I Am Frankie (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

I am...Lost

1 - If Jenny knew you enjoyed doing her chores, she wouldn't call it blackmail.
- Drop everything.
- Hello, Jenny Gaines.
Your chores are being completed.
Everything is in order.
Except I can't seem to find this sock's duplicate.
- Don't worry about it.
Mom's coming.
Stop doing my chores.
- But a missing sock is illogical.
Where'd it go? - Nobody knows.
Socks go missing all the time.
It's one of the great mysteries of the world.
- Yeah, it's no big deal.
See? - - Hi, guys.
I've got lunch for everybody.
I thought that I would treat-- Jenny, is that you cleaning? - Pretty sweet, huh? And I'm doing it all by myself.
- You've never done a chore in your life without me nagging you.
- Looks like your little girl's growing up and becoming more mature.
- Are you wearing two different colored socks? - It was conscious choice.
- I have a question, strictly for research purposes.
Do you care for me? - Do you want me to care for you? - As I suspected.
Frankie doesn't love Sigourney.
She's gone soft.
She's become attached and only thinks Frankie loves her.
- According to my program, love is a sign of weakness.
- That's right.
And Sigourney's weakness will be the key to getting rid of Frankie once and for all.
- Do you want me to destroy her? - There's no need.
Sigourney will destroy her for me.
[laughing] Now, let's test out that shoulder.
Now come on.
- I am very sorry, if you want me to be.
- Apologizes are for the weak.
Still, try to be more careful.
[grunting] - I cannot stop thinking about this sock.
- Frankie, stop, you're obsessing.
- My processing functions differently.
Everything must logically compute, and this does not.
- - Socks are physical objects, thus they cannot disappear.
Therefore it must be somewhere within the premises.
I will thoroughly organize and clean the entire house.
- Forget it.
It'll take hours.
And sometimes you don't find it anywhere.
- - Found it.
- Now you should unfind it.
That thing is disgusting.
- My sock! - What's going on here? - And what's that smell? - MomI saw the pride in your eyes when I was cleaning, and I thought, "Hey, let's keep the train rolling.
" Come on.
- Something strange is happening.
- Here we go.
It's just that you're always suspicious of something.
- Will, look at the leaves on this plant.
- Oh, super shiny.
- Exactly.
They've been polished.
Something is fishy.
- - Frankie, thanks for organizing my locker.
Whoa, is that passionfruit? You know, he keeps asking about you.
- If I ask you to tell him that I'm asking about him, does that defy Mom's directive to stay away from him? - Confusing, yes.
Defiant, no.
- Good day, my ladies.
- Robbie, uh, how long have you been standing there? - Long enough to hear Frankie ask you if it's defiant for her to ask you to tell Cole she's asking about him.
- Do you need something or are you just saying hi? - Actually, I was wondering if you two could give me your thoughts on my graphic novel.
- Oh, would you look at that, Frankie.
He named it after us.
- Untrue.
It's 100% fictional.
- "The Adventures of Drankie and Fayton.
" [laughs] Do those names sound familiar? - Not to me.
- I'd be happy to read it, but it will have to be in the near future.
We have to go to class now.
- Well, it was nice seeing you.
- - [music stops] - - [music stops] - Name the king of England during the American Revolution? - Please, that's child's play.
King George III.
Next? I said next.
- The longest recorded flight of a chicken was how many seconds? - What kind of question is that? Is that toilet paper? Where are the Genius Test flashcards? - I lost 'em.
But this trivia toilet paper is the next best thing.
- Tammy, not to question your leadership, but shouldn't you be quizzing us? - Yeah, you're not even in this week's competition.
You're an alternate.
- For now.
But I have feeling Little Miss Frankie won't be able to take part in the competition.
Let's just say she may get caught with a cheat sheet after someone anonymously tips off the judges.
