Huss (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


What happened
before you discharged your firearm?
They started throwing rocks.
Really big ones. Street bricks.
What were your orders?
It was all very unclear and the radio
wasn't working, as I said
To maintain our positions.
Not let the protesters through.
And the protesters?
They kept coming closer.
More rocks, bottles,
all kinds of shit.
Did you receive
any internal support afterward?
Yeah, but it was mostly us,
talking amongst ourselves.
But your colleague quit? Henriksson?
Yes. He was quite upset.
You haven't had thoughts
along those lines?
I've put the whole thing behind me.
The first time is the worst.
The main thing is to stick together.
Always know where your team leader is
and follow orders.
Remember, you have trained for this.
Good luck.
- What are you doing?
- Stop it!
Let go! Take it easy!
Calm down! Are you listening to me?
Do as I say! Sit down!
- You go that way!
- Sit down!
No! Back up!
Have you seen Sundin?
Was he here? I don't see him!
Away team on that side,
home team on the other.
- That's enough!
- Hey.
- I'll go looking for Sundin.
- Do that.
- How much do you want for it?
- Twelve grand.
So, are you buying a Kalashnikov?
Hey, with what money?
Police! Freeze!
Show your hands.
Show your hands!
Pull up your jacket.
Turn around. Down on your knees.
Cross your legs.
Hands on your head.
Put your fucking gun away.
- Fucking pig
- Where's the gun?
- I'm not carrying a fucking gun!
- I saw it! Where is it?
I don't have a fucking gun.
You're gonna arrest me for nothing?
I bet it's your first day,
fucking amateur.
- Pulling your gun out right away.
- Shut up!
Excuse me. We need to lock the gate.
How long will you be parked here?
Ask a ranking colleague.
We don't know.
- We're trainees. New officers.
- What happened?
Some outside troublemakers,
then the players got involved.
Someone said you found a gun.
We can't comment
on that stuff, unfortunately.
So, what are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Are you happy they kill each other?
Look at my son.
He hangs out with criminals.
He's just a kid.
Who are the criminals?
You mean Omer Said and Haris?
Or the others that were here today?
- I don't know.
- That's what I thought.
- Right. Come on.
- Come on.
Are you the one that arrested Omer?
On whose order?
- He had a gun.
- Where is it?
Dunno, I think his buddy took it.
But a younger guy was there too.
Did you see him?
Uh No.
- It was a gun. I'm 100 percent sure.
- OK
So you chased an armed individual,
alone, without backup?
- You're Huss, right?
- Yes, Katarina.
We've got nothing on him,
so we'll release him.
We'll do it up north,
give him a bit of a trek back.
- All right. Let's go.
- Shit
Let's give him a ride.
Yes, we go for a drive,
then we go back.
Fifth floor.
- Sorry. Is this a bad time?
- Not at all. Come in.
This is Katarina, my daughter.
- Katarina.
- Lars Bovelius.
- Welcome to the Western Region.
- Thank you.
- Should I come back later?
- No, I was just leaving.
- We'll follow up on this later.
- Definitely.
- Hi, Kattis.
- Hi.
- So, how are you finding everything?
- Well
Lots of new things to adjust to.
Routines, colleagues
Never thought
you'd end up here with us.
Me neither
But here I am
You are all needed.
Lots of people have quit.
Hey, you don't have anything to do
with us in any way, do you?
As a boss? No, why?
That's how I want to keep things.
Let's separate work
and personal life.
What do you want me to say to that?
Nothing. You said your piece
when I decided to be a cop.
And now you're here, aren't you?
Let's take things from here.
Want to come over for dinner
one of these evenings?
- Hey! Any news about Sundin?
- No.
- But I don't think he's coming back.
- How do you know?
As your supervisor,
I'll be passing or failing you.
So do as I say. Don't put yourselves
or the team in harm's way.
Stick together.
No one expects you
to know everything right away.
But I expect you to act as cops.
