I Am Frankie (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

I am...in Danger

1 - [crickets chirping] - [computer keys tapping] - It's ready? - She's ready! Start uploading her operating system.
- [computer beeping] - WOMAN: We're almost there.
- It's too much data.
We're overloading the systems.
We're not gonna make it! - The artificial synapses have to kick in.
- [electricity shutting down] - No.
- - [electricity buzzing] - Hello? - Frankie? - Dr.
Mom? - - [struggling] Yo, Frankie, can you give me a hand? - Here.
- [gasps] Still not used to this part of my job.
Can you help me get this box to the hall? - I know, Will, but tonight is my big meeting.
I'm presenting Frankie to Mr.
It's a big deal.
Of course Jenny's birthday's a big deal, too.
I'm doing everything I can to be home by 8, but my boss-- - Boss really stepped in it, huh? - Dr.
Mom? What did she step in? I shall clean her shoes.
- No, no, I mean she's in trouble with her husband.
You know, Will? - I do know Will Gaines.
Born February 25, 1980, in Boston, Massachusetts.
Blogger and author of multiple unpublished self-help books.
He enjoys mountain biking, Broadway plays, mountain biking to Broadway plays-- - Settle down, Frankie-opedia.
- Dr.
Gaines, Mr.
Kingston is ready to see you.
And you must hurry.
Everyone is waiting to see the new model.
- Do you think this demo's gonna go better than the last one? - Of course.
Kingston is going to love her.
- That's what you said last time, and then-- - Oh, could we not talk about Eliza.
Besides, the demo was fine.
It wasn't until afterwards-- - I thought you didn't wanna talk about Eliza.
- Right.
I don't.
Kingston is going to love her.
Come on.
And begin.
- - Three minutes and twenty-three seconds.
- Impressive.
- [computer beeping] - It is 7:43, post meridian time.
- I know.
With my new integrated circuits, the android's motherboard resembles a human brain and can actually learn and use its experience to act independently.
- [sighs] Dr.
Gaines, I thought I made myself perfectly clear after our lastsituation.
I do not want computers thinking or making decisions.
It's just too risky.
- But Mr.
Kingston, it's not going to be like last time.
I fixed all those problems.
- MR.
KINGSTON: You've got to be kidding.
- FRANKIE: Additional testing begun.
- Um, what are you doing? - FRANKIE: Demonstrating visual and cognitive abilities.
You are late for Jenny's birthday.
- Is she malfunctioning? - No! - Done.
Now strength.
- - Please stop.
- Next, physical dexterity.
- - MR.
Gaines, this is madness.
You see what I mean? This is why we cannot have independent androids.
Shut her off.
Give me that.
I'll do it.
- No, I've got it.
You don't know the interface.
- Do not touch Dr.
- What did she just say? Dr.
Mom? [laughs] Oh please.
And you call yourself--[screaming] Okay, get control of your android this instant! Put me down.
- Frankie, I need you to listen to me.
I don't need assistance.
And I've rescheduled Jenny's birthday celebration.
Everything is fine.
Please put Mr.
Kingston down.
- [moaning] - Thank you.
- Presentation complete.
- I want that robot destroyed immediately.
Stripped down to its components.
- But-- - But, Mr.
Kingston, sir, this android would be a perfect candidate for Project Q.
- Good point, PEGSI.
Don't destroy it.
Bring it to Sector Seven and deactivate it.
We'll use it for Project Q.
- [gasps] - What is Project Q? - Mr.
Kingston, sir, Warpa insists on strict confidentiality.
- Warpa? - Deliver the android to Sector Seven.
[finger snap] Better yet, I'll send someone to pick it up.
- Mr.
Kingston, please, if I could just have-- - No, you can just do as I saynow! - Feels like things are getting real, real Never felt so alive, never felt so alive Feels like things are getting real, real Feels like things are getting real - - No way am I giving her up to Warpa.
She deserves better than whatever those monsters have planned.
