Huss (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


According to other officers
on the scene, it was chaotic.
But you didn't mention that
in your testimony.
I wasn't there when it started.
I was by the car, two blocks away.
You said you went to get your gloves.
Er, yes.
I don't remember really, but yeah
Yes, it's possible.
Your colleagues say you weren't there
when Kronvall got injured.
After that, your stories diverge.
- How about this one?
- Not another one.
What's the difference
between a snail and a prison?
The snail keeps the slime
on the outside.
- It's Wednesday tomorrow, Paul.
- I know. I don't have the kid.
- Great. Later.
- Okay, bye.
He seems in love
since you agreed to stay.
We always go out on Wednesdays.
We stare at a paralysed colleague,
while Johan flirts with his wife.
Well, I don't know about "we."
He doesn't ask me anymore.
- No. Why might that be?
- Well
I guess
you'll celebrate my departure.
Shit, what's going on?
50-37-40, battery in progress.
Thanks. Over.
- Let her go!
- Police!
Come here.
- Carrying anything sharp?
- No
No, no, no! Back up!
- Back up!
- Fuck you!
Turn around. Nice and easy.
Hey, wait.
- Come back here.
- Sit down.
- How do you know him?
- Sit down!
Are you okay?
Is he your husband? Boyfriend?
Got any ID?
You live here?
Answer the question.
- Hey.
- All good?
Hi, guys.
- Did he beat the girl?
- I didn't touch her
- Did we ask you?
- You guys know me
Don't you understand Swedish?
Shut up.
- Does anyone speak Swedish?
- Doesn't seem so.
There are more girls up there.
Right. You and Björkmyr, go up there.
- You know each other?
- Bumped into him before.
Let's get you in the car.
Need a hand?
30-30 to 31-60.
Suspected prostitution.
Also the girls are Romanian.
We need an interpreter.
How many of you are working
in this apartment?
You don't want to say?
You don't wanna talk to the police?
How about you?
You don't wanna say anything?
30-30 to 31-60, we have
a dead person in the apartment.
- You okay?
- Yeah Damn!
- Does it still burn?
- It does, actually. Pretty badly.
- I am so sorry I missed the spray.
- Yeah, how did that happen?
I'm sorry.
We're gonna be partners for real now?
On-call detective?
- How do we celebrate?
- Not today.
Peo Engman,
divorced middle manager at HSB.
Died of internal bleeding.
The girls say he was beaten to death.
Piotr supposedly has a bad temper.
- I saw you put out a BOLO?
- He'll try to leave the country.
- Robert knew him.
- He's a former bouncer.
He's got some priors,
but nothing major.
So you and Paul got there
before the others?
We saw him hitting a girl
from the car.
- Did she mention the apartment?
- No.
- Any idea what's behind it?
- Engman wanted to evict them.
He works at HSB?
Yeah, the girls say he got Piotr
the apartment in exchange for sex.
They've been running a brothel
since the EU summit.
- And we didn't know about that?
- We got a tip last fall.
But when we got there,
the place was empty.
Hey. Sorry,
I just came to get my car keys.
- She's the one you slept with?
- I'll walk you down.
- Weren't they getting a divorce?
- Depends who you ask.
- Good morning, Huss.
- Good morning.
I can't pick up today.
I'm working late.
Yes. Okay, do that. Great.
Check with Grandpa. Kiss.
- Some days
- The others are in a good mood.
You haven't heard? They dropped
the EU summit investigation.
- That criticism isn't new.
- No. It was known before.
- So why a new investigation?
- There was political consensus.
He fucking loves those cameras.
Over 200 policemen and activists
were interrogated.
SÄPO and NOA were involved.
Checked phones, cameras, cell towers.
The police was cleared on all counts
of alleged wrongdoing.
But there are cases
without perpetrators?
- Such as Valdemar Road?
- Yes. Handled by NOA in Stockholm.
What can be investigated has been.
We can put it behind us.
- Finally.
- Congratulations, I should say.
Right back at you.
I heard you've been stationed.
Kadefors is a good boss.
- He hasn't talked to you, has he?
