Hunters (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

The Jewish Question

1 (INDISTINCT SHOUTING, CLAMORING) - (GLASS BREAKS) - (SCREAMING) MAN: Oh, yeah! It's a fucking blackout, man! (CROWD CLAMORING) ("PAINT IT BLACK" BY THE ROLLING STONES PLAYING) (DISTANT ALARM BELL RINGING) I see a red door And I want it painted black No colors anymore I want them to turn black I see the girls walk by Dressed in their summer clothes I have to turn my head until my darkness goes (MEN GRUNTING) I see a line of cars and they're all painted black (MAN SCREAMING) With flowers and my love, both never to come back I see people turn their heads And quickly look away Like a newborn baby It just happens every day I look inside myself and see my heart is black I see my red door I must have it painted black Maybe then I'll fade away And not have to face the facts It's not easy facing up When your whole world is black No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue (INDISTINCT CHATTER) I could not foresee this thing Happening to you AGENT: It's a fucking blackout! Lights out in all five boroughs.
NYPD's calling for backup.
- Where? - "Where"?! Look out the window, Salovaara fucking everywhere! Well, get out there and man the fucking streets! I see a red door and I want it Painted black AGENT: All the boroughs are blacked out! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) I want them to turn black What the fuck is going on? I told you, you fool! I told you! Any blood on those streets is on your hands! I need more than your word! I need fucking proof! "Proof"? Look, look, look! The plague is here is that not proof enough?! Damn you! Listen to me.
I'll tell you all I know about the Fourth Reich, but you will take these shackles off.
I will not.
You are a criminal.
- I am not a criminal.
Please! - You are a murderer.
No, I'm a savior! Do you understand that? I'm a savior! Look at that.
That's a cross.
You are a woman of God, are you? Are you?! - I am.
- Yeah, okay.
(SIGHS) Darkness was only the ninth plague.
Did nuns ever teach you what the tenth and final one was? The death of the firstborn.
Death, death of millions.
The death of millions.
And if you hope to stop it, we must go now.
This is a fucking one-night stand.
Clock strikes midnight, and I'm back to hunting your ass.
Give me your hands.
Hunting me? I swear to fucking God, you try anything, - I will shoot you.
- Yes, I'm sure.
- (CROWD CLAMORING) - (ALARM BELL RINGING) - Come here! - (GRUNTING) (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Why didn't you save me? You did this to me! (JONAH PANTING) RUTH: It's your fault.
(MAN GRUNTS) - (SHOUTING, CLAMORING) - (ALARM BELL RINGING) HARRIET: How the bloody fuck do we know that we can trust her?! Because if anyone found out what I'm doing, I'd be going on a ride 25-to-life alongside you Village People cover band motherfuckers.
- MEYER: All right, stop.
- No.
- Enough! Stop! - Meyer! They just blew up a goddamn power plant.
They ravage a city.
We need her.
We need her resources.
Where's Jonah, and where's, uh, Murray? LONNY: We got separated.
And Murray ain't winning the New York City Marathon anytime soon.
And I'm-I'm fine, too, thank you.
- I can feel the concern.
(JONAH PANTING) I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no.
(SOBBING) Oh, God.
RABBI STECKLER: Today we, too, are in total darkness, because Murray was our light.
It's no secret that in the shadows of the Shoah, Murray turned away from God, as he asked, "How can God exist?" The irony is that the answer to the question is Murray.
A man like this is the greatest evidence of Hashem.
Not the burning bush, not the great leviathan, but a man who ushered others to safety during that subway accident last night.
A man who came to my office last year, unbeknownst to Mindy, and as a final gift to his faithful wife said, "Rabbi, when she's finally succeeded in nagging me to death, I want the service in shul.
I want a Jewish ceremony.
Not because I believe in him, but because I believe in her.
" Now, forever, let us believe in Murray, for because we have known Murray, we will forever know the light.
(CLEARS THROAT) I love you.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - So - (DOOR CREAKS SHUT) Area hospitals have no admissions for viral outbreaks, chemical exposure.
Those bombs didn't carry a virus.
NYPD is chalking the explosion up to an electrical malfunction on the subway.
