I Heart Arlo (2021) s01e17 Episode Script

Goin' It Arlone

It's original ♪
Like me.
[opening theme music plays]
[Arlo] We all need
Someone to hold us up ♪
To help us on
We make each other better ♪
Though the world's not always right
Tough times, they can make us strong ♪
We all belong
We're beautiful together ♪
We're beautiful together ♪
All right, come on,
work harder, work harder!
Hey Arlo. Here's your daily
care package from the swamp!
Lucky for me, this one didn't bite.
[laughs awkwardly]
I'm still getting vaccination shots.
Ooh, okay.
- I wonder what Edmee sent me this time.
- Ow.
- Ow. Ow.
- Hmm.
Why would Edmee send me swamp tools?
- [Bertie] Arlo, come on!
- Be right there, Bertie!
Time to get this boardwalk ready
for that big un-condemning.
[slow, upbeat music plays]
Looking good!
We all ride together ♪
And we all bring so much shine ♪
You know
We put those feelings in motion ♪
- Just look around, it's almost time ♪
- [music intensifies]
- It's coming together ♪
- Whoo!
And you know it's feeling right ♪
It's coming together
Got my people by my side ♪
Gonna work, work, work
Put in so much time ♪
It's coming together ♪
- It's coming alive, coming alive ♪
- [whooshes]
And now I've got a place I know ♪
It really feels like mine
Yeah ♪
You say that's home
And I think so ♪
But it's only home with you ♪
[Furlecia] Yeah! Oh!
It's coming together ♪
And you know it's feeling right ♪
- It's coming together ♪
- [yowling]
Got my people by my side ♪
Gonna work, work, work
Put in so much time ♪
It's coming together
It's coming alive, coming alive ♪
[Arlo vocalizing mimicking saxophone]
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
[all] Whoa. [grunt]
[music ends]
- [Alia pants]
- Oh, look at this place.
Color me impressed.
Ooh, thanks, Mayor Elena.
Seaside looks immaculate.
You managed to finish
everything in record time.
Well, not everything.
There's just one last,
extra special project we need to do
to make things perfect.
Wait, seriously?
Today, we are going to surprise my dad
- by fixing up that Ol' Bessie Wheel.
- [sentimental music plays]
Ol' Bessie was Dad's
favorite part of Seaside as a child.
He used to go on the ride for hours.
It made him feel like
he was on top of the world!
Seeing Bessie all fixed up
will be the surprise of a lifetime.
I can't wait to see the smile on his face
as he gets to ride it again.
Wait. Ol' Bessie? That death trap?
[creaks, clanks]
It was built back
when folks thought it was okay
to construct things
out of newspaper and asbestos.
How do you plan on
repairing that in a few hours?
Nah, we love a good challenge.
Right, y'all?
[groans] Oh, why won't
the pier stop spinning?
- Oh! My bones.
- [Marcellus] Ah.
- [thuds]
- Come on, guys. We can rally!
My dad comes tomorrow morning,
so we have to get this done tonight.
Just think about how happy he'll be.
The only thing I want to think about
is getting some rest.
I can't feel my hands.
Plus, Marcellus is already asleep.
[snoring wetly]
Maybe we'd have more energy
if we didn't dance and sing
while we did all that work.
I'm sorry, Arlo. Ol' Bessie
will have to wait till tomorrow.
But But, y'all, we're so close.
My perfect surprise.
Everything's great here.
Get some rest. You look beat.
- Oh. Okay.
- [pen scribbling]
[gentle music plays]
[Bertie] Come on, Arlo.
Let's get some rest.
[Arlo] I'm coming.
- [intriguing music plays]
- Psst. Jeromio.
[grunts, whimpers]
- Psst.
- Ribbit.
[croaks] Ribbit.
Go back to bed? But I can't sleep.
My dad is gonna be here in the morning.
And there's no surprise for him.
- What? I should fix it myself? Tonight?
- [gasps]
Even if I'm exhausted and everything
around me says it's a bad idea?
[gasps] Ribbit. Ribbit.
Well, Edmee did just send me
a bunch of her swamp tools.
I could use this thing
to replace Ol' Bessie's rusted rivets!
Thanks, Edmee.
Even a bajillion miles away,
you still know exactly what I need.
[groans softly, gasps]
No. Not another song
and dance number, Arlo.
- [snores, grunts]
- Get some rest, Bertie.
I'll take care of everything by myself.
[Bertie grunts softly]
[neon sign buzzing]
- [music fades]
- [creaking]
Gosh. It's beautiful.
I can see it now
[as Ansel] Oh, Arlo,
this is the most thoughtful thing
anyone has ever done for me.
I'm glad you like it, Dad.
