Huss (2021) s01e04 Episode Script


I'd like to go through what happened
between 14:00 and 14:20 hours.
I've already told you everything.
There are details in your statement
that don't match
those of your colleagues.
Our orders were clear:
no one was to be let through.
- When you lost radio contact
- We stayed put.
- You never considered retreating?
- Like I said, I followed my orders.
So despite an escalating situation,
you followed original orders. Right?
My instinct
is to always follow orders.
Which I did.
I'm trained to follow
the chain of command.
Anything else
would've meant chaos.
Even more chaos.
And Karl Kronvall?
Where was he at this point?
- Are you getting any sleep at home?
- Sure.
Except for our newborn alarm clock
that keeps going off.
You haven't tried
putting vodka in the gruel?
A dash, and they sleep
through the night.
My mom would do that.
That explains a few things about you.
51-14-20, from 5-0, come in.
51-14-20, Kungsportsavenyn.
Call for backup for a quarrel
outside a bar on Västra Larmgatan 21.
Västra Larmgatan 21. Copy that.
On our way. Over.
5-0, over and out.
Go to the entrance.
Kieri, come with me!
Everybody calm down!
- Calm down a bit.
- Calm down!
Come here!
Come with me!
What the fuck! Get him!
Robert! Johan!
Johan! You need to calm him down!
Go back up your colleagues. Now!
Stop it!
Get out of here! Goddamn it!
For fuck's sake!
Gather your fucking team!
Come on!
Everybody back in the van!
- What are we gonna do?
- About what?
- He is a ticking time bomb.
- What?
I think he needs help. For real.
Or he'll do some real damage
to someone. Or to himself.
- We can't just pretend nothing's
- Done? Thanks. I know your stance.
All right, boys. Come with me.
- Kieri, you're coming too.
- Yes.
- What's going on?
- Briefing over at Major Crimes.
- Why didn't anyone tell me?
- Didn't you get a text? Come on!
We received a tip about a new crew
selling cocaine in Gothenburg.
We lack details, but we know
they make use of young dealers.
They deal to finance their own use.
Can you hand these out?
Tonight, there will be a rave
on the road to Eklanda.
We have reason to believe
many persons of interest will attend.
Darius and his team planned a raid.
Patrol teams five and six are backup.
It's straightforward. We ID
the suspects and order the bust.
Questions? Good.
See you. Thanks!
Huss! You stay with the van onsite.
- Is that clear?
- Yes.
- Babysitting the van? Seriously?
- Let it go.
He wants to punish me.
- You're getting a reputation.
- What do you mean?
They say you're disloyal
to the team.
Who says that?
- Huss and Kieri, come on.
- Yes! Just let it go.
Open up.
It's vacant now.
I was just washing my hands.
Raid is over. No arrests.
How did you get made so quickly?
Unclear. We barely made it in there
before they starting dumping.
They must've been tipped off.
We didn't call attention
to ourselves.
- We didn't do anything in particular.
- Maybe it's about how you looked.
What do you mean?
You didn't exactly look
like rave kids.
I'm sorry,
but you might as well have had "cop"
written on your forehead.
Katarina has a point. We'll find
better suited undercover agents.
- Thank you.
- I'll do it.
I'm their age, I'm a girl
Plus, I don't really look like a cop.
To be honest.
Let me try.
Mia, come on.
You can't let a newbie go undercover.
She has no experience.
It's too risky.
Use someone who's done it before.
- Hi. You wanted a word?
- Yes. Come in.
Don't mind Darius.
He is good at his job, but he knows
you could get even better.
Sit down.
You seem very keen on this job.
I think I'd do a good job.
You'd be out of a uniform.
- No gun, no protection.
- I know.
But I really, really want to do this.
This is Ella Nygren.
We don't know
which role she plays yet,
but we think
she could be a way in.
She's 22, works part-time
in a clothing store.
Moves in club circles.
Approach her using a false alias.
We need to get a foot in
and gather information.
- Hi. Did we have an appointment?
- No.
But I heard that Katarina
might work undercover.
Right. I'll give you two minutes.
Do you know what you're getting
yourself into?
- You can't entrap anyone.
- I am not going to.
