Hunters (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

The Great Ole Nazi Cookout of '77

1 Last week on War Zone Hitler's dead, Germany has surrendered, and thousands of Nazi scientists await their fate.
So, what the hell do you suggest we do? Well, we can't just leave them here.
I mean, we're not talking about a couple of MENSA candidates.
We're talking about recruiting more than a thousand of the most brilliant minds the world has ever seen.
Who also perpetrated the most ungodly war crimes in all of history.
I'm not sure how we explain that to the American people.
We start by explaining we don't want these fuckers to become a viable war power in the future.
Then we explain what happens when the Soviets get their hands on them.
We're not duping America, we're protecting her.
Which is exactly what these amoral opportunists are counting on you to say.
We can't just ignore their blatant disregard for human life.
Jewish human life.
Is that an oxymoron? Gassing women and children.
Sewing twins together to see if they could be conjoined.
Oh, and my personal favorite, starving them, and forcing them to only drink seawater.
And now you're suggesting with a straight face that we just hide 'em in America? You bet your ass I am.
Imagine you were a soldier, Howard, and your platoon comes across a loaded Luger belonging to a dead Nazi.
Do you bury the gun in the sand because you hated its owner, or do you pick it up and use it against your enemy? Make no mistake about it, these men's minds are weapons.
Can we really afford to bury them in the sand when our enemies could pick them up and use them against us? The boy sleeps like the dead.
No wonder, the way he went after von Braun back there.
I didn't recognize the kid.
Ruth wasn't wrong about much, but she was wrong about keeping him from us.
He was born to be a Hunter, that boy.
And one day, you'll see, he will lead the lot of us.
Lead us? Why, you going somewhere? Well, we're all going somewhere sometime.
You know, the first time I met the kid, I thought he was just like her.
He reminded me so much of Ruth.
Her mannerisms, her fiery temper.
Her righteousness.
And now? Now I don't see her at all.
All I see is you.
That rocket twat von Braun said those Nazi tossers were releasing this "solution" into a food substitute - called corn syrup.
- Corn syrup? I've seen 45 commercials advertising it in the last week.
Schidler Corp.
"Purify the world.
" I've got to give it to those sadistic bastards, it's rather brilliant.
Brilliant how? Corn syrup will be in everything now.
Food, drink, medicine.
Put that poison-filled corn syrup into a product on every supermarket shelf.
Von Braun said they're targeting every inner city in America.
It could wipe out half the bloody population.
So how do we fucking destroy the thing? Corn syrup's made by applying heat to a solution of glucose and acid which would kill the virus.
So they must add it after the fact.
So, what are you saying? We should Turn the heat up.
500 degrees will do it.
I've got to get back to the others.
Rocket Man said they could be distributing the Solution at any moment.
Be careful, Rebekah.
If you're referring to anything other than eradicating this virus Tell me this isn't Vienna all over again.
You going after that child, putting us all in danger.
You care about them.
And if I can see it, she'll be able to see it, too.
You've always had more heart than you'll let anyone know.
Save your weepy Hallmark recollections for your therapist, Patricia.
I took out two sodding Nazis with no verification whatsoever, putting Meyer and all of his lot at risk.
So don't you dare question my loyalty.
And my name is not fucking Rebekah.
I talked to Millie.
She found an old factory in New Jersey she thinks the Schidler Corp.
may be using to mix the pathogen, it being so close to New York and all.
She wants us to check it out.
Elizabeth, New Jersey, is also, coincidentally, the birthplace of yours truly.
So if we hop on the turnpike, we can Oh, great, the bloody turnpike.
The only thing that would smell worse is one of your hangovers from the early '70s.
Well, you're in a nice mood.
You all right? Whoa.
You look like you just swallowed a shit sandwich.
What's going on? Wait a minute.
Is that real emotion on your face? You're about to get a knuckle sandwich on yours if you don't pipe the fuck down.
Good talk.
Tonight, tonight I'll see my love tonight And for us, stars will stop where they are Today, the minutes seem like hours The hours go so slowly Until the sky is light Oh, moon, grow bright And make this endless day Endless night Tonight, tonight Oh, am I starving.
What you are, what you do, what you say Small piece of free advice.
You gotta get yourself a girl like mine.
