I Am Frankie (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

I am...Hungry

1 - Not human? Do you mean that ironically or-- - No, I mean Frankie's literally not human.
It's the only possible explanation for--for everything.
- I don't think it's the only possible explanation.
- Maybe she's from the future.
She's heard all the questions before.
That would explain why she knows all the answers.
- That's ridiculous.
- Can we talk about this later? Whatever she is, she's the only one of us who knows anything about mechanical engineering.
We're about to lose our slot at states because she's not here.
- She's here! Now put those new vocal chords to use.
I hope I put them in right.
- FEMALE ANNOUNCER: And now let's welcome the Sepulveda High School Brain Squad.
- [crowd cheering] - Fill in the blank.
In a blank drive, no slip occurrence takes place.
- [buzzer sounds] - ANNOUNCER: Sepulveda? - - [computer beeping] - [buzzer sounds] - I'm sorry, Sepulveda, your time is up.
Figueroa, do you have an answer? - Chain? - [bell dings] - Correct.
- [crowd cheering] - Frankie, what's going on? - [buzzer sounds] - Bearings.
- [buzzer sounds] - Figueroa? - Heat dissipaters.
- [bell dings] - [buzzer sounds] - [crowd cheering] - [bell dings] - [buzzer sounds] - - What's the deal with your friend? She's killing us.
Tell me when it's over.
I can't watch.
- Your first task is to give us Dr.
Gaines' Droid Sync password.
- No idea.
What's my second task? - No, no, no.
You said you were privy to everything.
- Look, I can't work with all the negative energy, okay? I'm gonna go to the cafeteria and-- - Tattoo! Mr.
Kingston, EGG dress code strictly forbids physical marks on an employee's skin.
Fire him.
- "Robots Rule.
" - It's just a band that I'm into.
- What Dr.
Gaines be "into" that band as well? - No way.
She hated them.
Gaines was obsessed with this annoying '90s boy band Fifth Movement.
- PEGS1, you know what to do.
Try Fifth Movement.
- Mr.
Kingston, this is our last chance.
If we get it wrong, it will disable Droid Sync permanently.
- Just do as I say.
- [computer beeping] - Yes! We're in! Which means you are out.
- [grunts] - [bell dings] - Correct.
Figueroa leads 175 to 25.
- COMPUTER VOICE: Vocal cord install complete.
- One unit of BTU is how many joules? Sepulveda? - One thousand, fifty-five point zero six.
- Correct.
- [bell dings] - ANNOUNCER: Define torque.
- A force that causes rotation.
- [crowd cheering] - Hydro-dynamic lubricated bearings.
- [bell dings] - Cycloidal gears.
Digital twice spark ignition.
- [bell rings] - Time's up, Sepulveda wins.
You're on your way to the state finals.
- [crowd cheering] - How's it feel to be a hero? - It feels amazing.
I didn't go online.
I studied, and I helped us win, just like a human.
- I know you did.
I'm so proud of you.
[giggles] You still need to work on the hugging though.
Enjoy this.
I'm gonna do some rogue robot hunting.
- A new smoothie creation to celebrate Sepulveda's big win and its newest Brain Squad star, the Frothy Frankie.
- [cheers] - It's so frothy.
- I know you want a frothy, Frankie.
- - No thank you, I do not.
- Come on, Frankie, she made it in your honor.
How could you not try it? - COMPUTER VOICE: Danger, harmful liquid.
- Uh, what are you looking for, Dayton? - Your battery.
How are you powered? - Food calories.
Approximately 2,000 a day.
- Come on, Robbie, come clean with me.
You think robots rule, don't you? - They were left at the road by the Apocalypse.
- Do you have inside information? - Yes! The theme has changed.
It's now come as your favorite emoji.
The theme of the dance: emojies! But the poop emoji's banned, so don't pick that one.
- It's phenomenal.
- ALL: [chanting] Try it, try it, try it, try it.
- Who doesn't like smoothies? What is she? An alien? [laughs] - Wouldn't you go to the dance with me? - [chanting continues] - Uh, no can do.
Sorry, gotta go.
- ALL: [chanting] Try it, try it.
[cheering] - COMPUTER VOICE: Warning, circuits compromised.
- Feels like things are getting real, real Never felt so alive, never felt so alive Feels like things are getting real, real Feels like things are getting real - Why did you drink that? You know you can't get wet or eat food.
- [mumbling] - Spit it out! Ooh, you knew what could happen.
Why did you do it? - [dryer blowing] - COMPUTER VOICE: Moisture eliminated.
Circuits cleared.
- I have no logical answer.
I declined the smoothie, but everyone continued to shout, "Try it, try it.