You can't let anyone underage
take drugs.
You can't take drugs
under any circumstances. You can't!
Are you scared I'll embarrass you?
I thought you'd be happy about this.
Katarina, please.
This isn't about you and me.
Can we continue?
We learned from social media
that Ella will be at a party
on Saturday.
You'll approach her there.
Approach her with caution.
You need to win her trust.
Make her think you are like her.
- "Lore"?
- Huh?
"Lore". Six letters, ends with a D.
Legend of course.
- The drive was OK?
- Yup. No problem.
What car do I drive back?
Maybe something
with some speed this time.
- What?
- What car? For driving back?
Oh. I don't think
there are any cars left.
How am I supposed to get home?
- You can get a ride with me.
- OK.
Someone told me
something weird the other day.
Someone told me you tipped off
the cops about the party.
I said that was fucking bullshit.
Jojo would never betray me.
- We're partners, right?
- Yes! I would never Who said that?
A partner wouldn't steal a stash
for private use, right?
And then try to cover for it
by selling themselves to the cops.
That would be fucking stupid.
I would never talk to the cops.
Never! You know that.
You know me, Alex.
You know what?
We'll talk about it in the car.
Let's go.
- Nice color.
- What?
- The lipstick. It suits you.
- Thank you.
- Hey
- What?
Do you know anyone that's selling?
- Selling what?
- I mean
Blow? I thought
you might know someone or?
Or maybe you sell?
No, I don't sell.
Yeah, I don't know
I fucked up. I came on too hard.
I scared her off.
You're being too hard on yourself.
These things take time.
Next time,
try being yourself
without giving away who you are.
And if she is dealing,
of course she's going to be vigilant.
Anybody could be after her. Right?
File your report by this afternoon.
I just want to say,
thank you for believing in me.
Have you got a lighter?
I recognize you.
Are you waiting for someone?
Jojo. But he's, like, always late.
- Is he a friends of yours?
- Why do you wonder?
- What are you doing?
- Let me go!
- Come on. Go!
- What the hell?
Shit! Holy fuck!
- What the fuck was that?
- Pepper spray.
- You always carry that around?
- Don't tell anyone. It's illegal.
You can't trust anyone.
- Ella.
- Maja.
- Thank you so much, Maja.
- Are you OK?
Yes, but shit!
- Do you want some? Have some!
- No, really
- I wouldn't have this without you.
- I was headed home.
- Sure?
- I'm positive, I promise.
OK Take it easy!
My friend Gösta is playing
at Club Chaos this Friday.
- Come. It'll be lots of fun!
- Sure, let's see. I need to go.
- Close the door behind you. See you!
- Someone's in there.
It stings like hell!
It's better now. I didn't think
you'd use real pepper spray.
It has to be for real
for anyone to buy it.
- Thanks a lot!
- Did you try with milk? That helps.
- I'll try that. But you owe me one.
- Definitely. Thank you.
- Hi! Come on in.
- Hi.
Sit down.
Good. Now we know that Ella Nygren
is the one selling narcotics.
Now we just have
to find the supplier.
What's your cover story?
I'm green.
Just moved here from Solna.
I'm doing my GED
and, well, like to party.
Later, say you need money.
Want to sell.
She might bring you all the way in.
But for now,
just take it nice and easy.
Keep going exactly like this.
Move slow so you don't scare her off.
I want you to wear a tracker
next time you see her.
I want you to wear a wire too,
but I need to get that cleared.
- Good job, Katarina. Really.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi!
- Hi, come in.
- Katarina.
- Marie. Welcome.
- Thank you. You need this, right?
- Yes.
- OK. Ever worn a tracker before?
- No.
No worries. We'll go through
everything you need to know.
Do you know Robert?
We're on the same team.
- We actually dated for a while.
- Right.
I didn't know he dated a colleague.
No. He probably
wouldn't talk about it.
We were even going
to move in together.
All done.
He changed his mind.
Three days
before we were set to move.
- You are kidding!
- I'm fine now. It wasn't meant to be.
He seems to have been having
a rough time.
Yeah. He changed a lot
after the riots.
You think you know someone well.
Turns out you don't know them at all.
- And now he's left his bag here
- Want me to give it to him?
