Huss (2021) s01e02 Episode Script


You were heavily criticized
after the EU summit.
For exaggerating potential threats
identified by foreign intelligence.
Some individuals had the express aim
of causing disruption. That's a fact.
There were mass arrests.
Unfortunately, they infiltrated
the peaceful protesters.
Could it have contributed
to the escalation of violence?
The instigators of the riots
are to blame.
Which brings us to Valdemar Road,
where an officer was badly injured.
They were pelted with rocks, yes.
And his colleagues called for backup,
which never arrived.
We think someone disrupted
our dispatch service.
For which more criticism was leveled
against the operational leadership.
It was a challenging day,
in many ways.
Did they simply miss the calls
from Valdemar Road?
No, there's nothing to suggest that.
51-14-20 from 5-0. Over.
14-20 here. Over.
Are you at Spårgatan 2 yet? Over.
Nearly there.
Do we have a name or entry code?
No name.
The neighbor that called in
will meet you.
Copy that.
Over and out from 5-0.
Next one right.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- This is it.
- Yeah.
I don't want him to see me.
Of course, you may go back inside.
Thank you.
"Hagel," I recognize the last name.
Check if he has a record, will you?
You guys get it.
Hi we got a call
about a disturbance.
Are there others in there?
My wife, but she's taking a bath.
Could we talk to her, please?
I think you got the wrong door.
It was the neighbors.
I heard them too.
I thought that kind of thing
wouldn't happen in these areas.
What did you do to your hand?
We're with the police.
Jenny, was it?
- Jenny?
- I'm almost done in here.
- Hi?
- Hello.
- How are you doing?
- I'm OK.
You're bleeding.
Yeah, I just slipped in the tub.
Let me see.
I should get one of those bathmats.
So what do you do?
Got my own business.
- Make good money?
- Better than you.
Not much of an accomplishment,
I'm afraid.
He's done time for assault.
Waterboarded her ex.
Are you intoxicated?
- Alcohol, narcotics?
- No, nothing.
- And your husband?
- No! He detests drugs.
Don't worry, he can't hear us.
Why don't you tell us what happened?
She's sticking to her story
about falling.
Seriously, she's terrified.
She's married to a real asshole.
I knew the name sounded familiar.
His ex-wife took severe beatings.
She almost died in the tub.
He got six months. Out in three.
What will he get for this?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
But we can report him, right?
If the wife doesn't help
he's out in 24 hours.
She'll bear the brunt.
I'm going to feel your back.
Tell me how you feel.
Great. Turn around, please.
You can put your top down.
Let's see here
- I'm going to feel your stomach.
- OK.
- Any trauma to the head?
- Yeah
- Were you unconscious?
- No.
Just want to check
You can sit down.
I'm going to need an X-ray
of your chest. I'll be back.
This is a good thing you're doing.
What are you doing?
Ulf will pick me up.
We can talk in the car
Jenny! You could have died.
- You weren't there. You know nothing.
- You know that we know.
- What should I do?
- Report him. We'll arrest him.
Then you'll release him,
pending trial.
- What happens to me then?
- You can get temporary accommodation.
That takes time.
If you get any help at all.
You can stay at my place.
- What? Are you serious?
- Yeah.
yeah, until you get
something else.
- Come on in.
- Thanks.
This is me.
Sorry, it's a bit messy.
My bed isn't made
- It's a nice place you've got.
- Thanks.
- You live alone?
- Yes.
I've lived with dudes my whole life.
He needs help, Jenny.
This is what you're doing now.
You're helping him.
Right. So when can she get
an accommodation?
Three weeks?
No, you must get her
something sooner.
Right I understand.
I'll call Social Services tomorrow.
Thank you, bye.
Do we know
where Jenny Hagel is staying tonight?
- Yes. I took her there.
- OK.
Can you pick her tomorrow?
She's meeting the prosecutor.
- Sure.
- Great. See you later.
What are they thinking?
Last time, they gave us
the questions ahead of time.
Right? Hang on, wait a second.
Yeah? No, I understand.
