I Kissed a Girl (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

This programme contains
some strong language
Five new couples met
with a first kiss.
She's a beautiful girl.
It was perfect.
whilst others did not survive. Ahh!
Do you feel like you don't
want to be with me?
I'm never that girl!
Where are you kind of at?
I do wish there was a bit more raw
sexual attraction from my part.
Maybe I'm just looking
for a princess
and she's giving prince.
And just when the girls
were finding their feet
I'm attracted to you. Very much.
I do feel, like,
quite connected to Meg.
Classic Amy move where she starts
getting crushes for her friends.
Do you get that with someone?
Mm. I get it with you sometimes.
..the path to love
took an unexpected turn.
These pillars, they were chosen
by three new girls.
Shut up! Oh, my God.
Oh! Shut UP!
What the hell?!
Welcome to I Kissed A Girl.
Well, girls, now you've all
made your choice,
I have something to tell you.
I didn't choose these pillars.
They were chosen by
three new girls
Oh, why?! Oh, my God.
..who are about to enter
the Masseria Ahh!
..right Shut up!
..now. Oh, no!
Are You Gonna Be My Girl
by Jet
All right, we're good.
My name's Lailah and I used to
play football professionally.
My name's Beth
and I'm a paralegal from Bath.
My name's Em
and I'm a scientist from Surrey.
Queer dating scene, I find that
everyone's dated each other.
Everyone knows everyone
and everyone's best friends
with their ex.
I've been dating, dating, dating
but I haven't found anyone yet.
These masc girls are like gold dust.
Where are they hiding?
I've had a very fun year
dating lots of lovely girls.
That sounds bad.
Girls often think that
I'm a pillow princess -
someone who just doesn't do
any work in the bedroom -
but I love to make my partner
feel great.
Can't wait to get in there and
hopefully someone wants to kiss me.
All right. Let's find myself a wife.
The shock of my life.
There was three.
Three new girls.
Hey, girls. Hi.
Welcome to the Masseria.
When I seen the girls come in,
bloody loved it.
And then my next kind of thought,
if I'm being honest, was, like,
"Does Meg fancy any of them?"
I'd like you to go and stand
by your pillar now.
I like the way she looks like
she's my type to a tee.
So, Lailah, why is communication
key for you?
Because I think no matter what you
and your partner are going through,
if you can talk it out, then usually
it ends up being all right.
She seems confident.
Like, she's just cool as a cucumber.
Em, adventure is key for you.
Yeah, it is.
So just someone free-spirited,
ready, up for a laugh
and just, yeah, open to travel.
Em is a darling!
I think she's got a gorgeous face.
Beth, sexual chemistry.
For me, it's one of the things
that differentiates it
from being really good friends.
Takes it out of the friend zone.
I get you.
As you'll see, for the new girls,
you're not alone,
and what better way to get
to know them than with a date?
So, Lailah, Em and Beth,
I will let you choose someone
who's standing next to
the pillar that you're at.
I will go for
Me and Fi are just getting close
and bloody Beth goes
and asks her out on a date.
But I don't blame her.
I mean, Fi is hot ashell.
Er, I'd like to take this girl on
a date tonight, please. OK.
Abbie, meet Em. Em, meet Abbie.
You're going on date night tonight.
I'm excited to go on a date.
It's pretty cool, to be fair.
I would like to take on a date
..this girl. Cara, meet Lailah.
I hope it starts, like,
raining and storming
and they're just sat outside
with no shelter.
Right, girls, I hope you enjoy your
dates this evening. I'm excited!
Evacuate The Dancefloor
by Cascada
I'm out of here. Bye! Ciao!
Welcome, honey.
Three new girls, three first dates.
But first Sit wherever you please.
..one big lesbian boat
that's about to be rocked.
They're all gorgeous girls.
You know, Em, she's got
those piercing blue eyes.
You've got Lailah,
who's just beautiful.
And then you have Beth,
another gorgeous femme.
Who doesn't love a femme?
We love a femme!
How are you all feeling?
Excited. Weird.
Excited for the fresh meat.
Just excited to get to know them,
to make sure that they feel welcome.
What's, like, the vibe with
the couples? Are people?
There's the couples
Some couples are coupling
and some couples are flirting.
OK. I'm with Cara.
I'm sorry.
And you're both footballers. Ooh!
Ahh! Stop. Sorry.
What position?
Er, centre back or left back.
Centre back. Oh, OK!
It seems like me and Georgia
have a lot in common.
We both play football.
And the fact that I've chosen her
girl to go on a date is not great.
What are your guys' types?
Typically, I go for more
feminine-looking women
with, like, kind of a tomboy edge.
My type is definitely more
masc vibe, short hair, tattoos
Tick, tick, tick! Yeah!
I'm wearing this long-sleeved top
and I just started rolling it up.
