Hunters (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

The Pious Thieves

(INDISTINCT CHATTER) You like our humble institution? It is impressive, I must say.
(CHUCKLES) Fredric Hauser.
- Meyer Offerman.
- It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr.
It's a pleasure to meet you, too.
I must say, given your stature as a businessman, I'm surprised we haven't crossed paths before.
Perhaps, uh, we weren't fated to.
(CHUCKLES) Let me show you my pantheon of fortune.
Tell me, Mr.
Offerman, uh, can you keep a secret? Well, I suppose that depends on the secret.
Hmm? A very fine answer.
- (GRUNTS) - Well But in this bank, our answer is always a resounding yes.
Secrecy is our currency, Mr.
Let me ask you, do you think that your money is being protected right now? Hmm? No.
It is being taxed and tallied and scrutinized.
But here, we operate on one simple philosophy: they cannot take what they cannot see.
- Ah.
Jonah? Come on, son, talk to me.
Your friend was shot twice during his shift.
Nothing stolen, nothing taken from the register.
Any idea why this happened, why he might have been targeted? No idea.
Did you get a look at the guy? No.
It was too dark.
What? You had to have seen him.
It was too dark.
I didn't see shit.
After your grandmother's murder, you came in here spouting off every detail.
You can remember how the guy escaped down the alley, how he was wearing sweats, how he had a black hat.
And now your friend's dead, that you hurried past the killer, and you got nothing for me? Jonah, you got to help me out here.
I don't know what to say.
I told you, it was dark.
I-I couldn't see shit.
It was dark.
What the fuck do you want me to do? You want me to repeat myself all night? I my best friend just got My best friend just got fucking shot to death.
Fuck this.
(DOOR OPENS, SHUTS) ("LONESOME CITY" BY THE BLACK CANYON GANG PLAYING) (DOGS BARKING OUTSIDE) I've seen my lifetime through a glass of wine I've seen the world Go through many changes - (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - MORRIS: Jonah? (KNOCKING) - Jonah Heidelbaum? - (CAR HORN HONKING) This is Agent Morris with the FBI.
I want to talk to you about your grandmother.
I got your name from Rabbi Grossman.
Jonah? I just want to talk with you.
Can you let me in? He's not home.
- Any idea where he is? - You with the police? FBI.
I'm Millie.
- FBI? - Mm-hmm.
You here about Arthur's murder? Who's Arthur? CHEEKS: Our friend, who got fucking murdered while selling fucking comic books.
I'm so sorry.
When? Last night.
MORRIS: Listen, if, uh if you hear from Jonah, tell him I need to talk to him, all right? He's not in trouble.
He's not in trouble.
I'm just worried about him.
Me, too.
FBI? What the fuck's Jonah into? I don't know.
But he was late for his shift.
It was supposed to be Jonah behind that counter.
HARRIET: The boy just got his friend killed.
You want him to get one of us killed next? JOE: If they're onto him, what's to keep them from following him here, to us? He stays here.
It's my house.
It's my decision.
It could threaten everything we've worked for.
(GUNSHOT) - (GUNSHOT) - MEYER: The day of doom is July 13.
Well, that's just weeks away.
And our only lead is, what, some bank the Nazis visited? And these keys to some bank, built on the backs of a genocide.
Fredric Hauser, the banker, financed his empire on stolen Jewish loot.
Fortunes, heirlooms.
Old women's gold teeth.
And I have no doubt that his Swiss paws are keeping Nazi eggs warm.
(HIGH-PITCHED RINGING) What is inside box 630? HARRIET: Oh, God, here we go.
Excuse me, I want back in.
I'm helping you take down these Nazi fucks.
- HARRIET: Meyer, he should never have been allowed - Excuse us a minute.
Jonah, come here.
Come on.
HARRIET: For fuck's sake.
That anger burning in your soul, it can put us all in peril.
It's a conflagration, and if you're not careful, it will consume you.
Enough with this fucking backwards bullshit.