So No virus, no mass casualties.
It doesn't make sense.
Maybe Murray stopped it.
Maybe they just wanted to down the power grid, blow up the subway, kill hundreds, and we foiled it.
No (STAMMERS) We didn't foil shit.
They all said The Ghost was building a weapon more powerful than the A-bomb.
The kid's right The Ghost's blood samples are our best lead.
I'll check in with Patricia.
We meet back at Meyer's.
Simpson, sir? This is Officer Maldonado with the Chevy Chase PD.
Someone called in a welfare check for you, sir.
Simpson? - (ENGINE REVS) - (TIRES SQUEAL) What the fuck? KATARINA: With 500,000 gallons by the end of this week, we estimate 12 million casualties by month's end.
We'll hit every inner city from here to Los Angeles.
Low income, low IQ.
Our studies show minorities will purchase whatever poison we sell them, as long as it's cheap.
And in my day, we thought six million was cause for celebration.
Just marvelous.
And the solution was brought here safe and sound because of you.
Just lovely, my dear.
And yet, you let the old Jew's rats get away once more.
I got one of them.
It should've been all.
Take care of the vermin the American could not.
(LAUGHING): And take him along.
When a dog soils the rug, you must thrust his face into his own shit.
Roxy? You need to come back.
Now more than ever before.
Murray stopped the bomb, Meyer.
The winds are bringing far worse.
What if Murray had been me, huh? What would she do then? Well it will be you.
And the little one.
And all of us.
This weapon will kill everyone.
You can't save her unless you save the world, too, darling.
MALIKA: Why did that man say you need to save the world? ROXY: He's crazy.
Mommy, are you a superhero? (SHORT LAUGH) I'm a black woman in America, baby.
Superheroes ain't got nothing on me.
(SNIFFLES) Come on.
MINDY: Come in.
Amy said you wanted to see me.
Yeah, c-come in.
I should've I should've stayed.
- I should've stayed.
I - Oh, no! - I should've.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- I shouldn't have left.
- No, then then would you just be lying in that coffin beside him.
Oh, no, no.
That's no place for a boy.
It's just, um I've been trying to picture his final moment.
And I just I need to know, Jonah.
Was he he afraid? No, no, no, he He kept saying everything everything w w would be okay.
He sounded like he really meant it.
He said something in Hebrew.
Uh In Hebrew? Hodu l'Adonai? Give thanks to the Lord for the Lord is good? Yeah.
Hodu, hodu l'Adonai, l'Adonai ki tov.
- Um - (MINDY SOBBING) I'm sorry.
Breathe, Jonah.
I don't want to fucking breathe.
I don't want to fucking breathe! - I just want to fucking scream.
- Yes.
I could fucking scream right now at my safta.
- Yes.
- Murray, Booty.
They all have one thing in common.
You know what that is? It's me.
That's me.
- I fucking killed them.
- No.
No, you No, I'm responsible for that.
- No.
- No, I am.
It's me.
I'm a fucking curse.
I'm the Grim Reaper.
- I'm a fucking - No, don't put their deaths on you.
Come on, they're Nazi - They're Nazi monsters.
- Do you know how I feel inside? Do you know how I do you understand how I feel inside? Yes.
I do.
I feel like I'm burning.
Like I'm on fucking fire.
- I want to fucking explode right now.
- Yes.
I can't stop seeing them.
I fucking hesitated.
I got Booty killed.
- I let that lady get away.
- All right, then why did you show mercy to that monster? - Why? Why didn't you - I hesitated.
- shoot that woman - 'Cause I hesitated.
- with a child in her arms? - I fucking hesitated.
- Why didn't you do it? - 'Cause I'm a fuck I'm a fuckup.
- Jonah, tell me why! Why? - I'm a fuckup.
I'm a fuckup.
- Why?! - I did the right thing.
I did the right thing.
I did what she would have wanted me to do.
(PANTING) That's right.
You're right.
And yet, they keep fucking winning.
They keep fucking winning.
Why do they get to play by their own set of rules? Why do the good guys always have to do the fucking right thing? We don't.