- No.
And I haven't talked to him.
Good. Thank you.
You're welcome.
I don't have time for this.
Why would Piotr even be here?
- I thought he was your bouncer?
- Over two years ago.
Well, talk to the lead detectives.
They decide what we look for.
- Is this the kitchen?
- Yes, in there.
Let's go, guys.
Trafficking and murder?
He really fucked up.
- Are you surprised?
- Kind of.
Piotr had a temper, but smart guy.
- In what way?
- He knew who to grease.
He'd get drugs.
Let the right person skip the line.
- Scratch your back and I'll
- Pretty much.
- Where is Robert?
- I don't know.
Kalle died last night.
Why don't they want us in there?
Kalle's dad blamed everything
that happened on the police.
They don't want
a traditional police funeral.
But Johan did?
Colleagues must be able
to say goodbye, pay their respects.
He did die in the line of duty.
Don't feel bad.
This isn't against us, the squad.
Where is Robert?
I can't get hold of him.
Let's remember Karl
in the light of his deeds.
As a husband, father, and friend.
Let's remember the love
he gave to his loved ones.
To those of you gathered here today
to share the grief
and say your final goodbyes.
A comfort on a day like this is
that Karl is now free.
He is free of pain and suffering.
And once our tears have dried,
his bright memory will live on.
Is he drunk?
- What's up?
- I'm here to talk to Lydia.
No, that's not good.
Get back in the car.
- Why can't I be here?
- You're drunk.
- I want to talk to Lydia.
- No, listen to me.
I want to talk to Lydia.
Why are you
- Calm down!
- What are you, backup?
- Get in the car.
- What? No.
- Get in the car.
- Listen to me!
What's Tommy Why are you here?
Why are you here, Tommy?
You fucking pussy!
Why can Tommy be here?
What the fuck are you doing here?
- You're a fucking pussy!
- That's enough!
- You fucking pussy! Pussy!
- Calm down!
Calm down!
Calm the fuck down!
We didn't know he'd show up.
Dammit! Go home.
For Lydia's sake. Okay? Go home.
Come on. Go home.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
I'll be brief. Piotr Lubos was seen
in Majorna yesterday.
We'll be in the area all day,
in cars and on foot.
Any questions? No? Okay.
One more thing, we need
your time sheets by Friday.
I know I keep saying it.
But Anette from payroll
is bugging me about it nonstop.
It's really a pain in the ass,
so just hand them in and get paid.
Right. See you by the van.
Paul? Got a napkin?
Nice ambience.
A person matching the description
of Piotr Lubos at Stopet in Majorna.
51-14-20 here. Where is Stopet? Over.
On Valdermar Road 11.
We'll be there in a few minutes.
Copy that. Report back
when in the area. Over.
- Robert, you can sit this one out.
- What?
I'll call a car.
I'm not coming?
Am I not coming?
51-14-20. We've arrived.
OK. Stand down for now.
Task force is on their way. Over.
- Copy that. Over and out.
- 5-0. Over and out.
Robert Robert!
- Robert!
- Robert!
It's not him! It's not him!
He's a bit unbalanced right now,
is that so weird?
- He's had problems for a while.
- I don't know about that.
Are you kidding?
Since we got here, Robert has
discharged his weapon three times.
They're not like other cops.
You know that.
What do you want me to do?
I already said yes to staying on.
- I don't know.
- Maybe your mother can do something.
Can you ask her?
It's hard enough getting people
on Johan's squad.
I get it.
- I looks bad if I interfere.
- I know. At least I've asked.
So I can help your friend,
but not you?
Today Robert almost shot a tourist.
If you're wondering
why no one wants to work with us.
- It's not my decision to make.
- How convenient.
Stop it. I have my own job to do.
And focusing on the right things
has never been your forte.
Yet Investigations want me on call.
- I must be doing something right.
- Yes, I'm sure you are.
- I need to go to Stockholm tonight.
- So?
Can you drive my car back?
I don't want to park at the airport.
Thank you.
- You hear me? I can't take it!
- You can do this.
- I'm leaving.
- Fuck that!