You said revenge is the best revenge.
That's what you said.
It was about your guy.
It was about your number one.
It was about The Wolf.
Well, that beady-eyed Nazi fuck - who killed my best friend is mine.
- Personal revenge.
That comes later, Jonah, if ever.
What we must do first is about justice.
It's about justice for 11 million people.
Your revenge is about you.
I don't think you understand.
It's either you let me in to your little fucking tea party, or I'm going out there and I'm finding the motherfucker who killed my best friend myself.
(SIGHS) Ma, Dad, I came as soon as I heard.
- Well, better late than never.
- VIOLA: It's nothing.
Ma, it's not nothing, it's MS.
You shouldn't have left work for this.
I'm fine.
You're an angel, but I'm fine.
MARIA: She had another flare-up.
But she's okay.
We're taking good care of her.
And speaking of angels, Maria has just been the greatest blessing, as usual.
The only one to ever take proper care of me in this god-awful place.
I'll give you some privacy.
I need to run to the restroom, Ma.
- What? - Are you gonna let me apologize? You sure you know how to do that? Look, I know I shouldn't have reacted like that, but I just I (GROANING) I wish I was better at this.
For you.
Me, too.
): Dr.
Richardson, 2315.
I got to get back.
Richardson, 2315.
O caminho do bem O caminho do bem JONAH: Fucking surveillance duty? It's what they have the fat cops do.
You're not on duty.
You're only here because Meyer wants us to keep you safe.
You're the baby, and I'm the bloody sitter, so just shut up.
Mind your little sausage fingers.
And don't get hurt.
(SCOFFS) (SHUTTER CLICKS) Besides, I had to push papers for a full year at MI6 before I was even allowed on stakeout duty.
You should consider yourself lucky because surveillance is an art.
What are we looking for, anyway? HARRIET: Stillness in the chaos.
Speaking of chaos, your friend sure pulled the muddy end of the shit stick, didn't he? No, I pulled it for him.
Well sometimes, when you're trying to protect your own world, you threaten the worlds of those you love the most.
If Ruth were here, she would have told you that.
Yeah, well, she didn't get her best friend killed.
- (CAMERA CLICKS) - (HARRIET SCOFFS) She came damn well close enough.
Your grandmother told me a story once of when she was in the camps.
She made a grave impression on a Nazi doctor, Wilhelm Zuchs.
The Wolf.
Very early in her imprisonment, she did something that caught The Wolf's eye, when she saved the life of a young girl.
He became fixated by her.
She spent her days just trying to survive.
Trying to steal a look from her love, Meyer, not knowing that all this time The Wolf was stalking her, his prey.
And then, one day, The Wolf finally made his move.
I was hoping to find you here.
I'm in need of a personal secretary at the clinic.
I've met with a few German girls from the steno pool, but needed someone exceptional.
And I thought of you.
You'd get your own room.
A warm bed.
Proper food.
Only catch is you'd have to work for a painfully disorganized doctor and make sense of all his paperwork.
Is this a choice? Or an order? A choice, of course.
In that case, I appreciate your offer.
But I think I'll stay here.
I hoped you'd have chosen more wisely.
HARRIET: But no meal or warm bed would ever make up for the shame that she would have felt if she had accepted the devil's offer.
And in that moment, with that decision, Ruth threatened Meyer's world more than she could have ever intended to.
And The Wolf turned his focus on Meyer.
(GUARD SPEAKS GERMAN) What'd he do to him? Well, that's not my story to tell.
But you're not the only one, Jonah.
Your grandmother from that moment on, she felt forever what you're feeling now.
It's the reason she made The Wolf number one on our list.
It wasn't Meyer who did that? Enough jibber jabber.
The old bag's going in.
(CHUCKLING): Thank you.
I feel very special.
Thank you.
- I'll be right outside.
- Oh, thank you.
(MUTTERING) All right.
MINDY: It wasn't there.
