Hunters (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

(Ruth 1:16)

Multiple homicides reported at a party on Maple.
- Police are on the scene - (RADIO CLICKS OFF) Are we safe? For now.
Who is it? Who is after me? A group of Jews from New York.
Well funded.
Well armed.
Led by a rich rat and hungry for blood.
But how do they even know who I am? I have papers.
I'm an American now.
Doesn't matter.
The Jews have their fiendish ways and they're hunting us all.
We must be strong.
We must survive at all costs.
I promise I'll do my chores.
I'll be a good girl.
But let me stay, Papa.
Please! My sweet girl you're going to go on a great adventure.
We need to go.
It's time.
You have to go.
Hear, O Israel Home is with you always, Rebekah.
Everything's going to be fine.
But you must be strong, you understand me? You must survive at all costs.
(MAN SHOUTING IN DISTANCE) MURRAY: Only chips? You know what? The next time our leader's car is blown to smithereens and our regular headquarters is compromised, I'll be sure and prepare a brisket.
I didn't know we were having company.
Harriet did this.
- She fucking set us up.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Have we heard anything from her? Why would we hear from a fucking traitor? Did you talk to Roxy? I've been trying her all morning.
- Nothing.
- (SIGHS) Last thing she said before she jetted last night was that she was out.
Looks like she meant it.
Out? They found Meyer.
Who knows what else Harriet told them.
- We should postpone the wedding.
- Ah No, no, no, no.
If anything were to happen to Amy - Nobody is postponing anything.
- Murray.
They are not taking this away.
Not again.
They get nothing from me.
You understand? Listen, Meyer assured me that everything's going to be all right.
He arranged for extra security.
- The Kosher Nostra will be there, so it's not - (LAUGHS): Whoa, oh, wait.
- going to be a problem.
- The fucking Jew mafia? Gangsters? You you know, Bernie Flagelstein - went to them for help once.
- Y yeah.
Everyone knows what happened to him.
Yeah, he came back without his flagel.
But Meyer is not Bernie Flagelstein.
The wedding will go on.
- JONAH: Ah, geez - MEYER: You'll be all right.
- (SIGHS) - Hmm.
Yeah, you're a regular Florence Nightingale.
Yeah, and you're a regular shvantz.
(GRUNTS) So you really think Joe's gonna find The Ghost down in-in Maryland? MEYER: We will hope for miracles, but we will not rely on them.
Thought this was the shitter.
Groundhog's looking for its shadow.
What is that in your hand? Uh, a little light bathroom reading.
- Uh-huh? - Found it at Tilda's.
Saw the same one at Holstedder's.
Unless they're in the same freaky book club, maybe it's something.
- Find out what it means.
- Yep.
Just after I drop some chocolate dreidels into the Dead Sea.
Uh, and Lonny.
About Tilda.
Was I rash? Yes.
But was I wrong? Of course not.
Instinct is important, Lonny.
Instinct is everything.
LONNY: Instinct, huh? That's what made you murder her in cold blood? In cold blood? We're in a war, Lonny.
I'll take Jonah with me.
The kid's good at puzzles.
No, no, no.
He's gonna stay for the wedding.
Jonah's reciting the Birkat Kohanim.
Break a leg.
W-Wait, wait, what? What? W-What are you talking about? The world's going to hell and you want me to stay - t to say a fucking prayer? No.
- No, it it - No, that's not - The Hunt is not only - That's fucking crazy.
- about death, Jonah.
It's about life, too.
It is a great tragedy to me not to celebrate what it is we do have.
Some Nazis blew up your car.
All right? Roxy almost died, uh, Harriet turned on us and you think that some ritual is more important than me unraveling I don't think it, I know it.
Jonah, for centuries we've been persecuted because of these rituals.
These are the very things that define us.
That make us us.
Retreating from that that's defeat.
And I'm not ready to admit defeat.
Are you? Didn't get a chance to say goodbye the other night.
