Hunters (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Shalom Motherf***er

Hello? Millie Morris? Who is this? Look outside your door.
Who the fuck is this? Merry Christmas.
- Hmm.
- Should we tell the others? Tell the others? No.
This is from the Shlieffle file.
They deserve to bloody know what happened here.
What, then? You didn't hear me? I wasn't clear? They will know when I need them to know.
Not before.
We'll salvage it all.
Now get back to work.
One more, Safta.
Please? Tell me the one of you and Saba.
- Again, kindelah? - Please? Okay.
But then, bedtime.
I mean it, Jonah.
Once upon a time, there was a princess.
And she loved to laugh and swim with her sister Chava.
And then, one day, a scary wolf king came and he captured her and her sister and he took them to his fortress in the forest.
And he kept them there for a very long time.
And then it was no more laughing, there was no more smiling and not even enough food for everybody.
One by one, the wolf king's army took away all the other prisoners, even the princess's sister, until no one was left but her.
And once she was alone, that wolf king tried to win her heart by giving her gifts, but she wouldn't take nothing from him.
And she just grew sadder and sadder and more lonely.
But then, one day, some fairy helpers appeared.
And the wolf king was so afraid that he ran away and no one saw him ever again.
And then, she saw him, a brave green knight who was the leader, the king of the fairy helpers.
- Saba.
- That's right, Jonah.
He nursed her back to health and he promised to protect her and take her to a land where the wolf king would never go.
And she knew that he loved her and she loved him.
And he's in heaven with Mommy? Yes.
And I'm here with the best present ever.
- Me.
- That's right.
Her sweet little boy Jonah.
The end.
And now, it is shluffy time.
- Love you.
- I love you.
So your safta kept a Jew necklace she said your grandpa gave her.
And Meyer said he traded his back in the day to get his dick wet.
Hardly proves he's your gramps.
My whole life, I was told this guy was my grandfather.
His name's not on my mom's birth certificate.
It's blank, like a fucking Mad Lib.
And Mindy, she said that my safta and Meyer had a "complicated" relationship.
What's more complicated than, u-uh, knocking someone up and bailing? Do me a favor.
Quit crying like you're a junior mitzvah scout at Camp Kinder Ring and just call him already.
We got más grande shit on our plato, hombre.
Like this día de doom.
So let's get in there and find what we can.
If The Ghost worked for the Army under the name Timothy Randall, this place has got to have a file on him.
And you're not calling anyone.
All you're gonna do is sit your ass in this van and keep the engine running.
I'm the wheelman.
You're not the wheelman.
You're the guy who waits in a parked car and makes sure no one takes it.
Yeah, I'm the f fucking wheelman.
Couldn't have lifted those sanctions without you, Mr.
Biff has got something up his sleeve.
I know it.
You've still got a marker with our friend at The Post.
If Biff's hiding something, she'll find it.
She can dig up anything.
Make the call.
He has to eat, too, doesn't he? Why? He's gonna die anyway.
Hmm? But he has to live long enough to suffer.
You said it yourself.
And I meant it.
He's gonna die a horrible death.
He's gonna pay for what he did to Aaron.
How? H-How? You know, 34 years I've been dreaming about this day, but I-I I never got that far.
My ex stopped bringing the kids around.
Guess they got tired of hearing their dad scream at 3:00 a.
That's when I knew I needed help.
- So I started going to therapy - You know I love a good circle jerk, but this shit is a snoozer.
Records room is down the hall.
Just wait for the right moment.
We wait any longer and we're gonna be Sieg-heiling in front of the Reichsfuhrer by next week.
- Who's up next? - I'll go.
What brought you here today? What brought any of us here? I'm in pain, Sarge.
Can't sleep.
Can't get Charlie out of my head.
It's almost like I like I miss it.
Is that sick? We've all been there.
Haven't we, fellas? Ugh, I just just want to feel alive again.
You know? Like I did when I was tiptoeing through that minefield in Khe Sanh.
Or watching that napalm strike from a hilltop in Hue.
And the silence we heard right after.
You know what we call that? The deafening quiet after our boys rain hellfire down on Charlie like a Louisiana deluge? We call it the death spiral.
Hold up.
- Man, I've heard that story before.
- You'll get your turn.
We all have.
It's from Death Spiral 2.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
Got to be honest, fellas, didn't think anyone had actually seen that one.