I was like
Fiorenza, the fast mover.
I thought you were into Amy!
Everyone that I've dated looks
a bit different, so OK.
More on the person and whether
they're fun, outgoing,
just can have a laugh
and just a bit genuine.
Like OK. Love that.
Literally a kid in a candy shop.
Everyone's good-looking.
Too much choice. Too much choice.
We'll see how it unfolds.
Fun, guys!
Just Can't Get Enough
by Depeche Mode
Get yourselves comfortable, girls.
You're so wet!
Maybe not that comfortable, Lisha.
Did I make you wet, baby?
Abbie's just across the pool.
Ooh They don't care.
Oh, they are sitting
I'm such an overthinker.
No, you're not an overthinker.
You're just thinking the way that
everyone would normally think.
Lish and Meg are all over each other
right in front of me.
It does make you feel shit.
I guess that it could be
just a friendship thing,
but I would just rather know
if it's a bit more than that.
Don't overthink it.
I think you call that pose
the flying lesbian.
Well, Abbie, maybe
tonight's date with Em
might take your mind off things -
though I can't quite
say the same for Amy.
I am slightly jealous that Beth
and Fi are going on a date.
I think I'd regret it
if I didn't, kind of
..say to Fi what I was feeling.
I have a wee crush on Fiorenza.
Do you have a wee crush on me?
Maybe a wee crush.
Maybe not.
No, but I did hear that
I have a wee crush. Oh!
Do you? Yeah, maybe a wee crush.
Maybe a wee crush.
But, yeah.
Yeah, that's whatI'm feeling.
Is that what you're feeling?
That's what I'm feeling.
Friends with benefits?
Amy's not, like, my usual type
at all, but
We've built up this friendship
and, like, we do flirt a lot
and it's kind of like,
"Where is this going?"
Hope you have a shit day.
Do you need help up?
Yeah, I do.
These new girls are definitely
creating a buzz
I'm so excited for my date. I can't
wait to get to know Fiorenza.
It's going to be good.
..but is everyone buzzing about them?
I wasn't bothered
about the new girls.
I know where me and Eva stand,
so I wasn't worried.
This is nice. Nice.
A bit of me. Bit of you!
What's your thoughts on Beth?
Like, do you find her attractive?
Oh, my God, you really like her!
How do you feel about Amy now?
Do you think there's still
potential there with the friendship
base? Yeah, honestly, I do.
I have a wee bit of
a crush on Amy.
And she told me that
she had a crush on me.
Oh I can't deal with Nah.
Oh, this is This is a lot.
Lesbian drama is so confusing.
This is a lot.
No, but I don't think it's drama.
I think cos we've just always
been flirty with each other, so
Yeah. Go on this date with Beth
and just see if the chemistry there
is Yeah. ..talking-wise. Yeah.
And I think that'll help you
decide between Meg and Beth.
Yeah. And then just see where it
goes from there, because.
No, Amy and Beth. Oh, sorry!
That chapter was closed.
Amy and Beth. Yeah.
You've got Fi, you've got Meg,
you've got Amy,
you've got flippin' Beth.
Oh, my God - I cannot keep up!
OK, let me help.
Beth's off on a date with Fiorenza,
who may still have a crush on Amy.
Cara has a date with Lailah,
and Abbie is getting glam
for her date with Em.
I'll wear red lipstick tonight
so you can tell
if I've had a kiss or not.
This is me keeping you on
your toes. Is it working?
Part of me is like,
just fucking treat it like
No, this sounds awful,
but treat it
Treat it like you're not here.
Take it as it looks, yeah.
And see what happens and then
I'll definitely know. Ahh!
Who knows?
Sometimes, when I hang out
with Lish and Meg,
I do feel like a third wheel.
So, yeah,
I'm excited to go on a date
and, yeah, explore it
a bit more with Em.
Ready for our date? Shall we go?
Shall we link? Oh, wait. Let's
switch, let's switch, let's switch.
What the fuck?
I fucking
I hate this shit.
Like, I felt rattled
and I felt weird.
I've been trying to,
like, chill it out,
but then I'm like,
"Am I chilling out too much?"
And not, like Telling her,
"I fucking love you." Yeah.
"I want your children." Yeah.
Cara being on a date
with someone else
definitely makes me feel
a bit weird.
I've always thought I'd be,
like, chill about it, but
..I don't feel
very chill about it.
I'm actually feeling excited
to go on a date.
I feel like I'm just going to have
to pick up on the vibes.
I don't know how it's going to go.
This is so cute.
This is so cute. We love!
Oh. Whoa!
You good?
That was so elegant. Oh, my gosh.
So elegant, yeah. Just crouch down.
I got the vibe that Cara and Georgia
are kind of like this,
but I'm going to test
the waters with Cara.