But the fact is
Yes, sure,
but we need some time to prepare.
Yeah Yes, it's important,
OK. Yes, all right,
we'll talk later. Bye.
- What are you doing here?
- I was about to ask you the same.
I got an earlier flight
from Stockholm.
I've loaned out my apartment.
- OK. To whom?
- No one you know.
No No!
To a crime victim.
- Goddamn it, Kattis.
- She wouldn't report it otherwise.
You're inviting a world of trouble.
I know what's allowed and what isn't.
Think of a really good answer.
Because sooner or later
someone will ask.
That's it! And up
Goddamn it
Pull a late one last night, huh?
Yeah, we went to the hospital
before hitting the pub.
- Visiting Kalle Kronvall?
- Well, they made me wait outside.
Johan here.
Guy's in a coma.
Still they were in there for an hour.
Is Jenny Hagel at your place?
- Yeah
- She dropped the charges.
- What?
- He's out again.
- Hi?
- I don't want to talk to you.
- What are you doing?
- I'm leaving now.
I'm ready!
Will you get my stuff on the bed?
- Hello!
- What the hell are you doing here?
She wanted a ride.
That's not my fault.
Get her stuff and leave.
You look really good.
- You know that, right?
- Excuse me?
You live here alone?
Or do you have a boyfriend?
- What, girlfriend?
- Get out of here.
Hey, thanks a lot for your help.
Really appreciate it.
Get out of here!
- This looks bad, Katarina.
- I was just trying to help.
Jenny says you threatened her
into testifying.
Me? She's just scared.
Did you know about this?
I would've advised Huss against it.
But there was no threat,
that's bullshit.
Jenny Hagel has lied
to the police before.
That's that, then.
I understand if you're angry.
I don't give a shit
where Jenny Hagel stays.
But you do not go behind my back.
This is teamwork.
You can't seem to get that
into your head.
- Am I even in this team?
- You tell me.
We lost you to Homicide
before you'd even started.
That wasn't just my idea.
You chose to have
one foot out the door.
It's up to you to change that.
This time,
Jenny called it in herself.
- Is he?
- He's not here.
Na zdrowie.
- Your wife is in the hospital.
- She took a fall again?
She took a beating. Again.
Right. Well, I've been here
for the past few hours.
- Ask the Polish guy.
- All day. Boss been here all day.
- Did you threaten to send him back?
- You're the one threatening people.
He's my witness.
Get the fuck outta here!
- Sit down!
- Hello?
What's going on here?
It's about an assault charge.
Who are you?
I own this firm. He's my partner.
- Can we speak privately?
- Yeah, sure.
Here we go.
This is the paperwork for Marek.
Does Ulf have a hold on him?
What do you mean?
We pay according to agreement.
He's covering for your partner.
Playing dumb. Like you.
I'm not responsible
for what Ulf does or doesn't do.
- He's going to kill her in end.
- There must be a way to stop him.
There's always a way.
Just a matter
of taking the right measures.
Well, why don't we?
- Is that what you want?
- Of course that's what I want!
What are you doing?
All right.
We're at the scene,
ready for correction.
Tvärgränd 12.
Copy that. We'll be arriving shortly.
What is it we're going to "correct"?
Hagel's behavior.
You can take this car and leave.
Or you come along.
But then there's no backing out.
I'm in.
- Yeah.
- Good.
You uniforms will stay put
until he is picked up.
Picked up?
Stop! What the hell are you doing?!
Let go What the hell! Stop it!
Somebody, help! Help!
Here, take it.
No! Goddamn it!
Take it easy Take it easy!
Let's talk about it
You don't touch Jenny again! Got it?
- Her brother sent you?
- I said, got it?!
I got it
That's enough!
You take this off now, you die.
You got that?
You got that?! Huh?
- Let it go.
- He knew it was me!
He can't prove shit.
Even if he does report us.
Well, I gotta go.
- Good job today, Kieri.
- Thanks.
- He was at my place.
- Ulf Hagel?
He was picking up Jenny
and was being intimidating.
- He touch you?
- What? No!
But he knows where I live.