Not in this country, at least.
I'm Lonny Flash.
Thank you for your service.
Is this some kind of joke to you? Just researching a role, meant no offense.
Lee Strasberg would've done the same thing.
Man, get the fuck out of here.
There's no silence after a napalm strike.
Just screams.
Anyone who's ever seen one up close would know that.
We were patrolling a village along the Mekong when we came under fire.
VC all along the tree line.
I got separated from the platoon.
The other guys pulled back and my LT called in the nape.
When the smoke cleared, there was this little girl, maybe six, burned, holding her arms out, begging to be picked up.
I tried to help her.
Her skin peeled off in my hands.
Wasn't till later I realized she didn't want to be held.
She just wanted to be put out of her misery.
And so I did.
She needed a weapon.
I was it.
Thanks for sharing.
You're back in the world now, man.
Don't make me regret this Thank you.
You're welcome.
You are a decent man.
- I can tell - Not another word.
I know who you are - Ah - You are the Markowitzes.
Enough! Your boy.
Aaron was his name? - Shut up.
- You let him go.
You broke your promise to him.
Die! Die! Die! Die now! Die! Mindy? And the Jews smote their enemies with the stroke of the sword, and with slaughter and destruction.
They did as they wished .
No, no.
No, please! - No! - to those who hated them! Your son.
He's watching.
He knows you are a murderer.
Monster! Jesus.
Did you find anything on Paperclip? Okay, come on in, have a seat.
I'm poking around, Morris, but it's gonna take some time.
And if your source is telling the truth, I'm hard-pressed to believe that anyone I talk to is gonna be forthcoming about covering up the greatest mass conspiracy in our nation's history.
We may not need them to.
That crusty white guy is Heinz Richter, the toymaker.
- Someone was surveilling him.
- Yeah.
All this showed up on my doorstep with a note saying that it was taken from Offerman's place.
Well They send a return address? We need to send these good Samaritans a fruit basket.
This is real, boss.
Judge is gonna love hearing that.
'Cause that's what you're asking for, right? You want a warrant to go after Meyer Offerman, based on this trove of information that magically turned up at your door.
I know a murder charge won't stick, but there's a lot more where this came from.
Richter, the Fishers Offerman's clearly working off a list.
And if we get the government to come clean about Paperclip, maybe we can get Offerman to.
I just need to get into his house find his files, and then I can bust this thing open.
Well, those no way you can legally get inside his house.
But that doesn't mean you can't get inside his house.
You know how it's done, don't you? You get creative with the truth.
You tell the judge what he needs to hear.
And you get comfortable with being uncomfortable with your conscience.
Best agents around here, they do what it takes.
Others put in 20 years, get a pension.
Question is, Millie which one are you? I feel like he's here.
Who? Aaron.
I feel like he's watching us.
If he sees us, Murray, what would he think? That man robbed us.
That man robbed us of our beautiful boy.
And I'm gonna kill him.
So, this revenge we seek, is it for Aaron? Or is it for us? I'm gonna do it tonight, and it'll be done.
Whatever we do, we do together.
According to his file, Timothy Randall lives with someone named Una Randall.
If this shit's going down today, you really think we're gonna find some guy whose nickname is The fucking Ghost? Holed up in some lily-white suburb ripping silent-but-deadlies in his fucking La-Z-Boy? Eichmann wasn't in some Argentinian mansion.
When they found him, he was working in a factory, living in a shack.
Oh, shit, we have movement.
Yep, probably our girl Una.
Mid to late 50s, blond.
Looks like it could be his daughter.
Either that, or Cheryl Ladd's stand-in.
Actually, Cheryl Ladd's stand-in has tits like vanilla ice cream.
And I know 'cause I had two scoops.
Let's go find The fucking Ghost.
Yeah, I'm not going first.
Holy shit.
What the fuck? Whoa! Are you sure you want to do that? Who are you communicating with? What are they broadcasting? Doesn't look like him.
Dieter said they were working something big.
They made biological weapons at Edgewood.
Maybe this guy is his test subject.
Behind his ears.
Half the widows on Rodeo got these tiger stripes.
Plastic surgery.
Nine fingers.
This isn't The Ghost's test subject.
This is him.
Maybe the plastic surgery was to help him disappear.