- MURRAY: Huh? - Well, the numbers only went up to 600.
That's You're positive? What, are you questioning my ability to count now? Not at all.
I was questioning your eyesight.
Uh, yeah.
Uh, no, ah-ah-ah.
All right, look.
But this key is the exact type of key the Nazis had.
It's the same kind.
It's the same bank.
So it's got to be there, right? Uh, maybe it's hidden someplace secret.
Like in a preferred Nazi business lounge or something? Well, I don't know how we are supposed to find a secret box in the city's most secretive bank.
How? Well, every secret has to start somewhere, hmm? Nothing some biscuits won't solve.
Where the hell is she going? Always speaking in riddles, these Catholics.
Ooh, yummy.
(THROATS CLEARING) Well, I-I can't taste any difference.
Well, what you don't taste is a cost-cutting elixir.
It's going to revolutionize the way you sweeten your products.
No more importing expensive sugar.
This is patented, FDA-approved, made from a surplus crop right here in the United States.
Gentlemen, the only thing sweeter than your product will be - will be your profit margins.
- (MEN CHUCKLING) Pardon me one moment.
What? I'm sorry, Ms.
Low, but there's been an incident at the factory.
- Incident? - Some of the "parts" we were assembling in the basement had a "combustion" of sorts.
Enough with the fucking code speak.
Were there any casualties? Two workers, and two more were injured.
The shipment from Argentina? On standby, just waiting on sanctions to be lifted.
Cutting it close.
- (SIGHS) - I apologize.
Where were we? - Profits.
- MAN: Profits.
Truly the sweetest part.
- (LIGHT LAUGHTER) - Let's talk numbers.
- (WHISTLE BLOWING) - (GUNSHOTS) (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) (DOG BARKING) How do you know you can trust her? Because I'm in love with her.
And to find love in a place like this? God is already on my side.
Your plan only works if everyone follows through.
God included.
God will and so will she.
(SPEAKS GERMAN) Where is my cap? You didn't wear it here, sir.
And when we get out of here, I'm going to give her a ring that belonged to my mother and her mother before that.
Find it now or I find another rat spinster who won't misplace my things.
With a face like yours, you'll need a nice ring.
I just hope she's worth it.
(SHUDDERING BREATHS) You know what? I think I left it in the barracks.
You're saying Jonah went looking for the guy - who shot his grandmother? - That's right.
His grandmother is shot dead.
Jonah goes looking for the perp who did it.
Then, days later, his best friend's murdered during Jonah's shift.
You don't think this all might be connected? Yeah, I do, but I got nothing to connect Arthur's murder to Ruth's.
The kid knows something.
You let him go.
You got to break a kid like that.
Find out what he knows.
Find out the fucking connection.
I'm not holding a 19-year-old boy all night without something to fucking hold him on.
He's a good kid, Morris, who got dealt a shitty hand in life.
He's got no family, no money.
A kid like that knows how to survive.
A kid like that doesn't break.
Got no money? Then who posted his bond? Friend of the grandmother's.
MAN: Detective Groton? GROTON: Be right back.
All right, ladies and Jewishmen.
Here we have the main floor of our bank.
Vaults, teller stations, offices, surveillance room, toilets, storage, boiler.
About as titillating as the Mormon Kama Sutra, I know, but then there is this: a room with no name, designed to house nothing, with a steel reinforced door.
If box 630 is in that bank, that is where you'll find it.
Well, every prison has a warden.
Somebody has access.
(DOOR OPENING) Showtime.
(GRUNTS) It's your favorite star of screen and stage, and I want to give you all my money.
Okay, I'm the executive branch manager.
An associate is normally in charge of opening accounts.
Yeah, well, I don't know if you recognize me, but I'm a lot of bit famous, and I don't really want to go over to "normally" and get mobbed.
Let me help you out.
We look different in the flesh.
I'll give you a hint.
L O N N Y Flash.
Lonny Flash.
Kendra Conrad.
She's got the only keys.
