Hunters (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

At Night, All Birds are Black

1 Equal rights is not a crime.
Bring Huey home.
Equal rights is not a crime.
Bring Huey home.
Equal rights is not a crime.
Bring Huey home.
- Daddy! - Hey, mama.
What's up? Hmm? I like your tiny Huey banner.
He's coming home soon, you know? My daddy changes the world.
And you're gonna, too, little lady.
Huh? How you been, Rox? - Fine.
- Hmm.
I mean, you don't look fine.
Work's just been intense.
So I see.
I just hope you're bleeding for a worthy cause, Rox.
Because with Buchanan and Buckley breathing down our necks, I don't think you should be giving your blood to anybody but your own.
We need the money, Darnell.
I'm working this job so you can keep doing what you're doing here.
And I'm bleeding for the worthiest cause in the whole fu F-U-C-K-I-N-G world.
- Look, I didn't mean any disre - Mama's got to go.
I love you, little chicken.
I'm gonna hug you so tight, I'm gonna make you poop.
You be good for Daddy now.
Okay? Power to the people, Mommy.
Now, what do you ? Come on, mama.
Brains are of little help when brawn is needed.
Joe will train you.
He will exhaust you.
Let your anger feed you.
The war we are in, you'll need stamina.
Believe me, I should know.
The Wolf tested my stamina every day.
Of all the prisoners in his pen, he had it out for me.
It's because of my safta? Jesus fucking Christ.
How many people have you killed? Small indignities grew to outright assaults.
Until one night, I was dragged from my sleep to the doctor's chambers.
And there reigned The Wolf.
He made sure I couldn't run.
I screamed just once.
That was it.
Never again would I scream.
I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.
He tortured me for nine hours.
I know because I counted in my head.
One minute, two minutes.
An hour.
Two hours.
Five hours.
The tools this surgeon had used to mend soldiers he now used to tear me apart.
But I had the stamina.
I wore him out.
And then, suddenly, I had the chance.
There was a hammer so close to me, I could touch it.
So close.
I could have grabbed it.
I could have killed him in that very moment.
But I didn't do anything.
Why? Was it weakness? Was it that true evil kills you from the inside out, rendering you inert? Or was it a light from within, talking to me, telling me that even killing this man was wrong? Whatever it was, it stopped me from doing something horrible when something horrible needed to be done.
Because I didn't act, what I thought was the end was only the start.
Jesus Christ.
It's like you were clawed by a A wolf? And yet it wasn't just this scar that earned him that moniker, The Wolf.
I hesitated once, and it was the greatest mistake I ever made.
Jonah, when your time comes, swear to me you will not let what's inside you stop you from doing what is difficult.
- Jonah, swear to me.
- I swear.
I will hold you to that.
Yeah, who's the slow one now, bitch? Come on.
Seriously, how many people have you killed? 'Cause it's got something to do with the timing.
I know.
Oh, Jesus.
You smell like what slides out of a cow - after a calf is born.
- All right.
It's time to hunt The Ghost, owner of box 630.
Let's find that nine-fingered fucker.
Wh-What happened to the tenth? Oh, the tenth finger is in the belly of a Romani girl.
Bit it off while he was experimenting on her.
Ruth long ago ID'd two of the men in this photo.
The first one you'll recognize: The Wolf, whereabouts obviously unknown.
But the guy on the end? That's Dieter Zweigelt, top lieutenant of The Ghost.
Records say he ran a lab for The Ghost at Auschwitz.
Yes, and that little piggy is here.
I found him in the visa applications for 1945.
After Auschwitz fell, Zweigelt changed his name to, uh, Victor Dillman.
So I searched for and found a Victor Dillman.
Same age, a doctor in Huntsville, Alabama.
Well, Joe, Jonah, and Harriet will pay him a visit.
Wait'll those rednecks get a gander at you, Shlomo.
Yeah, I d I don't look that Jewish.
You? Jew.