- I hear you, but it's not like you have any choice.
Kingston calls the shots around here.
Where are you going? - Getting out of here.
I have had it with Kingston and this place.
And I'm taking Frankie with me.
Frankie, what are you doing? - - Oh my, what is that? - A birthday cake: a flour-based pastry used to celebrate a human's date of birth.
Chocolate with vanilla frosting.
My calculations confirm a delicious combination.
- You made this? - For Jenny Gaines.
- Ah, this is all really touching.
But you all gotta get out of here like yesterday.
- That is chronologically and spatially impossible.
- How are we gonna get Frankie out without anyone noticing? - - Clear.
- [spectators on TV cheering at game] - - You heard about what happened to Kingston tonight? - Yeah.
He got owned by a crazed robot.
- BOTH: [snicker] - [spectators on TV cheering at game] - - Oh! - Hey! Watch it! - Sorry, I didn't see you, Peter.
Just, uh, taking these tools to the office.
- Wait.
Shouldn't your assistant be doing that? - Uhyeahhe should.
[scoffs] Where is that guy? You know, he is fired.
- - Boss, we have a problem.
- Dr.
Gaines? [laughs] She is not doing what I think she's doing.
- I believe she is.
- Alert security.
- Already did.
- - Stop right there.
- Mr.
- Dr.
Show me what's under that sheetright now.
- - I should have known you'd try something like this.
How dare you defy me and steal technology from my lab? - It's my daughter's birthday today.
At least for three more hours.
- So the android is still inside? - Of course.
- - We're just backing up her files.
You'll have your android tomorrow.
- Good.
- [engine revs] - - Coast is clear.
- FRANKIE: The coast? But we are not by an ocean.
- I mean, we made it out.
We're safe.
- My mapping app recognizes this route.
Are we going-- - Yes.
- - So you--you stole? - Well, she's my intellectual property, but technically, I guess I kinda did.
- This is just too much to throw at us.
Why don't you just take her back? I bet you no one will even realize she was gone.
- No way! I can't let Warpa get their hands on her.
- You could be arrested.
- I'd rather go to jail than let someone use technology I created to hurt people.
- You don't know-- - I know Kingston.
I'm doing the right thing.
- - Plus, I can't let them take Frankie away.
We've been together since she was just a ball of wires and circuits.
I built her, but it's more than that.
I feel like I raised her.
She's family.
- Are we going to sing "Happy Birthday"? It was Dr.
Mom's main objective today.
- Dr.
Mom, eh? - [laughs] Yes.
Let's get to it, shall we? Jenny, I'm home! - Mom, finally.
- [laughs] - Who is she? - This is Frankie.
- Surprise! - Happy Birthday! Excuse its deformed appearance due to the hasty laboratory escape.
- She's the android I've been working on for three years.
- Is she my birthday present? - No.
Even better.
She's going to be living with us.
- Surprise! - Happy Birthday! - What? Here? In my room? - Oh no, sweetie, you don't have to share rooms.
Because we're moving.
- Surprise.
- Happy Birthday! - I don't understand.
Where are we going? - I made a list of some possibilities.
- 33.
5067 degrees north.
I hear they have good schools there.
- They're GPS coordinates.
You know, I think in numbers.
- - So, here it is.
- Thank you so much, James.
- My pleasure to help an old lab buddy.
Especially if it means I get to stick it to Kingston one last time.
[laughs] So, what do you think? - I love it.
- I like it.
- I hate it.
- Three bedrooms, 24-hour security, balcony.
- Well, how's the power supply? - It can handle all your equipment, no worries.
So which girl's the android? - I am.
I deduce that Jenny Gaine's blank facial expression is her attempt to hide her displeasure with this home.
- Great work, Sigourney.
What did you use for a microprocessor? - I made my own.
Synapse based.
- Oooh, can I take a look? Oh.
[laughs] It's okay.
You don't have to worry about EGG here.