Made the best lasagna on the Eastern seaboard.
Is this your late wife? Oh, hell no.
Only thing my wife made was reservations.
No, it was my late mother-in-law, Dottie.
Also taken too soon.
Hard to believe only yesterday evening she was making me her magical sauce with the ricotta.
Authorities say you killed her, too.
What do the black folks say about authority these days? "Can't trust the po-lice.
" I didn't kill Dottie.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
I think someone's after me.
Does this have anything to do with Nazis plotting an attack on American soil? Sounds like someone's pulling your leg, old pal.
Whoever's after me ain't got nothing to do with my German comrades.
Is that so? Well, I don't think I can help you.
I don't work for the OSS anymore.
Maybe you should go to the po-lice, if you're really being targeted.
No can do, Grims.
Stripes don't look good on me.
Maybe I'll just go to the press.
Uh uh, like, for instance, I could tell 'em how you helped me disappear 30 years ago.
About the countless war crimes and murders I committed.
How you whitewashed my files so I could move to the good old U.
of A.
Uh, uh I could implicate you just by coming clean.
And I fear that may jeopardize our friendship.
You son of a bitch.
You helped me disappear once.
You'll help me disappear again.
I know what von Braun said, but I can't find this Colonel fuck anywhere.
At least not according to anything in the Ark.
Maybe the files were burned in the fire.
What have you found on Helen Hirsch, that-that survivor who was killed at Simpson's barbecue? Well, I in her obituary, it says that she's from Arlav.
I found four Nazi officers that are from there, but none of them with aliases leading to Biff Simpson.
But my safta found their immigration records.
And all of them are signed by the same guy: Carmel Offie.
Offie? Mm.
I know that name.
I'll check with my office and see what we can find on him.
Where the hell you been? Checking with my contacts in D.
on Biff Simpson.
He's still missing.
It took you all night to do that? - Rox, take it easy.
- What? She is still a Fed that could bust all our asses.
Now, what does it say that she just up and left us for the better part of the night? My mother is dying in a hospital halfway across town, and I'm here with you, not where I'd rather be.
That's what it fucking says about me.
Come on, Rox, let's take a walk.
It feels wrong being here.
Got any better ideas, Nancy Drew? You said we need to find him.
- Come on.
- All right.
Look for anything out of the ordinary.
Looks just how he left it.
What the hell? He told me he didn't get in anywhere.
This is Harvard.
Why didn't he tell me this? Didn't tell anyone.
Didn't want his grandma to find out and feel bad that they couldn't afford it.
He could have told me.
Yeah, yeah, he could have told you.
Could have told me a lot of things.
Tell me again what Jonah told you, in detail.
Did he say where he was staying? Think, Cheeks, come on.
I am thinking.
It's a lot of pressure, okay? Fuck.
I mean he said something mentioned some dude named-named Meyer.
But I don't really remember his last name, so Meyer.
Meyer Offerman? Jonah, can I ask you something? What happened to von Braun in California? Nothing.
We got our answers.
We left him there.
- Alive? - Mm-hmm.
Jonah, is that the truth? Isn't that what you need it to be, Agent Morris? Or I could just call Hey, Ron, it's Millie.
Um, question: does the name Carmel Offie mean anything to you? No.
Why? Should it? I've seen that name somewhere.
Can you go into Grimsby's office and look around? No.
Grimsby reported you to Jenkins.
He said you let a murder suspect go without authorization.
And that you procured a warrant under false pretenses.
Asked him to pull your credentials.
But that lying son of a bitch told me that was the only way I could get the damn warrant.
I know that and you know that, but who do you think Jenkins is gonna believe? Okay.
Where is Grimsby now? He hasn't been in the office in two days.
His secretary said he called in sick.
Mm, no.
Grimsby hasn't taken a sick day since I've known him.
I know who Offie is.
If Harriet finds Schidler Corp.
, Meyer says we got to be ready.
When I first learned to shoot this ooh, I thought I was pretty fly.
Anybody mess with me, I'd kill the motherfucker.
Take him out.
Or so I thought.
But when I killed that Nazi at Holstedder's, it didn't feel so fly.
One moment she was alive, and the next she was dead, and I don't know.
It it was just Different.
You ever feel that way? So do you think you're better off before or after? You mean to who you were before you killed? There's no before.
