I Kissed a Girl (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

This programme contains some strong
Ten single girls met for the first
time with a kiss
- She is unreal.
- # Rising to the top #
- She's sexy. I'm so excited.
- I want to hear about the kiss!
- I'm going to say "perfect".
- She's in lo-o-o-ove!
- ..before meeting their matchmaker,
Dannii Minogue.
- Dannii Minogue!
- DANNII: Hi, girls!
In this masseria, everyone's a
- # Burn, baby, burn #
- Meg got the Pride Party lit
..and Fiorenza played with fire
- I think I've got a wee spring in my
step now.
- ..leaving her match Demi, and Meg's
match Amy in the dark.
- I'm stressed.
- I feel like the chemistry's missing
a little bit.
- But with the summer ending
on a big decision in front of their
friends and family
DANNII: Are you ready to commit?
Seal it with a kiss. Now.
CHARLEY: There's plenty more in store
through these masseria doors.
Girls, you've got company.
Welcome to I Kissed A Girl.
MUSIC: Respectable by Mel & Kim
- Morning.
- Morning, world.
- # We ain't never gonna be
respectable #
- As the girls wake up to their first
morning in the masseria,
Meg and Fiorenza have been sleeping on
a secret.
- I've hardly had any sleep.
You know when you're just thinking
about everything and that kiss
I'm still so giggly about it, I don't
know why!
- Now that I've kissed Meg,
I'm still keeping it on the DL.
I still want to be respectful to my
because I don't want to, like, shove
anything in like, Demi's face.
Do you know what I mean?
- But Demi is not the only one in the
dark here.
Meg's match Amy has no idea about the
secret snogging either.
- I feel a bit friend-zoned, I can't
What are you talking about without me?
It feels a bit awkward, but maybe I'm
reading the signals wrong.
- # Why were you creeping round late
last night?
# Can you fill me in? #
- So while Amy's feeling distant from
her match Meg,
some girls are stuck to the hip with
- Waking up to Abbie in the morning.
I'm like, "Ooh!"
She makes me all giddy.
I feel like I'm back in school.
Are you, like, open to exploring other
- What do you mean?
- Like, are you closed off to each
other already?
- Why are you asking these questions?!
- I want to know!
- At the minute, I'm only really
personally arsed about Cara.
But that's just me.
- "That's just me."
- I'm not, like, 100% sort of sure
where like her head is at.
I feel like she likes to try and keep
me sort of in my place
with, like, a bit of banter, which I
can take, but then I'm like
"What are you actually thinking,
- # Be the love, be the love, be the
# Be the love of your life #
- It's like blood from a stone, eh,
But you're not the only one around
here looking for answers -
Priya's still figuring out her match,
- Right, talk to me, Priya.
- I feel like Naee's a bit reserved,
so I tried to like
- Yeah, she's quite quiet, but
- She is quite quiet.
- Yeah.
- In my past relationships, I've never
had a lot of, like,
reassurance ever.
And I just don't want to get hurt.
I feel like I'm getting mixed signals.
I don't know how
- Do you want me to give her a wee?
- Yeah, give her a nudge for me.
- Yeah! Yeah, I'll give her a wee
- Yeah, that'd be helpful.
What about you, though?
- Well, me and Demi
- Yeah.
- I wasn't feeling, like, the sexual
- Mm.
- ..but then yesterday,
I was up on the terrace
- With?
- With Meg.
- Ooh!
- And then we maybe had a kiss.
- You little slut.
- I'm a slag!
- Oh, my God, are you interested in
- Yeah.
Hey, Lana Del Rey.
- Hey, babes!
- It's Lana Del Slay over here!
- Aw!
- Wow
You stole her girl
and you have the audacity to be, "Hey,
Lana Del Rey!"
- Shit.
- Yeah! Yeah!
- I love Fiorenza. You know what? I
support whatever she does.
In her ho activity, she can do
whatever she wants.
The wife and the mistress.
- Don't let your girlfriend stop you
from finding your wife.
- Oh, no!
- Oh, my goodness.
- I keep, like, wanting to like, flirt
with Meg,
but I'm like holding back so much
because I can't do it in front of Demi
I do feel like explaining where I'm at
and, like, what I'm feeling
with Demi because I don't want it
hanging over me.
- The sooner the better, Fiorenza.
This is too awkward.
- # If we ever broke up
# I'd never be sad
# Thinking about everything that we
# If we ever broke up #
- It's not on
- Lish is literally in her vagina!
I'm sorry! What the fuck!
- She's not! She was laying on my
and then she
- That was NOT stomach, that was
- We're just having a cuddle.
- What is up, baby girl?
- I feel like
- Mm-hm
- ..for me, I don't know if I'm
feeling like
..the sexual chemistry.
- Mm-hm.
- I feel that it's more
..friend kind of vibes.
- Um, yesterday, I was in my head
Like, I think I was being really
intense with you.
- Yeah.
- Like, it's hard not to be attracted
to this. Don't get me wrong.
