I Am Frankie (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

I am...Crashing

1 - DAYTON: I can't believe we're even thinking about this when you could get expelled.
Who cares about the Brain Squad? - I'm on a team, which means I'm part of something that's much bigger than just myself.
Only humans are on teams, and I wanna be a human more than anything in the world.
- I know you do.
- Then help me, Dayton Reyes, please.
- I just don't want you to get hurt.
This thing made you malfunction like crazy last time.
- According to my diagnosis, the reason was poor construction.
An escaping electron short-circuited my system.
- That makes sense, I guess.
- Good, then we agree.
And I trust you'll be able to handle any difficulties that may arise? - Sure.
Wait, me? - Of course.
I will physically alter the battery, but you'll be the one to implant it properly and monitor my behavior.
I need you, Dayton Reyes.
You are myBFF.
- What makes you think she's malfunctioning? - Her defiant behavior.
You said so yourself.
She spray-painted the school.
- That's what the school says.
- You don't think it could be her? I don't need to remind you that this has happened before.
- Frankie is not Eliza.
I fixed those flaws when I coded her and I put in a lot of safeguards.
Besides, we have a special bond.
Frankie tells me everything.
- Hi, Dr.
Bye, Dr.
- I didn't know Dayton was coming over today.
Don't give me that look.
- It starts with small defiant behavior, not telling you she's having friends over.
Then she stops following simple commands.
The next thing you know, she's an international criminal.
- Don't be so dramatic, James.
If I thought Frankie was a threat, it would be a different story.
- It's classic escalation behavior.
- And why are you so concerned? - You're right.
It's one of my business.
Probably nothing.
It's just that we as scientists should try to make the world a better place instead of a more dangerous one.
- [bell rings] - Did you know that 1 in 7 humans between the ages of 6 and 19 are allergic to cats? - Well, I never pegged you for a cataphobic, Miss Gaines.
- I do not fear cats, Ms.
Hough, especially since the cat you're holding is artificial.
- You're lucky, Miss Gaines.
We don't have enough evidence linking you to the spray paint vandalism.
But rest assured I'll be watching you, and so will Fluffy Muffy.
- I appreciate your attention, Ms.
I will be watching you too.
- [mrow] - I've repaired the circuitry.
The battery should operate properly now.
- Good.
As a precaution, I moved everything out of here, so if it does malfunction, you'll be safe, and so will the room.
- - What did Ms.
Hough say? - Good news-- I've been cleared of all vandalism charges.
- That's so great! I knew justice would prevail, though you know what this means.
- That Ms.
Hough and her artificial cat will be keeping an eye on me? - No.
Well, maybe.
But now we can focus on my theory that there's another robot in school.
- Highly unlikely.
I do not mean to brag, but I am the latest advancement of android technology.
- What are you doing? - Showing you out.
I have very many topics to study and very little time.
The Brain Squad competition is approaching.
- What if there is another robot? What if he really wants robots to rule? We could all be in mortal danger.
What if it's Robbie? He needs to be stopped! [groans] I'm right outside if you need me! - I'll be fine.
- DAYTON: Right.
Then I'll be back to check on you after this period.
It'll give me time to try to trap a robot rat.
- The betas, they're ready for testing.
- PEGS1: Go ahead.
- [beeping] - PEGS1: Oh! - - PEGS1: What on earth are they doing? Memory looks normal.
No variation in optics.
Data usage iswait.
Droid sync? What is that? - [beeping] - PEGS1: Hm, let's see.
Now turn droid sync back on.
- [beeping] - PEGS1: Call Mr.
Kingston right away.
I think we've made a massive breakthrough.
- [birds chirping] - [laughs] Oh, hello there, Bob.
- Hello there, Dayton.
You look very well rested today.
- Why thank you, Bob.
It's nice to see you up and running after your-- - Shh! He's sensitive about that.
- Oops, sorry.
Hey, maybe one of you can help me.
Have either of you heard Robots Rule? - The dance music duo who wear robot helmets? They're obscure, but pretty popular with the socially awkward teens.
- So you've heard of them? - BYRON: of course.
Do you think the graffiti is about them? - It's possible.
- - Look at him.
He loves it.
It makes sense, I guess.
A robot would love Robots Rule.
- Of course he would.
- [bell rings] - Um, I gotta go meet Frankie.
Bye, Byron! - Wait! Aren't you forgetting someone? - Bye, Bob.
- Being a human must be fascinating.
- Wow.
You read all those books? - And magazines.
Teen Shark, Shark Teen, and Teen Triweekly.
- I'm not sure that's going to help you with the Brain Squad.
- Acquiring knowledge isn't just preparing me for the Brain Squad, it's making me more human.
I also completed a college-level mechanical engineering course and learned the first half of the dance moves to the new song, Cyclone.
- [laughs] I'd say you're about ready.
- That's because I was multitasking.
Tasking, tasking, tasking, task-- A slight side effect of the altered battery.
There's no cause for concern.
- Well, I learned something myself.
Robots Rule is this obscure band.
If I can prove Robbie likes them, I think he's our culprit.
Are you okay if I go to class? - COMPUTER: Virus detected.