There's only after.
You can't go back.
Mindy? Mindy, darling? Ah.
My Mindala.
Let me just take it.
Like that.
You know, we really need you now.
We need you very much.
We were supposed to do that together.
Do what? Kill him.
We did everything together.
My sweetheart.
Mindy's getting dressed.
A single shot.
34 years they waited, and it was all over in one fucking shot.
Well, maybe Mindy was being merciful.
We won't be.
One shot's not enough for Wilhelm Zuchs.
We're gonna find him, Meyer.
We will.
When this is over bet your ass it's not gonna be with a single fucking shot.
Well, Jonah, thank you, but - I I don't need your help with this - No.
- This is my fight.
- This isn't charity, all right? It's a debt I owe.
You're back.
And Tobias is not.
I see that.
You killed him.
And his brothers as well.
Why? Because I could.
Because they were weak.
I wondered how long it would take Tobias to figure out you killed Alexander and Lukas.
Truth be told, I thought he'd be standing here telling me it was you who was dead.
I practically raised those boys.
Trained them.
Taught them everything they knew.
Some things can't be taught.
I know.
Darwin would be proud.
The fittest has survived.
And now you will be rewarded.
Home sweet home.
Smoked my first doobie about a mile from here.
First of many.
Fingered Sarah Waterston behind a Denny's down that street.
Well, as much as I'm enjoying this trip down memory lane, perhaps we should both try playing the quiet game for a while, yes? Uh, can't stop now.
The best one's yet to come.
- Kellogg Park.
Just over that hill.
- God The place where my father told me the only role I was born to play was nothing.
Said it in Hebrew, too.
Guess he figured two languages would really drive the point home.
Sweet old Dad.
Do you believe him? Sometimes, words sting more when you believe they're the truth.
Yeah, maybe they just sting because he's an asshole.
You are a lot of things, Lonny.
"Nothing" is not one of them.
Anyway, enough therapy.
Eyes on the prize, yes? Security gates.
Armed guards patrolling the lot, the perimeter.
Only one road in and out.
This could be the place where they're cooking the stuff.
Oh, this is definitely the place.
That's the Aryan cockfuck that shivved me.
We need to gain access to that building.
How do you suggest we do that? Not how.
Go ahead.
What the fuck is going on? Who are you people? "Jason Schmidt," huh? An American working for the Nazis.
That's fucked up, pal.
Nazis, what are you talking about? Okay.
So this, uh, this is how this is gonna go down, Judas.
I'm the good cop.
Pyro Nun over here, she's the bad cop.
Answer my questions, you get the good cop.
Don't? And you get lit up like a Christmas tree.
- Comprendo? - Yeah.
Now what do you do for Schidler Corp.
? - I'm the plant manager.
- Oh, perfect.
Tell us everything you know about the warehouse, about the pathogen, the layout, the distribution routes.
And if you dare say you know nothing, then I will set thee aflame, child.
Fuck you.
Well, that's going to be rather tricky with your nethers on fire, dear.
Stop! Stop! Okay, I'll talk.
I'll talk! Ooh.
Hurts just looking at it.
I'd probably speak up now.
Never underestimate the power of a blowtorch, friends.
Nazi Ken upstairs said our German friends are sending out their little pathogen-filled treats around 8:00 p.
- Tonight? - Yes.
Trucks will depart to supermarkets all over the Eastern seaboard.
If we don't stop them, then what that virus did to The Ghost could happen to millions of minority communities.
The great shofar has sounded, my friends.
Even the angels are trembling as they declare, the day of judgment has come.
Lonny and I have ascertained the layout of the factory and the location of the pathogen from the Nazi swine upstairs.
- Once we have infiltrated the warehouse - Infiltrate? Why don't we just drop a bomb on the place and call it a day? Because we don't have that sort of firepower, Joe.
Besides, there's no guarantee that the liquid pathogen and the thousands and thousands of boxes of food it has been pumped into would all be destroyed.
We need a brave soul to get in there and burn it from the inside out, so that the Nazis can never exact this plan again.
- I'll do it.
- What? No, no, no.
No, a child would attract too much attention.
There is security, there's guard gates No, what we need is is someone who could pass as our blond Brutus without arousing too much suspicion.