And I do think I'm, like, sexually
attracted to you, but I think,
like, chemistry wise, I don't think
it's there.
- Yeah.
- I can't shake the fact it was a good
but I've been feeling that she wasn't
too much anyway.
And, yeah, I've made peace with that.
Like, it's fine.
- Good, good.
- Yeah.
- Good.
Um, yesterday
- Mm-hm.
- So I was up here
- Mm-hm.
- ..with Meg, kind of, like, chatting
and stuff.
- Yeah, are you vibing with Meg?
- And
..we did have a kiss.
- What the fuck?
- Yesterday.
- Fuck! Wait, what the fuck?!
- Yeah
- The fuck? We were just settling!
- No!
- I love this reaction, though.
It's clear skies, clear mind.
I do want to just, like, put all my
energy into Meg now.
- The way you, like, pushed it out as
well - ick.
Ick! Bottom of the pile. We're good
- I'm glad you've got the ick now.
- Yeah, it was actually quite easy.
- Thanks!
I'm not mad.
I just think it's nice she told me cos
she doesn't owe me anything.
I do have a little bit of insecurities
regarding the fact
that, like, I haven't been with a lot
of women or been a relationship
with women before.
Am I going off this? like, is it OK?
Do I have thethe "credentials"?
It can be really frustrating and I
shouldn't let that happen.
I should be able to explore my
queerness to the full extent
that I want to, and not cage myself
CHARLEY: Exactly, Demi.
And this is the queerest masseria I
know of.
CHARLEY: But all girl volleyball
spilling the tea is an Olympic sport
around here.
DEMI: OK, firstly, fun fact. You want
- Yeah, I want to hear.
- Guess who kissed yesterday on the
- Fuck!
- HUSHED: Fiorenza and Meg.
- Stop-p-p-p! Oh, my God.
I guess I'm not the one for Meg.
As a femme woman, I always come second
place to mascs.
It's just like the story of my life
that I am too femme. That is my thing.
- So what's, like, your plan of
action, then?
- Um
I don't know! I don't really know.
I think I need to try something
cos what I've been doing so far hasn't
worked out for me, has it?
I find it hard to find a girl who's,
like, very femme,
like femme enough for me, and then
also, um, likes femmes.
But maybe I do need to kind of, you
push myself out of the comfort zone.
- You're right, Amy, it can be scary
to push the boat out.
But remember, this masseria is full of
And I know an absolute storm of a
who can help put some wind in your
- Oh, my God, Dannii.
- You're looking gorgeous.
- Thank you!
- So are you!
- How was the party last night? ALL:
- It was amazing!
- So a bit of fire?
- Yeah!
- It's all right - I'll teach ya.
- I could do that! I wish I could.
Girls, tomorrow night,
you will all attend your first Kiss
- Oh!
- That's nervy times. Very nervy
- The Kiss Off is your chance
to commit to your partner with a
..or to turn the other way in your
search for love.
- OK.
I'm in a pretty precarious situation
right now.
- Do you want to kiss the girl that
you're with,
or are you saving your kiss for
someone else?
Anyone left unkissed tomorrow night
will be leaving the masseria.
You got it?
- I am worried for sure. You know,
I need to do more to put myself out
I think I'm lying back a bit too much.
- OK!
Hang on. One more thing.
Just to make things that little bit
more interesting
- Oooh!
- ..girls, you've got company.
- # You've never met a girl like me
before #
- I'm Eva, I'm northern Irish,
I'm tall, I'm tanned.
What's not to love?
- I would describe my look as stemme.
I do have some more masculine days and
I just like to wear a dress, now and
just so I can show the girls I still
got it.
Types - I like girls with like,
really, really big,
like, personalities.
I like blondes, I actually like
I can't even lie!
- # You've never met a girl like me
before #
- Fit girls, beautiful masseria
I think I'm going to really, really
love it.
Hi, guys.
- Keep it going. Come on.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi!
- Whoa!
Like, that's a tall drink of water.
- Girls, this is Eva.
- All right?
- ALL:
- Hello!
- Eva, welcome to the masseria.
How are you feeling?
- I feel good. Everyone looks well,
- Yeah? Well, I'll leave you to it.
- Bye! Hi, guys.
- Eva literally looks like
a lesbian Tarzan. Like
Yeah, she is beautiful.
- Eva?
- Yeah.
- Nice to meet you.
- She's tall. She's taken my tall
I was the tall girl here,
now I'm not that any more, so I don't
know what I've got.
You know? Going to have to find
something else.
- Amy, lovely to meet you.
- There's a lot of girls
Oh, my God. Ten girls, hugging them
That was a lot. Like, a lot.
And some of them smelled nice.
- You're about to get grilled.
- Yeah! I'm sitting right next to you
so I can hear everything.
- Here's the hot seat, here's the hot
- She literally looks like a model.
Like, her eyes are absolutely insane.
- OK, who's your top three here?
- Yeah!
- Oh!
- OK.
Straight off the bat, you
- Cara.
- You
- Meg.
