I Am Frankie (2017) s01e14 Episode Script

I am...Suspended

1 - - DAYTON: What's all this stuff? - Bob? - Hey, you found Bob.
Or what's left of him.
- Frankie, I I can't believe you would destroy Bob.
- I did not destroy him.
I like Bob.
Bob is my friend.
- What other horrible things have you done? Did you tear apart Makayla's unicorn? [gasps] And gouge out Ms.
Hough's poster eyes? - You are mistaken.
I didn't do any of those things.
- How can you just stand there and claim you're innocent? The evidence is right there.
- Somebody must've set her up.
Right, Frankie? Come on, Byron, you know she loves Bob.
- I thought so, too.
But now what am I supposed to believe? And if Frankie didn't do it, then who did? - I don't know.
But give us a chance to find out.
Please, Byron, don't say anything.
- Fine.
I'll give you until Friday, but if you can't prove someone else did this, I'm gonna tell Ms.
- - Come on, Bob.
I'm taking you home.
- - Byron, wait! You forgot his arm.
- - PEGSI: Welcome to EGG, gentlemen.
I hope you've made yourselves comfortable.
Can I interest anyone in coffee, tea, caramel macchiato? [yelps] - Where's the android we were promised? - PEGSI: No need to be pushy.
I was just trying to be hospitable.
Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the KingBot 5000, the most technically- advanced android in the world.
- Why was he designed to look like a middle-aged business man? I'll be honest-- the agency was expecting something a little more physically impressive.
Look at that sallow complexion, the bags under its eyes.
It looks like it's sick.
How durable is it? We've got plans to send these androids into some pretty rough places.
- PEGSI: [whining] Please don't hurt Mr.
- Kingston? Isn't that the name of the fool who runs this place? - I am not a fool! I mean, um [clears throat] [robotically] Mr.
Kingston is not a fool.
He is a great man.
- All right, you're comin' with us.
Say goodbye to your boss.
You're never gonna see him again.
- Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Wait, you can't take him.
He's the only one who can deliver the android.
- Good point.
We'll take you, instead.
- Uh, wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing? - You'll get him back-- when you deliver the android.
- PEGSI: [whining] Mr.
- - Look at him.
He's devastated.
I haven't seen him like this since he threw up on his shoes during the third grade talent show.
- That must have been quite embarrassing.
- They were really nice shoes, too.
Oh, I just don't know how much longer I can keep him from going to Ms.
- If Ms.
Hough believes I committed acts of violence, she'll call mom, who'll forbid me from going to the dance.
- It could be worse than that.
Oh, I'm feeling sick just thinking about it.
- Okay, people, let's settle.
We've got a lot to cover today.
- Mr.
Manhart, I need to go to the bathroom! - Your timing is impeccable, Miss Reyes.
Now, if anybody else needs to rudely leave during the first part of class, please, be my guest.
- Thank you, Mr.
That is very thoughtful of you.
- Time to erase her files.
- James Peters, did you text me? - No, I'm just here because you forgot your lunch.
Your mom wanted me to bring it to you.
That is highly unlikely.
I typically buy my lunch at the cafeteria.
Today is nachos day.
- Well, suit yourself.
- I will be returning to math class now.
Goodbye, James Peters.
- Frankie, wait! There was just a big bu-u-ug on your neck.
- Thank you for your concern.
- JAMES: [chuckling] - Feels like things are getting real, real Never felt so alive, never felt so alive Feels like things are getting real, real Feels like things are getting real - [chuckling] This is almost too easy.
[chuckling] Delete.
No memory files means no way for Frankie to prove her innocence.
[chuckling] When Sigourney realizes what a terrible android she's got, she'll have no choice but to shut her down.
[chuckling] Now to delete our little parking lot encounter and bingo! [chuckling] It's done.
I need you to remove the device without her knowing.
I don't care how you do it.
Say she has a bug on her neck.
That's what I said.
Let me know when it's done.
- We need to make a list of anyone who might want to destroy Bob, and Makayla's unicorn, and Ms.
Hough's poster.
You might wanna slow down there, Frankie.
You don't wanna get the hiccups again.
- A small price to pay for the experience of crunching delicious nachos, Dayton Reyes.
Would you like to share them with me? - How can you eat at a time like this? - Very simply.
I pick up a nacho, put it in my mouth [crunching] and move my jaw hinge up and down like so.
- Mm-hm.
- It seems that I am out of nachos.
I will be right back with a replenishment.
