I Heart Arlo (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Make a Fish

It's original ♪
Like me!
[opening theme music plays]
[Arlo] We all need
Someone to hold us up ♪
To help us on
We make each other better ♪
Though the world's not always right
Tough times, they can make us strong ♪
We all belong
We're beautiful together ♪
We're beautiful together ♪
[bossa nova music playing over stereo]
- O sole mio ♪
- Thirty-four!
- Number 34!
- Here!
- [munches]
- [man] Aw.
Could you help me cross, young man?
If you don't use your legs ♪
- You'll lose them ♪
- Ugh.
[car horn blaring]
- [crashes]
- [woman screams]
[woman] I'm I'm okay.
Sole mio! ♪
[seagulls squawking]
[sighs contentedly] Another long day
of caring only about myself.
- [seagull shrieks]
- Ah! Oh! Oh!
Been a little long. Starting to dry out.
Better get back to the fountain.
- [all] Ooh!
- [clattering, twanging]
[inhales, sobs]
[people groaning uncomfortably]
[woman] This is too much emotion for me.
[tearfully] I have this song
tugging at my heartstrings
but no guitar strings and
no actual guitar to get it out with.
Music ♪
Oh, coin, please be true.
Bring me my wish,
and I shall write a song for you.
- I wish for a new guitar.
- [clinks]
You know, wishes never come true.
I just needed to sing!
- I just needed to sing!
- Whoops.
Eh, nothing I can't forget
about over time.
- [laughs]
- [Bertie sobbing]
[vocalizing] Ha-ha! Ha-ha!
- La-ha-ha-ha! Ho-ho-ho-ho-hoo!
- [Bertie continues sobbing]
[vocalizing] La-la-la-la-la-la-la!
[sinister sting]
[enchanting music plays]
I mean, she did pay for her wish.
Someone ought to do something.
- [snaps]
- Ooph!
[strums] The things
people throw away in this city,
and I didn't even need to break in.
- [grunts]
- [alarm wailing]
[groaning with exhaustion]
- Here you go! [grunts]
- [guitar twangs]
Dryin' out? Stupid, ungrateful body!
I steal for you
and this is how you repay me?
Oh! Oh-oh!
[Bertie] Hello?
It's a National Bubble Week miracle!
Bertie's wish came true.
Whoa, I didn't know
Marcellus' fountain was magic!
Now that I have my guitar ♪
I'll never be blue ♪
Hey, what's going on here?
I brought everyone
so they could make wishes.
I wish to make pizza faster
so I can rake in more cash.
- Why so difficult? Ah!
- Here, let me help you.
- I wish for
- [phone chimes]
- No distractions.
- [phone chimes]
Gotta study for the driver's test.
I just wish birds would leave me alone.
- [seagull squawks]
- Hey!
- [gasping]
- [birds cooing]
If the fountain
keeps granting more wishes,
do you think that people might
want to reward it with sums of money?
- Of course.
- You know it ♪
A thousand percent.
[evil laugh]
[baby giggles]
[insincerely] No!
Come back with that baby.
[vocalizing happily]
Oh! Maternal parent-a-mia!
The meatballs-a, pizzeria!
[speaks mock Italian]
Ha-ha! That's right!
[torch whooshes]
- [phone beeping]
- [chuckles] No way!
- [clangs]
- [pants]
[Alia] Huh?
My driving test guide!
Uh I can't my phone
This is now my life.
- Ugh. Oh
- [grunts]
- [bird squawking]
- Huh?
It's magnificent!
- [sizzles]
- Whoop!
I gotta get back.
[hydrating thunk]
- [laughs]
- [money jingles]
May the good times never end.
- [snores]
- [coin clinks]
What the What is this?
- There it is!
- A real magic fountain?
Is this that magic fountain
we heard about?
We got wishes that need fulfilling!
[cash register ding]
Ah! This is the fountain, all right.
What do you got?
I want my baby teeth to fall out
and my adult ones to grow in.
