I Am Frankie (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

I am...Speechless

1 - DAYTON: You're not going to fix her? Then tell me how to and I'll do it.
- Dayton, please.
She's malfunctioned.
At best, she's defiant.
At worst, she could be dangerous.
- She's not dangerous.
She's my best friend.
Look, I'm the only person who knows about her, and I won't tell anyone.
I'll even spit shake on it.
- Mom, she's my sister.
- Well, stand back.
It's her cooling system.
Her internal fan is failing.
If I could just temporarily get it moving.
- [beeping] - It's okay, honey.
It's okay.
I am glad you're all right.
But you and I, we need to have a talk.
- Frankie? I don't think she can talk.
- PEGS1: Droid sync slots one through three are filled.
The fourth slot was for the vicious android that I bravely vanquished.
And this slot is for-- - Dr.
Gaines's android - Genius, sir.
You really are on your A game.
- Stop sucking up, PEGSy.
- Right away, sir.
Right away.
Now, we know that by accessing the droid sync port, we can lure Dr.
Gaines's android to us.
But the question is, to where do we lure her? - Just bring her here, PEGSy.
- You can trust me to take care of it, sir.
- I trust you can handle this.
I need to get this info to Warpa.
They will be interested to hear it.
- You can count on me, sir.
I expect nothing but smooth sailing from here on-- - It's password protected.
- Oh, come on! - Your internal software seems unaffected, but it looks like there's a hardware malfunction.
The fan's failure caused her system to overheat, thus melting her synthetic vocal cords.
- That's a quick fix, right? - I'm afraid not.
Synthetic vocal cords aren't something you pick up at the mall.
Let me just call up the schematics.
That's what I was afraid of.
My lab's not equipped to manufacture new cords.
I'm going to need to do some research.
- Guess it's gonna be kind of quiet here for a few days.
- Oh, then nothing will distract you from cleaning.
Actually cleaning? The whole house? - Wait, me? Why am I in trouble? - Um, you blackmailed your sister, you kept a huge secret from me, and you lied.
Shall I go on? - Should I start in the bedrooms or the bathrooms? - Mm, surprise me.
- Are there any other problems with her system? - Her internal software is perfectly intact.
She isn't showing any signs of residual effects, no memory loss.
She should be fine.
- [text notification] - [laughs] That's a relief.
She was worried she wouldn't be able to compete in tomorrow's Brain Squad competition.
The whole team is counting on her.
She doesn't want to let them down.
The Brain Squad! You can't compete if you can't talk! - - Would you hurry up and finish? We need to report back to Tammy.
- Experts say you should chew your food 30 times before swallowing.
- Yes, if you're eating meat or vegetables, not vanilla pudding.
Why are you stalling? - Because we don't actually know what we're reporting to Tammy.
- Of course we do.
The hair we found at the crime scene is an exact match for the sample we got from Frankie.
- But neither of them are actually hair.
We can't tell Tammy anything until we know what it is.
She's too impulsive.
- Sure, she's passionate due to her overactive ventral striatum.
But that argument is not persuasive enough to keep her in the dark.
- If we tell Tammy now, she'll jump to some rash conclusion and make a complete fool of herself.
Until we know more, we owe it to her to keep this our little secret.
- Keep what secret from who? - Feels like things are getting real Never felt so alive Felt so alive Feels like things are getting real Real Feels like things are getting real - Hello? I said, don't tell who what? - It's over, finished, donezo, kaput! - What are you talking about? - I'm talking about mechanical engineering.
- Ugh, my least favorite of all the engineerings.
- It's everyone's least favorite, but it just so happens to be the theme for today's Brain Squad showdown.
- Slow your roll.
Frankie Gaines is a mechanical engineering whiz.
She nails every question.
- Well, Frankie might not be able to compete.
- [gasps] - She lost her voice.
- No! We have never made states before.
If we lose today, what will I put on my college application? - Wait, is this what you were hiding from me? - Yes.
- No.
Um we found a hair during our graffiti investigation that matches Frankie's exactly, but after further testing, we found that neither is actual human hair.
- Is this true? - We didn't want to tell you yet 'cause you always fly off the handle.
- I do not fly off the handle.
I was totally in control when I did that.
The point is, if Frankie's hair isn't real, then she must be wearing a wig.
- Of course.
That's why her hair always looks so fantastic.
- It does prove she was at the scene of the crime, and that's enough to get her expelled.
I need to handle this immediately.
You two, find an emergency replacement for Brain Squad.
You owe me.
Now, somebody give me a napkin.
- What's with the long face? - [text notification] - I know your face isn't long and is perfectly symmetrical.
I just meant you look sad.
Cheer up, we'll get your voice back.
BT-dubs, you should really use your phone to text while we're at school.
- [text notification] - I get that you don't want to let anyone on the Brain Squad down.
It's totally normal.
It means you have integrity and loyalty.
