Huss (2021) s01e03 Episode Script


It must have been very chaotic
from the start?
Maybe it's not that strange
that wrong decisions were made?
What do you mean?
Your superior, Johan Jansson,
must have been under great pressure.
Did you see it happen?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
But given where you say you were,
you must have seen
You haven't been in a riot, have you?
A lot of shit goes down.
Explosions, people throwing rocks
coming at you with lead pipes.
It's kind of like a battlefield.
- Glass of water?
- I'm good. Thanks.
After what happened
to your colleague,
have you felt the need
to talk to someone?
No, I've been managing all right.
Is this going to take a while?
We're following a red Volvo,
suspected perp.
License plate OPP 919. Over.
- Move out the way!
- Why the fuck won't he move?
Come on!
He's trying to get away.
Can we get a confirmation
on that license plate? Over.
Good. Keep going.
11-72. You've got the wrong car.
It's supposed to be a white Ford.
White? Are you positive?
Are you positive
the car is white? Over!
Goddamn it!
What do we do? Go back?
- Do we continue or turn around?
- Hang on.
Any more info on that car? Over.
We have the license plate.
It's OPP 919. I repeat
- That was the red Volvo.
- Goddamn it!
Every fucking time!
Damn it!
You can slow down.
He's already gone.
Drive back to the station.
What was that?
Fuck! Had we gotten the right info,
we'd have taken them.
Did someone wait here
and pick them up?
they couldn't have torched the car.
- The fire department is coming.
- Shit!
- Good driving, Huss.
- Yes, real good.
- What happened?
- There was a breaking and entering.
- Is anyone hurt?
- We can't talk about that.
Please go on through.
Sleeping on the job?
As you know, there have been
a few similar robberies in the area.
We're talking about two masked perps,
wearing jumpsuits and ski masks.
They break in,
or rather, they force entry,
take money and valuables, and flee
in a stolen car, which they burn up.
They likely find their victims
through social media,
and they stake them out thoroughly.
To discover suspicious people,
we'll increase our presence.
Excuse me. It could be people
already present in the area.
Like, contractors?
If you wanna pull over
every contractor, go ahead.
Be extra vigilant.
They often go for secluded houses.
- Anything else?
- What was that?
I can't comment anymore?
- You think that was good input? OK.
- Yes, I do!
- Why are you so rude?
- I don't like unannounced visits.
You can't just drop by at my place
like you did yesterday.
You never used to mind that.
- We're separating. My wife and I
- So?
That doesn't give you the right
to embarrass me in front of everyone.
you really should think long and hard
about your future.
Hanna wants to work before
going back to school. Sounds good.
But college is crucial
to a real future. Everyone knows it!
- Whose future are we talking about?
- Yours!
Do you want to work at a cafe
your whole life?
That's enough! All right?
So, when do we get to meet him?
- Meet him?
- Yes?
- As in bringing him here?
- Yes!
Won't that be nice? Meeting him?
Excuse me. We did a round
in the basement. It's all good.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- So, did you buy a puppy in the end?
- No, actually.
They sold the pup
before we made up our minds.
- What a shame.
- That's life.
- Well, everything is A-OK.
- All right, thanks. Bye.
Why use sticks?
What's wrong with a fork?
That is how normal people
talk to each other. OK?
Just so you know, in case I ever,
against better judgment,
bring Priam home.
- Should I bring you a fork?
- Yes, please.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hey, Emelie.
Daddy, I'm going to give you
something nice I made for you.
All your favorite colors.
Daddy, wake up!
How long are you going to sleep?
- We have to go, I'm afraid.
- I understand.
It must have been something
I ate for lunch.
- Is everything all right?
- Yes, definitely.
Do you know it's against the law
to talk and drive?
I'm telling you, no!
I'm telling you,
it was five seconds.
That doesn't matter.
- Are you stupid for real?
- No. I'm not.
Fuck you. I'm not accepting that.
- Cop whore!
- I'm sorry, what did you call me?
- One more word out of you
- Robert!
Goddamn it!
- Fucking cunt!
- What are you doing?
- Shut the fuck up!
- Calm down!
My dad's a prosecutor.
You're fucking toast, do you hear me?
- Calm down.
- I'm reporting him!
- Calm down.
- You're all getting fired.
You got that? That was assault!
- Is this how you usually do things?
- Get him out of the car.