If I feel like she's a bit flirty,
then obviously I'll give it back.
Cheers. Eye contact. Oh, my God.
Come on. And you looked away!
I can't do it!
I cannot do eye contact.
Out of everyone here, you're
definitely most my type.
Yeah, I'd say the same back to you.
I was waiting for someone
like you to come in. Really?
Maybe a little bit.
What do you do for work?
I am a scientist in cancer research.
Yeah, so I'm a microbiologist.
I sit in the lab all day Wow.
..with cells and, like, work
on different cancer therapies.
So I actually went to uni to do
sport and exercise science.
I'm quite sporty, as well.
Why are you laughing at that?
I just love a sporty girl!
Abbie might like a sporty girl, but
Lisha's not playing ball tonight.
She walked out of the room
without saying bye. Really? Yeah.
It's something that
I wouldn't do. Yeah.
And she's been saying
some things like,
"I'm just going to pretend
that you're not here
"and just see how it goes.
Like, don't say it in front of me.
Yeah, I know. Do you know
what I mean? Yeah.
And she was dead-arse serious,
as well. Yeah.
I am anxious for Abbie
to come back from her date.
I don't know what's happening.
Abbie is keeping me on my toes,
Let's figure out who's more
adventurous. OK.
Would you go in the rocket ship
up to space?
Yeah. Would you?
Would you? No! What?!
Would you jump out of a plane?
No. No? No!
I've already beaten you
on adventurous.
No, that's not fair!
Fair enough. We'll start again.
Start again, start again.
The date was so lovely.
Em is an unreal girl.
The conversation flowed.
Well, great, Abbie.
Looks like good convo is the key
to a girl's heart around here.
I think knowing that you picked
communication was really nice.
Yeah, I just want someone
that I can talk to, I think.
Especially not just having
superficial chat, like Yeah!
Like, deep stuff, too. Yeah.
Like, I want to be able
to actually open up.
We're not just always
taking the piss. Yeah.
I came out when I was, like, 14.
That was all fine. I was so lucky.
Like, you know
So you came out at 14? Mmmm.
You knew from a young age. Yeah!
You're, like, fully gay? Like
Yeah. I've got my gay card.
Your gay card, yeah.
Would you say you just want to put
all your energy into Georgia or?
I'd say she's definitely
my focus right now.
It seems like Cara
is definitely into Georgia.
It's definitely friend vibes.
I finished my Master's in law.
Oh, so she's smart.
I'm a paralegal, so work
involves shadowing solicitors.
But I love having fun, being stupid
and, yeah, just living
for the moment.
You've got such a nice laugh,
though. Really?
I feel like everyone's like
God, I sound like a witch's cackle.
Beth's whole vibe is
laid-back, chill vibe,
but it's also, like, really
sexy at the same time.
Are you worried about the date
that they're on?
Not worried, but, like
A little bit jealous.
A little bit green.
I think the telling thing
would be, like,
if we kiss, like,
if there's thatraw
You know, like Raw
You can only tell if you've kissed.
Wait! You haven't kissed yet? No.
I'm not a pillow princess.
You're not?
When she said she wasn't
a pillow princess,
I was like, "Tick!"
A gal's got needs as well, so
Pussy Is God by King Princess
So are we wrapping it up
with a kiss?
Come here, then.
I feel like the kiss could have
gone on all night,
but, umwe had to make moves.
I've got someone on my arm that
I'm, likeI actually like.
And that actually, like
I'm feeling it could go somewhere.
Come spill the tea!
My heart kind of sank when
I saw Fiorenza come back
with Beth on her arm,
and they were giggling
and they kind of sat down and, like,
were all entwined in each other.
Guys, look who's back.
Look who's back! Woohoo!
How was the date?
Our date was good.
Yeah, it was good, actually.
Like, good vibes.
It was good. Yeah.
Cara's, like, the best, so
Did anyone kiss?
Fi and Beth did.
Wait, what? Did you? Did you?
Did you see that? Huh?
Did you see it? No, Fi told me!
Not in a million years
did I think they would have a kiss.
But maybe that was naive.
No, she just went like a little
Ah! The look!
That's the eyebrows, innit? Yeah.
Uh, yeah. There was a
wee bit of, like
..awkwardness there
between me and Amy.
Hi! You OK?
How was your lovely date?
Hey. Hello. Hiya.
Abs, you look unreal.
Thanks, babe!
When I came in, I didn't immediately
go straight over to Lish
cos Lish and Meg
are very touchy-feely.
Come, sit. Come, sit.
How was it?
Um, we had a cute date.
It was very romantic.
We just, um, sat,
had a bit of prosecco. Yeah.
Happy-go-lucky. It was good.
I think we got a lot
lot to talk about. Yeah.
How did the date end?
Like, a kiss or?
No! What?
Straight in there! Naee!