- Dayton, I thought I should tell you, first.
I can't keep this secret anymore.
I need justice for Bob.
- Byron, please.
You promised to give me until Friday.
- What makes you think she's so innocent, anyways? Bob was in her locker in pieces.
- It looks bad.
I get it.
But I swear, Frankie didn't do it.
- Frankie didn't do what? - Um, she didn't put cheese on her nachos.
- No cheese? II have to help her.
I mean, can you even call them nachos with no cheese? - Byron, I'm begging you.
How will you feel when Frankie gets punished for something she didn't even do? - [heavy sigh] Fine.
But I want answers.
I made a promise to Bob that I would always look after him.
I take that seriously.
- I totally get it.
I feel the same way about Frankie.
- From the time we activated the Droid Sync Program, to the androids' arrival here at EGG, we estimate that the point of origin is within a radius of 50 miles.
- Excellent.
Comb every square inch.
Leave no stone unturned.
If we want PEGSI back, we need that android.
- Sir, it's almost 8,000 square miles.
- Are you making excuses? Poor little PEGSI is scared and alone.
He is sitting in a bag in the dark, and he is counting on me to rescue him.
- It could take a while.
- Hm, then you had better get to it, hm? - [door thuds] - [clears throat, knocks on door] Uh, I don't see anyone getting to it, huh? [clapping hands] - I got everything you wanted.
We'll have Bob up and running by the end of the day.
- [pieces clattering] - Maybe the end of the month.
- I can't believe Frankie did this.
- Hey, we don't know that.
- You're still defending her, when this is what she's capable of? - I'm telling you, Byron, Frankie would never hurt you or Bob.
- Of course you would say that.
You like-like her, and if she gets in trouble, she might not be able to go to the dance with you.
- We might not be going anyway.
She actually hasn't said who she's taking to the dance yet.
- And, yet, you're still sticking up for the person who's messing with me.
- 'Cause I know she's innocent.
- Then who did this to Bob? And how did he end up in Frankie's locker? If Ms.
Hough knew about this, and all the other terrible things Frankie did, I'm pretty sure she'd be suspended.
No school, no dance, nothing.
- [clears throat] - [gasps] - Hello, boys.
- COLE: Ms.
Hough! How long have you been standing there? - Long enough, Mr.
Reyes, long enough.
Would Frankie Gaines please report to Ms.
Hough's office, immediately.
Frankie Gaines, to Ms.
- Uh, Frankie, this can't be good.
- Let's not jump to conclusions, Dayton Reyes.
Everything still might be all good.
- This is not good, Miss Gaines.
Are you denying that the pieces of the robot were in your locker? - No, Ms.
But I did not put them in there.
- Well, then, how did they get there? Did they fly in? [laughing] - To my knowledge, Bob the Robot did not have the power of flight.
In fact, if he did, he would most likely be called Bob the Drone Aircraft, not Bob the Robot.
- Stop trying to muddy the waters.
You must admit the evidence against you is compelling.
- [knock at door] - Not now.
- Excuse me, Ms.
Hough, but I have some information.
- Miss Reyes, go on.
- Frankie is innocent.
She's being framed.
She would never harm anyone or their stuff.
- People are not always whom they appear to be, Miss Reyes.
Like myself.
I may seem like a merry lass who loves to have a good time [laughing] But I can be quite serious, I assure you.
- I know Frankie.
I know her better than anyone else at this school.
- This is true, Ms.
We are besties.
- And as her bestie, I know that if she says she didn't do it, she didn't do it.
- I'm sorry to say, the evidence tells another story.
I have no choice but to follow the disciplinary code.
Frankie Gaines, you are hereby suspended immediately.
- This is so unfair.
I wish we had more time to figure this out.
Frankie, can you access your house's phone network? - Of course.
I have unlimited access to our Cloud server, phone, and all electronic appliances.
Dad frequently leaves the oven on, and I am able to shut it off remotely.
- Perfect! Then you can intercept the call before it gets through to your mom.
- That is not appropriate.
I'm not-- - Do you want her to find out you were suspended for something you didn't do? Now, hurry, Ms.
Hough could make that call any second.
- [computer beeps] - I'm in.
- [phone rings] - Okay, stay calm and answer it.
Where's your microphone? - [phone ringing] - You have reached the Gaines residence.
There is no one here to take your call.
Please leave a message at the tone.
- [phone beeps] - This is Ms.
Hough from Sepulveda High.
I'm afraid your daughter has been suspended from school for violent conduct, effective immediately.
