.
That's what they look for, anyway.
You're shitting me.
Robin? - No one wants to be Robin.
- I can't feel my ears, dude.
You're fucking crazy, man.
Look, Robin had it made.
He-he got to ride Batman's coattails.
- He got to hang with his honeys.
- Absolutely.
He even got Batman to get revenge for his parents' death.
Didn't even have to get his hands dirty.
Yeah, I think Robin deserves the blue ribbon prize for being the Most Needed Superhero of All Time.
More like Most Disposable Superhero of All Time.
No, okay, hear me out.
Batman, he was dark as fuck - in his heart, right? - Uh-huh.
But he still needed to save the world and shit.
And without Robin, he would've went to the dark side forever, and we'd all been fucked.
Which is something I can relate to, is all.
Relate to what? Just trying to steer somebody clear from their dark side.
You know what you can relate to? What? You can relate to any superhero with a massive vagina.
All right, whatever.
There ain't nothing wrong with wanting to stay alive.
Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man, no time to talk Music loud and women warm I've been kicked around since I was born And now it's all right It's okay You may look the other way And we can try to understand The New York Times' effect on man Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin' And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive Ah, ah, ah Ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive Ah, ah, ah, ah Stayin' alive Well, hello, Ron.
- Thanks for meeting me.
- Eh, almost didn't make it.
Grimsby's up my ass about a case again.
- Ah.
- I got to admit, when you reached out to me about running a check on snowbirds who died under mysterious circumstances, I didn't anticipate finding much.
Well, when you say it like that, it doesn't sound good to me, either.
But you were right.
In the past year alone, 11 different senior citizens were killed under suspicious circumstances, four of whom are listed as war refugees.
And one of them just bit the dust yesterday.
Gene Martin.
Killed in his toy store in Midtown.
Dicks are working the scene now.
I'm gonna head over there.
I had a feeling you'd say that.
Detective on the case is Parker.
I gave him a heads-up you might show.
I appreciate that.
So you gonna tell me what this is all about? The war refugees? Come on, Morris.
People like us - got to stick together.
- "People like us"? I know what it's like being an outsider, trying to fit in with them.
You do fit in with them.
I don't.
All right.
I think there's Nazis living in America, and someone out there is taking them out.
Next time we go to Junior's, I'd think twice about having that second cheeseburger.
Everything's spinning, man.
- Yeah.
- I think I'm drunk.
Yeah, I think you passed drunk four beers ago.
Oh! Get off me! Give me a second, man.
Give me a second.
I am definitely not Batman.
More like Fat Man.
- What? - My fuckin' back is killing me.
You know, Cheeks Cheeks definitely ain't Batman.
He could not take a beating like that.
Like what? Booty, what-what the what the fuck are you talking about? Well, like when when Dennis, he kept punching you and punching you and punching you - I get it, I get it, I get it, I get it, I get it.
- and punching you But you kept getting back up.
You know what? I don't know why you keep acting like Robin when you've always been Batman.
Make way.
Uh, go ahead.
You Millie Morris? Yeah, last time I checked.
You Parker? You want a hanky? - It's pretty rank in there.
- No, I'm good.
Suit yourself.
Let's get you some gloves.
Can we get some gloves there? Davis said you think this might be related - to another murder case.
- Two others.
But it's just a theory.
Were they robberies, too? - No.
- Cash missing from the register, broken glass, toys cleared out.
Hold on, hold on.
I want to look at him.
Lady, we got to get him to the morgue.
He got a hot date there or something? Stab wound in the back of his neck.
And his eye, apparently.
But it looks too small to be with a knife.
I'll bet you a box of Krispy Kremes one of those darts went into his eye.
The question is, where's that dart now? You think the killer took it? Killers, plural.
How do you figure? Well, take a look at his socket.
You see the way that the blood's pooled there in the corner? The only way to do that without twisting your arm unnaturally is if you're right-handed.
And then look at his stab wound.
See how it trails off to the right.
- Left-handed.
- Yeah.
It's a theory.
Could be we're not looking for one bag of crazy.
Might be two.
Where the fuck is it? You all right? They won't stop shaking.
Be worried when they do.
Ah I got to get home to Malika.
She has been a stage five clinger since me and Darnell split.
Wants to sleep with me every night.
Truth be told I'm not sure who needs it more, her or me.
What? You've just never really talked to me about your daughter.
I never wanted to before.
You watch yourself with that one, Joe.
Uh, these just came in from your contact at MI6.
What are you looking for? Richter had a key in his things, but I can't bloody find it.
You mean this one? Huh.
Holstedder's got the same key.
Could belong to a mailbox or safety deposit box.