Rancho is practically off the grid.
- I know someone I'd like to push off the grid.
- [laughs] Jenny, please.
Frankie is one of us now.
She's likeyour sister.
- No she's not! She's not even human.
- Jenny.
- She's amazing, Sigourney.
How did she perform in field testing? - Well, she hasn't had any yet.
Just three weeks in the lab.
But I think she's ready for the field.
I'm sending her to school.
- Seriously? - School? Honey, really, that's-- - Nice.
- Well, I think she can pull it off.
It might be a little rough at first, but she's highly adaptable.
I'm enrolling her at Sepulveda High in the morning.
- Sepulveda High, home of the Chargers.
A charger is a horse trained for battle or a device that supplies electricity to battery-powered equipment.
- Be sure to tell everyone that on your first day of school.
You'll be a huge hit.
- - This is a blast, Mom.
- It is? Oh, good, I thought you'd be upset about having to get up hours before your first day at a new school to help set up my lab.
- [electronic duck quacking] - What is that awful noise? - [computer beeping] - Curious ducks.
The distinctive ringtone you downloaded onto your mobile device so you'd always recognize it.
- Right.
Now I remember why I keep my phone on vibrate.
Keep working, I may have to take the call.
- [quacking continues] - I'm trying to think of a reason to like you, but I'm not coming up with any.
- Perhaps I can be of some assistance.
Searching reasons to like someone.
- No, please don't.
- Their general demeanor, their ability to produce humor, their ability to be there for another in times of crisis, their ability to turn a potentially boring situation into a fun one.
Is this making you like me? - Actually, it's doing the opposite.
Terminate search.
- Search terminated.
- I know it's not your fault we had to move, but I had a perfect life.
I went to a great school with great places to hang out.
I had friends to laugh at weird stuff with.
I had fun.
Now I'm in this strange place that isn't my home, and all I've got is you.
And a whole lot of cardboard.
- [computer beeping] - What are you doing? - Creating fun for Jenny Gaines.
- - [computer beeping] - What is this? - A collection of photos and videos that have been deemed hilarious by many computer, smartphone, and tablet users.
- [laughing] That was like my favorite meme this year.
[laughing] This is amazing, Frankie.
How'd you do it? - [computer beeps] - I can populate and extract large amounts of data from anywhere on Earth at a rapid rate.
- Hey, Frankie.
What else can you do with these boxes? - - I am Lady Jennifer Gaines.
First of her name and queen of this land.
Try what you will, but I will not give up my castle without a fight.
- My cardboard sword lacks the tensile strength to pierce the defenses.
- MOM: Frankie, Jenny, could you come to the kitchen, please? - Aah.
Ow, Frankie! - James and I kept in touch after he left EGG.
We've been friends since our old hacking days.
Of course, he doesn't work at EGG anymore.
- DAD: What's he doing now? - Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer.
- Okay.
- [camera shutter snaps] - Bye, Mom, Dad.
- Come back here, young lady.
You're forgetting something.
Have a good day.
You should go, too.
Do you know the way? - Yes, my maps are all up to date.
- Of course they are.
Now remember, no one can find out your secret.
If anyone finds out there's an android at school, we'll have to move again.
We can't let Mr.
Kingston find you.
- I remember, the command is in my file system.
- - Oh hang on.
You're forgetting something, too.
- What? - A touch of the lips to cheek.
Is this commanded for departures in all situations? - It's called a kiss.
- So I should offer a kiss to all humans every time they depart my presence? - Uh no, not everyone.
Just some people, and not always.
For now, it's just for you and me.
- - [school bell rings] - TEACHER: Students, this is Frankie Gaines.
Now, Frankie, why don't you say a little bit about yourself to your new classmates? - A little bit about yourself.
- ALL: [laughing] - Looks like we've got a comedian on our hands.
- We do? - Ms.
Hough, could I talk to you for a moment? - Have fun, Frankie.