Did you have a good time? Ja? Don't move! Don't fucking move! Stop! - Calm down, take whatever you want.
- Don't fucking move.
Please don't hurt us! - Lonny! Joe! - You're scaring him! Stop fucking moving! Stop! - Please! - Hey! Hey! Hey! - What happened? - Shit.
- What happened?! - She had a fucking kid - in her arms! - What the fuck? What the fuck?! Shit.
With a backswing, you'll pull it all over the place.
Now, I'm telling you, fellas, it's all about wrist strength.
Actually, Pete, isn't your Kori pregnant? Hell, you'll be scratch in no time.
Biff Simpson.
Josie Parker, Washington Post.
I'm writing a piece on Carter lifting the South American sanctions.
And this one's above the fold.
Guess I'll see you fellas later.
And now, uh, Miss Parker, is it? You were about to ask me about a stellar piece of legislation.
Actually, I was gonna ask you about your connection to Schidler Corp .
a South American corporation? You attended the past three Schidler corporate retreats gave the keynote at the last one.
Uh, where I convinced them to set up shop right here.
Create American jobs.
Well, I'm impressed with your patriotism.
But I have to ask, what else was in it for you? That bill was on life support, then my source says you bulldozed your colleagues to bring it home.
I'd be wary about trusting that source of yours.
Juanita is sensitive.
It affects her credibility.
Fact remains, you're awfully cozy with the company set to profit most from lifting the ban.
I got a "C" in Latin, but I'm pretty sure if I dig, I might find a quid pro quo.
You won't.
And I don't need the heartburn.
Juanita is old news.
F-Forget this and I'll give you access to the Oval.
Hmm, you'll be above the fold every day.
Thing is, Biff.
Carter's gonna have you out on your ass the second this hits the stands.
They say you Orientals are good at math.
And this it isn't gonna add up to anything good for you.
Kill the story.
We grabbed what we could.
His face was different.
Scarred up by surgery.
But I'm telling you, it was him.
It seems The Ghost got himself a brand-new look that wouldn't get him recognized.
And Jonah found a music box right next to The Ghost's AM/FM radio.
Playing a similar creepy-ass tune to the one we heard at Holstedder's.
I think I figured it out.
The code.
Come on! Murray and Mindy couldn't crack the code because they-they, they didn't have the cipher the notes from the music box are the exact same as the notes from the lullaby, only they're organized in different time signatures.
Ten years of piano with Nettie Zuckerman.
It's a polymeter.
This is why we found the music box next to the radio.
The-the lullaby 's in 3/4 time, the music box is in 4/4, therefore, if you play them together, they sound completely off.
But every fourth measure of the lullaby lines up exactly with the music box.
Yeah, I failed "Do Re Mi" math, so can we speak English? The music box is the key to understanding the code.
Murray said that the Morse Code following the dates was just a bunch of gibberish, but if we only pay attention to the parts of the code where the measures of the music box and the lullaby overlap, this is what you get.
Good, good.
Thank you, Lonny.
Thank you.
All right, if the coordinates are correct, the targets are in Buchanan and right by Grand Central Station.
I've messengered that blood sample to a friend at Columbia.
It's going to take a few days to analyze, but she thinks that Joe could be right.
It's likely we're dealing with a biological weapon.
If that's the case, even a small amount in a crowded area would If this is going down tonight, we're going to need Murray and Mindy.
And Roxy, too.
- No.
- Joe Leave her out of this.
Joe, go get her, come on.
Come on.
She may be done with The Hunt.
But The Hunt isn't done with her.
It's an order you want me to say it? I'll deal with Mindy and Murray, all right? Yes.
Hey, wait.
Why, uh, why weren't you in the story? What? What story? My safta used to tell me a story when I was a kid.
It was The Princess & The Green Knight.
It was her way of telling me how she survived the war, how she met my grandfather.
But you you weren't mentioned in it.
This guy was.
This guy.
- Yeah - Nathaniel Heidelbaum.
- Yes.
- All right? He was one of the G.
s - at the DP camp.
- Yes, he was very good to her.
And to us.
- He was.
- He wasn't my grandfather, was he? No.
That's because you are.
Am I right? Come on, tell me.
Tell me, please.
Yes, uh - I am.
- Why? Why? Why? - Why what? - Why why d didn't you want me to know who my grandfather was? Why was it better for me to not know that you existed? Why lie to me? No, no, no, no, no.