- And you.
- Amy.
- OK.
- Oh, spicy!
- Straight off the bat, she says,
I don't feel, like, rattled by it,
I think it's just like,
right, just need to make it
a bit more known that, like, I'm very
much into her.
- Yeah. Strong, strong top three.
- Shall I come and show you around?
- Calm down, calm down!
- Straight to the bedroom!
- Whoo! How are you feeling? How are
you feeling? Nervous?
- So, guys, what do you think?
- I feel OK.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I'll back myself.
- I definitely played it down when she
said she fancied me.
It's one of them where it's like,
"Oh, do you? Oh? Oh Thanks."
But inside, you're just like "Yes!"
This is the terrace.
- Great.
- So I'm femme for femme
- Mm-hm.
- ..normally, but, you know
- Right, OK. Is that you suggesting
- # This hell is better with you #
- So with the Kiss Off looming, Amy's
already broadening those horizons,
and Demi's free to flirt with, well,
anyone she likes.
DEMI: Now that I know that there's a
Kiss Off tomorrow,
we should just go and get what we
So I would just like to get to know
- What are you telling me?
- Um I'm blunt, so you're sexy.
What's the vibes?
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
I feel like I don't know too much
about you, so
Also I've called you sexy, so you can
call me sexy back.
- Yeah. 100.
- Yeah, I think she looks
- You can be, like!
- Bro! Oh, my days.
Oh, are you trying to figure me out,
that shit?
- A little bit.
Feel like you're not giving a lot
- Oh, OK. I didn't know she was
feeling me like that.
Like, I thought it was giving more
friend vibes,
but, I mean, shit, let's try it out.
Life is short.
- Mm.
- Why not just spend it like,
- Mm.
- Know what I mean?
Well, how do I go about this?
Priya is my match.
But my doors are still open.
My doors are still open. We can see
where this could go.
I feel like you don't really know what
you are yet.
- Yeah, I feel like
- Cos you don't have much experience.
- Yeah.
- And I feel like you need someone to
open up the doors.
- Yeah.
- And I feel like
..I could be that person.
- What are we doing right now?
You know they're just right over
there, right?
This is actually, like, giving away
This is giving away stuff.
You've been feeling me, then.
- I thought you were bare cool.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- I'm really glad I took the chance
cos I feel like I was catching a vibe.
And so when we spoke, I think that
vibe definitely got better.
And I feel like she's feeling me, you
Hey, babies. I did it. I flirted,
like a grown arse woman.
- What is happening?
Demi, babe. She knows that I'm into
It was right in front of me
and I was trying to eavesdrop a little
bit. I couldn't hear
I know there was a lot of laughing,
but, yeah, I got
It It worried me just a Just a
- Ooh, I'd say go with your gut on
that one, Priya.
It does feel a little like Naee's
testing the water
outside of your match in plain sight.
- # Too blind to see it
# Too blind to see what you were
doing #
- OK, so you have
- Head massage
- Eva.
- She's not my type, initially, but
she's got chat.
- Those, like eyes also Oh, my God,
they're mesmerising.
- So it's defo, like, one that I'm
thinking of exploring.
- Don't wait too long. Tomorrow's the
big day.
- Defo.
I need to get a move on.
- How was that little chat with Demi?
- Demi?
- Mm-hm!
- Um It was.
It was a bit spicy.
- Oh, really?
- But, um, yeah, it was a nice, like,
little chitchat.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- So, how do you feel about this
situation, then?
- Uh, to be honest
No, OK.
To be honest, like, I'm still trying
to see what you're saying.
- I'm still trying to figure YOU out,
to be honest.
- Really?
- Yeah,
cos I feel like you're kind of like
- Why? Why do you feel like I'm
- Because you're not talking to me as,
- Nah, I'm just giving you your space
and that. Because, like
- Who said I wanted space?!
- I didn't want to be, like, too on
- You've barely been on me!
- Didn't want to suffocate you.
- You took it to the next level!
- Sorry. Sorry, my bad, my bad.
No, like, I'm still very interested in
- OK, I'm interested in you too.
- Yeah.
- OK. Let's spend more time together
because I feel like
- No, we will.
- I feel like we're barely, like,
together, so
- Yeah.
I do like Priya. She is a bit of me.
But having two girls
on the go, at the same time,
like, it's nothing foreign to me.
I feel like everyone's available, to
be honest.
Even if you're coupled up, everyone's
- # Casanova me over
# Left me dying for your love #
- OK, let's go.
I'm glad that's cleared.
- Yeah, that's cleared.
- Careful how you tread, Priya.
Something tells me it might not be
that simple.
- # Casanova, Casanova
# Left me dying for your love
# Casanova, Casanova
# Now you're all I'm thinking of
# Casanova #
- All right, Priya!
- Go on, girl!
- The only thing I wear is tracksuit.
- Is it actually?
- Like in the day If I'm going out
on a night out,
I'll wear a pair of jeans or whatever,
or trousers,
but I have to wear boys jeans, which
is a lot baggier.