And remember, treat one another as if - ALL: We're all kittens wearing mittens.
- Oooh, that's right.
- [indistinct chatter] - Frankie, you can take a seat.
You did this? - Yes.
- This was my equation.
You had no right.
Now I have to start all over, because it's probably-- - It's right! You solved it! - What? - That's not fair.
I was about to get it.
- Incorrect.
You forgot a parentheses here.
- Well done, Frankie.
So now if we all-- - Mr.
Manhart, this was my equation.
- Sorry, Brain Squad only.
And mind your own equation next time.
- Why don't you leave her alone? - Uh, why don't you leave your face alone? - Sick burn, Tammy.
Next time, try one that actually makes sense.
Come on, Equation Sensation, there's a seat back here by me.
- Thank you.
But my name is Frankie, not Equation Sensation.
- Right.
I'm Dayton, like the city.
- Dayton, Ohio.
Population 141,003.
- Wow.
What are you? Part computer? - FRANKIE: Do not reveal android status.
- Would you ladies please take your seats? - Come on.
And don't mind Tammy.
She's just bitter and smart.
A lethal combo.
- Lethal to humans or all forms of life? - [laughs] You and I are gonna get along just fine.
- - [school bell rings] - - Awesome solution for that equation.
No one's been able to solve it all year.
- Thank you, Bryon Patrick.
- You remembered my name.
Did I tell you my name? - Well, if it isn't the Equation Burglar.
- Thanks a lot for solving my problem.
- You're welcome.
- We'll make sure to return the favor.
- Perfect.
I need a favor now.
I was told to go to the locker hallway after math class.
There's no such location on my map.
Could you direct me? - ALL: [giggles] - Yeah, down those stairs, down the hallway, then straight out the door at the end.
- But the door sticks.
Make sure you get a running start.
- Thank you.
Now we are even.
- We sure are.
- [girls laughing] - Don't.
They just sent you to the indoor pool.
That door was installed in the wrong spot.
You walk through it, and you fall right in.
- That would be a serious problem.
- Uh, it's just a prank.
Little water never hurt anyone.
- It will hurt me.
I can't get wet, no exceptions.
- Whoa.
Do you have Aquagenic urticaria? I've read about that.
It's a really rare disease.
- Aquagenic urticaria, also known as water allergy.
And, yes, it is extremely rare.
It affects every 1 out of 230 million people.
- Then I'm glad I stopped you.
Come on, I'm heading to the cafeteria.
We can talk revenge along the way.
- - Dr.
Gaines? Dr.
Gaines? - Not back yet.
But the android has been here all night.
- [gasps] - Don't distract me, man, I'm almost out of the killer zombie penguin tomb.
- What is this? Where is the android? - Where is the android? - That's really a Dr.
Gaines question.
- And where is Dr.
Gaines? - Don't know.
- You have 15 seconds to get out of my sight.
- I'm going.
- I'm going, I'm going.
- No, not you, I was speaking to my former employee, you digital dunce.
- Just remembered, Dr.
Gaines did say to give you this.
- PEGSI, we have got to find that android or Warpa will have our hides if we don't.
- I don't have a hide, sir.
- No.
No, you have a titanium shell which they will pop open like a can of tuna.
- [gasps] We've got to find that android.
- [sighs] - [computer beeping] - You better hurry, Gaines, it looks like it's going to pour.
- Yes, there's a 90% chance of rain in the next-- [computer beeps] --five minutes.
- Yeah, those Cirrostratus clouds look pretty threatening.
- You are mistaken, Bryon Patrick.
Those are Cumulonimbus clouds.
You can tell because the top is smooth.
- [thunder rumbling] - Yeah, whatever.
Good luck getting home without getting wet.
- Thank you.
But I need speed not luck.
By my calculations, I need to travel at 20 miles per hour in order to make it home before the rain arrives.
- - COMPUTER VOICE: Warning, inadequate shelter found.
Start emergency getaway.