- [gasps] - What are you doing in here? - - Feels like things are getting real, real Never felt so alive Feels like things are getting real, real Feels like things are getting real - I was trying to skip out on math class and catch up on some sleep.
- So you slept through what I just said, right? - Uh, you mean the part about someone getting caught with a cheat sheet after someone else tips them off? Yeah, I slept through that.
- Phew, that was close.
- I know how this works.
I'm prepared to offer you a month's worth of math homework to keep your mouth shut.
- Ouch.
You don't even know my name, and you already have me pegged as a tattletale? Andrew, I'm new around here.
- I'm Tammy.
- Relax, Tammy, your secret's safe with me.
I'm sure you have a good reason for doing what you're doing.
- Really? I mean, I do.
- Yeah, and I'm sure whoever you're doing it to deserves it.
- She does.
You should come to our Brain Squad competition this week.
I'm the captain, Lucia and Makayla are on the team.
And I don't know if you met John, but it's him, Bryon, and Frankie.
- Uh, Frankie? - Unfortunately, yes.
Even the name gives me chills.
- All clear.
What is it? Is it Robbie? Where is he? Quick, back under the table! - No, look.
- I think we should go talk to them.
- Frankie doesn't wanna talk to me.
I'm gonna sit right here and not draw any attention to myself.
- You should totally go talk to Dayton though.
- Okay, cool.
- Where are you going? - You said I should go talk to Dayton.
- Dude, it's guy code.
I can tell you to go, but you're not supposed to leave a brother in need.
- Come with me then.
Show a little initiative.
Grab the bull by the horns.
Seize the day and take-- - Fine! Let's do it.
- [beeping] - DAYTON: What--what are you doing? - Connecting to the school's central time clock, so I can escape Cole.
- [bell rings] - Wow, Robbie's comic is actually really good.
- May I read it? Very impressive.
His characters have great depth.
- Um, so you noticed that Drankie is a robot in the comic? And her best friend Fayton is a human girl? And what about Fayton's brother Dole? Hello, you don't think that's a little odd? - [sighs] - That's it, I'm calling Cole so you two can sort this out.
- No! Mom says I can't.
My system is designed to follow commands.
But it is making me feelfunny.
- I get it, you're sad.
But it just gets worst to dwell on it.
Do you know how I deal with it? - Save thousands of pictures of pugs and pandas to your hard drive? - No.
Is that what you--never mind.
I like to squeeze a pillow as hard as I can to get the bad feelings out of my system.
- [heavy breathing] - Drink? - Ow! That's super-hot.
- Yeah, it's tea.
- Very funny, Dayton.
But we have an issue.
Mom may be onto us.
- Maybe you should go back to doing your own chores.
- I have a better idea.
Nobody does them for a while.
That way Mom will know it's me not doing them.
- Either way, at least Frankie won't have to do them anymore.
- Oh, we're not done.
It's just a temporary break.
In the meantime, we'll shift the blackmail in another direction.
Carry me home.
- [sighs] - - SIGOURNEY: Oh hey, girls.
- What's up? - Well, Jenny, sweetie, since you've been doing such a great job cleaning, I was wondering if maybe you could do some yardwork, too.
And the garbage bins are filthy.
- You hear that, Frankie? Mom wants me to do some yardwork.
Looks like it's back to chores.
For me, that is.
- Let's see her wiggle out of this one.
- Um, hun, do you notice anything different about Frankie? - No.
- Well, she always says hi and gives us a smile when she comes home.
Maybe she's just having a bad day.
- She's an android, she doesn't have bad days.
- Well, I think she does.
I hope it doesn't have anything to do with Cole.
- That's ridiculous.
I didn't build her to be mad.
What? Hey, Frankie, how was school today? Seems fine to me.
Oh, she's just fluffing it, right? - - - What you doing? - Studying.
- Oh, cool, mind if I join you? - Sure.
- [sighs] [crunching] Sorry.
[crunching] - Really? - I'm done, promise.
