I Am Frankie (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

I am...Heartbroken

1 - JENNY: Frankie, it's time to go charge.
- - [power surging] - [dramatic music] - [door latch clicking] - We've got a problem.
- What are you? You can't be in here.
- Jenny, just relax.
- You're not seeing my sister, Dayton.
You see, this is all just a crazy dream.
- Listen to me, Tammy isn't in bed, which means she's wandering around the house, which means we've gotta get Frankie back in bed asap.
Power her up.
- Wait, you know? - Now is not the time for this.
- [clicks switch] - [powering down] - - FRANKIE: [beeping] - Her battery's totally dead.
I can't wake her up.
- - [sighs] What are you guys doing? - Anxiously awaiting an update from you.
[yawns] - Lucia! - LUCIA: What's going on? - I was waiting for Frankie to go to sleep, so I could look for my diary on her computer, but she's awake.
What do I do now? - MAKAYLA: Wow, I was having the craziest dream.
Tammy was screaming at us.
- I said, what do I do now?! - Maybe you should just go to sleep and figure it out in the morning.
- I can't.
If I can't get to Frankie's computer tonight, she'll still have enough dirt on me to plant an industrial cornfield.
- Now Tammy's screeching about cornfields.
I've gotta get outta this dream.
- LUCIA: No, wait! - [phone beeps] - - DAYTON: I expected her to be heavier.
- JENNY: My mom used titanium for her endoskeleton.
Strong and lightweight.
That was smart.
- Hey! - Hey, Tammy.
- What's with her? - Shhh, you'll wake her.
- So? - She was sleepwalking.
You never wake a sleepwalker.
They can be dangerous.
- JENNY: Or unpredictable.
- I thought that was common knowledge.
Guess not.
- No, no, I I knew that.
I was just testing you, to make sure you knew it, too.
- - DAYTON: [snoring] [snoring continues] - JENNY: Oh, no.
- - [snoring continues] - Wake up.
- [snorts] Huh? - Tammy's on the loose again.
Can I help you with something? - II woke up early.
I thought I'd just check my email on Frankie's computer.
- Why don't you use the little computer you've got in your hand? - Oh, this? It's out of battery.
- [cell phone rings] - Almost out of battery.
I'll call you back, Lucia.
- Did you get into Frankie's-- - Um, we can't go into Frankie's room.
We just bug bombed it, remember? - I thought it was mold.
- Uh, it is.
The mold attracted mildew mites so, they had to treat the mold and the mites.
- Mold attracts bugs? - Yeah.
I thought that was common knowledge.
Guess not.
- Oh [laughs] would you look at the time.
I've gotta go.
[laughs] - JENNY & DAYTON: [sighing] - [switch clicks] - [powers down] - FRANKIE: [beeping] - All charged up.
- According to my battery meter, I'm at full power.
- Good, because you're gonna need all your power-- to pack.
Thanks to you, Mom's gonna make us move again.
- Jenny, please don't tell Mom that Dayton Reyes knows I'm an android.
- You're asking me to lie to Mom-- like you've been doing? Hey, aren't you programmed to always tell the truth? - It's not lying.
Keeping a secret between friends isn't the same as lying.
I swear, Jenny, Frankie's secret is safe with me.
She's my best friend.
I would never let anything happen to her.
I helped keep Tammy from finding out, didn't I? - That's true.
- So, there's no reason to tell your Mom.
The secret stops here.
- I won't tell.
- [gasps] Yay! - FRANKIE: Thank you, Jenny.
- Under one condition.
You get to be my servant for the next month and do all of my chores.
- What?! And aren't you a little bit young to be going around blackmailing people? - I've always been advanced for my age.
Well? - I accept your terms.
- Feels like things are getting real, real Never felt so alive, never felt so alive Feels like things are getting real, real Feels like things are getting real - - [race car zooming] - Does serving as a game system fall under the category of chores? I cannot find any sources to confirm this.
- Shhh, it's dangerous to talk to the driver while the vehicle is in motion.
- Jenny, when I said you should play more with your sister, this wasn't what I had in mind.
- It's okay, Dad.
You don't mind, do you, Frankie? - Maybe let Frankie speak for herself.
- I don't mind, Dad.
- Then slide over.