Both when facing the public
and within the team.
The rules are simple:
we look after one another.
We have each other's backs
when the going gets rough.
Any questions?
- No.
- Good.
Right. Let's meet and greet.
- Hi. Robert.
- Katarina.
- Henrik.
- Hassan.
- Katarina.
- Hassan.
I know Huss likes going solo, so
I figured we'd start off
by practicing a little teamwork.
Right. Let's grab
a pair of gloves each.
What are you waiting for?
Let's get started.
I saw a highchair in there.
Is the child with its mother?
- Do we call more units?
- No need. He's not going anywhere.
Lana, stay put and assist Maggan
if she needs it.
- It's cool, I got it.
- No. You're needed by the cordons.
You need to be able
to deal with these situations.
- Yeah, no problem. I got this.
- OK.
Take a seat if you get nauseous.
- Is that a real gun?
- No, it's a water pistol.
- Very funny. What about the baton?
- It's all real.
- Pepper spray?
- Yes.
Hey! This is cordoned off!
I can tell. I'm a cop.
OK Do you have a badge
I can see?
- I left it in the car.
- OK. So go get it.
- Seriously, I'll be a minute, tops.
- Get your badge!
Are you giving her grief?
- Thanks, Robert.
- You got it.
Good job!
Then he threw the banana
right in my eye.
No way!
- Halldén?
- Yeah?
- Are you on a diet?
- Am I on a diet?
- Yeah?
- No, I'm just not that hungry.
OK. We run into bodies in this job,
so you're gonna shed a lot of weight.
Is this how you look
after each other?
- What are you, a little snowflake?
- Goddamn it, Robert.
You used to get just as pale,
if memory serves me right.
All right.
We're going to the hospital.
You'll have to write. Clean up.
- What, now?
- You've got a problem with that?
No. Or, I've got two kids
waiting at home
I'm happy for you.
Where were they going?
- To visit a colleague.
- How do you know?
The guy that got hit with a rock
in the head during the riots.
Why is it being revisited?
They were cleared of wrongdoing.
- Did they ask you for a new account?
- Yes. Why?
Political pressure. Prestige.
The problem is, it takes up
a lot of time we don't have.
Speaking of time, I must call
the National Police Commissioner.
So I guess I'll brief him
about this. OK?
Call him about what? Golf season?
About Katarina
They were assigned to Johan Jansson.
- OK
- It's not like I can pick and choose.
- Keep me posted.
- You got it.
I told them
to go easy on the trainees.
Let's go!
- Come on!
- Pass it!
- Back on defense!
- Shoot!
I'm open!
That's it, Robert!
- Oops
- Get back up!
That's it!
Come on! That's it!
I'm open.
Let's go!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Oops.
Nice one, Huss. Don't back down!
Let's go!
Even though stats fluctuate,
we still have way too many shootings.
Well, is there a right amount?
We have way too many guns
in circulation.
But thanks to our Europol colleagues,
we tracked down one of our seizures.
We're talking about
a Glock 17 pistol.
It's part of a big shipment
that was seized in Athens last year.
And when I say big, I mean big.
Hi. I'm just eavesdropping a bit.
and no one knows
how much of it is still out there,
but a mere fraction of it
would give us problems.
Great. We're short on staff today,
so Gunilla here will ride with us.
She'll pair up with Huss.
Kieri and Halldén will ride
with me and Robert.
- All right, let's go.
- Gunilla, hi.
We saw Stefan Sundin.
Do you know how he's doing?
No, but I guess he's had problems
since the EU summit.
Were you there during the riots?
Not during the worst of it.
I heard a colleague almost died?
Yeah. On Valdemar Road.
Karl is on a ventilator now.
Used to be on your shift.
A lot of us felt like shit afterward.
They said we'd been trained to cope
with that kind of thing, but
Oh, well. Time to move on.
59-79-90 from 50, over.
59-79-90 here. Over.
Suspected shoplifter
in the Frölunda Torg mall.
