I Am Frankie (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

I am...My Enemy's Friend?

1 - TAMMY: So, care to explain yourself? - [device rapidly beeping] - FRANKIE: II - Would you turn that thing off.
Why don't you leave Frankie alone? She never did anything to you.
- She threatened my math supremacy.
What's the world gonna think? - DAYTON: The world? Try Mr.
Manhart and the nine kids in AP math.
- The only way she could have beaten me is by cheating with a hidden radio transmitter.
Give it up, cheater.
Where is it? - Is that true? Did you cheat? Do you have some kind of transmitter? - Yes.
- TAMMY: [laughs] - CROWD: Ohhhh - Of course, it's true.
- CROWD: Oooh - Not about cheating--about having a radio transmitter.
I have one, too.
We all do.
Look! - [device beeping] - CROWD: Ohhhh - Wait, why is it doing that? - Cell phones give off radio frequency - frequency radiation.
I forgot about that one.
But that doesn't change the fact that she's a cheater.
I know she is.
Nobody's that good.
- MALE NEWSCASTER: In Gdansk, Poland today, a shipyard reported major damage when a teenaged girl commandeered a construction crane into several buildings and-- - Do you think this involves us? - It fits their pattern.
- JENNY: I'm late! - Well, have a great day.
I love you! [laughing] I will have a great day, too.
Thanks! - [door closes] - Good morning, parents.
- Good morning, Frankie.
At least one of our kids acts like a human.
- Frankie, I'm worried about-- - Worrying causes wrinkles on humans' foreheads.
There are currently 747,000 anti-wrinkle creams being sold on-line.
Some ancient Chinese cultures believe this helps.
- Oh [laughs] No, I'm worried about this Tammy girl you told me about last night.
- Why? - Going around school with an RF scanner? - Is that not a normal human action? - No, which is why I need you to be extra-- - [doorbell rings] - Who could that be? - It is Dayton Reyes.
We arranged to meet and walk to school together.
- WILL: Oh, come on in.
- Hey, Frankie.
Hi, uh, Mr.
and Mrs.
I mean, Doctor.
Do you go by "Doctor"? or PhD? BSEE? MSEE? PhDE? - Doctor is fine.
- DAYTON: [laughs] - Dayton Reyes is my BFF.
That is an acronym for Best Friend Forever.
My BFF and I are going to school now.
- Oh.
- Have good day, Frankie.
- Thanks.
You, too.
- Bye.
Nice to meet you.
- [door closes] - Uh-oh, what's wrong? - I don't know if I've thought this whole school thing through.
I didn't think about Frankie having a best friend.
- I think it's great.
What could be wrong with that? - How is she going to keep her secret? My best friend in high school knew everything about me.
- FRANKIE: Why do you walk so fast? The bell for first period won't ring for another nine minutes and 34 seconds.
- I wanna be early.
I'm hoping to bump into Byron before class, you know, casually, but on purpose.
- No, I'm not familiar with this action.
I will have to observe it and save it to my hard drive.
- Good morning, ladies.
What's new? - Stock prices fell in early morning trading due to weakness in global demand.
- Oh, yeah.
[laughing] - [football thuds] - [coffee splashes] - DAYTON: [gasps] - I'm so sorry! Hey, you, Hawk! Get her for me! - [gasps] I can't believe this.
I'm gonna go try to wash this out.
I'll talk to you later.
- It's already got 500 likes, and there are only 350 students at this school.
It could go viral.
- What could go viral? - This GIF of you-- - It's kittens surfing on a shark.
[laughing] - I love kitten GIFs.
Can I see? - Uh, sure.
Battery died.
- Too bad.
I thought it might take my mind off the nightmare at The Garage.
I've got to make things right.
- You're gonna apologize to Frankie.
- What? No way.
- Your obsession with her is becoming unhealthy.
- What? Who says? - Lucia.
- LUCIA: [laughing] [silently] She's crazy.
- Something's not right about that Frankie, and I'm gonna get to the bottom of it.
- Feels like things are getting real, real Never felt so alive, never felt so alive Feels like things are getting real, real Feels like things are getting real - Hi, Cole.
Having a tutoring session after fifth period? - Nope.
- What? Why are you acting this way? - I should ask you the same thing.
- What am I doing? - To me, nothing.
But what about to Frankie? She never did anything to you except win a stupid math bee.
- Well, it's not my fault.
It's ketosis.
- COLE: Ke-whatsis? - Ketosis-- it's what happens when you don't eat carbohydrates.
It can make you temporarily insane.
- You're making that up.
- No, it's totally real.