Would you? Oh my God.
It's great not having to see him now.
- I get that.
- OK
That is your new phone number.
Learn it by heart.
This one is for all contact
with the team.
I'll put a tracker on it,
so have it with you at all times
so we can locate you
even with no network.
Hi! It's so great to see you.
I didn't expect you to come.
No, neither did I!
- Ever been here before?
- No.
Hi! Are you all right?
Go ahead.
Come on, for fuck's sake!
- Here.
- No, I'm good.
I've got a drug test tomorrow.
I got busted last year.
What? You're kidding!
I smuggled in clean urine
in a condom.
- You're lying!
- It's true!
It's not exactly the smartest people
who work with that.
- I won't risk that.
- How boring.
- I must leave.
- Did it really happen?
Yes. I have to leave.
See you guys later!
How do you know him?
You know everyone here.
They're not all my friends.
They're mostly work associates.
- How long have you been doing this?
- Doing what?
- Do you have a lot of clients?
- What kind of question is that?
What are you, a narc?
Come on!
- You are so pretty, Maja!
- Fuck that!
- Please delete!
- No! You're so pretty!
- What's your handle on Instagram?
- I don't have Instagram.
- You're kidding!
- No.
- Facebook?
- No.
- I've never heard of such a thing.
- Stop it.
- Do you even have a phone?
- Cut it out!
- Of course I have a phone!
- Maybe you use a fax?
- Give me your number.
- OK.
I'll save it under S.
As in "Sexy Maja".
Call me sometime
if you feel like hanging out.
I don't know
too many people here yet.
I need to go.
I'll see you around.
Hey. Have you seen Robert?
- Why?
- Just wondering.
No, we haven't seen Robert.
We're not his nannies.
I'm just supposed to give him
this bag from Marie.
- Is he at the gym or?
- You talked to her? About Robert?
I just went to get some equipment
and she said he'd left it.
Why can't you just leave
people alone?
We were just talking.
If I were you, I wouldn't talk
about shit that isn't my business.
- Can you give this to Robert?
- Sure thing.
- Hey! What was that about?
- Nothing.
This isn't the Academy anymore.
People are starting
to find you troublesome.
You know, I don't care
what people think. It doesn't matter.
On the other hand, why this team
is so damn dysfunctional does matter.
I'm not stupid.
I get that something happened.
But why won't people talk about it?
Some people can't do their jobs.
And someone
should tell it like it is.
Maybe so. But not you.
- Or you're a goner.
- So? I bet it'd make you happy.
- I want you to do well.
- Except this is about something else.
And everyone here seems to know what,
except for me.
- Hello?
- Hello? Can you hear me?
- Yes, I hear you.
- Do you hear me if I whisper?
- Yes Very good.
- You have the best job.
- A whole room all to yourself.
- Yeah, it's pretty sweet.
I wish
I didn't have to work with people.
This place is so fucked!
If these walls could talk,
it'd be all lies.
- OK?
- Everyone covers for everyone else.
- Do you know Johan?
- Yup.
He and Robert are like brothers.
They're insanely tight.
Like a private men's club
no one's allowed into.
No shit. At times I've wondered if
I've wondered if Johan got Robert
to break up with me.
- Why?
- I don't know.
Johan doesn't like me.
I don't know why.
You are not
like the others around here.
- You're so easy to talk to!
- You too.
- Let's put this on.
- OK.
- Does it go underneath here?
- Yes.
- Oh la la. Merci beaucoup.
- You're welcome.
- What are we doing today?
- I'm thinking short.
Really short.
Like, Britney-goes-ballistic short.
- No!
- It would really suit you.
No! I'm not going to shave my head.
What are you, crazy?
You wanna keep the same hairstyle
you've had since you were fifteen.
- Fourteen
- So, you're due for an upgrade, no?
OK. Do whatever you want,
but do not cut it.
- Whatever we want.
- Don't cut it!
I wonder if she shot it herself?
The fur.
People are so dressed up.
I feel a bit out of place!
All good?
- It's nice to see you here.
- Likewise.
- Excuse me
- Jesus!
Thank you!
What are you doing?
There's nothing more pathetic
than middle-aged men
who think young girls like them.