I feel like my emotions
are all over the place.
like, I don't know how I'm feeling.
And then these girls rock in,
and then they're with our girls
on a date.
It's just really hard.
There were some good vibes
there with Abbie, for sure,
but I think there was a bit of
a lack of a romantic connection.
I want to know about your date.
Ours was like a good vibe,
but, like, friendly. So you
I did feel like a kiss
was going to happen.
So there was a vibe there?
Yeah, she's definitely attractive,
and, yeah, obviously had a kiss.
That's good.
I feel like you've got
something to, like,
build off of. Yeah.
The date with Fiorenza
was really good.
There was lots of eye contact
and we had a little kiss.
Hopefully there will be
many more kisses to come.
As Beth dreams of more snogs,
Cara and Georgia have finally
got the chance for a date debrief.
To be fair, she
actually is really nice.
Like, she's like, really just
She seems cool.
So cool. Yeah. So cool.
But friends. Friends.
Yeah. Fair.
So what's your thoughts? Feelings?
I was rattled, but, like,
I knew she was going to pick you.
I don't know why I thought
I'd be chill about it,
but then I felt like that made me
realise that, like, I do like you,
cos, like, I don't want
tolike, be too much,
cos I am fucking sensitive as shit.
I'm going to cry!
And like, I don'tlike,
I don't like crying at all.
And then sometimes I think I've said
something but I actually haven't.
Do you know what I mean? Yeah.
So, like, in my head I've already
told you that I like you,
but I actually haven't.
Do you know what I mean? Mm.
I feel like Georgia was vulnerable
tonight and that
That definitely, I'd say,
has brought us closer together.
I'm glad we talked about this.
I don't think I've been, like,
hiding from my feelings but, like,
I've not, like, been
addressing them either.
I think I just need to keep,
like, actually saying how I feel,
like, all the time.
What are you saying, then?
What am I saying? Yeah. Um
You forgotten about me?
We have such, like, flirty
banter all the time. Mm-hm.
Like, that's the
I think that's, like, the foundation
of what we have. Yeah.
And, like, part of me is like
..if we Don't want to ruin
that friendship vibe.
Yeah, if we cross it.
It's weird because, obviously,
like, I had that wee date with
Is it, like?
..with Beth and I'm feeling, like
..a bit giddy.
I feel like Fiorenza's eyes
are locked on Beth.
Obviously I really get along with
Fiorenza, so it's just kind of
sad that we don't get
to explore where that goes -
for now, anyway.
What if we cross that barrier
and then, like
..we don't get that flirty
teasing back? Yeah.
I think I've just got a rejection
thing, you know? Classic.
It keeps happening.
So what are you thinking?
Um What am I thinking?
You'll always fancy me?
Yeah, I'll always fancy you, babes.
The situation has definitely
made me feel like I'm second best
to the new, fresh meat, you know.
I'm old meat.
You'd think I'd have
a thicker skin, but
..I guess not.
They say absence makes
the heart grow fonder
..but time apart tonight seems
to have had the opposite effect
for Abbie and Lisha.
Did you enjoy it?
We Yeah. It was actually
really nice. Um
Yeah, it was a pleasant date.
All flirty banter?
I didn't have flirty banter
with her. No? No.
I just want to know exactly
where you're at.
Cos I'm scared of hurting myself.
I'm scared of hurting myself.
And I want to be real with you.
Like, I've just seen some stuff.
I just put two and two together
and I'm like, "Fuck." Can I?
Is that with Meg, then? Yeah. OK.
I'm not flirting with her.
It's You're all over her.
You are all over each other.
But she's, like,
my best friend in here.
When I see Meg and Lish
flirt in front of me, like,
it does make me feel like shit.
I can't lie, like, it is
very uncomfortable to watch.
That has made my head go
a little bit like,
"I think she's into Meg,"
which is absolutely fine if you are,
but I'd rather know.
Do you see a spark there and want
to progress? Then that's, like
That's absolutely fine.
I don't. OK.
I just didn't want, like
I didn't want to feel
or, like, get mugged off.
I'd rather just be, like, told
straight to my face because, like,
I'm shit scared of, like,
my heart getting broken.
I feel like when me and Abbie
are good,
we're really, really, really good.
But she does worry.
So I feel like I'm trying to be
as positive as I can
because I really want things
to work out.
If I wanted to explore things
with Meg,
I think I would have done it
by now. Yeah. OK.
I do know that she likes me
and she wants this to work,
but it is difficult
when we don't see eye to eye.
Where's your head at?
With you, babe.
OK, so we're on the same page?
Give me a kiss.
You're very touchy tonight.
I'm not even trying to be.
It's all right? Yeah. OK.
Obviously, the bed's
still warm with Fi,
but I think it's really good that me
and Eva do have each other in here,
because we do fancy each other,
and we have that
deep connection there.
