I Am Frankie (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

I am...a Radio?

1 - Do you guys have everything you need for school? By "you guys," I mean Jenny.
- JENNY: [giggles] I need to run back to my bedroom for a second.
- That girl would forget her head, if it wasn't screwed on.
- Who wouldn't? Mom, Dad, I need to begin my walk to school now to be on time.
- Okay, Frankie.
Now remember, you-- - I can't let anyone know that I am an android, or we will all be in grave danger.
I will not forget.
It is safe in my files.
- Of course, it is.
Have a good day.
- Goodbye, Mom.
- - Did you see that? She hugged me.
- Don't you mean you hugged her? - No, Will, she initiated it.
This could be huge-- a sign of human attachment.
It could mean that she's developing like a human.
- She was probably just imitating Jenny.
- Our daughter? When was the last time that Jenny hugged you? - She hugs me all the time.
Don't look at me like that.
When you're right, you're right.
- I need to go call James.
- Wait.
- - [phone rings] - JAMES: Sigourney? - I think you're gonna wanna hear this.
It's about Frankie and it's huge.
- Oh.
Please, go ahead.
- Frankie hugged me.
- Imitative behavior.
We've seen that.
- No, that's just it.
She wasn't imitating anyone.
She did it independently.
- Wait.
Are you sure? If that's true, we're talking about an unprecedented AI breakthrough.
- Yes! I knew you'd understand.
I'm about to note it in my data.
- I've gotta run.
[sighs] Do you know what this means, my boy? If what she said is true, you're going to be more human than I ever dreamed of.
[chuckling] - LUCIA: Tammy, that is a beautiful thing.
- And, much like me, it doesn't just look good - [device beeping] - it's awesome at detecting a cheat.
- Do you really think Frankie's going around wearing an earpiece? - Of course.
What other explanation could there be? Look, I don't know if it's connected to a radio, or a computer, but whatever it is, I'm gonna find it and take her down.
- Did you ever think maybe she's just really, really smart? - So, uh, when are you gonna bust the cheater? - When we can achieve maximum humiliation.
- Right.
Timing is everything.
- So, we're in agreement.
We will expose Frankie in the one place where everyone will see she's a fraud.
- The cafeteria.
- Math class.
- Math class.
- I've got it.
It's confirmed.
- Got what? What have we got? - Uh, the numbers that we found, sir.
They're geographic coordinates.
- [laughing] - PEGSI: Uh, no hand.
- Well, give me the precise location.
I'll dispatch an extraction team immediately.
- I'm afraid we can't do that, sir.
The paper that was found was ripped.
It only had one number.
- PEGSI: If we only have one number, it means we only have half of the location.
If we consider the Earth as an ellipsoid or sphere, latitude lines run parallel to the equator, and longitude lines run north and south, or pole-to-pole.
- I know how latitude and longitude work, you flying disco ball.
Just tell me how we are going to find Gaines and the android.
- PEGSI: We can't, sir.
Without the other number, we don't have a prayer of finding them.
- II think I know a way.
- You know how to find the android? - PEGSI: Of course, she does.
What are you waiting for? Tell Mr.
Kingston the plan "we" discussed.
- Uh, "we" can create an algorithm that will mine all of the past information we have on the Gaines family, and then we cross-reference that with geographical factors, and then, based on the known coordinates - we can find my android.
[laughing] - Feels like things are getting real, real Never felt so alive, never felt so alive Feels like things are getting real, real Feels like things are getting real - - [gasps] Byron, he's so cute.
I didn't know you liked robots.
- I don't like them.
I love them.
- [robot beeps] - The robot is fond of you, too, Byron Patrick.
- ALL: [laughing] - She's always gotta be the center of attention.
It's so pathetic.
- Yeah, that's your thing, Tammy.
- And it's gonna be my thing again really soon.
- DAYTON: [laughs] - I call him "Bob.
" - [robot beeps] - She says she wishes she had a girl name.
- ALL: [laughing] - Okay, everyone, take your seats.
- TAMMY: [sighs] Um, you know, Mr.
Manhart, it's a shame they're being so disrespectful.