She didn't lie to you.
She lied for you.
There's a difference.
She was protecting you.
A lie, sometimes, is a very unselfish act.
- Sometimes we tell - Sir.
- What? - The FBI is here.
Put your fucking gun down now! Stop! Stop! Stop.
Now what can I help you with? I have a warrant to search the premises.
Baruch haba.
Fan out, upstairs.
You're with me.
I was really hoping I wouldn't see you here, Jonah.
And where does this go? - The attic.
- Oh, what's in the attic? Ghosts.
Show me some ghosts.
It's, uh no, it's to your left.
Like I said, there's nothing of interest in here.
Looks like there was a fire in here.
And a recent one, too.
Yes, there was a, uh what is a oil lamp fell.
Led to fire But clumsiness, that's not a crime, is it, uh, Agent Morris? Meyer Offerman, you're under arrest for the murder of Heinz Richter.
- Hey, hey No.
No, no.
- You have the right to remain silent.
- You can't fucking do this.
- Anything you say can and will - be used against you - You have no right - Jonah Jonah, please.
- He's telling the truth.
- Excuse us, Jonah.
- No.
They have no right to do this.
- See to your business.
- Excuse us.
How is this legal? How is this fucking legal? Excuse us, Jonah.
This is fucking bullshit.
I said no more disturbances today.
There's a reporter on the line.
A Josie Parker from The Washington Post.
Something about Biff Simpson.
Put it through.
- Katarina Low.
- This is Josie Parker from The Post.
We're doing a story about Biff Simpson I see.
Uh, n-no, in-in that case, uh, my official statement is, uh, Biff Simpson is a patriot.
And we at Schidler Corp.
are grateful for his service and proud to call him friend.
No, that's all I have to say.
Thank you.
Yeah, we have a problem.
Uh, let me rephrase.
Simpson's got one.
Who are you? Why am I here? Huh? Huh? W-Who the hell are you people? Huh? Your name Your name is Moritz Ehrlich.
You were the Kommandant sorting new arrivals at Auschwitz-Birkenau on the morning of 18th March, 1943.
You leveled your Luger at a boy that day.
Shot him point-blank.
No! Yeah, you tore him from the arms of his father and you shot him dead.
That boy, he was our son.
He cried so much I'm not the man who did this to your child.
I saw it With my own eyes.
My eyes.
I am the witness.
Well, tell me you remember.
I don't.
It wasn't me.
His name was Aaron Efraim Markowitz.
He loved riding on the horses with his cousins from Lublin.
And watercolors.
He loved watercolors.
And music.
Klezmer music.
And he liked to read loved to read.
Especially the stories the stories about the Seven Wonders of the World.
He loved that.
Did you know that when you pulled the trigger? - Nein.
- Nein.
He was a human being w-with hopes and dreams and love in his heart.
And you can't even remember firing the shot.
No No, it's not true No, no, no.
He doesn't deserve to doesn't deserve, doesn't deserve to know our pain.
Doesn't deserve it.
Finish it already, Murray.
Finish! Wait.
Don't shoot.
I remember now.
He was auburn-haired boy with a cherubic face and a little scar on his chin.
- Shoot, Murray.
- I remember.
We couldn't tear him away.
Four guards tried, but you wouldn't let us.
You held him long past the moment of his death.
I can't do it.
I can't Why? Uh, no, no, no.
- Please.
- Mindy.
Murray, please.
No, stop.
You don't have to do this.
Mindy! Murray! Hello?! Open up.
It's Jonah.
- Wait.
Be careful.
- Mindy.
- Careful.
- Murray.
- Come on.
- That's Jonah? - Careful.
- What's going on? The feds.
The feds, they got Meyer.
Someone tried to burn down the Ark.
- Shit's going down.
- Just, just, just - Tonight.
- slow down.
- Start over.
- Listen, uh, I cracked the code.
The Nazis, all right, they're going to release a biological weapon in the city tonight.
I-I'll get my tools.
Come on, we got to go.
Sorry if I'm interrupting.
Uh Yeah.
How you doing, Rox? Hi.
You're little.
Wasn't picturing her so little.
Sweetie, why don't you head on in? Mommy is right behind you.
Okay? What are you doing here, Joe? Now, I made myself pretty clear.
I'm out.
They got a biological weapon, Rox.