- How do you guys feel about the
word WHISPERED: .."lesbian"?
- I don't mind it, really and truly. I
use it.
- Do you?
- I don't think it's like
I don't know why people shy away from
that word.
- I just say I'm gay. Like, I don't
like using the word "lesbian".
- Yeah, I've never used the term queer
- I just say like, "Oh, I'm into
- Yeah.
- Or I'll say I'm queer.
- Yeah.
I feel like I've always identified,
like, as gay,
as opposed to saying, "I'm a lesbian."
I think, like in my head or for me,
"lesbian" has been used in quite a
negative way.
Thinking back to school, like, if
there was a boy that was interested
and you weren't about it, it was, "Oh,
are you a fucking lesbian?"
- Yeah.
- It's like, "No, I just don't fucking
like you.
"You're a cock."
It's just a word that has been taken
and made negative.
Growing up, it was used in a way to
sort of suggest
that there was something wrong with
Do you guys know why the L is the
first letter in the LGBTQ+?
- I remember
- No
- ..for a reason
- ..I don't.
- You know, back with the HIV and the
Aids epidemic,
obviously that was It was, like,
gay men,
so nobody wanted to really help them.
- Yeah.
- It was lesbians that were helping
them and like, nursing them
- Testing in the right
- Because it was like
- Stop, that's giving me goose bumps!
- I'm going to cry.
- Is it actually?
Being a lesbian is something to be so
proud of.
But I think a lot of the time, I don't
really know how to.
And that shit's just, like
- It's making ME tear up.
- That's making ME emotional.
- # Forced into yourself
# You chased out the parts
# You cannot bear #
- I didn't realise how deep and how
many sort of emotions I guess
I had attached to the fact that I
struggled to actually say "lesbian".
- # ..something beautiful there #
- You OK?
- Yeah. I don't know why that got me.
I'm obviously quite confident and,
like, I'm proud of my sexuality,
but I think that it still bothers me
when it shouldn't
because it's such a good word.
I need to just say to, like, my
younger self, "You are a lesbian."
Why would you not want to be a
- So that's why they got to have the L
- Yeah, it's like a, "Fuck yeah,
- Why is that not, like, said more?
- Yeah!
- No-one talks about
- Why did we not know that?
- That's something that should be
Like, that shit should be taught in
the school, but it's not.
All the lesbians that have come before
are, like, bad ass,
so it's like, it's not a bad thing.
- Do you know what? After that story,
I can't wait to go out
and just tell people I'm a fucking
- I'm going to start shouting it!
- "All the lesbians!"
- # You're too good to hide, darling
# Oh, you're too good to hide,
darling. #
- As night falls on the masseria,
the girls are gearing up to properly
welcome Eva to the party.
- # I'm every woman
# It's all in me #
- Cheers to the newcomer!
- Cheers!
And Dannii knows how to pack the night
full of surprises.
So she's arranged a special Italian
- Are we going to play, like, never
have I ever?
- Wait, so are we taking a sip?
- Sorry, is that a new girl?
- Oh.
- Shut up!
- What?!
- Hi. How are you doing?
- ALL:
- Oh!!!
- The accent! The accent!
- Ten out of ten. Gorgeous.
I've never seen someone look so cool.
Like, how does someone look that cool?
- Yeah, actually, I'm not joining the
party with you.
- ALL:
- Oh!
- I'm Sara, and I'm the housekeeper of
this bella masseria.
And I have to give this to Eva.
- ALL:
- Oh!
- Move those long legs.
- Oh.
- Eva, you have a message from Dannii.
- Oh.
- So, enjoy your night.
Ciao, bellissima.
- Can she come back?
- Come back.
- Come back!
- Come on, read it out to the class!
- So, "Eva, as you haven't kissed a
girl yet, I'd like you to choose one
"girl to go on a date with.
"Please let the lucky girl know now
"because your date is ready.
"Love and kisses, Dannii."
- OK. Go on. Big reveal. Who are you
- Um
Amy, do you want to go on a date?
- I'd love to.
- Go get yours, girl!
- I was definitely torn between a few,
but she's one of the most
attractive in here. There's no doubt
about that.
- # And I'm ready to die #
- Oh, my God, look at this.
- This is
This is nice.
After you.
- Ah! Stop it!
I don't think anybody's ever pulled
out a chair for me before.
- So, you and
- Meg.
- ..Meg
- Yeah.
- ..were paired up.
- We were paired up.
- And you're, like, femme for femme.
- Yeah, normally femme for femme, but,
like, trying to, you know,
explore a bit.
- Yeah. You're from Surrey?
- Yeah, I'm from Surrey. Try and keep
that on the DL, though.
- What's wrong with Surrey?
- Just get labelled as posh.
It's just not Yeah.
- I got labelled as posh!
- Oh!
- I know.
- I do love a posh accent.
- Oh, I'm trying to shake this whole
posh thing.
- It's not a bad thing. It's not a bad
You can be posh and
- A good person, I guess.