Didn't you tell us that having toys in class is against the rules? - Ah, if only every student were like you, Tammy.
[clapping hands] Seats, people.
Whose toy is this? - [robot beeps] - She says she's not a toy.
[stiffly] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
- MR.
MANHART: Frankie, is it yours? - It's mine, sir, and it's not a toy.
It's for robotics class.
- Be that as it may, a toy is an object a child plays with and something you're clearly doing now.
I'll take that.
- Today, we will be solving quadratic equations with integral coefficients, and integral roots.
- Poor Byron.
He looks so upset.
- How can you tell? - DAYTON: Well, he's frowning, his shoulders are kind of slumped over.
Yeah, I know.
It makes me sad, too.
He worked so hard on that cute robot.
Hey, can you control it? - Of course, I can.
- Make it come back to him, but don't let Mr.
Manhart see.
- [computer beeping] - [robot beeps] - What was that? - Beep! - Beep! - Very funny, Miss Gaines.
I guess you feel like you can play games because you already know how to solve this equation.
Perhaps you'd like to come up here and show us.
- FRANKIE: There are several ways to find the solution.
I will demonstrate all three.
- [robot whirring] - [computer beeping] - How does she know how to do this? We haven't even learned it yet.
- I told you.
She's cheating.
And now everyone will know.
- X equals -1.
- Correct! - [chair scrapes] - MR.
MANHART: Excellent work, Miss Gaines.
- TAMMY: [thuds] - Tammy, didn't we just discuss the rules about having toys in my class? - I'm sorry, Mr.
- You're sorry, Mr.
Manhart? You just destroyed my robotics assignment.
- Yeah, that I confiscated and you tried to steal back.
- I didn't.
- Aren't you curious how she knew the answer to that equation? - Would you like me to explain it to you, Tammy Gil-- - No, that's not what I meant.
- MR.
MANHART: Everybody, just return to your seats, and I'll deal with you two later.
- Poor Byron.
He had to watch Bob get crushed and Mr.
Manhart made him stay after class.
[heavy sigh] - [heavy sigh] - This is all my fault.
If I hadn't asked you to bring the robot back to him, Tammy never would have tripped on it, and Byron would have never gotten in trouble.
- You are correct, Dayton Reyes.
- Thanks for making me feel better.
- You're welcome.
- No, I was-- never mind.
Why did Tammy trip on the robot? - That's obvious.
It got in the path of her feet while she was walking to the front of the class.
- Exactly.
But why was she walking to the front of the class? Manhart hadn't called on her.
And what was she carrying? Tammy would never bring a toy to math class.
Something's fishy.
- [sniffing] My olfactory senses indicate it is your tuna fish sandwich.
- [laughing] Hey, there's Cole.
Cole! - Hi, Frankie, Dayton.
- What are you doing sitting by yourself? - I'm supposed to be meeting Tammy for a tutoring session, but she never showed.
- That is Dayton Reyes' fault.
- Frankie! She might have had to stay after math class.
It's complicated.
- Great.
Then I need to go study.
If I fail this test, then I'm off the tennis team.
- Really? That stinks.
- No, that is still your sandwich.
- [sniffing] Yeah, I think she's right.
[laughs] See you later, Frankie.
- Ladies - We brought you lunch.
- I don't have time to eat.
I have to rebuild my RF scanner.
Luckily, I think the casing took the worst of it.
I can get it working by the end of this period.
- And then it's gonna be, "bye, Felicia!" - BOTH: [laughing] - Who's Felicia? I thought we were busting Frankie.
- Why aren't you eating your lunch? Mom says humans need to recharge the batteries, too, or they will be cranky like Jenny.
- I can't stop thinking about Byron.
- You can't think and eat? I have parallel processing capabilities.
I can perform physical tasks and think, simultaneously.
- No, Frankie, I'm not in the mood to eat because I feel guilty about getting Byron's robot crushed.
The right thing to do is to tell him I'm sorry.
Whoa, Frankie, where are we going? - To do the right thing.
I am helping you take responsibility for your actions.
- No, no, no, Frankie, wait! That is a terrible idea.
Then he'll be mad at me, and he'll wanna know why it was my fault.