Move. Move!
Are you headed home now?
- Can you give me a ride to Majorna?
- Yeah, sure.
How How are you?
It's been kind of a lot.
I get it.
I didn't know Kalle,
but it must have been horrible
what the three of you went through.
You can drop me off up here.
- Where are you going?
- Just meeting someone.
- Thanks for the ride.
- Sure, no problem.
We were not three people
at Valdemar Road.
There were four of us.
Robert! Robert!
- Who was he meeting?
- I don't know.
He was wearing headphones.
I don't think he heard the car.
- It'll be another couple of hours.
- How is he?
We'll keep him sedated after surgery
to avoid more brain damage.
That's all we know.
Thank you.
All right. Can anyone keep you
company tonight?
- I'll stay.
- Okay.
- The car didn't stop.
- What?
I think it was on purpose.
Did you include that in your report?
I don't know for sure.
Right. See you guys tomorrow.
Hey, you don't need to stay.
I'd rather not ride with him.
He almost got us killed coming here.
You're debriefing me?
How How are you?
- I'm sorry about last time.
- Don't worry about it.
Okay. Shall we begin?
- Do you know who hit him?
- Not yet.
In your statement,
you said it looked deliberate.
Yes. The driver didn't
stop afterwards.
- Maybe they panicked?
- Maybe.
And Robert didn't run out
in front of the car?
No, not at all.
I saw it happen with my own eyes.
Why? You think
he tried to kill himself?
Johan said he was having
a hard time mentally. You knew that.
Yes, but especially Johan is
very good at downplaying it.
They had an argument
just before you left.
I saw it,
but I don't know what it was about.
Johan wanted Robert
to go to the psych ER.
That is not in Majorna.
So he was going somewhere else.
You are all living proof of that,
as you embark
on your professional careers today
When a colleague is injured or dies,
it's a loss, not just to us,
but to society as a whole.
But we stand strong.
Today and tomorrow.
You are all living proof of that,
as you embark
on your professional careers today.
You're starting during
a difficult time.
But I hope you look
at the future with optimism.
Because you are needed.
You will make a difference out there.
I now ask our new police officers
to step forward.
Congratulations, Barat, on completing
your training. Good luck.
Congratulations, Huss, on completing
your training. Good luck.
Congratulations, Kieri, on completing
your training. Good luck.
- No!
- Yes.
Okay, send it to me.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
We've had our disagreements,
you and me.
But you'll make
one hell of a detective.
I guess we'll see.
And I owe you an apology.
You saw how Robert was doing.
- I should have listened to you.
- This would've happened anyway.
- You think?
- Yes.
Good luck working on call.
- We'll see each other there.
- I'm sure.
If you want some privacy,
there are these two rooms.
I'll show you your desk.
- Here. Is this okay?
- Perfect.
Thank you.
- I was robbed.
- Robbed?
They took my Tramadol.
- Do you want to press charges?
- What's society coming to?
Do you want to press charges or not?
- I want to press fucking charges.
- What's your name?
I know you're scared. But he'll
only stop if you press charges.
Morning! You're working
double shifts now?
I forgot to empty out my locker.
Exactly what you wanna do
after a night shift.
We're getting new trainees so we
emptied Robert's locker last night.
But we're leaving his stuff in there.
Johan refused to remove them.
- In case he comes back.
- So sad.
By the way
have you asked your mum?
I haven't heard anything.
- She can't help you.
- Okay.
Am I supposed to feel bad?
People laughed at me
for pointing out their problems.
I don't recall you taking my side.
It's not that easy.
Gotta be a team member.
I also wanted to be a team member!
But not at any price.
But you're running off to be on call.
You think they'd offer me that?
Easy to be honest if it's free.
I gotta go.
Tommy Söderberg. Used to run with
Johan. Nicknamed Tommy "Thousand".
- Like a pirate?
- He was at the funeral.
Robert got fucking pissed
when he saw him.
- They had a beef?
- Seems that way.
Just thought you'd want to know.
We think Robert may be dirty
if someone hit him on purpose.
- Want me to look him up?
- Sure.