Who wants to hear me
and Naee have sex tonight?
I mean, all the girls are
complaining they could hear us kiss,
but, you know, apparently
we're loud kissers.
You're so far.
The sleeping arrangements
weren't ideal. My bed is, like,
at the end of Fi's feet!
- Night-night, everyone.
- Night!
Sun's up at the Masseria.
Morning! Morning!
It's a good day to be gay.
That's every day.
Amen to that.
And here's to a great day
for new girls
Lailah, Em and Beth.
Fi just said to come here,
so I just slipped into bed with her!
I love a little morning cuddle.
Right, can we get
Can we get a song going?
What song do you want?
Some Beatles! Do it.
Do it.
Woke up feeling fresh, you know.
I think maybe me and Fiorenza would
actually be better off as friends
cos we do have a real,
special platonic connection.
But excited to kind of sit down
and have a chat
to the new girlies,
see what they're all about.
When I think of Amy,
I think of boots.
Just a hype girl, like,
she's just in everyone's corner.
She's just full of so much
There's something definitely
intriguing about her.
When I think of Amy, I think,
does she sleep in those things?
Anyway, time for brekkie.
And no, gossip is not optional.
OK, you don't have to tell us who,
but is there someone in the Masseria
that you have had your eye on?
I literally haven't had
my morning coffee.
I don't know
whether right now
there is that romantic
connection with anyone,
but I do want to
get to know everyone
and see, cos I think it takes
a while to form that connection.
With the Kiss Off tomorrow, you
better not wait too long, Em.
And over in the snug,
Lailah's wasting no time
in exploring her
connection with Amy.
So, what are you like
in a relationship?
I, like, love so deeply
and have so much love to give.
And I fall really hard,
really quick.
I do love hard.
I tend to be, like, more logical.
That And I think a lot.
Yeah, I'm the opposite. Yeah.
So I feel like the combination
of the two Yeah.
..might be good. Sounds like
perfect, some would say.
I'm just observing you
a little bit more. OK.
I like your personality. Mm-hm.
And you were looking at me
quite a bit.
Lailah, she's just Her face!
I'm literally like,
I kept staring at her
cos I was just staring at her, like,
beautiful features.
Looking at You
by Sistra
You're a bit of a looker,
you are.
OK, well, now I know you were
actually looking at me,
it feels a bit better! Yeah.
I just wanted to know if
you like me back, that's all.
OK, OK, OK. Yeah.
Trying to get a feel of
whether she was liking me, too,
but I think just the confirmation
that, yeah,
she's looking at me the way
I'm looking at her.
It's, uh Yeah, it's good.
So you said you fall
you said you fall fast.
How fast are we talking?
Well, with my ex,
it was really quick.
It was like, maybe, like, a month.
But we, like, we knew each other
before. I was her lacrosse captain.
Oh, you play lacrosse? Yeah.
You play lacrosse?
You ARE a posh girl. I know.
I am
a bit of a posh girl.
I went to a private school
in the heart of Surrey.
But going to private school as
a queer woman was not, um, great.
You know, I wasn't out, either,
so it just made it very hard,
you know, many, many nights
at parties crying
cos I just wanted
to be who I was,
but I felt like
I couldn't tell anybody
because there was
a lot of judgment.
I came out late and I was, like,
at the dinner with my mum
and my little sister. Mm.
And I was like, "Oh, Mum,
I have to tell you something."
She was like,
"You're not gay, are you?"
Yeah. Not good, not good.
So it was a bit of a shock.
But she's She's good now. Yeah.
My mum grew up in a very different
generation, but she's done amazing.
She's come such a long way
and, like,
now she just wants me to be happy.
I'm definitely, like, getting more
and more confident with who I am
andand, like, growing up, like,
realising who I am. Mm-hm.
And I love I, like,
genuinely love that a lot.
Getting to know Amy, it's cool
to see that she's got another side
to her, cos she's very much out
there, which is great.
But I think when someone's
got layers, it is really nice.
I'm very insecure.
It's very like a front.
I realise that about myself,
not in the same way.
But I feel like we've all got
something like that 100%.
..that is great about us,
but the reason we're that way
We're that way. Exactly.
..is because we're insecure.
Yeah, exactly.
If I could speak to Amy,
you know, young Amy who's crying
at the parties because she's
so insecure about her sexuality,
I honestly would tell her to just
keep her chin up and
be proud of who she was because
it was the most, like,
uplifting and freeing
experience to come out.
Like, the first thing I do
when I meet people
is tell them I'm a lesbian.
It's my defining personality trait.
Well, Amy, I'd say you've picked
the best place to be out and proud.
A wee Irish jig, hmm?
This is so not Irish!
Things got heated last night.