- We found something else.
- Yeah.
We found a lead on someone who knew The Ghost.
Yeah, biblically.
All right.
Okay, Tilda Sauer, propagandist.
Uh, Goebbels' favorite filmmaker.
She was also schtupping The Ghost.
All right, uh, Murray, you made that clear.
She lured people to worship a genocidal madman.
She spun his murders of our people as heroic deeds.
Now, Ruth couldn't verify it, but she believed that Tilda might now be in the States, living as Karen Ballinger would you believe it a political consultant, a spin doctor in Westchester.
- Roxy, Lonny, and I will pay this snake a call.
- With any luck, one of these will lead to The Ghost.
Yeah, you know, uh, Meyer, unfortunately, uh, Murray and I can't join because tomorrow is our daughter Amy's wedding.
I thought I was getting her hand in marriage.
- You promised.
- Have you heard about this? Had no idea.
- Get out.
- This is outrageous.
Just get out.
Stood up again.
Listen, uh, boychick, you've got a very good head, uh, for this kind of stuff.
Not as good as mine, but I can't seem to be able to figure out what the heck else they were communicating in this music mishegas.
So maybe you could give it a shot for me, huh? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
I'll try not to show you up.
Yeah, thank you, but we're kind of counting on it that you do, hmm? - Okay.
- All right.
Come on, this is the third fucking bite you got out of me this week.
I'm not Meals on Wheels.
Give me something on Offerman I can use.
I told you I did a couple profiles on the guy.
Oh, my G Then, when I needed him most, he disappeared on me, all right? You happy? Sweet guy.
Hope he gets cancer of the balls.
- You needed him for what? - He came to me a year ago, spinning some yarn that he'd spotted an old Nazi war criminal at Gristedes on the Upper East.
I thought Offerman's cataracts must have gotten worse until I looked into it.
- Turns out, he was right.
- Mm-hmm.
I tried to write a story, expose the Nazi bastard, then my whole fucking life imploded.
The Nazi in the supermarket, was his name Hans Fischer? How'd you know that? Did Meyer ever allude to wanting to get revenge? - You know, to kill him? - What? No.
Meyer came to me specifically to expose the guy, and when I started looking into the Gristedes Nazi, - I found another one.
- Gretel Fischer? How the fuck did you know that? It was you.
You were the one who went to NASA about her.
Weren't you? Did Meyer find out about her, too? What, you think he's fucking Shylock Holmes, Jew detective? I think he had these Nazis killed.
You're trying to cuff the old Jew? - He's the least of your worries.
- How many? How many Nazis did you find? Thousands.
There are thousands of them.
Come on, man, I thought you worked for the Times, not the fucking National Enquirer.
I have a source who can prove it.
I gave that story to my publisher.
Couple days later, a folder was found in my office with photos of young boys.
Pornographic photos.
My fiancée found similar ones in our house.
I tried to explain, but no one no one believed me.
I went to Offerman, begged him to help me out, He-he could've done something.
But he just pretended like he didn't even know me.
Like we never even spoke.
Look, if you can really prove this, if you have a a credible resource you got to introduce me.
I can help.
I can expose them, Danny.
I can help you finish your story.
Come on.
You can't let everything that happened to you be all for nothing.
We're only going to be in Alabama for one fucking day.
Hurry up.
What are you doing in here? Give me that.
Whose is that? I thought only boys wear Chais.
It belonged to your grandfather.
He gave it to me, and it's not for you to play with.
What else did you take? Shanda.
Hey, there's a girl at the door.
Get rid of her.
You want her to end up like your friend? - So - So.
So, you gonna tell me where the hell you've been? I've been here.
What? I've been around.
That's bullshit, Jonah.
Okay? I know when you're around.
You missed Booty's funeral.
What the fuck? Maybe I've had enough funerals for one summer.
Maybe, uh, I'm dealing with my own shit.
- Okay? - You lied to that detective about seeing the guy who killed Booty.