- Feels like things are getting real, real Never felt so alive, never felt so alive Feels like things are getting real, real Feels like things are getting real - COMPUTER: I must repair the issue.
- - [powers on] - - [powers down] - COMPUTER: Virus neutralized.
- Whew.
- COMPUTER: Warning, cooling system altered.
- Mom wants me to clean the bathroom, which means you have to clean the bathroom.
Wear these so you don't get wet.
Frankie? - [beep] - You have to clean the bathroom.
- I can't right now, Jenny Gaines.
I have an issue I need to resolve.
- I'd hate to have to tell Mom that Dayton knows your secret.
- Now would be a very poor time for Mom to learn this.
- So we're good on the bathroom? - Yes, Jenny Gaines.
We're all good.
- COMPUTER: Warning, cooling system altered.
- - [shutter click] - Dayton? Is that you? - Shh! Sit down.
Were you followed? - Uh, I don't think so.
Why would I be-- - Did you bring our friend? - Why are you wearing sunglasses? It's cloudy outside and we're inside.
- He wouldn't normally be down for this, but he really likes Frankie.
He doesn't like people thinking she's a vandal.
Just be careful with him.
The glue is still drying off parts.
- Robbie went to the bathroom.
Now! - [whirring] - DAYTON: [gasps] He made it safe and sound.
- Oh no, Robbie's coming back! Quick, turn Bob around.
- No, not without getting what we came for! - I can't bear to watch.
- - [whirring] - [sighs] - [sighs] - I knew it! He's got everything ever recorded by Robots Rule.
Robbie must've done it! - Frankie must've done it! - But the school exonerated her of the charges.
- The administration at the school is so inept.
They couldn't lead an investigation if their lives depended on it.
- Why are you wearing a lab coat? - I'm launching my own investigation, a forensic analysis that will prove that Frankie's the graffiti culprit.
Then we'll be rid of her once and for all.
- Hi, Makayla.
You want a fruit pop? - Thanks.
- How about you, Lucia? - Okay.
- Are you kidding me? - Let's share it.
We can cut it in half.
- But-- - What was that? - Andrew said if you play two people against each other and make them jealous, they'll both like you.
- It really worked like a charm.
- I don't get it.
It worked when he did it on you.
- Excuse me? - Oops, I didn't say that.
- Change of plans.
I need you two to lead the investigation while I take care of something.
- JENNY: That's twice this week.
Yikes! Frankie! - COMPUTER: Warning, reasoning and judgement impaired.
- Hello? Earth to Frankie? - Did you know that humans began styling their hair to keep cool and not just to look stylish? - What the heck are you doing? - Actually, I'mnotsure.
Iwas very hot and thought a physical alteration would cool me down.
How does it look? - I've got two words for you-- beauty vlog.
And if you go out with an updo, wear a scarf so nobody sees your charging port.
- [beeping] - And when you're done, chop chop on cleaning the bathroom.
Ugh, that's three times this week! - LUCIA: Let's proceed.
- - There's nothing here.
Just a little spray paint added to the usual school filth.
Wait, is that something? It looks like-- - Blood! [sniffs] It's ketchup.
- Wait! It looks likehair! Do you think it's Frankie's? - There's only one way to find out-- a comparison.
We need to get a sample of Frankie's hair.
- Andrew? Why are you in detention? What did you do now? - Nothing.
Manhart just thought I could use a mandatory after-school study sesh.
Whoops, busted! - Isn't your test tomorrow? - I don't see the point in studying.
School's boring.
- Maybe you need someone to show you how much fun learning could be.
- Oh, right.
You'd do that for me? - Sure.
I could even, I don't know, tutor you? - Wow, you're the first person in this place that's offered to do anything for me.
- It's a date-- tutoring session.
It's a tutoring session.
I can't do it now, but how's 10:00 AM tomorrow during study period? A crash course before the test? - - Hey, you.
- COLE: Oh, Tammy, hey.
- Don't tell me, Manhart decided you needed a mandatory after-school study sesh before tomorrow's test? - Good guess.
I'm not sure it's gonna do any good, though.
Hey, can you help me with this math problem? The book says x is equal to 3, but x is a letter and 3 is a number, which doesn't make sense.
- Uh, sorry, gotta motor, though I could help you out before the test.
Say, 10:00 AM during study period? - That'd be amazing.
- ANDREW: Gold turkey! - COLE: Shut your mouth.
- ANDREW: You shut your mouth.
- I'm sorry I failed at sabotaging Frankie.
- It's not your fault.
I misjudged Sigourney.
She's very committed to that android.
The graffiti was a start, but we need more if we're going to get her to get rid of Frankie.
We need to enact-- - Phase two? - That's right.
We must strike while the iron is hot and make Frankie look like a danger to everyone around her.
- So it's a hat? - It's not just a hat.
This is how we're going to get a sample of Frankie's hair.
- What is that? - It's duct tape.
There's Frankie now.
- LUCIA: Wait, is that Frankie? - Hey, Frankie.
- Makayla Pluskin, Lucia Baxter, have you noticed my new look? Individual personalization is very in right now.