By the way, you know what I heard?
I heard that
Johan is dating Kronvall's widow.
Everyone knows that except you.
Does everyone know about you and me?
There is no you and me.
Cut it out.
I'm not in touch with the others.
- Any unfinished business with Robert?
- No.
- Why was he so angry at the funeral?
- I don't know. Ask him.
He's in hospital in an induced coma
after a skull fracture.
- What?
- He was hit by a car. Hit-and-run.
- Do you have a car?
- Only a bicycle.
Want to check it out?
No. But I'm curious about
the last thing he said to me.
That there were four of you
on Valdemar Road.
I say "you", because you're
the fourth officer, right?
Why haven't we heard about that?
I guess I'm not of interest.
- Why?
- Because no one will talk about it.
- Especially you who were there.
- I wasn't
I wasn't there. Not when Kalle
- What do you mean?
- Ask Johan.
Goddammit! You should've
asked me first.
You'd have saved a trip
to that compulsive liar.
- Stand up! Kieri, use both hands.
- Can we sit him down?
Careful now
Tommy is Sweden's most cowardly cop
and a fucking liar.
You can't trust anything he says.
I told you to sit down!
Is that so fucking hard?
- Why was he called Tommy Thousand?
- Thousand excuses for not working.
He ran when they started
throwing rocks.
- From Valdemar Road?
- Yes.
With his tail between his legs.
Abandoned the rest of us.
And then he dares to show up
at Kalle's funeral?
Having said that,
he's too chicken to go after Robert.
- Even in a car.
- Are you sure?
Yes. Don't waste your time
on that fucker.
Paul! Let's go.
You see why we're wondering
what's going on?
Traffic camera in Majorna.
Just before he rammed Robert.
You said they knew each other?
Yeah, Robert said
he'd bumped into him before.
Notice anything off between them?
Any conflict?
- No. Where did he get the car?
- It's a rental.
Excuse me.
- Find anything in Piotr's phone?
- Yes, a list of sex buyers.
They deny and the girls are quiet.
But the HSB guy was on there.
- Was Robert on the list?
- No.
But there's probably a story there.
- Have you asked her?
- No
Robert will undergo
an internal investigation.
- Hardly surprising.
- The problem is
that we need to supply them
with info. So I thought of you.
Me? I just started
my new job on call.
- It wouldn't be full time.
- So I'm your divorce temp?
You've worked with Robert.
You're better suited.
And the conflict of interest?
They're my ex-colleagues.
We don't think so.
- They got witness protection?
- Yes.
Have you any idea where Piotr is?
No. And I don't care.
I told you, I don't want to talk
about men who buy sex.
It's okay. Relax.
Remember my colleagues?
Have you seen him before?
In the apartment or with Piotr?
Never. None of them.
- Is he police?
- Yeah.
- You trust him?
- Yes, of course.
- Why are you asking?
- Piotr said he knew a police officer.
But we never met him. One of
the other girls told us about him.
He helped Piotr with stuff
and she had to fuck him.
- Where can I find her?
- No idea, she left when we came.
- But her name is Laika.
- From Romania?
No, other country.
But she speaks little Swedish.
- Where are you moving them?
- The city.
If they sold sex here
they've disclosed their location.
And this Laika? How do we find her?
Online. Escort services.
But don't get your hopes up.
She may have fled the country
or changed her name.
- You got a tip about them last fall?
- Yes, but the place was empty.
Maybe they were warned.
Yeah, we figured
we had an internal leak.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- 51-29-40 from 5-0. Come.
- 29-40 here.
We've found a rental car
out by the airport.
It's a black BMW,
license plate BPU 555.
I want you to go there. Come.
- 29-40. Roger that.
- 5-0. Over and out.
He's paid for two days of parking.
Enough time to go around the world.
But no indications he's left.
No surveillance footage,
no matching passenger info, nothing.
- But why pay for parking?
- He was scared we'd find the car.
Why bother,
if he was fleeing the country?
Maybe he wasn't in such a hurry.
- He's stupid if he's staying here.
- We can always ask.
I'll look around.
Excuse me?
