I Am Frankie (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

I am...Battery Operated

1 - [dramatic music] - KINGSTON: Dr.
Gaines, we're coming for the android.
- [laser zapping] - Go! Go! Go! - [door crashes] - [dramatic music] - MAN & WOMAN: [gasp] - PEGSI: Dr.
Gaines looks much older than I remember.
- Oh, well, that is because that is not Dr.
Gaines, you nickel-plated ninny.
This is obviously the wrong house.
Now put them down.
- MAN & WOMAN: [sigh] - - Now, I don't wanna see any cheat stuff.
Let's keep it clean.
Dad, are you ready? Frankie, are you ready? And pillow fight! - - WILL: [grunt of effort] - [pillow thudding] [pillow whooshing] [pillow thuds] - WILL: Oh! - [heavy thud] - Dad, are you okay? - Yeah, Dad, are you okay? - Thatwas awesome! - Her reflexes and motor skills are truly exceptional.
- She's really coming along.
As a scientist, I am excited about her growth.
But, honestly, I have mixed feelings as a mother.
- What do you mean "a mother"? - Well, like, she asked if she could have a sleepover, and all I could think about was how it could expose her.
- Sure.
That makes sense.
She could make you a fortune some day when you go public with her.
But what does that have to do with-- - No, James, money has nothing to do with it.
I love her.
- You've become attached.
Just make sure someone reviews your data so your bias doesn't show.
- You don't understand.
I think she loves me back.
- [pillow thuds] - My apologies, Mom.
I'm not quite sure what happened.
My handmust haveslipped.
- Why is she talking like that? - Did she accidentally eat a piece of mom's frittata, because my burps have sounded like that all day.
- It must be her battery.
Oh, no, what if this happens during the sleepover? - Is there anything I can do to help? - Look, there's not much to be done.
I'm gonna have to change her battery right before the girls come over.
- Change her battery, huh? Man, look at the time.
I really should be going.
Thanks for the coffee.
- [dramatic music] [lively, upbeat music] - DAYTON: [straining] [strains] - [computer beeps] - Dayton Reyes, the dimensions of your locker aren't large enough to accommodate that bag.
- I [straining] I almost have it.
- [locker door slams] - [sighs] There.
[laughs] I got it.
Now I just need to find out what to do with the rest of my bags.
- FRANKIE: With a width of 1 foot, and a height of 3 feet, you would need approximately 5 lockers to fit the rest of your luggage.
- [bag thuds] - DAYTON: [groans] - FRANKIE: Make that 6.
- TAMMY: Wow, a green duffle.
You know, they say geniuses choose green.
- It's actually black.
It's just really, really old, so it looks green.
- Well, either way, it's adorbs.
- It is? - I can't wait for the sleepover tonight, ladies.
It's gonna be fire.
[air kisses] - If you're moving out, I've got dibs on your room.
- Ha! You wish.
I'm staying the night at Frankie's tonight, and you know my motto.
- "What was I thinking?" - No.
"You can never be too prepared.
" - You're afraid you're gonna forget something, aren't you? - Not anymore, because if I bring everything, I won't forget anything.
- Dayton forgets stuff all the time.
- That's so not true.
- One time, when she was little, she got lost, and when the policeman asked for her name, she forgot it.
- I totally forgot about that.
- COLE: See? - I forget stuff all the time, too.
We're, like, the forgetful friends or something.
Can we just forget that I said that? - I remember everything, as a result of my extra memory.
- BYRON: You have an enlarged frontal lobe? - Yeah! Yeah! You know, Frankie and her big head.
- I think your big head's kinda cute.
- Thank you, Cole Reyes.
I admire your large ears as well.
- BYRON: [snickering] - Uhhey, I have a great idea.
How about Byron and I can come hang out at Frankie's tonight? - Sorry, it's girls only.
- It's Frankie's house, so, we should let her decide.
- I would love for you and Byron to come.
But it is girls only.
- DAYTON: [clicks tongue] - Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? - That Frankie does an amazing impression of Dayton? - No.
Well, yeah.
That was pretty good.
But I'm talking about us crashing that sleepover.
- Why would we do that? - Aren't you tired of only hanging out with girls when we're at school? We are teenagers, Byron, not little kids.