Holy shit.
What happened? You were right.
Two guys ambushed me in the bathroom of that place.
I was all pissed.
Figured you'd skipped out, left me with the check.
31 bucks.
It just took me an hour to get back up.
I am telling you, they were FBI.
Danny, we don't know that.
Look, I need you to connect me to your source again.
What source? Thought I was just some kook looking for company.
Look, I'm sorry about that, okay? I got this black-and-blue makeover and this bruised rib that hurts like hell every time I try to breathe, if it makes you feel better.
It doesn't make me feel better.
There is a warehouse off of Canal Street down by the water.
Give me a few hours, I'll make sure he's there.
If the FBI didn't already scare him off.
But I am sitting this one out.
Hope you can understand why.
(COUGHS) We're closed.
Also, fuck you.
Yeah, I missed you too, dude.
What the hell are you even doing here? Came to pick up my suit.
- (LAUGHS SOFTLY) - And I wanted to talk to you.
Obviously, not in that order.
Pretty sure that suit got thrown out, after, you know, you blew off your best friend's funeral.
Look, man, I brought a peace offering, all right? (CHEEKS CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Pretty meager peace offering.
It's the best I can do under the circumstances.
Well, can't wait to hear these motherfucking circumstances.
Nazi Hunters? You're fucking with me.
I'm not fucking with you.
So that guy came into the comic book shop - looking for - Me.
He was looking for me.
Booty's dead because of me.
Fucking Nazis, man? How was it? The funeral? Well, you know, there were no strippers dancing on his coffin to Led Zep, man.
Whole thing was fucking depressing.
I sent fucking flowers.
Saw those.
Spent all your drug money on that display, huh? Everything my safta left me.
Were they nice? Yeah, man.
They were, they were real nice.
Carol and I knew you were in trouble with the FBI, man.
- We could've helped.
- Dude, I c I can't risk anything happening to either one of you.
That's why I've stayed away.
Well, you won't have to worry about me.
I'm off to Oneonta SUNY for orientation.
It's supposed to be all beer and boobs.
- Boob-eonta.
- Boob-me-want-a.
- (BOTH CHUCKLE) - Yeah.
So you just make sure you see me before I go, okay? Come on, man.
I fucking love you, man.
Couple weeks ago, you're scared to talk to girls.
Now you're hunting fucking Nazis.
You gonna be okay? Of course.
I don't know.
I'll see you, man.
Did you happen to have a chance to talk to the president about letting those South American goods back in the U.
? - No, Biff, I certainly didn't.
- Well, why not? Because I don't agree with the policy.
That's why not.
- Eh, you - CARTER: Good morning.
ALL: Good morning, Mr.
JIMMY: Before we get started and I think I speak for everyone here it surely is swell to have you back, Biff.
Thank you, Mr.
No words can describe how much it means to me, but I'll try.
When you experience a life-changing tragedy like the whopper thrown my way, well, you do some reevaluating about what's important.
About who you are.
And you know who we are, sir? We're peanut farmers.
Which is to say we're Americans.
We overlook our homegrown values at our peril.
And that is why I say Secretary Kreps' support to veto the bill is well-intentioned but naive.
I mean, does her heart even thump - with red, white and blue blood? - Mr.
President, that is not what After what happened to me, I don't know how to be governed by anything but this ticker right here.
And you know what my heart tells me, sir? If the South Americans can't bring their goods to market here, they're gonna climb in bed with the Commies.
Is that what we want in our backyard? No, the only thing that we should have in our backyards are Slip 'N Slides and wieners on the grill and-and capitalist women in itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka-dot bikinis.
President, you must sign the bill to lift the South American embargo.
You lying son of a bitch! (ALL GASPING, MURMURING) I told Juanita this could be a problem.
But you didn't listen.
Just thought I needed to be honest, sir.
With Lottie and the kiddos up in that big amusement park in the sky, I just can't keep quiet about the things that matter.
