I Am Frankie (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

I am...Disconnected

1 - [computer bleeping] - FRANKIE: I am lost.
- [computer bleeping] - How am I gonna get home? - JENNY: Can't you just track her on your computer? - I was just going to do that.
- [keyboard tapping] - Uh, she's not showing up, Will.
- [brakes screeching] - [car horn blaring] - COMPUTER VOICE: Overload.
Shut down.
- [static fritzing] - COMPUTER VOICE: Reboot.
- Frankie, you passed out.
Are you okay? Should I call an ambulance? - Hello, Cole Reyes.
Goodbye, Cole Reyes.
- Wait! Hold up.
I think we need to make sure you're all right.
- Are you an accredited scientist? - What? Uh, no.
- Do you have a PhD? - Not that I know of.
- Nor do I.
Unfortunately that makes it difficult for either of us to know with certainty if I'm okay.
- Look.
I get that you don't wanna disobey your mom.
But she'll be even more upset, if I let you walk home alone after passing out.
Can I at least walk with you? - Will, you check the park.
I'll head to Dayton's house.
Jenny, you wait here to see if she comes home.
- How come I get the lamest job? - You're running point.
This is where the action is.
- Nothing cool ever happens to the person who waits at home.
- [doorbell rings] - SIGOURNEY: Frankie! Oh! You had me worried sick! I might have known this had something to do with you, Cole.
- It's not like that, Dr.
I found her laying in the street.
I think she passed out.
- Frankie, are you okay? - Yes.
I'm sorry I disobeyed you, Mom.
But Cole Reyes walked me home to make sure I was okay.
- My man! [laughs] - Well, thank you for bringing her back.
She must've have a bout of - Narcolepsy.
- Hypoglycemia.
- Right.
Low blood sugar makes her disoriented.
- We'll take it from here.
- Dr.
Gaines, wait.
About the other day.
Something came up-- - It happens.
I get it, Cole.
- You do? - [door slams] - His body language was telling me he was sincere, Sig.
- Oh, yeah? What's my body language telling you? - Run away? - Run diagnostics.
- [computer bleeping] - CPU, disc and memory all pass.
Network disconnected.
- Disconnected? Well, reconnect Wi-Fi.
- Wi-Fi connected.
- That's weird.
Why would your Wi-Fi connection drop so abruptly? - Well, there's a dead zone near school.
Every time I skip out on biology to check Snap-snap, it's always such a nightmare.
UhI mean #KiddingMom! - Jenny, take your sister to the lab.
- Let's go, Frankie.
Now, get my backpack from upstairs.
- Morning, Frankie.
Whoa, whoa! [heavy thud] You waxed the floor? - I did? - Jenny, what exactly is going on--whoa! [heavy thud] - JENNY: Okay.
Bye, guys.
I'm late.
Look at the time.
- You still don't see anything strange with all this? - Now that you mention it, that crack in the ceiling does kind of look like a walrus.
- No, I mean about the way Jenny's doing chores.
- Unh-unh.
I think she's learning to be more responsible.
- Here's your backpack.
Jenny? - She went to school without her backpack? Very responsible.
- Mom? Dad? - WILL: [groaning] - SIGOURNEY: Oh - I'm off to school.
Love you both.
- Oh, Frankie, wait.
Run diagnos-- - All systems optimal, Mom.
- It was probably just a freak drop, Sig, a dead zone, like Jenny said.
- Highly unlikely.
She's designed with six back-up systems.
There's only one way for that system to disconnect-- and that's manually.
- You think someone disconnected it? - Perhaps.
Maybe it was Cole.
Maybe it was Frankie, herself.
- Forget something? - Whoa! [small thud] - Don't look now, but here comes Byron.
- Is Cole Reyes with Byron Patrick? - Nope.
Cole Reyes is not with Byron Patrick.
Why is Frankie Gaines' head in a locker? Why am I talking like her? - Dayton Reyes told me not to look now.
- [nervous laugh] - Don't mind me.
Commence your flirting.
- [nervous laugh] Uh, did Frankie tell you about the Brain Squad competition? Your bestie was on fire! She ground El Dorado into a fine paste.
- DAYTON: [laughs] - I hope I did not.
That sounds extremely painful.
- [laughing] Well, keep it up, Frankie.
We need your brain in the next round, especially with Tammy suspended.
Well, I'm off to study.
We don't have much time left 'til the next competition, and I need to get up to speed on 17th century Dutch trade agreements.
Bye, guys.