- Well, I do get to hang out with Dayton--at your house.
Why do you think I go over there all the time? Uh, I mean, besides to hang out with you, my best friend.
[chuckles] - We're gonna crash that sleepover, and Dayton's gonna help us do it.
- Feels like things are getting real, real Never felt so alive, never felt so alive Feels like things are getting real, real Feels like things are getting real - Okay, so, drone? - Yes, drone.
What do you think about this, though? - [groans] I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up.
I actually told Dayton Reyes her luggage was adorbs.
What's all this? - Nothing.
Just, uh, a few sundries.
[laughs] - For our sleepover, aka, the science sleepover of the century.
- Really? A volcano? Isn't that a little fourth grade? - We're actually using ammonium dichromate to trigger a more violent eruption.
- Ooh, fun-zone! When are we doing this? Let me get my calendar.
- MAKAYLA: Tonight.
- Tonight? But that's impossible.
I'm going over to Frankie's tonight.
You can't have a sleepover without me.
- You're having one without us.
- [scoffs] I'm on a mission, Makayla.
As long as Frankie has a copy of my diary, she has the upper hand on me.
I've got to find it and destroy it.
Once I'm inside, I can figure out once and for all what that girl is up to.
- - PEGSI: Ah, first one to the meeting.
As the legendary football coach, Vince Lombardi, famously said, if you're early, you're actually on time, and if you're on time, you're late, and if you're late-- - Can it, PEGSI, just - PEGSI: Right away, sir.
- Um [clears throat] have a seat.
PEGSI, I, uh well, I'm just gonna be straight with you.
I need to make a change.
- PEGSI: Why don't I like the sound of that? What kind of change? - Well, like this you're fired! - PEGSI: [grunting] - KINGSTON: Stop it! Get in! Ow! You shocked me! - [zipper zips] - PEGSI: [continues grunting] Mr.
Oh - KINGSTON: There.
- PEGSI: But why? - Because of your ineptitude in finding the stolen android.
There must be consequences.
The engineers need to know that failure is not an option.
- PEGSI: But it's not my fault.
Fire them.
- I can't.
They're the only ones who know how to operate the equipment.
And, if Warpa doesn't find an android to weaponize, then I, well, I might end up in a cave right next to you.
- PEGSI: I think that would be nice.
- Goodbye, PEGSI.
- PEGSI: [sobbing] Mr.
Kingston, no Get it together, PEGSI.
Things can only get better from here.
They certainly can't get any worse.
Oh, no-o-o-o! - - [car engine starts] - [chuckling] It's almost too easy.
[gasping] - [heavy thud] - - And now to find Frankie's battery.
- - Found it.
Time for the switch.
- - What is that? - Dayton's night retainer.
I swiped it from her overnight bag so we could use it.
- Use it to fix our teeth? - No.
Use it to crash Frankie's sleepover.
When Dayton realizes she doesn't have it, she'll call our mom and we'll swoop in and deliver it.
Bang! We're in! - Man, Cole, I didn't know you had this master-criminal side.
- I know, right? It's genius.
What could go wrong? - DAYTON: Hey, guys.
Are you guys okay? - [garbled speech] Totally.
- - SIGOURNEY: Okay, Frankie, time to change your battery.
- - [computer beeps] - - Thank you, Mom.
[air kisses] - Oh! Good.
[wheezy laugh] Sigourney's installed my special replacement "battery.
" [chuckling] Isn't this exciting? Once I finish syphoning Frankie's physical appearance database, I'll have all the information I'll need and then I can get rid of that android, and it'll be all about you and me, of course.
- ANDROID: [sighs] - Really? That's it? I thought you'd be more excited.
- ANDROID: Will I get blue eyes? - You're not even a teen android and you're already displaying narcissistic characteristics? - ANDROID: That's because I'm your android.
- I can't tell you how much better I feel knowing Frankie has a fresh battery and we're prepared for everything.
- Where'd you move her charging pod? - Nowhere.
It's still in her room.
- So, what am I supposed to say when Tammy and Dayton ask to see Frankie's bedroom? - Oh, why would anyone wanna see Frankie's bedroom? - 'Cause, that's what you do at a sleepover-- check out your friend's room.