- Get out of the car.
- Why?
If you want to file a complaint,
you need to sign some papers.
You bet your ass I will.
Calm down.
- Put a leash on him.
- What's this?
- What the hell is that?
- We'd like to know as well.
You wanted to file a complaint?
Come with us and do it. We can talk
about why you carry narcotics.
- Are you kidding me?
- No, I'm not.
This is insane.
I guess I'm not filing a complaint.
Are you happy?
- Am I free to go, or what?
- Yeah. But we'll hold on to this.
- Do we have his information? Good.
- Yeah.
Have a nice day. Keep your phone
in your pocket and drive safely.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
I know what you're thinking.
No, we don't carry drugs
to plant on morons.
We made a bust earlier.
I used that.
OK. And what happens
if he reports us?
We'll have to trust that our boss
understands why we acted this way.
Sometimes you can't follow
every rule in the book.
Today, we didn't follow a single one.
I'm not even talking about the drugs.
- OK?
- That was just to protect Robert.
He should've let the guy report him?
You think Johan knows
how Robert is doing?
Yeah Or I don't know.
That's Johan's responsibility.
What if he doesn't assume it?
it's Tomas Torén's responsibility.
- Got time for a beer or what?
- Two quick ones.
Or three!
Come in.
What are you doing here?
I'm supposed to see Tomas.
Shut the door.
Tomas told me about this meeting.
So I told him I'd better take it.
Tell me. What's the problem?
We have a loose cannon in our squad.
That's the problem.
I know Robert.
You don't.
I saw him attack
that guy in the car.
Plus, it started in the hospital.
- When Kalle's daughter
- I know.
Yeah, I guess you won't give in
until you know what happened.
At the outset of the EU summit,
there were several protests
all over town.
Nothing major.
Where we were, things were quiet.
We were caught flatfooted
by 20 or so activists
who appeared out of nowhere.
They came running at us.
Pelting us with rocks.
We rushed to get our riot gear on.
But Kalle didn't put on his helmet
on time.
Suddenly he was on the ground,
his head bashed in by a rock.
We focused on protecting him
until reinforcements arrived.
Did you see the assailants?
As you've noticed,
those of us who were there
aren't keen on talking about it.
It was a fucking tragedy
We're just trying
to put it behind us.
Thank you
for telling me.
Robert can be a hothead,
but you can trust him
when the chips are down.
- Hi.
- Hi!
What are you doing here?
Did you see Tomas?
Yeah, or I had a chat with Johan.
- Did something happen?
- No. Just sorted out some stuff.
- Such as?
- How some colleagues are doing.
But it was a good talk.
Now I see things more clearly.
We'll head out in 15 minutes.
Your trainee period will end soon.
Then you'll leave his squad.
Why are you poking your nose
if you're going to leave soon anyway?
What do you mean?
I mean exactly what I'm saying.
His squad is dysfunctional.
Tomas is weak
and lets him keep at it.
That's not your responsibility.
We'll take two cars
instead of the van.
Kieri, you're with me.
Huss, you're with Robert.
All right.
Wanna drive?
Shit, I already need some coffee.
What should we do about that?
I talked to Johan earlier.
He told me.
What happened to Kalle.
I didn't know
If you talked to him, you don't need
to talk to me about it.
- No
- No.
- Hi! This is where I live. Welcome.
- Thanks.
- Hi!
- This is my mom.
- Thanks.
- Hi.
- Clary. So nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
- Come in.
- Throw your jacket wherever.
- Do you want something to drink?
- I'm good.
Wow! Why haven't you told me
about this, Hanna?
This is so amazing.
Look at that view!
- Is it OK if I have a look?
- Let's all step outside!
- Isn't it nice?
- So nice.
You're lucky.
This morning it was raining.
But this is spectacular.
With a Jacuzzi,
every day must be great.
- You get tired of it after a while.
- I wouldn't.
- You're welcome whenever.
- Thank you!
It's nice, isn't it?
- This is mom's
- I'm Hugo Brunner, Hanna's dad.
- Priam. Pleased to meet you.
- Likewise.
How did you two meet?
He hangs out at the cafe
where I work.
And when you're not there,
where are you?
I study Economics.
Then business school, hopefully.
Great. A young man with ambitions.
Isn't that's great?
- Right?
- Yes.
So, Priam
That's not very Swedish, is it?