Don't worry about it.
He won't be coming around again.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- How are you?
- Yeah, I'm OK.
- How are you?
- Yeah
You two pick up lunch
for the detectives.
They can't pick up their own food?
- You guys are low on the totem pole.
- I know. But why?
It's how we do things
around here, Huss.
- Messi scores twice.
- Not against an English team.
He will easily score Finally!
Got transferred to the kitchen?
I thought you wanted to be
a detective.
Well, I can pick my own food,
so I guess I'm overqualified.
You want coffee,
the machine is over there.
If you can manage to walk there
on your own.
What was that about?
- How are we doing?
- Fine.
The neighbors are complaining.
We'd like you to leave.
- Why?
- They think you're being intrusive.
I'm not fucking going anywhere.
Then you can ride with us
to the station.
Would you prefer that?
I was a few inches over
for five minutes.
I'm just doing my job.
It's fucking unreasonable!
No, no, no!
You let go of me! I pay your salary!
You pay this.
You're free to file an appeal
for your parking ticket
with the police.
We're taking him home now.
You should probably have a talk
when he gets there.
Thanks for the assist, guys.
Take care now, OK?
Let's go.
We've gotten complaints
from the neighbors.
Someone's yelling.
My husband won't open the door!
- You two know each other?
- No, I don't know her.
What do you mean? Let me in!
The neighbors have complained.
You can't be yelling like this.
- So, just Have you been drinking?
- Just a couple beers.
Just a couple?
- Does this woman live here?
- No.
- You do not live together?
- No. She does not live here.
- I think you should come with us.
- Hang on! I'll come down.
Ulla where do you live?
I live up there.
Why won't he come down?
Take it easy.
Ulla I'm giving you
one more chance.
- Oh, darling
- But that's it.
- And no more yelling, OK?
- We promise.
Go easy on the beer from now on.
Have a nice day! Bye-bye!
- Nice.
- I rule!
I got a strike!
Let's go, Paul!
- Well, it's
- That's not good.
You can salvage this with a spare.
- One, two
- No! Boo!
- There you go.
- No you're kidding!
- This is good stuff.
- Oh, dear God
Has he been in touch?
- No.
- Good, good.
There are always
more assholes like him, though.
Kind of goes with the job.
But I want you to know,
with this crew, you're never alone.
What we've been through together
Nothing can touch us after that.
You mean, Valdemar Road?
Among other things.
We're the ones on the front lines
when shit hits the fan.
There and then,
your colleagues are you've got.
That kind of bond
makes friends for life.
And sometimes more than that.
- I'm just gonna go to the toilet.
- Sure. See you in a bit.
Male, white, around 50.
No ID or phone on his person.
Severe contusion
on the back of the head.
Probably caused by
blunt force trauma to the head.
This isn't too far
from the industrial area.
There's a closed campsite
across the lake.
Otherwise, there's just woods.
- So what was he doing there?
- Maybe going for a swim?
No wonder he's pale.
The water is fucking freezing.
- I put a good spin on some of those.
- Great spins!
All good?
The van's being serviced.
You and Kieri will have
to pick it up once it's done.
I heard you had problems
with your witness.
Do you feel good about being right?
Not at all.
But there are people
looking for reasons
to fault this organization.
I thought that was
about the EU summit,
not my apartment.
You're a part of this organization.
They found Ulf Hagel's body
in the lake.
- Did we inflict the damage?
- No, no
His head was It was a contusion.
He was alive when we left him.
We all saw it.
He was conscious, sitting up
Answered when spoken to.
- We took him there!
- What happened after is not on us.
Sorry, but I saw
you questioned Jenny Hagel.
I'd like a word with you?
She'll be with you in a minute.
Awesome. Thanks.
- What do I say?
- Keep it short.
Us being there
had nothing to do with it.
But there will be hell to pay
if it gets out.
Do you know how he died?
Blunt force trauma to the head.
And his car is still at the firm,
so we think he was abducted.
What impression did Jenny give?
I don't know.
Scared yet tough, in a way.
Did she mention anyone besides Ulf?