- Of course.
I knew that.
- What else do you do at sleepovers? - Oh, pffft! I, uh youwell, you - Would you like me to print a list of activities that are typical of sleepovers? - That won't be necessary, Frankie.
I know what people do at sleepovers.
- [laughs] You've never been to a sleepover, have you? - [laughs] No.
- FRANKIE: 1-1-1, 0-0-0.
1-1-1, 0-0-0.
1-1-1, 0-0-0-- - Frankie? What are you doing? - FRANKIE: 1-1-1, 0-0-0.
- Why is she talking like that? - That's binary code.
- [snacks scatter] - Hey! That took me, like, two minutes.
- FRANKIE: 1-1-1, 0-0-0.
1-1-1, 0-0-0.
1-1-1, 0-0-0.
- JENNY: What is happening? - There must be a glitch in her back-up battery.
- Put in the other battery, then.
- We can't.
It's only at 21 percent.
- JENNY: Stop! - FRANKIE: 1-1-1 - That's it.
I'm calling the sleepover off.
Cover me.
- FRANKIE: 1-1-1, 0-0-0 - [doorbell rings] - Oh, no.
- Oh, no, it's Tammy.
Mom, what are we going to do? - Okay, okay.
Here's the plan.
You distract Tammy while I put Frankie's other battery back in.
- But you said it was only at 21 percent.
It'll die during the sleepover.
- Not if we rush through it and get everyone in bed early.
- Okay.
- SIGOURNEY: [grunts] Stall her.
- Hi, I'm Jenny.
I'm Frankie's sister.
You must be-- - Hello, Jennifer.
Nice place.
A little small.
Where's Frankie? - Frankie? - You know, your sister? - [objects shattering] - What was that? - Uh, neighbors.
So annoying.
Why don't we have a seat in the living room? Frankie will be down in a sec.
- What happened in here? - Uhit's our new decorating style.
It's called"chaos.
" It's French.
- No, it's not.
I speak fluent French.
- Right.
I think it's German.
- I speak German, too.
- Spanish? - Yep.
- Swedish? Yeah, it's definitely Swedish.
- I like it.
- - PEGSI: Stuck in a box Closed up and locked It's a tough, tough life When you're stuck in a box - [metal thuds] - PEGSI: Ahhhhh! Victory! I knew those squats would pay off.
Everyone said, PEGSI, why would you do squats? You don't have legs.
But I showed them.
I am strong.
I am powerful.
I am fearless.
I am--ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Again.
What in the world? Are those prototypes? - Where's Frankie? It's been, like, forever.
- It's only been a couple of minutes and she's-- - FRANKIE: Right here.
Dayton Reyes, Tammy Gilroy, welcome to my home.
- Something's different.
Your eye-- - Contacts! We recently got Frankie contacts.
She has peripheral issues.
- Actually, contact lenses don't help peripheral issues, though they can be useful in cases of near- and far-sightedness.
- I'm Dr.
I'm Frankie's mom.
- And Jenny's mom.
- That, too.
[clicking tongue] - What did you do to her? Why does she look different? - I'm buying us a little time.
She's in power-save mode.
It should give us enough time for the girls to go to sleep, and for you to get her to her charging pod.
- So, I thought we'd kick things off with a little computer quiz game.
Frankie, can I get your laptop? - I'd be happy to play that for you, Tammy.
I have the processing power to run multiple functions at once.
- What kind of computer do you have? Is it in your room? I'll get it.
- No, no, whoa, there.
You'll all be bunking in the living room.
Frankie's room is off limits.
- We can't see her room? What kind of sleepover is this? - There's, um, a mold situation from the old tenants, and you could get very sick if you go in there.
- Gross.
Well, what else could we play? Oh, I know.
It's called What's On Your Hard Drive.
- Or you can bring Frankie up to speed on all of that super- important Brain Squad stuff.
That is why you're here, isn't it? - Uh, now? No one wants to hear about that.
Plus, we have all night to discuss it, right? - [laughing] I don't know about all night.
But why am I standing here blabbing? You have so many things to do.
[clapping hands] Get to it, girls.