She wears them on a chain.
I tailed her.
She takes 'em home every night.
But I will find a way to get them.
(CLEARS THROAT) If we go anywhere in that bank in the daytime, there's a hundred witnesses.
If we go at night, there's alarms, there's cameras, there's armed security.
Yes, and that alarm, it's a private one just for them.
It can't be cut.
It will go off.
It will alert the guards.
And just to add a cherry to that shit sundae, even if we do manage to break in, they cannot know we got into their secret vault.
The moment we show we know it even exists is the moment the Nazis know that we are onto their course.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) JUANITA: You know how heartbroken we all were, Biff.
(SIGHS) How have you been doing? I ain't gonna lie.
It's been tougher than a two-dollar steak.
But there's work that needs finishing.
Actually, that's why I come to see you.
What is it? The trade bill.
South America? I guess losing my family has made me a real bleeding heart.
But if we lift sanctions, we're letting those South American dictators abuse human rights all they want with no consequences.
And what kind of message is that sending to the world? You have been arguing the exact opposite for months now.
And I was wrong.
We all were.
Is it ever too late to admit you're wrong? Yes.
Exactly right now is too late.
The bill has passed both chambers.
It's awaiting Carter's signature.
You're suggesting we veto it? Not veto it.
Postpone it while we study it.
Have you told the president? I have no problem doing so, but I come to you first, as a friend.
It's what my Lottie would've wanted.
She was always quite fond of you.
MURRAY: Okay, so the alarms are still a problem.
- The alarms are a problem.
- JOE: I don't think there's enough time.
No, but you said the alarm - goes off no matter what.
- No matter what.
So we make the guards believe we're crooks, we're stealing cash from the vault While the rest of us are breaking into the secret room.
- Yeah, but how-how - ROXY: So you want us to rob hundreds of thousands of dollars - from a heavily guarded bank? - Right.
And what about security? Harriet takes care of security.
I'm quite sorry, sir.
A woman from the FBI is at the door.
She wants to speak to the boy.
MEYER: Silly accomplishments of a vain old man.
No, I get it.
I still have my fifth-grade spelling bee certificate on my fridge.
- Ah.
- (MORRIS CHUCKLES) I should take them all down.
But then I'd probably forget that I was ever good-looking.
- (LAUGHS) - Meyer Offerman.
Special Agent Morris.
Call me Millie.
This here's Jonah.
- Hello, Jonah.
- Hi.
You know, a lot of people are worried about you.
I happen to be one of them.
- Jonah's been through quite a lot lately.
- I know.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
MEYER: You know, Jonah has already given his statement to the police about his friend's murder.
Uh, actually, I'm here to talk to you about your grandmother and was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me.
Did-did you find something? A lead? No, but I was hoping it would help if we talked privately.
I'll be right outside.
- You play? - Yeah, a bit.
You? Not really.
I'm not very good.
I'm told I'm too aggressive.
Queen's Gambit.
What's that? It's a strategy the masters use.
You attack from the very first move, advance your queen, put constant pressure on your opponent till they fold.
Well, that just sounds more calculated than what I do.
(LAUGHS) Plus, it only really works if your opponent makes a mistake.
Can I be honest, Jonah? I'm no good at games 'cause I just don't like playing 'em.
Here's what I know.
I know that your grandma was killed.
I know you told Detective Groton you didn't think it was a robbery, and I know that, days later, your best friend was murdered during what was supposed to be your shift.
And I cannot imagine what all that must be like for you.
No, you can't.
I also know you went looking for the person who killed your grandma.
And, you know, if someone hurt the person I loved, I would do the same thing, but there is a right way and a wrong way to get justice.
You can still choose to do the right thing here.
You got to come clean, Jonah.
Why do the good guys always have to choose to do the right thing? Doing the right thing didn't help Bruce Wayne get justice for his family, or Frank Castle, Peter Parker.
Are you trying to tell me something? No, I'm just talking comics.
We found a kid's jacket at a murder scene.
