Hunters (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Eilu v' Eilu

1 But these are six for 49 cents.
These are five for one dollar.
- I know, that's cucumber.
- That's too much.
Yeah, you'd think that'd be cheaper, wouldn't you? It wouldn't be five for a dollar.
You'd think you'd get, like, ten for a dollar.
- I'm gonna maybe make a pie.
- Mm.
I'm gonna try this.
- I'm going to get a, um - (BELL TOLLING IN DISTANCE) Let's go, Jonah.
We need to go.
(CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING QUIETLY) Buying cantaloupes at the market as if he belonged in this world.
Well, I'll make any calls I need to make.
My contacts will be made aware.
I'll get the mayor himself involved.
You say his office didn't take your calls.
Well, you'll be assured that when I ring they will take mine.
I wouldn't have come if I had anywhere else to go.
I am delighted that you're here.
30 years and here you are.
It's bashert.
I read about you in the papers over the years.
And now actually being here in this in this big room Well, it's a bit bigger than our flat on Boston Street.
Yes? It's bigger, but but it's emptier, too.
You know, it's one of the horrors of war, the way you remember people.
For me, I lost all the-all the photographs of my father and my mother.
They're reduced to little memories now.
Just his chin and her eyelashes.
A freckle my mother.
I can see just her freckle.
But you you, I thought, I thought I could never forget.
And somehow you look you look different than I remember.
We got old, Ruth.
We did.
We got tired.
That's true.
We've changed.
What a thing.
What a thing.
I've been seeing this, look.
My awful handiwork, yeah? Mm.
Yes, your awful handiwork.
It extends beyond the ink and deeper than the skin, Meyer.
I often thought about this day, because I had so many things I wanted to say to you.
So many things.
And I take the bus.
I traveled all these blocks, all these years.
And now I'm here.
And it's so hard for me to I felt such sadness when you left because of what you thought that creature made you do.
But just a letter and a necklace? Why couldn't you share your grief with me? I wanted to, but, uh If we shared the weight I don't know.
It would somehow feel heavier.
When Naomi was born, our beautiful daughter, um, all this sadness that I was feeling, it turned to anger.
She was yours.
How could you have left? I lived through the war, too, Meyer.
Why was I left to raise her alone? Ruth, please.
When she died, all of the light left my world.
And soon I felt nothing.
And why should I? What was there to feel? Oh, did you know that she died, our daughter? Did you know? I did.
And why didn't you come for me? Because you know the things I've done.
Yes, I know the things that you've done for me.
To save my life, I know the things you've done.
When our daughter died, a new light came into my life, her boy, Jonah.
And I felt again.
I felt that, with this little boy, I felt everything would be all right.
This is your grandson I'm talking about.
And, unfortunately, he looks like you.
Not the hair or the eyes, but he has the light.
He has the light that you once had.
And I won't let them extinguish it.
Not the man in the market, not anybody.
Not like they did to you, Meyer.
I'll protect him forever.
I I don't know why I told you any of these things.
I I won't say any more.
Then, uh, perhaps we can just sit here, Ruth, quiet.
In the silence, and just What do you think? What a big room this is.
What a big, empty room.
What a thing, Meyer.
What a thing.
I've got you.
(GRUNTS) (GRUNTING) Meyer, I'm here.
Meyer, wake up.
"Operation Paperclip"? "The Fourth Reich"? And you single-handedly burned down a factory filled with Nazis before they could put out a virus in corn syrup.
That's right.
All because you old, white assholes brought these Nazis here, Linda Lovelace-ing their Wiener schnitzels across the sea.
That's quite a silver tongue you got in that mouth - of yours, Morris.
- Thank you.
It's not as big as the silver spoons in yours, gentlemen.
The thing is, sweetheart, it all comes down to proof.
And all you've got is a burned-down factory and the murder of a neighborhood kid at a comic shop.
The rest is hearsay.
Like little green men at Area 51.
Agent Grimsby will vouch for it all.
Well, Agent Grimsby retired this morning, dear.
Seems to have packed up and left town.
