I Heart Arlo (2021) s01e14 Episode Script

Stay Cool

It's original ♪
Like me.
[opening theme music plays]
[Arlo] We all need
Someone to hold us up ♪
To help us on
We make each other better ♪
Though the world's not always right
Tough times, they can make us strong ♪
We all belong
We're beautiful together ♪
We're beautiful together ♪
This is a special announcement
from your mayor,
urging you to stay cool and hydrated,
as scorching temperatures rise
into the triple digits today!
It's a heat wave, folks,
so brace for impact!
[kids cheering, screaming]
[Elena] C an someone get me an ice pop?
- [upbeat music slowing, distorting]
- Make room for Tony!
- [sizzles]
- [yowls] Ah! Oh! Hot, hot, hot!
It's too hot for this much hair.
It's too hot for this many
freeloaders in my fountain.
- Honey, do you smell boiled fish?
- [sniffs, dry heaves]
- You wish you could afford this! Yup.
- What's all this yelling?
Bertie! Did you bring
the ice for our public bath?
Well, I tried.
Ew, it's warm like spit.
What are we gonna do?
[groans] It's too hot to live.
- Hark! I spy a little alligator boy.
- [meows]
- [cruise music plays]
- [Arlo humming]
And he has shade.
Is it just me
or is the shade getting smaller?
[gasps] You need to see a doctor
about your sweating.
Are we not seeing
the solution directly above us?
My dad's yacht? He's out of town for work.
- I promised I'd watch it for him.
- But imagine how cool it will feel,
that ocean breeze
blowing through your scales!
Come on! We're suffering here.
Your father wouldn't want us
to suffer, would he?
Well, no. Not suffer.
But I'm honor bound to watch the boat.
It's a big responsibility.
I just wanna be a good son.
[chuckles] You can be!
On the boat, off the boat,
you're still watching it, aren't ya?
That sounds like a convenient loophole.
[Bertie] Arlo.
- [all gasp]
- [Furlecia] Oh, yeah, girl.
Were you always
wearing that gorgeous tankini?
Arlo, I'm ready
to feel refreshed and rich.
[all] Please, please, please, please.
Okay, okay! We can take the yacht,
but we have to stay
- within the sight of Seaside.
- [all] Yay!
- [all cheering]
- Ah, you're so easily impressionable!
[Bertie] Yes.
I can keep cool
and be a responsible son, right?
Tsk, what could go wrong?
[all whooping and cheering]
[cruise music playing]
Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Bon voyage, suckers!
Fifteen minutes of cool ocean air
really did the trick!
Alright, time to head home.
Are you kidding?
This party's just getting started.
- Dad?
- He looks like a Greek god!
Isn't he dashing?
Take me for a dance, rich man.
Yes, take me away to a tropical paradise.
Marcellus, please be careful with Dad.
Kid, back in the clink
they used to call me Careful-handed Jack.
- Oops.
- Oh, no.
[Marcellus] Uh. [chuckles]
Uh, they also used to call me,
uh, Dummy-feet Pete.
[dramatic sting]
- [both laughing]
- [dolphins chirping]
- [upbeat music playing]
- I feel so cool and fresh!
- Ha-ha!
- [smacks]
- [splashes]
- [sighs]
- [reel clicking]
- [grunting]
Hoo-hoo! That is a big boy.
[resounding chomp]
Oh, cool, a party snake.
Hello, there, cutie. What's your name?
[all laughing and cheering]
Kid, what are you doing?
The party's down there.
I'm fulfilling my duty
and watching my dad's yacht.
I got a good vantage point.
Normally I wouldn't care
if you were up here or down there.
But it offends my core to see someone
not taking advantage of all this boat.
But my But my duty!
Duty's done.
[upbeat music plays]
- [Arlo] Ah!
- [Marcellus laughing]
- Whoo!
- Ha!
- [spits] Ooh, yeah!
- [laughs]
See? What did I tell you?
[all sigh]
It has been a good day.
Too bad it's gotta end.
Aw, Arlo, it's almost sunset,
can't we stay a little longer?
- [all pleading]
- [Tony] Come on.
- [Marcellus] Yeah, Arlo!
- [Bertie] Pretty please?
Well, what's another couple minutes?
- [gentle, adventurous music plays]
- Say, who is this?
Where've you been? Peggy the party snake.
- [all agreeing]
- [Marcellus] You been living under a rock?
Okay, if you say so.
[peaceful music playing]
That was beautiful.
Come on, y'all.
Let's go home before it gets too dark.
Good thing Seaside is right
Hm, that's funny, I don't see it.
[gasping repeatedly]
What? Where is it?
[dramatic, ominous music plays]
Where did all the land go?
[scream echoes]
[beeping, warbling]
Where's Seaside?