Ha-ha! Okay.
I want to make sure
my legs don't randomly fall off ever.
Wish already granted.
- I need a new walker, critically.
- [rattling]
The fountain can grant all these wishes
except that last one.
It doesn't want to do that last one ♪
- [old woman] Whoa!
- [clatters]
And now if there are any other wishes,
please don't hesitate
[Arlo] I have a wish.
[people gasp] Huh?
My dad told me to get myself
something nice with this.
But [grunts] I'd like to use it
to get him a birthday present.
My dad collects eggs.
So I wish for a rare condor egg,
like the one plopped on top
of that big building in the city.
- The pointy, tall one
- Huh?
- [groans]
- looks like a Christmas tree?
- [dramatic music plays]
- [thunder crashes]
- Hmm
- Think the fountain can do it for me?
I don't know.
That wish is pretty far from the fountain.
I'm not sure it has enough moisture
- to grant you your wish.
- Mm.
If the fountain can't grant his wish,
then I want my money back.
- [crowd clamoring]
- Mm-hmm. I'm taking my coin back!
And this one for interest!
No, no, no, no! Stop! Stop, okay!
The The fountain will grant Arlo's wish!
- It will?
- It will?
Don't you think the fountain
might be over-extending itself?
No way! The fountain is fine.
The fountain is granting Arlo's wish.
[gentle medieval melody plays]
[dramatic sting]
While impossible in the heat of the day
My precious scales would wither away ♪
But if I ascend
Into the coolness of the night ♪
The moon can light my way ♪
Perhaps, yes, perhaps ♪
I will survive ♪
And so I climb ♪
- For riches and for glory ♪
- [music intensifies]
And so I climb
For fortune and the story ♪
And so I climb
For riches and for glory ♪
And so I climb
For fortune and the story ♪
[vocalizes dramatically]
- Triumphant and with treasure ♪
- [high-pitched vocalizing]
My greatness beyond measure ♪
I'm so great
I'm so great, I'm so great ♪
I'm really amazing and great
I'm amazing and great! ♪
No water! ♪
Must find water ♪
I have flown too close to the sun ♪
Fish-Icarus am I
This isn't what I wanted ♪
I certainly didn't want to die ♪
A darkness now creeps in ♪
I cannot feel my fins ♪
I despair to lose my fortune
I despair to lose my life ♪
But to lose my reputation
Is the sharpest cut of knife ♪
I close my eyes and surrender ♪
Say goodbye to this life ♪
Perhaps there is some lesson here
Some meaning for this day ♪
For the ones who grant wishes ♪
Will not die ♪
- In vain ♪
- [coins clinking]
I'm alive?
What kind of magic fountain
doesn't grant wishes?
[Bertie] I mean,
it wasn't the one granting wishes
[woman] a quarter, and nothing?
I want a dime
I was.
- [crowd clamoring]
- Huh?
- [twinkles]
- Oh.
So, magic fountains aren't real?
No, sweetie. Well, not this one at least.
- Thanks for ruining my dreams, lady!
- Come into my town and do all this
What is this? What're you doing?
I had a good thing going.
Marcellus, I had to intervene.
You were over-extending yourself.
You almost died.
What? [scoffs] I was fine.
How do you even know it was me?
- [muffled] Will not die ♪
- [gasps]
[sighing] Oh.
Just doing a favor for the guy
who did the whole neighborhood a favor.
[blows raspberry] Favor.
I did it for the cash.
I [scoffs] don't even care
if Arlo ended up getting the egg.
Don't worry.
I made sure his wish was granted.
He asked me
to give the fountain this in return!
Tell the kid
the fountain did this one for free.
You got it. [kisses]
[giggles] Stay hydrated, Marcellus.
Ew. I don't know what that was.
Who needs an incredibly valuable coin
when you're literally swimming in cash?
[gasps] Hey, where's my cash?
- [chirping]
- [seagull squawks]
[coins clinking]
As long as they're happy.
[closing theme music plays]
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