- Dayton Reyes, I believe Byron has given me the inspiration I need to fairly compete on the Brain Squad.
- [sighs] Oh, he is inspiring, isn't he? - It would be logical to say that my hard drive functions like a human brain, correct? - I guess.
Why? - If I can load my drive with Dutch trade agreements and all of the knowledge before the competition, I won't need to be online to still compete effectively.
- That's true.
But you don't have much time.
You'd better start cramming.
[laughs] - COMPUTER VOICE: Data saved.
- - SIGOURNEY: This worries me, James.
- Oh, I wouldn't be too hard on yourself.
A lot of people over brew coffee.
You should try using a French press.
- No, I'm talking about Frankie.
She's been a little slow to respond lately.
- Would a simple hard drive defrag do the trick? - Unlikely.
She's not following commands like she used to.
Yesterday, she went offline and I think it may have been intentional.
- This could be serious.
It sounds like you have a rebellious android on your hands another one.
- James.
- Huh? Oh.
Does she spend a lot of time alone with Jenny? - Oh, Frankie wouldn't hurt Jenny.
- Sure.
Maybe not right now.
But, no one knows better than you what these androids are capable of.
If your objectivity is clouded, you may never see it coming.
- What are you saying? - You said you loved Frankie.
Is it possible that those feelings are getting in the way of your scientific judgment? You do treat her like a member of the family.
- That I created.
I would never put my child or anyone else at risk, if I thought my creation had run amok.
- I just want to make sure you're seeing the situation with clear eyes.
We don't want another Eliza.
- And we won't have one.
Let me assure you, if I felt Frankie was out of control, I would deactivate her.
- It feels like things are getting real Real, real, real Never felt so alive - [electrical zapping] - It feels like things are getting real Real, real, real It feels like things are getting real - Oh! These betas can't be used for Project Q! - PEGSI: And I stand by that.
But they need to be handled delicately.
- Now you tell me--after I was assaulted by them.
Ow! - Sir, I assure you, that hurt me far more than it hurt you.
- Oh, well, let's see if this hurts me far more than it hurts you.
[grunt of effort] - Sir, my new plan is to make the necessary software adjustments before we tweak the hardware.
Establish communications to prototype number two and power it up.
- If that thing comes anywhere near me, I swear to you, PEGSI, I will turn you into a satellite and, [imitates shooting] shoot you into orbit.
- Powering up number two.
- [computer beeps] - Oh.
- PEGSI: I have a good feeling about this.
- [computer beeps] - PEGSI: Just a minor anticipated glitch.
Will you excuse me, sir? - [computer beeping] - KINGSTON: No! No! No, no, no! You no! Don't - I don't know if we can keep up this pace.
It's making me sweat.
- I have 500 terabytes of allocated storage remaining.
If I'm going to compete successfully, I need to fill them.
- I love your tattoo.
- Um, what tattoo? Where did you even come from? I was born in Cleveland, but arrived here by way of Schenectady.
- That is an uncommon route.
- You know what else is uncommon? How much time you two spend together.
- That's because we're best friends.
- Perhaps I should get a best friend.
Would either of you like to apply? - Since we are each other's best friend, we cannot be yours.
- Would either of you like a piece of candy? - No, thank you.
I do not eat candy.
- I don't either.
I just offer it to others as a goodwill gesture.
- Goodbye, Robbie.
I have run out of hands and require the use of a table to maximize my study efficiency.
- [sniffing] - That was weird.
- His behavior didn't seem out of the ordinary to me.
- Exactly my point.
He acts like you.
Is it possible he comes from the same place as you? - He said he was from Cleveland, so - No.
I mean, is it possible he's an android, too? - I don't know.
I wasn't programmed to detect other androids.
- Then it looks like I'll have to find out myself.
- Hey, Frankie! Right.
I don't exist now that you don't need rescuing.
- Having girl trouble, Coleslaw? - Nah.
In fact, Frankie and I were together just last night.
- [laughs] Must have been some hang out sesh, if today she's running from you.
[laughs] Hey, Frankie Fresh.
- Hello, Andrew LaPierre.
- Why don't you put that down, so everybody can see those eyes of yours? - FRANKIE: Finishing this book is my priority.
- Wow.
You must really be into it.
What are you reading? - Advanced mechanical engineering.
Flue dynamics and energy transfer.
- Wow.
She really doesn't like you.
- Yes, she does.
- She has a funny way of showing it.
- COLE: [sighing] - [clears throat] - DAYTON: I'll be home by dinner.
I'm at, uh, Frankie's.
Yeah, I will.