Life is too short.
It's just too gosh-darn short, sir.
I was just told to find Kenneth Swiggens and get him out safely.
By whom? I'm not at liberty to say.
Who would even know What I can say is that there is a plan.
Yes? I thought you knew that.
I only heard rumors.
So, you never listened to the broadcast? I don't know what that is.
Uh, but I can assure you that I'm still completely faithful to the cause.
I should hope so, Herr Swiggens.
Please, call me by my German name Moritz.
And-and you are? (BELL TOLLING) Bless us, O Lord GIRLS: and these, Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty, through Christ, our Lord.
Very good.
Now let's practice before dinner.
Show us, O Lord, Thy mercy.
Mary, Sister.
Grant us Thy salvation.
Patricia, Sister.
Grant us Thy salvation.
SISTER COLIN: And you, my dear? Rebekah.
Come, tell me your baptismal name.
My name is Rebekah Kreutzer.
Your families have sacrificed everything to bring you to safety.
That is why you must always use your Christian name, and must forget your past.
This is your last chance to survive.
There is no supper for a girl who does not know her name.
NURSE: Eric, your friend is here.
It's Joe.
We did basic together West Hill.
Remember? Well, it's beautiful here.
Lots of nice things to draw.
We all thought you won the lottery when the Army sent you to Edgewood instead of 'Nam.
But now I see we were both deployed to war.
Listen, um, I'm trying to find the motherfucker who was in charge of these experiments.
The man who did this to you.
But everything is classified.
No files, no witnesses.
I I need the name of the director of medicine at Edgewood.
He'd have been an older man.
German accent.
(ERIC WHIMPERS) Can you give me his name, Eric? (GRUNTING SOFTLY) It's okay, hey.
It was good to see you.
I remember you like kung fu movies.
And Westerns.
I remember you used to get on the mess hall table, and act out your favorite scenes.
(ERIC GRUNTS SOFTLY) I remember you had a wife and a kid.
I remember you liked the Dodgers and the Isley Brothers and, uh What was it, uh ? Devil Dogs.
I remember you were kind to me.
The only one.
And I remember that you made me feel like I was a person.
A person.
(ERIC MOANING) Thank you.
Thank you.
NEWSMAN (OVER RADIO): A mystery unfolded in Westchester, New York, as a car explosion claimed the life of an unidentified man.
Authorities are investigating the cause of the explosion and are working to identify the victim and owner of the unregistered vehicle.
In other (RADIO CLICKS OFF) This rodent's teeth are sharp.
This Meyer Offerman.
He must have discovered Alexander and Lukas were onto him.
(SIGHS) The pain you are experiencing, Tobias.
Anger, frustration yes? (SNIFFLING) Yes.
(THE COLONEL GROANS) (LAUGHS SOFTLY) A filthy kike has caused this pain.
The fury you feel, steel your heart with it.
Brandish it as a weapon.
So you don't die in disgrace like your pitiful brothers! To be killed by an old, humpbacked Jew? Is there a more shameful way to die? Jammerlich.
Travis, find this Meyer Offerman and finish him.
Bring the cavalry if need be.
Don't worry.
I know how to finish the job.
If you had left it to me, it would've been done right the first time.
Bubbeleh, you look beautiful.
Hmm What's the matter, you nervous? I just want everything to be perfect.
Ah, well Don't tell your mother.
- Huh? - (COUGHS, LAUGHS) Yeah, well, you don't put Manischewitz inside a flask.
(GRUNTS) You know, the day I married your mother, it was raining cats and dogs in the shtetl.
And my best, my best mensch, Moishe, he was sick from typhoid, and we were afraid he was gonna throw up on the dress.
But everything was still perfect.
You know why? Because we had each other.
And trust me, Amy, that's that's all you'll ever need.
As long as we have each other, we'll be okay.
What is it, Papa? Look at this painting We have a young Rembrandt over here.