That's what it's all been about.
The radios, the Red Books.
- Meyer asked me to come to you - Joe.
I'm not going back.
I'm not asking you to.
I'm here to tell you that it's going down tonight.
You need to take your little girl, leave the city.
Hey, Joe.
Thank you.
At first, Gretel Fischer looked like she slipped in the shower.
Until I figured out she was gassed.
And her brother, Hans.
Died in a car crash, but not before someone ripped out his teeth.
And after them, came Heinz Richter.
This one's a little sloppier, almost as if a teenager did it.
You take his training wheels off? You show him the ropes of Murder 101? Leave the boy out of this.
Why? You're the one that jammed him up.
You bailed him out of jail, took him in.
I think you taught him how to kill, too.
You know, Jonah wanted revenge for his grandmother's death, and you showed him the way, didn't you? This is Gretel Fischer's employment file.
And don't bother saying that they're not yours 'cause our lab's already comparing the prints.
This ? Well, this sure as shit ain't conjecture.
So let's stop fucking with the undercard and get to the main event.
For the sake of your career, I suggest you set me free now.
Well, for the sake of your old ass not dying in jail, I suggest you start talking.
Dottie? You will not believe the day I had.
Why is it that every time a woman takes a man's job, she has to rub our noses in it? Dottie.
Oh, no.
D Fuck your face.
Fuck your face.
Fuck your face! Fuck! These documents are yours.
Now I have them.
So who sent them to me, Meyer? Who wanted to see you go down? Let's pretend for a moment that all this nonsense you're talking about is true.
If I was really doing what you're suggesting You are.
who do you think my enemies are? Exactly.
And if, hypothetically, those were my enemies, wouldn't they want you to have these documents? So you could hold me here, like you're doing right now, while Nazis run amok.
When you interviewed the boy at my home, you told him he could still choose to do the right thing.
I did.
And what about you? Do you think you're choosing the right thing now? I do.
It looks that way.
I'm not the one in handcuffs.
Look, all I'm saying is it's the FBI.
Maybe we should be worried.
Meyer has been in more difficult situations.
I'm talking about the feds here.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
- Uch, you have a funny way of showing gratitude.
You hear me? You hear me, you little mamzer? Meyer took you in when you were in need.
All right, better late than never, huh? You know, and please don't tell me that you didn't know about him and my safta.
Because you tried to tell me that one day when I came to your place.
That he bailed on the woman that he loved.
Left her alone to raise their kid.
And when that kid died, giving birth to me, he stayed gone.
That whole fucking time, my safta and I, we struggled, he stayed gone.
So, sorry if I'm not doing cartwheels over finally meeting Grandpa.
'Cause fuck him.
Ever stop to think that maybe that's what she wanted? For Meyer to stay gone? All I'm saying is, you may think you've got Meyer figured, soup to nuts, but you can never really know a person.
We wear different faces to protect each other.
- Son of a bitch.
- What? It's him.
It's the, it's the guy who killed Booty.
He's heading towards the train.
- Lonny, do you see him? - Where? I, I don't, I don't have him.
- The subway, dammit! - Hey! Wait! Fuck a duck! These are the coordinates.
A utility plant? What the hell do you do with a virus at a power plant? Let's split up and find out.
Downtown express train, wonder where he's headed.
Hold the doors! Hold the doors! Una had a bag like that at The Ghost's house.
Are you sure? Hey! Hey! Hey! Shit, we got to go! Fuck! Shit! He's getting away! What the fuck do we do? We have Lonny, you beautiful mustached motherfucker.
Where's his bag? Where's his bag? You didn't bring me here to charge me with those murders, - did you? - Why else would I have brought you here? Because you're lost at sea.
So you parade me down here, put on a whole production.
The handcuffs, oh.
Nice touch.
You're forcing me to spout some nonsense that makes your boss who is behind that mirror makes him finally take you seriously.
Is that it? Agent Morris? Ah.
This is Gretel Fischer's INS file.
And this paper clip mark in the corner means that there was another file attached.
One that laid out all of her dirty, swastika-embroidered laundry.
And you knew that.
Didn't you? So we both know there are Nazis here in America.
And I found them by following this trail of corpses that led to you.
But I promise you, you don't have enough life left in your old man body to go out and murder all the ones still out there drinking Budweiser and eating sloppy joes.