Then some FBI agent came around here asking about you, so what the hell is going on? I'm worried about you.
Yeah, th you don't.
Don't be.
I-I'm swell.
Give me a break.
You know, w you know, worry about OPEC.
Worry about famine.
Worry about the next fucking douchebag y-you're gonna date.
Just give me some space, all right? - Fuck.
- Why are you being like this? 'Cause I've been freaking out, thinking the worst, picturing you in a fucking coffin.
And you think now is the time to bring up Dennis? An ex-boyfriend I dated for ten seconds? Yeah, well, herpes are forever.
Oh, shit, ducky.
No more Noxzema wank jobs for you, huh? Noxzema? Noxzema would sting.
Relationships are weak spots, Jonah.
A lone wolf is dangerous because it has no pack.
Nothing to protect, nothing to lose.
All of us have had to do what you just did.
- And trust me, it does get - Easier? Oh, no, lad, harder.
Worlds harder.
Time to go, love.
Those good times were no good at all There were bad times We would start to fall We had fast times And we just don't need it all.
I'm a fucking delivery boy? - I think I graduated from that.
- Yeah? - Think again.
- What about the bank? I heard Fredrich Hauser killed himself.
That's not your concern.
Your concern is following my orders.
And taking that bag to that address.
I hope you can handle that.
It's a really, really big job.
Is it him? I can't tell.
Jesus Christ.
This sick fuck did experiments on Jews with seawater.
Why seawater? Well, most Luftwaffe airmen died not from being shot down but from exposure when they parachuted into the sea.
The Nazis needed to find a way to prolong life in the ocean, so they used Jews as lab rats.
"He forced them to ingest gallons of salt water.
Siphoned it down their throats until their bellies distended and their organs failed.
They drowned in their own bodies, and he kept going, even when he knew he'd never find a solution.
" Shit, Jonah.
Looks like you're up.
Well, howdy.
Do you want a drink? - Or food? - No.
I already ate.
Well, then, this is your party.
- Let's get to the cake.
- Okay.
You don't seem to appreciate just how integral I am to our mission.
You can't do this without me.
Don't be so sure.
Now undo that childish thing you did, tanking the bill.
We need those sanctions lifted immediately.
We can't delay our delivery from South America a single day more.
First, you must guarantee my safety, and second, I'm done going through you.
I want a meeting with The General.
Aim lower.
I alone have the ear of the peanut farmer.
So you will do what I ask.
Nicht kleckern, sondern klotzen, eh? Here they say, "Go big or go home.
" You do your part, Liebling, and I'll see what I can do.
I have bad news, Lon.
It's not gonna happen.
Dreyfuss wanted the part.
Richard fucking Dreyfuss? Jesus! Did you see his face in Jaws when he was showing his scars to Quint? Like he was holding in a fart.
He's really hot right now.
And to be honest, maybe not enough time has passed between the old Lonny and now.
Christ, Dave, I've been in the program.
I'm I've been good.
I haven't been in the Enquirer or anything.
We'll get 'em next time.
Okay, kid? Yeah.
Next time.
Dreyfuss is banging twins in Malibu, and I'm here with this shit.
Hello? Can I help you? Uh Yes? Yes? Uh, happy Fourth of July, sir.
Uh, I'm-I'm from the Young Republicans club.
And, uh, well, we love America 365 days of the year.
Um, I just brought a petition because we are hoping to keep the flags up all the time, not just on Independence Day.
Uh uh, would you be willing to sign? What organization did you say you're from again? The-the, uh, Young Republicans Club? It's a hot day.
- Dad? - Huh? Oh, hi, happy Fourth.
Uh, uh, yeah.
Happy Fourth.
Dad, did you buy the sparklers for the party tonight? - I don't see 'em.
- O oh.
Ah, I forgot.
Do we really need them? Okay.
Okay, okay.
I-I-I'll-I'll get them.
Come, come.
