I Heart Arlo (2021) s01e16 Episode Script

Get Lost!

It's original ♪
Like me!
[opening theme music plays]
[Arlo] We all need
Someone to hold us up ♪
To help us on
We make each other better ♪
Though the world's not always right
Tough times, they can make us strong ♪
We all belong
We're beautiful together ♪
We're beautiful together ♪
- [exciting bluegrass music plays]
- [laughter]
[Marcellus protests]
[engine revs]
And that's how an innocent driving game
got us banned from Canada.
This game is amazing!
What did you call it again?
It's called Get Lost.
Ah, it came in handy
whenever we were stuck in the muck
and didn't know where to go next.
Whoa. That's so deep. I want to play.
- [all shouting excitedly]
- Hm, hm, hm. Ah!
- [guitar strums]
- [Bertie] Hometown, alone town ♪
Seaside ♪
[hesitantly] B-side?
- Ugh!
- [guitar clangs]
- [sighs]
- [clattering]
- [gasps]
- [chuckles] Hey, guys!
- I got to Bertie's room!
- [cheers]
This is the greatest game ever.
Bertie, you want to play?
Oh, my gosh. You look terrible.
[dramatic sting]
I haven't slept in two days.
Still working on a song
for the un-condemning party?
Yes. I can't seem to get it right.
The song needs to perfectly describe
our perfect little town,
but it doesn't yet,
and I'm running out of time.
Maybe you need a break.
Want to come play Get Lost with us?
I appreciate the thought, Arlo, but
I think I just need to concentrate harder.
Maybe next time?
All right, you got it.
I'll leave you to it.
Peace and quiet.
[in sing-song] Hmm, hmm, hmm!
- [soft thud]
- [in high voice] Leaving you alone ♪
- Hmm
- [footsteps padding]
- [gasps]
- [Bertie] Arlo!
Okay, bye!
Okay, uh
Seaside ♪
[hesitantly] Beef hide?
[waves lapping]
How am I ever going to capture
such peaceful splendor?
- [Arlo] Capture her!
- Ah!
[all straining]
All right.
You're not gonna leave me alone
until I agree, are you?
Nope. We're incessant. [chuckles]
- Uh [grunts]
- [Tony] Ah!
All right, all right.
It might do me some good.
[sighs] And I could use the inspiration.
[giggles] Let's Get Lost.
- [bluegrass music plays]
- [all cheering]
First we need to test that blindfold.
What face am I making?
- [giggles]
- [Bertie] You're smiling?
Dang it!
The blindfold is fine.
Now, let's go
before I talk myself out of this.
- [Arlo] Here we go!
- [Alia] Yeah! Where do I go?
[Bertie] Left.
- [crashes]
- [Alia grunts] Oh, wow. What next?
[Bertie] Uh
Left, again?
[Alia] You got it, boss!
[Arlo] Baby!
That's what I'm talking about, girl!
[intriguing music plays]
[siren wailing in distance]
[Alia] All right, where to now, Bertie?
Let's see.
Seaside ♪
Fungicide? No.
Play the game.[giggles]
Sorry. Let's try another left, Alia.
[engine starts]
Left my heart in Seaside ♪
- Bertie!
- Ah! Right!
- [laughs] Whoo!
- [tires squeal]
Okay, that's the Bronx
- [glass squeaks]
- and that's Shaolin. I think we're lost!
- [Arlo] Ooh!
- [all cheering]
Wait, like actually lost?
New York streets are numbered,
we can't be lost.
I need to get back and finish my song!
This was a mistake!
I should be working,
not out here driving aimlessly!
[Arlo] Psst! Bertie!
[gentle music plays]
Mm Hmph! [scribbling]
[vehicle approaching]
Hey, here comes a garbage truck.
They're the silent protectors
of the city streets.
[heavy metal playing over stereo]
Oh, my gosh. I've always
wanted to drive a garbage truck.
- Can you beep the horn?
- Actually, we were wondering if
- [horn blares]
- [grunts]
We were wondering if you know
how to get to Seaside by the Seashore?
[scoffs] Don't folks know nothing good
happens on these streets after 4:00 a.m.?
You must beware the Rat King.
Shh! The Rat King's hunger must be sated.
So, Seaside is
[both laughing]
[man] Rat King's gonna get 'em! [chortles]
[sighs] Let's just keep going.
[engine sputters]
The engine won't start. How fun!
We're totally lost
and now we're officially stranded!
What? You mean we're stuck
in the middle of nowhere?
No, no, no, no, no.
How am I gonna finish my song now?
- [thuds]
- Ugh! [growls]
I can't breathe in here. [breathes deeply]
I'm a leaf in the wind.
I'm a leaf in the wind.