And, gee, try as we may, we can't, for the life of us, locate him.
NSA OFFICIAL: Thank you for coming in, Agent Morris.
We appreciate your your view on the events.
Oh, and, uh (CLEARS THROAT) You will keep this quiet.
Such wild speculation ultimately does more harm than good to all those involved.
MEYER: Meyer.
- Hey.
- Ah.
Flies off a fucking bridge and survives.
Look at you.
Oh, sheesh, look, you got flowers from every living mayor of New York City.
You got prime ministers over there.
Fucking presidents, I'm sure.
Look at you.
How are you doing? You all right? I need to rest.
Yeah, okay.
You ne If you need anything, just, just I can, I can get you something if you need it.
You all right? I-I'm not feeling up to any visitors, all right? Visitors? Okay.
Visitors I'm I'm your grandson.
What are you What are you doing? - It's all right.
- Okay.
All right, I Okay.
I'll just leave.
- I'll go, that's fine.
- That's - Eh - (CHUCKLES) What? I thought it was you.
What are you talking about? Harriet's too uh, impulsive.
And Lonny is too daft.
And Joe, he's too haunted.
Roxy, too idealistic.
And Mindy Mindy's too beleaguered.
It was supposed to be you.
It's your birthright.
Your birthright.
Your legacy.
To do what was necessary.
To lead The Hunt.
To lead it.
I I I don't understand.
Did I do something wrong? What did I do wrong? I don't get it.
You should've killed him, Jonah.
You had the chance.
Killed him? Killed him.
Millie was right there.
She was right there.
- She was five feet away from me.
- Excuses.
He's he's in He's in prison now.
He's behind bars So was The Wolf behind bars.
But wait.
He's going to fester in there and he will be out again before you know it.
Such a beautiful boy.
I thought you were like me.
(INHALES SHARPLY) But I see clearly.
You are a boy.
Just a boy.
- No.
No, you're wrong.
- Yes.
I can, I can do what is necessary.
I I can lead The Hunt.
I can be whatever the fuck I need to be.
- I can do that.
- But you weren't.
- When it counted most, you weren't.
- How was I supposed to know? How am I supposed to know that? - This whole time, I was - Words are small.
Deeds are giant.
Meyer, if you just listen to me.
Just hear me out.
My perspective on this.
Words are small.
Deeds are giants.
Can you just can you ? - I wish to be alone now.
- But can you just ? I need to be alone now.
Let me rest.
(THE VELVET UNDERGROUND'S "OH! SWEET NUTHIN'" PLAYS) (SIGHS) Booty's mom's finally eating again, my mom said.
Had her first slice of key lime pie after they arrested that asshole.
So, that-that's something.
I could have fucking killed him.
I could have killed him, and I had I I had the chance, and I I didn't take it.
But I didn't take it.
For Jimmy Brown He couldn't even look at me Meyer.
He ain't got nothing at all Couldn't even look my way.
Basically said I was a fucking coward.
Coward? Hmm.
Well, you know, they said the same thing about Spider-Man.
And Jean Grey.
And Dick Grayson.
You know, until they killed the motherfucking big bad.
And proved themselves.
Walks with his head Oh, shit! Oh, my mom's gonna kill me.
I told her I'd be all packed by 9:00.
Uh, I'll call you, okay? - Yeah, yeah.
- You good? Yeah, yeah.
I'll see you.
To the poor boy right out in the street And this is what he said - (DOOR CLOSES) - JONAH: Files on The Wolf? What'd you find in 'em? MEYER: Not much.
Your safta took the files.
She ain't got nothing at all (INDISTINCT VOICE OVER P.
) How odd.
Orange is marigolds.
Bengal tiger.
Crunchy autumn leaves.
The Golden Gate Bridge, pumpkin pie.
For Buddhists, the color of illumination.
The highest state of perfection.
For Hindus, the shade of the holy wanderers.
And in Elizabethan England, it was reserved only for nobles.
Part red, part yellow.
Neither fully kings nor fully peasants.
How odd.