Do you like it, Papa? (DOG BARKING) (MEN SHOUTING IN GERMAN) It's beautiful, Aaron.
One day we'll visit this garden, Papa.
We'll smell the flowers.
(SHOUTING IN GERMAN) (DOGS BARKING) We have to go now, sweetheart.
I still have to paint the bird, Papa.
Perhaps later, Aaron.
(POUNDING ON DOOR) - (MEN SHOUTING) - (DOGS BARKING) I have you, sweetheart.
Let's go, Jew! Let's go! We're just taking a little trip.
Come on! Open up! ANNIKA: So, what does your little band need this time? Can you read any of this stuff? Like, wh-what's this trippy, circular symbol there? That, I don't know.
Hmm, and a few phrases are written in Old High German.
It seems this is a republication of a late 19th century sci-fi tale called Vril.
"A master race living underground with plans to launch a fight, a revolution.
Their plan: to take over the entire world.
" The Nazis used Vril as a spiritual inspiration.
But this version has been updated.
Here we go.
ANNIKA: Not just inspiration, but instructions.
Thus, the title, Book of the Coming Race.
No, sorry.
Manual for the Coming Race.
Three, two, one.
The explosion is insufficient! Maybe in a wide, open field.
But in a small, contained space it'll send those roaches screaming.
ANNIKA: Plans of a war they swear they will fight to the death.
(METALLIC CLANKING) (EXHALES) It was Ziegler, wasn't it? Ziegler, who told you to find me, yeah? Mm Wouldn't happen to a Mercedes, would it, hmm? (MORITZ LAUGHS SOFTLY) How is he, Ziegler? Oh, you know, he's, he's getting older, like the rest of us.
(BOTH GRUNTING) What are you doing, Moritz? Colonel Ziegler? There is no Colonel Ziegler, you stupid bitch! (BOTH GRUNTING) Who do you work for, huh? Wiesenthal? Mossad? Are you a goddamn Jew? (BOTH GRUNTING) (HARRIET SHOUTING, HUFFING) You're making this very hard for me, Moritz.
(GRUNTING) TOMMY: What happened to your face? MORRIS: Looking into this case is what happened to it.
TOMMY: And yet, you're still here.
Look, I'm on the 7:00 p.
train back to D.
, so if you have questions, I'd start asking.
MORRIS: Danny said that there are thousands of Nazis living in America.
TOMMY: That's right.
Well, how? How did they get here? (STAMMERS) Did they all sneak in? What did ? (SCOFFS) They didn't sneak in.
They didn't have to they were brought here.
First class all the way.
Eating caviar, popping champagne all on Uncle Sam's dime.
Are you telling me the U.
fucking government brought them here? Well, that doesn't make sense.
These people are responsible for the deaths of millions Of Jews, homosexuals, intellectuals, Communists yeah, a pill the government can swallow.
Tell me, Agent Morris, you ever drive in a Ford? - Yeah.
- You ever, you ever flown a transatlantic flight? You ever watch Snow White and the Seven fucking Dwarfs? Well, the men responsible for those things are the same souls who believe Jews and friends need exterminating.
Slow down.
As the war ended, Uncle Sam secretly recruited high-ranking Nazis before the Soviets could get their hands on them, all right, to-to use them as spies, scientists, engineers you name it.
And they called it Operation Paperclip.
Why "paperclip"? When the incriminating documents were removed from their files - Yeah.
- the only proof of their sordid past was the tiny imprint of a paper clip.
- Okay.
- We brought in thousands through that program and other ops like it.
Shuttled them in, whitewashed their documents and guaranteed them a life of star-spangled, apple-pie Americana.
And you can verify this? (QUIETLY): Yeah, yeah.
Pietr Hans Fischer? Oh, my God.
I need those files.
I need this.
No one's gonna believe this story - without the files.
- (CHUCKLES) That is not my problem.
Look, you can't just drop this on my lap and walk away.
And I can't have a file traced back to me.