Couldn't figure out who it belonged to.
But get this, the victim had surveillance photos of your grandmother, almost like he'd been tracking her.
Jonah, does this jacket belong to you? See, I think you went looking for justice and you got in over your head, and I think you didn't do it alone.
Okay? So listen to me, I can protect you, but you have got to tell me what is going on.
Maybe what's really going on is, you're the one in over your head.
Where were you three nights ago? MEYER: He was with me.
Any other questions, feel free to direct them to the boy's attorney.
Of course.
You know, it isn't that the good guys always have to choose to do the right thing.
It's that choosing to do the right thing makes them the good guys.
Good day, Millie.
She lied.
She is good at chess, and she's not on our side, Jonah.
(DOGS BARKING) (OVERLAPPING GERMAN CHATTER) (CAR HORN HONKING NEARBY) How did you know this is the way in? Because I built it.
Quicker, Jakob! Praise be to God.
Final step.
Are you ready? Ja.
Everyone has certain assets they'd rather not see dragged into the light.
I pride myself on knowing how to keep things in the dark.
Which is precisely why I came here to you a man whose eyes have adjusted to see in the darkness.
Your German is perfect.
We all had to learn new things to survive the war.
Speaking of, and at the risk of sounding uncouth, I'm afraid I must inquire because my investors will, what did you do during the war? I maintained a policy of neutrality, and neutrality ensures stability.
See no evil.
Hear no evil.
- Speak no evil.
- Hmm.
But the evil still exists, doesn't it? Right before your closed eyes and your sealed ears and your muted tongue.
And if one isn't careful, such willful blindness leads to rather unsavory fortunes being procured.
(HAUSER CHUCKLES) How disappointing.
I thought you were different from the others.
What others? Oh, come now.
Surely we can both admit at the cruel jest being lectured on the ethics of moneylending from a Jew, and a hypocrite Jew as well.
Where did you make your money after the war, Mr.
Offerman? And was it all as pure as the Matterhorn snow? No, no, no.
All fortunes are unsavory.
There's not a dollar on this earth that doesn't have a little dirt on it.
There's a difference between dirt and blood.
Not if you clean it well enough.
Blood always leaves a stain, my friend, whether you can see it or not.
If there's nothing else, I think I will show you out.
- (SCOFFS) You again.
(CLEARS THROAT) Look, I learned a few lessons in Hollywood.
One, never agree to a casting session after 8:00 at night.
And two, if you see something you want, don't be afraid to ask for it or you'll never get it.
Life is short, huh, you only get so many shots, you know? Kendra there's something happening between us.
We both feel it.
I don't even know your movies.
- They're films, they're films.
- But my husband, I called him and told him that I met you.
- He's a big fan.
- Yeah? Huh.
How big? (MINDY SPEAKING HEBREW) What is that, what-what-what you just said? Oh, just-just a little prayer, you know.
"Fear not.
Be strong and courageous.
" You know, all that good stuff.
Yeah, nothing like a pep talk from the Torah - to help you commit a felony.
- Oh.
- (GROANS) - My safta used to say it.
Cutting it close.
Did you get the mold? Yeah, - and possibly gonorrhea.
- (GASPS) JONAH: You okay? Not emotionally.
To get that, I basically had to play the kid in a very X-rated version of Kramer vs.
JOE: Have a coffee, Romeo.
- Your day's just beginning.
- I don't ever want that back.
All right, let's carve some keys.
Helen? You ready? Ja.
It's the best I could make.
(CHUCKLES) It's perfect.
Remember You believe it, they believe it.
Drive straight through.
Helen (ENGINE STARTS) Will you ? We have to go, now.
I'll ask you in a moment.
(GUARD SPEAKING GERMAN) Halt! What is this?! - Jakob! - Go! Now! Jakob! (SCREAMS) Stop them! Open the gate! Right now! (DOG BARKING) (WHISTLE BLOWING) Colonel, the compensation for Maryanne's family is prepared.