I've got it next.
- I need Frankie.
- Oh, no fair.
It's my turn.
Your mother needs you.
- FRANKIE: [beeps] - It's about your friend Tammy.
- Friend? [laughs] Frenemy is more like it.
She was snooping around all night.
I caught her trying to sneak into your lab.
- I knew I should've stayed up all night.
You and your asparagus smoothie! - Don't worry, we stopped her.
- We? Wellwho's we? Wasn't Frankie recharging? - Yeah, it just what us kids say these days.
"We" instead of "I.
" We so cool.
- It's true.
We know what's up.
- JENNY: Ha.
We're gonna go see what's for lunch.
- I know to be careful of Tammy, Mom.
I always keep her at least 80 centimeters away.
- Eighty centimeters? - Arm's length.
- Oh, that's good, Frankie, but it's not good enough.
- Greater distance could be challenging during Brain Squad competitions-- unless you're saying I can't be on the team.
- No, Frankie, I'm not saying that.
- Good.
I wanna bring glory to Sepulveda High.
- Last night, when those boys came over, it was pretty clear that Tammy has a crush on that boy Cole.
- Yes, Tammy like-likes Cole Reyes.
Like-likes means she gets a warm, fuzzy feeling when he's around.
But Cole Reyes like-likes me.
Dayton Reyes told me.
- I could see that, too, Frankie, and that's why you need to stay away from Cole.
- Printing complete.
Well, it's about time.
Let's see what Sigourney was kind enough to give me.
Hmmm That's a handsome honker.
[chuckling] You're gonna be quite the hunk-- just like your old man.
What's next? Oh, I hope that little battery mishap didn't mean I missed out on any data you'll need.
[typing on keyboard] Ooh! Time to fabricate your hair-- or should I say "furbricate"? [chuckling] You get it? Fur.
It's like hair.
[chuckles] Oh, I'd better have a look at your humor-processing function.
You're gonna need that for school on Monday.
[typing on keyboard] And if all goes well, we won't need Frankie anymore, and we can get rid of her once and for all.
[chuckling] - Who wants pizza bagels for lunch? - Me! - I can't do that.
- I know, Frankie.
You have no digestive system.
- I'm not referring to pizza bagels.
What I can't do is follow your instructions regarding Cole Reyes.
- What do you mean? - I don't wanna stay away from him.
I like-like Cole Reyes, too.
- You what? - I know I'm not designed to feel emotions, but I do.
- Whoa, this is way better than pizza bagels.
- Can you describe your emotions? What does it feel like when Cole's around? - I experience an electrical misfiring in my chest cavity.
- That's how I felt when I first saw you.
- Oh, that's interesting and surprising.
I'd like to run some tests to explore these, uh, feelings, but in the meantime, I need you to do as I say.
It's for your own safety.
You need to stay away from Cole.
You need to stay away from Cole.
You need to - FRANKIE: [beeping] - Frankie? Frankie? II think it's a hardware anomaly.
- I think it's a broken heart.
- She doesn't have a heart, Will.
Here, help me get her to the lab.
- FRANKIE: [beeps] I'm okay, Mom.
- Are you sure? Run your diagnostics, please.
- FRANKIE: [beeps] CPU, network, disc, and memory all pass.
- Oh, thank goodness.
- And I will follow your instructions regarding Cole Reyes.
- Thank you, Frankie.
I'm sorry.
- PEGSI: Let me out of here.
[thuds, groans] [groaning] Dizzy.
Oh? I wonder if there's any juice left in her.
[gasping] Please, don't hurt me! Please, don't hurt me! I'm too young to die! - [door thuds] - PEGSI: It's a shame.
Now I only have three gifts for Mr.
Oh, he's going to be so excited to see me.
- Oooh, you'll look sharp in this, my boy.
- Now, remember, when you get to school, find Frankie Gaines and keep a close eye on her.
We need to make sure that nothing she, or Sigourney does can derail my plans.
- ANDROID: I have school.
- Wait! You forgot your jacket for - - Oooh! [chuckling] - 669, 668, 670.
- What are you doing? - Quiet, please.
I'm counting the hairs on my left arm.
- So, that's 778, 779, 780.
- Welcome to Sepulveda High, boys.
This is Dayton.