I don't understand. Is he for real?
- He's just scared.
- Scared of what?
Same thing as everyone else.
That someone will call his bluff.
What, are you scared of that?
Yes. You're not?
What is it that you study?
You never said.
Um I'm completing my GED.
I need to improve my math grade
to get into nursing school.
I need a pass in all core subjects
No, why do you want to be a nurse?
I don't know. My mom's a doctor.
Healthcare feels like a natural fit.
But she's insanely focused
on her career.
I'm more about
helping people for real.
What? I am!
I believe you. It just sounded funny.
I think she's unhappy
about me wanting to be just a nurse.
Just unhappy with me
most of the time.
- That sucks.
- Nah. I'm used to it.
Do you have siblings?
I had a sister.
- I hope I get in this fall.
- Of course you will.
It's gotta be nice,
knowing what you want to do.
- I have, like, no idea. At all.
- You could be anything you wanted.
- What do you mean?
- You're that kind of person.
With the guts to go for it. I promise
you'd be great at everything.
- You think?
- Yeah.
Let me show you something.
- What's that?
- Narong. Northern Thailand.
I wanna get a place
and move there with my mom.
- Your mom?
- She loves Thailand.
Like, loves Thailand.
You can live there on nothing.
In the sun. Among palm trees.
In the sun among palm trees?
- Did it sound corny?
- No.
No. It sounds nice.
Jojo says he wants to come, too.
Or he will come.
He's just a bit complicated.
Like, I don't know
where he is right now.
I have no idea, but
he will join me.
- Wow.
- What?
You know how hard it is
to work with these?
How do people do it?
It's not so bad.
My aunts' are twice as long.
- How's it going?
- Well
I don't know. Or, I guess
I'm getting closer to her.
But she's mum
about where she gets the drugs.
I wonder if she even knows.
I think she's just a dealer.
Do you like her?
- Huh?
- Do you like her?
Do you like being with her?
I dunno She's nice, I guess.
- What do you mean?
- Be careful.
- I am being careful.
- Are you sure?
- Yes!
- Good.
Don't get emotionally involved,
is what I'm saying.
That would never occur to me.
- This is Maja.
- Get your passport and come!
- What?
- We're going on a trip.
- What trip?
- Come now!
- Now?
- Yes, come!
Yeah, OK, I'm down.
Just give me five minutes, OK?
OK Maybe you wanna tell me
what we're doing in Kiel?
What's wrong with Kiel?
Nothing is wrong with Kiel.
I always wanted to go to Kiel.
- New York, Paris Kiel!
- Yes!
Your phone is ringing.
Who is it?
No one. Just an old friend
from high school.
Seriously, why are we going
to Germany?
Wait and see! It'll be fun!
Can we go inside? I'm dying.
Go ahead. I'll call her back,
see what she wants.
I'll wait.
- Fuck it, she can wait.
- Sure?
It's freezing! Let's go!
I-16. That's a one and a six.
My longest relationship
was three months.
Mine, too.
After that, they start wanting
something from you.
- It all dies.
- Exactly! Every time!
Not every time.
My parents were together for ages.
- And they were super in love.
- That's nice.
But then my dad died.
And my mom kind of lost the will
Then she got sick.
It was as though she got lost
in this weird fog.
I've been thinking about it,
and I believe
had my dad still been alive,
my mom wouldn't be sick.
Are you seeing someone?
Nah There was someone,
but nothing came of it.
- Why?
- He was taken.
Of course. All the good ones
always are.
What's the deal? That's why
we're lucky to have each other.
If we haven't met anyone by 40,
we should marry each other.
- You and me?
- Yes!
- I'd love to. I'll drink to that.
- Cheers.
I was thinking about what you said.
About you needing cash.
- What of it?
- If you wanted to start selling,
I can set up a meeting with a guy
who can make it happen.
If you want to.
- I thought that was what you wanted?
- Yes, definitely.
- I want to!
- OK Good.
Soon, passengers can disembark
- Where are you going?
- Aren't we getting off?
No! We're gonna party!
Go get us a couple of drinks.
I'll meet you by the smoking area.
- You
- I want a G&T.
- G&T?
- G&T.
down at the third floor.