Frankie, integrity, loyalty! These are human traits, like emotions.
You really are becoming human.
- MS.
HOUGH (ON PA): Attention, students.
I am happy to report that the activities committee has selected a theme for the upcoming dance.
- Why haven't I heard about this committee? I love committees.
- MS.
HOUGH: And by committee, I mean me.
The theme for the dance will be non-virtual reality.
So get used to being face to face, hand to hand, and cheek to cheek, but not phone to phone.
- [laughs] Our first dance? I can't believe it's finally happening.
The school dance is a milestone in the life of any teenage girl.
Oh, ah, the decorations, the music, the food! It's all so amazing, believe me.
Okay, Frankie, that's enough fanning.
- [text notification] - How do I know so much when I've never been to a dance? I've seen a ton of them.
They're in all the best teen rom coms.
[squeals] [laughs] Wait a minute.
I just realized, we need to find dates.
Well, technically we don't have to, but should I ask Byron? And you should definitely ask Cole.
Oh right, sorry.
Speak of the devil.
It's just an expression.
Guess you gotta go now.
- [text notification] - - All right, give me the deets.
"Cole Reyes, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies.
"I have acted unkindly.
"And while I most likely cannot attend "the non-virtual reality dance with you, "I will speak with my mom about "the possibility of us getting to spend time together.
" That's the most romantic thing I've ever read.
[giggles] - Dude, huge news! I just talked to Frankie.
Well, I wouldn't say talked-- communicated? Communicated with Frankie.
And she told me that-- I wouldn't say told.
She texted me that she's gonna push her mom to let us hang out.
Pretty cool, right? Earth to Byron! It's a longshot, but do you think I should ask her to the dance? Whoa, you're all right? - Of course I'm all right.
Why wouldn't I be? - So, you're gonna ask Dayton to the dance? - Okay, I'm not all right.
Every time I think about asking her, my palms get all sweaty.
See? - Oh, yeah.
Look, since you're my boy and all, I'm gonna help you out.
- You are? How? - Oh, Dayton? - What? Now? This is so uncool.
- It's all about confidence.
Girls love a confident guy.
Just walk up to her and ask her flat out.
- Hey, Da- Dayton.
Can I ask you something? - No way, this is it! I can't believe this is happening.
I've seen this so many times in movies, but usually there's music and a crowd.
How's my hair? My hair, is it good? I'm sorry.
You were saying? - I just, um I just, uh Will you help me organize my locker after school? It's a huge mess.
- Come on, pal.
We've got some work to do.
- It's not perfect, but it'll have to do until you get your voice back.
"Frankie says this looks stupid.
" I disagree.
- What's that stupid thing? Frankie, wait.
I didn't mean-- - Real nice, Andrew.
- Hey, I was only kidding.
- Why do boys always do that? - Do what? - Act like a jerk to the girl they have a crush on.
- A crush? On Frankie? Wait, says who? - It's so obvious.
The nicknames, the name-calling, the stupid feud with my brother? - So? You know, maybe I do like Frankie a little.
I don't know why I act this way.
I'm really sorry.
- Don't apologize to me.
Apologize to Frankie.
- Hey Gaines, is this a joke to you? Basketball isn't a game.
Very funny, Gaines.
Perhaps you'd like to demonstrate dribbling to the class with me guarding you.
- [beeping] - All right, Gaines.
Try and get by me.
- - Ooh! So, it looks like someone's played a little b-ball.
Let's pair up for some defense.
- You and me, Frankie.
What? Just because we can't compete together at Brain Squad and you may let the entire team down, possibly crushing all their hopes and dreams, doesn't mean we can't be friends.
Look, I'll even play defense first.
- [whistles] That's a foul, Gilroy! - - [blows whistle] Gilroy, you're ejected.
I'll be seeing you in detention.
- For what? - Unsportsmanlike conduct.
Now hit the showers.
- But we don't have any-- - I said now! [blows whistle] You know, that 3D printer is a real lifesaver.
I'm always losing these, so I made myself about 20 backups.
Yeah, in the computer lab.
You can make anything you want with it, but it is especially good for whsitles.
- A 3D printer to print the vocal cords? Wow, technology.
Am I right? Right, look who I'm talking to.
You must really want to compete today.
[laughs] You're really taking your responsibility to the team seriously, aren't you? You're becoming more human by the day, Frankie Gaines.
- Bring in the first candidate.
Cole? Ha, good joke.
Next! - Tammy sent me down here.
She's been tutoring me in math, and I got a B on my last math quiz.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, it's great.
I'm pretty happy.
- Whatever you say.
So why do you think you're Brain Squad material? - I can now do algebra pretty good.
- Well.
- Well what? - You can now do algebra pretty well.
- That's what I said.
- Next.
- That's the whole list? - That's it.
- What are we gonna tell Tammy? - Don't forget about me.