- [pencil thumping] - Alright, I'm taking a break.
- Great idea.
Why isn't Frankie talking to me? Come on, Dayton, you're my sister.
We're supposed to be on the same team.
- We are, Cole.
But I'm also on Frankie's team.
- Sweet.
So you're playing both sides? - I'm not choosing sides.
There's a difference.
Look, if it makes you feel any better, it's not Frankie.
There's someone else.
- It's Andrew, isn't it? Uh, I knew it.
- It's her mom.
- I knew it--wait, what? - She's protective about who Frankie hangs out with.
Especially when it's some guy who didn't make the best impression by barging into her house the other night.
- She thinks I'm some kind of delinquent.
Gaines needs to know the real me.
Kind, caring, intelligent, sophisticated.
- [laughs] - - PEGS1, come over here and tell me if you notice anything unusual.
Why are the engineers still afraid of them? - Very good question.
You see, controlling them has proven to be more difficult than expected.
But take heart.
All they need is a few hardware tweaks.
- Well, why isn't anyone making these tweaks? Must I do everything here by myself? Move.
- Mr.
Kingston, sir, I wouldn't-- - Zip it! Alright, let's see, let's start--ooh, ow.
No, no, no, no! [groaning] - It seems the prototypes have built-in self-defense mechanisms.
Very ingenious of Dr.
Gaines, wouldn't you say? - Are you sure you want to use the word acerebral to describe yourself? - Um, it means intellectual.
- It means brainless.
- Yeah, let's go ahead and take that one out.
- "Dr.
Gaines, if you'd give me the chance to talk in person, "I could show you how I'm a great guy and a great friend.
Sincerely, Cole Reyes.
" Smiley face emoji.
- Perfect.
This is it, Dayton.
If Dr.
Gaines doesn't want me talking to Frankie after this, maybe it just wasn't meant to be.
- - [computer quacks] - Mm, I just got an email from Cole Reyes.
- Why would Cole Reyes email you? - He wants to meet me at a place called The Garage to talk about Frankie.
- So not fair.
How come you get to hang out with Cole? - You should totally hear him out.
- I don't think it's a good idea.
Plus, why do I need to justify myself to a 15-year-old? - That's why.
- [beeping] - - So, Tammy likes Cole, but Cole likes Frankie? - Basically.
- And Frankie likes Cole.
But something happened, and now she won't talk to him anymore? - Basically.
- Andrew.
- What up, Tam Tam? Just a little nickname I came up with.
I do it for everyone I like.
- [giggles] I was wondering if you're gonna make it to my Brain Squad competition.
It should be quite the show.
- Frankie.
- Hello, Andrew Lapelier.
- Tammy Gilroy.
- John Travis.
- Why don't you come walk with Tam Tam and me? - Bad idea.
- John, if you want people to like you, you gotta make 'em jealous.
- That doesn't sound right.
- It is.
I saw it on dating show, and it has to be true.
Watch and learn.
Frankie Fresh.
- Frankie has a nickname, too? - Sure.
Aw, but don't worry, Tammy.
Yours is way better.
- I agree.
- You do? - Yes.
The rhythmic synchronization of Tam Tam is more pleasing than the alliteration of Frankie Fresh.
- What's your deal? Do you think you should just have all the guys? - What's going on? - Not really any of your business, bro.
- [sighs] My friends are beefing.
So it is my businessbro.
- By the way, sick sweater.
- It's mine.
- Then why don't you take your sweater and go sweat someplace else? The big kids are talking.
- The both of you, please, stop arguing over me.
- Boys, that's enough.
Now retract your claws, and everyone back to class.
Except you, Cole.
- Ha, see ya, Cole Slaw.
- And you, Andrew.
- [laughs] - I'll see you both after school in the Kiddy Cooler.
- That's what she calls detention.
- And there you shall stay until 6 p.
- What? No, Ms.
Hough, not today-- - And tomorrow.