- - [thunder rumbling] - - [electronic zapping] - Hey, Cole! - [computer beeping] - [thunder rumbling] - COMPUTER VOICE: Urgent! Liquid detected! Important! Locate shelter immediately! - [rain spattering] - Saved ya.
- This is a debacle.
Nice job, Lucia.
- How can you blame me? I didn't cause the rain.
- True.
But it was your idea to test our electrolyte sports beverage prototype on the tennis team.
I wanted to use the lacrosse team.
They practice in the rain.
- Hey! - Hi, Tammy.
Wanna try our new sports drink? - I'll need to take your blood sample, first, and then another one 20 minutes afterwards.
- Oh, and what have you eaten today? - I don't want any of your stupid drink.
[sighs] - Why are you standing out in the rain? - Cole's tennis practice is definitely cancelled.
The northern shift in the jet stream action resulted in this moist-tropical air.
- Did I ask for a weather report? - Maybe if you had, you wouldn't be all wet now.
- Oh! Can you believe her? - LUCIA: Cole's talking to the new girl.
- So? - So, Tammy likes Cole.
If Cole likes the new girl, it'll create a love triangle that Wait.
It's not a love triangle.
It's just a love acute angle.
- Would you put a sock in it, Lucia? [sighs] That's two strikes on Little Miss Equation Stealer.
- - I saw you just standing here getting soaked and [laughs] I guess a little rain never hurt anybody.
- On the contrary.
Contact with moisture of any kind can cause catastrophic system failure.
- For your computer? In your backpack? Anyway, it's a good thing I had an umbrella.
- Agreed.
Thank you.
- COLE: Wait-- - - [laughs] - FRANKIE: Defeated.
At the Creation.
- I know, Frankie.
- Bricks.
The in-mat.
Hung the way.
Don't chip much.
- Whoa, word salad.
I think our robot is defective.
Is she still under warranty? Let's return her and get a smart TV instead.
- [bowl clatters] - JeJenny Gaines.
- Frankie got a little wet.
- I am fi fififine.
- Seriously, Mom, is she okay? Is this going to be like last time? Is Frankie going to-- - Definitely not.
Look, she's going to be fine.
Frankie, please run your system diagnostics.
- [computer beeping] - Wet circuits.
Your robot contains moisture-sensitive components.
Your mileage may vary.
Batteries not included.
- This is serious.
I can't leave her.
Do you know where the supermarket is? - Yes, it's just down the block.
- Here's what we'll need, and ask someone at the store to help you.
And to get it all back here, you're going to have to "borrow" a shopping cart.
- Borrow? You mean "steal"? You're telling your own daughter to steal? - Oh, it's not stealing, it's borrowing without asking.
- - JENNY: That was so awesome.
- I think something's happening.
- Dr.
Mom, why am I sitting in a bathtub full of dehydrated grains? - It's instant rice, Frankie.
It's absorbing the moisture from your circuits.
- Oh, like what you do when you drop a phone in the toilet.
Uh, I mean, I think it's working.
- Oh, no, Frankie, stay there.
You're gonna be okay-- I hope.
- [computer beeps] - Running diagnostics.
Processor: Pass.
Network Interface Controller: Pass.
Memory: Pass.
System Architecture: Fail.
- [computer beeping] - Is that bad? - Well, let's not rush to any conclusions.
I need to look inside.
- [zipper unzips] - Well, gross and fine motor skills look all right.
Now for the higher functions.
- What? - Her main board overheated and melted some circuits.
- - [computer beeping] - MOM: I've never seen anything like this before.
- I'm sorry, Mom.
I know you like her.
I was just joking about returning her.
Can you fix her? - Well, it looks like she's fixed herself.
She's different now-- not the way I made her.
When the circuits cooled, they formed new pathways.
- So, what does that mean? - I don't know.
Maybe nothing.
Maybe it will change her.
- Change her how? - UhI'm not sure.
We'll have to wait and see.