I'm with the police.
Have you worked here all week?
Only speak little Swedish
Okay, I see.
Do you recognise this man?
Yes! He stayed in room 239 yesterday.
- Are you sure?
- Yes. Yesterday.
- Here you go.
- Go down to the lobby and wait there.
- No concussion?
- No.
More like a meltdown.
I should have waited for you.
We'll find him.
We have people everywhere.
- He had a plane ticket.
- He was leaving for Romania tonight.
We got lucky.
- Paul! Are you here alone?
- Johan is on lookout.
- Can I see that bag?
- Money. Almost 100 grand.
I know. Let me show you something.
Look. A police evidence tag.
- How did he get this?
- No idea.
30-30 here. Eyes on suspect.
Headed for terminal building. Over.
30-30, what's your position? Over.
30-30, repeat:
What's your position? Over.
Suspect headed for P5.
I'll follow. Keeping distance.
30-30. Give us your position again.
29-40 here. We're by P5,
trying to locate the perpetrator.
29-40. Do you have a visual
on the perpetrator?
No. We can't see 30-30 either.
Was it P5? Over.
30-30. State your position
or we can't find you.
- There's the car!
- But he said P5.
That is his car!
Police! Drop your weapon!
Drop your weapon!
The bag was in there.
100 grand worth of drug money.
The locker logs when opened,
so we know when it was taken.
- Then you know who took it, too?
- We can see whose card was used.
The only one here that night
was Robert Björkmyr.
We think your colleague
stole the money for Piotr.
And that they fell out
for whatever reason.
All I knew when I entered the garage
was that he had tried to kill a cop.
I couldn't take any chances.
You fired three rounds,
one of which proved lethal.
- He had a gun pointed at me.
- It was fake.
I didn't know at the time.
You gave the wrong position
on the radio.
Yes I was stressed.
- I got it wrong.
- Did that affect your actions?
I followed procedure
for self-defence.
Mia thinks he shot Piotr for revenge.
How do you prove that?
I don't know.
He's suspended until further notice.
- What are you doing?
- Looking for Laika.
- Take a break. Come to the pub.
- I can't. I'm on call later.
- You need to enjoy yourself too.
- I do enjoy it.
And you need to work
on your pick up lines.
It wasn't a pick up line.
It's called caring.
- Someone put the pills in my bag.
- Okay.
- Do you know who?
- My bag was on the chair.
I was up dancing. I swear!
My dad will lose his shit
when he finds out!
I know this is hard.
All I can say is,
the officer is now suspended.
Should he have been on duty,
given the reports against him?
I can't comment on
an ongoing internal investigation.
Thank you.
Early-morning interviews
Do I look tired?
How could Johan have free reins?
- He's never been convicted.
- What does that say about us?
That his actions matter.
Not Johan as a person.
There aren't many of his kind left.
Some dislike his kind,
others see it as a necessary evil.
People like Johan step up
when things get heated.
- Not like Tommy Söderberg?
- No.
- Not like Tommy.
- The fourth man.
That no one knows about.
- You kept him away from the media?
- For his own sake.
He didn't act so well.
Get some sleep.
You have another shift.
Hello. What's your name?
- Laika.
- Last name?
- Kuus.
- Laika, can you spell that for me?
- And your last name?
- K-U-U-S.
Thank you.
- Where did they pick her up?
- In a mall. For shoplifting.
Gustav talked to her.
She was at Ingenjörsgatan.
- Does she know that Piotr is dead?
- That's why she's coming forward.
- Can you handle this by yourself?
- Sure.
I need to make a few calls.
The paperwork is done. Soon divorced.
- A relief?
- Well, my daughter begs to differ.
No, I can understand that.
- But go ahead. I got this.
- Awesome. Thanks.
Hi. Welcome.
Have a seat right here.
- Johan Jansson was cleared.
- Hardly unexpected, was it?
- He bought cake for everyone. You in?
- I'm good. Will you shut the door?
Take your time.
- He's not here.
- Are you sure?
OK. Just so we get it on tape.
The police officer that helped Piotr
is not in any of these photos?