Look, I couldn't live with myself if I didn't tell you what I know, but that doesn't mean I don't want to live, Agent Morris.
These are the kind of people who will kill you and everyone you love.
The kind of people who will make your little face injury look like a walk in the park.
You figure out the rest and you bring these bastards to justice.
Just leave me out of it.
I'm sorry.
I've got a train to catch.
(RABBI SINGING IN YIDDISH) (MEN SHOUTING IN GERMAN) Everyone out! (MEN CONTINUE SHOUTING IN GERMAN) Men on the left! Women and children to the right! Go on! Men on the left! Women and children to the right! Men on the left! Women and children to the right! Why? So we can process your papers more quickly.
You'll be together inside.
Something's wrong.
Stay together.
- My love - Stay together, you understand? Just hold my hand, Aaron.
It's okay.
Papa? Everything will be fine, my boy.
I won't let you go.
Did you not hear me? Men on the left! No, no, no, no.
- Mindelah.
- Mami! Mami! Women and children to the right! Mami! I said, children right! No, no, no, it's all right.
He'll stay with me, his father.
I said, right! We're getting back together anyways Please let him stay here with me, his father He's staying here.
Let him go! We need to stay together.
Step away! Nein! Nein! I won't leave my child.
I won't.
What is the holdup? Sorry for the delay, sir.
This is my child.
This is my child.
This is my child.
Just take the boy, goddamn it.
Enough with the sniveling.
I won't let you go.
I won't let you go.
I won't let you go.
I won't let you go.
- Huh? (KISSES) You can let go now, Dad.
I now invite the parents of the bride to recite the fifth - of the seven blessings.
- (MUTTERS) Sos tasis v'tagel ha-akarah b'kibbutz bane'ha letocha b'simchaa, Baruch Atah Adonai, mesame'ach tzion b'vaneha.
Even as we remember the darkness, we celebrate the light.
- Would love to gird and gab, but Love Boat's on in 20 and Dottie's making hot fudge squares.
You conniving little reptile.
Boy, Juanie, uh, normally, I'd tell you I'm sorry if following my moral compass caused you strife.
But Dr.
Susan, my grief counselor, she said, "Biff, since the gruesome murders of your wife and children, you've spent every day apologizing that you were the one who lived.
No more apologizing.
" So, Dr.
Susan's words, not mine.
Classic Dr.
Now you want to throw me under the bus to make a name for yourself? You just wait till I show everyone what a despicable, unscrupulous monster you really are.
"Juanita Kreps.
" (CHUCKLES) Sounds like a Mexican French pancake.
Like, choose a cuisine, would you? (CHUCKLES) Now, listen, you maraca-shaking, mariachi band gangbanging old sombrero, you stay the fuck out of my way, or the only cabinet you'll find yourself in is the one in my goddamn basement, into which I'll stuff you like dog meat in a breakfast chalupa.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - Great to habla with you.
Eh? Let's do it again real soon.
So, are you ready for this? I'm more fucked than a sea cucumber at a mermaid orgy.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Never heard that before.
- (APPLAUSE) - You'll be all right.
All right, everyone, put your hentelakh together - for Jonah Heidelbaum.
- (APPLAUSE) - You're on.
Good foot.
- All right, wish me luck.
Good luck.
Jonah! You're all right, Jonah.
Um Uh (CLEARS THROAT) Ah, there we go.
Uh Y-Y'var-ekh Y'var-ekh'cha (QUIETLY): Y'var-ekh'cha A-do-nai v'yeesh'm'recha Ya-eir A-do-nai pa-nav ei-ley-cha Uh, how you doing tonight, Brooklyn? - (SCATTERED LAUGHTER) - How you feeling? We're all right.
- (LAUGHTER) - JONAH: I'm sorry, I just wanted to a-a (CLEARS THROAT) apologize for, uh, butchering that, the-the Birkat, uh, Kohanim.
