I Kissed a Girl (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

We're back!
- Yes!
- And this time it's all about girls
who like girls.
- Hot girl queer summer's here.
- This programme contains some strong
And returning to Italy to play
- Buongiorno!
- ..it's the iconic Dannii Minogue
..who has everything set for the
Masseria magic.
- Let's get down to business.
- Ten single girls are matched up and
meet for the first time
with a kiss.
- I'm about to kiss a girl that I've
never met.
- No small talk.
- No swiping on the apps.
- It's just a kiss.
- A kiss that could be the start of
- She is unreal.
- She's sexy.
I'm so excited.
- But when everyone's a possibility
- Girls, you've got company.
- ..the path to love is never
- Do you want some more girls?!
- Here comes trouble.
- At the kiss-off,
anyone left un-kissed will be leaving
the Masseria.
- Shit.
- I love the drama.
- Which girl is giving you that red
flag vibe?
- Abbie, do you think Lisha's good at
- It's either a yes or no.
- I can speak for myself.
- I'm not speaking for you, babe.
- Do you feel like you don't want to
be with me?
- Romantically, it's difficult.
- I'm never that girl.
- You're all over her.
- I don't chase, I attract.
- I just feel like you've been a
complete bitch behind my back.
- She's pissed me off.
- It's a bit awkward.
- Fucking lesbians.
- MUSIC: Spice Up Your Life by Spice
- I had a sex dream about you.
- Oh!
- That's so gay!
- At the end of their summer in Italy,
who will turn to a future
together in front of their friends and
- Seal it with a kiss.
- Now, bring on the girls.
- Who wants a wee, cheeky lap dance?
- Hearts racing
- Don't let your
girlfriend stop you from finding your
- ..hearts breaking
- I want to know that I'm wanted.
- If I didn't like you, I'd have gone
- And it all starts
- Welcome to Lesbos.
- ..with a kiss.
- Lesbians!
- Welcome to I Kissed A Girl.
- The sun is shining on a
brand-spanking new Italian Masseria.
And on their way are ten gorgeous
puckering up for their first kiss.
- # Summer's for the girls that run
the night, girls
# The change-your-life girls #
- Let's begin.
My name is Priya and I live in
Newport, South Wales.
To describe my sexuality,
the word I would use Lesbian.
A big fat lesbian, if I'm being
I'm proud to be a Sikh Punjabi, queer
And you don't find many, so rare find.
The queer dating scene is difficult.
I rely mainly on dating apps.
I kind of gave up at one point and put
my location in America.
Well, that was fun!
- I'm definitely more attracted to
masculine-presenting women.
- Are you ready for me?
My name is Naee. I was born and raised
in south east London.
My heritage is Jamaican.
Being Jamaican is not for the weak
when you're gay.
I used to not like that I was
"Why do I like wearing boys' clothes?
"Why do I not like boys?"
I used to have a lot of questions for
myself, but now
I'm very comfortable in my skin. I
love being me.
The kind of girl I'm looking for, they
have to be femme.
I only mess with femmes.
- I like someone who will protect me a
little bit.
- If you need me, I'll be there.
I'll do anything you want, within
I'm about to kiss a girl that I have
never met.
- No small talk, no swiping, just a
- Once I turn that corner, my life
might change, you know?
- # I feel you so close
# Need you, close your eyes
# It's you and I
# Another time, doesn't matter, we
don't care about the others
# We stay dancing all night cos I know
you're my lover
# You know that feel off of me #
- What's your name?
- Priya!
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you. I'm Naee.
- Naee. Nice to meet you. OK.
Thank God - she's my type.
I was so worried about it. When I was
kissing her,
I just felt myself, like, shaking the
whole time.
But she knew exactly what to do, so
..A plus. How old are you?
- 26.
- 26. 23.
Yeah, yeah. Young.
- No, you're all right. You're all
right, you're cool.
When I saw her, I was like, "She's
Like, "She's a bit of me. She's a bit
of me."
- Heels on grass are not a good thing.
- Yeah. I mean, you're walking quite
great in heels.
- Oh, thank you.
- And just like that, we're off.
Can we have some more smooching,
MUSIC: The Look by Roxette
- Gorge. Let's do it.
Are the bangs banging?
- # She's got the look
- She's got the look
- # She's got the look #
- My name's Amy.
I'm a bit of a posh girl. I went to a
private school in Surrey.
I'm trying to shake that now I live in
Cool and edgy.
I'm femme for femme.
I find it hard to meet girls in real
life, because I don't know
if you'd spy me in the bar and think
I end up sleeping with friends or,
like, dating friends.
Classic sapphic behaviour, I know.
I generally go for people who are
smaller than me
because I'm quite tall, 5' 8", and,
you know, I want
a little girlie under my arm.