Why do you have that in your head? You had this all your life, this thing about the comic books and crusaders and heroes.
Heroes made from ink.
Not blood.
Heroes made of parchment.
Not flesh.
They're lies.
Jonah, they are lies.
You have in you a fire that needs to be released.
- (TAKES DEEP BREATH) - Get ready to know what it is to be a hero in this world.
But I have to tell you something now.
I have to tell you why I was unworthy of your safta.
One night, The Wolf came into my room.
(THE WOLF SPEAKS GERMAN) He woke me up from my dream and dragged me outside into the woods.
You have a choice.
You can choose to kill this innocent man or I will kill Ruth right where she stands.
Don't, Meyer don't let him win.
Let him kill me instead.
That's what I want.
- Kill me.
Kill me! - THE WOLF: Shh.
Hey, hey.
- Hey.
- Kill me! - Shh, shh.
- It's my choice.
- Meyer.
- Who are you going to choose, huh? Choose me.
Shoot me, Meyer.
And the smoke billowed from my pistol.
(CRYING QUIETLY) Meyerleh? (RUTH SOBS) Bring me the next one! MEYER: But it was only the start.
(SOBS, GROANS) How many? How many do you think she's worth? No, Meyer! (RUTH SOBBING, SPEAKING POLISH) - RUTH (SOBBING): Meyer.
Meyer, choose me.
(GUNSHOT ECHOES, FADES) And I said Perhaps this is a story that is not meant to be told today.
Today is for Murray.
We must grieve for him.
We should not desecrate that.
And there will be time for this story.
It deserves time.
(SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) (HORNS HONKING) (DOOR OPENS) I'd recognize those hooker heels anywhere.
Didn't the nuns raise us to be chaste? (HARRIET CHUCKLES) Keeping up this act finally netted you something valuable, huh? To be perfectly frank, I'm still shocked your off-brand Brady Bunch hasn't figured you out yet.
Tamp down your titties, Patricia.
What's wrong with it? Nothing at all, dear.
That's the point.
At least on first glance.
No, that's impossible.
You have to cultivate it again.
Well, I cultivated the blood again.
It's infected, but with a strain I've never seen before.
Near invisible.
No symptoms, no indications until six weeks after exposure, and suddenly it detonates inside the body like the plague.
You won't know you're living with a disease until it's too late.
And with that replication pattern, there is no cure.
Hey, Mom.
MARIA: She's been out for a few hours.
Well, I came as soon as Are you limping? Some looters shoved me down on 114th.
I'm fine.
We found an embolism.
We need to monitor her closely.
Keep her on blood thinners.
SYSTEM) Thank you.
I went to a funeral this morning for a survivor of the Nazi death camps.
They told a story about how this man and his wife were imprisoned in different camps, held apart for years.
But there was this one gate that all the prisoners were marched through every day, and so this man would pick a dandelion or a weed or whatever he could find, and he he'd tie it to the fence of the barbed wire so that his wife would see it when she would walk by.
Because even in all the horror and the death, he still wanted to tell her that everything was gonna be all right.
He still needed to tell her, "I love you.
" And I got this feeling, you know? And I I called you (TAKES DEEP, TREMBLING BREATH) because I needed I needed to I needed to let you know - I I lo - LOU: Nice of you to finally show up.
I'm late for my rounds.
Please stay and pray with us.
For Viola.
Almighty and Eternal God, you are the everlasting health of those who believe in you.
Hear us for your sick servant, Viola, for whom we implore your tender mercy.
VIOLA: Through Christ our Lord.
(MARIA EXHALES, SHUDDERS) I'll let you all visit.
I'm here for you anytime, Viola.
Do you want some water? How are you feeling, Mom? Oh.
I'm-I'm fine, baby.
I'm fine.
You don't check in for days, and now you care how she's feeling? Your sisters were here all day.
Enough, Lou.
Go to the cafeteria.
Cool off.
- I'm really sorry I wasn't here sooner.
- Oh, it's okay.
How you doing, baby? How are you doing, Ma? I'm fine.
Maria made sure I was in good hands.
I would have thought she had enough with her own patients.
(WEAKLY): Oh, Melinda.
