I Am Frankie (2017) s01e15 Episode Script

I am...Not Alone

1 - SIGOURNEY: I didn't sleep at all last night.
I miss Frankie already.
- Me, too, Sig.
But we have to be strong for each other.
I'm here to help out with whatever you need.
- One of us needs to tell Jenny.
- Except that.
- Tell me what? - I guess there isn't an easy way to say this.
Frankie, could you give us a minute? - Sure, Mom.
- BOTH: Frankie?!! - Yes, Mom? Yes, Dad? - Uhnothing.
- Jenny, what the heck is going on here? - I should be asking you the same thing.
- Uh, this is not about us.
- I'm very disappointed in you two.
How could you do this to Frankie? - She's using our lines against us.
This is all you.
- That's a fair question.
But there's no easy answer.
I love Frankie more than anything in this world.
- JENNY: [loudly clearing throat] - I love you and Frankie more than anything in this world.
- WILL: [loudly clearing throat] - I love Frankie, you and your father more than anything in this world.
But, Jenny she's become unpredictable and, worse, violent.
I can't continue down this path.
- Again.
- Shutting down Frankie is for the safety of everyone, including yours.
It has to be done.
- [cell phone rings] - Hello? Yes, this is Mr.
Really? Thank you so much for the call.
Fantastic news! - You are not ordering another cereal dispenser.
You already broke two.
- No, that was Ms.
Hough from Frankie's school.
Frankie's been cleared! - Cleared? Are you sure? - One hundred percent.
They have video of another student breaking into the lockers where the robot was taken.
- Frankie, could you come in here.
Your dad just got off the phone with Ms.
Hough, and your suspension's been cleared.
- Does that mean I can go to the dance? - Yeah, can she? - Yeah, can she? - I'm happy you were cleared, but that doesn't explain your deleted files, and I have to sort through all this before making a decision.
- Can I at least go to Brain Squad practice? - Yeah, can she? - Yeah, can she? - We have to prepare for the state championships, and the team is counting on me.
- Fine.
But you have to come right home when it's finished.
- Yes! - [palm slap] - - I'm yellow, filled with vitamins.
- Oh, you're a super B-complex supplement.
- No! I'm the banana emoji.
- No one's gonna know that.
- Of course, they will.
At 11.
4 pounds per person per year, bananas are the most consumed fruit in the United States.
What emoji are you going as? - A heart.
- I don't think you're getting the whole emoji concept.
- Did you hear the news about Robbie? He was suspended for destroying Byron's robot.
- I'm sorry, Tammy, now you don't have a date.
You must be pretty upset.
- On the contrary.
I'm ecstatic! I'm the one who set him up.
- But Frankie got suspended for that, and she's your sworn enemy.
Why would you frame someone else for the crime? - Don't be naive.
I'm playing the long game.
Frankie's suspension only strengthened her social standing.
The whole school joined the "Free Frankie" movement.
Don't bother making costumes.
Frankie's gonna win best costume, and I'm gonna make sure of it.
- Are we in bizarre world? Why do you keep helping Frankie? - Because, when she goes up to accept that best costume award, I'm gonna dowse her in water and expose that she's a robot-- in front of the whole school.
- - "Reward for any information about the girl in this photo wanted in connection with cyber crimes"? - I'll take that, Ms.
- Ms.
Hough, um, what is that? Should I be worried? - Apparently there's a cyber criminal wandering around one of the area schools.
I was asked to distribute these flyers around our hallways.
- Wait! There's more of these? I mean let me know if I can do anything to help.
[laughs] - - Oh, no.
I've gotta warn Frankie.
- - Feels like things are getting real, real Never felt so alive, never felt so alive Feels like things are getting real, real Feels like things are getting real - FRANKIE: Hm, and there are many of these? - Everything about this is bad, Frankie.
It's bad news, bad timing.
Even your hair looks bad.
- My hair? - Sorry.
I'm just on edge.
I took out all the flyers at Sepulveda, but they must be up at every school in the county.