Not that I recall.
Her brother is doing time.
She's moved in those circles before.
- What, you think she's involved?
- We're looking into it.
But she's in the hospital, right?
No. She left the day
after the beating.
Apparently, another man
picked her up.
We're hoping you can help us
with that.
Me and Gustav need some help
and you know your way
around the place
I don't think
Johan will sign off on that.
It's done. He's with Tomas now.
- Did you know about this?
- No.
You must have impressed them.
Can't you talk to Tomas?
What? You don't want
in on the case?
Last time I butted in,
you told me off.
The thing is,
we're short on staff right now and
That's not your problem.
Honestly, Kattis.
Do you see yourself
still in a uniform
in five, ten years?
- I don't know.
- Yes, you do!
Maybe you won't admit to it,
but you want more.
This is great experience.
What are you doing with his stuff?
You'll get it all back
once they're done.
I'm mostly worried
about losing the house.
Ulf had life insurance?
I don't know.
I have a lawyer now.
She says half the firm is mine.
It's not like I'm happy he's dead.
- No, sure
- Well, you know.
Any idea what might've happened
to Ulf?
Was he in debt?
Did he have enemies, conflicts?
All I know is he cut ties
with his dad, but he's like 90.
Have you and Ulf ever been
to the lake where he was found?
No, not that I recall.
- You OK? Does it hurt?
- Yeah
Got two cracked ribs
Why did you discharge yourself
from the hospital?
- He threatened to come there.
- Ulf did?
He called me via the exchange
that morning.
Said the cops beat him up.
He'd say that stuff
so I'd not report him.
He'd go nuts if I said he lied.
Do you know where he called you from?
No His phone had been left
in the car, right?
I had trouble hearing him,
because of the wind
Someone gave you a ride
from the hospital, right?
How do you know?
Someone in the ER saw you leave.
Yeah, a guy gave me a ride.
Just someone I met there.
He was nice enough to drop me off.
But how come you went home?
It's the first place Ulf would look.
Where else would I go?
- Were you alone?
- Could we do this another day?
I'm not feeling too well.
My whole body aches.
So she knows we beat up Ulf?
Yeah. But she thought he was lying.
- Leave it out of the report.
- OK.
How did he get hold of a phone?
Dunno. But he called the hospital.
Must've wandered
around the lake all night.
I'm just glad
it wasn't us who killed him.
He'd earned it.
Whoever killed Ulf Hagel
did the world a favor.
Yeah, it's not like
I'm sad about it
So you'll stay on the case?
I don't know.
Darius wants me to,
but I'd very much like to be excused.
No, no. This is good.
You'll be in the know.
- When's your next briefing?
- We're having dinner tonight.
- To discuss the case.
- No need to explain yourself.
Right! Let's head out!
- Hey.
- Hi! You all right?
- I'm great. You coming?
- Nah.
Hello. I'm with the police.
I have a few questions
I'd like to ask.
Has this person been here?
- Yes, she has.
- You've seen her?
- So, what are you thinking?
- I'm thinking Jenny's lying.
She knows the guy
that picked her up.
- Why did Ulf call her?
- He wanted to make up. Says she.
Could be true.
Or he wanted someone to come get him.
We're going to try to get
the number he called from.
You know what I think?
I think Jenny's friend took him
to the lake to beat him up.
- And left him there.
- OK
Somehow, Ulf gets hold of a phone,
calls the hospital,
and threatens to kill Jenny.
- From the lake?
- It would seem so.
So the friend goes back
to finish the job.
- What do you think?
- Um, yeah it's a good theory.
- Wow.
- What?
I was hoping
for a bit more enthusiasm.
"Sounds like a good theory"
So that's why you brought me in?
As cheerleader?
No. I wanted you in on this
because you're smarter than me.
And you want me to do your job?
Like last time?
- That too.
- I knew it! I knew it.
You are smarter than me.
But when it comes
to exploiting people,
I'm number one.
Let's hear your theory.
I don't have one.
Not yet.
So, we'll start with Jenny's friend.
- OK.
- OK.
- OK.