My nervous system is failing me, but my eyes still work right fine.
Oh I've known the rhythm of your heart longer than you.
And I've felt all the ways it's made you you.
Ma, whatever's got you worked up And as good as God, I know when it makes you flutter.
She took good care of me, Millie.
She took good care of me for you.
And if what I think's going on between you and Maria - is really going on - Ma then God don't take these things lightly.
Love is his greatest gift and is a treasure you must hold on to at all costs.
- (SNIFFLING) - Don't throw it away.
(WHISPERS): Don't throw it away.
- Ah, baby.
I see you.
RADIO ANNOUNCER: And that's right.
Looks like the lights are finally back on in the Big Apple.
(BARKING) Right, doggy? Bad dog.
She sure hates you.
Did you know that there are 2,500 unique species of mayfly in the world? Yes, siree, Bob.
They're unique because they live out their entire lives in the span of a single day.
Birth, maturation.
They buzz and dance and buzz and fuck.
After 24 hours, they've served their entire life's purpose.
And then they do the dignified thing.
- They drop dead.
- What's your point? My point My point is that these Jewish insects - simply won't die.
- Hmm.
They defy the course that nature has set for them.
Why? Why do they refuse to know their place in the world? What is it that keeps them buzzing? The way you speak about these Jews sounds like they excite your little penis.
Maybe that's why you never kill them when you have the chance, American.
(SINGING WITH RADIO): Put your head - On their shoulders - (SNAPPING FINGERS) Hold me with your arms Baby (LAUGHING) Will you do me a favor? Open the glove compartment.
(GLOVE COMPARTMENT CLUNKS OPEN) That's your brother's.
They begged.
It was so cute.
You think that I'm weak? That I'm defected and deficient? (GRUNTING) If you all were so good and pure, why didn't your families get it right the first time, hmm? The villainy you teach, Americans will always better the instruction.
Hitler was five-nine.
I'm five-nine-and-a-half.
(GRUNTING) (PANTING) Put your head on my shoulder Hold me in your arms, baby - Squeeze me oh so tight - (ENGINE STARTS) Show me That you love me, too Put your lips next to mine, dear Won't you kiss me once.
No Kristallnacht, no cattle cars, no camps, no crematoria.
Now just a series of manufactured cells.
So, that's what made The Ghost look like what Zsa Zsa Gabor leaves in the toilet after borscht night at Milos Forman's.
Aren't you glad you're back? Why wasn't it part of the bombs? Because it isn't an airborne contagion.
It's a pathogen.
A poison.
It has to be consumed, ingested.
Pat said if you wanted to infect, say, the entire of Manhattan, you would need barrels of this stuff.
Wait, the subway.
The subway.
The blast.
I-It pulled all available cops from nearby stations to Midtown Manhattan, leaving open the bridges.
JOE: So what? S-so Th-There aren't any factories in Manhattan, s-so they had to bring the stuff in.
What-what if they were trying to Wh-What if they were trying to create a distraction in order to transport the poison in? Yeah, but the city was shut down.
They closed the bridges and tunnels.
Yeah, but what about the ports? (LINE RINGS) Yeah.
I know, and I can explain.
(SIGHS) I But I have nowhere else to turn.
You have to help me.
Thank you.
I'll meet you there.
MORRIS: Schidler Corporation.
Port supervisor said it was the last ship in before the blackout hit.
It is a food conglomerate in Argentina.
I pulled everything I could find on them.
Tax returns, earnings reports.
Uh, they've got five properties on the eastern seaboard, but their HQ is here in the city.
Looks like Schidler Corp.
made a hefty donation to Rocket Man.
- LONNY: Whoa.
- JOE: Seems he's also on the board.
Who's Rocket Man? MEYER: Rocket Man is Wernher von Braun.
He's a Nazi rocket scientist.
He was a genius and my golden goose.
He used thousands of Jewish slaves to build the V-2 rockets for Germany.
Those rockets killed thousands in Britain, and 20,000 camp prisoners died in his factory.
Soon as the war was over, he was recruited by NASA.
His work on Saturn V begat the Apollo 11 mission, which propelled the U.
to the Moon.