Um, uh Can-can-can I please get your signature? Please? Thank you.
Same "E.
" - Same "R.
" - Uh-uh.
Finger off the trigger.
Two hands, push, pull.
- There you go.
- Push - Mm-hmm.
- All right.
- There you go.
- Ah.
Gentlemen, we have verified Dieter Zweigelt, also known as Victor Dillman, Nazi scientist, medical experimenter of Auschwitz, and lieutenant of The Ghost.
Bing-fucking-o, right? When it gets dark, we'll come back for him.
Everything set for the big day? Oh, yeah, the flowers, the cake, the band big band.
Murray, would you stop with the band already? Why must we have an eight-piece band? You really can't do without the fakakta oboe? We'll talk about that later, Murray.
I'm sure it will be a beautiful event.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
But, uh, perhaps now is the time for me to address the elephant in the kitchen.
Mindy, you are a force for good in the shul.
Thank you.
But, Murray, I am a guest in your home.
Hashem would smite me if I didn't at least try.
Why don't you come to services? We would love to see you there.
No disrespect, Rabbi, not my cup of borscht.
Why don't we take some coffee and dessert in the living room? - Excellent idea.
- Sure.
It's delicious.
- Delicious.
- Come, yeah, and take the chair.
- Uh, Murray? - Yeah.
Uh, you have endured tremendous suffering in-in your life, and, uh, God does not always make his answers easy for us to understand.
I-if I may, with your permission, I-I, I would like to tell you a small story.
- Oh, please.
- Sure, sure.
Okay I don't want that.
- Um - Yeah.
A poor Jewish farmer lived in a tiny house with his wife and six children.
It was misery.
So, one day, he runs to the rabbi, ah, to explain how terrible things were.
And the wise old rabbi says, "Ah.
"I know just what to do.
I want you to go home and take all the animals on your farm and bring them into the house with you.
God will bless you.
" The man is skeptical, but, uh, he doe he goes home, he takes his animals and he brings them into his house.
The next day, he runs to the temple.
"Rabbi, it's worse.
We're stuffed like sardines.
The chickens defecate on the children.
The goats are eating everything in sight.
It's no good.
" The rabbi says, "Okay, I want you to go home and take out all the animals.
" And the man said, "Oh, and then God will bless me?" And the rabbi said, "Yes.
100% blessed.
" And, uh, then? Wh-what happened then? The next day, the man had a smile on his face as bright as a menorah on the eighth day.
"Rabbi," he said, "life is so good.
It's so quiet.
We have room to spare.
It's a joy.
" You see, Murray? I Y-you understand the meaning of my story? U-uh, sometimes in our trials and trauma, w-we don't understand that we are also blessed.
Sometimes we miss God's signs.
That's a good one, Rabbi.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, uh I-I leave it to you to decipher if this is a sign from God or not.
But I urgently have to drain the snake.
You have snakes? You're certain? It was this old Jew? Yes.
He was Hauser's last appointment.
Wonder how that kike jumped out of the oven No matter.
We will tuck him back in, soon enough.
Follow him.
His car is a weak spot.
Hi, everyone.
Thank you for coming.
I'm your host Karen Ballinger.
Some of you are longtime friends.
You all know that I've worked for a lot of politicians in my time, but no one I believe in more than Doug Buckman.
Doug and I are dedicated to the conservative principle of hard work.
There were no welfare queens when we were kids.
Hear, hear.
But right now there's a war for the soul of our country, and all Doug and I care about is putting America first.
Excuse me.
We must remain self-sufficient.
Excuse me! Yes? Is she the caterer? So you're saying that every person should pull themselves up by their boot straps, right? But not every person can afford a pair of boots.
Okay, but the government can't take you shoe shopping.
Is it fair your wages pay for someone's chicken wings? Someone who's watching The Jeffersons instead of working? - Of course not.
- E-e-excuse me, that makes no sense.
Sympathy leads to handouts.