We've got to tell Meyer.
Richter and Holstedder were sending instructions.
How much would you like to wager that these keys lead to whomever was giving them? Hello? It's me.
They're getting closer.
Hey, you.
That's evidence.
You gotta bag it and tag it.
Oh, sorry.
Hold up.
Let me see that.
This is a kid's jacket.
Parker, got the safe open.
What is it? It's a Nazi medal.
Hey, guys, will you give us a minute? Who do you think she is? Homegirl is a Jew.
- The war's been over for 30 years.
- Yeah.
Why does a Nazi have pics of her? The FBI's gonna take this over now.
Uh, this has to stay between you and me.
You understand? This fits in with your other case, doesn't it? The Nazi does.
The kid doesn't.
Please see to it that Biff's weapon finds its way to the cellar.
We'll send it to the authorities if need be.
It's Travis.
It's the American.
Heinz Richter is dead.
Probably murdered by the same person who killed Gretel.
There's an FBI agent investigating the case.
She thinks Richter may have been killed by more than one person.
She? A female FBI agent? A Negro FBI agent.
What is it? Opposite Day? Don't worry, ma'am.
I'm gonna take her out.
Woulda done so earlier but some pigs got in the way.
Ah, such enthusiasm and excitement.
No need, dear boy.
If she becomes a problem, we've got some old friends in the FBI.
Plus, it sounds like she's doing us a favor; she's hunting the same people we are.
Understood, ma'am.
And I've already got a new lead.
Check back in tomorrow.
Why does the American boy plague you so? He's American.
What is it? What is it? Maryanne hasn't checked in.
She never came back from Holstedder's.
So I found a connection between our Nazi nonces.
I combed through what MI6 had on Holstedder.
There wasn't much, just some bank records, credit card statements, but then I looked into his American identity, Erik Folsom, and I found this.
- His Diners Club statement.
- Okay.
Every Thursday he went to Fitzgerald's Eatery around 3:00 p.
like clockwork.
- Mm.
- And then look what Roxy found in Richter's garbage when she made a sweep through.
They both went there.
Maybe they're meeting someone.
- Thursday.
- Mm.
Tomorrow's Thursday.
And we'll be there, too.
The same melody on all six tapes, but with different lyrics.
No common thread in the words.
No repeated phrases.
- Do you hear anything? - No.
A-A message? No.
A beat? You know, Murray, I think that we should tell the kids to go to our place in the Catskills, and-and they can finish planning the wedding from there.
- Just to be safe.
- No.
Listen, Mindy.
Y-You're just gonna scare her; they don't know who we are.
I-I underestimated those bastards with my child once.
I'm damned if I'm doing it again.
Listen, y-you - It's Jonah.
- Oh.
- Uh, Jonah.
- Ah.
- H-How nice to see you.
- Can - Can can we talk for a second? - Sure.
Come in.
- Do you want something to eat, to drink? - No, no, I'm all right.
All right.
So - Are these all your kids? - Yeah, we have five.
We have, uh, three boys, two girls.
Jesus, like a small village up there.
- Come.
- Sit, sit down.
- So right here.
- Yeah.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
There's a pillow.
- So - All this time we lived in the same city and we didn't know each other.
It's like It's like my safta had this whole other life.
I just think your safta wanted to keep her worlds separate to-to protect you.
Uh, protect me from what? From what she survived.
From what got her killed.
Is that why she didn't tell me about Meyer? Ah Your safta and Meyer had a complicated relationship.
- Yeah.
- Because he was in love with her, right? Right? Did she feel the same way about him? Meyer saved her life.
So she was always grateful for that.
He was also a painful reminder of all she'd lost.
What's the matter? W-what's on your mind, Jonah? Everyone keeps telling me that I'm like her, that I have this fight inside of me.
But she was driven by a darkness I've only read about in comic books.
I-I don't think I can do this.
Not like she could.
You are a lot like her.
You are strong.
Don't forget smartass.
You're like her in so many ways.
Except the one that really counts.
Your safta survived the war.
So she didn't have a choice to be involved in this, same way me and Murray don't.
But you do, Jonah.
That's what she told me the night she died.
Ruth chose the darkness so that you could have the light.
Afternoon, Rabbi.
Sorry to bother you.
Uh, Agent Morris, FBI.
- Do you have a moment? - Sure.
Do you recognize this woman? She might be involved in a case I'm working on.
Her name is Ruth Heidelbaum.
She was a member here.
She was murdered in her home about a week ago.
Ah, such a tragedy.
I'm s I'm so sorry for your loss.
Um, can you think of any reason why somebody may have wanted to harm Ruth? To kill her? Ruth Heidelbaum was the sweetest lady I'd ever known.