I look forward to discussing this matter with you.
- The message has successfully recorded on my hard drive.
- Whatever you do, don't play it for your mom until we find out what happened.
- FRANKIE: Dayton Reyes, who do you think put Bob in my locker? - Somebody who's out to make you look dangerous.
Who'd wanna do that? - You are not afraid of me, right? - Of course not.
But if your mom starts to think that people are, and that you might hurt someone, oh, I don't even wanna say it.
- I will.
My mom will have no choice but to shut me down, permanently.
- Well, that's not gonna happen.
I won't let it.
- Thank you, Dayton Reyes.
You're a good friend.
- - Good news, Brain Squad.
Everyone's favorite team member has had her suspension lifted.
- Yay.
- That's great.
Frankie's not suspended anymore? Well, I guess we don't need this "Free Frankie" petition.
Dayton and Cole started it and we're all signing.
We need Frankie on the team, if we have any chance at winning state's.
- Wait, no, Frankie is still suspended.
- But you said "everyone's favorite Brain Squad member.
" Who were you talking about? - Me, you twit! You two signed this? - We need her, Tammy.
- Like a cell needs a membrane.
- [sighs] This couldn't get any worse.
- Guys, check out this poster I've been working on.
Maybe we could make copies and hang 'em up all over school.
- Better yet, we should put them up all over town.
- LUCIA: Maybe we could get the newspaper to publish an editorial about the situation.
- Can we get a band to play a benefit concert for her at The Garage? - Quiet! Everyone! If y'all want Frankie back so bad, we'll get her back.
- Yeah! - Yeah, sweet! - Is this for real, Tammy? You don't normally do selfless acts.
- Yeah, you're big-time selfish.
No offense.
- None taken, Makayla.
I'm gonna bring Frankie back so all you nitwits can see her true robot colors.
All we have to do is find somebody to take the fall.
Then Ms.
Hough will have to lift Frankie's suspension.
- That's pretty malevolent, Tammy.
- Thank you.
- Malevolent means evil.
- [scoffs] I know what it means.
So, which one of you's gonna confess? - BOTH: What?! - Neither of you is going to make a tiny sacrifice for the good of the team? And you call me selfish.
- Do you know how bad a [quietly] suspension would look on my school record? Say goodbye to the Ivy League.
- Well, would one of me-firsters at least help me open this? - Everyone is having locker problems since Ms.
Hough changed all the combinations.
- May I be of assistance, ladies? - Unless you're some sort of locker genius, no.
- It just so happens I know a hack for these kinds of locks.
Applying pressure three rotations to the left slowly to the right tap it three times [taps lock] and - Wait, Robbie, could you open Makayla's locker, too? - Why? I know my-- - Three rotations to the left Ta-da! - Thank you, Robbie.
You've been more helpful than you could ever imagine.
- Ah, Frankie, you are just in time.
I made your fav-- - May I be excused? - Uh, sure.
Teenage androids.
- [knock at door] - Sigourney, how are you? Oh, dear, you look stressed.
Care to bend my ear? - Oh, I thought Jenny was a handful, but Frankie is behaving more like a human teen every day.
- Really? Do you think it's fair to compare Frankie to a human teenager? - Oh, I mean, she's developing teen angst, which is a little rude.
- Rude? Sigourney, I know you have feelings for the android, but a suspension for violent conduct? I mean, come on.
Ignoring that kind of behavior would be irresponsible.
- Wait.
Violent conduct? James, what are you talking about? - You haven't heard.
- Why did you come over here? - To borrow a highlighter.
I'm running a binary analysis and I'd like to color-code my results.
Uh, thanks, Sigourney.
[chuckles] Later.
- Frankie, I need to speak with you.
Right now! - - Yes, Mom, you wanted to see me? - Were you suspended from school today? - Yes, Mom, I was.
- Frankie, what happened? - Ms.
Hough called me into her office and she said [Ms.
Hough's voice] I have no choice but to follow the disciplinary code.
Frankie Gaines, you are hereby suspended, immediately.
- What? Why would Ms.
Hough suspend you? - Because parts of Bob were found in my locker.
- Parts of Bob? Who's Bob? - He's my friend-- who was also a robot.
He's a bit primitive, but very kind and pleasant.
He belongs to my friend Byron, who is not a robot.
- So, you hurt Byron's robot.
- No.
Nor did I disembowel Makayla's unicorn, nor poke out Ms.
Hough's poster eyes.