Would you like to go for the triple? - No, Ms.
- - Frankie, hey.
I just wanted to apologize.
I was kind of a jerk earlier.
I'm sorry.
- Apology accepted, Andrew.
Another illation.
Apology accepted, Andrew.
- [laughs] So what's the deal with you and Cole? - The deal? - Yeah, I mean, what's the sitch? He was pretty quick to stick his nose in our business today.
Are you guys like a thing or-- - We are not a thing.
It is possible the sitch would be different, but my mom ordered me not to hang out with him anymore.
- Your mom? Ooh, wow.
Well, anyways, I should get in The Cooler.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
No hard feelings? - Agreed.
- - - Is that what I think it is? - Uh, Lucia, this isn't the time to be scaring people.
Do you know what happens if I get caught with this? - Is that a cheat sheet? - It's not for me.
I'm gonna slip it into Frankie's pocket.
And once I tip off the judges that there's a cheater, she's done for.
- - [crowd cheering] - Move.
This is Sepulveda's side.
Eldorado's over there.
- [buzzer sounds] - The second densest element in the periodic element is of course, um--it's, uh umum - Are those X-specs? This is competition is postponed until further notice while we investigate this attempt at cheating.
- [indistinct crowd chatter] - This is very unfortunate.
- I know.
I was this close to getting the cheat sheet in Frankie's pocket.
- I meant the competition.
We are crushing Eldorado.
If it's canceled, it won't count.
- Oh yeah, that, too.
- Ron Pomerance of Eldorado High has been suspended for cheating.
But the competition will continue.
- Yes.
- Yes! This couldn't be better news.
- To deter further cheating, there will be a full inspection of all competitors.
Any offenders will be given an automatic three-contest suspension.
- Quick, get rid of this.
- No way! - Wha-- - I am not risking my future for this.
- Please, stick out your tongue.
It appears we have another cheater.
- [crowd ooohs] - Um, would you believe me if I said it was a mint? - - I can't believe Tammy got busted for cheating.
I know she's competitive, but she wasn't even in the contest.
- It's as baffling as a missing sock.
But what did the boy from Eldorado do that was considered cheating? - He was using X-specs.
They're glasses with a hidden computer built-in so he could look up the answers to everything on the Internet.
Well, see ya tomorrow.
You okay? - I look up every answer to everything on the Internet.
Does that mean I'm a cheater? - No way.
It's different.
He's a human, you're an android, you don't have a choice.
- But the Brain Squad is a competition for humans.
I'm obliged to obey human rules.
The solution is clear.
I need to resign from the Brain Squad team.
- Don't be ridiculous, they need you.
There has to be something else you can do.
- Well, there is one other possibility.
I could disconnect from the Internet.
- See, there you go.
Problem solved.
Wouldn't that just cause other problems? - I'm not sure.
I've never tried it.
I will be switching off now, bye.
- Frankie, wait! - Don't worry, Dayton Reyes, I will be okay.
- This information is just what I need.
You've done great work.
- I know.
- No one knows better than Sigourney what a grave threat a disobedient android is.
She's forbidden Frankie from talking to a boy.
If Frankie disobeys, she will have no choice but to destroy her.
[laughing] - - I got it.
- Oh, nice.
- - Hey, guys.
- Hey, Sig.
Give me the dets.
How'd it go with Cole? - It didn't.
He never showed.
- Stood up by a teenager.
- Yeah, well, it confirmed what I thought about Cole Reyes.
He is not a very impressive young man, and can't be trusted around Frankie.
Where is Frankie anyway? - She had a Brain Squad competition.
- That ended hours ago.
She should be home by now.
- Maybe that's why Cole never showed up.
He's hanging out with Frankie.
- Not funny, Jenny.
She's always on time.
Her network time protocol is accurate to the nanosecond.
Where could she be? - - [beeping] - - I fear I may have misjudged the situation.
Oh no, I am--I am--I am lost.