I Am Frankie (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

I am...Remote Controlled

1 - - [beeping] - Where are you going? Hang on a sec.
Stop! Halt! I'm good at computers.
Control alt delete! No.
Button, but-- [groans] - I can't believe I didn't figure it out before.
It all makes sense.
Frankie's a robot.
- I'll go get Ms.
Tell her to bring a cat, maybe two.
Tammy's gone way over the edge this time.
- I have not! - - Um, why do the Betas look like they're playing rugby? - Ha, uh, rugby.
Good one, Mr.
- They're all trying to obey the same command.
To come to a precise point in the center of this room.
- Interesting.
So when the stolen android arrives-- - It'll do the same thing.
It's headed here now.
- [chuckles] Good.
- Yes, good.
Should I contact Warpa and schedule a pickup? - Yes, do that.
- [phone dialing] - MAN: Warpa.
- No, hold that call.
- Putting you on hold.
Is there a problem, sir? - Let's not schedule anything until we actually have the android on the premises, and I've had a chance to examine it.
We may need to make some modifications.
- What should I tell Warpa? - I don't know, just make something up.
- Hello? Sorry, butt dial.
- Butt--you don't even have a butt.
Never mind.
What is the current location of the stolen android? - We don't know, sir.
Gaines locked us out of the android's GPS functions.
- Do you have any idea when it will get here? - Without its location and rate of speed, we can't calculate an ETA.
- - Then you press B to get her to jump and grab the gumdrops.
- [videogame music plays] - What if I don't like gumdrops? Here, I'll just grab this jellybean instead.
- Wait, no, that's-- - [electronic beeping] - Uh.
- --jellybean of doom.
Let's play again.
- [cellphone rings] Wait, hang on.
Hello? - Dr.
Gaines, it's Dayton Reyes.
There's something wrong with Frankie.
She's just walking.
- What do you mean? Just walking to where? - I don't know.
She won't talk to me.
It's like she's being controlled by somebody.
- Uh, that's weird, I can't call up her controller.
Where are you? - The supermarket.
Food Stuff and Such.
- [indistinct mumbling] [screams] - [crash] - Sorry! It's not her fault.
She's sleepwalking.
It's dangerous to wake her.
[giggles] You need to get down here.
- On my way.
I have to go.
There's something wrong with Frankie.
- So what else is new? - Serious.
- Alright, then I'm coming with you.
- - Frankie! Sorry! Frankie! - COLE: Bob, where you are? Here, Bob? [whistles] Come here, boy? [whistles] - Bob's not a dog, you know? He's one of the most advanced robots you can build for under $50.
- Sorry, my head's not in the game.
- Thinking about Frankie? - I think I might have come down a little hard on her about the whole Andrew thing.
- Right.
I mean, she obviously wants to go to the dance with you.
Why else would she have asked? - I should call her, tell her I'm sorry.
[sighs] - [phone ringing] - Don't you wanna see who that is? It could be your mom or Cole or HOT 109.
5 calling to say you won a trip to Maui! No, no.
- [ringing continues] - Come on, Frankie, you gotta stop.
I mean it! Got to stop! I mean it! Ah! - [ringing continues] - Uh, gross.
At least it's strawberry.
- - Frankie! - Voicemail.
- FRANKIE: Hello, this is Frankie Gaines, please leave a message after the tone.
- Hey, me, it's Frankie.
Hey, Frankie, it's me, Cole.
Cole Reyes, not coleslaw.
[nervous laughing] Right, well, I'm really sorry.
I shouldn't have given you such a hard time.
Uh, call me back.
Oh, it's Cole.
Cole Reyes.
- Wow, smooth.
- Oh, Byron, quick, how do I do a do-over? - A what? - A do-over.
On voicemail.
Isn't there a way I can delete the message and record it again? - Oh, yeah, of course.
- Well, what is it? - That depends.
Who's Frankie's service provider? - How should I know? - Well, different cellphone providers use different key combinations.
You don't know which one she uses, you might as well just hit random keys.
- [hitting keys] - Oooh, oh, I think I did it.
- FEMALE VOICE: Your message has been sent.
- - [brakes squeak] - [engine shuts off] - Frankie! Frankie, what's going on? Talk to me.
- What's wrong with her, Mom? - I don't know.
Did anything happen at school? - Not really.