- Coffee, anyone?
- Please!
- Do you drink coffee?
- Yes.
- Where are you from?
- Afghanistan.
Afghanistan. That's a fascinating
part of the world.
- Please. Let's go.
- No problem
- So, it's the last semester?
- Yes.
And then you'll go
to business school?
- That's the plan.
- Persuade Hanna to study, please.
That's my thing, OK?
There we go. Help yourselves!
- Oops.
- It's all good.
- You go ahead, Priam.
- Thank you.
There we are
Oh, I left the coffee in there.
Stay there.
Thank you! It's a black thermos.
Be quiet!
Sit down! Sit! Where are the watches?
- What?
- Where are the watches?
We know you have a watch collection!
- Where are the watches?
- I don't have any
- Where are the watches?
- Not here! They're at the bank!
Where are the watches? Back up!
Where are the watches?
Paul and I will hold up a gas station
for some coffee and a Danish!
Wait a sec. Slow down.
Should we check it out?
Robert to Johan. We'll make a stop
by the old school
to check on a house.
- Copy that. We'll meet up later.
- Over and out.
- Did you find them?
- I found nothing!
- No
- For the last time.
- Where are the watches?
- They're not here.
They're at the bank,
I am telling you.
- Last chance. I mean it.
- No!
Tell me
where the fucking watches are!
Get up!
Don't make a fucking sound.
- Mom!
- Get them to leave. Look at me!
- Hi. Is everything OK in here?
- Yes Has something happened?
No, we're increasing our presence
after the burglaries in the area.
Your gate was open.
We just wanted to make sure
you're OK.
Yes. It does that.
Everything is as it should.
Great. Now we know. Thank you. Bye
You check the back.
Drop the weapon.
Drop the weapon, I said.
- Drop the weapon!
- OK. Easy.
Don't move.
Sit down! Good.
Sit down! Good. Look down!
- Take it easy.
- Take your belt off.
Look down at the floor!
You, too! Eyes on the floor!
Sit down!
Eyes on the floor, I said! Down!
Are you done soon or what?
Shut up! Down!
Why aren't you talking?
- Robert!
- Eyes on the floor!
You need to let go of me!
Be quiet!
Listen. Get the fucking watches now!
OK? Go!
- Get up.
- No
- Shut up!
- They're not here, I'm telling you!
I don't have them
- Come on!
- Look down at the floor at all times.
Do you understand me? Down!
Yes, I can move out here
when I'm police commissioner.
Yes. Perhaps.
Well, money doesn't always
buy taste, that's for sure.
- That's nice.
- Hell no.
There's another car
in your price range.
- Parked in a weird spot, too.
- It really is.
- Run the plates.
- Yep.
It's stolen.
What house
did Robert and Huss go to check?
Over there.
- Let's go and check it out.
- OK.
Up the stairs!
Where are those fucking watches?
Get up, goddamn it!
It's going to be all right. As long
as we stay calm and do as they say.
What are they looking for?
Hugo's collection of watches.
Come here.
Time to say
what the fuck is in the safe.
Goddamn it!
Get up. Get out!
Our colleagues will be here
any minute.
If you don't leave now,
you won't get out of here.
Shut up.
- Do you get that?
- Shut up!
Huss? Robert?
Huss, Robert, where are you?
Hey! Come down!
Look down! Come on!
- Listen to me!
- Sit down.
We have to get to the car.
Stay down!
Come on! Get up, everybody!
Robert? Come on, get up!
Get up!
What the fuck
Police! Stop!
- Hurry up!
- Get down!
Get down!
Sit the fuck down!
Robert? Robert, come in?
If they come in here, you die.
Got it?
You can't come in here.
They're armed. Four civilians
and me and Robert are hostages.
Back to the car.
Call for backup.
44-80 here. Colleagues in danger.
A hostage situation.
They're leaving.
Our colleagues know we're here now.
They will take care of this.
Are you guys OK?
I'm not fucking OK.
They bashed my face in.
I understand.
But you need to stay calm.
I find it odd that
that he would show up here
today of all days.
What the hell?
That one.
- "That one?" What do you mean?
- I haven't done anything!
I find it odd
that that person came to our house
just as we're getting robbed.
- I didn't know anything about this!
- It's the first time he's here!
How would he know
about your fucking watches?
- I don't think your dad means
- He is not my dad!