So black jester, what are you doing here at my throne? I'm here to make you an offer.
Leniency for the murder of the young man at the comic book shop if you agree to testify about the Fourth Reich.
They're silencing you, aren't they? So I'm your last chance.
To prove your story.
And so you wish to make a trade.
If only the Jew boy could hear you pledging to reduce my sentence.
(LAUGHING) He would be oh so disappointed.
Thing is I'm not gonna tell some black, mongoloid bitch anything at all.
Well, I guess it's your loss.
Oh, Millie? (CHAINS JANGLE) I am so glad that I let you live outside that toy shop.
Because one day, when I'm covered in your girlfriend Maria's blood, and I have a knife the same knife I used to slice her into pieces pressed against your throat, you're gonna look back and realize you should've let the kid kill me the other day.
Boy, I hope I remember to bring my Polaroid camera, because the look on your face is one I'm gonna want to put in my memory book.
Anything on The Wolf.
For The Wolf.
The Wolf.
RUTH: We heard stories that the Allies were close.
- (WIND WHISTLING) - (MAN SHOUTING IN RUSSIAN) And then they came, the angels in green.
And for the first time in years, - we tasted freedom.
- (FLY BUZZING) (WOMAN CRYING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) RUTH: And there, since that night he sacrificed his world for mine, I saw him again.
What? Oh.
RUTH: My Meyer.
A bag of bones and flesh.
Our monster, our golem, The Wolf finally arrested by the Soviets.
We spent months recuperating in the Displaced Persons camp, while the Nazis rotted in the cells across the camp.
And here he was my love, this man of light now darkened.
- He suffered the same nightmare, - (WHIMPERING) night after night.
What is it? What is it? - (GROANS) - (QUIETLY SPEAKS POLISH) Ah.
(SIGHS) The same dream I march to his cell, across camp.
I pull him into the woods, I set The Wolf on his knees and and I say the Kaddish prayer for him Why? Why waste your breath saying the prayer for this man? Why show the monster mercy at all? I must pray for him before I kill him.
It's the monsters among us who deserve prayer most of all And then I kill him I take him from this world so he is nothing so he is shum da-var (MUMBLES) RUTH: The Wolf forever wished to be Meyer.
He learned everything there was to know about him.
Except the things that couldn't be taught.
And because he couldn't become him, he tried to kill what made Meyer so special: his soul, his light.
(SPEAKS POLISH) And in that moment I realized The Wolf had succeeded.
(CRIES) And so I made myself a pledge that I carry to this day, years after Meyer left me and ran off that fateful November 4: I will find The Wolf and I will deliver justice until he is nothing.
For this is a duty of the past.
This is a matter of the soul.
Matter of the soul.
Matter of the soul.
A matter of the soul.
RUTH: Go on.
Eat some of this.
It heals all aches of the body and all matters of the soul.
You should write that down in one of your cookbooks.
Matter You should write that down in one of your cookbooks.
Holy shit.
Anything on The Wolf.
Where are you? Come on.
Escaped November 4 1945.
Escaped November Oh.
(WHISPERS) Transferred all of his assets to Friedrich Mann.
An alias.
Friedrich Mann.
An alias.
Friedrich Mann.
Friedrich Mann.
Friedrich Mann.
The Wolf.
Created a new identity.
An alias.
Friedrich Mann.
You found him.
Didn't you? Didn't you? ("SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT" BY FRANK WILLIAMS PLAYING) It's like the twist Sure ain't the The way you move your inner groove Oh, come on, show me what you got Huh! Come on, baby Come on, sister Don't be afraid to hold on Get on up What name would you like to put on the passport? Uh, hmm.
What about Boris Frodski? Come on, show me what you got Oh! But that's my name.
(GASPING, GRUNTING) Oh can't have any loose ends, comrade.
(KNOCKING) (SNIFFS, CLEARS THROAT) (KNOCKING) - How are ya, Agent Morris? - Who the hell are you? Elizabeth Handelman, congresswoman.
- Congresswoman? - Mm.
Even my office is bigger than this shoebox.