Abbie told me that she wasn't
very happy
with the way that me and Meg are,
but I also feel like me and Meg,
honestly, we're mates.
Everyone flirts with everyone
in the Masseria.
She had a conversation
with me about Meg.
She was like, me and Meg
are really bothering her.
Oh, really? Really?
She was like, "I just feel like,
if you like her, just tell me."
And I was like, "Listen,
"I think she's fit, but it doesn't
go beyond that surface."
Yeah, we said this, didn't we?
If I wanted to explore things
with Meg, I would have.
With Abbie and Lisha, I feel like
they've communicated their problems.
there's not much, like,
comprehension in it, so I feel like
they're going round in circles.
You're right, Naee -
it DOES feel a little bit like
gay-ja vu today, doesn't it?
See when I was, like, in, like,
nursery and primary school,
I would only want to
wear boys' clothes. Yeah.
And, like, I remember when it was,
like, picture day and
my mum would want to, like,
dress me up a bit. And I'd
So I'd wear, like,
a skirt or something
and I'd literally be crying cos I
didn't want to put it on. Yeah, I
But I was literally, like, five.
And I was like, "Why do I not
want to wear these clothes?"
I feel like I went through,
like, a roller-coaster
with, like, my identity.
It takes a while to get to
the person you want to be.
But now I'm at my final form,
and I cut my hair, as well, so
I've fully evolved into me.
Wearing, like, feminine clothes,
for me, like,
I've never just felt -
never felt comfortable.
I feel like I'm trying to fit
into something that I'm not.
Yeah, cos it's like, you
could look so good, body-wise,
but, like, on the inside
you're like Yeah.
..I don't feel comfortable.
It's just about, like,
being comfortable in your own skin
at the end of the day.
Yeah, no, I actually had,
um, long hair.
I think the only reason
I cut it was to look more gay.
Yeah. Really? And I
Well, no, I just felt more myself,
as well. It felt really right.
Looking back now, yeah,
it was a really uncomfortable
time in my life.
I just decided one day that
I wanted to cut it all off.
It was very cathartic, to be honest.
I kind of felt like I was
tearing it off anyway.
I was in a heterosexual relationship
for four and a half years.
What? Really? Really?
I was with a guy for four years.
Wow. Are you bi?
I'm bi. Yeah. Yeah.
And he was a He was a lovely guy.
Like, I genuinely thought
I was going to marry him
and have kids with him.
Really? Wow. Yeah.
What made you have that, like,
realisation that you,
this is, you know,
what you wanted to do?
It was just an overwhelming feeling.
Like, instinct took over. Yeah.
And I was just like, the "what if?"
feeling in my head never went away.
Yeah. And I just couldn't
get rid of it. Yeah.
Um, it was the hardest decision
of my life. Yeah.
It's so difficult.
You're giving me goose bumps.
Yeah, same!
I'm getting goose bumps!
Is that the wind, or?
Yeah! No, literally.
But you can just tell that you've,
like, pushed through that fear.
It was so
And then, like, literally
I was a completely different
person in that relationship.
And now I've been able to become,
like, my true self Aww!
..since then.
I'm tearing up. Yeah.
Genuinely. Like, I was Emily before.
And now I'm Em.
I love that.
It was a lot. It was a lot.
I was sort of hiding half
of my queer personality.
I lost a lot of that in myself
for quite a while.
Now, being able to express
that side of me,
which I think is
a very important side to express,
I feel a lot more myself.
And it's nice to be back and
feeling comfortable in myself.
Tasty! Mm!
Hate to interrupt, girls, but watch
out - you've got company.
Hi. Everything OK?
I was very excited to see Sara.
However, I was a bit nervous too,
cos I know she's got news.
Girls, you have a message
from Dannii.
Go on, Naee. Go on, Naee.
Do the honours!
- See you soon.
- See you! Bye! Bye!
Miss you already. Bella ragazza.
"This evening we're celebrating
astrological love"
Oh, no. Yeah.
"..as you're all invited
to a special dinner party
under the stars."
Everyone's into star signs, right?
What lesbian isn't?
A star sign-themed dinner party
and 13 queer girlies?
I wonder if their horoscopes
predicted that one.
Really looking forward
to the dinner party.
Everyone looks amazing.
It looks very romantic,
very intimate.
Especially for
a dinner date of 13 girls.
"For your dinner under the stars,
"you have been seated close to the
girls you are most compatible with
"based on your star signs. Enjoy!"
Oh! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, these are my matches.
Oh, these are my matches. Oh.
You know, you turn it over.
You see all your matches
based off star sign compatibility.
But luckily, me and Naee,
we were compatible,
so I wasn't worried.
My most compatible is,
Naee - Virgo Ooh!
..Beth - Virgo, and Priya - Taurus.
Hi, babe. Threesome!
I've got Cara - Aquarius.