- My name's Meg. I'm from a small town
called Goole in Yorkshire.
There aren't many queer girls in
Goole, so this experience
is going to be life-changing for me.
I am bisexual.
A lot of people don't actually know
I'm bisexual.
Most of the time I do have to say
like, "Oh, yeah, I am into girls"
My perfect woman would be someone
who's confident.
- I'm very flamboyant, loud, sometimes
too much so.
Love to go out kiki-ing with the
- I am so nervous about the kiss.
- How am I going to kiss them? What if
we both go the same way?
Oh, embarrassing.
- There's someone literally just round
the corner waiting to kiss me.
Me?! Kiss me?!
- When I walk round that corner, I
think I'm just going to be myself.
I find it hard to not be myself. Do
you know what I mean?
- # Now if we're talking body
- Hey
- # You got a perfect one so put it on
# Swear it won't take you long
# If you love me right
# We love for life
# On and on and on #
- # Show me if you want me
# If I'm all that
# I will be your friend
# I will be there, I will be your
# Show me if you want me
# If I'm all that
# I will be your friend
# I will be there, I will be your
friend #
- Hi. You're gorgeous.
- So are you. I'm Meg.
- Amy, by the way.
- Lovely to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
She's babes. Like, she's such babes.
It was a really great, passionate
I love your hair.
- I was about to say your hair's lush.
Gorgeous colour.
- Thanks, babe.
- Beautiful.
She's stunning.
And you know when someone just seems
like they've got
a heart of gold? Like, she's lovely.
Should we kiss again?
- Yeah.
- Put your hair out of the way.
- We went in for a second kiss. You
know, greedy, gluttonous.
Because she was a good kisser, I
thought, "Why not?"
Might as well do it twice.
Look at this place.
Oh, my God.
- You guys look great.
- Oh, thanks.
- I like your fit.
I like It's really nice. It's
really nice.
- I'm Amy.
- I'm Naee.
- What's your name?
- Priya.
- Priya.
- So how was the kiss?
- Yeah, our kiss was really good.
- Yeah, it was cute.
- So good, I went back for seconds.
- Yeah.
- She's a good kisser.
- So are you.
- Babe!
- What do you do for a living?
- I am a fire-breather.
- Fire-breather?!
- What?!
- Yeah.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
- That's hot.
- She's a dragon.
You're going to have to show us.
I think my mum would have a heart
attack if she heard
that I was dating a fire-breather
because she does not trust me with a
I'm not allowed candles in my house at
- Safety first, Amy. But will sparks
fly for our next pair?
- # There's a hole inside of me
# And it's shaped like you #
- Do I look OK?
My first language is Welsh.
I speak Welsh with my family at home.
Caernarfon is quite small.
I have probably been with most of the
girls in my town.
That makes me sound like a massive
You've got to kiss a few frogs to meet
your princess.
My perfect woman would probably be
blonde, a little bit
girlier than me.
- # There's a hole inside of me
# And it's shaped like you #
- Hair is looking good.
I'm Abbie and I live in Brighton.
As a more femme-presenting lesbian,
when I go out, I always get men
thinking I'm straight,
chatting me up, which is very tiring.
- Lesbian relationships tend to move
very quickly.
You meet them and you move in the next
- I could say I can catch
feelings relatively fast, but I've
never U-Hauled or anything.
U-Haul is you
meet up with a girl, you go on a date,
and the date lasts for
a week, and then you move in together.
- I think that's what I've been doing
- I'm so nervous for the first kiss.
- I will be swearing in my head like,
"Don't do this, don't do that.
"Watch what you're doing."
- I'm trying not to think about it
because then I panic.
- # All I want to get is
# A little bit closer
# All I want to know is
# Can you come a little closer? #
- # Desire
- # Hey, hey, hey, hey
- # I wanna turn into you
# Desire
- # Hey, hey, hey, hey
- # I wanna turn into you #
- What's your name?
- Hi. Abbie. What's yours?
- Lisha.
- Nice to meet you.
- You OK? I'm shaking.
- Do you want to go in for another
- # Float on
# Hey, hey, hey, hey
- # The ocean blue #
- I was speechless.
It was like blonde hair, pink dress. I
was like, "Wow!"
You're shaking.
- I'm not shaking!
- You are shaking.
- No, I'm not. I'm fine.
- Oh, my God, here we go!
- Oh, they're holding hands.
That's so cute.
- I definitely felt nervous around
She's such a beautiful girl.
It was a really good kiss.
- Wait. I want to hear about the kiss.
I want to hear about the kiss.
- Yeah.
- How did it go?
- It was good.
- Yeah.
- She's beautiful.
- Oh, stop!
- You are cute.
It was good. We went for seconds.