So, in the meantime-- - JENNY: Eeeee! - --we'll keep a close eye on her.
Well, she still likes you.
That's a good sign.
- Get her off of me.
- Aw, isn't having a sister great? - PEGSI: [groaning] It's a bit of a tight squeeze.
I don't see how Santa Claus does it.
I'm in.
Commencing search.
- Whatwhat do you see? - The Gaines' home is vacant, and it looks like they left in a rush.
- Oh, I was afraid of that.
- May I return to EGG? - No, no, you stay there and search for anything that can help us find them.
I need that android.
- Must I? - [laughs] What's the matter, PEGSI? You're not scared, are you? - Mr.
Kingston, I'm a machine designed to execute tasks with speed and precision.
I don't get "scared.
" Okay, I'm a little scared.
- [doorbell rings] - Is your mom home? - Uh, hello to you, too.
Mom! - Oh, hi, James.
We're just about to sit down for dinner, but why don't you join us? - Oh, I'd love to.
- Oh, hey, James.
How are you doing? I'll just set another place for for me, I guess.
- So, what's going on? - I heard from a contact at EGG, Kingston is on the war path.
He's got a whole team trying to track down you and Frankie.
- Uh, Mom? - Not now.
I mean, that's not a surprise.
- Mom? - Just lay low, okay? - Mom! - Frankie, no! You know you can't eat.
You have no digestive mechanisms.
Why did you do that? - She was imitating Mr.
- What do you mean imitating me? I don't eat like that.
- She was? That's peculiar.
Could she beno, no, that'sthat's impossible.
- What? - Well, it's called "mirroring.
" It's one of the first social developments human babies exhibit.
- Ha! So, Frankie's like a giant baby? - Is it possible that she's developing human emotional traits? - It sounds more like a code glitch to me.
- Yeah, you're probably right.
- All right.
Now we're ready to eat.
Looks like microwave pizza, it is.
- Be right back.
I just need to use your facilities.
- What kind of facilities? Government? Medical? Educational? - He's just using a fancy term for "bathroom.
" - Ah, I will file that word under category "bathroom," subcategory "fancy.
" - Great.
Now that we've all discussed in detail where I'm going excuse me.
- - [typing on keyboard] Don't worry, Sigourney, I promise I'll use all your research for a good cause [chuckling] helping me win the Robel Prize.
[chuckling] - - Will, would you mind doing the dishes tonight? I have some work I have to finish up.
- Not a problem.
I don't even have to wash my plate.
The perks of frozen pizza.
- It sure was nice of Mr.
Peters to do what he does for us.
- I know.
He's a good friend.
- Why did he leave EGG? - Oh, he and Mr.
Kingston just couldn't get along.
[laughs] I remember this one time, Kingston really gave it to him, after he caught James stealing toilet paper from the employee lavatory.
- JENNY: [laughs] - "Lavatory.
" Another term for "bathroom.
" Also, "washroom," "restroom," "water closet," "latrine," "commode," "outhouse," and "john.
" Oh, and "facilities.
" - JENNY: [laughs] - - [typing on keyboard] [chuckling] Yes! It's working! [chuckling] All of that beautiful data will soon be mine and yours, my boy.
- - And then we get rid of Frankie.
- - COMPUTER VOICE: Agenda Item 1.
Starting in five minutes.
AP Math.
Room 147.
- Hi.
How's my umbrella doing? - Umbrellas are inanimate objects that cannot communicate.
Thus, I cannot tell you how it is doing.
- [laughs] I guess you're right.
You got me there.
We haven't been introduced.
I'm Cole.
- There are three Coles at Sepulveda High-- Cole Mason, Cole Presejian, and Cole Reyes.
Which Cole are you? - Cole Reyes.
- Cole Reyes.
Brother of Dayton Reyes.
211 South Sycamore Avenue.
- Uh, right.
And you are? - I am Frankie.
- Well, it'sit's nice to meet you, Frankie.