I spent all my time watching the yacht,
and I forgot to watch Seaside!
- Ansel's gonna kill me!
- Don't you mean "Dad"?
No, "Ansel."
I'm practicing for when he disowns me!
We've only just reconnected,
and I've already torn us apart!
I'm not panicking!
You're panicking! Nobody panic!
[Bertie] Hmm.
Home's probably Ansel's apartment
Ah, Seaside!
[alarm blaring]
[loud clunking]
See, Arlo, it's okay. We're heading home.
We'll be at Seaside by morning.
Come on, let's dance.
[dance music plays]
Can you guys imagine
how bad it would have been
if we got lost or wrecked the boat?
Man, I would have gotten
worst son of the year award.
- Worst son ever, probably. Ugh.
- [tentacle stretching]
Bad party snake!
Whoa. Whoa. Wah.
[dizzy] Aw, she's just playing.
- [splats]
- [weakly] Whoo Fun.
[tentacle stretches]
[sinister music plays]
Oh. She's hugging us.
- Get your slimy cups off my fur sister!
- [shatters]
I'm sorry.
- [grunting]
- [shrieks]
- [crunches]
- [strikes] I didn't mean to.
Ah! Roundhouse!
Leave the speakers alone, you philistines!
- [crashes]
- And to think we called you party snake!
[grunts] I have great respect
for all members of the animal kingdom!
- Don't drop the bass!
- [Alia growls]
[Furlecia panting]
I'm sorry, Dad. I'm a horrible son.
I promised to watch my father's ship,
so I will watch it,
all the way to the briny depths.
I deserve to lie
at the bottom of the ocean forever!
- Arlo, come on. Let's go.
- [ship creaks]
[ominous music playing]
- [grunts]
- [all yell]
- [bubbling]
- [electricity crackles]
[music fades eerily]
- [Tony screams]
- [Furlecia gasps]
[Bertie pants]
- You okay?
- My dad believed in me to watch his yacht.
I knew it was wrong to take it out,
but I did it anyway.
And now I have to go tell him
that he can't trust his own son.
[water splashing]
What's that sound? Is that sharks?
[groaning] I don't do sharks!
I'm too talented to die!
- Uh, p-party snake?
- [triumphant music plays]
Oh, there you are! Come on, get in,
before that thing comes back.
[sighs] Ooh.
Marcellus! You beautiful fishman!
You saved us! [kissing]
Oh, gah! Way to make it weird.
It did feel nice, though.
Who wants to row the rest of the way home?
I'll handle it, Marcellus.
It's my fault we're out here.
- [snores]
- I'll get you guys back to Seaside.
[gentle music plays]
Sorry I didn't have your back.
We shouldn't have pressured you
to take the yacht out.
No, it was my responsibility.
I have to face the consequences.
[Ansel] Arlo!
Arlo, where are you?
I've returned from
my business trip to Tampa!
Where could he be?
[softly] Ahem.
Arlo! Hello! Put her there.
I'm sorry, Dad. I really messed up.
What's happened?
- I
- [ship horn blasts]
Finally! She's here!
Back up! A little to the left.
- [man] Isn't that starboard?
- Perfect!
New model from this year's
yacht conference in Tampa.
Isn't she a beaut? She's got big upgrades!
New speakers!
Thanks for making space for her.
I assume you put my old yacht in storage?
No. I'm so sorry, Dad.
We took it out for a joyride
and got attacked by a giant octopus,
and now the whole thing's sunk.
If you wanna banish me from Seaside,
or don't love me anymore
[cries] I understand.
Now, that's the attitude I look for
in my building managers!
Ask for forgiveness, not permission!
- Attaboy
- [confused grunt]
Oh, uh, no, I mean, uh
that wasn't very responsible of you.
You should have asked me first?
I messed up so bad.
What can I do to make it up to you?
Oh! Maybe I could pay for it?
- Here's my life savings.
- [buzzing]
Oh, man, that's nowhere near enough.
I should have gone with that ship
to the bottom of the sea! [sobs]
- [sentimental music plays]
- [chuckles softly] Hey, look at me.
I'm just glad
you and your friends are safe.
A yacht is just a thing. It's replaceable.
[chuckles] I literally just replaced it!
But you're not replaceable, Arlo.
All I care about is that you're safe.
[cries] Oh, my goodness.
This is so beautiful.
- [sniffles]
- I miss my papa.
Shh! You're interrupting my show.
So, you don't hate me forever?
No. I love you more than any yacht, kiddo.
[all] Aw.
You know, I could afford to pay you back
[in sing-song] if I had an allowance.
[laughs heartily]
Don't push it.
[crickets chirping]
[romantic music plays]
[gurgles adoringly]
[closing theme music plays]
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