Then I've got Eva - Gemini,
Abbie - Aquarius,
Lailah - Sagittarius,
and Em - Sagittarius.
I think that means
we should be a threesome.
We're all in each other's top three.
I mean, I have been waiting
for you to suggest it.
There you go.
Watch out tonight, girls.
Who doesn't have their couple
on their card? Hands up.
OK, so on your cards,
who would you go for?
Ooh! Ooh!
There you go.
Priya, you Listen, star signs,
they're my thing.
I'd probably say Beth or Meg.
Love you!
I'd say they're both
Lisha's type, so
I said Meg's name because
if I hadn't,
I knew that people would know
I'd be lying.
Because I've had this conversation
with people
to say that I have got
a physical attraction there,
but I don't think anything
could evolve romantically,
especially where I'm at with Abbie.
I'm not that type of person.
Mine would be Cara,
just cos we're besties, so
What about me?
I want to say a really juicy
but I think it's too harsh. What?
What were you saying? Huh?
What were you saying?
Some girlie chat. Yeah.
The atmosphere was Oof.
Like, it really took, like,
the wind out of our sails.
And it was just a bit like
How are you feeling?
We're good.
We're getting better.
Better by day, by day. Yeah.
There's been a few bumps.
We needed to communicate more,
and I feel like we're doing
that now. Yeah.
Abbie, do you think Lisha
is good at communicating?
Huh. That was a bit of a gap, babe.
Yeah, um
We'll see.
Abbie and Lisha have kind of
a tumultuous relationship
in that they don't
communicate enough,
or they don't listen
to each other enough.
Leave it. No more.
Oh, dear.
That did not go to plan.
What's taxi in Italian?
I expected Abbie to say
straight away, yes, I can.
I don't understand what that gap
was between her giving the question
and her answering the question.
She had a bit of a
..tweak. She She thought about it
and I was like, "What?"
Ever been to a dinner with
that many lesbians?
Um, I mean, a football dinner,
but Oh, yeah, fair.
..it's a bit different.
It's a bit different. Have you?
Nope. No.
Will you do it again?
Nope. Nope.
But what's the craic with you?
Romantically, it's difficult.
Everyone's, like, kind of coupled
up. It's hard as hell.
Sometimes you pull the short straw.
And I think I've been coming to
terms with that today. Yeah.
Just feeling like a unlucky
number 13, right now. Oh, no!
So after dinner I could see
that the mood was kind of off,
but it didn't really affect me,
and it clearly didn't affect Amy
either, which was nice.
Every time you look at me, like,
I kind of get excited.
It was weird. Ahh! And I was
like, "Mm"
I think that's kind
of what reeled me in. Mm.
Cos usually, like, the attraction
builds differently for me,
but I kind of want to see how
this one goes. Yeah.
Because it's different. But I think
it's cos you're different, so
I'll take that. Mm.
You've got nice lips, as well. Yeah.
So are you going to kiss me or what?
I'm glad that tense dinner
didn't stop any new connections.
Some connections, however,
need a bit of a mend.
You were asked a question, right?
"Can Alisha communicate with you?"
Mm. "Does she?"
That's the whole
That's the whole question.
It's either a yes or a no.
You're making out to the group
like I'm shit at communicating,
and that I don't listen to you,
when I feel like I fucking do.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to,
like, pause and hesitate.
I'm sorry.
So much sorrys I can take, babe.
There is a fine line between
communication and having to have
the same conversation about the
same problem over and over again.
I feel like you just need to think
about this a little bit more.
If this is what you want, with me.
I don't want you to
Are you going to walk away? Yeah.
I just want you to be happy.
And I feel like you're not.
Lish just made me feel
so shit before going to bed.
I just think sometimes I just
don't know how to navigate things.
Morning. Morning.
I slept like a baby.
It's the morning of the Kiss Off,
where each girl must decide
to continue in their relationship
or save their kiss for another girl.
How's everyone feeling after
last night? Got very intense.
The girls have hard choices
to make later tonight.
It's a good day to have a good day.
But for now, hurry up
and finish those oat milk lattes,
because you have a note from Dannii.
"Hey, girls. As you know, you are
here to find a relationship
"that will last in the real world.
"As a group, I would like you
to decide the couple
"with the strongest connection.
Please decide now.
"Love, Dannii."
Oh, my God! God
I nominate Priya and Naee.
Anyone else?
Yeah. Yeah. I concur. Yeah.
Oh, OK. Is that unanimous, then?
That was easy. Yeah.
Everyone better pick us.
I know!
Cos they're always talking about
it anyway, so Yeah.
Do you think you'll be going
to, like, a?
You're defo going to the girl cave!
Don't gas it now, guys.
Don't gas it.
I think something's round
the corner, something nice.
Something's definitely
round the corner.
But you never know what Dannii's
got up her sleeve.