- Yeah, yeah. Had a second kiss.
It was nice.
- Got to be done.
- Yeah.
- Oh, God!
Good kiss? Soft lips, tongue?
- It wasn't tongue.
- There was a little cheeky little lip
bite in there somewhere.
- Was there?!
- Well, that's one way to make an
Let's hope our next girls don't bite
off more than they bargained for.
- Ah, what's?
My name is Demi. I live in
I'm a baby gay.
I've been out for like two years.
I have kissed girls, but I've never
been in a relationship with a woman.
I'm not too sure where I fit in.
I just know I want to be part of the
community properly.
I know the terminology. I'm on the
I know, like, I'm, like, a femme.
I like anyone that looks just
interesting, to be honest.
Them just being themselves.
And I just think that's so attractive
and it's confident
and it's really cool.
- Let's go.
My name is Fiorenza and I'm from
By day, I'm a chef.
By night, I'm a drummer in a band.
When people first meet me, they think
I'm going to be more
intimidating than I actually am.
I'm the most golden retriever lesbian
you'll ever meet.
In gay terms, it's just someone
that's, like, a big softie.
I couldn't even be a player if I
I'd just end up falling in love,
I'm cringing at myself!
- Kissing a total stranger - I'd like
to go in confidently.
I'm going to lock eyes with her.
- And just go straight in for it.
- We're just going to
And hopefully she loves it.
I keep thinking I might touch a boob.
I'm sorry!
- # Look what you made me do
# I'm with somebody new
# Oh, baby, baby, I'm dancing with a
- # I'm dancing, I'm dancing
- # Dancing with a stranger
# Dancing with a stranger
- # Dancing with stranger
- What's your name?
- Demi.
- Demi. I'm Fiorenza. Nice to meet.
Come here.
- You smell amazing.
- Oh, thank you.
- Also, I put lipstick all over your
- Yeah, I can feel it.
- Sorry.
The kiss was good.
It was surprisingly good, considering
how nervous I was.
And she's gorgeous.
I was pleasantly surprised.
You look really cool.
- Thank you. I like this dress.
- Thank you.
- You look good.
- Thanks. Tits are out.
- So I enjoy.
When I first saw her, my mouth was,
like, starting to quiver already.
She is stunning and I was like,
"I have to kiss someone with a
quivering mouth."
It was a good kiss.
- It was all right, you know.
Had better.
- You've had better?!
All right.
I can give you better.
- Fiorenza's sexy. Fiorenza's sexy.
Like, I'm so excited.
I didn't know what to expect.
But what I got, I'm very much happy
- Oh, my God.
- Buongiorno!
- Ah, they look cute.
- They're holding hands.
- They're holding hands.
We failed. We flopped it.
- Oh, my God.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
I'm Meg.
- Meg. I'm Fiorenza. Nice to meet you.
- Fio
- My northern accent!
- Fiorenza.
What's the accent?
- Northern.
- Northern.
- I love the Scottish accent.
I'm like, "Keep talking."
- Relax, relax.
- I'm a bit hot. I'm going to put this
- Oh, it's coming off!
- Get the chicken arms out.
- Chicken arms!
- Sorry.
They're really I'm sorry.
- The shade.
- You look lovely.
You look gorgeous.
- Thanks.
I don't feel it now.
I feel like a chicken.
- Awkward!
Winging their way to the Masseria is
our final pair.
- The singular curl's looking good.
Oh! My name is Georgia.
I'm from a small village called
Hunmanby in North Yorkshire,
which no-one's ever heard of.
But it's lovely. It's by the sea.
So, I'm a professional footballer.
Love being in a team environment.
Love winning. Like, the sort of highs
of a footballer - unreal.
I don't find it easy finding love.
Football, it's the biggest cockblocker
cos it's very demanding on time.
I would say my type is quite feminine,
but, like,
with a bit of an edge.
- I'm so nervous. Oh!
My name's Cara.
I'm from Ballycastle, which is a wee
town in the north of Ireland.
I absolutely loved my upbringing.
I wish I could say I had this really
emotional coming-out story,
but I called my brother and I was
like, "I honestly think
"I'm into girls."
And he was just like, "I always knew
you were a big carpet-muncher."
I would say I'm bisexual.
My main thing is people's personality.
Like, if someone is good craic, I will
immediately fancy them.
- My ideal woman, first and foremost,
- Obviously if she was athletic,
pretty, like, that is a bonus.
- I feel like I've got the
I'm not awful to look at.
I sound like such a twat.
- Oh, I'm shitting myself for the
first kiss.
- Kissing a girl for the first time is
way more nervy than walking out
on a football pitch. 100%.
- I feel like I'm going to do
something, like, weird.
Like, I'm going to headbutt her.
- Don't walk weird.