Bye, Cole.
Cole says hey.
Actually he says, whaddup? But more sad than that.
- FRANKIE: Sad? I know this is what I'm experiencing, but I do not know why.
- Life sure would be easier, if you were a real girl.
Cole would stop moping, you'd stop being sad.
- Then it is settled.
- What is? - I must become a real girl.
- Well, hello, Mr.
Grumpy Whiskers.
Welcome to my pop-up cat café.
It's good to see you outside the kiddie cooler.
- Is that cat drinking coffee? - Oh, don't be silly.
My cats don't drink coffee.
This is a decaf feline latte, made with organic saucer milk.
- Have you seen Tammy? I'm supposed to meet her for a tutoring session.
- I thought Frankie was your tutor? Oh, what a shame.
- Oh! Here we are again-- like we're meant to be.
It must be our chemistry.
- I'm here to talk math, not science.
- Whaddup, Tam-Tam? - BRB.
- Tammy, I need to study.
Hey, Tammy, can we get back to work? I could really use your help factoring quadratics.
- In a second, Cole.
Someone can't take a hint.
- Doesn't this guy ever get tired of getting blown off by girls? - You wanna say that again? To my face? - [laughs] - Boys! Boys! Don't fight over me.
- Why don't you just stay out of my business? - Why don't you just give up on Frankie? She's obviously not into you.
- Are you kidding me? - [bells jingling] - What the heck? - That is what I do when Puff Catty and Anderson Pooper decide they don't want to get along.
- We're not cats, Miss Hough.
- Well, you sure are fighting like cats.
Now both of you, back to your litter boxes.
- [cats screeching] - [hissing] Boys! Behave! - A real girl? - I believe I already have a head start.
Androids aren't supposed to be capable of feeling things like sadness, like-liking a boy, or the feeling I get from being with you, Dayton Reyes, my BFF.
- Aww.
- But I do feel those things and I want to feel more.
I want to be a real girl.
- But how can you do it? There are so many aspects of being human, besides the emotional side.
There's the physical, mental, fashionable.
- I'm not sure.
It will certainly be a complex process, but worth it, especially if it means Cole and I are no longer sad.
- Frankie, I'm supposed to empty the dishwasher before mom gets home, so don't forget.
And don't do too good a job.
I'm only human, remember? - I have a great deal to learn about being human.
Is it really true that making mistakes is required? - Well, it's not so much that it's required.
It's more that we can't help it.
- I understand.
Is that why your top does not match your skirt? - This is a look! Besides, it was laundry day.
It's all I had that was clean.
- KINGSTON: I'm sorry, son.
No, no, no, no, no.
Of course, I want to watch you play.
I'm justI'm jammed up at work right now.
Good luck andhey, let me know how it goes.
[chuckles] All right, bye.
- PEGSI: You've got mail, Mr.
- I get mail all day and all night.
Big whoop.
- It's from WARPA.
- W-W-WARPA? What are you waiting for? Read it to me.
- "Kingston, we are very disappointed "about the continued delays with Project Q.
"We'll be at your office in two days.
"Failure to deliver would not be good for our relationship or your health.
" - We have made no significant progress on Project Q, you round mound of annoying sound.
Well, get to work.
We only have a few days to find that android, or or it will not be good for your health, hmph.
- [laughs] Well, now this is the Jenny I know.
Jenny! When I ask you to unload the dishwasher, I expect you to do it.
- What are you talking about, Mom? - The dishes, Jenny.
Where are they? - [plates smashing] - Found them.
- Care to explain? - UhFrankie did it.
- Frankie, did you put the dishes in the freezer? - That is correct, mom.
- [laughing] Good one, Frankie.
- That's right.
It was a joke.
I was trying to teach her how to make a joke.
Right, Frankie? [laughing] Oh, pretty funny, Frankie.
- WILL & JENNY: [laughing] - I think she nailed it.
- JENNY: [laughing] - FRANKIE: Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! - JENNY & WILL: [continue laughing] - Did she just take my moose mug? Sig, wait up! You know I can't drink juice without my moose mug.
- What do you think you're trying to do? - I was just following your direction and not doing your chores perfectly.
- I didn't mean that wrong.
Can't you do my chores wrong, the right way? - Perhaps, if you teach me.
- That would defeat the whole purpose of our arrangement.
Just don't blow this, or I'll have to tell Mom about Dayton knowing your secret.
- How long did the Anglo- Zanzibar War of 1896 last? - Thirty-eight minutes.
It was the shortest war in history.
Next question.