I can send you the literature.
- You don't have to convince me.
But you ought to at least apologize.
- [sighs] I'm sorry.
- Not to me.
To Frankie.
- I'm so about to do that right now.
- Okay.
You know, you two have a lot in common.
You're both super-smart.
Why don't you try being friends with her? - TAMMY: [groans] Awesome idea.
You know, we just got off on the wrong foot.
We need to make a fresh start.
- Well, I'm glad to hear it.
Gotta go to class.
- Now you're going to make friends with her? - Try to keep up, Makayla.
It's like they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
This will solve everything.
I'm so glad I thought of it.
- You didn't.
Cole did.
- [silently] She's crazy.
- - Hi, Dayton Reyes.
You are wearing a raincoat, but the weather forecast called for continued clear skies.
- I borrowed it from the Lost & Found.
It's all I could find.
It belonged to a football player, or something.
- Please turn to Chapter 6 in your textbooks.
- It's ruined.
- It needs to be treated with perchloroethylene, also known as dry cleaning fluid.
It's an effective stain remover-- although highly toxic.
It has to be handled with extreme care.
- Great.
But I don't think we're gonna find any pethorlacwhatever, in school.
- [computer beeping] - It's doubtful, but it wouldn't be difficult to catalyze.
- Really? You know how to do that? You're the best, Frankie Gaines.
- You're the best, Dayton Reyes.
- I have fifth period free.
- So do I.
- I have fifth period free, too.
But this period we all have class.
- [bell rings] - Uh-oh, Tammy's only happy when she's doing something mean.
Be careful around her.
Definitely keep her at arm's length.
- Noted.
I have to go to Latin.
I'll meet you in the chem lab, fifth period.
- I sent a reminder to my precision time protocol adapter.
Did you? - I'll probably just remember.
[laughing] - Oh, Cole, may I have a moment? - Hi, Ms.
I know you're probably mad about my math grade.
- Oh, I'm not mad, but I am concerned.
There just doesn't seem to be much improvement.
Have you been having your tutoring sessions? - They're not really helping.
Oh, but I'll keep trying.
- You know, sometimes students and tutors just don't click.
It's like two of my cats-- Hairball Potter and Permoine Granger.
They should be best friends, but they just don't get along.
Wait, what was my point? Oh, right, maybe we should try someone else.
Manhart tells me that Frankie Gaines is strong in math.
Do you know her? - We've met.
- Let me talk to her, see if she'd be willing to tutor you.
Hopefully, you'll get along like my twin Abyssinians.
- How many cats do you have, Ms.
Hough? Ms.
Hough, are you okay? - Hang on.
I'm just counting.
- Can I talk to you in private? - OTHERS: Ohhhh - Just a quick chat.
[laughs] What are you doing? - Keeping you at arm's length.
- Ohlook, I'm really sorry about yesterday.
I was totally out of line.
Your math skills are so amazing.
You know, we're like the school's math masters-- number one, number two.
- Since I defeated you in the math bee, it would be number one and number two.
- Right.
[laughs] Like I said, you're so amazing at math.
I hope we can just put this behind us and be friends.
- [computer beeping] - I'm confused, Tammy Gilroy.
Your friendship proposal contradicts over 70 negative mentions of me in your super-secret eDiary.
- Yeah, you know, we just got off on the wrong foot.
When you make a first-- you read my diary?! - Yes.
Not all of it.
Only the sections that mention me.
However, there are very few sections that didn't.
- Your forehead is all wrinkled.
You should maybe get an anti-wrinkle cream for that.
- How did she read my super-secret eDiary? - I didn't know you had a super-secret eDiary.
- 'Cause I was super-good at keeping it super-secret.
Now Frankie knows everything.
If she blabs, my life is over.
- I think you may be overreacting a tad-- which can be dangerous.
The 30 Years' War was started by an overreaction.
- The 30 Years' War is a game of checkers compared to this.
I wrote terrible things about everyone in school.
- So, um, what did you write about us? - Nothing.
Just that you're smart and nice and pretty.
- But you just said-- - Oh, look at that evil smile.
I don't even wanna think about what she's planning for me.
I've got to get on her good side.
- There are those wrinkles again.
- Don't interrupt her scheming.
Scheme away.
- I kept approximately 80 centimeters away from Tammy when she apologized.
- Really? She apologized? - She also contradicted her diary by saying she wants to be my friend.
- Don't trust her.
Now what? - Heat garment for two minutes.
- Frankie, now I feel worse.
- Did your skin come into contact with the perchloroethylene? I must get you under the emergency 100 gallon shower.