- OK
You're sitting so close.
- Hey. Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
Hi, kitty.
Hi. Some lunatic is spitting
and hitting people.
You and Huss, get this.
Thought you'd come with us out.
Is that OK?
Let me help you. Let's go.
- Can you let go Katarina!
- Hey
No! Hey!
What happened?
I wasn't paying attention.
Maybe you're not getting
enough sleep.
Take him to the car.
Rumor has it you're getting in fights
during the day.
I did not start it!
How's it going?
So-so. We can't trace Ulf's call
to the hospital.
- Because?
- Ask Tech.
Something about calling
the hospital's exchange.
But I think we found Jenny's friend.
- Andrej Kasparov.
- Russian?
Lithuanian. Did time for armed
robbery with Jenny's brother.
- Whoa.
- And he used to work for Ulf.
- At Hagel & Holm?
- Seems that way.
Maybe you and I will go
have a chat with Holm?
Yeah, I'd love to, but I
Johan! Can I borrow Katarina
for the rest of the day?
Sure. If you promise
to bring her back after.
All right.
You can't just come here
and turn everything upside down.
We're too busy
to clean up your messes.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Could we have a chat in your office?
Yeah, sure. Come on.
Hey. How's it going?
Good. Just waiting
for the interpreter.
- But everyone's here, so
- I have to pick up my truck.
Just five minutes, OK?
I apologize for losing
my cool out there.
It's fine. Hey
that shouldn't look like that.
I'll speak to their boss.
You asked about the phones.
We have four of them.
The sturdy kind for building sites.
We don't use them all that much.
People have their own.
- There's one missing.
- A colleague didn't take it?
Maybe it's in the loader.
Should I check?
No need. Give me the numbers
and we'll check that way.
I'm not totally up to speed here,
as you may understand.
Now they're hassling me about money.
They want me to buy out Jenny.
Her lawyer got in touch?
I mean,
the body's not even cold yet.
- What do you reckon happened to Ulf?
- No idea.
But this thing with Jenny,
I could see that coming.
- That he hit her?
- Yeah.
I know what he was like
with Jessica.
- His ex-wife?
- Yes.
The firm almost went belly up
when he got locked up.
Here you go
I thought he'd learned but,
oh well
I guess you only see
what you want to see.
Do you recognize Andrej Kasparov?
- Jenny's ex.
- They used to date?
Yeah. She'd pick him up after work.
I think that's how she and Ulf met.
So, Andrej lost both his girlfriend
and his job?
There were some fighting words.
He threatened you guys?
It got scary. He's got some baggage.
- But then it calmed down.
- Do you know where Andrej is now?
And you didn't get that from me.
Last thing I need is another problem.
I think you already have one.
Andrej and Jenny
are seeing each other again.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
"Yxtel AB, Lindängsgatan 12."
- Are we in a hurry?
- Why?
All right where's the key?
Are you kidding me?!
Here it is. God
- Undocumented?
- Probably. Or slave trade.
Excuse me.
Anyone speak Swedish? English?
We're looking for Andrej Kasparov?
Thank you.
What's their hourly wage? 20 kronor?
Zero rights.
Break a leg, you're out of here.
Andrej? Was it here?
This is private property. Fuck off!
We don't have a collective agree
He denies any involvement.
Otherwise, he's a clam.
But he knows he's in deep shit.
You don't keep stuff like this
in your car for no reason.
We suspect Andrej killed Hagel.
Jenny's role in this
is as yet unknown.
Interviews will shed some light.
We've only arrested Andrej thus far.
We're holding off on Jenny.
We'd also like to discuss
Katarina's involvement.
It's settled, no?
We'd like her in
on the interviews, too.
I just wanted to check
it's all right with my squad.
I mean, I think Huss is probably
going to be my boss one day.
So I wouldn't dare say no.
Right, that's that, then.
- Thank you.
- Hey
- In here we need to think about
- I get it.
- I'm your supervisor.
- Sorry.
- It's fine.
- No, but
- I'm sorry.
- It's OK.
We're trying to figure out
where Andrej Kasparov lives.