Have you kissed Lailah yet?
Yeah. We kissed last night.
Yeah. Did you not know?
No! Like, was it a good kiss?
Yeah, it was a really good kiss.
Why didn't you tell me?
Sorry, I forgot.
You seemed like you had stuff
going on.
I did.
Big Kiss Off tonight.
Everyone's excited.
But everyone's also shitting
and really don't want to see
anyone going home.
I couldn't really sleep last
night because all I was thinking
about was, like, me and Lish.
We went over to, like,
the olive tree, and she was like
I think she was annoyed
that I hesitated
on the communication question
on the dinner.
She's like, "Why did you hesitate?"
It's just a situation where
emotions are so heightened
all the time. Yeah.
You're reading into
something so small.
I felt so bad after that chat.
I was like, "Oh, my God, does
she actually feel like I'm?"
She was like, "I just think
you don't know what you want."
Abbie, she's been told
she's the problem,
and she's not the problem
in this situation.
I don't think Abbie's doing
anything wrong.
This place is driving me crazy.
I know.
How are you feeling?
Yeah, OK. Emotional today.
Are you emotional?
Just tough.
It's a shame that
it hasn't happened,
but it's just luck of the draw
sometimes. It is.
It's shit luck and, like Yeah
It's I mean, there's no
It's not a reflection on you. No.
It's just a reflection of
the time you came in.
There just hasn't been
that person that I've
had that romantic
connection with in here,
which has been a tough one
to come to terms with
over the last couple days.
There's been a bit of tension
between a few couples, I think.
Abs and Lisha were
a bit weird yesterday.
Yeah, that's what I was
going to say.
I think there's just, like,
a lack of communication there.
There really is.
I feel like they're talking
about stuff but, like,
they're not getting anywhere.
Do you know what I mean?
Yeah, I do know what you mean.
I think there's just
something missing there,
but I can't put my finger on it.
As the sun sets on the Masseria,
it's time for the girls
to face the Kiss Off
and ultimately decide
where they stand.
As much as I have an inkling
that she wants to kiss me,
you actually never know what's
going to happen at the Kiss Off.
I'm going into the Kiss Off tonight
staying true to myself.
It's the only way I know how to be.
And I'm confident in the decision
that I've made.
Going into this Kiss Off,
there are some worries
there with Lisha.
I just feel a bit hopeless.
There's nothing I can really do.
I want Abbie to be
the right girl for me.
But I do have that speculation
and that little thing in my head,
that's like, is this the right
thing? Is this what I want?
Oh, God! Oh! Oh!
Goddamn! Goddamn.
Girls, welcome to
your second Kiss Off.
Tonight you will reveal if you want
to stay with your current girl,
or if you're saving your kiss
for someone else.
Anyone left unkissed
will be leaving the Masseria.
Our new girls - Lailah, Beth
and Em - will be joining us later.
For now, Priya and Naee,
please step forward.
Girls, I'm going to ask you
to stand back to back
and take a moment.
I'm very happy with how
me and Priya are going.
Um, each day we just
keep growing and, like,
getting to know each other more.
If you want to stay with your girl,
then turn and kiss her.
If you're saving your kiss
for someone else, don't turn.
..reveal your decision now.
That's my woman, innit?
And, uh
Yeah, I just know
who I'm going to kiss.
How are you feeling?
I'm feeling great. Yeah.
Yeah? Naee's amazing.
Aww! I love those smiles.
It's onwards and upwards
for me and Naee from now on.
We couldn't be doing any better.
OK, Priya and Naee,
get your gorgeous asses over there!
First on the love seat!
OK, Cara and Georgia.
I'm feeling confident,
but there's always that little
voice in my head that goes,
"Oh, imagine
if she doesn't turn round."
Girls, reveal your decision now.
I just feel like
we're in a good space.
Any excuse to kiss Georgia,
I will have,
even if it's in front of Dannii.
All right, girls, take a seat.
Abbie and Lisha,
please step forward.
Only Love Can Save Us Now
by Kesha
All right, please stand back to back
and take a moment.
I can't keep feeling like this.
I feel like she doesn't really
understand how much
..the things that she does
bothers me until I tell her.
Relationships are all about trust.
And once that trust is broken,
there's no going back.
Girls, reveal your decisions.
Next time on I Kissed A Girl
Earlier today, you decided
Priya and Naee had
the strongest connection.
There's no room in the Masseria
for fake love.
Which couple are together,
but their hearts aren't truly in it?
The couple you choose
will leave the Masseria now.
This is literally the worst thing
I've ever had to do.
Absolutely gobsmacked.
There's every chance
that we're in the firing line.
We've not really had the chance
to prove to people
that we're in here for love.
I was like,
I've broken up the Masseria.
We Could Be the One
by Dannii Minogue
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