- No, I mean about Tammy.
Ever since we read her diary, something's been eating at me.
I tried to put it out of my mind, but I can't.
What we did was wrong.
- Wrong in what way? - A person puts their most private thoughts and feelings in a diary, just for them to see.
Even if Tammy is a mean jerk, what we did was just as mean and jerky, and I feel terrible about it.
- [computer zapping] [beeping] - Frankie? Frankie, are you okay? - Frankie? Frankie? Come on, Frankie.
Snap out of it.
Is there some kind of reboot sequence? Oh, control-alt-delete.
Come on.
Oh! - What are you doing, Dayton Reyes? - Are you okay? You kind of glitched out there for a minute.
- Yes, I suffered a hardware anomaly.
- You sure did.
- I'm not programmed for emotions.
But evidence suggests I may have experienced feelings of guilt.
What should we do? - Well, I think we should delete Tammy's diary from my phone.
- [computer beeps] - Deleted.
- And we should do something nice for Tammy.
- [microwave sizzling] - [sniffing] Do you smell smoke? Did some of your wires get fried? - No.
I identify as oxidizing fabrics.
- DAYTON: [coughing] - I'm sorry, Dayton Reyes.
My precision time protocol adaptor must have reset.
- It was my fault.
I wasn't paying attention.
My dad gave me this shirt for my birthday.
- - Frankie.
Just the person I was looking for.
- You are just the person I was looking for, too, Tammy Gilroy.
- Step into my office.
- The lavatory--also known as the restroom, water closet, latrine, commode, outhouse, john, facilities-- and Tammy's office.
- Uh, yeah.
What do you want? - What do you want, Tammy Gilroy? - I guess you're not gonna make this easy on me.
[sighs] How about this? Do you know what the Brain Squad is? - My hypothesis is an elite team of neurosurgeons? - No, it's Sepulveda High's competitive academic team.
- Ah, "brain" as in definition 2.
3-- an exceptionally intelligent person.
- Exactly.
Like you, Frankie.
Out! As captain, I can put you on the team.
It's super prestigious, and you bring eternal glory to our school.
What do you say? Would you like that? - Do you want me to bring eternal glory to our school? - Huh? - I want to do something nice for you.
- Umokay.
[laughs] Yes, I want you to bring eternal glory to our school, and just so we're clear, if we do this, you won't tell anyone about what you read in my diary, right? - Absolutely not.
I would never do that, because it is wrong.
- Okay.
[laughs] We have a deal.
- So? - I put her on the Brain Squad, and she agreed to keep her mouth shut.
- The squad's full.
Did someone leave? - No.
Why? - According to the rules of the National Brain Squad Association, teams comprise of five squad members.
Sepulveda's is us, plus Byron and John.
That's five.
- [sighs] Oh, right.
- So, I guess you need a new plan now.
- One of you's gonna have to leave the team.
- BOTH: What? - Why us? - Well, I can't ask John or Byron to leave.
They'll wanna know why.
Don't look at me like that.
It's only temporary.
So, who's it gonna be? - BOTH: Not me! - Well, don't ask me to choose.
You're my best friends.
- Okay, then I'll choose for you, and I choose Makayla.
- Hey! - I've got it.
We'll have a competition.
Loser gets cut.
Fair and square.
- [bell rings] - Um, what's going on? - Stand up straight, please, Dayton Reyes.
Turn around, please.
- What are you doing? - Measuring you in order to make a new shirt to replace the one that was ruined.
- Really? You can make clothes? [laughs] Of course, you can.
You can do anything.
- - [computer beeps] - DAYTON: [laughing] Frankie, you're the best! [laughing] But you're crushing my spine! - Apologies.
I'm still learning the appropriate force for hugging.
Three hundred pounds per square inch-- too much for hugs.
- TAMMY: You have 45 minutes.
Whoever gets the higher score stays on the team.
Good luck.
But not too much luck, 'cause if one of you bombs, it'll make this a lot easier.
[laughs] - Where are you going? - To find Frankie.
I have the dragon at bay and now I have to slay it.
- Have you been watching "Thrones of Destiny" again? - I mean, I deleted my diary so no one else can access it.
But Frankie still has a copy.
I have to find it and destroy it.
- How do you plan to accomplish that? - By infiltrating the dragon's lair.
- COLE: Thank you so much for tutoring me, Frankie.
I was so stoked when Ms.
Hough told me you'd do it.
- I'm happy to help you, Cole Reyes.
- I hope you don't think I'mstupid? I think I math blockage in my brain.