- Yeah, exactly. It's not one or the
- Yeah.
- What a refined date this is turning
out to be.
I hope the other girls are keeping it
this classy.
- Never have I ever slept with one of
my friend's exes.
- Oh.
- This is quite good, though.
I feel like that's quite a lesbian
thing to do.
Well done, girls.
We're breaking stereotypes. We're
breaking down barriers.
- I wonder how their date is going.
- I wonder what they're doing on their
What do you think it is?
- Necking.
- This is quite intimate. Do you want
me to make eye contact while I do it?
- Where's the eye contact? That was a
good bite.
That was a good bite!
You got a few in there. Yeah.
- So tell me more about, likelike
your past relationships.
- I normally go for smaller girls.
- Smaller?
- Yeah. I know.
- But you also normally go for femmes.
- Yeah, exactly.
- OK. It's OK. We'rewe're building
up to that.
We're breaking through those walls.
- Yeah.
- I can tell it's went
good, because I don't like being on
the other side of the table.
Does that make sense?
- Yeah.
- Like, I want to be a bit closer.
- Oh, OK. Yeah, I do know what you
I'm definitely feeling the chemistry.
- You're feeling it? OK.
- Cheers to that. Cheers, babe.
- Eye contact.
- Eye contact.
- Mm.
- I feel like this is
the perfect time to kind of like, you
know, step out of my comfort
zone a little bit.
I am normally femme for femme, but,
like, Eva's proved that,
like, it's more about the vibe.
Do you know what I mean? Like, our
vibes are off the scale.
- Speaking of vibes, what's the tea
with Meg and Fiorenza
since that monumental snog?
- What's going on between you two,
- Just chilling, innit?
- Kiss Off is tomorrow. You better
It better be more than chilling.
- Yeah.
- We're good chilling.
- Yeah. We're good chilling.
So the vibe between me and Fiorenza
has definitely taken a turn.
It's nice for her to put a bit more
moves on me.
Oh, she's fit.
Look at me, I'm getting giggly again.
- I didn't get the chance to, um,
wingman you and Naee.
- I know. Obviously, Demi was flirting
with her.
- Yeah.
- Did you fill her up on that?
- Yeah.
- Oh, did you?
- What got said?!
- Demi, like, brought up the spicy
conversation and saying, like,
"Oh, yeah, I find you attractive."
- Oh, OK.
- Yeah.
- OK.
- Yeah.
- And then Naee told me, like, "Well,
I want you."
- She's such a smooth criminal.
She's so chill. She's just
- Yeah.
- Yeah, mysterious.
- I'm all for a bit of mystery, girls,
but it can get confusing.
For instance, George is still trying
to figure out where she stands
with her match, Cara.
- Go.
Why are you getting awkward when I
stare at you? Ah.
I feel good with Cara.
I think, obviously, like, it's early
days. I feel like I'm still trying
to, like, understand her, but it feels
I'm excited to see where it goes.
- You're not sitting like that.
- Why?
- Because I just can't handle that.
I feel like I don't usually click with
people as quickly
as I have with Georgia.
I'm really out of my comfort zone.
- But you know I like your eyes.
- Oh, my God.
- Stop rolling your eyes.
- I can't! I actually physically
I don't even know I'm doing it.
- So what? Stop complimenting
your eyes?
- No. Keep going, but I can't stop
- But just know that you're always
going to be? OK.
I now know that you secretly like it.
- Oh. See!
- Exactly.
But, like, I know that now. I'm just
going to keep
going until she stops rolling her eyes
at me.
- It's just hard for me in these
moments of like
..talking about feelings.
- That's OK.
- This is like a good place to work
- I feel like it is, yeah.
- Considering it's been 24 hours.
- I don't even know where I am any
- No concept of time.
- I'm just so delirious with staring
into your eyes so much.
- Oh!
- There she goes.
There she goes.
I don't even know what could come in
that would make me
swerve from you.
- Tomorrow's a new start.
I'm going to try keep the eye rolls to
a minimum.
- That's OK.
- There's going to be no more tonight.
- I feel that's a bold statement.
- I'm saying it. I've put it out
- OK.
- # Black cherry
# Black cherry
# Stone #
- Oh, my God.
- Did you roll your eyes?
- No, I didn't.
I didn't roll my eyes.
- Do you know what? You've surprised
me a little bit.
- Have I?
- Someone's personality as well.
- Maketh the person. 100%.
- Did you say "maketh"?
- Maketh the person.
- Is that an ick? Is that an ick?
- I have to do, like, the little
eye-flutter as well.
That's what you did. You were like
- My lashes.
- Yeah.
- It's because I've got something in
my eye.
- Have you actually?
- No.
- Is it because you can see your
future with me?
- You're really good at the back, back
and forth.
- Oh, yeah.
- Between us. Like a game of ping
pong, which is what I look for.
It's a shame we didn't have a kiss on
a proper date.
I guess the table was in the way,
wasn't it?
- Hmm.
Yeah, it was.
One second.