Don't trip.
- I'm trying to, like, not think about
- I'm about to kiss a girl and I
cannot wait.
- Oh, my God, I'm so excited.
Feels like Christmas.
- # Somebody like you
# Somebody
# I never felt this close with
# Somebody
# Somebody but you. #
MUSIC: Baby It's You By London Grammar
# You, baby, it's you
# You, baby, it's you
# You, baby #
- I feel like I've got lipstick all
over you!
- Have you?
- Yes.
- Have you actually?
- It's probably more on me.
- No, you're good, you're good.
- Oh, my God. Sorry I'm shaking.
- It's OK. I'm Georgia.
- I'm Cara.
- Nice to meet you.
- I keep forgetting you don't actually
know my name.
- No.
- I just need to, like, breathe.
- That's all right. Take a second.
- I'm, like, clinging on to you.
- That's fine, that's fine.
I won't let go, I won't let go.
She's a beautiful girl. She's got
fantastic hair.
She's dressed well.
Tattoos are cool.
Lovely eyes.
Lovely, lovely eyes.
It was perfect.
- I don't know why I keep doing this.
- It's OK, it's OK.
- Getting really weirdly close.
- You can get weirdly close. That's
also fine.
- Oh, my God.
She's actually really cute. Like, she
held my hands,
made it, like, not awkward.
She seemed kind of like a protector
kind of vibe.
- Oh, hello!
- You good?
- Oh, my God, no.
- You'll be good.
- Like I've known you for ten years.
- I know. Just don't let go.
- Are you OK with it?
- Hi! Hello!
- Cara.
I'd say Georgia and I definitely
complement each other.
Like, she's making me feel less
nervous in the situation,
and I'm trying to do the same for her.
- How was your guys' kiss?!
Pretty good?
- Some would say perfect.
- Ooh!
- I'm joking! I'm not actually joking.
- Cara and Georgia, that's basically
the perfect lesbian couple.
Like, boom, they came in together,
they're holding hands,
they're kissing already, they're
Typical lesbians, moving fast.
- So, that's our five couples.
And don't they look great together?
It's almost like someone thought this
Here she is, Masseria matchmaker and
all-round Aussie legend,
Miss Dannii Minogue.
- I am so excited to be back
and, this time, for the girls.
This is their time for love and their
time to be seen.
It's so special to welcome these ten
gorgeous girls and help them
in their search for love.
Me, Cupid?
- I'm ready.
- MUSIC: Who Do You Love By Riva,
featuring Dannii Minogue
- Buongiorno!
- Dannii Minogue!
She looked godsent.
She did. She looked amazing.
- A vision in purple!
- Gay panic. Gay panic. Gay panic.
- Welcome to Italy
- Oh, God.
- ..and this beautiful masseria.
I mean, it's pretty gorgeous, right?
- It's unreal.
- So, you've all met your match,
and what a way to meet, with a kiss.
So, tell me, how did it go?
- Good.
- Mid.
- Joking!
- Make her feel better!
- I'm actually cockblocking myself.
I'm so sorry.
- Well, this first kiss could be the
start of something incredible,
so I hope you give this new
relationship a good chance.
Will the kisses continue
or will you find a spark of chemistry
somewhere else?
- ALL:
- Ooh!
- Because, girls, in this masseria,
everyone's a possibility.
- Ultimately, you have to find out if
there's someone special here
that's just right for you.
Because when this summer of love comes
to an end,
you'll face a huge decision.
Will you leave this masseria as
and continue your relationship back
- Who knows?!
- That's the question.
- But for now, be who you are,
love who you want to love
and have some fun.
- And I will see you real soon, OK?
- Thank you!
- Bye!
- What a woman.
- Wow! That dress.
- Dannii is so my type.
Those blue eyes!
She looked hot. I would.
- Join the queue, Amy!
Over on the sofas, it's girl talk
with Demi, Fiorenza, Abbie and Lisha.
- What did you guys think, like,
walking out and seeing each other?
- You go first.
- Gay panic.
I was like, "Oh!" I was shaking.
Abbie is definitely my type.
She is ticking a lot of boxes. Pink to
make the girls wink, innit?
- Yeah, you had a cute face. I was
- That's good!
- Little butterflies.
- Wow, OK!
- What about you guys? How was your
- Um, I think it was good.
- Pretty juicy.
- It was Yeah.
- Really?!
- Juicy?!
- I was joking when I said mid. I was
It wasn't mid. I'm going to
- What does mid mean?
- Mid means, like, average.
- If you said mid about me
- I was joking!
- ..I'd be fuming.
- Joking, I was joking. It was a very
good kiss.
- OK, good.
- Yeah.
- I thought it was a good kiss as
- She'sshe's very sexy.
She's a good sort.