Well, I shouldgo.
- Goodbye, Cole Reyes.
It was nice to see you.
- Hey, Frankie, uh do you maybe wanna eat lunch with me today? - I don't eat lunch.
But I could sit next to you and watch you eat.
- You could? I mean, you'd wanna do that? I mean, that's great.
I'll see you at lunch time.
- - Okay, so, you're all familiar with a spelling bee, huh? Okay, well, this competition, follows the same format except with math.
Get a question right, you stay in.
Get it wrong, ya sit down.
Any questions? Any questions about the math bee and only the math bee? Let's start with Frankie.
What is the measure of the interior angles of a regular decagon? - One hundred forty-four degrees.
- Correct.
Negative three.
Negative six.
What's the next number in the sequence? - Duh.
- Correct.
- - Well, it looks like we have a tie.
Congratulations-- - [bell rings] - TAMMY: No one's leaving.
We settle this here and now.
- Yeah, I have another class coming in-- - A tie-breaker.
- All right.
When you divide a circle's circumference by its diameter, you get-- - The number pi! I win! - I'm not done.
Pi is not an exact number.
Your tie-breaking challenge-- whoever writes out pi to the most digits, when the next bell rings, wins.
- Yes, I eat "pi" for breakfast.
Let's go.
- Begin! - - TAMMY: Top this.
- - Well, she has to have messed up somewhere.
- Hold on, my eyes are starting to cross, but it's it's all correct.
Frankie wins! Congratulations! - Yes! Go, Frankie! - Oh, and congratulations to you, too, Tammy.
You beat your previous personal pi record.
- TAMMY: Save it! - DAYTON: [laughing] Nice job.
- [palm slap] - DAYTON: [laughs] That was awesome, and beating Tammy, oh, that must have felt good.
- I'm not sure how that felt.
- Well, it made me feel good.
Man, you're good at math.
- I'm not a man, I'm an adolescent female.
- Huh? Oh? [laughs] Oh, good one.
- But thank you for the compliment.
I have a compliment for you.
- Oh, no, you don't-- - You are the nicest person I have ever met.
- Really? [laughs] I think we're gonna be great friends, Frankie Gaines.
- I think we are, too, Dayton Reyes.
- Wow, you're a super-strong hugger.
[groans] Hey, uh, I've been thinking.
Do you maybe wanna hang out after school? I'm working on my solar-powered motorized skateboard, and I could use a brain like yours to do some calculations.
- Yes, I would love to help you with that.
- Great! I still can't believe how far you went on writing out pi.
Is math, like, in your DNA or something? - Yes, you could say that.
- BOTH: [laughing] - Tammy, are you okay? - Of course.
I'm fine.
Why do you ask? - Your face is all-- - Gorgeous! And perfectly symmetrical.
Research has shown that people consider facial symmetry to be an indicator of beauty, health, and genetic fitness.
- I was gonna say it was splotchy.
- It's a result of venous dilation.
[gasps] Let's measure your blood pressure.
- Get that thing away from me.
- Why are you so mad? 'Cause you lost the math bee? - I didn't lose the bee.
It was stolen from me.
The new girl obviously cheated me.
There's no way she could have memorized that many numbers.
- Here come the blotches again.
- [hyperventilating] There's something funky about that Frankie-- and I'm gonna find out what.
- You sure you don't wanna eat something? You need fuel to keep your energy up.
- No, thank you.
I recharge all night.
- All night? [laughs] What do you eat? - Power.
- Power? Is that some kind of protein bar? And you eat 'em all night? How much can you eat? - Approximately 10 gigawatts an hour.
- I wouldn't mind trying them.
Maybe you could hook me up.
- I could hook you up to my power source.
But I think you'd find the experience unpleasant.
- [laughing] You're kind of an odd duck, Frankie Gaines, you know that? - I've been mistaken for both a man and a duck today.
But I'm an adolescent female.
- COLE: [laughs] - DAYTON: Hey.