Manhattan is just not what it was, huh? You should really come on over to Brooklyn.
MORRIS: I'm sorry, what are you doing here? I heard about your testimony today about these so-called Nazis running among us.
Look, if you're here to tell me to keep quiet, - I think you wasted a trip.
- I am here to tell you I heard you, Agent Morris.
I know all about Operation Paperclip.
I know about Agent Grimsby.
I know about Nazis living in the States.
I'm one of a few Jews in Congress, an institution built for white skin and blue blood.
A long time I've been searching for a way to bring these people to justice.
I think my search is over.
Well, listen, I didn't set out to hunt fuckin' Nazis.
I was following a case, tracking a murderer, and there are men in the halls of these institutions who are complicit, who have aided and abetted war criminals.
That is the fight that I need to take.
That's a fight you'll lose.
I'm offering you another path.
To hunt the monsters themselves.
To create a task force to locate and prosecute Nazis in the U.
and abroad.
I'll wrangle funding.
It'll be under the radar.
No one will know about it except you and me and a team of your choosing.
It would be fitting, wouldn't it? A black woman and a Jewish broad being the stuff of Nazis' nightmares.
So what do you say? - - (QUIET, INDISTINCT CHATTER) (QUIETLY): Oh.
- (DOOR OPENS) - NURSE: Hunter Smith for Dr.
Mann? (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) You should be careful, young man.
If the old bags from the Upper West Side find out there's a child in here, they'll try to sink their porcelain fangs in you and suck your blood.
So what can I do for you? I'm guessing it's not a tummy tuck or face lift.
Uh, it I just, um I-I got into an accident recently, and, uh well, I don't want it to scar.
Well, let's have a look.
Come on.
Sit down.
- Here? - Yeah.
This is quite expertly done.
Yeah, it shouldn't scar.
I can make sure of that.
I'm good at removing scars.
Nothing to worry about.
Here we go.
Let's see.
You're going to feel a little pinch, now.
Ready? And again.
And again.
One more.
Yeah? - (TAPPING) - You feel that? - Yeah.
Yeah, a little bit.
- All right.
So, here we go.
You're German? Hmm? Yeah.
I was born there.
My family's from there.
Were you there during the war? I was, indeed.
Mann, Mrs.
Worth is ready.
(DOOR CLOSES) I'm finished here.
So no more scars.
Hmm? My nurse will show you out.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) (INDISTINCT CHATTER NEARBY) (CAR DOOR CLOSES) (ENGINE STARTS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER IN DISTANCE) Why? Why? Did you did you kill that boy in the comic book shop? But we we tucked you in every night.
We hugged you and kissed you.
W-We always told you we were proud of you.
We let you watch cartoons and - eat Oreos and get - Will you just that lava lamp you wanted, and we we loved you.
So why? I don't know.
I didn't I don't I need help.
It's it's hell in here.
(SOBS): It's hell.
- Mom - We're we're we're gonna hire you a lawyer, sweetheart, and we're going to get you out of this place, and we're we're going to get you the help that you need.
Okay? Okay? Okay.
(SNIFFLES) Maybe get one of them Jewish lawyers.
People say they're the best.
SYSTEM) You're from Smolensk? Mm-hmm.
Why did you ever leave the greatest country on Earth for America? Business trip.
Welcome back.
It's good to be home.
- Hey, hey.
- (GASPS) - What is - I have something.
I have something for you.
- Okay? - What? Words are small, deeds are giants, right? What are what are you saying, Jonah? What? - What? - I found him.
Found who? I found him.
Oh, my God.
That's him.
- (MUFFLED GRUNT) - Come on.
I fucking found him.
He's all yours, Saba.
He's all yours.
Here you go.
MEYER: 30 years I have dreamt of this.
I cried out for this moment.
30 years.
That face.
Those eyes.
- (GRUNTS) - Those hands.
Hello, Wilhelm.