- # Excite me
# Ignite me
# Oh, and you know #
- There's something in that Italian
air tonight.
Everyone's really exploring their
options, whether their match
knows it or not.
- I'm just like, "Urgh, Demi,
- I seen yous.
- Yeah. She basically said that she's
interested and shit, so
- Oh, what are you thinking, then,
about Demi?
- Naee's got choices.
- Priya is my match.
But I just want to, like, see what
Demi is saying and
how deep I can get with them.
I'm finna go.
- Oh, finna go!
- See you, man.
- Good luck.
- See you!
- That's interesting.
Priya said that
..Naee shut it down with Demi.
- Oh.
- So I was confused about that.
- Oh.
- Hey, do you want to go on the
- Yeah, sure, OK.
- Oh!
- It's getting juicy in the masseria.
- In the masseria.
- We had a great chat earlier, and I
just wanted to, like, continue
the conversation and see where her
head was at.
- What's going with you and Priya? You
guys aren't, like, closed off?
It's not, like, done?
- I mean, to be honest, like,
everyone's single in here, right?
- Yeah, but some people are more
single than others,
so I'm trying to gauge how single you
- The full stop is single, right?
- OK.
- Like, I see what you're saying.
- OK.
- Cos we're here to, like, explore,
- Yeah.
- Explore our options.
- OK.
It's nice to know that you're not,
locked off, basically.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- # Don't need permission
# Made my decision to test my
limits #
- All right. We can dowe can do a
sexually charged hug.
- Demi, she's so lovely and funny.
There was defo chemistry.
Oh, my God. Yeah.
But Priya, she's cool. She's cool.
She's pretty Like, I'm on a roll.
I'm on the ball today.
That's cool, man.
- Naee, she honestly didn't give too
much away.
But I think there's a deeper
Like, after our conversation, I do
feel a lot closer to her.
Um, and I feel like there could be
- How are you bitches today?
- There's not much going on in my
She's been acting weird today. I don't
I don't know why, but tonight,
Naee is just being a bit weird.
It's like night and day, and I don't
get it.
What can that mean?
- MUSIC: Dangerous Woman by Ariana
- I feel like I'm trying to keep Priya
and Demi
on their toes.
Because girls do like a bit of
mystlike, mystery.
So we'll see how this plays out.
- How was your evening?
- You've been a bit busy tonight.
- I have been a bit busy.
- Yeah.
- I still feel like fresh meat.
Like, I need to get to know everyone.
I've basically only got to know
essentially one person.
- Wait, so your plan of action?
- Tomorrow, like, I'm probably going
to talk to Meg a little bit.
- Yeah.
- If that's all right?
- Yeah, that's fine.
- The thing is, like, if you don't try
it, you won't know.
- Exactly.
- And you might regret that.
- Yeah.
- Whose team are you on?!
- Yeah.
- Whose team are you on?!
- Sorry, sorry.
- I'm only just starting to settle in
with Meg.
And now big Eva's came in.
- # I'm losing my baby
# Losing my favourite game #
- Morning.
- The day of the Kiss Off has arrived.
That means our girls have got big
decisions ahead.
- Are you nervous for tonight?
- You dirty dog. What's happened?
- Nothing.
- I want to know the drama.
- There's no drama.
- And if Eva's a woman of her word,
she's got more exploring to do.
- Megs an, erm, an interesting one.
She has that energy that Amy has -
that little, like, fiery,
feisty side that's kind of, like,
drawn me in.
Definitely something I'd want to
You're with Fiorenza, obviously.
- Yeah.
- Quite good?
- Yeah, we're getting on.
- Do you
- ..seeing how, how things are going.
Yeah, but
- They've gone to the terrace. Did you
know they'd gone to the terrace?
- Yes, you know.
- I can see them.
- You can see them?
- Yeah. Just that spot.
- Do you feel like, personality-wise,
like yous get on.
- Yeah.
- OK.
That's good.
- She's funny.
- No.
- I like funny.
I mean, you're funny as well, though.
I think Fiorenza's quirkiness
is something that does draw me towards
But Eva
She's fit.
- I feel like you're quite a flirty
person, though.
- Yeah, I can be.
- What do you mean, you can be?
That's like you know exactly what
you're saying.
Like, but you know how to, like, do it
You, you
- What are you trying to say?
- No, you know what you're doing.
- I feel like you're the same, though.
- Oh, yeah.
- You know what you're doing.
- I'll admit that.
- But you're not admitting it.
- I just know Eva's got good chat.
- Eva's got good chat. Yeah, she does.
- And she's going to use it on Meg.
Where's the bro code?
- I'm being me. You're being you.
If you like it, you like it, do you
know what I mean?
Like, it's like
- Yeah.
- So you can just be yourself.
- I am.
- Are you?
- Yeah.
- OK.
Just go for it.
- Come here.
You've got something on your eyelash.
There you go.
- What was that? A fly? Mosquito?
- Bit of fluff.
- Do you just want to get closer to
- Today, there's still a lot that can
happen, essentially.