Just forget it.
You just forgot it, didn't you? - Forgot what? - Never mind.
Oh, I know.
I can do something nice for Byron, instead.
Something that'll make us both feel better.
- [computer beeping] - We can make him a sweet dessert.
Remember all the pastry blogs we found in his browser history? There was an emphasis on brownies.
- Yes! There's just one problem.
I don't know how to make brownies.
- Neither do I.
But I do have access to several million recipes on the internet, and thousands of hours of video instructions.
- [laughs] Of course, you do.
That's great.
- I know.
- [laughs] This is gonna be awesome.
- - Frankie? - [pounding on door] - Nice hiding spot.
Come on out.
The coast is clear.
- Why do people always say there is a coast, and that it is clear? - It's just a figure of speech.
- While I was hiding, I took the liberty of searching the internet for chocolate brownie recipes.
- [computer beeping] - DAYTON: Oh, perfect! Oh, I like that one.
Chewy, fudgy chocolate brookies.
Are they brownies? Are they cookies? That's what makes them so much fun! Eggs, flour, chocolate chips.
Hm, we'll need a big bowl, a container of sugar.
- [computer beeping] - Okay.
Now what? - - [timer dings] - - Uh, Frankie, did you know that recipe would make all these brookies? - Of course.
You wanted to make Byron Patrick happy.
If brookies make Byron Patrick happy, then it is logical that more brookies will make Byron Patrick more happy.
- Mmmm, they are delicious.
Hey, there's Byron.
I'm gonna bring him a brookie.
- Bring him many brookies.
- Great idea.
Maybe try and give the rest of those away? - Whoa, what are you doing with all those cookies? - These are not cookies.
They are chewy, fudgy, chocolate brookies, and I am trying to give them away.
Dayton Reyes and I made too many.
Would you like one? - Would I ever.
- I don't know.
That's why I'm asking.
Would you? - Byron! - Hey, Dayton.
- I brought you something.
- Are those chocolate brookies? No way.
Are they brownies? Are they cookies? - BOTH: That's what makes them so fun! [laughing] - These are, like, my favorite things in the world.
How did you know? - Um, lucky guess.
I mean, who doesn't like chocolate brookies? - Lots of people.
My dad, for instance, hates them.
He's a chocolate purist and only eats beans or bars.
Says adulterating chocolate with anything is like putting parmesan cheese on seafood pasta.
- I kinda like parmesan cheese on seafood pasta.
- Me, too, but don't tell my dad.
- BOTH: [laughing] - Thanks for these.
You really made my day.
- Okay, uh, see you tomorrow.
- Bye.
- BOTH: [laugh] - DAYTON: [laughing] - FRANKIE: Dayton Reyes and I made them.
She says they're delicious.
- Sorry, we don't eat anything made by cheaters.
Right, Makay-- - Wow, these are delicious! - I'll be the judge of that.
- What are you guys doing? - BOTH: [mouths full] Nothing! - They're eating chewy, fudgy, chocolate brookies.
- Thank you, Captain Obvious.
- I am not a captain.
That is obvious.
- [laughing] [stops suddenly] - You may be able to distract everyone else with an excessive amount of your weird, hybrid desserts.
But I know your secret, Frankie, and I promise you, soon, everyone else will, too.
- She knows your secret? Didn't you say if your secret gets out, you'll be in danger? - Yes, Dayton Reyes, that's what Mom says.
- Frankie, this is bad, real bad.
- Okay, don't panic, Frankie.
It's gonna be all right.
- I am not panicking-- although it appears you may be.
- We can totally fix this.
How are we gonna fix this? Okay, first, we need to find out exactly what Tammy knows.
- How will we find out? - The same way we found out Byron likes brownies.
Can you-- - I have scanned all of Tammy Gilroy's social media feeds for the past year.
- I'll never get used to that.
- Do you want to review them? - Of course.
But only because I have to.
Let's not do it here.
Come on.
- JAMES: [typing on keyboard] Virus eliminated! [chuckling] Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm Okay, enough celebrating.
Back to work.
Well, maybe there's time for one more.
Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm [chuckling] Okay.