(MUFFLED SPEAKING) Hey, hey, don't you want to hear what this piece of shit has to say? (MUFFLED SHOUT) What can he say? (MUFFLED SHOUT) - (MUFFLED PROTESTING) - What words could he conjure that could possess any meaning? (MUFFLED PROTESTING) What you did, what you were.
For 30 years.
And all that time all that time, I believed you were the darkness.
(MUFFLED GRUNT) The darkness you can feel, as God felt it.
- (MUFFLED GRUNT) - The darkness you can see, as the Egyptians saw it.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) And now you will become what you were always destined to be.
(MUFFLED): It's you.
(MUFFLED): It's you! - (MUFFLED SHOUTING) - Yes.
Yes, Wilhelm.
It's me.
You didn't say it.
What? The Kaddish.
Before you before you killed him, you didn't you didn't say it.
A beast like this deserves a prayer, Jonah? No, no, no.
No prayer for him.
"It's the monsters among us who deserve prayer most of all.
" Monsters deserving prayers? Who said that one of your comic books? You said that.
You said that.
I said that? You had the same nightmare every night.
You told my safta.
It was in her letters.
When you found him, you must pray for him before you-you kill him.
You said that.
- Well, of course, but - Well, what? How What, you don't remember? Jonah You had the same nightmare every night.
How do you not remember that? But it was a long time ago, kindeleh.
The You know, when you're older harder to remember.
The prayer.
Why didn't he know the prayer? RUTH: The Wolf learned everything there was to know about Meyer, except the things that couldn't be taught.
JONAH: But you must search What about Wilhelm Zuchs? The tools this surgeon had used to mend soldiers he now used to tear me apart.
- This is quite expertly done.
- MEYER: he now used to tear me apart.
JONAH: Escaped November 4.
MURRAY: You can never know a person.
JONAH: The Wolf.
We wear different faces.
JONAH: Zuchs escaped November 4.
- November 4.
- RUTH: November 4 was the last time - I saw Meyer.
- (MUFFLED): It's you.
- JONAH: Zuchs.
- (MUFFLED): It's you! - (ECHOING): It's you you! - JONAH: Zuchs.
Why didn't he know the prayer? (WHISPERS): The prayer.
What's wrong? It's you.
It's you? What? Y-You're Wilhelm Zuchs.
You're The Wolf.
I thought we would have more time.
Wh What? We needed more time.
How? How? How is it What the fuck did you do? Tell me.
Tell me.
What the fuck did you do? The Soviets had taken over the camp, and they were gonna hang me.
I found a way to get out of the cell.
But I needed the papers to escape, so I I snuck into the tent where where the man I came to know better than anyone was, uh And you k you you killed him? Is that is that what you're gonna say? You killed him, right? Say it.
Say it.
I killed him.
Right where he slept.
I took him outside to the woods.
And then, uh I buried him there.
And, what, what, what, you just walked out of there? You just took his papers? You took his name? You just walked right out of there? I left your safta his necklace.
Then wrote her a note, um, as Meyer that I couldn't be with her anymore because she was there when I had killed the 11 men.
And I c No, no.
You - What? - You have the tattoo.
The the the scar.
I did them myself.
With, um, one of them penknives and ink.
You did that yourself? And I managed to escape to Berlin.
But, on the streets, a survivor recognized me.
Started to scream.
I, um, got away, but I knew I The name of Meyer was not gonna be enough.
I had to do something else.
I had to become him.
I went to an SS surgeon, who happens to be this man who sits dead before us.
I transferred to this man my entire savings, and he gave me a mask, which - is what you see today.
- And you and, what, you just You came to America as Meyer Offerman.
Everything that you told me.
You told me all this Everything that you said every-every story, - every-every blessing.
- All true, Jonah.
No, no, but they're his.
They're his to tell.
They're-they're his to give.
They're not yours.
Well, I was They're not yours.
They don't belong to you.
I was there.
I saw.
It wasn't enough for you to f Get the fuck away from me! Wasn't enough for you to torture him? To force him to kill, then kill him.
You take his heart, his soul, his fucking blood.
Me, my safta.
You had to Was this a fucking game for you? It wasn't a game, Jonah.