I think I'm getting shy around her as
um, which is a telltale sign.
I probably do like her, so, yeah,
we'll just We'll see what happens.
- Have you come out recently or have
you always known?
- I came out, like,
end of 2021.
- OK.
- Um, I've never been with a girl
- What?
- You've never been with a girl?!
- No, like, I've dated guys and
- Wow.
- Yeah, I've had, like, sex with a
girl once, but, like,
she was my friend, so I don't really
know if it
- OK.
- ..counts counts, if that makes
- I found Demi attractive, but I'm not
100% sure yet.
I feel like I need to get to know her
better cos I came in
and it's just a bunch of lesbians
being put in your face,
I am a bit, like
I've not got my eye on just one
- What do you think about the other
- Cara and Georgia are wifed.
- Yeah, they look very smitten.
- Settled.
- They have claimed their woman.
- Yeah!
- Definitely.
- Amy
- Amy and Meg.
- ..she's giving femme, yeah.
- She's giving, like, dom-femme vibes.
- Yeah.
- The way she walks through, I'm
literally like
- The energy is, like
- Yeah!
- ..wow. Powerful.
- What's your past relationships like?
Have you been Like, have you been
in a relationship
with a girl before?
- Yes.
- Are you a bit of a relationship
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Like, from Do you jump from
to relationship?
- I've been known to.
- Oh, really? How many?
- Seven.
- Seven?
- Yeah.
- Whoa!
I've only had one relationship with a
One relationship in general, full
- Really?!
- Yeah, she dragged me out of the
- Yeah, when did you come out?
- 19.
- 19?
- Yeah.
- OK.
- I'm curious, what was your first
impression of me?
- You are, like, stunning.
- Oh, thanks.
- Hair's lush as well.
- Yeah?
- She's lovely. She's definitely got a
But there's not that initial
butterflies there.
It could grow.
There could be a spark.
But what about your first impressions?
- I thought you were hot.
- Thanks.
- Yeah. Good. Tattoos, love tattoos.
- Mm-hm.
- I like piercings as well.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Meg is a very hard person to read.
I don't know. She doesn't give a lot
I'm going to see. Take it day by day.
I want to get to know her better for
- # Secrets, I don't wanna tell you
everything about me #
- Also wanting to know more about each
are Priya and Naee, and Priya is
poised with the first question
in the Lesbian Dating Handbook.
- So, what star sign?
- My star sign is a Virgo.
- Of course, with the green, the
- Yeah!
- By the way, green is my favourite
colour, you know that?
- Is it?
- Yeah, green's my favourite colour.
- I wasn't even going to wear this
- No!
- ..and I changed it.
Oh, that's crazy.
- I know.
I was like, "OK, looks cute."
- OK, OK.
- Yeah.
Taurus, fellow earth sign.
- Yeah, you guys are stubborn as hell.
Stubborn, stubborn.
- Just a bit. Like, I'm not
OK, I'm a bit stubborn. Yeah.
- Yeah, I feel like I can tame you
- Oh, you can?
Lesbians love a star sign.
Naee's a Virgo, I'm a Taurus.
Like, the two earth signs.
You know, they get along quite well,
so I think we're pretty compatible in
thatin that region.
- I'm a Gemini. Just saying.
I wonder what's written in the stars
for Cara and Georgia.
- The kiss, I was, like, so scared
going into that.
- No, I know.
- But I feel like it was
not as bad as I thought it was going
to be. The biggest compliment
I can give!
- That's fine. I'll take that. Not as
bad as you thought
it was going to be.
- No, it was good. Did you think it
was good?
- Yeah, I thought it was good.
- OK. We've reassured each other.
- Yeah.
I thought it was good you thought it
was good.
- We'll keep it at that.
I fancy her. That's a good start.
I get embarrassed saying it!
So, what's your usual type?
- I feel like I would probably say
I like a femme girl who's, like, a
little bit edgy.
I always say, like
- Edgy?
- Like your tattoos and the way you
dress, like, you look cool.
Do you know what I mean?
- Thank you.
- And, like, your piercings, cool.
Rings, cool, edgy.
And your eyes are outrageous.
I'm really happy with my match
and I think I'd just sort of like
..like, get to know Cara a bit more.
Yeah, I'm glad I'm matched with you.
I can't lie. Not one bit.
I'm not mad about it.
- I mean, that's exactly all I want to
- I'm not mad about it!
You know I'm messing.
- You're so cute!
- # I just want you close
# When you look so pretty
# Looking at you, looking at me
# That's when I know that you belong
with me
# You belong with me
# But when you're sleeping you look
so #
- That's all you're getting!
- # I forget all of our flaws
# I just want you close
# When you look so pretty. #
I had a feeling these girls would move
- # Are you talking to me? #
- Speaking of which, they'd better get
a wriggle on
cos it's time to get glammed up and
ready for Pride.