- [as Jeromio] Yeah, great work, Arlo.
- Thanks, Jeromio.
- Ribbit.
- [as cloud] Yeah, great work, Arlo.
You saved the day.
What a handsome alligator boy.
[as Ansel] You'll never know, son,
how much I love you.
[clatters, crashes]
Rickety-biscuits! I gotta get to work!
- [ominous music plays]
- Um, hello?
Gee, the master control shed
is kinda creepy.
There's gotta be some kind of instruction
manual around here somewhere.
Do you seek the tome?
[screams] Am I asleep again?
Relax, kid.
I used to work the ride way back when.
And now
- [thunder claps]
- I live in the corn dog stand.
Well, you're gonna need
this instruction manual, but beware
- [thunder claps]
- Carnival ride repair
is not for the faint of heart.
You're supposed to take a safety course.
The first seminar is all about teamwork.
No one's ever repaired Ol' Bessie alone.
- [eerie whooshing]
- Don't be stupid!
[Arlo] Doesn't look too complicated.
Thanks, kind stranger.
[frightful sting]
How creepy.
- [dance music playing in bumper car]
- Beware, young gator. Beware.
[blinks wetly]
[dramatic music plays]
[hammering rapidly]
- [metal clangs]
- [drills]
[music soaring]
[tool clicks]
[metal clanging]
- [music fades]
- She's ready.
[bell ringing]
- [whirring]
- It's working!
- [hopeful music plays]
- [lights buzz]
[carousel clicking]
- [music distorts, fades]
- [bulbs bang]
- [gasps]
- [rumbling]
[rivets clanging]
- Oh, no!
- Oh, no.
- [rumbling]
- [power crackling]
- [thuds, rumbling]
- [Arlo] Oh!
That doesn't look right at all.
- This is on you, Junior.
- [yelps]
[suspenseful music plays]
- [rumbling]
- [clatters]
- [crashes]
- [shatters]
- [rumbling]
- [gasps] Huh? Huh.
[seagulls squawking]
Is everyone okay?
My pizzeria!
Destroyed by its natural enemy.
All of our un-condemning work
has been re-condemned!
Looks like the work of an amateur to me.
Has anyone seen Arlo?
[faint sobbing]
If he doesn't make it,
I call dibs on his frog.
Oh, delicious.
Ugh. Marcellus.
Right, like y'all haven't been thinking
about eating that frog since day one.
[sobbing softly] I'm I'm
I'm sorry, guys.
I wanted to surprise Dad
and make everything perfect,
but I just ruined it all.
You can all go back to whatever's left
of your lives now. [sniffs]
I'm gonna stay down here.
[inhales sharply]
But when my dad shows up,
can you tell him
[sobbing] Can you tell him
I'm so sorry for ruining Ol' Bessie?
Is he all right? Oh, my goodness.
Dad? [sniffs] I have some horrible news
about your cherished memories.
Oh, Arlo, I'm just glad you're safe.
But I ruined everything! [sobs]
Yes, and amazingly no one was hurt!
Why, the only casualty
of this disaster will be my bank accounts.
[Marcellus laughs]
But, you know,
in all my years, my money has
never once planned a surprise for me.
I-I'm touched.
I love you, son.
- [all] Aw!
- [Marcellus] Mm
I'm sorry I didn't listen to y'all.
I just hope there's time
to set things right.
That is, if you'll help me.
- [upbeat music plays]
- Ah. Like my nonna always says,
"Family doesn't go by the slice,
you take the whole pizza
or you get outta my restaurant!"
Yeah. We got your back, Arlo.
And I choose to opt out.
Ooh! That reminds me, I've got a ton
of Edmee's unopened packages!
Maybe she sent other useful things.
Jar of Edmee's fingerprints,
necklace of human teeth,
emergency bank robbing kit,
gas-powered heated blanket,
- small hadron collider Huh?
- [dramatic music plays]
This box just has a note in it.
"My darling, Arlo."
"I think I'm being followed.
I should be safe for now."
"My next package will tell you
everything you need to know."
"Keep an eye out for it,
and trust no one."
"With love, Edmee."
Being followed? Edmee's in trouble!
Thao, Thao, Thao, Thao! Thao, Thao, Thao,
do you have my package from Edmee?
Sorry, Arlo,
I've got nothing for you except this
scratch and sniff postcard from Marcellus.
Wait, that's for Marcellus.
Huh. Well, see you tomorrow, kiddo.
But Edmee never misses a package.
Which means whoever is following her
might have stolen it! [pants]
Bertie! Stop whatever you're doing
and clear your head.
Okay, done. [chuckles] What's up?
We've got a package to find.
[dramatic sting]
[closing theme music plays]
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