" I felt compelled to comply even though I knew the risk.
Perhaps it was a circuit malfunction.
- It wasn't a malfunction.
It was a simple case of peer pressure.
- Social pressure by members of one's peer group to take a certain action in order to be accepted? - Basicallyexactly.
Peer pressure is a normal thing to feelfor humans.
- Dayton Reyes, I am changing.
- I know, and that's so great.
But you need to be careful and not do thing that'll hurt you, no matter how much peer pressure you feel.
Next time, come to me.
I'll help defuse the situation.
- You help me so much, Dayton Reyes.
- I think I might be able to help you even more.
What would you say if I told you you could eat food without causing a catastrophic system failure? - Oh, hi, girls.
Congratulations on Brain Squad.
And nice work putting in those new vocal chords.
- Thank you, Mom.
- Dr.
Gaines, do you know anything about E-stomachs? - Do you mean a machine that uses bacteria to break down and derive power from organic material? I know quite a bit.
I'm actually pretty close to finalizing a prototype.
- Will you install it in me now? - Oh, Frankie, I need to do more experiments before I'd feel confident installing it in you.
- But, Dr.
Gaines, if Frankie could eat, there'd be way less chance of someone finding out she's an android.
And Frankie and I could help with the rest of the experiments.
We could use the chem lab at school.
- Great idea.
- Thank you, Dr.
I'm gonna go home and study up.
See ya tomorrow, Frankie.
- I like her.
- Me, too.
I also like Cole Reyes.
- Oh, now, Frankie, we talked about this.
Spending time with Cole is just too dangerous.
There are so many things that could go wrong.
I'm sorry, I can't allow it.
- But your reasoning is not logical.
You created me as an experiment.
By definition, a course of action tentatively adopted without being sure of the eventual outcome.
- That doesn't mean we need to take unnecessary risks.
- But if you were trying to control the outcome, isn't your experiment corrupted? - Wellwhen you put it that way, okay, you're right.
As a scientist, I shouldn't be trying to control your life.
But as your mother, I do it because I love you and I don't want anything to happen to you.
Do you understand? - I do, Mom.
But let me ask Dr.
May I spend time with Cole? - Okay.
But promise you'll be careful.
You cannot ever let him know you're an android.
- I understand.
- And remind me never to try and out logic a computer.
- Reminder set.
- - TAMMY: Frankie is an alien, I'm sure of it.
- Tammy, when I said, "What is she? An alien?" I didn't mean it literally.
- It was a figure of speak.
She said that because she couldn't even imagine a human teenager who didn't like smoothies.
- I know why she said it.
- And besides, she did end up trying the smoothie in the end.
- And then she ran off to the bathroom, where she definitely spit it out.
Think about it.
Have you ever seen Frankie eat? She wouldn't drink the smoothie because she can't.
She probably doesn't even have a digestive system.
Frankie Gaines is an alien.
- - Dayton Reyes, it's tomorrow and I see you.
And I have excellent news.
My mom agreed to let me see Cole.
Now he and I will be able to go to the dance together.
Did you know there's a dance called the robot? - That's awesome, but we have a major problem.
Tammy knows about you.
She thinks you're an alien.
- Why is that a problem? She isn't correct.
I'm not an alien.
- Yeah, but she knows you're not human.
That's just as bad.
We have to convince Tammy that you're human.
- I am a robot doing the robot.
- Please stop that.
- Won't going to the dance make Tammy believe that I'm human? - Not necessarily.
But eating might.
We need to get that E-stomach finished ASAP.
- - Perfecting an E-stomach is gonna be a piece of cake compared to boys.
- Yes, perfecting a boy would be difficult and time-consuming.
- [laughs] Figuring out how to get them to ask you to the dance is even harder.
- You're referring to Byron.
I don't understand why you don't ask him to go to the dance with you.
I'm going to ask Cole.
- I can't do that.
What if he says no? I'd be so embarrassed.
It's definitely safer to just wait for him to ask me.
- Why would he say no? We determined that Byron like likes you.
- That was last week.
What if he doesn't like like me anymore? Things change, you know? - Does that mean that Cole might not like like me anymore? - No, of course not.
Why would you think that? - I didn't until you said that about Byron.
The solution is clear.
Ask Byron if he like likes you.
If he says yes, then you can confidently ask him to go to the dance with you.
- I can't do that! People don't just go around asking boys if they like like you.
It's just not done.
- I have much to learn.
Then what will you do? - I guess I'll just put on my big girl pants and ask him.
And you should definitely ask Cole.
- Another thing I need to learn.
Where does one get big girl pants? - - I did some research, this could be really bad.
She could be carrying alien disease microbes that could wipe out the entire human species.