I've only seen him
with the scaffolds.
- They say he lives in a trailer.
- Sorry, can't help you.
Do you know if Andrej and Ulf
were in touch before the murder?
But Jenny's been chewing my ear off
constantly since you were last here.
there's some kind of insurance
that kicks in if one partner dies.
- She said that?
- Yes. But there's a rub.
Our investigation
must conclude first.
Exactly. And I can't affect that.
But she doesn't care.
You and Gustav need
to question Jenny again.
We have new information.
- Thanks.
- Thank you!
Yes, I want the money
if I'm entitled to it.
Are you splitting it
with your boyfriend?
Andrej is not my boyfriend.
We know he's been at your place.
He doesn't want to get involved.
Understandable, given this.
- Lead pipe, tape, rope
- I know nothing about that.
- Did you go and meet Ulf?
- No! We were at home the whole time.
- But Ulf didn't show up.
- And Andrej?
He left the next day.
We haven't spoken since.
- You haven't?
- No.
These phone records show you have.
How many times did they talk?
Twenty four.
She wouldn't say about what.
Plus several calls
to her lawyer and her husband's firm.
Mourning doesn't seem
to be her thing.
That could be because Ulf
beat her half to death.
All right. So the theory goes,
she and Andrej want
to get at some money.
Money, revenge
In any case,
we're keeping Jenny here,
so we can work in peace.
Can you make
some extra copies of this?
- What is it?
- From the murder scene.
We find Andrej's DNA on that,
he's toast.
Two more.
Up, up, up. That's it.
Four. That's it. Yes.
Give it all you've got. Up, up, up.
Up! That's it! Well done!
All right, my set!
You psyched about tonight?
Psyched about ice hockey? Not really.
Johan seems relieved
that you have a suspect.
He was afraid to get involved.
Do you remember if Johan
wore gloves that night by the lake?
They found a similar glove
at the scene.
OK. But he was wearing his
when we left.
- You sure?
- Yeah, 100 percent.
Unless he went back.
Hey. How's it going?
I found it under the couch.
I never saw it before.
Probably plenty of DNA on this
that'll tell us whether that's true.
She's trying to pin this on me.
She came to my place
to watch a movie.
- She must have planted it there.
- Jenny?
She called two days later going,
"He's dead! Did you kill him?"
I was like,
"For 20 grand? Fuck that."
- Jenny paid you?
- To break the fucker's legs.
- How about we calm down?
- But he never came home.
We didn't know where he was.
- Jenny didn't either?
- No.
He just said,
he'd gotten beaten up by the cops.
- By us?
- Yeah, I mean, I don't fucking know.
DIF's number 56 Robin Norell
given a two-minute penalty.
Did you beat up Ulf Hagel
the night before he was killed?
- Of course not.
- That's what he told his wife.
- I wouldn't know.
- Why would he lie?
- You sound like that prosecutor.
- If this comes out in the trial
They just said it's not true.
Let it go.
What happened was,
Ulf Hagel was drunk. He lunged at us.
- Huss pushed him back into his chair.
- It's true.
I read that.
Ulf meant something else.
You took him to the lake,
which you didn't mention!
I'm responsible. Take it up with me.
Johan, I've been on the beat.
I've had partners
taking thugs into the woods.
Then you should know
we stick together
and keep our mouths shut.
Thank you, that'd be all.
What happens now?
Drop Jenny off.
Then go back to your regular duties.
It's your fault he died.
This is insane.
Even if we're cleared,
I don't get a dime, they said.
Because I paid Andrej 20,000 kronor.
It's conspiracy.
You know what Ulf would do to me.
Now it all goes to his dad,
a senile old man. It's not right.
Plus, that hammer
at Andrej's place
I don't understand any of this.
Maybe it's true after all,
that Ulf got beaten up by the cops.
Then you guys killed him
and now you're trying to frame us.
Can you just shut
Just keep quiet, please.
I'm the one
who found the murder weapon.
We have our man.
This will soon be forgotten.
I hope so.
- Darius is a loser.
- What do you mean?