As-as some of you may already know, I'm a last-minute replacement, filling in for my safta.
Who would be really disappointed in me right now.
Um But there is this one prayer, this one prayer that I do know pretty well because my safta, she used to say it every night.
Every night.
She said it gave her courage and hope on her worst days.
She said it was stronger than any weapon or armor.
She said that this prayer, the Birkhas HaGomel, gave her superpowers and shit, so Stuff.
I-I'm, uh, sorry.
- (LAUGHTER) - Sorry.
Uh, stuff.
Don't mean to curse.
Uh, so, uh, y-you know, I thought I would say it tonight for you, Amy and Ben.
From me.
And so, from her.
Baruch ata Adonai Eloheinu melech ha-olam BOTH: ha-gomel l'chayavim tovos she-g'malani kol tuv.
Mazel tov.
- WOMAN: Mazel tov! - MAN: Mazel tov! (APPLAUSE) That's good.
MAN: Nice job, Jonah.
- GRIMSBY: So, let me get this straight.
- MORRIS: Mm-hmm.
We got The Toymaker.
We got The Chemist and her brother, the disappearing detective and his pregnant wife in Florida, the kook of a journalist, the kid in the comic shop.
Oh, and dead grandma in Brooklyn and her orphan grandson who you think is in cahoots with the millionaire Meyer Offerman.
I know it sounds crazy, but it's And all this led you to what did he call it? Operation Paperclip, sir.
And why is this the first I'm hearing of this? I didn't think you would listen to me, sir.
Well, I'm listening now.
You're gonna have to take a beat on this one.
I was fucking right.
I knew you wouldn't believe me.
I'm not benching you because I don't believe you.
I'm benching you because I do.
Look at your face, Morris.
I got to run this up the chain.
Before you do any other solo work.
So it's above my pay grade now? I think it's above mine.
If this is as big as you say it is, if your source is right, I got to be the one that looks into it.
Understand? (CAR HORN BLARING) TOBIAS: There's the temple.
You leave the old Jew for me.
The Kosher Nostra.
- (ENGINE STARTS) - What are you doing? You know they're all armed.
And I've got a better idea.
You coward! Thank you.
Uh, yeah.
(BAND PLAYING "LOW RIDER") Oh - Great job, kid.
- Hi.
Thank you.
It was nice talking to you.
And I hope I don't see you again.
That's an old joke.
If I see you again - If I don't, hello.
- (SOFT LAUGHTER) Ah, look who's there.
More of a celebrity than Art Garfunkel.
Art Garfunkel is the furry taint of famous Jews, - so thanks? - Really? I think Art Garfunkel has a good voice.
Hey, uh, h-how come you don't wear a chai necklace when all the other Jewish dudes have one? Because I gave the necklace away to the woman I loved, and I've never worn one since.
RUTH: Give me that.
It belonged to your grandfather.
Wait, you m (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) Wait Oh, hi.
(LAUGHS) ("HAVA NAGILA" PLAYING) (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) (CHEERING) (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) MURRAY: Are you okay? What's the matter? The hora spun the roast in your stomach? (BOTH CHUCKLE) What? - I get it.
- You get what? My safta always wanted me to feel part of our people.
Part of our tribe.
I just need a minute.
- Murray.
- What? I heard what you said.
What'd I say? I don't know what you're talking about.
30 years, I I have not heard you say that word: "Amen.
" What? A person can't be thankful? I got to get in a hurry L'chaim.
I got to go crosstown WOMAN: Congratulations! I can't believe My baby done put me down I got a name.
Tim Randall.
That's The Ghost's alias.
Which means we've got a way to track him.
LONNY: Mazel tov.
Jews, Jewesses, great to see my people.
Oh, hello, hello, hello, hello.
How are you? Good to see you.
Oh, what can I say? The fans love me.
- Yeah.
Did you find out anything from the book? - Yeah.
It's some, uh, "Are You There, God? It's Me, Adolf" shit.