- Where did you just come from? - It's like you appeared out of thin air.
- Impossible.
To appear out of thin air, I would have to travel through time and space, which is inexplicable, as a single photon cannot travel faster than the speed of light-- unless you're in a mechanically engineered time machine.
- Congratulations! You're on the team.
All we have left is extra large, so wear a thick undershirt underneath your - Oh, no.
- What? You've never seen anyone print out shingles for a kitty condo before? - We're waiting to use the printer.
We need to print out a new, uh, hair tie.
I lost mine.
- Why so quiet, Gaines? Cat got your tongue? - She lost her voice.
- You'll have to borrow a hair tie.
Student use of the printer is for academic purposes only.
- It doesn't look like you're using it for academic purposes.
- I said students, Miss Reyes.
The rules committee hasn't made rules for the faculty yet.
And since the rules committee consists of me and me alone, it never will.
Now, what do you think about orange for the new living room walls? "Studies show that yellow is more relaxing.
" Off you go.
And don't let me catch you trying to use this.
I assure you, the consequences will be dire, especially for Ms.
Gaines, who's already on thin ice.
- Welcome, sir.
These are the password options.
- 123456? Password? Qwerty? Do you morons really think Dr.
Gaines would use any of these? - Statistics show many Americans do.
- Well, Dr.
Gaines isn't many Americans.
Do you realize what Warpa will do to us if they arrive tomorrow and all we give them is 123456? They will make this lab and everyone in it disappear, like this! - [buzz] - Oh, no, we need to crack this one scientifically.
Anderson, write an algorithm to try every possible password now! - I think it's a litter box in the shape of a toilet.
We need to wait her out.
Let's split up so we don't draw attention to ourselves.
When you see Ms.
Hough leave, shoot me a sign.
- - [dial tones] - Don't say a word, just listen.
Can you confirm the target has been eliminated? I'm accessing your processor through my laptop as we speak.
No, this-- this can't be! And these photographs are from today? No! Easy, James.
No need to lose control That's it.
We need to find someone or something for Frankie to destroy.
If I can make Sigourney think her android has lost control, become violent, a danger to everyone around her, she will destroy Frankie, and I will win the Robel Prize.
- Who are you spying on? Oh, relax.
I'm kidding.
Hey, we're okay, right? I didn't mean to make fun of you before.
It was a pretty mean thing of me to do, and I'm sorry? I like to do the rounds, and I know you can take a joke.
That's what I like about you.
Well, that's just one of lots of things I like about you.
I, um I talked to Dayton yesterday and it made me think.
Well, would you want to go to the dance with me? Is that a yes? Yes? Yes! We're gonna have such an awesome time together.
- Sorry, Ms.
Looks like your kitty study won't be getting these French doors after all.
All right, fire that baby up.
- [beeping] - [whirring] - MS.
HOUGH: [humming] - [gasps] Ms.
Hough, she's coming back! - [printer powers down] - - [sighs] Let's get those vocal cords and get out of here.
It's almost time for the Brain Squad competition.
There's only one place they can be.
Hough's kitty condo! - - This is crazy.
Her cat bedroom is nicer than mine.
[gasps] Look at this master bathroom.
It has his-and-hers kitty sinks! Oh, right.
Not again! Achoo! Meow.
- Where did you run off to? - [knocking] - Ms.
Hough, a stray cat just ran into the courtyard! - Oh, I knew it! Come on, let's get you back to your mom so you can get your voice back.
What? Oh, no, it starts in a couple of minutes, but somebody has to install your vocal cords.
Uh uh, no way.
No, not after the battery.
My android tech support days are over.
Where did you learn how to do puppy dog eyes? Fine.
- Go on, go on.
Get in there.
- Mr.
Kingston, look.
I promise to return the toilet paper I took from the employee bathroom.
That is why you called me in, isn't it? - Well, of course it is.
And even though that is a grave offense-- grave-- I wouldn't want to see a young career ruined over something like this.
- Thank you, sir.
- Maybe there's something we can work out.
There might even be a job in it for you.
- But, uh, I already have a job.
- Disinfecting shoes at a bowling alley is hardly a job for someone with your programming skill set.
Oh, come on, can you see? Do you want to do this the easy way or-- [chuckles] --the hard way? - I'm listening.
- Hm, good.
Now, tell me what you know about the Dr.
Gaines's droid, Sig.
- AUDIENCE: [indistinct chatter] - It's a packed house out there.
And the only one of us who knows anything about mechanical engineering is - Quick, how would you engineer the bulkhead on a 737 jetliner? - That's impossible.
- Of course it's possible.
It's horribly cramped, but possible.
- I'm talking about Frankie.
There are absolutely no possible DNA matches for Frankie's hair.
And I yanked it pretty hard.
She can't be wearing a wig.
- Then what could it be? - Logic only leads me to one possible conclusion.
Girls, Frankie Gaines is not a human.