- Math blockage? I'm not familiar with that neurological condition.
- It's very rare.
I'm the only known case.
But I can be cured through some good tutoring.
- Then I'll start with a simple percentage problem.
If you had a pizza with 12 slices, and someone took 75 percent of the pizza, how many slices do you have left? - Twelve slices.
- Incorrect.
How about this? What does the other person have? - A broken arm.
Nobody takes my pizza.
- BOTH: [laughing] - This is impossible.
If you can pass this test, you deserve to be on the Brain Squad.
- No, this test is ridiculous.
I know advanced math, quantum physics, ancient history, and six languages.
But I don't know anything about Danish tax law? Why should something so random determine which one of us has to leave the team? Where are you going? - To tell Tammy she can [speaking Danish] - "Eat your sweatpants," in Danish? - Ja! - - "X" equals 64? - Sorry, Cole.
That is incorrect.
- I can't do this.
- [computer beeps] - Simplify the fractions before you do anything else to the equation.
- Okay.
"X" equals 4? - Correct.
- I did it! You're a miracle worker! - You solved the problem, Cole.
I just gave you a tip.
Now try to solve problem six.
- I was thinking maybe we could be done.
You know, go out on a high note.
We should celebrate.
- I think you need more practice.
- Yeah, you're right.
I'm thirsty.
Solving that last one really took it out of me.
- Is dehydration a symptom of math blockage? - Yeah, it is.
But nothing a little juice can't fix.
- There you are.
- Hello, Tammy Gilroy.
- This is for you-- your official Brain Squad uniform.
- Thank you, Tammy.
- We have so much to go over to get you up to speed.
Let's get to it.
- [cell phone music] - Oh, shoot.
Schedule alert.
I have a really important meeting right now.
Oh, I know, why don't we go over it at your house? You know, Friday, after school? We could have a sleepover.
- DAYTON: [spurts drink] - It'll be so fun.
You know, watching movies, eating snacks sharing secrets.
You know, et cetera, et cetera.
So, what do you say? - A sleepover would be enjoyable.
- [computer beeps] - Will we strike each other with pillows? - Why not? So, we're on? - I have to ask mom and dad, but they seem to enjoy visitors.
- What are you guys talking about? - We're planning a sleepover at my house with pillow striking.
- Oh, I love sleepovers! Can I come? - FRANKIE: Yes.
- TAMMY: No! - I'll take that as a yes.
- Oh.
Hi, Tammy.
Back to work, Frankie? - Wait.
What's going on? Back to what work? - Frankie is tutoring me.
Didn't Ms.
Hough talk to you? You're off the hook.
[laughs] - You're not gonna get away-- I mean, you're not gonna get aa way to raise Cole's math grade without his old tests, you know, so you know his weaknesses.
I'll get them for you.
[laughs] - MAKAYLA: Hey! We need to talk to you about this test.
- What's wrong? - Cole and Frankie is what's wrong.
It's fine.
I'm fine.
So, finished with the test? Who lost? - BOTH: I did.
- - PEGSI: Oh, come on.
Just deal me a red seven.
- Got it! - PEGSI: A red seven? Where? - No.
The location.
- PEGSI: Are you sure it's not a volcano? - Positive.
- PEGSI: Mr.
Kingston! Mr.
Kingston! - PEGSI, are you sure? Dispatch the extraction team, immediately.
- What good is having a robot, if she's not gonna do all the annoying work for us? - Don't think of Frankie as a robot.
She's your sister.
It's exciting, right? - Yeah.
More chores, less attention.
Yay! - FRANKIE: Now that Tammy and I are friends, can I have a sleepover with her and Dayton on Friday night? - Yes! A high school sleepover? Maybe having a sister is exciting.
I'm in.
- Uh, Frankie, no.
- JENNY: Aww - It's not okay.
Jenny, Frankie sleeps in a charging pod, and if this girl, Tammy, is already suspicious, we can't run the risk of her finding out the truth.
- Hmmm - What? I know that look.
- A sleepover is a pretty normal teenage thing, Sig.
If this girl, Tammy, is suspicious, wouldn't cancelling make her even more suspicious? - Dad's logic is sound.
Plus I have been practicing my pillow striking technique.
- [pillow thuds] - WILL: [groans] - Too much force? - WILL: Maybe just a little.
- It'll be okay, Mom.
Everyone can sleep in the living room, and I'll be there to make sure everything is okay.
No one's gonna find out anything.
- Well All right.
- JENNY: Yay! - [dramatic music] - [tires screeching] - KINGSTON: Oh, we have them now, PEGSI.
[laughing] -