Disturbance at the scene, over.
- Copy that.
- Over and out.
What's happening?
They were whaling
on the security guard.
- What are you worried about?
- Listen to me! Back up!
He didn't steal anything.
He just showed his buddy the bottle.
- We're verifying that.
- How long will it take you?
- However long it takes! Back up!
- Can I ask you, where are you from?
- What?
- Where are you from?
- Why?
- You seem to be from around here
- That's irrelevant. Just back up.
- Don't harass your own brothers.
- If we bother you, you can leave.
- I'm talking to your colleague.
And I'm telling you, walk away.
Come on, let's go.
That's it.
The two guys
from the soccer quarrel are here.
- Outside?
- Downstairs.
- Did they do anything?
- No
But I think one of them
has a bulletproof vest on.
Not unusual or illegal,
But do we check him out?
If he's wearing a vest,
he might be packing, too. OK
Keep an eye on them for now.
And hey, Huss
Just observe. From a distance.
Hold up! Hey!
Hello? Stop!
Take it easy, OK?
Why did you run?
Why did you run?
Where is he?
I don't know.
The little shit said he'd be here.
- Maybe the other side. I'll go look.
- Is that cool, bro?
Tell him if he doesn't show up,
he won't get his cash. Time's money.
Do you have any weapons
or sharp objects on you?
Senad? Is that you?
Do you speak Swedish?
Do you speak English?
Why didn't you stop?
Back away!
Back away!
Shots fired at Frölunda Torg.
Man down.
Send an ambulance and more units.
Over and out.
He's alive.
Huss! Wake up!
You need to back away.
- He's not going anywhere without me.
- Take it easy.
- Listen to me.
- No!
- You need to back away.
- Shut the fuck up, pig!
Calm down!
He's alive. Calm down.
What the hell happened?
OK, we're done here.
Get back in the vehicles.
Huss? Where the fuck were you?
You were supposed
to keep an eye on them.
- You had a clear order.
- I know.
But I saw that guy on the bike
from the soccer quarrel.
He bolted when he saw me.
- Had he done anything?
- No. I just wanted to talk.
- He seemed to know those guys.
- What did he say?
Nothing. I don't think
he even speaks Swedish.
Well There's a lot
happening around you today, Huss.
Hope it all comes through
in the report you're writing tonight.
I was just wondering
what that noise was.
I think better when I keep busy.
Are you gonna think for much longer?
No, I'm done.
How is he?
Stable, last I heard.
Whatever that means
when you have a bullet in your head.
- Do you know who the shooter was?
- No, but we have an idea.
A beef with some kids
from the north side.
- But there were witnesses, right?
- Several.
A security guard among them,
but the shooter had a helmet on.
But we got the gun, at least.
Another one.
- A Glock 17?
- Yeah
Someone's making a lot of money
from these kids killing each other.
So, you want to be a detective?
Like your mother?
I'm six months in,
but I know who Irene Huss is.
She would have preferred
for me to do something else.
How about you? How'd you end up here?
I used to be in Växjö,
but felt it was getting a bit small.
So, when a lot of people here quit
after the EU summit
- I saw my chance.
- And transferred here?
Gotta have a plan.
Take care, Huss.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Right After yesterday's shooting,
we're increasing our visibility
in and around the mall today.
More security guards
will patrol the area as well.
Community policing
isn't just about presence.
I want you to build relationships,
gather information, and stop crimes.
We patrol on foot, in pairs.
You'll be paired up
with Robert today.
- Any questions about that?
- No.
Good. All right, let's go.
So fucking sad.
- Hand me the bottle.
- Give me that.
Throw that away.
You've got the building relationships
down pat.
Sure have.
- Hi. How's it going? Any arrests?
- No, not as far as we know.
- So, you saw the shooter?
- Yes.
He waited on his moped over there.
For a while.
- OK. Thanks.
- You must have seen him, too?
- How so?
- You chased that kid, right?