Like, I feel like there's still a lot
to play for.
There's no point getting shy. Like, at
There's literally no point.
I know you're not shy, so I think you
need to
- I am. I actually am.
- Oh, wow, you're literally full-blown
Is that, is that a sign of love or?
Yeah, I was kind of like hoping
that yous would be, like, more like
- I know.
- Do you have any worries? Like, who
is your worry about this?
- Erm, her and Meg.
Her and Meg really get along.
- I think her and Meg.
- I don't want to I'm, like, trying
not to think about too much
cos I will get in my own head and then
panic a bit.
- Yeah.
- Obviously, there's the impending
Kiss Off later.
I am slightly worried, for sure.
Erm, it really could go, it could go
any way.
- Don't worry, Amy, you're not the
only one with pre-Kiss Off nerves.
- I think Naee is going between Priya
and I a little bit. And
..I think she's got a lot of power
that she's enjoying.
And I won't really know what Naee's
until the Kiss Off.
How do you feel about Naee today?
- Last night, she was just being a bit
off with me.
- I just wanted to say
that Naee took me to the terrace
- Naee took you?
- Yeah.
- Oh, OK.
- Yeah.
- What did Naee say?
- I just kind of let her know that I'm
interested in her.
- Yeah.
- I didn't want to not tell you.
- What was said on the terrace?
Like, I need to know. You're being
- I'm not even
- You're being very vague.
- ..even trying to. It's like
- Please stop pussyfooting cos I'm
actually being serious.
- I'm not. I don't think I'm
Like, she just didn't tell me that
much. Like, she just kind of said
that she's not, like, locked off.
I can't give you anything.
- She's not locked off?
- Yeah, like, it's not like a done
deal, but that's about it.
- What the f
She's pissed me off.
- I don't know, I don't know, man. I
don't know.
- I'm going to have a talk with her.
- OK.
- Like, right now.
- OK.
- Cos she needs to speak up.
- OK.
I feel like
- I had no idea about this.
This was very secretive.
And it kind of makes sense
as to why Naee was acting weird with
me last night.
I don't know whether it was guilt or
something like that, but
- I'm not fast.
- Naee, how long are you going to be
brushing your teeth?
Can I have a word with you outside?
- Your teeth must be aching.
- That's thorough brushing.
- Are you OK?
- No.
She doesn't say anything. Like,
fucking speak up, love.
It'd be fine, cool, have your space,
if the Kiss Off wasn't today.
- Mm.
- But the Kiss Off is today.
I'm just really annoyed that she
didn't communicate
anything with me whatsoever.
- Hey, so what is it you want to say?
- I think you guys need to have a
Yeah, I'm going to go.
- Thank you, honey.
- No problem. Good luck.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Do you want to sit here?
- What's up?
- So, what was that about last night?
- What was what about?
- The chat with Demi.
- I'm still getting to know her, type
- Yeah.
So, are you interested in Demi, would
you say?
- No. I'll say no.
- Well, Demi told me like, oh, you're
not locked in.
- No.
- So
You know, you want to explain that?
You want to run that back or?
Or nah?
- It's more of a thing of
- You're good - I'll wait.
- Like, it's still early days.
- Mm.
She's not making any sense to me.
She's literally like a riddle.
But I'm just worried. Obviously, we
have the Kiss Off,
and I don't want to end up looking
like a fool.
- The way I act on the outside is defo
not acceptable
in the masseria.
I feel like everyone knows your
business in here.
- # What you done to me
# What you done to me
# What you done to me, you done to me,
you done to me #
- My head's a little bit scrambled
after the chat with Eva.
- I've been getting a lot of attention
from Eva, which has been so lovely.
But Eva's also been speaking to Meg,
so that is a bit scary cos that leaves
me a bit vulnerable.
- Right now, I'm basically down the
middle, like,
I actually have no idea what I'm going
to do.
- How are you feeling about tonight?
- I don't know. Naee's confusing.
I'm going in blind.
- Unscramble those heads, girls.
The Kiss Off is here, and it's time to
decide where you stand.
- A little bit nervous cos it is the
first Kiss Off.
Anything could happen.
- # I don't want to go
# But, baby, we both know
# This is not our time #
- I have kept both girls guessing
but now I've got a big decision to
And, mm, I'm torn, to be honest.
- Oh, my God, look at her.
- Girls, welcome to your first Kiss
Tonight, you will reveal if you want
to stay with your current girl,
or if you're saving your kiss for
someone else.
The big question is, does the girl you
want to kiss
want to kiss you back?
Anyone left unkissed will be leaving
the masseria.
- Shit.
- You'll notice Eva isn't here.
She'll be joining us later.
- First up, Abbie and Lisha, please
step forward.
- I do really like Abbie.
I've got my hopes up, but anything can
You never know until that moment.
- Girls, I'll ask you to stand
back-to-back and take a moment.
If you want to stay with your girl,
then turn and kiss her.
But if you're saving your kiss for
someone else, don't turn.