- Let's see Whoa! - [spray can rattles] - What's that doing on the ground? Let's go clean that off.
It could stain your silicone skin.
- Miss Gaines! Freeze! - Mr.
Manhart! This is not what it looks like.
- It looks like Miss Gaines has vandalized school property and finds it amusing.
This is no time for games, MissGaines.
Vandalism is punishable by expulsion.
You're in some serious trouble, young lady.
- What do you have to say for yourself, Miss Gaines? - You can unfreeze now.
The can was on the ground.
Frankie just picked it up because I tripped over it.
- A likely story.
But, since I've literally caught you red-handed, I have no choice but to turn you in.
- Will this take long? I really need to study.
- Oh, let's go.
- [cellphone ringing] - Dr.
Ah, yes.
Hello, Miss Hough.
Frankie did what? Are you sure? Expulsion? Uhuh I understand.
Oh, Frankie I hope our time together isn't coming to an end.
- Would you quit studying for a minute.
This is really serious.
- I have parallel processing, so I can multitask.
- You could get expelled for vandalism.
- They would not do that.
I'm innocent.
- You know that and I know that, but the school doesn't.
We need to find the guilty party and clear your name.
- But who is the guilty party? - I have my suspect.
Have you ever heard of the great English computer scientist Alan Turing? He invented-- - The Turing Test.
A mechanism used to distinguish between a person and a machine.
- Exactly.
I think it's time we give Robbie a little quiz to determine if he is a person or a machine.
Thank you for participating in the Red Carpet Club survey, Frankie.
Okay, now leave.
Hi, Robbie! As a new student who recently experienced our Red Carpet Club welcoming service, we'd like to get your feedback on how we did.
- We'd be glad to help.
- When you say "we," who are you talking about? - Who are you talking about? I thought we were saying "we" today because you keep saying it.
- Right.
I'm gonna ask you some questions.
If I said, shall I compare thee to a summer's day, what comes to mind? - I would say I'm more of a fall.
- Do the parts of your body ever function in unexpected ways? - I once found out that my nose can function as a coin purse when I got a penny stuck in it.
- Thank you for taking our survey.
- You're quite welcome.
Isn't there anything else you'd like to ask me? - Such as? - If I like you back? Salutations, Andrew.
I hope you enjoyed the Red Carpet Club survey.
- Huh? - Did Dayton not ask you to take the survey for new students? - Unh-unh.
Sounds to me like Dayton's looking for an excuse to get some extra Robbie time.
- Oh.
[laughs] - Ugh.
- Okay, Frankie, I am at a loss.
I can't find any bad disc sectors, any bad code, nothing.
- Mom, I did not spray paint those words on the lockers.
I found the can.
- I want to believe you.
But isn't it a little coincidental that someone wrote "robots rule" on the lockers? - Seemingly.
Dayton Reyes believes Robbie Turnbull wrote it.
- And why would he do that? - It is unknown.
May I return to my studies? I have fallen behind my targeted pace of knowledge input.
- Frankie, do you understand how serious this is? If you're found guilty, they could expel you from school.
- Since I'm innocent, I am confident the truth will come out.
May I go study? Please? - Fine.
But until I can figure out exactly what is going on, you need to stay in the house.
- I'm grounded? Like a human? - Oh, no, it's just [laughs] a precaution, to keep you and everyone else safe.
- [doorbell rings] - I have excellent news, Dayton Reyes.
I have been grounded.
- Congratulations? - I recognize the negative connotation, but it feels nice to participate in a human activity.
- What do you want me to do with these library books? Should I put 'em on the table, or do you wanna eat 'em here? - I don't eat books.
I simply memorize their contents.
- I know, Frankie.
It just seems like you're going through them so fast, it's like you're consuming them.
- Unfortunately, it's not fast enough.
At current pace, it will be impossible to achieve my knowledge goal in time for the competition.
- We can do it, Frankie.
We just have to work harder.
- The competition is now less than two days away, and even with my multi- tasking capabilities, there are still too many distractions-- such as dusting mom's lab.
- Still doing Jenny's chores? - Let's bring the flashcards.
Dayton Reyes! - I know, I know, the flashcards.
I'm getting-- - I have an idea.
The last time I used this, I was able to process tasks at double the speed.
If I use it to study, I can absorb data at double the speed.
- I don't know, Frankie.
You said that battery made you go a little nuts.
It sounds really dangerous.
- Do you think it is a mistake just like a human might make? - But, Frankie-- - You promised to help me, Dayton Reyes, and I need your help.