- Yeah
- I think he knew the shooter.
I saw them talking before.
Are you positive?
You said this is in your statement?
Yeah, pretty much.
Dark-haired kid, age ten to twelve.
He was riding around on his bike.
- A BMX?
- That's it.
- Senad was talking to the shooter?
- It wasn't in the guard's statement.
Not everyone is as meticulous
as you. Anything else?
He had quite a lot of money on him.
And a drawing.
That's how I caught his name,
if that is his name.
Is that all? I need to see
the prosecutor, we'll talk later.
The meeting is off.
Haris Kovac died half an hour ago.
Code red, Högsby Center.
Disturbance at the scene.
- Are you guys having a party?
- Why? Wanna join us?
Someone set cars on fire by the mall.
Cut the shit.
When Haris was shot,
you guys did shit.
Now you show up here playing heroes?
What are you doing?
What are you even good at? Huh?
That won't work with me,
you know that.
Well, then.
All right, let's go.
- Are you OK? Hey!
- I'll take her to the car. Help them!
Let's go.
- We have an event at Ullevi tonight.
- Where's Lana?
Sick leave. But it's OK. We'll manage
without her today, and you.
Write up a report about yesterday.
Trainees have to put their hours in.
Get used to it.
What happened to my last report?
I adjusted it, and filed it.
We won't be coming back in.
- No answer?
- Nope.
That was a real bad hit she took.
When can we be sit-in-the-car,
listen-to-music kind of cops?
"Trainees have to put their hours in.
Get used to it."
Just feels pointless,
sitting here doing paperwork.
Don't feel bad.
It wasn't your fault Haris got shot.
I know.
It bugs me that I missed the shooter.
You need to lower your ambitions.
You're too demanding.
You don't have ambitions,
Mr. Shrink Wannabe?
Ambitions? I've got little kids.
The only reason to have sex
is to reproduce.
And once you've done that,
it becomes a less frequent event.
So it's the kids' fault
that you and Klara don't get any?
Everything's their fault.
The other day, I found my phone
in the washing machine.
He dropped something.
What is that?
- He dropped it when I detained him.
- We'll look into it.
If you find anything,
I want in on the investigation.
- You can supervise me.
- It is not up to me.
But you can suggest it. I was there,
surely that counts for something?
I have a question about that.
You said you pursued Senad and when
you got back, Haris had been shot?
So you didn't keep an eye
on the guys?
Those were my orders, but
- Yes, I disobeyed the order.
- Not according to the report.
What are you talking about?
I wrote it.
50-45-47, here. Copy that.
We need to get going.
- He altered my report.
- Who?
Johan. There's nothing in it
about me deviating.
Means he's got your back.
That's good.
Let's go. They're picking someone up
for the Haris Kovac murder.
- Who?
- His buddy, Omer.
Police! Get down!
Huss, Kieri They need assistance
cordoning off the apartment.
We'll take over here.
We can confirm an arrest was made
in the Haris Kovac murder.
We have a phone with contents
connected to the suspect.
From the cellphone Huss found.
"See you in the square at 3."
A trap to lure him out from the mall.
Haris didn't get the text,
Omer Said did. He'll have to explain.
What's this got to do with me?
I want Huss in on this investigation.
But obviously,
that's up to you and Tomas.
- I'll check the schedule.
- I won't miss many shifts.
I'll get back to you.
Fuck. He'll never go for it.
- It's a done deal.
- What?
Tomas called and cleared it.
So, welcome on board.
Anything I should think about or?
Yeah, leave the baton at home.
- Hi!
- Hi!
This didn't need to happen.
You and I both know that.
We could've resolved that situation
in a different way.
- Yeah, but
- He says to put the team first.
But what does he do?
He puts us in harm's way.
A highly dangerous situation.
- You should have a talk with Johan.
- I did. A long one.
This is not the kind of cop
I'm going to be.
- I have a new supervisor.
- Who?
- Someone I trust.