- I think me and Lisha are on the same
in terms of like, you know, initial
We have a good time, but I don't know
what she's thinking.
- Reveal your decision
# You and I agree
# We only gonna break up so we can
make up
# We got the real thing #
- Ah!
I just feel happy and I am excited to,
like, develop what we've
already started and just see where it
ends up.
Mama's so happy.
What's the thing that's drawn you to
each other?
- Her eyes.
- The way you're really cheeky.
- Ooh!
- Yeah, personality.
Obviously looks as well, you're
- Absolutely.
Abbie and Lisha head over to these
seats here.
# Baby, I'ma, I'ma, I'ma stick with
you #
Cara and Georgia, you're up.
- I feel very sure of where I stand,
but then I'm very oblivious to,
like, where Cara's head's at.
So we're just going to have to see
what happens.
- Please stand back-to-back.
Reveal your decision.
# I know, with you,
tonight could be amazing
# Be amazing #
Yeah. The lipstick. OK.
- I know, I know.
- I feel like you guys haven't taken
your hands off each other
since the first kiss. Would that be
- They haven't. They haven't.
- It's our comfort blanket. I'm
- All right, girls, you know where to
# To the love seats. #
Fiorenza and Demi, you're up.
Right, girls, you know the drill.
# I don't want to be just a memory
# And I don't want to feel your wings
break free #
- I've made the right decision for me.
So anything that happens, I know that
I've went
for what I'm truly feeling.
- # I gotta be strong now #
If you're saving your kiss for someone
else, don't turn.
Reveal your decision
OK, girls, turn around. Face me.
What is it that hasn't worked?
- Um, I feel like we talked it over
and we just weren't
feeling each other like that, right?
- I don't think there was, like, that
- Yeah.
- But
- You're great.
- We're besties.
- Yeah.
- OK, Fiorenza, which girl are you
saving your kiss for?
- Meg.
- OK, we'll find out later if Meg
wants to kiss you back.
Otherwise you will be leaving the
- I'm just going with vibes.
No thoughts, just vibes, you know what
I mean?
And my vibe is with Meg.
- Demi, you're saving your kiss for
someone else.
- I'm saving my kiss for Naee.
- All right. We'll find out soon if
Naee wants to kiss you back.
Otherwise you will be leaving the
- Not being in control of what's going
to happen does make me
a little bit nervous.
- Please step back in the line.
- Thank you.
I don't like love triangles.
It's not for me, I don't think.
- Amy and Meg, please come and join
# Who me? #
OK, girls, reveal your decision now.
# Don't make me sad
# Don't make me cry #
OK, girls, turn and face me.
What was it?
- I don't know, I think it was just
like an initial spark
maybe it wasn't there.
- Yeah.
I mean, she's stunning, isn't she?
- But, like, literally bestie vibes.
Bestie vibes.
I'm so glad that even though we didn't
work out in a romantic level,
I've found such a good friendship in
- This means you're both saving your
kiss for another girl.
Amy, who are you saving your kiss for?
- I'm saving my kiss for Eva.
- OK, well, Eva's not here, so we will
find out later
if she feels the same.
If not, you will be leaving the
Amy, please step back to the line.
Meg, we know where Fiorenza stands.
But where do you?
- Eva, Fiorenza, they're both
completely different.
Ah! It's one of them.
I think I'm definitely going with my
gut instinct.
This is the right decision that I'm
- Reveal the name of the girl you are
saving your kiss for
- Fiorenza.
- Ah!
Fiorenza, take it away and seal it
with a kiss.
# Sugar kisses
# Sugar kisses #
Aw! So happy for you.
- Oh, my God, that's such a relief.
There was always that chance that she
could have picked Eva.
- OK, girls, take a seat.
Priya and Naee, please step forward.
Naee, you know that Demi has saved her
kiss for you.
But it's time for you to both make
your decision.
- I'm hoping that Naee will turn
around for me,
because we've been matched from the
very start.
We've built a relationship and she
knows how I feel about her.
But I'm just going to have to wait and
see what happens.
- Please stand back-to-back.
# It's just you and I
# It's just you and I #
- I'm stuck in two minds right now.
Priya is more like wifey material and
Demi brings out
my flirtatious side.
Let's just say that.
- Reveal your decision
# Under fine skies
# It's just you and I
# It's just you and I. #
Next time on I Kissed a Girl
- Hiya, girls.
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
This is
- Red flags.
- If I don't fancy them, it's a red
- I am honestly fuming inside.
- I didn't even feel like I wanted to
confide in you.
- OK.
I'm never that girl.
- I have something to tell you.
- Shut up.
- Girls!
- Oh, my God!
# Hold on to me under neon lights
# Take me by the hand into the night
# Yeah, we could be the one
# We could be the one
# And get in the car, let the music
# Have a little faith, need to open up
# Yeah, we could be the one
# We could be the one, oh
# Neon nights, and we are kissing
# Neon nights, and we are kissing
# Neon nights, and we are kissing. #
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