And yes, I did it myself.
Feel free to touch.
The tutorial video made it so easy.
Easy, breezy, peasy, Frankiesy.
- What is happening right now? - Frankie, your hair looks magnificent.
If I'm not mistaken, the style is known as a French twist, popularized by the French movie star Brigitte Bardot in 1960s.
- - [beep] - COMPUTER: Brain pathways compromised.
- I would love to stay and chat, but I really gotta bounce.
- [rip] - Ow! [gasps] Oh no! Get her back here.
We need to get that hair sample.
- It's all taken care of.
- Hey, pal.
Take a hike.
- I'm not your pal and I hate hiking.
- Well, find something else to do.
Tammy and I have a tutoring session.
- Wait, is that now? - You said 10:00 AM during study hall.
- What's he talking about? - Whoops, I totally forgot.
You know, I must've scheduled you both for the same time.
Sorry, Cole, but I did promise Andrew first.
Don't be jealous.
- I'm not jealous, but you can't just leave.
We just started.
- He's right.
Why don't you grab a seat over there? I'll be over in a minute.
- You're choosing him over me? - Whoa, sounds like someone's a little jealous.
I'm not choosing anyone.
I'm just solving a little scheduling problem.
Now, I would really appreciate it if you did me this favor.
I'll be quick, promise.
Now, um, according to the Pythagorean theorem, a squared plus b squared equals the hypotenuse c squared.
- Something feels weird.
Why are you not taking selfies or touching my leg with your foot like you used to do when you tutored me? - Focus, Cole.
- [sighs] - LUCIA: Frankie's sample.
- [beep] [whirring] - MAKAYLA: They're a perfect match.
- We have to tell Tammy right away! - Stop! It isn't hair.
- The strand from the crime scene? If it's not hair, how can it match? - Because Frankie's sample isn't hair either.
- All of the evidence connecting Robbie to the graffiti is circumstantial.
I need a confession.
- What's going on over there? - Frankie? - Look, everyone.
It is my BFF, Dayton Reyes.
- What are you doing? And what did you do to your hair? - Would you like to be my next appointment? I can probably squeeze you in when I finish up with Bethany.
- [chuckles nervously] Frankie, uh, are you feeling okay? - I have been getting various system warnings, but I'm ignoring them.
- Good, 'cause I know you're supposed to be studying for Brain Squad and-- Wait, you what? Why? - Studies show that 75% of all computer users ignore warning messages.
It is common practice.
- - I'm really worried about Frankie.
- COMPUTER: Maximum temperature exceeded.
- She seems okay.
- COMPUTER: Hardware failure.
- [gasping] - Yeah, now that you mention it, she doesn't seem okay.
- She got a cramp in her scissor hand.
How many haircuts has she done? - Dayton Reyes, I cannot move my arm.
- - PEGS1: Don't worry, sir.
I've arranged some safety precautions for you.
- Oh, yes, yes.
- - PEGS1: Power them up.
- [beep] - - I fail to see how defective androids doing the can-can can-- will help us.
- PEGS1: That's actually the shuffle, sir.
- [exasperated sigh] - PEGS1: Dr.
Gaines incorporated a special technology into the operating system of all her droids.
She calls it droid sync, and it allows them to mirror each other's movement.
- Oh, yes, go on.
- PEGS1: If the stolen android has this technology, and it's a safe bet it does, then we won't need to locate it.
- We will be able to control the android, lure it right to us.
- PEGS1: Precisely.
- Okay, let me try and move your arm.
- Ah-- ah-- ah-- - Sorry! Does it hurt? - I cannot feel paaaiiin.
- [beep] - Frankie? No, Frankie? Frankie? - Cole, you startled me.
- Sorry, I just wanted to catch you before I left.
It's urgent.
- Is something wrong? B plus? I'm so sorry, Cole.
I wish I could've helped.
Maybe ask if you could retake it.
- You don't understand.
This is the highest grade I've ever gotten.
It's all thanks to you.
- Oh, well, it was my pleasure.
Wow, it really works.
- What does? - Um, tutoring.
It's amazing.
- Thanks.
- Jenny, I just happened to look in the bathroom-- - Pretty good, right? I'd say it was a lot of hard work, but when you're a cleaning pro like me, you don't even feel the hours passing.
- It's a filthy pigsty.
- No need to thank-- Did you just say pigsty? - Yes.
I'd be concerned about all the mold growing in there, but it was probably killed off by the bacteria.
Why would you think it's clean when you didn't clean it? - [door opens] - Somebody help! - What happened? - I don't know, but her hair looks great.
I'm not sure.
It must be the super battery.
- You know about Frankie? - You let her put that crazy thing back in? Last time she almost took my head off with an orange! - You know that she knows about Frankie? - Mom, you'll have plenty of time to be mad later, but you need to focus.
- Why are you stopping? - How did you find out Frankie is an android? - What? - I need to know right now.
- I-- I kind of figured it out.
And then she told me.
- That's the most important command I ever gave her and she told you? - Can we please talk about this later? You have to fix her! - I hate to say this, but it may be for the best that we don't fix Frankie.
- -