- He did mean it. Fucking racist!
- Hey. Quiet!
You need to calm down!
You need to stick together! Got it?
What the hell do you know
about sticking together?
- You have to
- Shut up!
Stop fighting. You got that?
We must stick together and keep calm.
The police will surround the house
and solve this.
Robert, are you OK?
Hey. You! Turn around! Look down!
Look down at all times!
Look down! Show me your hands.
Listen to me. Call them.
We have demands: two million
and free passage out of here.
- Got that?
- Yes.
And you, look down!
I said, look down!
What's taking so long?
- What's happening?
- We have an injured person in here.
And the family is pretty shaken.
Calm down.
Reinforcements are on the way.
Hey, how's Robert?
- I don't know, he
- Come on!
- They have demands.
- What kind of demands?
They want free passage
out of here and two million.
I have no mandate to negotiate.
No, but the situation is getting
out of control. So solve it!
- Give me ten minutes.
- Ten minutes. They need ten minutes.
OK, you get ten minutes.
Hey, how is Robert?
He is I don't know
Listen to me, Katarina.
You have to get him out of there.
Make sure you get him
Well done.
Everybody sit tight. Nobody move
or do anything stupid. Got that?
- What's the situation?
- We have two unknown perps in there.
Four civilians and two colleagues
are hostages.
I just spoke with one of them, Huss.
Apparently we have one injured person
in there. The rest seem OK.
The perps want two million
and free passage out of here.
What the fuck are you doing?
I handle all contact with them
from here on out.
- It's crucial that we agree.
- About what?
When we got here, they were already
headed back into the house.
- We couldn't stop them. OK?
- No. Right.
- What could we have done?
- Exactly.
How the hell are we going to do this?
They're fucking coming in here!
You need to take it easy!
Take these.
OK? Are you OK? We've got this.
We've got this. OK.
Thank you.
Hey. A neighbor saw the robbers
trying to run away from the house.
I hear you were at the scene.
- What happened?
- That's incorrect.
They were headed back inside.
So they weren't running away?
Why were they out of the house?
I don't know.
We did what the situation called for.
You chased them back inside,
to the hostages.
If you stopped licking ass,
maybe you'd see
what real police work is all about.
Just maybe.
- Nobody move!
- Go into the bedroom.
Robert. Sit down.
What are you doing?
- Robert!
- Let him go!
- Let him go!
- Stop it!
Stop it!
- Stop it!
- They are calling now!
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
Answer them!
Johan, what the fuck
is going on out there?
Hi, Katarina. This is Miriam Eklund.
Johan isn't here.
I'll continue this negotiation.
- How are you?
- We're
- We're OK.
- Good. Good to hear.
Can I talk to them directly?
- They want to
- No! You talk!
- They want me to do the talking.
- I see.
Say our demands!
They want two million
and free passage out of here.
I'm working on it as we speak.
We don't want fucking cops
lurking around.
If they do, we'll shoot a hostage.
As long as you don't hurt
any hostages
we'll stay put. I promise.
I'll let your demands be known
and call you back.
- OK.
- Listen to me.
Try something again,
and I'll empty this clip
in your face.
You got that?
That goes for you, too! You got that?
Everybody sit fucking tight.
- Are you hurt?
- No.
Our colleagues out there
know what to do.
Progress is being made,
even though it doesn't seem like it.
Why aren't they doing anything?
- Why are we still here?
- Be quiet!
How did they know about your watches?
How did they know?
Maybe someone else
you've been bragging to.
- Can you answer me?
- How should I know?
- I buy my stuff anonymously online.
- How much is the collection worth?
How much are the watches worth?
- Hugo, she's only trying to help.
- You be quiet now!
- Do you always have to be so mean?
- Please, behave!
Calm down.
- How much is the collection worth?
- It's invaluable.
You don't understand.
You don't know
how long I've been saving,
collecting these watches.
They're mine.
I won't ever say where they are.
- Are the watches really at the bank?
- Are you slow?
If you hadn't rung the doorbell,
he'd be dead now.
I thought it was
the security firm returning.
What security firm?
Everyone around here
has security guards
making checks on the houses.
- Everyone has the same security firm?
- Yes, I think so.
The police have cordoned off
big parts of the property.
They still won't say
how many assailants are in there.
We also don't know
if there are any injured.