Could the E Stomach have anything to do with this? - Could be, but we won't find out until she stops.
- She really wants to go that way.
Nothing will stop her.
- Okay.
This is your school.
And this is our location.
If Frankie keeps on walking in that direction-- - What's EGG? - Electronic Giga Genetics.
I used to work there.
It's where I made Frankie--they must have cracked Droid Sync.
Everybody in.
- - Okay, here you go.
- - There's only one way to stop them.
I need to get into EGG servicer and disable Droid Sync.
- We're too far away to get access to their network.
Go closer.
- EGG has cameras everywhere.
They'll see us and shut us down.
Open the glovebox.
There's a signal booster.
- - Okay.
- We're running out of time.
- [groans] I can't connect.
- What are we gonna do? - We can't just give up! Look for some foil, quick! - If you're thinking of wrapping that up for later, I wouldn't--ew! - Found some.
- Double ew.
- A parabola can extend the range of your antennae by 400 to 800%.
Stickthe antennae through there, and then hold it out the window.
- Jennynow this is all you.
- You got this.
- Point it at the middle of that main building.
It's the WIFI access point.
Uh, a little to the right.
A little more--uh, right there, I'm connected.
Dayton, you're a genius.
- Yah! - What are you gonna do? - Disable Droid Sync.
I built a backdoor to the program in case something like this ever happened again.
- What do you mean happened again? - Ow! - Sorry, sir.
- I am in no mood today, PEGS1.
- Ow! - You are going in here.
I am in no mood.
- PEGS1: You know I don't like confined spaces.
It's bad for my complexion.
- [computer beeping] - - The android, I see it.
[laughing] Oh, the android is mine The android - PEGS1: Congratulations, sir, on both your success and your unparalleled rhyming skills.
Ow! - [computer beeping] - Uh-oh! - [beeping continues] - Someone's broken in through a backdoor and is trying to disable Droid Sync.
- Gaines, it must be.
Get rid of her! - - Hurry, mom! - I'm going as fast as I can.
[gasps] No, they closed the door.
They must be onto me.
- No! - Don't worry, the old girl still knows a few tricks.
- Oh, you're good, Dr.
Gaines, but I'm better.
- Come on, Anderson, kick her out of Droid Sync.
- PEGS1: What's going on? Let me out! I've got FOMO, and I've got it bad.
- Ha! Checkmate! - Uh, no.
Come on.
- DR.
KINGSTON: Stand down, let her pass.
- Feels like things are getting real, real Never felt so alive, never felt so alive Feels like things are getting real, real Feels like things are getting real - - We're losing her! - I know, I know.
I just need to-- - [explosion] - [screaming] - PEGS1: What was that? It sounds like a wrestling match.
I'm ready.
Let me out, and tag me in, sir.
- [birds chirping] - Yes! - Yeah! - Frankie, over here! - - Get in! Quick! Everybody in? - Okay! - Drive! - Oh, no, no, no, the android is getting away.
Do something.
- The whole system is fried.
- What? Security! Secur--perfect.
You have got to be kidding me.
- Will, that's the tenth time you've hugged her.
- I'm just so glad she's safe.
One more extra strong.
Ugh! I meant me, not you.
- Okay, let's get Frankie recharged.
- Mom, why did EGG take me? - They think I stole you.
They consider you their property.
- Do you think of me as property? - Oh, no way.
You are family, just like Dad and Jenny.
- I am not like Dad and Jenny.
Dad is your husband.
Jenny is an offspring.
She shares your DNA.
I don't even have DNA.
- Frankie, families can mean many different things.
We don't need to be bound together by our DNA.
We are bound together by love.
Do you understand? - I think I do, Mom.
Do you think EGG will try to take me again? - I don't know.
But I'm not going to let them.
- They were controlling me.
I had no ability to do anything but what they commanded.
I don't like that.
- I can see why you wouldn't.
- I must prevent anyone from controlling me.
I will control myself, and do what I want to do.
- That's my girl.
- [machine starts] - Now, relax, recharge.
Good night, Frankie.
- [computer beeps] - You didn't want to tell her about Warpa? - I didn't want to put that on her.
She was upset enough about EGG.
Imagine if she knew Kingston planned to turn her over to a covert agency who's going to weaponize her and use her to overthrow the government.
- You're right, she wouldn't take that well.