She lived a very quiet life.
If she wasn't here, she spent every waking moment with her grandson.
- Grandson? - Yeah, Jonah.
They were all each other had.
Ah, it's a lot to shoulder for a 19-year-old kid.
We speed it up, nothing.
We slow it down, reverse it the same.
We should have told the kid the truth about Meyer.
It was not our truth to tell.
If Ruth had wanted him to know, then God would have f God? What has God got to do with anything? If there was a God, then Ruth would still be alive, Aaron would still be alive.
Should I go on? He works in mysterious ways.
Makes about as much sense as prayer.
You know what? I'm not having this conversation again.
Oh, yes, you are, you atheist fool, and if you think you're not saying the bracha at Amy's wedding, - La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la - well, then you're out - of your mind.
- La-la-la I'm not listening.
La-la-la-la, la-la.
Wait a second.
Mindy, turn that last one up.
Turn it up! The last one.
Yeah, that's Morse code.
It's under my hearing aid.
The Morse code is under the lyrics.
One seven.
June 17.
One nine seven two.
June 17, 1972.
There's more.
R three, two This is just just gibberish.
June 17, 1972.
What the hell happened on that date? I look like a history scholar to you? - We have to get another tape.
- What? All right.
Five one 60 June 5, 1968.
That that was the date Bobby Kennedy was assassinated.
March 4, 1973.
That's the day that they stopped the attempted assassination of Golda Meir.
March 9, 1977.
That's the attack on B'nai B'rith.
Every tape corresponds to a tragedy.
Well, you-you think the Nazis could have had a hand in all of them? We have to put on the last tape.
J - July.
- July.
One One 19.
Seventy Seven.
Oh, and-and the rest The-the rest is It's the same gibberish, but it's probably very important.
Who cares? Murray, that date that's two weeks from now.
This place is more exposed than the bathroom at Studio 54.
Hard to believe Nazis were meeting here.
Sister? That is where they were going.
A bank? Why do you think that? Not just any bank.
Zurich International World Bank.
Founded by Fredric Hauser, a Swiss banker who helped the Nazis during the war.
What if he continued to help them? Well, that would explain the matching keys.
Bet your ass those open some deposit boxes inside.
I'm going to call Meyer.
Meet you back at the Bat Cave.
Oh my God.
- Hello.
- Oh.
Dottie? I'm so happy to see you.
Oh, oh.
Oh Oh, I'm so sorry.
So, I'm sorry.
So glad to be here.
What are you doing here? Well, you told me that you didn't want me to leave.
Well, when did I say that? And what am I gonna do? Abandon my son-in-law in his time of need? Oh.
When he's the only family I've got left.
- I - No, siree, Bob.
I am not.
- No sir ee, Bob.
- Ah.
What is that smell? Making that stir fry that you like.
Oh! - Thought I'd cook for a change.
- Ah.
You know I could smell it down the hall.
What do we have here? For you.
Father Cassidy brought it over.
You've been having so many nightmares, I thought it couldn't hurt to have him come over and bless the house.
You know? To keep our home free of evil spirits.
Your priest was here? Maria, there's one bed in this apartment.
He's gonna know.
He already knows.
And he's fine with it.
Question is, why the fuck aren't you? A masquerade Jonah.
Where have you been? I called.
Come in.
Yeah, I know.
It's just You know, it's been a little bit of a crazy time.
How come we never hang out like this no more? TWO WORDS: Dennis Duncan.
Oh, come on.
It's true.
That ain't the only reason, and you know it.
You stopped calling me, not the other way around.
You remember when my dad took us to LBI for that weekend, and we spent the whole day at that arcade? You mean that time I whipped your ass at Pong? Yeah, right.
I smoked you, fool, but How come everything seemed so easy back then? Because it was.
Ah, shit.
I'm late for work.
I got to go.
It cool if I walk with you? Jesus fuck.
Ooh, you scared me.
I'm sorry.
Didn't mean to.
Oh, you're you're good.
I'm looking for Jonah Heidelbaum.
You know where I could find him? I don't know a Jonah.
I think you do.
I broke up with him, you know.
That's just good common sense.
You are so rude.
Where is Jonah? Okay.
I'm I'm Jonah Heidelbaum.
Really? Funny, you don't look like a kike to me.
What's up? Well, I am.
Yeah, I'm a Circle K, bagel-eating, Toucan Sam, cheap-as-fuck Jew Yorker heeb.
That's me.
Have it your way.
Jonah, wait up.
Oh, shit.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake-wake up.
- Ah.
- Get help.
Get help! Get help! Oh.
Fuck! Oh!
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