I suggest you follow my lead and immediately get one of these.
- Oooh, nice one.
- BOTH: [laughing] - There's Tammy, act normal.
- That is not one of my settings.
- Okay, definitely don't talk about your settings.
Just do what I do.
Frankie, no, stop it.
You're making it so much worse.
- Wait, you said-- - Never mind.
She's gone now anyways.
What are you doing? - Trying to determine if you're wearing your big girl pants.
Byron is there.
Now would be an excellent time to ask him to the dance.
- Cole is with him! I don't think it's the right time.
- There's Dayton, go ask her.
- I don't know, Cole, maybe this isn't the right time.
- Yeah, it is, good luck.
- Cole is leaving.
Now you have no more excuses.
- Wish me luck.
- Good luck, Dayton Reyes.
- - Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, good luck for what? - Oh, nothing.
You know, Frankie, she's just such a kidder.
- Yeah, she's funny.
- BOTH: So - So, how's it going? - Uh, alright.
How's it going with you? - Great.
Yeah, yeah, really great.
- I was wondering-- - I was going to-- - You were? - You do? - Do you wanna go to the dance with me? - Yes! That would be great.
I was just going to ask you.
- Great.
- Awesome.
- See ya later.
- Bye.
- - Hello, Cole Reyes.
- Frankie, aren't you supposed to stay away from me? - Not any longer.
My mom said it was acceptable for us to spend time together.
- Really? That's great.
- I know.
And Dayton Reyes said I should feel weird about asking you to the dance, but I do not.
So, Cole Reyes, do you wanna go to the dance with me? - Frankie Gaines, I would love to go to the dance with you.
- I like like you, Cole Reyes.
- - Yes! - Think! How do we make Frankie a menace? What could she do that would really freak people out? Nuclear annihilation.
Nah, it's too much work.
Besides, I just wanna plant seeds of doubt in Sigourney's mind, not destroy humanity.
What if I get caught? I could go to jail.
I'd never survive jail.
It'd be like middle school all over again.
But with dangerous criminals.
- COMPUTER: I have a plan.
- You do? What is it? Tell me.
No, don't tell me.
Okay, fine, tell me.
But if we get caught, I'm throwing you under the bus.
- We won't get caught.
You programmed me better than that.
- I did, didn't I? Mm.
- COMPUTER: First, I'll break into the lockers.
Then, I'll have some fun.
- - [crash] - [school bell rings] - This dance is gonna be epic.
- Hey, Cole.
- What's up, Tammy? - I'm gonna go get Bob.
He's been locked up in the dark all night.
- I'm pretty sure inanimate objects don't mind the dark.
- Why the name calling, Tammy? - How are you on this glorious day? - Wow, you're in a great mood.
- Why shouldn't I be? It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining.
I got a B on my last math test.
Thanks for that, by the way.
- Glad I could help.
You know, when we team up, you're unstoppable.
So what do you think about teaming up and going to the dance together? - I already have a date, sorry.
- You do? With who? - Frankie.
- I thought she wasn't allowed to see you.
- She wasn't, but now she is.
- Wow.
That's just great.
- [indistinct yelling] - I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.
She's not who you think she is.
- Thanks, Tammy.
Gotta go.
- Hey! I'm not done talking to you.
- We will find who did this.
In the meantime, grab a cat.
Stroke its fur to calm yourselves.
[gasping] Breathe, breathe, Carmen, breathe.
Go to your happy place.
- What kind of animal would do this to Princess Sparkling Rose? - Where's Bob? - Are you sure you left him in there? - Yes, I'm sure.
Bob, where are you? - Okay, now don't panic.
- Bob's foot! He's been kidnapped.
Do you think I'll get a ransom note? I'll pay any price.
- Maybe just build a new one? - I thought you cared about Bob.
- MS.
HOUGH: We have suffered an act of unspeakable violence.
But we will not let the perpetrators win.
We'll rebuild.
I swear to you, paw to heart, justice will be served.
- Look at him.
He's a wreck.
Bob is his best friend.
I guess I'd feel like that if you were missing.
- Luckily, I'm too big to fit in your locker.
- I told you she was dangerous.
- You think Frankie did this? - Duh.
When are you two gonna wake up and smell the whatever aliens smell like.
You know what I mean.
Didn't you notice that her locker was untouched? Doesn't that make you suspicious? - Nothing happened to yours either.
- That's not the same thing at all.
- Hello, ladies.
In an effort to find the perfect date for the dance, I've conducted an online survey.
Please fill it out at your earliest convenience.
- [phone ringing] - [laughing] What a joke.
But lucky you, going with Cole.
- I'm not.
He's going with the girl from outer space.
- Frankie? - What-evs.