'Cause this thing is bigger than a few old-timers hiding out in the burbs.
And this paper clip mark proves that the government was the one who moved the Nazis in next door.
I'm building a case, and I want your help.
Tell me how you found them.
You're right.
This is bigger than anyone realizes.
They're here.
They are among us.
They are communicating with each other.
And they have plans - to attack New York City tonight.
- Tonight.
Which is why you have to release me.
You have to release me now.
- Tonight.
- Right now! That is not convenient at all, is it? Will the bogeyman be there, too? Hmm.
You know, I really thought that you would be able - to see the big picture.
- Yes.
Maybe a night in lockup will help you get smart.
Remember one thing.
- What is that? - The blood spilled tonight is gonna be on your hands.
On your hands! Drop your weapon.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Mister, don't, don't, don't.
Don't touch Don't touch it.
- Don't touch it.
Let go.
- Hey, I found it first.
- I know.
- Hey, hey, listen, listen.
- You want some money? You want ten bucks? - What are you doing? - Ten bucks? - Look, down here, see? Scram.
That's bullshit.
- Rats.
- Are you crazy? You never take cash out of your pocket in a subway.
Maybe we're gonna get lucky and this is not gonna be No, it's a bomb.
Who the fuck are you? Part of that tribe hoping to stop us? Such fools.
We won't be stopped.
Not by a kike or a Jap or anyone else, for that matter.
You will never stop Father's work.
Shalom, motherfucker.
What? No thank-you hug? Okay, so Electronic detonator, and we have dummy wires, and, uh, there are redundancies, too.
Wait, wait.
What does that What does that mean? - What does that mean? - It means that if I cut the wrong wire, then we're all gonna be having a seder with the dead.
All right.
You said The Ghost - was working on biological weapons, right? - Uh-huh.
No, this is just, uh It's just a regular explosive.
Yeah, listen, boychick, uh, do me a favor.
All right? I want you to take all these people here, get them out of this car, all the way to the back of the train.
Wait, wait.
What about you? I'm gonna defuse the bomb and be a hero, - that's what I'm gonna do.
- No.
No, no, fuck that.
Not "fuck that.
" No, no, no.
I'm gonna get the glory.
I'm gonna get the broads.
- You're gonna get out.
- No.
No, no, no, no, no.
I'm not doing that.
I'm not leaving you.
Listen to me right now, you hear me? You take everybody now, and you get them out of the car, you hear? - Gam zu l'tovah.
- Fuck that.
I'm not leaving you.
This, too, is for the good, Aaron.
Get out.
Go! Okay, listen up! Come on! Let's go.
Come on.
I'm not gonna take your No, no, no, no, no! Go this way.
This way.
Go! I'm not gonna take your fucking money.
Just go.
Keep moving, or I'll fucking blow a hole through your head.
- Go! Keep fucking moving! - Hmm.
Get out of here! Next fucking car! Come on! Hey, you're Lonny Flash! It's not all it's cracked up to be, pal.
Move it! Next fucking car! Come on! Go, go, go! Come on, hustle! Come on, go, go, go! I said keep fucking moving! Go! Go! Go! Thank you, lord.
Can you C-Can you see What's your next move? Let him sit.
Sooner or later, he'll say something.
What the hell are you doing in there?! What in the damn hell? What was that? What was that there?! What is going on? You know what's going on! Let me out, please! - Oh, hell, no, man.
- Get the fuck out of the way.
All right, already! Bullets on Mars, right? Underrated flick.
There's a citywide blackout.
My company's been waiting - on this shipment for weeks.
- Lady, I told you.
I got to shut this place down.
Emergency protocol.
Well, I'm not leaving without it.
Stay there until the lights come back on, guys.
Help them move.
Help them move! Don't give them access unless they got credentials.
No, you see, this cargo still needs to be inspected and tested by Customs.
Hope you brought a sleeping bag.
$15 million.
That's how much they'll sue you for.
Every day the shipment's delayed costs my company $345,000 in profits, which is peanuts compared to the downstream costs our 64 corporate clients are facing.
Who do you think I'm gonna point them to when they come to collect? So, no, I didn't bring a sleeping bag because I'm leaving, and I'm taking my goddamn cargo with me.
Are the trucks loaded? We're ready to go.
Let's roll.
Put the decals on and you'll fly through.
Don't stop for anything.

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