She is the head of our Red Carpet Club.
She's gonna show you around.
Now, which one of you is Robbie Turnbull? - I am Robbie.
- And you are Rufus.
Rufus Leeking? - [laughing] Yeah, sure.
- Roof is leaking.
Very funny.
- Andrew.
Andrew LaPierre.
- Good luck with these two.
- DAYTON: [laughs] - Frankie? - You need to stay away from Cole.
- It was so fun to see you on Friday night.
Too bad we couldn't stay longer, but I-- --thought it was fun.
- - MR.
KINGSTON: [humming] - PEGSI: Did you have a nice weekend? - [spurts drink] What? Get PEGSI, how did you get out? - PEGSI: That's not important, sir.
What's important is that I did get out, and no one will separate us ever again.
- You and I seem to have a slightly different understanding of our relationship.
- PEGSI: Now, if you'll just follow me.
You're going to be very happy.
- Oh, I'm not very happy right now.
- PEGSI: Silly Mr.
I have the answer to our problems.
- This had better be good.
- - This is our trophy case.
We're not the best at sports, but our Brain Squad team is really good, and someuh, uh, is something the matter there, Robbie? - I'm just assessing whether the display case is glass or Plexiglas.
A highly-developed sense of smell can discern the difference.
[sniffing] It's glass.
- That's, um, good to know.
Hey, guys, come meet a friend of mine.
- Hi, I am Frankie.
- Hi, I am Robbie.
- Hey, I'm Andrew.
Why do they call you Frankie? - It's the name Mom gave me.
- Yeah, but isn't it a guy's name? Hm, you don't look like a guy.
[laughs] - I am Frankie because it starts with an "F.
" "F" is the sixth letter of the alphabet.
I have five precursors.
- She means brothers and sisters! [laughing] She's so funny.
Frankie and I need to have a quick chat.
Be right back.
- ANDREW: [laughs] - You've gotta save me.
This Robbie guy is so weird.
Oh! - FRANKIE: Peculiar flossing technique.
He doesn't appear to be dangerous.
But I trust your judgment.
Stay back! - No! I just meant join us on the tour so I don't have to deal with his weirdness alone.
- Oh? Gladly.
- PEGSI: Ta-da! Prototypes of the Gaines android.
If any of them are functional, we can use it for Project Q and then those thugs from Warpa will be off your case.
- Not exactly.
The stolen android had some flaws, so, if Gaines has abandoned these prototypes, they must be even worse.
No, we still need to get back the stolen android.
But if we can get these things working, it will buy us some time to find it.
[laughing] Good work, PEGSI.
- PEGSI: How about a hug? - Don't push your luck.
- Waiting for a portal to open? You know, some kind of magical underworld.
Aren't they always in lockers? - OhI was just thinking.
I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong.
- Ooh, I'll help.
I'm an excellent diagnostician.
So, this thing you did wrong, was it on a test? - It was with Frankie.
I tried to talk to her today, but she just walked away without saying a word.
- What did you say to her? - Just that it was really fun seeing her on Friday night.
Did I do anything wrong when we crashed the sleepover? - You mean besides crashing her sleepover? - She was happy we were there.
She hugged me.
So, what could it be? - - Well? - I got nothin'.
- You said you were an excellent dietician or whatever.
- Yeah, with tests and papers.
Girls? Forget about it.
- TAMMY: Worst sleepover ever.
Her mother is a complete control freak, her little sister is bossy, and I couldn't get near her computer.
A total waste of time.
- Too bad.
Ours was fun.
- [sighs] But I'm still convinced something's up with Frankie.
- And the unhealthy Frankie obsession continues.
- I don't have an obsession.
Okay, maybe I do, but it's not unhealthy.
It's a healthy obsession.
- There's no such thing.
- There is now.
I just invented it.
Now stop arguing with me or I'll make you sit out of the Brain Squad meet.
- Speaking of which, Makayla and I came up with the perfect selection method during our sleepover.
Rock, paper, scissors! - That only works for two people.
- Not anymore.
We just invented MORPS, Multi-player On-line Rock, Paper, Scissors.
- Okay, well, I'm still team captain, so what I say goes, and I say we do another written test.
- You know, one of these days, you're not gonna have us to kick around anymore.