Moonman was more beloved than, if you can believe this, me.
Graced the cover of Time.
Starred in Disney's TV shows.
All of America fucking loved the guy.
I don't understand.
He's a Nazi.
Jonah, who did the Nazis kill? Jews.
The majority of this country or any, for that matter couldn't care less.
Welcome back to the world's most popular game show AUDIENCE: Why Does Everyone Hate the Jews?! (CHUCKLING): Okay, folks.
You know how this goes.
Let's put two minutes on the clock.
Top 15 answers on the board.
Why does everyone hate the Jews? - (RINGS) - Yes, Mel? Because they're cheap.
(LAUGHTER) - (DINGS) - (CHEERING) - 50 points! Joyce.
- (RINGS) Oh, Bill, I know this one.
Because they control the media.
Show me "They control the media.
" - (DINGS) - (RINGS) How about because they killed Jesus? - MAN: Good answer! Good answer.
- BILL: Oh, I'd say killing a messiah's a pretty Jewy thing to do.
(LAUGHTER) - (HORN HONKING) - Oh, lightning round! Double the money! - (RINGS) - Because they start all the wars in the world.
- (DINGS) - Because they control the world's financial institutions, leading all non-Jews to inevitable financial ruin while benefitting only themselves.
- (RINGS) - EMERSON: Because they, uh, used to kill Christian children and use their blood to bake their weird Passover bread.
- (LAUGHTER) - (RINGS) - Because, you know.
- (DINGS) - Because they run Hollywood.
- (DINGS) Because, like, can they get over this Holocaust thing already? - (DINGS) - Yeah.
Move on, Jews.
- Because they're rapists.
- (DINGS) - Ponzi schemers.
- (DINGS) - Uh, they're globalists.
- (DINGS) Uh, because they're Jews.
- - BILL: Oh! Joyce wins big money tonight, folks.
(CHUCKLES) Congratulations, Joyce.
A game well-played.
Do you know someone who would win big money here? Have them apply today.
No, really, do you? Maybe a parent? A friend? Your husband or wife? Maybe they play it often.
Around the kitchen table or at work.
Maybe just in the safety of their own minds because they still believe that Jews just aren't us.
How often do they play this game? Would they win big money here? Would you? (DINGS) So, what did you mean, von Braun was your golden goose? Oh, he died last month.
Pancreatic cancer.
He was too prominent a national treasure for us to annihilate him.
Wernher von Braun is connected to this shady agri-corp with Nazi ties, and he dies one month before the Nazis are planning their attack.
That seems pretty convenient, no? You think Rocket Man is alive.
MORRIS: Could be.
JONAH: Good.
Cancer's way too kind for these motherfuckers.
I want to find this piece of shit.
How do we do that? JOE: Wiesenthal had been building a case against von Braun for years.
If anyone knows where we could find him, it'd be him.
Who's Wiesenthal? Simon Wiesenthal.
The world's most infamous Nazi hunter.
Though, uh, he's not exactly a fan of ours.
Meyerleh, Meyerleh.
- Simon.
- I finally get the chance to see your merry little band in the light of day.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - I thought you hunted only Nazis, Simon.
What's with those guards? You robbed us once of one of our files on one Wilhelm Zuchs.
My men are not quick to forget, and nor am I.
We bring the men and women who authored the murder of our people to finally meet their maker.
Before what tribunal? Before what jury? Before a jury of six million Jews calling out from their graves for justice.
Do you hear their calls, Simon? I have devoted my life to finding compensation for their clamor.
But we are meant to be consecrated to a greater law.
The Nazi Hunter is the prime of our people, but this is a profession of angels, my friend.
Angels do not get blood on their wings.
Well, perhaps the age of angels is over.
You kill these people in cold blood, Meyer.
You're damn right.
And this is Jewish? You ask what's Jewish.
Our forefathers who fought for their right to exist.
That's what we do.
But what is not Jewish, what can no longer be Jewish, is to allow these murderers to strike again.
If we follow your path, Simon, they will eradicate the Jew before we ever have a chance to fight them back.
But, Meyer, if we follow your path and compromise our morals, what makes us us, then we Jews will eradicate ourselves.