- # Everybody, get in line
# Baby, I'm a first-class girl
- First class
- # Baby, I'm a first-class girl #
- I love this. We've basically got ten
- Oh, my God!
- How unreal is that?
- Who's a size six-and-a-half shoe?
- I know!
- We're gay girlies. If you're going
to have a party,
it's got to be a Pride party, you
- This year was my first Pride,
- Ooh! Where did you go?
- I would love to tell you. I don't
know geography.
- Getting ready for the Pride party,
everyone looks unreal.
- When else are you around, like,
loads of girls with the same kind of
It's such a nice kind of place to be
Every single person has exceeded my
There's nobody who's a dick.
I love it. I want to stay here
- Everyone was serving.
Everyone got the memo.
They understood the assignment.
- Everyone looks so fit.
- # First class
- Baby, I'm a first-class girl #
- You look outrageous.
Cara looks fit.
She knows exactly what she's doing in
a sheer outfit.
- Right, girls, let's go. Let's get
our Pride on!
Let's hope our resident fire breather,
Meg, also knows
what she's doing because this party is
about to get lit.
- # Keep the fires burning #
- # Keep the fires burning #
- Go on, then!
- That's so sick!
- Meg and the fire breathing,
I was like, "You look hot."
Literally. Pun intended.
- When Meg was performing,
my eyes were just glued to her.
- I was like, "Damn, she's got the
full package!"
- I could see some people were
- ..and I was definitely trying to
- Oh, my God. That was the coolest
thing I've ever seen in my life.
- Anybody else got a good party trick?
- # You're free to do what you want to
do #
- Being surrounded by so many queer
girls, just makes me feel,
like, at home. It's just like, "OK,
this is my scene.
"This is where I'm meant to be."
- # You're free
# To do what you want to do #
- Hot girl queer summer's here!
- We love a good twerk.
- Just gets the vibes going, you know?
- Priya, like, her outfit, amazing.
She looked bare nice. Sexy and that.
- So nice to have such a big group of
gay girlies who just love it.
It was kind of iconic.
- What a great time.
The gayer, the better, I say. Always.
- I couldn't agree more, Georgia.
- # Tell me, how's it feel? #
- All right, babes?
- So, who identifies as a Stem here,
would we say?
- I am one of the people who, like,
- Yeah, yeah.
- ..fuck all.
- So, like, let's all explain.
- We're sitting down on the couch and
we're learning all, like,
the lesbian terminology, would you
- I would say is Stem is
- A stud and a femme.
- ..a stud and a femme.
Like happy middle, in between.
- That's what it is!
- Yeah.
The light bulb. She's like, "Ding!"
- Like I knew it was like a masculine
- Yeah.
- Like I'm writing this down.
- When I come to describe myself, I
can't even I don't know.
- Stem. Femme.
- Femme.
- You've only seen me today, though.
- That's the thing.
- Yeah.
- We've only seen the fire breather.
- Yeah.
- And we loved it.
- Yeah.
We loved it, yeah.
- There's so much terminology that I
actually have no idea about.
Like, I don't know, half the stuff.
Right, throw out some more terms,
we'll get educated here, guys.
- Golden retriever.
- Yeah, Labrador lesbian - what is
- Golden retriever lesbian, I would
say, is you.
- Is it?
- You.
- You're like a masc lesbian.
- I am not. I am hard as fuck.
- Ooh, scary.
And then they're actually just like a
little, like a puppy.
- Like a puppy.
- I would say normally, like golden
are paired with like a black cat.
- What's a black cat?
- A black cat is someone that's like,
a bit more pizzazz.
- Yeah, like, 100%. Yeah.
- Yeah.
- And a bit more like cold and frosty.
- Oh, my God, I'm going to be a cold,
frosty cat.
Like, that's what I'll be like.
But have yous always been like,
- Mm-mm.
- You had a femme era?
- Yeah.
- What?
I wish we could have photos.
- I know. I so want to see.
- Well, you can dress me up.
- Give me that corset.
- I've got so many outfits.
- I kind of, I can kind of see it,
- Yeah.
- I can imagine it.
- I'm a girly at heart.
- I can't imagine it.
- I'm just like
I need to, like, get to know Meg a
little bit more.
Like, she's a stunning girl.
I can feel the sexual chemistry a lot.
- Oh, I'll have to keep my eye on you
- All right, my darling?
- Want a tea?
- Do you want a cup of tea?
- Erm
- What can I get you, babe?
- Wait, are you a barista?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm a barista. I am.
- You actually brewed that?
- Yeah. Look. Look how good I am.
I can't press it down.
- I'm covered in coffee!