We're awaiting a statement
from the police press officer.
It's shocking
when these things happen
Irene? Are you all right?
- Yeah.
- You haven't heard?
- Heard what?
- What the hell. No one's told you?
What, Tomas?
- The hostage situation in Hovås?
- Of course I know!
Katarina is one of the hostages.
- How many robbers?
- Two, we hear.
- How many hostages?
- Four civilians. Two colleagues.
- Katarina is one of them.
- You said that. Any injured hostages?
Apparently one. I don't know who.
- I can go out to
- No! Absolutely not.
We've discussed their demands.
We have a counter-demand.
OK. What's the counter-demand?
Let the injured hostage go
before we continue negotiating.
No! We don't agree to that.
It's a demand.
You need to give us something
if we are going to negotiate.
No, we're telling you!
We know where you stand. Thanks.
- Miriam, wait.
- Yes?
Tell the security firm
not to let anyone in.
Given what's going on.
Security firm?
We won't let
any security guards through.
The area is cordoned off.
But the hostage takers
need to know we can only help them
if they let one of you go.
- Then we talk about their demands.
- Got it.
- Good.
- What the hell was that?
Only say
what we tell you to say. OK?
Are you letting a hostage go?
- Are you letting anyone go?
- Shut up!
She mentioned a security firm.
She will give us information.
At the briefing, she said the robbers
could be in the area every day.
- It could be security guards.
- Look into it.
Bring someone with you. Johan!
- Go with Darius.
- I'd rather go alone.
- Go where?
- To look up the security firm.
I'd better stay.
Our colleagues are in there.
We have the manpower.
Go look into that security firm.
- I'm going now.
- Now!
Call me on my personal phone
if anything happens. OK?
- Hi.
- Hi.
What's the status inside the house?
The negotiator just talked
to Katarina. She seems to be OK.
OK, thanks.
What's your name?
Are you guys dating?
How long?
- Don't do that!
- Listen to me, calm down.
- Don't touch me!
- Be cool!
The more tired they get,
the better the odds they give up.
I'm listening.
You'll get free passage but no money,
and you must release a hostage. OK?
You. Stand up!
- Let Hanna go. I'll stay.
- Priam! Do as they say!
- No.
- Stand up!
Shut up! Don't move!
Don't move! Shut up!
OK. We're releasing one of them now.
Move fucking slowly
or I'll put a bullet in your head.
What's going on?
It's all right. Calm down.
They're letting him go.
- Status?
- They're letting one go.
Hopefully, it'll be over soon.
Goddamn it! Clear out the OP.
They're coming out with a hostage.
Back up!
Close the door!
Close the door! Fuck!
Are you OK?
Fuck! Goddamn it!
They're fucking us over!
What the hell are you doing?
We made a mistake. I apologize.
All officers are gone from the house.
You can release the hostage.
Go to hell!
That's what happens
when they try to fuck us over.
- Hugo.
- No.
We need to go out.
We're going out! Come on!
Come on!
Hey! Let him go!
- No!
- Keep still!
Let him go!
- He needs to go to a hospital.
- He should be happy he's alive.
That fucker should be happy
he's alive, you got that?
- Hello?
- Katarina? Is everyone OK?
We heard screaming. What happened?
You have one hour
to meet their demands,
or they shoot a hostage.
- I see.
- And no cops near the house.
If they see one cop,
they'll shoot a hostage.
- You got that?
- Understood.
Are there any more injured, Katarina?
- Can we have some water?
- Katarina? Fuck
- What did she say?
- We're fucked.
- What did she say?
- We have an hour.
What the hell were you doing?
You ruined the hostage handover.
There was a communication failure.
That's on me.
What kind of explanation is that?
I'll take over. You're dismissed.
Do you have anything
you'd like to add?
When the press gets wind of this,
the shit will hit the fan.
- Is the press officer even here?
- I don't think so.
I'll deal with the press.
- Out of the question.
- I've got it.
Focus on what needs to be done.
And no more mistakes.
Why would my security guards
be involved in the Hovås robberies?
- That's preposterous!
- Why's that?
Because we're a serious company
with happy customers.
Sounds great, but all robbed families
have the same security company.
- How come?
- How should I know?
I know security firms
have a certain reputation.
That they hire assholes
and bad apples with no business
being security guards.
- But that's not how we operate. No!
- Great. Right? Sounds super.