We will cease to be Jewish.
We'll become another creature.
Golems, perhaps.
Simon, we could argue this all day.
I come here for a favor.
I need everything you have on von Braun.
Oh, you're a spiritualist now? Well, you see, he died.
- He died.
- Mm-hmm.
You saw the body? We've heard many ghost stories of men bigger than Wernher.
Yeah, y-you're on a fool's errand, Meyer.
What? What? Come on, what do you want? What do you want? If he's dead, we go on a wild fucking goose chase, right? Keeps us from knocking off another one of these motherfuckers.
You can go back to your whole Atticus Finch routine.
Isn't that what you want? You are Ruth's grandson.
You desecrate her memory by choosing this.
All right, I'll give you what you ask for send you on your fantasy hunt.
On one condition.
That you never come to me again.
All right? Not for anything.
We have a deal, brother.
Meyer remember, before the night fell, we were just people listening to music, playing with our children, telling stories.
But we were chosen, Meyer.
We were.
Sometimes I wish we weren't, but we were chosen.
Now, perhaps this is God's ultimate test.
Not the slavery in Egypt, or Rome, or the pogroms.
Not even the Shoah.
Perhaps this is the greatest test of all is what we choose to do now.
Meyer, remember who we were.
Remember who we are.
Re Thank you for the facts.
MEYER: Let's go.
5623 West Fifth that's what the file says.
LONNY: Million-dollar corporation operates out of a fucking bunion boutique? JONAH: What'd Joe do, hire a Coldwell Banker lady for an open house at von Braun's? Let's go already.
MEYER: He needs to scope it out first.
He'll be back soon enough.
You stole from him, from Wiesenthal.
Files on The Wolf.
What'd you find in them? Not much.
Your safta took the files.
She wanted to learn more about The Wolf.
What Wiesenthal said about her I mean, it's bullshit, right? It's-it's fucking bullshit.
I'm not desecrating shit.
- I'm fucking honoring her.
- Of course you are.
What we're doing, it's I mean, you said it.
You said it.
It's The Hunt is Jewish.
And-and our forefathers did it, too.
They fought for their existence.
They killed their enemies.
They ended shit.
MEYER: Of course they did.
How many people did you kill that night? Eleven.
Eleven men.
Eleven innocent souls.
In that moment, I made a choice.
To protect the woman I love.
And in doing that, I became a different creature.
The Wolf had won, and I never saw the sun rise again.
It cost me my world.
But it turned me toward the man I was destined to be.
Now in darkness, I could protect the light.
I became the night so that the day would live.
That is the mark of a hero, Jonah.
Not the one who does what is right, but the one who does what is necessary.
(SHORT WHISTLE) AMY: (SIGHS) You sure you're gonna be okay alone here, Ma? Yeah, darling, please, I'm fine.
You-you go.
Don't forget to wear that sweater.
(CHUCKLES) It's July, Ma.
I know, but you know, they blast that air-conditioning everywhere.
You know Carol Smolinsky.
She went into the movie theater to see Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.
She left there with pneumonia.
I'll wear the sweater, Ma.
- Okay? - Yeah.
Good girl.
You all right there? Yeah.
Are you? - Oh, me? - Yeah.
- I'm fine.
Go, go, go.
- (LAUGHS) - Yeah.
- Okay.
Hey, Ma.
Love you.
(DOOR CLOSES) Well, you know, Irene Schlosstein, she just could not keep her mouth shut.
And the waterworks.
It was like it was her husband's shiva.
That Hymie Herschel, he-he smelled up the whole apartment, of course, you know.
And the insufferable Eileen Shekenstein came, but you know, she-she gave me a nice hello, and that-that counts for something.
MURRAY: Yeah, it sure does.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Oh, the rabbi - Oh.
No, no, tell me all about the rabbi.
What? Well, he gave a beautiful service.
Yeah, you know what the only perk is about being blown up to bits? I didn't have to sit through that.
Oh, please.
You're just such a wise-ass.
Yes, well, some things, Mindeleh, are eternal.
(CHUCKLES) Who is going to fix that leak in the sink? You'll get a handyman.