But Ms.
Hough believes that I did.
And that's why she suspended me for violent conduct.
- Violent conduct? This can't be happening.
- But I didn't do it, Mom.
- I can't believe Ms.
Hough didn't call me.
- She did, but I intercepted the call to prevent you from receiving it.
I was afraid you'd forbid me from going to the dance.
- Oh, we've got much bigger problems than the dance.
If you're guilty of what Ms.
Hough is accusing you of-- - But I'm not.
I know that when the evening of rampage occurred at school, I was here at home.
- Oh.
You know there is an easy enough way to prove that.
I'll just check your files and verify that you were here.
- Thank you for believing in me, Mom.
- - Uh-oh.
- Why are you making a sound that usually indicates trouble? - A bunch of your files are missing.
- I don't understand.
- Frankie, did you delete your files to cover your tracks? It's really important that you tell me the truth right now.
- I didn't delete any such files.
- This looks really bad for you.
It can't just be a coincidence that all the files from the time this happened are missing.
- I am unsure of the explanation.
But I neither deleted a file or committed a violent act at school.
- Frankie, if you were in trouble, why didn't you come to me? - Because Dayton and I are going to find out who did it, and becausethe dance.
- Well, you're certainly not going to the dance now.
In fact, you're not going anywhere until we figure out what happened.
You're confined to the lab until further notice.
- - Frankie, this is really bad.
How'd she even find out? - I don't know.
But when she asked me, I had to tell her the truth.
She was extremely unhappy that I intercepted Ms.
Hough's call.
- I am so sorry.
That was my idea.
Maybe if I call and explain that to your mom-- - I don't think that will help.
The only thing I can do now is wait until mom decides what to do.
- - How's the search going? - There's a lot of ground to cover, Mr.
- Well, it's a good thing I have a better solution.
Pull up the, uh, video surveillance.
I need to see that android.
- Right away, sir.
- Mm-hm.
Now just "embiggon" it.
- I don't think that's a word.
- [heavy groan] How if we can find a clue in that photo, we may be able to narrow the search.
Like that.
What is that on the android's shoulders? - I believe they call that a "head," sir.
- Not the head! That, you idiot, with the straps.
- It looks like some sort of backpack, the kind children use to carry books to school.
- School? But Oh [laughing] Would Gaines be so bold as to try and pass off the android as a human schoolgirl? - She's been hiding in plain sight this whole time? Wow.
[laughing] Sigourney's amazingly guilty of extreme disloyalty.
- Get me the email address of every high school principal with a, uh, 50 mile radius.
We'll send out a blast offering a reward to anyone who has seen this, uh [snaps fingers] cyber-criminal.
Hmmm - Will, you know I'm the last person willing to believe Frankie might be dangerous.
- Yeah, and I'm the second to last.
- But I have a responsibility as a scientist.
A violent android is mankind's worst nightmare.
- I know, and we both know what happened the last time you did-- - [groans] - Hi, Jen-Jen.
Gettin' ready to turn in? - I just wanted to say goodnight.
- Goodnight, sweetheart.
- Goodnight, Mom.
- Goodnight, my sweet girl.
- Is she talkin' to me? - Honey, can I ask you something? Do you feel safe around Frankie? - Sure, Mom.
Except when she's threatening me with her scary android super-strength.
- What? - JENNY: Kidding.
She needs to cut down on the late afternoon lattes.
Why? Is everything okay? - Oh, yeah, everything's fine.
Why don't you head off to bed, kiddo? She was kidding, you know? - When I started this, I promised I would be honest with myself, and Frankie has changed.
- Yes, she has.
She's learned and she's grown.
She's better than she was before.
- But she's also erratic.
She has secrets.
Will, if there's even the tiniest possibility she's become violent, I have no choice.
- - Ooh, an email on my tip line.
"New information about the night of brutality," with an attached video? But I already caught the perpetrator.
Robbie? - All ready for bed, Frankie? - Yes, I'm about to enter sleep mode.
Goodnight, Mom.
Goodnight, Dad.
- WILL: [sniffling] - Dad? Are those tears in your eyes? Is something making you sad? - Oh, it's okay, Frankie, I've just got a really painful hangnail.
SoI've gotta take care of it.
[kisses] [sobbing] - I'm sorry for disappointing you with my behavior today, Mom.
- It's okay, honey.
Ready for sleep mode? [kisses] - [dramatic music] - [powering down] - - I'm sorry, Frankie.
I'm so sorry.
- -