I just have NEWSWOMAN (OVER TV): President Carter has decided to delay the signing of the South American Trade Bill.
The bill, which passed by a slim margin in the Senate last week, would have lifted sanctions against several countries.
In local news She's gonna kill him appears to be imminent in the case of (PHONE RINGING) Uh-huh? What did you do? Oh, nothing that can't be undone.
As soon as she remembers how valuable I am to this organization.
- (PHONE RINGING) - (LAUGHS) Uh, you know what? Let it ring.
Everything else can wait.
Scheisse! - Right? - That is right.
- One day at a time.
- Mm-hmm.
- (SNIFFS) - (LAUGHING) Oh (BOTH LAUGHING) And there is no more time - When - Ooh All my friends have gone away There's no more nights, no more days I know that we will touch this way - Hey, what the fuck? - (RUSSIAN ACCENT): Sorry.
Together Forever - (CLEARS THROAT) - Completely - When - Ooh The ocean's lost its roar (SPEAKS RUSSIAN) Finish up in here, fast.
Ooh Where I'll be Is there with you Eternity through I know that we will always stay (NORMAL VOICE): Bank's blind.
- We're moving.
- Come on, let's go.
Listen, the second, the instant that door is opened, the alarm is tripped, the guards will know they've been breached.
- Right now.
- (ALARM BLARING) There's two guards.
Lonny and I will keep them occupied for as long as we can.
Get back to the fucking van.
- Joe, I'm - Go.
You're just gonna fuck things up in there.
- Get on the ground now.
- (RUSSIAN ACCENT): Help, please.
- Now! Get on the ground! - Please help! Help me, please! LONNY: Open up this vault.
Open up the vault or I'll shoot this bitch.
Drop your guns, slide them over here.
So help me, I'll kill her.
Tell that to someone who gives a shit.
Please, please, please do as he says, please.
- I will kill her! - (CRYING) - I said drop your guns.
- I have the shot.
(WATCH TICKING) Oh, he's got the shot, huh? Look at him, huh? He can't wait to kill me.
You're just like a real cop.
Huh! Fucking murderers, and you get away with it 'cause it's your job.
Just like the movies, right? Huh? Yeah.
Attica! - Attica! Attic - (GUNSHOT) (GASPS, SCREAMS) Oh fuck! (WATCH TICKING) Freeze! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.
Drop the fucking gun or I'll fucking blow your brains out.
Drop the gun! Stand up, asshole.
Turn around.
Interlace your fingers behind your head.
(PANTING) Guess I didn't fuck up, did I? Come on.
(GASPS) It's here.
(DOOR OPENS) MURRAY: Wait, what What? (SIGHS) Bubkes.
Fucker's dead.
The bitch is in on it.
Ghost bullets, I presume.
Oh, shit! Mine are the real kind.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
(CLEARS THROAT) And scene.
(GRUNTS) - Thank you.
- (CLEARS THROAT) Thank you so much.
- (GUN COCKS) - Now kindly point us to the fucking money.
JOE: All right, guys.
What the fuck do we do now? MURRAY: I don't know.
I mean, this key, this box, all a dead end.
There's nothing here.
This room isn't big enough.
- MURRAY: Huh? - The dimensions in the blueprints, it's smaller than it should be.
It Just by a few feet, but still, it's-it's this wall.
- It's it's, i it's too close.
- What are you saying? He's saying this wall isn't a wall.
There's something behind it.
(AIR ESCAPING) (GASPS) What? (HATCH CLICKING) But according to the plans, this building doesn't have a basement.
- But it does now.
- MURRAY: So, Joe, after you? Please tell me this isn't what I think it is.
(ELECTRICITY SPARKING) MURRAY: Meyer said that Hauser helped to hide the Nazi loot stolen from Jews during the war.
I, I didn't think he, he meant this.
This is this is Everything.
Down to their jewelry.
M-Mindy and I, we were there when they took it all from us.