And capable people become fleas on society's back.
- And whom does that help? - By "fleas" and "chicken wings" and the motherfucking Jeffersons, you obviously mean black people.
So why not just say, "Hey, the government shouldn't help black people.
" Bet you'd get more money out of these nice white folks.
Throw her out of here.
Why don't you try? I'll shove that cane up your ass till you're the world's nastiest lollipop.
Get the fuck off of me! Offensive.
Touch me.
I certainly love a spirited debate.
Sorry, wasn't done with you yet.
And what is with the baby face and the suit? I don't want to be recognized.
Plus, my ex liked the beard, and fuck her.
Can I get a whiskey? Did anyone see me? Think you pulled it off, 007.
And thanks for believing me, - since you're kind of the only one.
- Sure.
- Thank you for trusting me.
- Oh, no.
God, no.
I don't trust you.
Danny, would you do it again? Knowing what happens and all? No.
All right, all right, let's go.
- We gonna start? - Can I do it? I really want to.
Be my guest.
Wake the fuck up, bitch! Tilda Sauer, hello.
Aw, fascists are so cute when they first wake up.
What is this? Look at her.
Who are you? Who are you people? Those are some very deep, existential questions for a fucking Nazi.
Tilda Sauer.
Devotee of Joseph Goebbels.
You sowed hate through propaganda.
You spread vile, false stories through false news.
Here you are.
That's not me.
I'm Belgian.
Belgian? Fonferer.
You lie to our faces.
You've been spewing this horseshit your whole life.
What are you talking about? And tonight unless we hear the truth, you're gonna eat some.
- Yo, this is seriously gross.
- Yeah.
Okay, we start the film now.
- What is this? - Your handiwork, Tilda.
You've got the wrong person.
- I have nothing to do with that.
- Oh think that's lie number one.
Oh, yes, I think it is.
No! Aah! Oh, my! Oh, my Come on! This shirt is silk! Oh, this is awful.
Let me translate your words.
"We will fight the infestation of world Jewry.
They are nothing but rats and roaches who direct their brutal greed towards true Germans.
" Real Emily fucking Dickinson.
Hut, hut, hut! Tell us one truth.
Tell us where Oskar Hauptman is.
Where is The Ghost? Where is your paramour? I have no idea what you are talking about.
Yes, you do.
You completely know what we're talking about.
- Go ahead, Lonny.
- Here comes the airplane.
- Mmm, mmm, mmm.
- Here it comes.
Open up! Ah, there it is! Come on, lady, tell us what we need to know.
Oh! She's ready for more.
Or are you ready to speak? Who are you? I want to know who you are! I'm Karen Ballinger! I know who I am! That's right, Tilda Sauer! Tilda Sauer! - I know who I am.
- You're Tilda Sauer.
Do it again.
Again and again and again till we loosen the screws in the back of her tongue.
I beg you, please Don't look at me like I'm your fucking soul sister.
- Come on.
- No! Have you had enough? 'Cause there's more.
Guess he went back for more sparklers.
Wait, wait, wait, we're still Whole fucking town is here.
He's here.
He's verified.
We go.
Ready, boys? Oh, beautiful For spacious skies For amber waves of grain For purple mountain Majesties Above the fruited plain America, America God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good With brotherhood From sea to shining sea.
Joe, what are you doing? Don't fucking move.
Put the fucking knife down.
Put it down.
Put the fucking thing down.
Joe, come on.
Keep fucking walking or I'll blow your fucking brains out.
Come on.
Madam Secretary? You look lovely.
Glad I caught you.
Fourth of July dinner with the VP.
But I hate heels.
On a list of benefits of being born with a penis, not having to wear heels is in the top three.
Uh, thank you for the other day, but I think I might've let my emotions cloud my better judgment.
I made a mistake asking you to do that, Juanita.
Lifting sanctions is is really the right choice.
Are you kidding? You said And I'm simply mortified.