- Come on
Nothing to moan about. Just do it.
What, you'll stay?
I don't think it's that bad.
OK. I'll still be in the building.
See you around.
You looked so happy when you came in.
Did something good happen?
- No, not really.
- OK.
See ya.
We got a text.
Haris was gonna go check who it was.
- Omer, come on.
- It's fucking true. Come on, what?
We were looking
for the kid on the bike.
Why did you get the text?
I don't remember.
It's just how it happened.
- Where were you when he got shot?
- I was looking for the kid.
It just sounds odd to me.
It looks like a
- What?
- People say Haris had a debt.
I'm thinking that you sold him out.
Better watch your fucking mouth.
What happened?
Haris was going to buy a gun
on credit.
From Senad?
Sorry, I'm interrupting.
The kid on the bike was selling guns?
- So Haris did have a debt?
- Haris always has debts.
He wouldn't pay them back.
He borrowed my phone
to rip this kid off for a third time.
I said: "Look, it's not a good idea,
he must have people behind him."
He didn't listen to me.
- How did it go with Katarina?
- It's sorted.
Johan was none too happy.
They just lost another trainee.
- So I heard.
- I should have said no to that.
I owe you one.
Maybe I could get out
of the riots hearing?
No. But after that,
you won't have to worry about it.
That's what you think.
Senad has sent several similar texts.
Could be other gun deals, right?
Could be. It's hard to trace
the receiver on encrypted apps.
I hope Omer isn't taking us
for a ride.
His story confirms what I saw.
Senad and Haris had an argument.
Yeah, but a 12-year-old on a bike
hawking guns?
You seem skeptical.
I want a solid case
for the prosecutor.
Mia Modin handles the major cases.
I don't want to screw up.
Do you want to grab a beer?
Shoot, I can't.
- I've got dinner plans with Mom.
- How lovely.
Yeah. All we do is watch TV
and eat microwave dinners.
And talk shop?
It is kind of unavoidable.
Some other time, maybe.
- Or?
- Yeah, sure.
Didn't you have a photo
of me and Jenny?
From the Liseberg Christmas Market?
Yeah. It fell down
at the old office. Smashed to pieces.
Did you throw it out?
Well, yes, it was broken.
What are we having?
Prosecutor Jan Virén is reopening
the EU summit case,
where ten people,
including a policeman,
were injured in the riots.
Why is this happening now?
There are aspects of this case
we need to review.
- What aspects?
- I can't comment
Reporters have been calling all day.
I'm so sick of Jan Virén.
- What was it like last time?
- It was horrible.
We got slammed from all sides.
Internally, externally, the media.
The higher-ups got scared
and wouldn't talk. I had to step up.
- How's your friend?
- Lana?
She's got a new supervisor,
but I think she'll go back to school.
That thought
hasn't crossed your mind?
You know it hasn't.
You're smarter than Jenny ever was,
and she got straight As.
I'm part of a homicide investigation.
Tomas mentioned that.
- So, I'm where I want to be.
- I just think it's a waste of talent.
Oh, well. You're young.
University isn't going anywhere.
Have you been to the grave lately?
No No, it's been a while.
We could visit it together
one of these days?
I'd love to.
How are you a defender? That kid
rounded you two or three times.
Throw an elbow next time.
And you, my mom's better than you.
you could've scored four today.
Four fucking goals.
Look at me when I'm talking to you.
- Hey.
- Hey
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I want to go to the emergency room.
But he refuses.
He's afraid
they would ask him questions.
Come on, in Swedish.
- They didn't shoot at me.
- Who did the shooting?
- You know! Tell them!
- Quiet, mom!
- But you know! Tell them!
- Quiet.
You have to tell the truth.
You could've died!
They're from the north side.
- Mom
- They came in a black Audi.
- Leyla
- Enough! I can't take it anymore.
Shayan? Is it true,
what your mother says?
Who gave you this?
A boy on a bike.
He comes to play ball here.