Sure does. So who works out in Hovås?
You want a list of guards
who work there?
Forget about it. You need a warrant
to conduct a search here.
Inaccurate. In high-risk situations,
I can make the call at my discretion.
All right. Go ahead.
You have to find the list yourselves.
That means we'll call your clients
and ask about your employees.
I'm sure
they'll want to switch firms.
So you can sit here and be quiet,
or you tell us who works in Hovås
and we'll focus on them:
the bad apples.
What do you say?
You need to drink something.
Was it worth this?
Was it worth this, Hugo?
If you don't tell them, I will.
- Shut up!
- What?
He has a secret safe in the bedroom.
- Ow!
- Don't you touch my mother!
Stupid little ninny!
Can you please shut the fuck up?
Thank you.
Dying next to him would suck so bad.
- I don't want to die!
- We're not going to die.
Hey, we're not going to die.
We hear there are injured hostages.
Do you care to comment?
True. We have received information
that one hostage may be injured.
That's all we can say for now.
What kind of injuries?
As I said,
it's all we can say for now.
Is it true that the police aggravated
the hostage situation at one point?
We always follow strict protocol
for these situations
so that we don't endanger lives.
This time is no different.
Can you say anything
about the hostages?
We can't divulge that now.
I hope you understand
and respect that.
We're doing everything we can
to achieve the best possible outcome.
That's all I had to say.
I won't take any more questions.
Thank you.
I don't want to die.
Please, don't let me die.
Please don't let me die.
Everything's going to be all right.
I promise.
In 20 minutes,
we'll shoot one of you.
If you let me go,
I can get you 500,000 kronor.
It'll be you.
Are you trying to save yourself?
- Are you trying to save yourself?
- Take it easy
Not your family, but yourself?
So these are all the guards
in Hovås?
Yes, and they do a good job.
Always have.
Never had any complaints.
Sure. Your firm has no bad apples.
Is that really necessary?
- Who's this?
- Linda. She's worked here for years.
- Is that her car?
- Probably.
I guess you make a lot of money
as a security guard.
- Where is she now?
- It's her day off.
Get ready.
- Get ready to shoot our way out.
- There's ten minutes left.
They're not calling.
They'll listen to us.
We're walking out of here.
- Cut it out. Take it easy.
- Get ready.
Come on
They'll call any minute now.
Any minute now
It doesn't matter.
- It doesn't matter anymore.
- Robert, they'll call any minute now.
Let's just keep our cool.
Like you did on Valdemar Road.
You stuck together.
And you kept your cool.
It's how you were able
to protect Kalle.
Don't you get it?
- Don't you get it?
- What?
Johan lied.
What do you mean?
That it wasn't calm.
Johan has been lying all along.
I don't get it.
What has he been lying about?
If you're going to shoot me,
then come and do it already.
Stop it.
- Shut up!
- You've acted like a pussy all day!
Don't listen to him.
We call the shots.
- Why wait? Come out and do it.
- Stop it!
- Did you hear me?
- Stop it!
- Shut up!
- Don't let him call the shots.
Shut up, I'm telling you!
Cut it out!
There you are!
Gun-toting little bitch. Come here.
Stop it!
We want our money!
What did they say?
What did they say?
Unless we release the old guy,
they'll stop negotiating.
We won't get any money.
Get a fucking grip! Get it together!
Get it together!
- It was just a fucking job.
- Fuck them.
- Huh?
- Fuck the cops.
- No
- Yes. Let's shoot the fuckers.
- Cut it out.
- You are back?
Please, take it easy!
Please calm down!
You disgusting little bitch!
Fucking shoot me!
- I will shoot you!
- I know how you can get the money!
Tell them. Tell them or I will.
You're a cop. You can't tell them
- Tell them!
- Shut up!
It's the watches. Right?
- The watches are in the house?
- In the bedroom. In a hidden safe.
- What's the code?
- I don't know.
Fucking talk!
What's the fucking code? Talk!
I've collected them my whole life.
I won't give away what's mine
to some fucking psychopaths.
Give them the code.
- Someone knows the code. Right?
- I don't know it!
- No?
- No! Stop it! Listen to me!
- I'll shoot her. One
- Listen! I think I know!
- two
- I know! 647302.
- Don't you tell them anything!
- 647302. Try a combination of that.
What kind of disgusting person
are you?