It was 30 years I lived as a Jew, I saw as a Jew, I thought as a Jew.
You know, I finally woke from the coma of hatred, and I saw the evil I had done to your grandparents and realized that I was the villain of my own story.
You don't recover from that.
Want me to take fucking pity on you? I don't give a shit what the fuck you went through.
You're a fucking Nazi.
I'm not a Nazi.
Of course you're a fucking Nazi.
I was never a Nazi.
No matter what.
The Reich was nothing to me.
You think I cared for the ideology? Then why? Why the fuck did you do it? No, I was a surgeon.
And they gave me power.
To run their laboratory.
And with the power they gave me Power breeds evil, and the evil consumed me.
You saw the evil that you did.
You saw it, and you kept going.
You kept playing that fucking part.
- You loved it.
- I didn't love it.
You loved all this shit, didn't you? You can't know what a hell it was to be Meyer.
Hell? Hell? I had a mother.
I had a father.
I was a person, too.
I had to kill the person I was and be Meyer.
Hell living like a fucking king.
It was hell for you.
- Yeah, building all this on his fucking name, on his grave.
- I didn't plan it, you know, all this.
I came to America.
The Jewish organization got me here, got me a, uh a job at a factory.
A factory.
You're a surgeon working at a fucking factory.
I couldn't be a surgeon, Jonah.
I couldn't tell 'em what I really was.
That would contradict all the lies I've told.
I had to commit to the whole Jewish faith.
I studied Hebrew.
I went to temple.
Read the Torah.
I did it all, you know? I became a Jew.
No, you're not a fucking Jew.
A little over a year ago there was a knock at my door.
It was your safta.
And she came into the room.
She, of course, th-thought I was Meyer.
She showed me the light.
And she inspired The Hunt.
And from that moment, she became my savior, because she gave me the opportunity to finally do something that was right, to-to finally grow a little bit closer to the light.
And, what, what, you thought it your redemption or some shit? - What? No.
- Huh? You thought y y - No? No? Good.
- Please, Jonah.
No, I don't look for redemption! - You'll never get redemption.
You'll never get absolution.
- I don't want redemption! - You'll never get forgiveness.
- I don't seek it! I don't deserve it! The Hunt is my penance, because it gives me purpose, finally.
In The Hunt, I find myself.
I'd kill for The Hunt.
I will die for The Hunt.
The Hunt isn't yours.
It doesn't belong to you.
Who does it belong to, then? It belongs to the 11 million who cry out from their graves for justice, that's who.
It belongs to Ruth.
It belongs to Meyer.
It belongs to me.
- You? Hmm? - Yeah.
By what right? - Birthright.
- Birthright? Yeah.
You turned away from The Hunt the first time you heard about it.
You took the easy way out.
Who was it that got you back? Me.
How could you be trusted to do what is necessary? 'Cause my grandfather did.
'Cause my safta did.
And they're part of me.
They are me.
Do you want to kill me? You want to become the leader of The Hunt? You'll have to do what is necessary, and you can't, can you? Because you need me.
No, I don't fucking need you.
- Yes, you do.
You do.
- I don't fucking need you.
- Who am I? If I don't do this, - Hmm? if I don't do this, who am I? Who? You're a boy.
That's who you are.
You didn't even bring me The Wolf.
You brought me a goddamn surgeon.
I fucking found you.
I found you.
- Jonah, don't let this man destroy your life, too.
- You.
- What are you gonna do? - You destroyed my fucking world.
Oh, I destroyed your world? You were a schvantz kid running around the streets.
I gave you the world.
What are you doing? You're gonna do something with that? Jonah, he wants you to kill.
- Don't give him what he wants.
- You think I want to live? Go ahead.
Only The Hunt lives.
RUTH: Jonah, no.
- Please.
- Do you understand? Only The Hunt.
(RECITING MOURNER'S KADDISH) - You know there'll be another time for you to do this.
- RUTH: No, no, no, no.
- (RECITING SHEMA) - You can't do what you think is necessary.
- Amen.
No, no, no.