- Of course, I will.
- She's right.
We'll keep coming back.
The rules of high school cliques require it.
- It's so unfair but so true.
- - And this is the cafeteria.
We always have options available for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and halal diets.
- We do? - Yeah.
- It's called "bring your own lunch," and that completes our tour.
Any questions? - What's the Wi-Fi frequency-- 2.
4 or 5 gigahertz? - Both are available.
The protocol is 802.
- There she is.
- BYRON: She seems okay to me.
She's definitely being friendly to that super-good-looking guy who's smiling at her.
- Uh, Frankie.
[laughs] - You need to stay away from Cole.
You need to stay away from Cole.
You need to stay away from Cole.
- - - Oh? I see what you mean.
You definitely did something wrong.
- I have to go, Dayton Reyes.
Cole is coming.
Mom says I have to stay away from him.
- What? Why? Heyguys.
[laughing] Uh, meet Robbie and Andrew.
They're new.
I'm showing them around.
Guys, this is Cole and Byron.
- I am Robbie.
- Andrew.
- Hey.
What? Oh.
Take that handshake back.
- Real smooth, Byron.
- You know I got your back.
- Yes, sir, I completely understand.
You are upset with with the delays, but I can assure you that Project Q is back on track.
[laughing] Yes, sir, yes.
Well, as a matter of fact, I am currently standing in front of three fully-functional androids who are [laughing] more than up to the task.
[smacks android] - [arm thuds] - Oh, no.
No, no, not you, sir, no.
Yes, of course, I will keep you up to date.
Yes, sir.
Aw, PEGSI, we need to make these androids functional, because I think Warpa is onto us.
- PEGSI: But they will work, sir.
They all just have little bugs we'll work out.
Their behavior is a little unpredictable.
But they just need a little tweaking.
- [android pounding] - What? - PEGSI: I said, they just need a little tweaking.
- [pounding continues] - You're going antiquing? Now? Well, what about the droids? - PEGSI: I said tweaking, not antiquing.
- [pounding continues] - What? - PEGSI: [screams] - ALL: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! [laughing] - BYRON: This is so cool.
- If you're gonna be on this team, you need to be on time.
- You told me to be here at 3:00.
It is 2:55.
- Well, you must have misheard me.
Okay, now that we're all here, let's begin.
The Nydegger Intelligence Test measures numerical, verbal, spatial and logical aptitude.
The top four scores will join me on the competition squad for tomorrow's meet.
- Why are you automatically in? - [laughs] I'm the captain.
- You made yourself captain.
You should have to take the test-- just like everyone else.
- Uh, fine.
- - ALL: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! [laughing] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! [laughing] - Hey, what's that? - Uh, nothing.
- This is your test.
- Uh, I know.
I got the highest score and I didn't want you guys to feel bad.
- Makayla: 95 percent, Lucia: 95 percent, John: 92 percent, me: 96 percent, Frankie: 100 percent! Whoa.
And, Tammy: 91 percent.
- So? The test is flawed.
All intelligence tests are.
It doesn't mean anything.
- It means one thing-- next competition, you're warming the bench.
- - DAYTON: [laughs] - Hey, Day.
Frankie's been acting so weird.
She won't talk to me or come near me.
- I haven't noticed anything.
Are you sure it's not your imagination? Are you sick? Do you have a fever? That can cause hallucinations.
- I'm not sick.
Will you talk to her? - Me? What kind of a guy has his little sister talk to a girl he likes? So lame! I mean, think about your reputation.
- Right.
That is pretty weak.
Do it anyway.
I don't care about that stuff.
- - Don't feel bad about being benched.
- Yeah.
Feel bad for lying about your test score.
- Substitutes have been responsible for great things.
Take Ulysses S.
He was the fourth choice for the Commander of the Union Army, and he won the Civil War.
- Being the sub is going to be very important in this competition.
Remember, anyone who tries to cheat will be kicked out of the meet.
- Right, but you never did bust Frankie for cheating.
- Not yet.
But I have a feeling that's gonna change very soon.
- Oh, excellent.
Quite a first day you had.
I see you met your fellow android.
[chuckling] I want you to get close to her, gain her trust, and when the time is right, you'll destroy her.
[evil chuckling] -