His loss is Andrew's gain.
Andrew? - Hey, Tam Tam.
How's life? - Super now that you're here.
I was thinking, wouldn't it be fun if we went to the dance together? - Uh, it would-- - Great.
You can pick me up at-- - But I already have a date.
- You do? With who? - Frankie.
- No.
Cole's going to the dance with Frankie.
Cole, didn't you say that you were going to the dance with Frankie? - Yeah, she asked me, and I said yes.
- That's impossible.
Because I asked her, she said yes.
- [sighs] - It's all over school.
They both say they're going to the dance with you.
- I can't imagine what could have given Andrew that idea.
- Playback your memory files from the last time you saw him.
- It made me think, well-- - Turn up the volume.
- Would you wanna go to the dance with me? Uh, is that a yes? Yes? Yes? [laughs] We're gonna have such an awesome time together.
- He thought your thumbs up to me was a thumbs up to him.
What are you gonna do? - The solution is obvious.
I will just have to go with both of them.
- Um, I don't think they're gonna go for that.
You're just gonna have to break your date with Andrew and explain what happened to Cole.
- But I agreed to go with Andrew, even if I didn't know I did.
Isn't breaking an agreement wrong? - But you also made an agreement with Cole when you asked him.
- So in either case, I will be doing something wrong to one of them.
I am not programmed for such a scenario.
- Look, let's figure this out later.
The last step to getting this E-stomach up and running is implanting the bacteria.
It's in my locker.
- I will go get it.
- - Ms.
Hough, you wanted to see me? - Yes, Tammy.
It's been brought to my attention that you're a little coo-coo over aliens among us.
- Lucia and Makayla.
- I don't know if you're aware, but in addition to being the school's administrator, I am also a certified life coach.
Pet Mr.
Snuggles while you tell me all about it.
Listen to him purr.
Isn't it just relaxing? - [cat purring] - Thanks, Ms.
Hough, I'm feeling much better.
Maybe that was a little ridiculous.
Aliens? Ha! - - Just doesn't make sense.
Why? The innocent always suffer.
- Poor Bob.
- Poor Bob? Poor me.
Why would Frankie ask me to go to the dance if she was already going with Andrew? - [phone ringing] - It's Frankie on video chat.
- So answer it.
- Does my hair look stupid? - BRYON: It's fine.
- Hey, Frankie.
- Hello, Cole Reyes.
I'm just calling to inform you that Andrew did in fact ask me to the dance.
- And you said yes? - I did not knowingly say yes, but I did say yes.
It's complicated.
- It'll be easy to uncomplicated it.
Just tell Andrew there was a misunderstanding and you're going to the dance with me.
- That is logical.
But I'm afraid it's more complicated than that.
- Do you wanna go with Andrew? - No, I wanna go with you.
- So tell him.
It's not fair to either of us if you don't clear this up.
- Mm, I can't.
- Let me know when you've made up your mind.
I gotta go, bye.
- [phone beeps] - [sighs] Well, that was awkward.
- - Do you feel any different? - That's a good sign.
The E-stomach should integrate seamlessly with your other hardware.
- And for your first ever mealmy famous pancakes.
- They're famous for doubling as hockey pucks.
As long as Mom didn't install any E-taste buds, you should be good to go.
- Can you program this one to be more thankful? - Ready to take your first bite of real food? - - My system says food accepted.
- ALL: [cheering] - Thank you, Mom.
- I couldn't have done it without you two.
Excellent work.
- Sir, security reports that the android containment unit is secure.
- Excellent, excellent.
Activate Droid Sync.
- [keys clicking] - Well? Tell me it's working, or you can all start filing for unemployment.
- The androids are now synced.
- Oh, this is so exciting.
All we need to do now is enter a command, and all of the androids will obey.
- Oh, well, have the androids report to this spot.
- - So--so now what? Did the stolen android respond? - It's got to connect with it, and then it should respond.
It could take a few moments.
- Remind me again why we're filling out Robbie's stupid date survey? - Because it's entertaining to goof on.
- I just put down that my favorite color's plaid.
- ALL: [laughing] - Okay, fine, I'm hitting send.
- [phone dings] - ROBBIE ON INTERCOM: Hey, guys, it's me, Robbie.
The results are in.
My perfect emoji dance date is Tammy Gilroy.
- BOTH: [laughing] - Have you told Andrew you're going to the dance with me yet? - I have not.
- Now's your chance.
Tell him.
- Please do not tell me what do to, Cole Reyes.
- Tell me what? - [computer beeping] - - Frankie.
Frankie! Where are you going? - - I was wrong.
Frankie's not an alien.
- Of course she's not.
- She's a robot.
- -