- This is serious, Will.
We can't let them turn our daughter into a weapon.
We have to make sure they never find her.
That means her secret needs to stay a secret.
- - TAMMY: She is a robot.
It all makes sense.
How she talks, how she knows everything about everything.
How she walked out of school today like--like a robot.
Oh, excuse me, garçon.
Another round of waters, s'il vous plait.
- We're closed.
- Robots have gotten pretty advanced, don't you think we'd know if they made one that could pass for a high school student? - We'd have definitely read about it.
- Read about it where? - Robot magazines.
I subscribe to "Robots Illustrated," "Robot Digest"-- - I get "Robopolitan," and "Martha Stewart's Robots"-- - You're being naïve.
Don't you get it? She must be a prototype they're testing out.
And this Frankie bot just flunked.
[laughing] Get it? Frankie flunked the test.
- Why'd she repeat what she just said? - Okay, the point is, what to do about it? - Ooh, I know.
We don't do anything.
We mind our own business.
- And by we, she means you.
- Uuuh, wrong.
We expose her.
- Just for argument sake, say you're right and she is a robot? - Which we don't believe.
- That's why I said "for argument sake.
" - I just wanted to underscore the point.
- What would exposing Frankie accomplish? - Must I spell everything out to you? If she's a robot, then I'm still the smartest person in school.
- [bell rings] - - She hasn't told Andrew yet? - Don't worry, she's going with you.
She asked you, didn't she? - Then what is she waiting for? - She's justbeen busy.
She's got a lot on her plate.
- By the way, where did you guys go when she blazed out of school yesterday? - Um, we went, umsightseeing.
'Cause she's still new here, so she dragged me all over town.
Oh look, there's Byron! Bob still hasn't turned up? He will.
And if he doesn't, you made him from a kit, right? Couldn't you just-- He'll turn up.
I know he will.
- - EGG was trying to take me back because they think I belong to them.
Like I'm a phone or a backpack.
- Wow, that EGG place is only one town over.
You're my best friend and everything, but maybe it's too dangerous for you here.
- Mom says we're hiding in plain sight.
Avoiding detection by being in a place your pursuer dismisses as too obvious to consider.
- But now this Kingston jerk knows you're close and not like in Tasmania or Siberia.
We need a plan.
- I have a plan.
To become a human girl.
That way I'll be useless to someone who wants a mindless robot.
But I'd better hurry up.
- [computer beeping] - - You've got to tell him you're going to the dance with Cole.
- Andrew's downcast eyes and mouth shape suggests that he's sad today.
- Well, yeah, because he knows you're gonna break your date with him.
Come on, Frankie, you asked Cole out, so obviously you want to go with him.
- It is strange, but I do experience an unusual sensation around Andrew, like a connection.
- No! You like Cole, remember? You like like him.
- I know.
But I don't know what to do.
Are you sure I can't have two dates? - This isn't a TV sitcom, you need to decide.
- [computer beeping] - - There is no satisfactory solution.
- It's part of being human.
Sometimes you have to make hard choices.
- My circuits are designed for binary decision-making.
There must be a right and wrong answer.
- - Frankie, are you okay? - - What's wrong? Is it Droid Sync? - - That doesn't look like Droid Sync.
Are you paralyzed by the decision? What if you flip a coin? - [computer beeping] - FRANKIE: Hello, Tammy Gilroy.
- Hello, Frankiewhatever your last name is.
- Thank you, Dayton Reyes.
- It's what I'm here for.
Come on, it's lunchtime.
- Yeah, lunch! - - I just saw Frankie.
I know I'm right about her.
She was acting all - Like a statue? A tree? A mime? - Roboty.
- She looks okay to me.
- Come on, who comes to a lunchroom every day and never touches food? - You were saying? - So? It doesn't prove she's human.
- So what's the treatment for delusional disorder? - There's been growing literature on the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy.
- Interesting.
- Slow down there, girl, you're still new at this eating thing.
I don't know how much your E Stomach can take.
- A randomized decision maker would be a truly fair way to decide who to go to the dance with--[hiccups].
- Whoa, you okay? - I should have heeded your warning.
I think I overloaded my--[hiccups]--E Stomach.
- What should we do? - Activated charcoal will neutralize the effects.
[hiccups] - Where are we gonna get that? - It's also used in case of accidental poisoning.