- No! - Bloody hell.
Jonah? What the fuck did you do, huh? - What the fuck did you do?! - (MINDY SCREAMING) Meyer! Meyer?! - Meyer Offerman is dead.
- Meyer! Meyer! He died 30 years ago at a DP camp, the hands of this motherfucker, The Wolf.
It's done.
(TIRES SCREECH) (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) (TIRES SQUEAL) And, so, if we plead guilty by reason of insanity, we can ensure transfer from this awful place to a mental health facility where, if you show good behavior, you can be released on parole in under ten years.
Do you understand? I certainly understand.
Thank you, Mr.
But I didn't ask you here because I wanted to get out.
I asked you here so I'd be sure I'd stay in.
You see I have so much work to do.
A war is coming, and I need an army.
And this This is the honey pot.
Hundreds of ignorant, violent white men looking for someone to blame for all their problems.
I could not have chosen a better breeding ground if I tried.
I tried to recruit them already, to instill them with the teachings, but I've learned that these people respond to actions, not words.
And so I invited you here.
The Jew.
Because no leader rises to power without a grand display.
A sacrificial lamb.
What the hell are you talking about? You kosher fucks eat lamb, right? - No! - (GRUNTING) (PRISONERS SHOUTING) (CHANTING): Jews will not replace us! Jews will not replace us! Jews will not replace us! Jews will not replace us! Jews will not replace us! - Jews will not replace us! - (LAUGHS) Jews will not replace us! - Jews - (LAUGHS) (LINE RINGS TWICE) (PHONE RINGS TWICE) It's important to draw open the curtains now and then.
See that light still shines in the world.
You always told me that.
WOMAN: Trouble is I live in a realm of endless curtains and never windows.
The Colonel.
The queen is dead.
Long live the queen.
- A divine shame.
- Indeed.
And how will you fool Offerman's bandits to carry out our plan? - (DOOR OPENS) - (WOMAN LAUGHS) I'll find a way.
See that you do, Rebekah.
Your intel helped net quite a feast, dear.
The new dossier should have just arrived to you.
I should go.
How is he the boy? He's Well, you'll see for yourself soon enough.
ROXY: Joe's place was all packed up.
I thought he would've told me, but I guess he, uh found a way out.
Mindy, too.
She's moving to Westchester with Ben and Amy.
With Murray gone, she says her family needs her now.
I blame Ben.
Does anyone else want to leave? Do you? Do you? If so, now's the time.
They're still out there.
I mean, what did we do we stopped one plot, one ploy? They're gonna keep coming.
They're everywhere.
They're on the streets.
They're-they're on TV.
They're in boardrooms, they're in politics.
Seeping in.
This is why we have to do what we do.
This is why we have to do what is wrong.
Because if not us, then who? (SIGHS) This can't happen again.
Never again.
Agent Morris she's gonna be on us, on us every step of the way.
She will hunt us while we hunt them.
Then perhaps we don't hunt them in America.
My contact sent a dossier.
Die Spinne, they called it.
A highly covert operation in which eight of Hitler's highest-ranked lieutenants the leaders of the Nazi regime were shuttled out of Nazi Germany and disappeared into Europe.
So, you twats, perhaps it's time we take our expertise across the pond and kill these fucking shites of the Round Table.
Yeah, I could definitely use a getaway.
Let's find these fascist fucks.
Eastern Europe loves Lonny Flash.
(LIQUID POURING) (METAL SCRAPES) I know it's too late 'Cause on your Judgment Day You're gonna close your gates On me On me On me And I'll Be left here on my own To face hell All alone (GRUNTS) Do you know what you look like, darling? You look like tomorrow.
And tomorrow, we begin anew.
Time for supper! Time for a feast, my darlings.
Time to eat, Adolf.
I'm hungry, Eva, darling.
(EXHALES) - I'm so hungry.
- (COLONEL CHUCKLES) And yes I know it's too late Oh 'Cause on your Judgment Day You're gonna close your gates On me On me On me And I'll Be left here on my own To face hell All alone.

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