I got caught up in it all, but, gosh darn it, we're better off working with the dictators down there.
'Cause if we don't, the commies will.
And allowing commies into our neck of the woods, well, that wouldn't look too good for our president, would it? You want me to go back to Carter and fucking flip-flop? Why?! This is 100% my fault, Juanita, no question.
Although ultimately, if we don't lift the sanctions and the Russians do get a toehold, I suppose he'll probably lay 100% of the blame on you.
You small-balled son of a bitch.
I'm just finally thinking clearly after my my trauma.
I meant what I said.
Lottie did so admire you.
But what she really would have wanted is what's best for America.
Have a nice dinner, Madam Secretary.
I'm not changing shit for that snake.
Once everything is in place, I need you back here immediately.
She needs me back.
You know what to do.
Victor Dillman.
Or should I say Dieter Zweigelt? Doctor of Auschwitz, torturer, murderer.
Tonight your sins, it seems, have caught up with you.
That was, that was during a war.
I-I'm not the same man anymore.
Oh, right, you're an angel now, are you? You help little, old ladies cross the road and you shit Cadbury Creme Eggs.
You want to live, you talk.
Oskar Hauptman, The Ghost, - where is he? - Hauptman? I I have no idea.
No, no, no, no, please.
I-I have a family.
Okay, okay.
A couple of years ago, he did come around to me.
He was in America.
A-And he was Director of Medical Engineering at a, at a lab in Maryland.
The military research facility? What did he want from you? He was close to a weapon that was more powerful than an atomic bomb.
He-he was building a team.
He-he wanted his trusted lieutenants close by to help.
What sort of weapon? Nuclear? Chemical? I I-I don't know.
I-I told him no right away.
I mean, I-I've had a good life here.
I I I didn't want to jeopardize it.
How'd you even sneak into the country? Sneak? No.
I I was invited.
I was brought here to-to help your science programs by the CIA.
Yes! We fucking brought them here? After the war, it was, it was chaos.
But the Americans and the Soviets, they were on the eve of their own war, and they made a play for the most valuable of resources from the Reich.
They wanted our minds.
And and and the Russians, they threatened death if we didn't go with them, but the Americans, they they offered they offered life.
My my whole lab w w was recruited.
They gave us American names and American homes.
They gave us jobs in, in in the space program, NASA.
We we built lives and and and families.
I mean, we're citizens.
We are just like you.
- Fuck me.
- Bullshit.
Well, it's true.
How do you think you got to the moon? With our rocketeers, our biologists.
I mean, we we we, we helped you.
NASA, just like Gretel.
So NASA's filled with fucking Nazis? Where is the rest of your lab? Are any of them here tonight? Give us names, or I will cut this off your face and feed it to a duck.
German names.
Aliases, now.
- Hans Schlieter.
- Hans Schlieter.
Hank Darcy.
He was Hank Darcy.
Hank Darcy, was he? - Klaus Furst.
- Klaus Furst.
- William Rogers.
- William Rogers, yes.
Moritz Ehrlich, now Kenneth Swiggens.
Ah! What about Wilhelm Zuchs? The head Nazi surgeon? I have no idea where he is.
Did you say Moritz Ehrlich? Yes, yes.
Yes, he's here.
Yes, they're all here.
We We all came here to make a new life.
We don't need him anymore.
- But you said if I talked - Oh, I said?! And what did you say to the Jews you drowned, you Nazi fucking cock? No, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
You boys have got this, yes? They're not on the list, Harriet.
- They are on my list, Joseph.
- No, w wait Out of my way, little one.
Out! Come see us in Huntsville Come see the warm Alabama weather.
Come live and be free Come try the BBQ! You're welcome to join us Come see life free from the guilt.
If you're a Nazi.
Come see all our new white friends.
Come to Huntsville, Alabama.
Home of the Space & Rocket Center, staffed by Nazi scientists smuggled here by your government.
Oh, yeah, it really happened.