- The nurse's office.
Let's go.
- That's the most extreme case of synchronous diaphragmatic flutter I've ever heard.
- She should drink some water upside down.
- Hey, Frankie, why don't you drink some wa-- - - Whoa, that could've been bad.
Because you have aquagenic urticaria.
A water allergy! - She's not allergic to water.
She's a robot who can't get her circuitry wet.
You know, it's a good thing you're such a klutz, Makayla.
Now I know how to prove to everyone what Frankie really is.
- [hiccups] - Looks like it's working.
Take more of it.
I think you're okay.
- You are correct, Dayton Reyes.
I will eat slower from now on.
- Good.
So, wanna flip that coin now? - No.
- Huh? You agreed that a randomized decision maker was the way to choose who to go to the dance with.
- Yes, but a coin isn't truly random.
A coin has a 51% chance of coming up on the side that was facing upward when it's flipped.
- Okay, okay.
Well, what is truly random? - - Alright, the official Cole and Andrew spheres are ready.
Okay, this is it.
- - Maybe we should have used a bigger tube.
- No, I used the specifications I found on the state lottery commission website.
So it is fair.
- Here we go.
Your first ever date is going to be with - Oh, I knew there was an exact 50/50 chance of it being Andrew La Pierre, but somehow I thought it would come out the other way.
- It's called hoping.
It's another human trait.
- I need to let Cole Reyes know.
- Wait.
You can't use a sample size of one.
To be statistically meaningful, you need to repeat the test.
- You mean-- - Best two out of three.
- Nope, the decision is made.
I have to tell Cole Reyes.
- - [knocking at door] - Who's there? - WOMAN: Janitor.
What are you doing in my closet? - Uh - WOMAN: Is that Tammy Gilroy? - No! I mean [in deep voice] No.
- WOMAN: Don't lie to me, Gilroy.
I've had it with you kids and your disrespect.
I'm telling Ms.
Hough on you.
I hope you weren't planning on going to an Ivy League college, because you're toast.
You hear me, Gilroy? Toast with butter and grape jelly.
- What is wrong with you? - Oh, come on, you didn't know it was me? You texted us, "Meet you at the janitor's closet.
" - [laughs] I told you she wouldn't think it was funny.
Makayla said you had a good sense of humor.
But that would mean you could laugh at yourself, so-- - Just get in here.
- - [door closes] - Honestly, sometimes I don't know why I'm friends with you two.
Wait, yes, I do.
I need you guys to be my lookout.
- Yeah, well good luck with that.
- What? - You just insulted us.
Now you want us to do you a favor? - You're right.
I was unkind.
But you did just play a pretty cruel prank on me.
You don't mess with a girl's college choice.
- Alright, fine.
What do you need us to look for? - Anyone who might catch me filling this up.
- MAN: [whistling] - TAMMY: I'm gonna dump it on Frankie, and she's gonna short out like a busted hairdryer.
And everyone will know the truth.
- But what if you're wrong? How will you explain intentionally soaking a person who's suffering from aquagenic urticaria? - I'm not wrong.
I'm never wrong.
- Yesterday, you said she was an alien.
- Before that, you were convinced she had a hidden radio in her ear.
- And before that-- - Alright, alright.
I suppose an alternate hypothesis could explain things.
And I could get in serious trouble for triggering a person's allergy.
- I'm glad we've convinced you.
- You do it! - What? No! - You never get in trouble.
You've got political capital to burn with Ms.
- Make McKayla do it.
- I'm not doing it.
- She can't do it.
- Thank you.
- She's too much of a klutz.
- I am not.
- You are too.
- Really? - There was that time you spilled water on Frankie.
- Thank you.
- But that doesn't count.
- It does count.
- It was a pretty big mess.
- [clears throat] - Did you just have a spasm in your ulnar nerve? Also known as your funny bone? - Cole's in the hizzy.
- The hizzy? Is this some type of building? A vehicle? A metaphorical state of being? - He's here.
- Time to break my date with him.
- Ooh! Great idea alert.
Ask him for raincheck.
- A ticket to a baseball game that's been rescheduled due to inclement weather? - No.
Ask him to do something on another night, like go to a movie or to dinner.
- That is a great idea, Dayton Reyes.
I just need to get my books.
- What's all this stuff? - I don't know.
- Bob? Frankie, why? How could you? -