- No.
- Let's look at some more photos.
He's there!
In the break room.
By the coffee machine.
- The guy with dark hair?
- No.
The other guy. In uniform.
- Hi. Want some cake?
- I'm good, thanks.
Okay. More celebrations on Wednesday.
You're coming, right?
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Good.
Do you know where Darius went?
Maybe he went to the can?
- You guys are working?
- Yes that's right.
What? Yeah, just go ahead,
it's for everyone.
Hang on, I'll serve you.
What the hell Fuck!
That's not good.
- How is it even possible?
- I left for 30 seconds.
- And you? Where were you?
- I had to step outside.
You lost a key witness!
For us and for internal affairs.
- What did she say about the photos?
- We didn't get to them.
Thanks, Kaj. Talk to you later.
- No Laika? Fuck.
- Wait.
You didn't tell her everything
in there. What's going on?
- Laika cleared Robert.
- You're kidding?
- It's not him we're looking for.
- Why didn't you say that?
- I can't say now.
- Why?
You need to give me
some more time. Please.
- Paul, hang on!
- I'll be right there.
- You emptied out Robert's locker?
- Yeah. Me and a woman from HR.
- Was his swipe card there?
- No.
We wondered about that.
Johan thinks he have it at home.
- Is Johan working tonight?
- Yes.
But he had some "business"
at Lydia's.
- We're picking him up now.
- Where does she live?
In Majorna. Not far from
where Robert got hit by that car.
- Is this a bad time?
- No, not at all.
Could I maybe talk to you?
- Yes, I suppose so. Come in.
- Thank you.
So, I was thinking about
what happened at Kalle's funeral.
Robert said he wanted to talk to you.
Do you know why?
He and Kalle were friends.
He probably felt like the rest of us.
He got hit by a car around here.
Did you know?
Could he have been on his way here
when it happened?
Why would he come here?
We don't socialise.
He wasn't coming here.
Huss knows we're seeing each other.
- Right?
- Yes.
Robert knew too. For him to come here
without telling me is unthinkable.
That's what I told Darius.
But he still wanted me to check.
- Did he?
- Yeah.
I have no contact with Robert, so
- That's all you needed, right?
- Yes.
- Right. Sorry to have intruded.
- No worries.
- Thanks.
- Bye now.
They've hit a dead end.
That's when these things happen.
- You're crazy.
- Believe what you want.
Johan stole the money.
And Robert was going to see Lydia.
To tell her what?
What could be so important
for Johan to offer 100 grand to
silence his partner? And kill Piotr?
- Valdemar Road.
- They were attacked by activists.
- How is that Johan's fault?
- I don't know. But Tommy might.
- Tommy bolted at the riots.
- He's lying.
- They all are. I think he saw it all.
- You "think"?
If I tell the DA I "think" stuff,
she'll use my head as a punching bag.
Come on! Open up!
- Can we go now?
- Fuck.
This type of dash cam is triggered
by movement in front of the car.
Bring him in.
For King and country!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Let's have another one. Right?
Another round, please.
- Hi.
- Hey. Thanks for coming.
- You left Darius at home?
- You left Lydia at home?
One must be grateful,
when love strikes.
Was it for her sake you did this?
It's on tape. All of it.
You paid Piotr to run over Robert.
He was going to tell Lydia.
Tell her what?
You think this is about me?
It's about us, as cops.
We must stand up for those
who need us. Against the thugs.
Even though people will line up
to spit in our face.
What people don't understand,
not even those on the force
is that if we retreat,
let them gain ground
it's over.
So we did what was necessary.
Even though it had a price.
You need to come with us, Johan.
Can I walk out on my own?
Thank you.
Hey. This came for you.
- Hey.
- Hi!
- Just came to say goodbye.
- Where are you going?
- On parental leave.
- Oh, right.
- How do you feel about it?
- It'll be nice to get away from here.
I really understand that.
Hey, was Johan involved
in that whole brothel business?
Yes, the DA thinks it was the motive.
And that Robert wanted to tell Lydia.
- But you don't think so?
- No. But it doesn't matter.