- Can I get you a tequila?
- There she is!
Maja, this is Hansi.
Hansi, this is Maja.
- Hello, I'm Hansi.
- Hi.
- Maja.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hansi just told me he's a chef.
- Yes, I am.
What a coincidence,
I can't cook for shit.
No? You cannot?
- So we're a perfect match.
- Let's go have some more drinks.
I'll catch up. A G&T or something.
I know people in the bar.
Maybe dance?
- The DJ is shit, though.
- Perfect DJ.
- No, he's not.
- He's perfect. I like him a lot.
I wouldn't expect anything else.
- The DJ is shit.
- This place isn't shit.
I can't do this
- Yes, come on! Do one!
- No I'm so drunk.
- Me, too! You gotta do one!
- I don't want to.
- Would you like another one?
- Yes, please!
Are you OK?
- I'm good. I'm just drunk.
- Me too.
- Got any smokes?
- No, I'm all out.
We got a pack when we got on.
Yeah, but we've smoked so much.
Hansi has.
But there's gotta be some left.
No, I'm all out. Hey. Gimme.
Hey! I'm out!
Maja Olsson.
- Maja Olsson! You're super cute.
- No, I'm ugly.
I mean
- Come on! Let's go down.
- No!
Yes! I'm gonna cheer you up.
- Hansi! We'll be back soon, OK?
- OK, bye.
- Are you OK?
- Yes.
We're here
- Everything is rocking.
- I know.
This will make you feel better.
No I can't.
I'm taking a drug test.
What? You did that last week.
- Right
- So you're good!
You can take as much as you want.
Wanna go first?
Want the last one?
And look what I got.
Come on, let's go back down.
Are you feeling better?
Maja? Wake up.
We're almost there.
There it is.
- Whose car is this?
- Hansi drove it on in Kiel.
- You have a driver's license, right?
- Yes, but
Get in the right lane.
- Are there drugs in the car?
- Just drive, he won't stop you.
- Isn't that your friend?
- Drive.
Head toward European route E6.
We're going in here.
Be careful, because it's all
Well, you can see for yourself.
Come on.
Come on!
Wait here.
- Hiya.
- Hey, what's up?
- All good. You?
- Good.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Maja is here.
- Maja?
The new girl.
She drove the car through customs.
- No problem?
- No, she was cool.
- Good. Is she a party girl?
- Yeah.
- Do you trust her?
- Yes. Hundred percent.
- She's here. Wanna meet her?
- Next time.
For you. You can take
the black Toyota in the back.
- Drive safely.
- Have you heard from Jojo?
- I've been calling him. No answer.
- Nope. Nothing at all.
Tell him to get in touch
when you get ahold of him.
- Good.
- Later.
- Yes! Kiss.
- Kiss.
Let's go.
We're taking another car home.
It's parked out here.
This is our car. You drive.
- You should've checked with me.
- I tried to get ahold of you.
You should've awaited orders.
I'd have never OK'd this.
You left without a wire,
without a tracker, without backup.
There was no time!
I had to leave in a hurry.
Don't you see how badly
this could've ended?
Plus, you've now smuggled narcotics
into the country.
Had she not gone,
she'd have been made.
I'd have done the same thing.
Well, now we know how the drugs
get into the country.
Put surveillance
on the customs officer.
And you, find out
about the next delivery.
You're excused.
- Thanks. For backing me up.
- I'd have done the same thing.
I don't think we'll see each other
so much going forward.
I'm transferring to Internal Affairs.
- Oh. I didn't know.
- They just confirmed it.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
You deserve it.
At least I don't have
to kiss her ass.
Honestly, I think she prefers you
over me as investigator.
- Me?
- That's what I'm hearing.
So don't fuck up.
Are you OK? You seem off.
I'm behind on my student loans.
You need to borrow money?
Just let me know.
Do you know
when the next delivery is?
- Do you think I could?
- Your time will come, Maja.
I promise. Come on.
Guard these with your life.
Hey. We'd like to grab
some food to go.
Two Hawaiian burgers,
a Coke, a chocolate drink
- And a shrimp salad, too.
- Yes.
- How much?
- One hundred and fifty kronor.
This is where you spend
your Friday evenings?