- And, while Abbie spills the coffee,
over on the sofas, Georgia wants the
- Demi, you're in the hot seat.
Fiorenza - tell me.
- Oh, yes. Oh, I love it.
- Is it a yes? Is it a no? Is it a
- I'm-I'm stressed.
- OK. Talk to us about that stress.
- It's a no-judgement zone.
- OK, cool.
OK. Fiorenza's really hot.
- Yeah.
- And like beautiful.
I don't want to fumble it cos I'm
being awkward
and I don't know how to flirt with
You know what I mean?
- Yeah.
- Sometimes you need to, like, read
the room, like.
- Yeah, read the room.
Cos I feel like
- She's quite sensitive.
- Ah, OK.
- Not, like, I appreciate the banter.
And I'd be like, "Yeah, good." Like,
I'll take that banter.
But then I don't know if she
- Yeah.
- ..really appreciates that.
- That's the thing.
- Just a tiny bit softer.
- Turn it down a little bit.
- Yeah.
- OK.
- Yeah.
- # You're the one I like
# I will find a reason tonight #
- You make me feel very comfortable.
- Do I? That's so good.
- Are you happy?
- Yeah, I'm happy.
I feel a romantic connection with
I am really happy with my match.
I want to explore it.
And I don't want to, like, spoil that.
- # I just wanna tell you that you're
really pretty, girl
# I just wanna know if you will let me
be your world
- Can you taste it?
- You've got foundation on your nose.
I am buzzing that I got a few more
kisses off Lisha.
Like, yeah, it's nice. I feel really
It just feels super-natural around
- Things for Abbie and Lisha
seem to be heading in the right
but in the bedroom, Demi is trying to
where things are going with Fiorenza.
- I have no subtlety, but I feel like
I wanted to, like, talk to you
as like a human, and I couldn't.
- Yeah.
- Erm, obviously, tell me if I'm being
annoying, but, like,
I feel like I'm being awkward with you
or, like, really insulting,
and I really
- No, no.
- I really don't mean it like that.
I don't want you to feel shit cos I've
been being weird.
I just don't
- No, it's not, it's not you.
It's not you like making me feel
- Cos it's like first day.
- No, you're not making me feel
- OK.
- Don't Don't worry about that.
- OK.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
- Don't overthink it.
- OK, cool.
- I can be a bit of a shitebag when it
comes to, like, girls.
Demi's stunning.
We have been bouncing off each other.
Like, I'm laughing at some of the
things that comes out of her mouth.
But after just watching Meg's fire
I'm kind of like eyes on her.
- I feel like I should also make it
clear that, like,
I do, like, fancy you or whatever.
- You do? You feeling a bit of me?
- Yeah. You're all right, you're all
right, you're OK.
I, I'm, like, attracted to you. You're
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I like Fiorenza, but I can't tell what
the vibes are.
I think she's a slow burner.
- OK.
- And this is your time to be like, if
you fancy me
or if you don't, like, let's chill. No
- You're wanting to get it out of me?
- Erm, not out of you, like.
- I'm more someone that I need to,
like, get to know a bit more.
And, obviously, I didn't get the
Eh, like, seeing where you're at and
- OK.
- # Just save a little bit of your
loving, baby #
- Something tells me that wasn't quite
the answer Demi was looking for.
And, over on the sofas,
Priya's got a question for Naee, Cara
and Georgia.
- What is the gayest thing you've ever
- What is the gayest thing I've ever
- Oh, my God.
- I feel like you know what the gayest
thing you've ever done is.
- You start us off, then. Go on.
- Tell me the story.
- I was engaged to someone in the
military in the US,
and I'd never met them, and it was
after two months.
- That's so gay.
That's so gay!
- There you go. Bring me the
- There are so many questions.
- What?
- That's a real peek behind the
- I was technically engaged for a
little bit
to a woman I'd never met.
And, yeah, it just didn't work out.
Stupid old me was like, "OK, yeah,
cool. Let's do this."
I was really into it at the time.
- Two months. Did you move fast?
I was like, "Damn, like, that is
moving fast."
Like, engaged.
- We need a bit of context. How old
were you?
- Yeah.
- At the time.
Yeah. This was yesterday.
- Damn! It was this year.
- My red flags are going off.
Me getting engaged in two months. Hell
the fuck, no.
Hell the fuck. Who moves that quick?
- # Your moves are so raw I've got to
let you know
# I've got to let you know #
- Speaking of things moving quickly
..what's the chat with Lisha, Fiorenza
and Meg?
- How do you both feel about your
- I'm not sure yet.
- Yeah, I feel like you've got to be
like that.
- It's too early and I don't want to
be too sure. What about you?
- Yeah. Are you happy?
- I think you know my answer.
- Yeah.
- I'm not feeling it.