And who's going to change the light bulbs? You'll ask the boys.
(MINDY SIGHS) Who is going to put his arm around me at night? Who is going to groan when I pass a little gas, and rub my bunions and Who is going to know the stories, you know, that gave me these wrinkles? Who's going to watch over me? I will.
I always will.
(LAUGHS) (SNIFFLES) Are you with him? I am.
How does he look? Just as you remember him.
Yeah? - Is he safe? - Safe.
- Is he happy? - Oh, he's happy.
(LAUGHS) Is he him? He's him.
Does he forgive us for what happened? And for living on without him? Yeah, he does.
(SIGHS) But he misses you.
He misses you.
- He misses your scent.
- Ah.
(CHUCKLING): He misses your rugelach.
- (CHUCKLES) - And he misses the way you used to kiss him, even though he was pretending to be sleeping.
Would you like to see him? Murray.
- Murray.
Murray! - Come, come.
- I I see him? - Come.
(BIRDS SINGING) Where is he? - You'll see.
- Oh.
MURRAY: Aaron? - Come.
- (GASP): Ah.
(LAUGHING): Aaron.
I missed you, Mama.
My boy, I missed you.
- Oh.
- (BIRDS' WINGS FLAPPING) Did you do all this? So that when you and Tata came, you'd feel at home.
It's beautiful.
Oh, it's so beautiful.
Do you want to make something, Mama? Oh.
I'd rather not dare.
(LAUGHS) Whatever I make it will not compare, because many years ago, I already made the most beautiful thing of all.
(LAUGHS, MAKES KISSING SOUNDS) Mindeleh, it's time to go now.
Say yes.
Before it's too late.
Mindy, it's not time for you to stay here with us.
- Not yet.
- Mm.
Aaron, you say goodbye to your mama.
- Time.
Hey, Aaron, Aaron? - (LAUGHS) - Go.
Yeah? Come.
You don't have to worry about him.
I will take care of him, I will never let him go.
I know that.
(CRYING): You-you never did.
And he will take care of you for a time until I see you again.
MURRAY: One last thing.
Aaron asked that you show to Moritz mercy.
That is his wish.
You have a guardian angel, Moritz.
An angel, I say.
- Huh.
- You you deserved - so much worse.
- (MORITZ GASPS) - (MORITZ CRIES, WHIMPERS) - (CHAINS JINGLE) (GUNSHOT) (HORN TOOTS SOFTLY) Gather 'round while I sing you Of Wernher von Braun A man whose allegiance Is ruled by expedience Call him a Nazi, he won't even frown "Nazi, Schmazi" says Wernher von Braun Don't say that he's hypocritical Say rather that he's apolitical "Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down?" (LAUGHTER) "That's not my department" say Wernher von Braun.
Hello, Wernher.
How are you? Can you imagine our eyes seeing you? You are a ghost.
I don't want any trouble.
Give Rocket Man a chair to sit in.
So, Wernher, do you really believe that landing on the moon was worth the lives of millions of people? The science that I created led to great inventions, led to medical innovation, to longer lives, to peace around the world.
My work always was one for peace and progress.
Shut the fuck up! Hey, enough.
Listen, we've heard it all before.
"I didn't know what I was doing.
" "I was just following orders.
" "I'm sorry for what I did.
" "I thought we were building a better world.
" We've heard 'em all.
All the reasons.
All the excuses.
You did horrible fucking things.
You enslaved hundreds of people.
You killed thousands with your weapons.
Then you come to the United States.
You live a life of celebrity, sipping mai tais, gargling Walt Disney's Jew-hating balls.
We don't need another excuse.
We don't need another fucking lie.
We are spent.
Now you're gonna skip the bullshit, and you're gonna give us an answer.
What do you know about the Fourth Reich? - The what? - The what? The what? The Fourth Reich.
What do you know about it? What do you know about the fucking Fourth Reich? I don't understand.
Don't play fucking stupid.
What do you know - about the Fourth Reich? - I swear! I swear.
So Schidler Corp.
's been in the news on this South American trade bill.
Was a guy named Biff Simpson behind it, the Under Secretary of State.