Somebody who could act as he would act, and do as he would do.
We need a master of disguise.
A professional.
Perhaps an actor.
Oh, fuck.
Come on, Grims! It's not like it used to be, Simpson.
It takes time now to help a person disappear.
Get your hands in the fucking air! Whoa, don't He told me I'd be safe here! Shut up! Shut up, I'm not talking to you! I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to you.
Harry touch the fucking sky.
- I can explain, Millie.
- Oh.
You worked for Carmel Offie.
I knew I recognized that name from somewhere, and then I remembered the framed photo in your office from when you were in the OSS.
He signed it: "Best of luck, Carmel.
" You were a fucking part - of Paperclip this whole time, and you let me - Millie.
We were told to keep quiet.
We were told we were protecting America against the Soviets! Sometimes you have to look the other way for the greater good.
The greater good? Does that include sending me down the wrong path in this investigation? Or when you had me nearly beaten to death? - I was trying to protect you! - Or how your actions - led to a fucking Fourth Reich plot in America! - There is no Fourth Reich plot; that's just a bullshit story - concocted by Meyer Offerman! - Who told you that? Your little Nazi friend, huh? Hey! Look, motherfucker, you take one more step, you're walking out of here with a limp.
- Millie.
- Now, I want you to tell me everything you know about the Fourth Reich.
And speak into the mic.
Seriously, ma'am, he's telling the truth.
I don't know nothing I know about Schidler Corp.
I know about New Jersey.
And I'm pretty fucking sure you know exactly where that pathogen is going out and you know when.
So start talking.
I can't, really.
I don't know a thing Ow! Ooh! You want to try again? Please, don't shoot! I'll tell you everything.
Everything! But you'll still be too late! We'll see about that.
You're coming with me.
Chain yourself to the fucking railing.
Do it now.
Millie, don't leave me here.
You can't trust him! He was called the Butcher of Arlav, for Christ's sake! I trust him more than I trust you.
721, 721 Suck me sideways.
- Nice neighborhood? - Goddamn.
- This should be it.
- Shit.
You hear that? What the fuck? Jonah! What the fuck? Jonah! Fuck.
What do we do now? Maybe we should go to the cops.
- What? - Well, did you just see that shit? He's got to be in some kind of trouble.
What if he gets hurt? And you think some white oinkers gonna help us? - "Hello, Officers.
Uh, don't want to get - Stop.
" in the way of your racism, but could you help us Negroes possibly stop a Nazi plot?" Man, they'd lock our ass up and throw us in the loony bin - and you know this.
- Look, when Booty got killed, there was a cop that helped us.
A brother.
He cared about Jonah.
I don't know, Carol.
It doesn't seem like a good idea.
I'm not gonna not do anything.
Taxi! So unless the fucking Batmobile is gonna come pick us up to go follow Jonah, it's our only option.
Saddle up, motherfucker.
Okay? Come on.
It's just a flesh wound.
Quit crying like a little girl.
It fucking hurts! Oh, really? Boo-fucking-hoo.
German, huh? Finally dropping the act? Take it.
Don't fuck up my upholstery.
Something tells me you deserve a lot more after what you've done, killing thousands during the war, killing your entire family in broad daylight, blaming it on a black man.
Not like it was hard.
You Americans wax poetic about your immigration, your equal rights, your Statue of Liberty, your tired, poor, pathetic masses yearning to be free.
And that torch? Might as well shove it straight up Liberty's ass.
- Hmm.
- 'Cause at the end of the day, Americans are just as racist as the rest of us.
Well, maybe not you.
Why you think I done so good in Washington? Highest-ranking Nazi in the American government.
Then what happened? The pressure get to be too much? Is that why you killed your whole family? 'Cause a Jewish survivor blew your cover? I got to say, for you to reach out to Grimsby, things must not have been going too good for you.
It's not like you Nazis operate by any kind of moral code, either, so for you to have pissed them off, you must have really messed things up.
This is why we'll always beat you.
Y'all play by the rules.
We don't.
Well, then, I don't suppose you want to tell me the real identity of The Colonel.
Beat her at her own game.
Nice try.
I like you.
- Uh, Millie, is it? - Sit back.
You got spunk, Millie.
Huevos negros.