- You hungry? We're on a night shift.
- Act like you don't know me.
What the fuck, you fucking creep!
He touched me!
Said he was gonna frisk me!
What is your name?
I asked you, what's your name?
I'm going to report you to your boss,
you hear me? You fucking creep!
- What happened?
- Your colleague just grabbed my tits.
That's what happened!
- Let's go.
- Keep your hands to yourself, creep.
Did you see his face?
Come on!
- Happy now?
- What?
I just got chewed out
for ten minutes by Mia Modin.
I almost blew
the entire undercover mission.
Why the hell did you report that?
- I didn't think
- Huss.
You'd do anything
to climb the ladder, right?
I've been trying to reach you.
We need to go. Just got a call.
- What?
- Local Hylte police.
Hylte? What did they want?
He was at the rave,
but flushed it all down.
- Do we have a name?
- Johan Wadström. Nicknamed Jojo.
Ella's friend.
Coming out tomorrow?
Sticky is playing.
- Sure.
- I hope Jojo will be there.
He hasn't answered his phone
in a week. Very unlike him.
Maybe he's fallen in love again.
He does that. Disappears for a while.
Then he comes back.
Love coma
Nice bracelet.
- Want it?
- No.
- I want you to have it!
- I didn't mean it like that. No!
- I bet it cost a fortune.
- I want you to have it.
- I can't accept it. It's too much.
- Of course you can.
- You can't close it with your nails!
- Now it's yours.
Thank you.
- Got any plans for Thursday?
- No. Why?
I'm picking up
another car on the ferry.
Maybe you wanted to come?
You'll get paid this time.
I want you to meet someone.
- If you have time.
- Yes.
- Now?
- Yeah.
- I'll put some on some coffee.
- Thanks.
Hi, mom. I brought a friend today.
- Maja.
- Hi.
Seen any birds today?
- Who are you?
- This is Maja.
I told you. My friend.
She really wanted to meet you.
And who are you?
It's me. Ella.
- Ella?
- Your daughter.
It's hard to remember sometimes
I'll go get some coffee.
- Do we have a place in the city?
- What do you mean?
I can't take her to my place.
Darius! Don't you have
a crash pad in town?
- Yeah?
- We need it.
Arrange it with him.
- Have you changed the place?
- Yes, these Don't you like them?
- Sure, they're fine.
- Thanks. Now I'm happy.
I brought some magazines.
- No need to return them.
- OK
What are you doing? That goes here.
- There? OK.
- Yes.
What? What are you laughing at?
- I'll put it here.
- It looks nice there.
Hey, so how does this work?
If she wants coffee?
Buy coffee, for starters.
I don't have any.
- You don't have coffee?
- No.
- Press the coffee with this.
- Press it? Like this?
That's it. And then you press
- Is that her?
- She isn't due for hours.
She can't see you. You were
at the raid. She cannot see you.
- Shit, you scared me.
- Sorry. But it's done.
- It now says Olsson on the door.
- Thanks.
- It was the technician.
- She scared the shit out of me.
- Maja Olsson lives here now.
- Welcome. Make yourself at home.
You got booze in that cabinet.
- Nice. Champagne?
- Yeah
- Need help with anything else?
- No, I'm good.
It's going to go well.
- Call me if you need anything.
- Thanks.
I can't understand he's gone.
I've known him since I was 14.
He was the nicest guy.
He never even got angry.
I can't understand
why anyone would hurt him.
- Do you know what happened?
- No.
His sister called me and
said she'd found him outside town.
Did he also pick up cars in Germany?
He recruited me the way
I recruited you, but
we were friends.
- You think it could be related to
- I can't talk about it anymore.
It's OK.
We don't need to talk at all.
- Wanna catch a movie?
- I just wanna sleep.
What is that?
Sleeping pills.
Can't sleep without them.
- Are you sure I can take your bed?
- Of course.
I'll sleep on the couch. No worries.
- Good night.
- Can't you stay awhile?
This trip on Thursday to Germany.
It'll be my last one.
After that, I can afford
to take off with my mom.
Can't you come?
- To Thailand?
- Yeah.
- Good night, Maja.
- Good night, Ella.