It's not our case anymore.
It's all going to Internal Affairs.
I'll pay Robert a visit
in the hospital.
Say hi from me.
If he can hear you, that is.
- Hey, take care of yourself now.
- Thanks. You too.
- And the baby!
- Yeah. Bye.
- Call ahead next time.
- Last time I did, you ran to hide.
I was looking through
Robert's texts today.
I found a message he sent to you
ahead of Kalle's funeral.
"We need to tell Lydia," it said.
You never replied.
- I thought he sent it by mistake.
- I doubt that.
Tommy, I don't know
if Johan threatened you.
But he's gone now.
Kalle and Robert are also gone.
You are the only one left.
I wasn't there.
Enjoy your food.
How long have you been on call duty?
Well, a few weeks.
You've done a good job.
And not just there.
This was not my idea.
I talked to Claes Wisell
from the Investigations unit.
There's an opening
for a full-time position.
What, as a trainee officer?
As a detective. At Major Crimes.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- What are you so happy about?
- I got a promotion.
Detective at Major Crimes.
Can we talk? In private?
Rocks being thrown on Valdemar Road.
Send backup now. Over.
50-45-47. Inferiority in numbers
on Valdemar Road. Send backup now!
We need to retreat!
They could box us in!
We never retreat!
- Those fucking cowards!
- Goddamn it! Johan!
Let's take them!
They are too many!
Let's wait for backup!
- Fuck them!
- Robert! Goddamn it!
- Come on, you fuckers!
- Robert!
Come on!
Let's go!
Come on, you fuckers!
Johan said to hold off on my report.
Then he and Robert sold me out.
- Once I caught on, it was too late.
- Why not come forward with the truth?
Who would have believed me? A liar
who left his colleagues in the lurch.
- The media?
- To what end?
To drag the whole force down?
We're loyal to the uniform.
Not to everyone wearing it.
You believe him?
Yes, definitely.
Johan, the text message,
Robert at the funeral
There's too much that checks out.
Imagine killing a colleague.
It's bigger than that.
It all escalated after Valdemar Road.
Media attention,
violence, task forces
There was talk of foreign
instigators. Among other things.
- And one of us threw the rock.
- If it's true.
- An outside party will decide that.
- How? He doesn't want to talk.
He doesn't need to.
We're loyal to the uniform.
Not to everyone wearing it.
When we get back
I want to show you something.
Unit chief for Major Crimes?
You're going to be my boss?
I wanted to tell you,
but then Tommy came.
- Wow, congratulations!
- Thanks.
My expenses have doubled since
the divorce, so this is a godsend.
Come here.
If you leak that, you'll just dig up
a bunch of dirt. To what end?
You and I would be blamed
for Johan's actions.
Or any other hardworking cop here.
Johan was a cop too.
He was one of us.
You want to turn a blind eye to that?
You feel untouchable
because your mum is the boss.
Ask her for advice.
I saw the rock hit Kalle
in the head.
I immediately saw that it was bad.
- Who threw the rock?
- Robert.
Not the protesters. Robert threw it.
- What do you plan on doing with it?
- This must be made public.
If this is true, it means
that Robert killed a colleague.
According to a person
who's said he wasn't even there.
I think he's credible.
- Why didn't anyone else say this?
- You don't want people to talk!
Being loyal means keeping quiet.
- So you don't have to hear about it.
- Nonsense.
If this is true, it changes
the whole narrative about the riots.
- Someone needs to say what happened.
- And you want to play that hero?
Why didn't he come to you guys?
Why didn't he?
Because he didn't. Did he?
You must understand you're indirectly
accusing a colleague of manslaughter.
He's in a coma
and can't defend himself.
This isn't targeting Robert.
Will the others see it that way?
When a cop rats on a colleague?
You can't be a cop if you leak this.
Make a choice.
- I'm sorry. I thought he was alone.
- No worries. Come in.
I come here sometimes.
I'm sure he appreciates it.
Yeah, me too.
After everything that's happened
it's comforting coming here.
He and Kalle were friends.
- No one can take that away from me.
- I'm sure.
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