She's not like She Don't get me
wrong, she's stunning.
- Do you fancy someone from here?
- Maybe.
- Go on.
- Yeah, come on.
- I might do, maybe.
- But you're not going to spill the
- You're keeping that close to your
- Yeah, I think I'm going to, for now.
- OK.
- Till I suss, suss the grounds.
- OK.
- Yeah.
- Right, I'm going to leave yous both
to it.
Go and get another drink.
- All right.
- Enjoy your drink.
- Is my arse wet?
- Yeah.
- Is it?
- No, it's just big. Juicy.
- Tell me a little bit more about
yourself, then.
- About me?
- Yeah.
- Well, I'm from Glasgow.
I'm 22.
I'm a chef. I'm a drummer.
- That's mad, that.
- And then I'm in a band now as well.
- She's in a band!
- Yeah, she's in a band!
- Oh!
- Yeah, yeah.
- OK!
- Yeah.
- Most of the day she'd been giving
You know when someone gives you the
eye, like the whole
..the up and the down and the back up?
And she'd been doing it all day, so I
"I'm going to have to chat to her at
some point."
- Now I'm just looking at your lips.
- Are you?
- Why?
- Smile.
- When someone says "smile" you're
- I feel so awkward flirting, you
- Is this you flirting?
Or are we just besties?
- Um
- Yeah. Yeah.
I struggle to flirt so much,
but I'm all about vibes,
and the vibe between us was
definitelydefinitely good.
I do fancy you.
- OK.
Yeah, the feeling's mutual.
I think we all look good!
- I think everybody came out in style.
- This is everything!
- That looks amazing.
- I'm choking on my own tits.
How are we all feeling about our
- I don't know. Like, you know, when
you just connect with someone
and you get a vibe, like I don't
mean to sound cringe,
but, like, I feel
- It sounds so mutual.
- I feel very, like, safe.
- Girl, you've got what I'm looking
- Yeah.
- I want that instant connection.
- It's just nice.
- You've got chemistry. You've got the
- Do you think?
- Yeah.
- Do you think the chemistry's there?
- I'm jealous of the chemistry. I'm
looking for some chemistry, girl.
- I'll play wingwoman.
- With who, though?
- If you need any help, let's play
- Yeah.
Meg's hot. Like, she's hot.
I don't know, I feel like the
chemistry's missing a little bit.
I have such a rejection complex.
I feel like Meg's head's not with me.
I feel like I'm not the one for her.
- Do you feel nervous?
- Not nervous, but
- Maybe a little bit.
- Do you?
I'm making you nervous?
- Maybe a little bit!
- Definitely made me nervous.
She's just
Yeah, really good looking.
It's the eye contact.
- I feel like I've not stopped looking
at your eyes.
- I know. Yours are so brown.
- # Gonna give my heart away #
- What?
- You know what.
# For I've been a temptress too
long #
- I'll let you take your sip.
- I've taken my sip.
- Come here, then.
- # Give me a reason to love you
# Give me a reason to be
# A woman
# I just wanna be a woman #
- Oh, God.
I just didn't want it to end.
- Yeah, that was a nice kiss.
- Uh-huh.
- I think I've got a wee spring in my
step now.
- Is it smudged?
- No, it's
- I am not I'm going to go down
there with smudged lipstick!
- No, it's fine. Nobody has to know.
- I know, where is everyone?
Are we missing all the drama, or what
the fuck is happening?
- Hey.
- Hey. We're dishing, we're dishing,
we're dishing.
- Dishing.
- OK.
- So, it's all good.
I pulled Fiorenza and we had, like, a
good discussion
where she knows that I'm not a prick
and that, like, she gets my sense of
and she knows I was just joking.
I'm excited to keep getting to know
Fiorenza more.
I want to give it a good go.
Some flirting in the sun by the pool
I think will cement some things for
- # I just wanna be a woman
# For this is the beginning of forever
and ever. #
- We did have a kiss.
- What the fuck?
- Oh!
You stole her girl!
- I feel a bit friendzoned, I can't
- Girls, you've got company.
ALL: Woo!
- I feel like I'm getting mixed
- I'm still trying to figure you out,
to be honest.
- Really?
- Like, everyone's single in here,
- OK.
- Having two girls on the go at the
same time,
like, it's nothing foreign to me.
- She's pissed me off.
- Anyone left unkissed will be leaving
the Masseria.
- Shit.
- # Hold on to me under neon lights
# Take me by the hand into the night
# Yeah, we could be the one, oh
# We could be the one and
# Give in, let go Let the music start
# Have a little faith In an open heart
# Yeah, we could be the one
# We could be the one, oh
# Neon nights and we are kissing
# Neon nights and we are kissing
# Neon nights and we are kissing. #
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