It's kind of important to always have
your phone with the tracker in it
I know.
If this goes well, Ella will lead us
all the way to her bosses.
And you will have full support
from the surveillance.
- What kind of time will she get?
- She has no priors.
That'll work in her favor,
but definitely a few years.
Katarina, are you OK?
- There. Now, the bag is ready.
- OK.
Let's go to the cabin. It's so cold!
You'll love this beach.
My mom would freak out if I went
to Thailand instead of studying.
Fuck this. Let's do a line?
Come on!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Mind if I check in?
- Go ahead.
Just curious about the case.
I haven't heard anything in a while.
Oh, right
Must be so hard to feel your mom
is never happy with you.
Must have been hard
when your sister passed.
Sometimes I think it's a burden
for her that I'm still around.
I remind her too much of my sister.
I don't think she knows
how to be a parent anymore.
It's as though she's just
shut down.
- Are you sad about that?
- In the beginning, yeah.
But not as much anymore.
Mom is someone you put up with.
Not someone you really like.
And I think she feels
the same about me.
That's tough.
OK. I've heard enough. Thanks.
- Let's do a line.
- Now?
- We're getting off in a minute.
- So? Come on! It'll be fun!
- No, I don't want to.
- You're more fun when you're high.
I'll drive through customs this time.
Give me the keys.
- Are you kidding? You did a line.
- So?
- You shouldn't drive.
- Give me the keys!
I barely feel it.
If Mia finds out
she's taken cocaine on duty
Yes, all right. They arrested
their friend in customs, Sticky.
- Last name Wilmer.
- Wilmer?
- As in Hans Wilmer?
- The commissioner?
His nephew, apparently.
Of course.
Wait here. I'll be right back.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Maja, right?
Nice to meet you. I'm Alex.
- How long will it take?
- About an hour.
- Where are we going?
- You'll see.
The phone.
- What?
- Your phone.
Thank you.
Just a precaution.
I'm sure you understand.
The car seems to have stopped.
What the hell have I missed?
It's not moving.
Patrol eight looking
for a rusty red Toyota
with license number FWP 76K.
Was last seen on route 34
outside Hylte.
Unarmed officer
in the passenger seat.
- They've lost her.
- We need to look for her.
- We need to await orders.
- We have to!
She knew what she got herself into.
- All good?
- Yeah. Busy.
- He's in the stable.
- OK.
You guys go ahead. See you later.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What do we do?
- We have no trace of her!
There's nothing but forest
all around.
Here. This is the only thing
for miles.
Show me.
- There. It looks like a farm.
- Gustaf, call all patrol cars.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- This is Maja.
- Hi, Maja. Welcome.
Harry. "The king of stables."
Nice, huh?
You can pet him if you want.
So, Maja
Do you want to make some money?
Isn't that girl familiar somehow?
- Who?
- Maja. Her buddy.
I feel like I've seen her before.
She got made. Fuck!
- Johan, it's urgent!
- Roger that.
Jens? Can I have a word?
- We need to bolt.
- What are you talking about?
- Maja
- Listen to me!
They killed Jojo.
- Please, you have to trust me.
- How do you know?
Come on! Run!
Come on!
Hurry up!
Drop the knife! Alex, let her go!
Maja! Drop the knife!
Hurry up!
Come on!
- Ella, I can't come with you.
- What?
You have money. Leave the country.
What are you talking about? Come on!
- Listen to me!
- Come on!
Run away!
Katarina Are you hurt?
What do you mean "Katarina"?
What's going on, Maja?
What's going on?
- Maja!
- Easy
- Maja, what's going on?
- Give me your hands.
Are you helping the police?
Don't say anything
until you have a lawyer, OK?
- I trusted you!
- There we go. Let's go.
Let's go to the car.
I will miss you too.
Take some cake now.
Katarina, you lied to me.
You took heavy narcotics on duty.
That's an outright crime,
even in these circumstances.
- Yeah, but
- I understand you feel you had to.
But the fact is, you chose
to keep it from me afterward.
Now I can't trust you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are you?
I'm OK.
- Back on the beat?
- Yeah.
Got any plans for the weekend?
Maybe you want to come over
for dinner on Sunday night?
Come over on Sunday.
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