We need to make sure no one calls this tip line.
- I'm sorry, Dayton Reyes, but we cannot.
- What about intercepting calls like you did when Ms.
Hough tried to call your mom? - That was my home network.
If I tapped into EGG's network, I could reveal my location.
- I'm not talking about hacking them.
I'm talking about overloading their phone system.
How many calls can you place per hour? - With my voice broadcasting software, I can place over 200 calls per minute.
- Oh, and I can do about a hundred a minute online.
That's pretty good.
But we don't know their capacity.
It wouldn't hurt to do some more.
Hey, Jenny, would you be willing-- - Oh, I'm in.
- How did you? - Guys, I'm ten.
Eavesdropping is my life.
I'll get the snacks.
- [computer dialing] - [phone ringing] - DAYTON: Sure, I've seen that girl.
She goes to San Vicente High.
- JENNY: That girl is my next door neighbor.
PS, I think she might be a witch.
- FRANKIE: I know the girl you are seeking.
She is highly intelligent and has an excellent haircut.
- FEMALE VOICE: The number you have reached is not in service.
Please try your call again later.
- We did it.
We crashed the system.
- [alarm clock ringing] - Oh, no, we're gonna be late for school! [sighing] - I need coffee, stat.
- I don't think so.
- Mom, have you completed your analysis about whether I can go to the dance? - I have, Frankie.
I've given this a lot of thought, and I've come to the conclusion that I can't risk you going.
- What?! Dr.
Gaines, you have to dance Frankie to let her go.
- I'm sorry, what was that? - That came out wrong.
Let me try that again.
This is our first dance, a rite of passage, the higher social couldn't be at any more stakes.
- Did you girls get enough sleep last night? - Of course.
We are totally sharp.
Right, Jenny? - - Listen, someone is trying to hurt Frankie, and the dance poses a huge safety risk we can't take.
- But, Mom-- - No.
I'm sorry, Frankie.
That's final.
- - Hey, Tammy.
- We got your text.
What's so important? - TAMMY: This.
- An animated GIF of a pulley system? - It's not just any pulley system.
I call it the T4000.
- You designed this? - Wellno.
I searched for it online.
But we're gonna build something just like it.
The dump bucket will be above the stage, the pulley will be hidden in the wings, and the robot Frankie Gaines is gonna short-circuit like a busted toaster.
- No way.
- We're out.
- Where are you going? I need you two.
- That was pretty sweet.
- Fine.
We'll do it under one condition.
When you're proven wrong, you drop this obsession for good, so we can focus on winning state's.
- Deal.
Now where can we find a really long rope? - Hurry up! - TAMMY: Almost got it.
- [balls thudding] - TAMMY: I'm okay.
Really, I'm okay.
- - Aha! Gotcha.
Uh, II was just leaving.
[laughs] Works like a charm.
- You know, I was thinking maybe I could live-stream the dance.
It'll be almost as good as being there.
- I appreciate the offer, but I fear the video quality wouldn't be sufficient to create an immersive experience.
- [sighs] I'm really sorry, Frankie.
This is so not fair.
- Any news? - Yeah, any news? - I'm afraid I can't go to the dance with either of you.
My mom will not let me go at all.
- [tsks] Great.
- Hey, it's no big deal.
It's just one stupid dance.
- Bite your tongue.
Uh, I mean he's right.
It's just a dance.
- There will be other dances, right? - It's true.
There will be many other dances.
Although I don't know that I will be permitted to attend any of them.
- Oh, I feel so selfish even going now.
How am I supposed to enjoy myself knowing Frankie's gonna be alone all night.
- Let's not go overboard now.
You gave it your best shot.
- I just wish there was something more I could do.
- [computer rings] - Hey, girlfriend.
How you holding up? - I'm fine, I guess.
- I wanted to give my old pal a call, check in, see how you're doin'.
- She's gone, James.
- You mean it? - Frankie's back at school, away from my watchful eye.