[loud clang]
[creaking footsteps on roof]
[raspy breathing on roof]
Well, you know someone ought to go
out there and have a look under the hood,
and I don't mind being the
One, two, three, not it!
[all] Not it!
I'm not it! ♪
[chuckles nervously] Not it?
- [car alarm beeping]
- [ominous music plays]
Okay, I can do this.
I can get us home.
[inhales] Navigate by the stars.
[dramatic sting]
Which one is North?
- [can clatters]
- [gasps]
Do y'all think we should check on Bertie?
- [ominous sting]
- [lights buzzing]
[gasps] My notebook.
- Ah.
- [chitters]
- [yelps]
- [chittering]
Let me out! Get me out of here!
[screaming unintelligibly]
[chuckles softly] It's okay, Arlo.
It's just a rat.
You know, they have a bad reputation,
but they're actually
incredibly intelligent,
emotionally complex little cuties, and
- [low, rasping growl, cough]
- [Bertie whimpers]
- [rats squeaking]
- [Rat King] Hello.
I couldn't help but overhear
your glowing review of me.
It just so happens
I'm writing a musical about rats,
and I need some help with the lyrics.
Have you ever written a song before?
- [screams]
- Meow?
We should be enemies, you and I,
but I can't help
but feel a deep sense of respect.
- [smooches]
- [groans]
Oh, it's just the Rat King?
Well, I'm gonna take a nap.
Your cadre of eccentrics inspires me.
Yes, I see it now! [laughs]
Perhaps in my musical,
I shall have various rats simply state
who they are over and over again.
That's never been done before. [chuckles]
Wait. Did you say
you're writing a musical?
I have a tight deadline
on a song I'm writing,
and the inspiration just won't come.
May I?
Oh, yes. I see what you're going for,
but you're trying to force it.
A feeling I know all too well.
Do you want to know what the secret is?
You must let the song find you.
Just like all of you
came to me in my time of need.
Here I was, all alone in the moonlight,
and you came along
and gave me everything I need
to start my wildly successful
Broadway musical!
Including this van.
- [engine starts]
- Ta!
- [tires squealing]
- Let the song find you!
- My notebook!
- My van!
Uh, Marcellus?
What are we gonna do now?
Start walking.
Think of all the inspiration
that lies ahead.
You'll be exploding
with ideas, Bertie. Bertie?
- [growls]
- [kettle whistling]
Are you okay?
All of my ideas were in that notebook.
Without the van, we've got no way home.
This ridiculous game has got me
farther from finishing my song
than I was before we left!
[groans loudly]
[breathes heavily]
I'm, like
[breathes heavily] in the negatives
with my productivity right now.
[Tony mimics Marcellus] There, there.
Let the inspiration come to you.
[normally] That's right, Marcellus.
And what a better place to be inspired
than a back alley
in New York City at 4:00 a.m.!
I need
I need to be alone right now. I'm sorry.
[slow jazz beat plays]
I cannot see when I am angry ♪
I cannot breathe without thinking ♪
Maybe I'm just overthinking ♪
Let it slide off
Like a wave right over me ♪
It's asking to be written
Just take a stop and listen ♪
It's speaking ♪
It's like a knot, they unravel ♪
Off the tongues of the city
They babble ♪
Trapped like a ball in my throat
Can't get it out ♪
- Just tell them the truth ♪
- [music intensifies]
Just another night in New York ♪
Listen all the feelings ♪
Lights and life in New York ♪
Open as the streets, they walk me home ♪
Take my hand ♪
See myself through you ♪
- [vocalizes]
- [music fades to slow jazz beat]
Don't have the will to stay angry ♪
I spent the last day thinking ♪
Maybe I'm just overthinking ♪
Let it pour out
Like the trains wash over me ♪
Carry an anchor
It's just pulling me deeper ♪
Away from the freedom my voice gives me
Power created within me ♪
Words get balled up in my throat
Cannot tell them the truth ♪
Just another night in New York ♪
Listen all the feelings ♪
Lights and life in New York ♪
Open as the streets, they walk me home ♪
Take my hand ♪
See myself through you ♪
- [vocalizes]
- [song ends]
- [seagulls squawking]
- [Arlo] Bertie! Bertie, where you at?
I'm up here!
So, good news, we found the van.
Marcellus sure was happy.
What's the bad news?
Your notebook was gone.
Oh! Huh.
Oh, well. I won't be needing that.
- [gentle music plays]
- Oh! Well, did you find the song?
I think getting lost in the city
let the song find me.
- [Arlo] Want to play Get Found, Bertie?
- [Marcellus] We won't kidnap you.
[chimes tinkling]
[chuckles] I'm good.
[inhales deeply]
[closing theme music plays]
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