It's like an instruction manual.
They're starting a war, Meyer.
They're trying to I think they're trying to create a Fourth Reich.
What's he doing? What? What? WOMAN: Mazel tov! You fucking liar.
No, not here, Joe! No.
Come, in there.
- In there.
- Why'd you fucking leave us behind? I had to pick up my wedding gift, you bloody idiot.
- Shut up.
- MEYER: What the ? - Stop! - JOE: You fucking Stop.
That's the second time today some twat has tried me.
You fucking traitor.
Get outside and open the fucking trunk! Who the fuck is that? (MUFFLED GROANING) - Is that The Wolf? - Not my Wolf.
Harriet, do not deliver your gift till after the wedding.
You got a lead, right? Cool off.
Go chase your lead down.
Go ahead.
Let's go, man.
Come on.
Um, hey.
I-I-I need to ask you something.
- No, Jonah, not now, please.
- No, but just can You need to go, Jonah.
Do it another time.
- Where did you find him? - (GROANING) Oh, there's a lovely little gift store in Alabama.
Turns out those rednecks are good for something.
Well, is it true what they are telling me? That you've taken it upon yourself to kill others without proper verification? We have a code.
A code? Do we, Meyer? Or is that just something we tell ourselves, so we can believe we're not like the monsters we hunt? Perhaps we are monsters, but not like them.
We have an excuse.
War created us.
Good morning, child.
It's Harriet.
Grant us Thy salvation.
These are the kind of people who will kill you and everyone you love.
(SPORTSCAST PLAYING INDISTINCTLY ON TV) Where the hell have you - What happened? - Nothing.
The fuck are you talking about, "nothing"? - Who did this to you? - Just got roughed up bagging a perp, that's all.
It's fine.
- This is that case, isn't it? - It's nothing.
I said I'm fine! Stop.
(SIGHS) Listen, um, I've been thinking, uh, you know, this "us" thing is my first serious relationship, - and I - (TV CLICKS OFF) (EXHALES) When we first met, I I wanted to take things slow because I didn't know if I was ready for something serious, and you wanted to rush in, and I just - Don't fucking do this.
- I don't think this - This is bullshit.
- I want some space.
- Things moved too fast for me - You're a liar.
Space? That's the best you could come up with? I don't believe you.
Well, maybe we just want different things.
Why are you doing this? Why are you fucking doing this? I'm telling you the truth.
What is it? You're scared? I don't want to do this.
I want to do this.
I'm doing this.
(CRYING): Fuck you, Millie Morris.
You you love me, and you know you love me, and I know you're full of shit! (DOOR OPENS, SLAMS CLOSED) (CRYING) - I loved the singing.
- I just want to sleep.
I don't want to talk about it.
- I think it went great.
- Can't we I want to lie next to you.
- I want to think about nothing.
I want - But what I want to do is Oh, d-don't be alarmed.
(SCOFFS) You realize you shouldn't surprise old people.
- Hmm? - Yeah.
Your wedding gift is in the basement.
Oh, oh, really? For Amy? No, no.
This one's just for you.
Oh (CRYING) (MINDY CRYING) (DOG BARKING) Back door? Or side? Roof.
(GLASS SHATTERS) It's a library.
Of us.
How did he get all of this? (CAR APPROACHING, TIRES SCREECH) (CAR DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) We wait for him to come upstairs, then we shoot him.
He's still surrounded by kikes with Kalashnikovs.
We leave.
There's another path.
Fuck your other path.
We should've got him at the temple.
He killed my brothers.
All of Jerusalem could be with him and I'd still cut off his Jew beak.
You idiot, it's time to go.
Since when do you give me orders? Thank you.
(DOOR CLOSES IN DISTANCE) (SNIFFS) Where is this coming from? Go.
Go in there.
(COUGHING) Get an extinguisher.
Save what you can! - Meyer.
- I got it.
(COUGHING) And save what you can.
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