I'm glad she was exonerated and the suspension was lifted.
- Ow! - But I have this feeling that someone's trying to harm her.
- [hand pounds] - What was that noise? - Uhmy doorbell.
Gotta run.
Talk to ya later.
[sighs] Maybe I'm going about this all wrong.
If Sigourney won't get rid of Frankie, I need someone who will.
- Hey, Frankie.
What ya doin'? - Running a regression analysis on the probability of me having fun if I'd gone to tonight's dance.
- Regression analysis, huh? I do advanced statistical modeling when I'm upset, too.
You must be my daughter.
- I am your daughter.
- Oh, that was a-- Frankie, you understand that I'm not letting you go to the dance to protect you, right? - Logically, I understand your reasoning-- though it does not make me feel any better.
I have an uneasy feeling that is tough to describe.
- JENNY: It's called FOMO.
I have it, too.
FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out.
- Is this something that teens experience? - Which one of you's the robot, again? - Human teens? - I hate to break up this little lovefest, but I made some food for everyone.
- Jenny made food? - That's nice of you, sweetie, but Frankie's stomach is still new, and I don't know-- - Would you just come on? - What in the worldwide web? - WILL: Can I interest you in a sophisticated and elegant pig-in-a-blanket? - What is all of this? - DAYTON: The Emoji Ball 2.
[laughing] - [lively dance music playing] - Dr.
Gaines, if Frankie can't go to the dance, the dance has to come to Frankie.
- But, Dayton, what about your date with Byron? The dance is supposed to be super-fab, one of the most important nights of your life.
- Not more important than my best friend.
- Will, can I talk to you? - Not now, hon, I'm working.
- Oh! Tell me I'm doing the right thing by not letting Frankie go to the dance.
- I could tell you that, or I could tell you that part of being a parent is learning how to deal with risk.
We could wait outside the school in the car, just to be safe.
We can watch a movie on my laptop-- just like our old dates at the drive-in.
- You never took me to the drive-in movie theater.
Who did you take to the drive-in? - Oh, Frankie, we have some good news.
- Your dad and I were just talking and we've decided to let you go to the dance! - BOTH: Yay! - Ow, Frankie, you're crushing my hands.
- Sorry, Dayton Reyes.
- WILL: Well done, Sig.
Look at how happy she is.
- SIGOURNEY: I hope I'm doing the right thing.
- Of course, you are.
It's a school dance.
What's the worst that can happen? - - - Does that face mean you told Cole you're going to the dance with Andrew? And how'd he take it? - Are grunting noises and deep-breathing typically a sign of unhappiness in humans? Then he does not appear happy.
- Come on, the dance starts in less than an hour.
We're not gonna let anything ruin this night.
- FRANKIE: Oh! - DAYTON: Watch out! - [dramatic music] - PEGSI: If you hurt me, Mr.
Kingston will never deliver the android.
I'll never talk.
Please, a laser pointer.
How 2004 of you.
- [laser zapping] - Whatwhat is that? Oh! Let me talk to Mr.
I can get you your android.
- [cell phone rings] - [coughs, sputters] Every time I walk through these halls.
Hello? - PEGSI: Mr.
Kingston, you're a sound for a sore circuit.
- PEGSI! PEGSI! Oh, thank goodness.
Are you hurt? If they damaged one LED on your little egg-shaped head, I swear I will-- - Have we located the android yet, sir, by any chance? - The android, um, oh, hang on, hang on, hang on.
[rapping on glass] Is the tip line up and running again? No, we're working on it, PEGSI.
Itoh, dear, hold on, hold on.
I've got another call.
- PEGSI: No, Mr.
Kingston-- - Gilford Kingston.
- You're not an easy man to get in touch with, Kingston.
- How did you get this number? - That's not important.
What is important is the proposition I have for you.
- [laughing] I don't do business with traitors.
- I think you may change your tune when-- - [phone beeps] - Hello? Hello? How rude! - [lively dance music playing] - DAYTON: [laughing] On a scale of one to amaze, tell me, what do you think? - It's even more beautiful than I thought it would be.