If you had said this from the start,
we wouldn't be here now.
All this for a few fucking watches
that your insurance covers!
You disgust me.
- No way!
- Yeah.
You're calling them and telling them
we want to leave. Got it?
OK, Paul.
Call me right away
if something happens. Bye.
Is this really our job?
Are we on the right track?
We should put Surveillance on this.
- What do you say?
- There she is.
Linda, wait up!
I'll go around the back.
Yeah! Sorry.
Stop! Police!
Linda we should head inside
with this. Before it gets cold.
- Why did you run?
- I got scared.
I've been attacked a few times.
It's instinctive.
You saw his uniform.
No, I only saw you.
OK, Linda
You're a security guard.
In Hovås, among other places.
- Yes.
- Nice car you have there.
How much are those?
- 700 or 800 thousand kronor?
- That much, huh?
Security guards make that kind money?
I came into some inheritance money.
- From who?
- A relative.
- Of course.
- Did your cousin Kevin inherit any?
I don't know. Ask him.
We don't really talk.
But you know
he got out of jail recently.
Yeah, I heard.
Coincidentally, a wave of robberies
starts in Hovås soon thereafter.
Just bad timing, I guess.
If I cooperate,
will that reduce my sentence?
They will forfeit the ransom
if they get free passage out of here.
No police cars or helicopters
following them.
Before we do that,
they must release
the injured hostage.
No! We take him as insurance.
You should've shot me
when you had a chance.
Shut the fuck up!
Stop it!
I'm about to fix this!
They won't agree to it.
Listen to me, Miriam.
- Don't stress them any further.
- We need to wait.
No, you need to let them go!
This family
can't take anymore! Enough!
- I hear you.
- And I'll go with them.
- Take me instead.
- Katarina. No.
We'll take her instead.
We're going now.
Get up.
Don't try anything stupid.
Don't move, OK?
- No! What are you doing?
- He's coming too.
- Why?
- Can't go out with just one shield.
Wait! Let me talk to them.
What's going to happen now is,
as soon as we've left,
our colleagues and ambulance staff
will come and look after you.
- But what about you?
- It'll be all right. I promise.
- But it's over for you, guys.
- Thank you, Katarina.
Come on.
Take it easy!
Stand there. Don't move.
- You don't say a word, you hear me?
- I promise.
Go! Up to the car!
You're driving! OK? Open the door!
We're in!
Hold your hands up!
To the right up here. Right?
Keep going!
- Where am I going?
- Drive!
Drive into town!
- Where am I going?
- Just keep driving!
Anyone on our tail?
Are you guys tailing us?
Are you tailing us?
- No!
- OK.
Are you sitting comfortably,
little bitch? Huh?
You should be happy
you're still breathing. Got that?
Red light coming up.
Do I make a right or left?
- Right or left?
- Make a left!
We have an address.
Keep going toward Gamlestaden.
- Got that?
- Yes!
- Is this the exit?
- Yes! Make a right.
Here! Up here! Pull over!
- Calm down!
- Stop the car!
Come on! They need to climb that.
Come on! Hurry!
Fuck! Come on!
We need to find another entrance.
Are you sure this is where she meant?
Yes, the parking garage
by Hotel Kusten. It must be here.
- Where is it parked?
- Section D.
Blue Volvo 360.
There they are!
Police! Drop your weapons!
- Johan!
- Here!
Move back!
Get down! Police! Get down!
Get down!
Stay down!
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I'll be right with you.
- Thank you.
Are you OK?
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
You were right.
One of the robbers is a cousin
of a security guard
working in the area.
She helped them find
suitable victims.
You know, everyone said
you did an awesome job in there.
The Brunner family said
you were very supportive,
kept it all together.
That's what they said?
- And the dad?
- Surgery. He'll be fine.
Good job.
But volunteering to go as hostage
was maybe a step too far.
But you were awesome.
- Do you need a ride?
- No, I'm good.
Let me know if there's anything
I can do.
Did you really want to die?
Absolutely not.
It almost seemed like it.
I was thinking about
what you said about Valdemar Road.
That Johan lied about what happened.
I haven't talked to you
about Valdemar Road.
You don't remember
we talked about it?
- Come on, Robert. Let's go.
- Yup.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are you?
Yeah, I'm
I'm OK.
It's been a long day.
Come here.
I'm driving you home.
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