And wouldn't you know, he's on the fucking lam, chief suspect in a double homicide.
That guy whose family was murdered at that barbecue? Everyone but him, and not only that.
There was a woman killed, a Helen Kirsch.
She's a survivor of the Nazi death camps.
So where's Biff Simpson up here? (INSECTS CHIRPING) Been a long time, friend-o.
You need to tell us everything you know.
- Or we're gonna light you up - (CLACKS) brighter than the stars above.
What is the Fourth Reich? I don't know.
Let the boy do it.
(SOFT, ELECTRICAL HISSING) It's for the light.
(LOUD CLACK, ELECTRICAL HISSING) - (MEYER SIGHS) - (CLACKS) What is the Fourth Reich? I said I don't know.
Well, I don't believe you.
Maybe this will help you remember.
- You sure about that? - (CLACKS) - Huh? - (TWO LOUD CLACKS) - Hmm.
- What is the Fourth Reich? - I don't understand.
- What is the Fourth Reich? What is the Fourth Reich? No? Okay.
- What is the Fourth Reich? - (LOUD ELECTRICAL BUZZING) Tell us what you know.
(SHOUTING): Tell us - what you fucking know! - Stop.
Please? I'll tell you! I'll tell you.
(WERNHER SIGHS) I didn't know the extent.
I only joined because she promised there would be no money issues.
The Fourth Reich would fund projects the prudes at NASA never would dare Mars, distant galaxies, black holes.
She said that if I helped her take the world, I could rule the stars.
She? "The Colonel.
" MEYER: The Colonel? I-I don't know her real name.
I didn't want to hurt anyone.
I just I wanted the moon.
I wanted the stars.
So I helped them create it.
The Solution.
The pathogen.
The pathogen, right? Where is it being released? Where are they fucking releasing it?! Everywhere.
It's in everything.
It's in food and drink, medicines.
It's a new creation.
It's a new weapon.
A food substitute soon to be on every shelf in America.
Targeting the inner cities.
Glucopyranose monohydrate.
Corn syrup.
(LAUGHS) Corn syrup.
(LAUGHING): Corn syrup.
(LAUGHING) - (LOUD ELECTRICAL BUZZING) - (SCREAMING) Like that? You like that? - What are you doing? - Tell us what you fucking know He's lying.
- Tell us what you know.
Tell us everything.
- Swear - I swear! - Everything that you know! - Tell us! Come on.
Tell us.
- I swear.
JOE: Jonah, that's enough.
Come on.
Enough, Jonah.
Meyer, make him stop.
We got what we needed.
He's not, he's not fucking telling us the truth.
Come on.
We'll fucking cook you.
You don't want to speak? Huh? No? Okay.
Meyer, make him stop! Cut it.
(SCREAMING) What the fuck's wrong with you? - Why? What'd I do? - Get back to the car.
Now! Mercy.
No! No! (GUNSHOT) (SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) (HUMMING) (COMMERCIAL JINGLE PLAYING) COLONEL (OVER TV): Do you like sugar? Do you like sweets? Do you like yummy, tasty treats? Then get ready for corn syrup.
Mama, what's corn syrup? What's corn syrup, you ask? It's a new substitute for sugar.
A substitute that is cheaper, healthier and most importantly, sweeter than your wildest dreams.
Americans foolish.
The junk food rots your teeth, man.
Why did we move to this silly country? Back on an ocean.
ANNOUNCER (OVER TV): Brought to you by Shidler Corp.
KIDS (OVER TV): Syrup is yummy Syrup is sweet Syrup is healthy Gee, what a treat Cheaper than sugar, so much fun Corn syrup The answer for everyone Syrup is yummy, syrup is sweet Syrup is healthy Gee, what a treat Cheaper than sugar, so much fun Corn syrup The answer for everyone Syrup is yummy, syrup is sweet Syrup is healthy Gee, what a treat Cheaper than sugar, so much fun Corn syrup The answer for everyone (DISTORTED): Syrup is yummy, syrup is sweet Syrup is healthy Gee, what a treat Cheaper than sugar, so much fun Corn syrup The answer for everyone.

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