Now that we're up and running, let's check up on our friends at EGG.
Undoubtedly Kingston is trying to get his android back.
[typing on keyboard] Geolocation coordinates.
That's not good.
It's only a matter of time before they find her.
If they take the android, they'll take Sigourney's data, too.
I'll be sunk.
[gasping] [typing on keyboard] - PEGSI: Look alive, enginerds.
What have you found for Mr.
Kingston? - Cross-referencing educational history and climate data with one of the coordinates, we have found an extremely promising location.
- PEGSI: The android is on an island off the coast of North Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.
- Is there a live feed we can access? - Let me pull it up.
- PEGSI: I'll do it.
Route the data to me.
- [typing on keyboard] - Is this a joke, PEGSI? - PEGSI: No, sir, that's vacation footage.
My apologies.
Here's the feed from the island.
- My patience is wearing thin.
- Oh, I don't understand.
The data showed that Sigourney lived in a village with those coordinates during college.
- Well, maybe that was before the village was destroyed by molten lava! What kind of fool do you take me for, hm? - PEGSI: It was them.
You're all fired.
- Youyou can't fire anyone! - PEGSI: You're all rehired! - PEGSI, I am going to walk out of here and pretend that this never happened.
You are going back to work and will find that android, or you will end up in the recycling bin with all of the other junk.
[laughs] - PEGSI: You heard the man.
Back to work.
I want results.
- Um, I may have something.
- PEGSI: [groans] - This is unreal.
- What did you find out? - That Tammy uses way too many emojis.
The good news is, there's no sign of her knowing [quietly] you're an android.
Is this everything? - No, there is something else.
It is Tammy Gilroy's super-secret eDiary.
- What? - The file name indicates that no one else [quietly] is allowed to see this.
- DAYTON: [gasps] I I don't know how I feel about reading it.
On one hand, it's a major invasion of Tammy's privacy, and on the other, we need to keep you safe.
- I don't see anything on either of your hands.
- I know.
We'll just read the parts about you.
- I missed you at lunch today.
- Yeah, I have a test tomorrow and I don't understand any of this stuff.
- Come on, Cole, we've gone over this, like, a zillion times.
- Let's take a break.
I'm gonna run over and say hello to Dayton and Frankie.
- N-O! If you wanna pass that test, you don't have time for socializing with obnoxious newbies.
- DAYTON: There's way too much here.
This will take forever.
Can you search for the word "secret"? - [computer beeping] - FRANKIE: There are 25 matches for the word "secret.
" "Secret crush," "secret imaginary friend," "secret crush on secret imaginary friend.
" Oh, this one is relevant.
- [cell phone beeps] - "Frankie must have a secret.
There's definitely no way she's better than me at math.
" Okay, bring up the next one.
- [cell phone beeps] - "How can her brain sync that fast? "I'm going to reveal her secret so everyone knows she's not who she says she is.
" - But I am who I say I am.
I am Frankie.
- Okay, don't freak out! - I am not freaking out.
- We still don't know who she thinks you are.
Um, skip ahead to, like, the 15th secret.
- Isn't this nice? I've missed helping you with math, Cole.
- Yeah, uh, me, too.
Uh, I'm getting hungry.
Do you want anything? - Cole! Cole! [sighs] That's it! This ends now.
Forget math class.
Let's see how much Cole likes her when he finds out she's a cheat.
- "I know Frankie's secret.
"Somebody is feeding her the answers to math problems through a hidden earpiece.
" [laughing] Do you know what that means? - She thinks somebody is feeding me answers through a hidden earpiece.
- And if she thinks that's our secret, we're in the clear.
Ha! - Ha! - "And my RF scanner will prove it.
" [laughs] Hold on.
RF scanner? - An RF scanner detects the presence of electromagnetic radiation.
- Uh-oh, electromagnetic radiation coming from you? Come on, we've gotta get out of here.
- Hey, sis.
Hey, Frankie.
- [device beeping] - TAMMY: I knew it! You're leaking more RF than a radio station.
That's how you get all your math answers.
You're a cheater and a fraud, and now everyone knows your secret.
- [device continues beeping] - So, care to explain yourself? -