While we clean in the evenings.
He helps me out.
She is in Kosovo now.
She is home.
- You can't take the boy.
- We are not taking him.
He can't be away too long.
Sonja from Social Services
will be there.
His mother is in Kosovo.
I can't manage on my own.
I understand.
We just want to ask him
a few questions. He'll be back.
Sonja will get him back home.
Any problems, just call us. OK?
- They done?
- Soon.
We'll wait in the car.
You know this kid, Senad,
he's the one on the bike.
Hey. I
I just wanted to thank you
for altering my report.
About not following your orders.
As I told you on the first day,
we look after one another.
I don't know who he is.
You mentioned a kid on a bike.
- That's not who I meant.
- I saw you together!
Listen up.
Haris has paid his debt now.
I don't want to inherit his problems.
You're already involved.
They shot at you at the soccer field
the other day.
I never saw him before.
Right. So you're 12?
And you live with Grandpa?
His mother is abroad.
- And you are?
- Sonja Haidari from Social Services.
We've met before, right?
I'll write your name down anyway.
Have a look at this
This guy on the right.
Did he try to buy a gun from you?
- I had never seen him before.
- That's strange.
Because by the looks of it,
you sent him a text message
from this cellphone.
That's not mine.
Your fingerprints are on it.
I boosted it
from someone at the mall.
You stole it?
- Yeah.
- From whom?
I dunno.
We have some follow-up questions.
- Such as?
- We don't think that's true.
Can we do this later?
Apparently, you met up with this guy
by the mall just before 3 pm.
A man on a moped.
In a red helmet and white jacket.
Sorry. Black helmet and black jacket.
Thank you.
Soon thereafter, you sent
a text message to Haris's friend.
Like I said, it's not my phone.
Can we get to the bottom
of this phone thing?
Just a moment, just a second
- Jesus, that Timell guy
- Yeah, what a star
Well, Senad is a minor.
We need to act carefully with a kid.
Of course.
- Has he been arrested before?
- No.
I have a hard time seeing him as a
courier for an arms dealer.
He's so young.
Yeah, but he's very adept
at dodging questions.
Haris's buddy didn't recognize him?
Omer fingered him, then he retracted.
But we think he's lying, right?
I'm thinking,
if Senad really stole the phone
Could be. Then there's no connection
to the Haris killing.
- And the security guard?
- Circumstantial.
He saw two people
talking in a square.
No cell, all we have
is your statement.
- That's not enough.
- No.
So what? We release him?
Yes, I don't see a reason
to keep him in custody.
- Senad is not in school?
- He's being homeschooled.
Though not very rigorously
You said his mom was away?
- You don't think she's coming back?
- No.
I'm going to sit with the prosecutor.
Will you give him a ride?
Jump in.
You're good at drawing.
What's harder,
drawing cars or people?
Cars are more fun.
Is that what you want to do
for work?
When you're older, I mean?
Drawing is not a job.
Sure it is.
There are people who do it.
Not people like me.
The prosecutor
won't take the case forward.
- Despite the witnesses?
- Yup. A lot of them got scared.
Looks like some people
got scared here, too.
- I need to take off.
- Take care.
"No cell,
all we have is your statement"?
I thought I had a point.
You certainly impressed
the prosecutor.
Senad seems to be a bit of a player,
at best.
- But you know Omer is lying!
- He's not the only one, it seems
- Meaning?
- You pointed me to Senad.
- Seriously? You think I'm lying?
- No, but you're new.
Maybe you exaggerate to get ahead.
Or I think kids shouldn't sell guns
and kill each other.
- It's easy to get carried away.
- What are you talking about?
Leave your guilt out of this.
Everyone fucks up.
Haris was no kid.
He fucked over the wrong guy.
Not your fault, let it go, move on.
- Morning.
- Hey.
- Just gonna get changed.
- You're with Darius today.
- Not according to the schedule.
- There's a new schedule.
- Since when?