He sucks up to the right people
to get ahead.
Your mother is Irene Huss,
that's why he wants to
Well, you know.
I'm just saying,
you don't need to worry about him.
That's what you said about Ulf Hagel.
- What?
- Not to worry about him.
Guess I turned out to be right.
So who is responsible?
The question of responsibility
should always be determined.
But we struggle to see
why we're subject to another inquiry.
They're not taking a new approach?
That question should be answered
by the commission of inquiry.
But no, not as far as I can see.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
That'd be all. Thank you very much.
- You handle the cameras well.
- Thank you!
I've had a lot of practice.
Hey, so
I could be facing
an internal investigation.
Not just me, the entire squad.
- We went out on a thing.
- Was Johan Jansson there?
Then he's responsible, not you.
Yeah, but Don't you want
to know what happened?
Then I'm responsible. So, no thanks.
That's how things work around here?
The less you know, the better?
More often than you'd think.
Bubbly, or well, prosecco.
It's pretty expensive stuff
So she's at the bar.
Happy to accept not just one,
but three-four drinks
Then she goes,
"No, I have a boyfriend."
- Ready to head out?
- Yes.
Give me one minute.
- Hi.
- Need to book a vehicle?
No, I don't.
My boss missed to log
the sign-off time on a report.
Could you check what time
he returned his car?
But the system is down now.
Sure. No rush.
Give me your details
and I'll leave it in your pidge.
You got it.
Fifth floor.
- You know, the guy with?
- No, not him.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Third floor.
There's been a setback
in the Ulf Hagel murder.
They can't tie the suspect
to the scene.
- No phones?
- No.
And no DNA on the murder weapon.
Only Ulf's.
Were you there
when they found the hammer?
Why do you want to know?
No, just that I was working
the case
Yes, I was there. With Johan.
- What are you doing?
- Checking the map of the crime scene.
Why do you even bother?
I just wonder
where Ulf was all night.
If you walk along this lake
you get to a campsite.
- Wanna go there?
- What, now?
Do we have anything better to do?
We could get a call.
Come on! Stop being such a wimp.
Why would he come here?
I don't know.
He was wandering around?
It was dark,
he didn't know where he was going.
There's no phone here. Let's go back.
- Just a little bit longer.
- There's nothing here! Let's go!
Go sit in the car.
I'll be right there.
- Don't hit me! Please!
- No, no.
- Do you live here?
- Yes, yes.
- I will go away. OK?
- No, no.
- Don't hit me, please!
- No, no, no. Stay, please!
Paul! Turn that off!
- I'll tell Johan you made me do this.
- Keep searching!
Sahlgrenska Hospital, ER exchange.
This is Lilian.
Seriously, cut it out, Paul!
Doesn't the cap go on your head?
That's better. Nice.
- You better have a good explanation.
- We were ten minutes from the city.
That could be the difference
between life and death.
- Did Paul mention the homeless man?
- No.
But he did say
this was all your idea.
Yes, I suppose you could say that.
And that you took
the homeless man's cellphone. Why?
Because I think
Ulf might have borrowed it.
There was a logged call to the ER
at the exact time
Jenny said he called.
And 500 he probably
gave him for the trouble.
- Where is this individual?
- I don't know.
He got scared and bolted.
- What are you driving at?
- Maybe Ulf called his killer, too.
I'll take care of the phone.
I thought I'd give
it to Darius.
They must be pretty sick
of you by now.
Enough, Huss. Give me the phone.
Thank you. You may go.
- You sold me out.
- I'm not gonna lie for you.
- It's not about me!
- So let Johan give them the phone.
- What if he doesn't?
- What do you mean?
Remember what Jenny said?
That the cops killed Ulf.
- That was just talk.
- Was it?
- You're saying Johan did it?!
- You suggested it!
I could be way off on this,
but please,
don't tell anyone about this.
Not until I know more.
No, of course I won't.
- Hi.
- Hi, Masul.
- You're Katarina Huss's boss, right?
- Yes.
Great, this is the info
she asked for.
- What's this?
- When you returned a car.