Could've made a great comrade if you wasn't a porch monkey and all.
Oh, damn, I was really hoping I could join that club.
Seriously, though.
Don't know how you do it.
Wearing that skin every day, people thinking you're the scum of the earth, getting paid, what, a dime to the white man's dollar? - Hmm.
- Must be a bitch.
Yeah, it certainly is.
But I'd still rather be standing where I am than sitting where you are.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
It's like you said, y'all don't play by the rules.
So it's got to be scary as shit to be a cowboy Nazi with a bull's-eye on his back.
Blut und Boden.
Blood and soil.
As the world grotesquely marches toward a homogenous society of half-breeds, we alone remain pure of blood.
We alone remain committed to the Fuhrer's glorious vision of the future.
But despite our efforts, our enemy has ousted us from our homeland.
And now we will oust them from theirs.
Because we we are not like the Jew, weak and begging, who walked the desert in mindless circles for a generation.
Our exile has come to an end.
We will purge this country of the filth that inhabits it and begin again with a new regime, a Fourth Reich.
Your time has come, Travis.
Join us.
Jedem das Seine.
Okay, we are live.
No turning back now.
Have a nice day.
You, too.
You guys there? Guys.
Lonny, I hear you.
One obstacle down, 437 million to go.
They're loading the trucks.
We need to hurry.
How much time do we have? Once Lonny gets into the control room, we have approximately four minutes for the substance to reach 500 degrees.
Joe and Jonah, you're up.
You've got two guards on your six patrolling the lot at alternating 15-second intervals.
Guards on your 12 every 45 Yeah, I got it, I got it.
It's too small with this fucking pack on.
Maybe I can push it in front of me.
Take your belt off and strap the backpack to your ankle.
Attach the bombs and get the fuck out of there.
We have to destroy all of the pathogen.
Jonah's in.
Roxy, I'm coming to open the gate.
Tell me you're gonna get that Colonel bitch? You know, death is inevitable for all of us.
She will just meet hers a little sooner than planned.
What? I, um I'm glad I came back.
If you hadn't come along for me and Malika when you did, don't know what would've happened to us.
Well, you're welcome.
But let's not kid ourselves anymore.
That's not the only reason you came back.
Roxy just left.
I'm in.
All right.
Turn right.
30 feet in front of you, there is a metal door.
Do you see it? Yep.
Moving there now.
I can't do this.
I g I got to get the fuck out of here.
Lonny bloody hell.
Lonny, calm down.
Just breathe.
Breathe? I'm in a warehouse with a hundred Nazis hell-bent on killing me.
I'm not sure my breathing's gonna change that.
- Maybe my father was right.
- Oh? And was he right when a 22-year-old Leonard Flazenstein went out on his own, leaving that armpit of New Jersey to star in a Broadway show? Was he, was he right when you won a Tony Award straight out of the gate? Yeah.
Look at me now.
I've been bested by Hoffman and Dreyfuss.
I can't even get an Ed Wood film.
Uh, he was right.
Lonny Flash is not the man.
He's fucking pathetic.
Lonny Flash is not walking into that factory, Leonard Flazenstein is.
A brave young kid who defied his father's expectations.
So forget your father, the way that you did 20-odd years ago.
Forgetting my father may take a few more sessions - with Dr.
- Lonny, please.
I didn't know your wanker of a father, but I do know this: he may have been disappointed in your last role, but he sure as hell won't be disappointed in this one.
So get in there and save the motherfucking day.
All right, do you see the vats? The control room is just beyond the vats and up the stairs.
Found the solution.
Hurry, Jonah, they're nearly finished loading the trucks.
You need to get out of there.
- Hi.
- Who are you? I'm, uh, here to fix the electrical.
Power's out on the third floor.
Hurry up, we need to monitor the controls.
Hey, uh, you guys might want to clear the room.
Last time the breaker blew, sparks went a-flying, if you know what I mean.
It was nuts.
It's up to you.
Make it fucking quick.
Okay, Mindy, what the fuck am I looking at here? Lonny? On your right, there should be a temperature panel for the vats.
There should be knobs that look like a dial with a temperature gauge on it.
Yeah, okay, got it.
It reads 145 degrees.
You want to turn that dial slowly to the right until the temperature hits 500.