- Hello, Dayton Reyes.
Hello, Byron Patrick.
- I'm surprised my new friend already knows my brother.
- I'm surprised my new friend already knows my sister.
- I'm surprised no one at this table, is interested in me in the slightest.
- Repetition is a comic device.
Ha, ha, ha, I get it.
- COLE: [laughing] Isn't Frankie hilarious? - You should have seen Tammy's face when she lost the math bee.
She was all - BYRON & COLE: [laughing] - Everybody's talking about it.
- Everybody's talking about what? - Climate change? [laughs] [sighs] - COMPUTER VOICE: Incoming video call from Dr.
- What's with you? - I'm getting a call from Dr.
- Who? - And your phone do you have some kind of ringtone that only dogs can hear? Are you a dog? - I am not a dog, nor a man, nor a duck.
- Okay, what is she even talking about? - Okay, Tammy, chill.
- [computer beeping] - Hi, Frankie.
Don't say anything if there are other kids around.
Go somewhere you can be alone.
I'll hold.
- Excuse me.
I must go somewhere to be alone.
- Okay, someone's moody.
- PEGSI: Come on, nerds, give me something I can use.
- What have you got for me, PEGSI? - PEGSI: I'm afraid there's nothing yet, sir.
- Well, how can that be? I People don't just vanish into thin air.
Have you checked all of their social media accounts? - PEGSI: Of course.
They've gone dark.
There have been no charges on their credit cards, no calls on their mobile phones.
- Keep looking--harder.
- PEGSI: I don't know what else we can do.
We've looked everywhere.
- Whose bright idea was it to build a whining function into your system architecture? - PEGSI: It was your idea, sir.
- Well, then he is fired.
[clears throat] - PEGSI: Where are you going? It's time for our backgammon game.
- Oh, no, no, no.
No games for you, PEGSI.
You are going back to the Gaines' house.
Bring a team of people-- with hands this time.
And you stay there until you find something we can use to track down my property.
- PEGSI: I've been thinking.
Maybe we could just let this one go.
Gaines' android was a bit erratic, after all.
- That's not our problem, PEGSI.
I promised them an android, and I I intend to deliver.
They're just going to turn it into a mindless weapon of mass destruction anyway, so, the only thing they care about is that it is functional.
Find it.
Have this door removed--immediately.
- - I'm alone now.
- Good.
Your upgrade is ready.
- Thank you, Dr.
Should we perform installation tonight before charging? - Not this time.
While I was coding it, I found a bug in your current operating system that could knock out your accelerometers and gyros.
- That would be suboptimal.
I would not be able to walk or even stand.
- Exactly.
I need you to download the patch now.
Can you do that? - Affirmative.
- Humans say "yes" or "uh-huh.
" Remember? - Yes or uh-huh.
- [laughs] Well, we can work on that later.
I'm sending you the file.
Let me know when you've installed it, okay? - FRANKIE: Yes or uh-huh.
I'm ready, Dr.
- One more thing.
Just call me "Mom.
" - Mom.
- [computer beeping] - Initiating data transfer.
- [computer beeping] - List of countries with faster internet connections than the United States: South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Japan, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Latvia, Switzerland.
- [computer beeping] - I need a stable internet connection.
- [door creaks] - Hello, Dayton Reyes.
- Hi.
[laughs] Is everything all right? - Yes or uh-huh.
- Where are you rushing off to? - The computer lab: second floor, room 216, east corridor.
- Yep, that's where the computer lab is, all right.
Wait, I wanted to see if you wanted to-- or not? - [computer beeping] - Hey, Frankie.
Why are you sitting in the dark? - No additional light was necessary.
- What are you doing? - Downloading a large file.
- COMPUTER VOICE: Do not reveal android status.
- [dramatic music] - What was that cable plugged into? - COMPUTER VOICE: Do not lie.
- [computer beeping] - - Whatwhat are you? - [dramatic music] -