- [upbeat, lively music] - DAYTON: - [dance music playing] - [arrow function beeping] - [music pace quickens] - [arrow function beeping] - [music playing rapid pace] - [phone cameras clicking] - [phones' musical tones] - What? - Seriously? - So [laughs] everyone ready for bed? - It's 8:30.
- Yeah, the sun, like, just went down.
- Well, I read somewhere that developing teens need 9 to 11 hours of sleep per night.
- Well, she's not totally wrong.
- [doorbell rings] - What? Who could this be? - - - May I help you? - Hi, Dr.
Gaines, I'm Cole and this isByron.
I'm Dayton's brother.
The absent-minded little rascal forgot her night retainer.
- I'll see that she gets it.
- [door thuds] - Ow! - Why did you do that? - FRANKIE: Cole? - Hey, Frankie.
- FRANKIE: Byron? - Hey, Dayton.
- Cole.
- Tammy.
- JENNY: Boys? - TAMMY: Unh-unh-unh.
Hey, how did you know I was here? - I didn't.
I came over to drop off Dayton's night retainer.
- Very smart.
I have recently noticed a slight shift in Dayton's teeth.
- Very interesting, Frankie.
Cole and his awkward friend here were just leaving.
- Why didn't anybody tell me we were having a party? - Will, we're not.
- Will Gaines.
Those are some pretty sweet kicks.
Where'd you get 'em? - COLE: The mall.
- The mall, huh? Used to be a bit of a mall rat, myself.
You know, cruise on the bus after school, hang with ma peeps.
Very cool.
- FRANKIE: Mom, would it be okay for Cole and Byron to hang out for a bit? - Frankie, no, it would not.
- Please, Dr.
Gaines? - Yeah, can we? - Please, Mom? - Yeah, come on, please? - - [door slams] - That went well - COLE & BYRON: [laugh] - [sighs] You're never gonna believe what just happened.
- You found your diary on Frankie's laptop? - No, her mom is making us go to bed.
- But it's only 8:30.
- Developing teens do require 9 to 11 hours of sleep.
- How's the eruption? - Oh, satisfactory.
- Are you kidding? It was epic! [imitating lava erupting] - Okay, it's true.
It set off the smoke alarm and everything.
- We have to go.
We're gonna play Climate Science Truth Or Dare next.
[excited squeal] Wait.
Truth or Dare? That might just be the thing to turn up the heat on Frankie.
- Tammy, truth or dare? - Truth.
- Why did you wanna come to this sleepover? - Dare.
- Fine.
I dare you to tell me why you wanted to come to this sleepover.
- Uh, Frankie's turn.
- Oh, but you didn't answer my question.
- Dayton, don't be rude to our host.
- And there she is-- the asparagus smoothie.
You know, asparagus calms the nerves.
- How can you be so relaxed? - Maybe it's my asparagus smoothie.
- They're playing Truth Or Dare, Will.
Frankie can't tell a lie.
What if she gives something away? - ALL: [laughing] - Let's try one, Frankie.
- Uh, I think we can move on, Tammy.
- Do you like Cole? - Oooh, that's a good one.
Do tell.
- She's asking Frankie about that Cole character.
- [laughs] Cole's the man.
- Oh, you don't even know Cole.
Did you see she hugged him? It's a nightmare.
We can't risk her secret being exposed.
- Wait a minute.
How do you know they're playing Truth Or Dare? - Well, I have a mother's sense.
You wouldn't understand.
- You bugged the living room, didn't you? - Well, of course, I bugged the living room.
- Off.
- Hey, what? - Unh-unh.
- What are you doing? - Unh-unh.
- SIGOURNEY: [gasps] Don't-- [gasps] - [blender whirring] - Bedtime, girls.
- DAYTON, JENNY, TAMMY: - - I'm going to prep your charging pod.
- Be Right Back.
- What? That's what I just said.
- BRB stands for BeRightBack - Uh-oh, your battery must be crashing.
Stay here.
Close your eyes.
- - What are you up to, Tammy? - [knocking on door] - - TAMMY: [screams] - JENNY: [screams] - What are you guys doing? - JENNY & TAMMY: [scream] - [clock ticking] - - Frankie, get up.
It's time to go charge.
Frankie, come on.
- - [computer beeps] - - [power surging] - - [door latch clicking] - [dramatic music] -