It should've been returned
that night,
but wasn't returned
until the next day.
- I was working night.
- Sure.
I just didn't see
any other names, so
You know what?
I'll leave this in her pidge.
- OK.
- Thanks.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Has a guy from car bookings
been here?
No idea.
He was supposed
to leave me something.
Hey. The prosecutor released
Jenny and Andrej.
- Really?
- Emotions are running high upstairs.
- Mia Modin is a fucking coward.
- The case doesn't hold water.
- We could have put them in custody.
- On what grounds? We have nothing.
- What do you want?
- The photocopies.
- Has Johan been here?
- No. Why?
He had something to give you.
He'll probably be by later.
You may leave again.
Hang on. I'll leave.
Do you have to be such an asshole?
- Sorry, it's been a shitty day.
- It's fine.
We should talk sometime.
Johan was supposed to give you
a cellphone of interest.
Katarina, I've got
a thousand things here.
I'll talk to Johan later.
Sure thing.
I checked the homeless man's phone.
You were right.
Ulf Hagel made several calls.
- Get in, I'll tell you about it.
- Did you talk to Darius?
Not yet. Let's do this first.
Get in, Huss. That's an order.
Ulf called his firm,
to one of the company phones.
- Who had it at the time?
- The Polish guy, I'd say.
That's why where we're going there.
You think I'm going to kill you?
Open the glove compartment.
Both my gloves are in there.
As is the car booking
you wanted to see.
Read what it says.
Well it says you were out
all night.
I'm having trouble sleeping.
Since the riots.
I work nights from time to time.
Alone. Drive around the city.
Until daybreak.
But I did not go off
and kill Ulf Hagel.
All our cars are fitted with GPS.
My whole journey is logged.
But here and now, you gotta trust me.
And I gotta be able to trust you. OK?
All right, let's go, then.
I know we have a sign-up sheet
I wasn't counting on visitors
at this hour.
Don't worry. Take your time.
Give us the name of the person
who had the phone.
It was Marek. The Polish guy you met.
- We'd like to talk to him.
- He's not here now.
What about the phone he used?
Last time I saw it,
it was in one of the dumpers.
I'll go check.
I'll do it. You stay here.
Get Darius to check
on the Polish guy.
SIGNED 29/10/2020
It's been a while
since I heard from Jenny.
- I heard she was in custody.
- Not anymore.
Oh. Right. What about Marek?
- Maybe you can't talk about it.
- Not right now.
In here. I think it was this one.
Right, OK
It's locked.
It's Katarina. We're at Hagel & Holm.
I was going to ask
you something else,
but something
doesn't add up here.
Johan Johan?
- Johan!
- I didn't mean to do it.
I didn't mean to kill Ulf.
I just got so angry.
- Put the gun down.
- He called me.
Asked to come get him.
So I rushed over there
And he yelled at me,
and it just boiled over.
- So I grabbed the hammer
- I said, drop the gun.
Do you understand what it's like
to try and build something
when your partner
just ruins everything?
Put the gun down.
When you can't trust someone
that close.
Put the gun down. No, no, Peter.
Calm down. Put the gun down.
It's all right. Give me the gun.
On your knees.
Everything seems to suggest
this wasn't premeditated,
but Peter Holm did act
deliberately afterward.
He planted the weapon at another
suspect's residence and he's tried
Shouldn't you be in there?
Shouldn't you be at home resting?
- It's Wednesday.
- Ah, the weekly hospital visit?
You and Paul are welcome to join us.
If you want to.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Do you have time for a talk?
- I can't. Got a thing.
You heard there will be
no inquiry for us?
- Guess congratulations are in order.
- I'd say so.
Did you know
there wouldn't be an inquiry?
I had an inkling.
- Shall we go?
- Yes.
- Hi.
- Hi?
- Who are you?
- My name is Katarina.
- What's your name?
- Katja.
That's almost like my name.
- Hey!
- Hi.
- I decided to drop by spontaneously.
- What does that mean?
It means doing things without
Good night.
Who was that?
Someone I work with.
Bedtime. Let's go.
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