- Since now, when you walked in here.
- What is your problem?
- Maybe that I have a sense of humor?
You know what? I can understand
how Lana got sick of this.
- I'm getting pretty sick myself.
- Rats, abandoning ship.
If you want people to stay,
don't treat them like rats!
Tell that to your mom.
Did you miss that she and I
are two different people?
- Yet you ran to her, first chance.
- Excuse me?
And mom got you in
with the detectives.
What the hell
are you talking about?
I overheard her and Thomas, talking.
Over there we handle communication
between police and media.
During ongoing incidents,
it may be the inspector on duty
the one who makes the statements.
We also publish daily reports online,
a selection of various incidents
Excuse me. Could you wait over there?
Yes, I asked Tomas for a favor.
Johan Jansson would have never
let you go, had I asked him.
What did you really do to them?
Johan is a zealot.
Why do you think I want to help you?
What about separating work
and personal life?
I nudged you in the right direction.
Let's look at it that way.
- And I don't have a personal life.
- Do you ever think about why?
Just deal with it.
Don't stand there and whine.
Hey. I'm really angry with you.
You guys were wrong about Senad.
Do you want to go over it again?
I'm going to talk slowly,
so you understand. Excuse me.
Here's a map of all the shootings
involving smuggled guns.
I've cross-referenced the timestamps
with the texts on Senad's phone.
Every time he gets a text,
there's a shooting within an hour.
- Every time?
- Eight texts, eight shootings.
He's sold every single gun,
with short notice.
Social Services says
he's mostly at home.
If this is right,
the arms cache is nearby.
It is right!
I'll set up a meeting
with the prosecutor.
Thank you.
You were both right and wrong.
Yes, my mother helped me.
But she didn't tell me
she'd talked to Tomas.
Because she knows
I would have turned it down.
He doesn't go out much.
The grocery store,
Social Services, the drugstore.
It's insane for a kid
to shoulder that responsibility.
The social worker said
that his mother had left.
About that. He's a minor.
Technically, Social Services
should know we're on him.
- They don't?
- No. So we need to be discreet.
It's pretty nice out here, actually.
- Nice?
- Well, you know Kinda.
- I grew up in an area like this.
- Yeah? What was that like?
- Got both good and bad memories.
- What do your parents do?
In Iran, they were academics.
So, your chances were a tad better
than these guys'?
Yeah. Here, my dad's a bus driver
and my mom's a cafeteria lady.
Great chances
OK. Gotcha.
Hey, your involvement in this case
- Yeah?
- Like I said before
Don't bring your guilt into it,
and beware of your loyalties.
What do you mean?
I heard you thank Johan
for covering up
and altering your report.
He sent a trainee to watch over
a person that's likely armed, alone.
What are you driving at?
If he thought Haris was armed,
he should not have sent
a trainee to watch him.
Johan altered the report to cover up
his own mistake.
Have the cops been in touch
about the one you lost?
Are you sure?
We've been sitting here
a few hours now.
Thanks. All right.
- I'm gonna call some replacements
- There he is!
Do you want to give us away?
He could have weapons on him.
Let's take a chance!
Senad? Hi.
Can I have a look in your bag?
New phone?
- Where are you coming from?
- Ruddalen.
- What were you doing there?
- Biking.
Hey, I was looking for you.
- Next week's schedule.
- Thanks.
Hey, I asked Thomas.
You were right.
About your mother.
Hey, so
I know you don't agree with me,
but Lana didn't have what it takes.
I don't think she sees it that way.
- That may be so, but it is the case.
- How do you know?
Once you've been surrounded
by 50 people who want you dead
you know it takes to do this job.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
Are you going somewhere?
Huh? No, I'm just trying to see
where Senad might have been.
Do you know the area?
Yeah, this is like an industrial park
with a bunch of car places.
I went to get the rims changed
on my Jeep some years ago
I need a report on that. Before 3 pm.
You don't put a tail on a child
without contacting Social Services.