- So, shall we dance? - [music tempo slows] - Mind if I cut in? - Yeah.
- Andrew, according to Miss Etiquette's "Book of Etiquette," it is inappropriate for either member of a dance pair to refuse a request to cut in.
- - You're the cutest robot I've ever seen.
- How do you-- - Your costume.
It's awesome.
- Of course.
[laughs] Thank you.
- - Wow, everyone went all out.
Look at all these costumes.
They're so much more creative than ours.
- That's not our fault.
We were caught up helping someone with her water prank.
- Shhhh! And stop complaining.
This is serious business.
- - So, uh, should we dance? - I thought you'd never ask.
- [Bob whirring] - You are talking to Bob, aren't you? - BYRON: Maybe.
I'm just happy I was able to fix the little guy in time for tonight.
He didn't wanna miss it.
- DAYTON: [laughs] Come on, both of you.
- - All right, all right, all right! I hope your emojis are havin' a great time.
Remember, voting for best costume is open, so, grab those phones, go to the virtual vote app, and pick your favesy.
- [lively dance music playing] - Tammy? - TAMMY: In here.
- [door creaks] - What are you doing? - Isn't it obvious? - Actuallyno.
- I'm hacking the virtual vote app so that Frankie wins best costume.
Close the door.
- Hey, don't break my heart.
- Stop pushing.
- Careful.
- Watch out for my heart.
- Okay, watch it.
- Guys The security is stronger than I'd anticipated.
They're using tls fallback scsv.
But I can crack it.
[laughs] Oh, no.
Why is it frozen? - I think you crashed the app.
Nice one.
- No, no, no, no.
This can't be.
This is a disaster! My whole plan is ruined! Unless I can figure out a way to get Frankie near that bucket of water.
- [lively dance music continues] - Listen up! Listen up! I just got word that the voting app is down.
Ouch! But don't fret.
We'll be passing out paper ballots so you can still vote for best costume here at Sepulveda's first Emoji Ball! - STUDENTS: [cheering, applauding] - [lively dance music continues] - Hey, Andrew, I thought Frankie was your date.
How come she keeps dancing with Cole? - - Something on your mind? I'm surprised to see you out here alone.
I thought you'd be shredding the dance floor with Frankie.
- Why does everyone care so much about me and Frankie? - Ah, I see.
You're embarrassed, upset, hurt.
How'd you like to give Frankie a little taste of her own medicine? - [scoffs] - Come on, it's not like I'm gonna hurt her.
Just a little prank.
Totally harmless fun.
- [lively dance music continues] - Remember, don't bring her to the spot until I give you the sign.
- Yeah, yeah, I got it.
- It's the moment you've all been waiting for.
Time to announce the big winner of your Emoji Costume Contest! - STUDENTS: [applauding, cheering] - Sepulveda High, your winner for best costume is Frankie Gaines! - STUDENTS: [cheering, applauding] - What? She won anyway? - Maybe I should go in there and check how things are going.
I'm going in.
- How about I go check, instead? I'd blend in more.
And I wanna get a look at a real dance.
- Jenny, that's why we rented "High School Dance: 22.
" It's like we're there, but we're not there.
- I'd rather see the real thing.
- I'm coming with you.
- [car doors lock] - Nobody's going anywhere.
Frankie's entitled to her privacy.
- SIGOURNEY: [sighs] - [chomping popcorn] - Come on up here to claim your prize, Frankie Gaines! - STUDENTS: [cheering, applauding] - [dramatic music] - Frankie, look out! - [dramatic music] - STUDENTS: [gasping] - Are you okay? - Yes, I am.
But my costume's not.
- Frankie, are you all right? What did you do? Stop trying to hide.
We see you.
- He's hurt.
We need to help him.
- No! I mean, I'm fine.
- [dramatic music] - [circuits zapping] - FRANKIE: Andrew LaPierre are you an android? - [dramatic music] -