- Shh.
- Shh.
But, hey, we got to the moon.
Kenneth Swiggens.
Kenneth Swiggens.
Kenneth Swiggens? Excuse me, are you Kenneth Swiggens? No, dear, Hank Darcy.
Do I know you? Kenneth Swiggens? Kenneth Swiggens? Kenneth Swiggens? Oh, I'm Kenneth.
You're in danger.
Juden are after you.
Come with me, I'll keep you safe.
In Ordnung, ja? You die like you killed.
An eye for an eye.
Somebody's been shot! - Call the police! - The fuck did she do? - Lucky.
- Joe, we got to go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Walk, don't run, straight to the car.
You cool? Yeah.
Dad? Daddy! - Almost there.
- Hey.
Hey, you! Hey! There it is.
What the hell? - Harriet! - What the fuck? - Hey! - What the fuck is she doing? She's leaving us behind.
Just keep fucking moving.
I beg you.
Please stop.
Stop, I beg you, I beg you.
Meyer, maybe this ain't the gal.
Do it.
Do it now.
She will eat an entire acre if she does not tell us about The Ghost.
I That's right.
I don't know any Ghost.
I don't know any Ghost, you goddamn imbeciles.
I was not in the war! Tilda Sauer.
I am Karen Ballinger.
I know who I am.
I know who I am.
And I know who you all are.
You, the insecure actor.
I think you mean Tony Award-winning insecure actor.
You are nothing.
An empty shell with a hairy chest.
Does any-anyone care about you? Do-do you even love you? You're an echo in a well.
A shadow in the dark.
No one sees you.
You-you know why? Because there's nothing to see.
Shut the fuck up, you Nazi bitch.
Oh the Negress is talking.
Do you think these men, they care about you? They use you for your black skin.
And when they're done with you, they'll throw you back into the ghetto.
If the ghetto will even take you anymore.
- That's enough.
- And you.
You're the biggest charlatan of them all.
Oh? How's that, hmm? Great pretender, clever tongue Enough.
What the fuck? What the fuck did you just do? She We-we She We didn't verify her! She didn't even tell us anything.
She could've known something, Meyer.
She could've given us - something on The Ghost and you just - She knew nothing.
Just how to pour poison into our ears.
That's all she knew.
Believe me.
Sweep in here.
All right.
I'll check the bedrooms.
Did that just fucking happen? 'Cause that is not how we do it.
It happened.
I'm gonna I'll check the office.
They were calculated in how they discredited me.
- They knew they had to ruin me.
- That is rough.
And they still surveil me.
There's always a white van on my block with antennas on it and shit.
They say it's for TV repair, but I know, and Danny, is this guy coming or what? I don't know, maybe something's up.
Are you doubting me? Yeah, maybe a little.
- Come on.
- Maybe you're lonely, yeah? Maybe I'm someone to talk your shit out with while you get out of your mom's for a free meal.
Maybe I'm an idiot for believing you.
You came to me.
You stalked me.
You think I'm happy to be out here, exposed? I don't know.
You better come back and pay.
Stop asking questions, you fucking dyke, or you're gonna end up just like your nutbag friend.
We're always watching.
Happy Fourth of July.
Lonny, it's time to go.
Hey, that was supremely fucked up.
You didn't even know it was her.
This is Tilda.
It was her.
See? Camera and all.
Okay, but you didn't know that when you killed her.
Jesus, fuck.
Fuck! Fucking delivery boy, huh? Fuck it.
To dream the impossible dream To fight the unbeatable foe To bear with unbearable sorrow - Roxy.
- To run Where the brave dare not go Lonny, we got to go.
We move in that direction.
Come on.
This is my quest, to follow that star Who the fuck is that psycho? To dream the impossible dream To fight the unbeatable foe To bear With unbearable sorrow To run where the brave dare not go This is my quest To follow that star No matter how hopeless No matter how far To fight for the right Without question or pause.

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