He's 12 years old!
- Hey
- The kid called Social Services.
- Can't tail him anymore.
- I think I know where he went.
- What's that?
- They buy and sell unusual cars.
And that one,
I know he's made a drawing of.
So he sits there and draws.
It means nothing.
No, sure
Or does it?
You know, that raid in Athens
They were hiding guns in cars.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Did you want a new car?
No cop cars in stock, I'm afraid.
We want to know about a boy
on a bike. Senad, age 12.
I know who you mean.
He hangs out by the auto shop.
They rent the space from us.
Imports and reconditioning.
I wouldn't recommend them.
- Can we have a look around?
- Absolutely!
- So both firms import cars?
- Yes. From the US and Germany.
But the Swedish krona is so weak now,
so it's slow going.
- How do they get the cars here?
- Trucks and containers.
- Is that what they ship them in?
- Yes, it can be.
See what it says?
- Can you open it?
- Sorry, it is not ours.
You need to speak to the owner
of the recon shop. Here he is. Vlad!
Apparently, one of Havic's employees,
Marcus Weimar,
handled the sales.
Marcus has violent priors.
An APB has gone out.
He's also suspected
of killing Haris Kovac
based on technical evidence
that we've found.
- Then there's Senad
- Yes. Senad could be key to this.
- If he talks to us.
- Marcus probably thinks the same.
Probably. That's why we need
to pick up Senad ASAP.
- Is he alone?
- No, Social Services is there.
That'll be all. Thank you.
- He's gone!
- Calm down!
The balcony door was open,
he just bolted.
Wait. What happened?
The doorbell rang.
I thought it was you.
He checked the peephole and fled.
Via the balcony? When?
- Just now!
- Any idea who rang the doorbell?
No. He said he was a cop.
We didn't open.
I think I know where he is.
OK. You look in there,
Kieri and I will take the back.
- This place is totally dead.
- It seems that way.
Turn around.
- Easy now.
- And you, take off your belt.
Slide it over!
Take it easy.
Get your handcuffs.
Put them on her.
Put them on tight.
We're taking a walk, you and me.
Let's go.
Come on!
Walk ahead of me.
You stay here.
- Stay there!
- OK! Take it easy.
Turn around!
- Easy now.
- On your knees.
Easy now.
Listen to me. Just take it easy.
Walk. Let's go outside.
Keep walking.
Police! Drop your weapon!
Get back or I'll shoot him!
No! Put down your weapon now!
- Get back, I want out!
- We will not back away!
- Robert, are you OK?
- Yes.
- Shut up!
- Where is Huss?
- Stop it!
- She is still in there.
Don't you get it? I'll shoot him!
Put down your weapon, I said!
- Be smart.
- Stop!
- Be really smart now.
- Shut up!
Put your weapon down!
- Just be smart.
- Don't move!
For the last time, drop your weapon!
Drop your weapon!
He is still armed!
Give me your arm!
Give me your arm!
I said, give me your arm!
Handcuffs. Give me the handcuffs!
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
- Are you hurting anywhere else?
- No.
Sit tight and another doctor
will take care of you soon.
How are you?
- No, yeah, it's Goddamn.
- Yeah
But hey, don't wait around here.
Go home to your family.
- Are you sure?
- Of course.
- I'll do that. See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
Excuse me. Karl Kronvall wouldn't be
in any of these rooms?
- He's in number three.
- Thanks.
What are you doing here?
Sorry, I was just walking by
and saw
OK. How are you?
- Yeah, I'm OK.
- Good.
You did good out there.
- Thank you.
- See you later.
How is Marcus Weimar?
He got lucky.
Only soft-tissue injuries.
Vlad gave him up as Haris's killer.
- Enough to charge him?
- Yeah.
Good job. Really, I mean it.
Good job. See you later.
Some parts of this job
I could do without.
I heard from Tomas.
Good job, Kattis.
Is that my boy? I want to see him!
Is that him?
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