And that-that will create a blockage and pressure in the diaphragm valve, and that will speed up the heating process, understand? Okay, I'm turning them.
But you got to speak English.
Everything you're saying sounds like the teacher from Peanuts.
Think of a boiling kettle.
Wh-when the kettle begins to boil, the whistle screams.
But what we're doing, is we're going to leave that whistle in.
Do you got that? Not at all.
Uh, maybe when it's clear, uh, we'll try again.
All you need to do is turn the valve Mindy? Mindy? Mindy, you there? What the bloody fuck? Mindy, what is going on? Uh There must be interference.
Mindy? Mindy? Fuck a fucking duck! Okay.
Okay, Lonny.
Come on, you can do this.
What the fuck did you tell me to do, Mindy? Maybe this will teach me to pay attention to old people more.
Fuck! It's like a, it's like a tea kettle, she said.
You you blow the whistle, you got yourself a bomb.
No, no, no, no, wait, wait.
You seal the whistle How the fuck do you seal the whistle? Fuck it.
Ooh, ooh Excuse me.
Stop! You.
Come here.
Come here.
You don't salute The Colonel? You don't salute The Colonel? Heil Hitler.
I don't believe we've met.
Jason Schmidt.
We're back on.
Can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you, Mindy.
But, Lonny? Lonny? He's not one of us.
He's a Jew.
He's one of Offerman's men.
They are in trouble.
Joe, you got to get in there and help them.
Copy that.
Joe, you can't.
That corn syrup's about to fry all of them.
Who else is gonna save them? I have one more truck left, and then I'm out.
No, no, no, Roxy, forget about the trucks.
I'll take care of the trucks.
You just get the hell out of there.
I got a bomb! Stay the fuck back or this place goes boom! I swear to God, lady.
You stay back with that faux Chanel or I will blow the place.
Something is wrong.
Get the trucks out.
Get the trucks out! - Go! Go! - This way! Get in the bunker, go on! It's safe in there! Faster! Come on! Joe It's me! It's me! Come on, we've got to get the fuck out of here.
What? How the fuck are you alive? I told them I had a bomb.
But it was just the base's antenna thing Mindy gave me.
Dreyfuss can kiss my ass right in the crack.
Let's lock them in and get the fuck out.
This is it.
That's it.
I think they're all out.
All right, take the van and go.
I'll meet you at the Bat Cave.
Meyer, where are you going? To cut off the head of the snake.
Get out of my way! Holy guacamole! Hey.
Hey! Hey! You can't leave me here! - Jonah! - Please, uncuff me! They'll kill me here! Come on.
Do it! I know you want to.
It takes strength to purge the earth of the evil you hate.
Do you have that strength Jew? Your friend had it.
Right before I put two in his fat back.
Jonah, don't! You can't do this.
Fucking watch me.
- Shoot me if you want.
- No.
He's not walking out of here.
- He deserves to die.
- No, he deserves to suffer and the only way he can do that is from the inside of a jail cell.
And I will put him there for you, but you got to put - that gun down.
- No, no, no, he's gonna get away they always do.
Not if I have anything to do with it, okay? Look, I know why you think you got to stoop to their level to get justice, but this is not justice.
Sure as hell looks like justice to me.
No, no, this is not about justice.
It's about survival.
What Darwin was talking about.
Which one of us was meant to eradicate the other.
Hitler believed his German master race was made weak 'cause we mixed with roaches like you.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Don't listen to him.
Was he wrong, Jonah? Only you hold the answer.
I think Hitler was right.
You pull that trigger, Jonah, and you become them, okay? You'll become the evil you are fighting.
And you are not evil.
And she wouldn't want this for you.
Your grandmother.
She's still here, she's in your heart.
She's watching over you.
And the only way to keep her alive is by doing what she would've wanted for you.
And it is not this.
You do this, Jonah, you do this, you let her go.
What the hell is going on? Uh, good evening, Colonel.
I thought I would give you a lift.
You are Meyer Offerman.
It's you.
Oh, my God.
Where are we going? Well, we're not going to a party, I'll tell you.
What a shame, Meyer.
I was dressed for the occasion.
So how does it feel for a queen to be reduced to ashes? You can't possibly believe this was the only plan I had in motion.
No, of course not.
I have no delusions.

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