You know, they had to put it somewhere.
(ECHOING CHATTER) How many lives do you think are in this room? JOE: He knew this was happening and did nothing.
He didn't do nothing.
He built himself a big old bank.
(MINDY CRYING SOFTLY) (SOFT CLINKING) That's just like Aaron's.
(CLINKING CONTINUES) MURRAY: Every piece, every single token, has a story.
JOE: Guys.
It's time.
- We got to go.
- No, no, we We can't leave this here.
We have to.
No footprints, remember? We'll lose our lead.
Write for yourselves this song.
I got another idea.
MURRAY: What? MINDY: Okay.
We do need to go.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Mindy.
- M-Mindy.
- Jonah? - Mindy.
- Yeah.
Okay, Jonah.
We got to go.
JOE: We're exiting.
We'll meet you outside.
HAUSER: This is why you came, like the others, to hurl baseless accusations without proof? I came with the proof of the fortunes you plundered from millions of dead Jews, that you now have hidden beneath your bank.
The innocent souls that perished in agony while you looked the other way.
Then raked in what was left of them.
Their rings, their rattles, their teeth.
Look at them.
Photographs can be doctored.
Doctored? Oh, yes.
Can you doctor this? Look at it.
- Can you doctor this? - I have seen enough, sir.
Now I will go.
It's your life if you're quiet.
Do you understand? Just listen to me.
Next, these photos go to the war crimes tribunal.
Then to the victims' families.
Then to the Nazi pigs whose troughs you failed to protect.
What do you want to know? Who owns box 630? That's all.
Tell me.
I will leave your vile history right where it is, in the past.
If I tell you, he will kill me.
Don't let him know you told me.
That's all.
You can keep a secret, can't you? - Can't you? - Yes.
All right.
You tell me.
Tell me.
Oskar Hauptman.
(SHOUTS) - Try again.
- Oskar - Hauptman.
- Hauptman died 30 years ago.
No, no - You think I don't know this? - No, no, no, no.
- What? - Hauptman, - he's still alive, Jew.
(SHOUTS, GROANS) (DOOR CLOSES) I love you, Maria.
MEYER: When the time is right, we can get the rest.
But until we find its home, consider it a reminder of your birthright.
What we did to Holstedder, it felt wrong.
It felt like it wasn't my problem, 'cause, you know, it didn't affect me.
- When I saw that room - Yeah, when you saw that room, you realized what it is we're doing here.
That ring belonged to someone who lived, who dreamed.
One moment alive, one moment gone.
No more.
And it was one ring in one room.
Imagine how many other stories there are.
You're one of us now.
It's so good to have you here.
- My boy - Ah - Eh.
- It's just a little - I know.
- tender.
I need to learn how to fight fucking Bruce Lee-style.
Well, I'll see what I can do.
I know a few people, you know? But first here's someone you should see.
Oskar Hauptman.
The Ghost.
A Nazi doctor so sadistic, he could make even Mengele squirm.
It appears he may still be alive.
And it would be our job to find him.
The owner of box 630.
Let's go tell the others.
(GRUNTS) (DOOR OPENS) MEYER: Hunters, come meet Oskar Hauptman.
Excuse me.
You're Danny Rohr, right? No soliciting, thank you.
Millie Morris, FBI.
Can I ask you a question? (SIGHS) Journalism 101 tip: never waste a question asking if you can ask a question.
You wrote a few puff pieces on Meyer Offerman.
You even quoted him in a real article about Jewish philanthropy.
I called the Times.
They said you lost your job.
Look, lady, cartoons start in 15 minutes.
I'm thinking today's the day Tom finally gets Jerry.
What do you want? I want you to tell me everything you know about Meyer Offerman.
HAUSER: Hi, herzli.
Oh, don't forget we have a dinner with the Lindts this, uh, next weekend, to Peter Luger, huh? You remember? Good.
All right, my darling.
I love you very much and I'll see, I'll see you soon.
All right.

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